Monday, June 27, 2022


It's with great sadness that I have to report that our outspoken Covid vaxx researcher and critic Dr. Carrie Madej was involved in a single-engine plane crash yesterday at around 2:15PM on descent into Roosevelt Memorial Airport in Warm Springs, GA.

She and her boyfriend Billy, the pilot, were returning from St, Petersburg, FLA when the crash occurred:

As of last word, both she and the pilot survived the impact, rather amazing considering according to flighttracker and flightradar stats at last compilation, the plane hit the ground traveling at around 91 mph. At this moment Carrie is out of surgery but still obviously needing your prayers:

Needless to say here, but given her outspoken nature and unwillingness to back down to the bullying and social outcasting surrounding the entirety of the covid vaxx narrative, one is left to speculate whether or not this was a targeted hit -- Carrie, after all, was the very first doctor in the nation to come out in public with her findings of anomalous structures and organisms she found in numerous batches of unopened vaccine samples. She rejected recruitment early by the BioPharma cabal, that was after her, and perhaps she has had a date with destiny in their sights ever since:

She had already left this country once, fearing that her life was in danger. She returned after much soul-searching and finding that she was unwilling to keep silent about what she knew.

Here she is telling Stew Peters of her initial, horrific, findings:

And here is her latest from June 21. Am currently in the midst of going over this, as perhaps something in here was the final catalyst for them doing something about her: 

Am just now hearing that emerging from surgery she had been diagnosed with a broken leg and damaged vertebrae (degree of severity not disclosed). However, all in all, one must admit that's kind of a miracle when you hit the ground at 91 mph in a single-engine plane. No word as of yet about the pilot. The phrase "angel on your shoulder" comes to mind, I must admit.

Please keep this very special lady and hero in your thoughts and prayers. It's appearing more and more like she possibly took one for all of us. 

Will update when I learn more. 


Friday, June 17, 2022



"I didn't fit in. Something was wrong with me. All the teachers and the doctors said I was broken. My parents thought a change of scenery and a fresh start in Hawkins might just cure me. It was absurd, as if the world would be any different here. But then, to my surprise our new home provided a discovery. And a newfound sense of purpose. I found a nest of black widows living inside a vent. Most people fear spiders. They detest them, and yet, I found them endlessly fascinating. More than that, I found a great comfort in them. A kinship. 

Like me, they are solitary creatures. And deeply misunderstood. They are gods of our world. The most important of all predators. They immobilize and feed on the weak. Bringing balance and order to an unstable ecosystem. 

But the human world was disrupting this harmony. You see, humans, are a unique type of pest. Multiplying, and poisoning our world, all while enforcing a structure of their own. A deeply unnatural structure. Where others saw order, I saw a straitjacket. A cruel, oppressive world dictated by made-up rules. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades. Each life a faded, lesser copy of the one before. Wake up, eat, work, sleep, reproduce, and die. Everyone is just waiting. Waiting for it all to be over. All the while performing in a silly, terrible play, day after day. I could not do that. I could not close off my mind and join in the madness. I could not pretend.

And I realized I didn't have to. I could make my own rules. I could restore balance to a broken world. A predator, but for good. 

As I practiced, I realized, I could do more than I possibly imagined. I could reach into others, into their minds, their memories. I became an explorer. I saw my parents as they truly were. To the world, they presented themselves as good, normal people. But like everything else in this world, it was all a lie. A terrible lie. They had done things, Eleven, Such awful things. I showed them who they really were. I held up a mirror. My naive father believed it was a demon cursing them for their sins. But my mother somehow knew. Knew it was I who was holding up that mirror, and she despised me for it. She called a doctor, an expert. She wanted him to lock me away, to fix me. Even though it wasn't I who was broken, it was them. And so she left me with no choice. No choice but to act. To break free. 

With each life I took, I grew stronger. More powerful. They were becoming a part of me. But I was still a child. And I did not yet know my limits.... If you come with me for the first time in your life you will be free. Imagine what we could do together. We could reshape the world, remake it however we see fit. Join me."   Stranger Things sea 4 , ep 7, The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

Some call it the Revelation of the Method. Predictive programming. Realization of the Hierarchy. In this particular instance and during the above scene in the last episode, for now, of Stranger Things, I had visions dancing in my head of Fauci torturing puppies. Of what Klaus Schwab dreams when his head hits the pillow. Do they really think they are as evil as they are with what they are manifesting in the world, or do they see it as all for a "greater good?" Did Hitler? Mengele? Does their seeming "superiority" grant them carte blanche? Perhaps the true nature, the banality, of all evil, thinks this way. Perhaps it has to to survive. Perhaps that's why it does. But we need to reject wholeheartedly this path of endless normalization we've been soaking in:

Not sure I can follow one of the best, most clearly worded and erudite summings-up of what's really going on, but let me give it a shot for a bit...plug in my spectacularly curious children, for one more midnight ride...   

Using any rationale, playing any card...worldwide "health," climate change, nation-state reordering, launching wars, in order to thrive. Are these visions their own, or do they originate with some higher, (or perhaps lower), source? Thus, any act can be twisted and seen as good in their end-justifies-the-means rush to chaos and ruin. Because...order out of chaos. We have been told such since we were little and all the horrors began to dawn slowly thruout life. Slowly, inch by inch, the true meaning of things is revealed, and, some for better, some for worse, we gain understanding and the true calling of why we are here. All have a part to play in the masterplan. We are offered the choice: service to others, or service to self. But the possibility exists in some warped minds to confuse the two, but it is the ultimate lie to the self. And. deep down, we know the origin point of all lies. no matter how noble-intentioned, warm-spirited or truth-revealing. Ultimately, all are cop-outs on that road of good intentions that leads to you know where. We all are guilty, but we must begin looking, seeking, with better eyes than that, if we are to finally escape this upside-down existence.

Study the above wording in the excerpt from the latest edition of Stranger Things very closely -- it reads like something out of the Schwab/Gates/Fauci diaries, and reveals much about the current mindset prowling the world unobstructed, lorded over us from the WEF/Bilderberg/Council on Foreign Relations sources and now trickling down into every facet of existence. Soon, the Metaverse.

Yours truly has been soaking in all this longer than most. Arriving in grade 4 at a prestigious prep school that ran thru grade 12 in the wilds of Virginia, one of the first classes that made a major impression on me was a history one where we studied, rather extensively and