Friday, December 18, 2020


"She was there, diamonds in her hair, singing out a dead man’s song

Here am I with the nighty and the high, feeling like I don’t belong

There’s you with your book of who’s who, acting like you just don’t care

People lying low, got nowhere to go, and any road will get us there

We never should have left town in the first place/ Now we gotta walk like they talk in the rat race

You keep your eyes on the prize if you want it all

You and I, spider and the fly, will meet where the shadows fall

Make room for the man who built the moon, he arrived on a knackered horse

Made no sound from the day he left town, no one said a word of course

I believe he was wearing on his sleeve a heart made of black and stone

Said “my love, I think I’ve had enough, I’m gonna find my way back home…”  


“The Truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you could invent.” William Blake



With masks we are all sharing this science fiction scenario we’ve been suddenly plunged into – and yet the increasing mandatory protocols only increase our anonymity, turning us all into infiltrators at the heart of Dr. No’s island; we can all be our own Bonds now, on our own missions of clandestine sabotage…every whispered aside can be turned into a key that unlocks and dismantles the Coup; every shared tweet and email the final straw that stops the countdown clock to global totalitarianism. How many minutes before midnight are we? Waiting until the last possible second only increases the drama second nature to every good Bond fan. And isn’t turning the methods of our subjugation into the weapon that unleashes our salvation so incredibly right? Ian Fleming would be proud. So hide behind your mask…and dig until the whole frightening SPECTRE operation comes tumbling down.


The fever dream of the Octopus, once considered only a creation of late researcher Danny Casolaro’s paranoid “ramblings,” has slithered starkly into the plain light of day for all to see. Dark Forces are aligning and locking into place at a record rate, whether they be the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Luciferian adepts wedded to the proliferation of pedophile trafficking rings globally and very likely mixing human sacrifice into that equation, the DNC, the WEF, WHO and CDC – who can even tell the players anymore when all are just another tentacle on the biggest octopus imaginable? Casolaro’s postulations seem quaint at this point; things have rapidly veered over into eldritch spheres of the Lovecraftian.  

Add in the black technology sector, manipulating everything from transhumanism vectors to whatevs going on at CERN to genome-shifting vaccine protocols wiring up everyone’s DNA for the coming of the Great Reset, and you’ve got a Dead Man’s Party of legendary proportions currently fixing all of us in its heat-seeking laser sights. I hope all of you are ready because this is going to take a lot of Bonds. 

To whit: about that CCP, look what was just revealed – no great exaggeration to say they’re everywhere:

Keep in mind that we have known for days now that the CCP has, at the very least, tens of thousands of plants in major Western companies and positions of influence…yet there is nothing but silence from major mainstream corporate media – why? 

But it doesn’t stop just there – think wisely about who is putting what in your arm:


The Covid structure bleeds well into the long history of the weaponization of both ritual and the occult by America’s hidden hand, guided by the Black Nobility faction. There were approximately 149 MKUltra subprojects which to this day we know nothing about (thanks mainly to the fast hands and rapid shredders of Dick Helms); it is almost certainly assured that we are living thru one of them right now, and have been since installation in late 2019.


And in this hour of our discontent, other news is breaking also along the Epstein front. Remember him? His shadow is long and the cache he carried still remains in the headlines that explode like ectoplasmic mortars in this ongoing spiritual war. You know who else knows? Lin Wood knows.



He knows that John Roberts votes the way he does and is compromised for a reason. A reason that he refused to hear evidence in the massive Texas election fraud case where TX along with some 20+ other states was presenting hardcore evidence to this Supreme Court that the Presidential election should be overturned. (by suing 4 main swing states involved: GA MI PA WI were down with the Fraud) Only Alito and Thomas voted their conscience. The rest, with Roberts as Chief Justice leading the way, were worried about “riots.” But about that rationale; it comes via the Epstein flight logs:



Beginning to make sense?   Jeffrey Epstein, Les Wexner, Peter Nygard, Ghislaine Maxwell, Keith Raniere, Mike Saylor, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, James Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton...



But there is somehow traction as we are barreling over the cliff; first this one:

Then this one:

Who could be next? And is all this merely a larger precursor event; a fine-tuning of the proverbial hammer that is about to come down on all of these networks (trafficking, fraud, terrorism, revenge, extortion) everywhere?

As the Illuminati reveal themselves and their final goal, they are being picked off one by one.

How about here? "Back in January we reported that the cast of the upcoming Entourage movie was filming some wild party scenes with topless models in Miami aboard the impressive $30 million Usher superyacht. Now the vessel’s owner, tech billionaire Michael Saylor, is using the luxury yacht as the crown jewel in a new company called Fleet Miami that he’s positioning as, according to a post on his Facebook timeline as reported by Pursuitist, “NetJets for yachts, albeit more exclusive and less ambitious." Saylor intends to sell memberships starting at $250,000 per year, which will give cardholders access to the 154-foot Usher, as well as Saylor’s other yachts — including the 147-foot Feadship Harle, the 87-foot Warren Yacht Moksha, and the 36-foot cruiser Julia."

What are the chances, do you suppose, that Mike Saylor knew Jeffrey Epstein in Miami??

I seem to remember CDAN (Enty Lawyer) saying Meghan Markle was a "yacht girl" back in the day, before she became "famous."

And didn't Hunter Biden's uncle, James Biden, own an island next door to Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James Island??

It's all starting to make sense now, isn't it? Like-minded people with like-minded goals. Final goals in the Hive Collective, which also isn’t thru doing some picking off of its own:


Lin Wood, thru his tweets, has also been trying to get people familiar with the terminology “Color Revolutions” as of late:




See here:


So many facets to this riddle of the Ages. Speaking of, let’s roll on over to our Shaky Science Corner tonight – Far be it from me to be a dot-connector, but, ahem, I see something here:

Rollout began on Tuesday Dec.8 in the UK. BY Dec.16 (what’s that incubation period again?) Scotland and Wales were seeing breakouts of a quickly growing mutant form:

Call me loopy, but isn’t that just a bit too much of stretching of coincidence?

Alright, we now return you to even more horrific portions of our broadcast…

Where we have more emerging about the hard links, that we uncovered last time, between DOMINION Voting systems, election fraud, Staple Street, and the Carlyle Group:

We also have DOMINION voting meeting with John Podesta during Hillary Clinton’s campaign, both looking for “anything” to take down Donald Trump:

Three years later Podesta would form the Transition Integrity Project, looking for yet more ways to do the exact same thing:

In short, Election 2020 and its inherent fallout, timed perfectly to coincide with the worst of COVID, was a double-shot of manufactured trauma intended all along to be the new 9/11. Couched in new-agey doublespeak like the Great Reset, the New Normal, and Build Back Better, it exploded like a thought bomb on an unsuspecting populace. Nothing had been left to chance. Months prior in October 2019, Bill Gates and the World Economic forum would begin the process with Event 201 in NYC, effectively gaming out everything that would come to pass. Joined at the hip with Podesta’s TIP covering the political side of the street, it all fell into lockstep; many goals and ideologies falling under the same stinking umbrella: weakening Trump with a planned pandemic, because of such installing new hackable voting rules like mail-in, removing Trump with such and rigged voting systems. And still Trump’s popularity almost upended their plan: such was the extent of his lead on the night of Nov.3 it necessitated the DNC to shut down all swing state vote-counting around 10PM EST, saying they would resume the next day. Nothing like this had ever happened previously in history, and it is the surest sign something sinister was afoot.


This FACT has now pretty much been “fact-checked” into oblivion, which is the newspeak for scrubbed, since it is now missing off all platforms. Yet I know it happened – I heard it myself on election night. One remains for the record thanks to Maria Bartiromo: 

Other bogus excuses (since repudiated) were given such as a water main break in GA:

This “burst pipe” story was a blatant lie that set the stage for widespread fraud – other video has emerged from the same arena showing suitcases being wheeled out from under tables disgorging ballots that – surprise!! – all went for Biden. All this happening during the hours after midnight when all counting was supposedly “shut down” until the next morning:

(I especially like the slant that clearly-sighted evidence now has to be presented to the rabble in explanatory quotation marks just so they won’t get confused by what their eyes tell them…)


All of this must now be placed in the context of occurring in the shadow of the largest intelligence/data hack in modern times, as SolarWInds has announced their Orion platform has been compromised. SolarWinds is an IT management software system that services all branches of the military, NASA, the NSA, the DOJ, the Office of the President, more than 450 of the Fortune 500, the Treasury, DHS, and that’s all just for starters.

Internationally this extends to NATO, the EU parliament, the UK Ministry of Defence, the UK National Health Service, the Home Office, and Astra Zeneca with more coming.

Initially this was trying to be pinned on Russia, but I find the coincidental overlap of the CCP membership lists being leaked and this somewhat aligning. Especially given the fact that we now also find that DOMINION voting systems also just happen to use SolarWinds. Also keep in mind that Biden would love a war footing excuse with Russia to deflect from his fam’s massive financial and business ties to the CCP. The DOMINION-SolarWinds link is being denied everywhere, but here is a screenshot from their own website:


Was DOMINION just hacked? We are told that this intrusion could have come as early as last March, laying dormant and undiscovered. But doesn’t it make more sense that a backdoor was left open (PROMIS style, btw) so that the Dominion databases could all be scrubbed of incriminating evidence re the vote fraud? These aren’t some script bandits stealing CC data, this is a foreign MILITARY attack on the soft underbelly of the US Government, with the CCP waiting in the wings. And what we are looking at could very well be the main basis for Trump’s implementation of the Insurrection Act, early portions of which (Nygard, Brunel) may be going on even as we speak.



Bill Gates back in 1997 had this to say, which certainly seems to be a bit prescient regarding the then-looming spectre of terrorism, and how it would come home to globally roost only 4 years later:

Funny how Pie man always seems to be at the prognosticating forefront of each and every global trauma-building exercise that comes down the pike, isn’t it? Almost like he’s in on something that his brothers in the Big Club leak to him at opportune times.

And he ain’t the only one: see what Blofeld, er, Mr. Schwab of the WEF (& designer of the Great Reset) predicted just mere months ago in July 2020 – hmmm, just before the SolarWinds started blowing. From somewhere deep beneath Dr. No’s hidden grotto, Hit it Klaus!:   


As Jack Kirby said back in 1971 – “Are We on the Outside of the Spirit World!!??” Blending his art, stenciling, fumetti, photo collage and interior visions into a single issue of mind-blowing proportions – this mild-mannered recluse on the run from Marvel dropped a little bomb that presaged the interest in parapsychology wedded to historical weird facts worthy of Charles Fort and the counterculture fascination with off-world intelligences just breaking at that time, and that was mirrored in the halls of power.

Now for a glimpse of what I had to deal with growing up. i.e., I had no chance. It was over before it even started.



I mention King Kirby only because he would have been proud of what the Vatican unveiled this week: a stunning Christmas visage worthy more of the likes of Erich von Daniken or Zechariah Sitchin. A NATIVITY scene, right out of Chariots Of The Gods or a shared vision with Kirby. Who says the Seventies don’t have resonance? I’m looking at it! Not sure yet what this Vatican unveiling may portend, but a quick trip thru something like this may hold clues; back to where it all began:

Rod Serling would have loved these days by the way – another visionary seeing all his crystal visions coming to pass, because if this isn’t The Twilight Zone, I have no idea what is.

This removed scene from Stephen King’s IT sums things up nicely about where we are now, and where we fit in the grand scheme of things bestowed on us by our elites.

We – All of us -- must somehow find our courage.

As if nothing horrific is actually happening...


This just in as I was finishing, with nods to Klaus Schwab and DOMINION again, as the Insurrection Act becomes not just possible, but inevitable at this rate…

Silent weapons for quiet wars was the terminology I believe:

Still not sold that it’s Russia given recent leaks and the Biden/DOMINION playbook, but time will tell.


That Age of Aquarius/Bethlehem Star/Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 21st can’t get here soon enough.

More than anything, and I will reiterate, this is the new 9/11 taken in totality and is being heavily scripted by the same people that perpetrated that atrocity. Once again because that’s how important it is:  

Remember: Carlyle Group.


PLUS: SCOTUS is compromised.

SolarWinds is likely a Digital Pearl Harbor.

The Pentagon has shut down the Secure Internet Protocol Router network (SIPR). This is used to transmit classified intel all the way up to Secret level.

Solution when the enemy is within and we are in completely uncharted waters as a country?

Word tonight is that the first step is limited martial law in those 4 previously mentioned states of MI, WI, GA, PA and possibly AZ to lockdown all election facilities and assets. Marines have already been recalled for duty reports are verifying.

The final battle against the Deep State is surfacing.   


  1. "ANTHONY TIPET: (on videotape) The body is but clay... a shell made by God to hold the twin aspects of the Holy Spirit: Light and dark. If we have the courage to see into darkness we see into God... free of the clay which confines us.

    (SKINNER pauses the video.)

    SKINNER: Anthony Tipet served 12 years for the bludgeoning death of his wife. After his release, he became a minister preaching a hybrid of evangelical and eastern religions. He claimed a higher plane of being could be reached by the Via Negativa-- the path of darkness-- the plane closer to God. Once reached, it would let the spirit travel unhindered..."

    There it is, plain as day, in an X-Files episode (Season 8): the core beliefs of the Globalist Elite. "Now that I know the truth, I am FREE (to do as much horrible s**t as I want)". They worship God as the Destroyer, instead of the Creator, since he's both.

    1. WOW -- leave it to ole Chris Carter, eh? This guy's range and scope only continues to expand with hindsight when put up against the continued unveilings in today's headlines. Absolutely AMAZING.

      This sea 3 ep of Millennium always deeply resonated with me as a giveaway of 'their" methods. Dark, grimy and brutal, it literally showed how those supposed elites and higher-ups in the food chain are no more than serial killers themselves. It also wove very well into the culminating storyline of the FBI using tech and ritual to program actual serial killers and then unleash them on the public -- how very Dave McGowan &/or Maury Terry!!

      Also take close note of the title of the ep: SKULL AND BONES.
      How DID Carter get away with this stuff? It STILL boggles my mind.

      What was I saying about being serial killers themselves? Yikes. Or did you ever notice just how much the young Geo W Bush resembled Ted Bundy? Birds of a feather, dude.

      Birds of a feather.

      Brings to mind that story of old Babs (Crowley) Bush calling young Georgie into her room to show him the abortion-in-a-jar.
      Good LORD.

  2. Wordman, I uh... um... ok... Ted Bundy... George W... looks like him or was him? Remind me not to sit around a campfire and listen to you talking about uhhh the world we live in" (insert me laughing here) I can picture it! Yikes... you have a way with words! (I jumped when clock chimed a few ago) Off to do my link homework above... as usual... didnt disappoint. Hugs To all MXMM

    1. MxMM!!

      Kudos to your spidey senses and thank you thank you thank you for being so perceptive.

      I have always tried to imbue each and every post here with the spooky atmospheric tone that Oliver Stone used to such effect in both JFK & NIXON. (Or the sound that Springsteen was always chasing in all his records: "I want it to sound like the weather.") That of something inevitable & vaguely disguised gothic monster movie masquerading as political discourse.

      Still can remember seeing JFK over Christmas 1991 & coming out of the theatre literally a different person than the one who walked in. Not many times you can point to such a defining, dividing line across your life like that. Before that my interests had strictly been of the John Keel, cryptid, ultraterrestrial variety; afterwards I discovered that politics was spookier than a herd of Bigfoot hot rodding around in a UFO over Loch Ness!
      I ALSO discovered that those 2 worlds were NOT mutually all these drops intend to illustrate.

      We DO live in & inhabit a real-time horror film for those paying attention -- & paying attention means doing everything in your power to fight that future. And one of the most powerful things you can do is just letting your voice be heard; letting other people know. Everything begins from there -- the biggest revolutions can be sparked by the smallest acts & lone voices throwing light.

      Meet you for the next fireside chat!! Haha!! Glad to have you here. There's always a chair beside the ghost story circle for ya!!

    2. Oh & PS MxMM --

      Re the Geo W Bush/Ted Bundy probably don't wanna see this:

      (Cached version because muh security firewalls blah blah)

      The above has long been thought of as an Onion-style spoof, but serious reporters that have looked into it have come away fairly spooked & not so sure at all -- convinced it very well might be one of those true tales fashioned as a LARP to pull folks off the scent as it were...

      What is incontrovertible is the FACT that W Bush pardoned exactly ONE (1) person all the many years he was Texas gov, & that person was Lucas. Make of that what you will...

    3. Wordman! Whoa... and George H.W was interested in Atlanta child murders as V.P. checking up on W? This gets weirder and more Uh creepy! Cue song "How long has this been going on..." yikes... falls over backwards tilting in chair at the firepit! My middle name is not Grace! (Hope you laughed) wow just wow... Hugs Crank up The Age of Aquarius I can't hear it! (Getting older ain't for sissies...)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing that! Can’t watch the game without a program

    2. Frilly!!

      My Number One with the graphage!! Still wish somebody would "art" it up these days the way Mark Lombardi did.

      Imagine the masterpieces that guy could conjure up with today's material as inspiration!!

  4. I'll re-mention it here, Peter Nygard ("dragyn" backwards) also owned a private island paradise, just like Epstein, complete with an AZTEC pyramid and temple. I wonder what his best friends George Bush Sr., Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson were doing there...

    Dr. EVIL also owned a private island paradise... ;)

  5. Let's see how many points are unfortunately coming true so far:

    1) Trudeau openly talking about the "Great Reset", getting called out in the Press for his globalist arrogance;

    2) More importantly, Trudeau also getting called out in *Parliament* for the official construction of "isolation facilities"/internment camps in every province and territory here in Canada, *not limited* to Covid-19 "offenders";

    3) The World Economic Forum promoting that in the near future "you'll own nothing and be happy!", while also teasing about their plans for "total debt relief in exchange for the release of all property".

    4) And now, it seems the "vaccine" is bringing forth Covid-21, possibly a REAL plague, starting after the beginning of the vaccination campaign in places like Great Britain and South Africa.

    Here's a reminder of their whole plan, which has NOT been "debunked", DON'T believe the "fact-checkers":

    -By end of december 2020: second worldwide lockdown, much stricter.

    -First quarter 2021: universal basic income program for everyone, appearance of much worse Covid-21.

    -Second quarter 2021: third worldwide lockdown, no travel of any sort between countries or cities allowed.

    -Third quarter 2021: supply chain broken and inventory gone. Military everywhere.

    Total relief of all debt of any sort by IMF, now known as "World Debt Reset Program", but guaranteed universal basic income and individual debt relief on condition of release of all property and assets forever, as well as, of course, be given Covid-21 vaccine. World Debt Reset Program now in charge of everything.

    Those who take new vaccine will receive photo id "Health Pass", no more lockdown or restrictions for them. Those individuals who refuse sent to isolation facilities - internment camps, "public safety risk" - indefinitely (or until they change their minds).

    Prime Minister Trudeau and main members of Liberal Party in Canada already agreed to this in private, they were told "it'll be the same everywhere on Earth".

    1. JB!!

      the fact that this is at least the third time you've posted this list here is in no way redundant & only illustrative of just how vitally important this is.

      This is them totally giving the game away & is one of the most important links I've ever seen, & you & Amazing Polly are the ONLY 2 researchers that I've ever come across that have ever even mentioned it at all.

      And btw, using those little 'You Are Here' arrows, that looming second worldwide lockdown is looking more & more a done deal every day, if you can see which way the wind is blowing...

    2. I intend to occasionally re-post it with new confirmations of it's accuracy from time to time. I don't know if you've noticed above, but we're up to 4 points now. Jesus. Pan. One of those Shepherd Gods. Please help us.


      This has had more come about over the years but then it seemed like something had shifted and it wasn't going fully play out like that especially with Trump, but now they are starting the drumrolls again.

  6. I smell the aroma of freshly baked bread... I am going to savor the flavor as I chew each bite 20 times :-)

    Do I remember Carlyle? Fuckin a right!

    “ 20020108 Dan Briody writes in “Carlyle’s way: making a mint inside 'the iron triangle' of defense, government, and industry” (Red Herring, 2002):

    “Among those associated with Carlyle are former U.S. president George Bush Sr., former U.K. prime minister John Major, and former president of the Philippines Fidel Ramos. And Carlyle has counted George Soros, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden's estranged family among its high-profile clientele. The group has been able to parlay its political clout into a lucrative buyout practice (in other words, purchasing struggling companies, turning them around, and selling them for huge profits)—everything from defense contractors to telecommunications and aerospace companies. It is a kind of ruthless investing made popular by the movie Wall Street, and any industry that relies heavily on government regulation is fair game for Carlyle's brand of access capitalism. Carlyle has established itself as the gatekeeper between private business interests and U.S. defense spending. And as the Carlyle investors watched the World Trade towers go down, the group's prospects went up.”

    They continue their predatory practice today... here’s a great interview with Catherine Austin Fitts who talks about how McConnell, Pelosi and the trump admin setting up “two sets of books” for black ops and intelligence spending

    If one has an hour and fifteen minutes, it’s worth a listen

    1. tru3!!

      C A Fitts is the real deal and I think knows both literally and figuratively where the bodies are buried.

      And regarding financial ties such as Carlyle, follow this:

      The CCP biolab in Wuhan is owned by GLAXO...

      Who owns Pfizer, (who produces the vaccine...)

      Which is managed by Black Rock...

      Which manages the finances of the Open Foundation Society (Soros)

      Which serves the French AXIS, which owns the German Co Winterthur

      That built the CCP lab in Wuhan...

      Bought by German Allianz, which is a shareholder in Vanguard...

      Who is a shareholder in Black Rock...

      That controls central banks & administers roughly 1/3 of global investment CAPITAL group...

      Who is by chance one of the largest shareholders in Microsoft...

      Property of Bill Gates who is major shareholder of Pfizer...

      who is selling the Vaccine.

      But pay no attention to any of this or the men behind the curtain.

      I'm dizzy.

    2. I'm working on the links between companies in Florida and have compiled some interesting things it's so much of a rabbit hole that I think I'd need to do an entire blog post or book on it but I won't be able to until I have a computer so if anyone wants some of the info I've collected and do their own compilation let me know I could email it.

  7. If we're living in a real-life James Bond movie, and SPECTRE is actually DOMINION/OCTOPUS, and Donald Trump is actually 007 in person, then he must have a "Q" figure on his side... oh wait, he does have a "Q" figure on his side.

    1. lol

      Octopus, vampire squid, spineless jellyfish, it’s all the same

      Is black rock the new vampire squid?

    2. Is Melania Pussy Galore?? Inquiring minds want to know.

    3. Priceless! X-D

      At least one of the operators at staple street came from Cerberus Capital, owned by Stephen Feinberg of Dyncorp

      “ We’re not just talking about an immensely corrupt organisation, but a criminal enterprise that knows virtually no bounds. In his book, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire, Michael C. Ruppert covers how much DynCorp is embedded across the US military-industrial complex, the CIA, the State Department, etc. ‘So ubiquitous is DynCorp,‘ he wrote in 2013, ‘that we will see its hands all over the map in connection with 9/11 and the ruling of America. DynCorp is everywhere.’”

      The sewer (rat) lines all connect don’t they?

  8. Haven't been able to finish digging through all this to weigh in yet, but thought I'd mention the news that there were at least 5 earthquakes in Kansas today. Ties in with the Shumann resonance.

    1. Huh. On Benjamin Martin's Twitter the song "The Devil's Game" by *Kansas* was posted, as a pro-American, anti-Luciferian hymn. Also, symbolically, "We're not in Kansas anymore", as we're now in Oz over the rainbow.

    2. Dginn!!

      Don't forget that looming Winter Solstice Age of Aquarius Jupiter/Saturn alignment/conjunction junction coming up on the 21st...which is what, Monday? Monday night madness indeed.
      Who knows what's gonna happen & all bets are off!!

  9. As you bring up the nativity scene at the Vatican it reminds me of something out of the Star Wars movie or Lost in space.. Come to think of it..they do own one of the largest telescope named Lucifer.🙄 maybe they're trying to tell us something..🤔over the years they have said Satan has entered the Vatican. He probably had his hand in designing this nativity scene and present it as a wake up call..he is here👿...Satan and the rest of the falling angels...but...Satan had always wanted to be like god (little g) that why I feel he has had his hand in this evil scene...
    The true Christmas crèche, so dear to the Christian people, never ceases to arouse amazement and wonder. The nativity scene is like a living Gospel rising up from the pages of sacred Scripture. But this year at the Vatican.. It is evil👿..An executioner wearing a horned mask.. What is with Jesus..and the Blessed Mother😥 And no manger.. Revelations.. Yes.. Hold on..and wake up..
    And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” Revelation 17:5,6 (KJB)

    1. Heavensent!!

      Welcome HVS and you got it, every once in a great while the mask slips, & that's what I feel that "Nativity" is. Gives me almost the same creepy vibe that the Gotthard Tunnel ceremony in Switzerland did.

      That LUCIFER telescope atop My Graham played a rather major role in the entire Hale Bopp comet/ Companion tale back in early 1997.
      Another little incident that scarred me forever in altering my view of this universe...and not to get all Dan Brown on you, but check this out:

      Was listening like my life depended on it when all this went down, & despite much ballyhooing to the contrary, it came out years later that comet Hale Bopp in fact DID have a companion object tailing it that was seen by multiple observatories, & that was giving off anomalous radio signals as it was inbound.

      Very VERY strange story. And seeing that Hale Bopp sight in the Northern hemisphere over March & April of 1997 is something that I will never forget. Was away from the city lights at the time and getting up in the middle of the night to watch that spectacle
      stirred me like very few things ever have.

      Have been waiting the rest of a lifetime to see something even close. And nope, NOTHING like that awe-inspiring icy ghost filling the sky. Coming right before the millennium, you really got the feeling that we were here for a reason to see it, & that everything was coming, & that all things were possible.

    2. My observation is that the Elite is PANIC-king (thanks Pan!). No, I'm not being optimistic here, but they're very obviously RUSHING everything right now, on several fronts, which is stupid, because if they did it slowly and gradually over a year or so, "the frogs would be boiled". But no, we frogs are noticing all this occult/conspiratorial s**t, and more and more of us are waking up to viscerally jump out of the water!

      There's only two reasons for the panic/rush: either they know they're losing, or they have a deadline to meet, something otherworldly and out of their control.

    3. Hear hear JB!!

      I think you hit the nail on the head. And btw, to both you & Heavensent as well as everyone else here & listening, just stumbled upon this old Art Bell Malachi Martin late night back-&-forth the other day & could NOT have been more amazed: all the things they were talking about & postulating then (1998) are happening NOW:

      I was totally gobsmacked & you will be too.

      Man I miss conversations like this. Do they even happen anymore?
      And don't tell me Joe Rogan.

      It's frightening just how much we've been dumbed down as our knowledge has increased, if that makes any sense.

    4. You know, the last comment posted on the Secret Sun before it had to make all of the comments ever posted disappear and then get a new platform, was this (I apologize a zillion times if you get shut down as well for this, but I seriously doubt your comments sections are as heavily monitored as those over at SS):

      A Rosicrucian woman said that on the 21st, the Rapture would occur, but unfortunately, the Rapture is actually a literal HARVEST of SOULS by Lovecraftian hyper-dimensional entities, Jesus being a Shepherd in the unfortunate sense that a Shepherd inevitably brings his flock to slaughter.

      If they DON'T show up to take the harvest (they've occasionally "skipped meals" in the distant past), then the human ruling Elite gets to keep us for their own needs until the next time the portals between worlds open.

      As Charles Fort said, we're cattle, we're someone else's property.

    5. Well THAT'S a cheery thought! I'm off to play Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension now til my ears bleed now!!...

      Can positive (+) thinking turn this boat around? Crazy on a ship of fools as Robert Plant used to say! Well, if imagining it can manifest itself acc to quantum mechanics, I'm gonna give it the old college try.

      Hmmm, maybe another screening of DARK CITY is in order...

    6. Wordman, please allow me to be presumptuous enough to share a video about Neville Goddard and the secret of prayer:

      My wife uses these principles almost instinctively, and she is an amazing manifester (lucky me :-) Me? I’m on the short bus when it comes to this stuff (lots of negative conditioning from childhood), but I believe in the power of thought and e-motion to re-create our world.

    7. Greg Carlwood at the higher side chats just had a great podcast on manifesting and the power of prayer and intention. (He's another one I can see going down that same path of enlightenment as mentioned with Gibran)

  10. Hey DG,

    Regarding the hippocratic oath, I was just funning with you... of course it does, and this doctor agrees:

    1. Modern Doctors have destroyed any holdout to "Do no harm" ironically mainly with pharmacopeia as most medications have a longer list of risks than benefits and they say yes it has risks but "your doctor has believed that the benefits outweigh the risks in your case."

  11. There's only two reasons for the panic/rush: either they know they're losing, or they have a deadline to meet, something otherworldly and out of their control.

    It's both.

    Just remember to take your shoes off every now and then. Let the "Souls" of you feet touch mother earth.

    1. Oh wow Cap linking those but the sprites are from 2014 over the pyramid. Wordman what's that picture at the top of the blog from?

    2. We had a lot of red lightning this summer like nothing we had ever seen in decades of tornado spotting which btw had less tornados than we'd seen since the 90's.

  12. Have found no mention of the symbol on the Vatican Center piece.

    Zoom in.

    Reminds me of this.


    1. I hadn't noticed that. Venus, the Morning Star?

      From Robert Charroux:

      The very early pre-Inca people (and the few still extant Aimara tribes of the Andes) believed that 5 million years ago, a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian female from the planet Venus came down to Earth, and landed in her golden vessel on the Island of the Sun in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Her name was "Orejona", and she mated with a prehistoric animal, either a large ape or an anteater-pig (!), giving birth to the very first animal-man, who would later become the first modern man, and remember her on a very deep ancestral level, mostly in their dreams and their psychedelic experiences, and base religions on this goddess from the sea.

      From Jim Marrs:

      There was "Project Stargate", run by the D.I.A. back in the early 1980s. They used remote-viewers who projected their consciousness back in time to bear witness to the most important events in history (seriously, this has been officially declassified since). For their ultimate experiment, they sent their best "psychic spy" to view the origins of the human race millions of years ago. The result?

      A naked, feminine extraterrestrial being, aboard her "seedship" in the sea, using her own DNA to genetically engineer the first ape-men. This aquatic creature was tending to us like "plants in a garden".

      This is the ultimate truth about the birth of humanity, our mother is the one best known as "Lilith", symbolically represented as the "Starbucks Mermaid".

  13. JB, my wife and I were pondering your question, “Why the big rush?” Besides what you mentioned, we are convinced that big pharma was failing, and that it was now or never for them. Check out this pdf from 2008 or so, “Pharma 2020.”

    If you can read between the corpo-speak, it’s saying that the only way the industry can survive into the future, what with the terrifying trends of “Patients becoming better informed, Demand for personalised medicine increasing, Patients wanting cures, not treatments, measuring outcomes much more carefully and emphasizing the importance of prevention” is to “switch from selling medicines to managing outcomes” and to “step far outside the sector to find some of the partners they need.”

    As to the why it was so important for the overlords to prop up this failing industry, this blog has done a thorough job of detailing it. Between steadily rising public awareness, astrological windows, and whatever unknown directives from on high, it was go time, however rushed and sloppy it would be. After all, “...and for by Pharmakeia, all nations were deceived.” Revelations 18:23

    I enjoyed this clip of Kary Mullis calling out one of the high priests:

    1. I've thought for a long time that you should be able to shop for a Doctor and they must provide a portfolio of patients that they have cured and if anyone has been harmed by their malpractice than they have to present those cases also.

    2. I worked with a nurse that had at least 3 known dangerous major medication errors that had resulted in death, paralysis, and cognizant loss and she was still proving medicine to the surviving patients. The whole facility knew and the higher-ups said she was still there because she admitted to it. I doubt any of the patients or families knew though.

  14. Just like they pushed Y2K while all the while planning for other things for the future; they are planning more for the future. I'm still compiling the information but there's a number of things tying in to the dark winter that are already dated 02/01/21

  15. Replies
    1. Oh, that's rich. The Colour Commie Satanists and Pedophiles and accusing US white folks of being the dangerous, deranged devil-worshippers.

      These are the sort of leftist freaks who openly speak about the virtues of consentual cannibalism, and now they're pointing the finger at US, hypocritically saying "what's wrong with them? They're quite clearly a threat to national security. And, yes, I will take more white baby meat."

    2. Hey most satanist are white. Beyonce and others are trying to push for black's to go back to their Voodoo and Hoodoo roots.
      And Santeria

    3. I meant they are pointing the finger at the RIGHT, when the near-totality of the LEFT has been corrupted to some degree by Satanic practices and beliefs. How can all those "Woke" neo-feminists and millenials who now openly embrace Satan Himself go and pretend it's the Trump supporters doing it?

    4. That link was for a group in the UK

    5. Plumb deep enough at ft hood you can find any type of dysfunction as a poster child? Anyone remember 2009 mass shooter Nidal Hasam? Ft hood psychiatrist and Islamic cleric wannabe held up as an example of religious extremism.

      Ask not for whom the trolls toll...

    6. If you read Wordman's own indepth articles, it becomes clear there's hard core satanism, pedophilia, neo-nazism, etc., to be embraced at WAY too many military bases, U.S. or UK.

    7. But you're not wrong they are still pushing the race card everywhere.

      This is so staged it looks like a pantomime dance. Bullshit that punch knocked him down and made him bleed.

    8. A Jesuit "General Superior", Peter Hans Kolvenbach, once said: "The white, christian male of anglo-saxon descent is the only one who could stand in the way of our domination, so we must get them on their knees first."

      Never wanted to believe it. Then this summer, useless idiots everywhere "took the knee", actually apologizing for being white.

    9. Divide and conquer but I don't think black and white is the end goal, I think it's going to come down more to age.

    10. Well good and evil ultimately

    11. They had them genuflecting long before that, all the ones who sold out the Entire human race.

    12. Whenever a weak, white, worthless "wokester" says: "I hate all white people! Whites are the oppressors!"

      I feel like saying: "But... YOU'RE white. So I guess you hate yourself, I guess you're an oppressor?"

    13. WOW -- first of all thanks to all of you guys for continuing the rich madness here and to Dginn & all of you:

      I can always be reached with any further info at:
      via the email Outlook route...please send any Fla info you've got Dginn & I'll likely pass it along to my guy at CAVDEF who handles any & all rabbit holes (George Klees is da bomb!!)
      Both Fla & Tx are deep DEEP rabbit holes of occult sinister ramifications and not so coincidentally BUSH enclaves from way back. i.e., the missing children stats in Fla are & always have been off the charts -- Jeb's tenure did a wonderful job of hiding all that.

      Don't know if any of you have heard but major twitter rumblings all day (hard to nail down a solid confirm at this point) that that nurse that "fainted" on camera right after the covid jab -- Tiffany Dover -- has in fact died.

      I'm sure all of you will ascertain my take is that any worldwide Ritual or Working worth its salt has to have an initiatory event or precursor to get the magickal ball rolling: is THIS it?

      Still looking into it but if so, God rest her soul. Also hearing that her immediate fam are being threatened over releasing any info, & a gag order has supposedly come down.

      Also weirdly enough, when I got the alert from you guys above, was JUST looking into the Order of the Nine Angles. Believe me when I tell you something is going on here -- they have a very long history going way back & as an Order they seem to pop up at the weirdest times (see imm aftermath of 9/11...)

      Am formulating all of this for a short posting hitting in the sooner rather than later realms.

      Also just today all of the UK is in lockdown right flights from the UK are being taken in anywhere else in the EU (totally new mutant strain in the UK exploding, just after those first vaxx rollouts 10 or so days ago now, hmmmmm...) Londoners are facing ARREST if they try to leave the city btw...

      MODERNA is admitting to a shocking 23.9% adverse rate on the covid jab;

      CDC now confirms that over 3,200+ people in the US are now seriously ill after taking the vaxx;

      JB -- about that list -- more coming true by the hour.

      Here at the Witching Hour nearly on the East Coast & things have never been witchier -- oh, & Winter Solstice & that Jupiter/Saturn conjunction junction is official in just 10 minutes.

      All you guys stay safe & take care...Reporting back soon with lots more...

    14. Kinda stressful it's heavy and crashed my email could have just been because of the about of data. Some synchs to ponder that tie in: Winter Haven FL is in Polk county Mena AR is in Polk county. Safe harbor (Haven synonymous) was trending in regards to the election. (Safe harbor usually involves a relocation.)
      But get CK's comments for more.

  16. PS JB -- re your comment about in-depth satanism and more at military bases = one HUGE red flag (other than the usual Aquino Presidio-West Point-Mcmartin that we all know about now) was the UK disappearance & deaths of Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman that was HUGE news over there for awhile.

    Their bodies were found adjacent to a US military base there -- literally right over the fence from it like they'd been tossed. Can't remember the name now but will check my stuff & get back to ya...

    Also came out that Rupert Murdoch had been monitoring that case in real time thru his phone/spy networks there & could have helped the police while the search was ongoing -- but strangely didn't. Believe he was sued over that fact plus much more regarding the illegal spying...not sure about the ultimate disposition of the case. Will look into that too.

    from what I remember the guy they finally nailed for the Wells/Chapman deaths had MAJOR scapegoat written all over him. All forensic trails led straight back to personnel at the military base but all evidence was hushed up.

    See right at the 29 min mark here for LOTS more -- this audio has been scrubbed and scrubbed from all prev sources. This one has only been up a year -- let's see how long it lasts. Dean Warwick coincidentally (or not) died at a conference Down Under after delivering this same material. Sudden aneurysm it was said. Methinks given the material more likely a directed energy weapon at close range from someone in the crowd:

    1. Sometimes sitting on the info gets more dangerous. When you realize that you're expendable then you start dancing like a chicken on a hot stove even if your heads already chopped off.

    2. Lordy -- What an image -- there but for the Grace of God go we all.
      And thanks always to wikispooks:

      And speaking of sitting on info -- another case in point right here -- yikes!!:

      Absolutely FLAGRANT murder. Not even remotely worried about making it look like an accident anymore.

      So much more coming sticking with it.

    3. Yeah, I guess that imagery was a bit much, talking late into the night is kinda like drunk texting they're both Altered States.

  17. Wordman.. Hello again..
    I vaguely remember that comet Hale Bopp..
    Genesis 1:6-8 mentions the firmament around the Earth that exist as is water above and below.. if that is true how would a comet get through...🤔 how would aliens penetrate the firmament? If they broke through the firmament wouldn't all that water come down..🤔 during Noah's time when there was a flood did they open up the dooms door🤔 Is there a door in the dome?🤔 or interdimensional beings that are part of the inner earth.. Nephilims-Giants-Falling Angels..🤔 or are they making us believe there are aliens so we keep our Focus away from the beings under the Earth🤔 and is that why they keep our Focus away from the North and South Pole🤔 just asking for a friend..very curious😉 some people say there was NASA.. they went to the moon and so forth.. then you read.. that it's false it's part of a deception.(My head hurtss)🙃What is the truth.. Will we ever knew..🤔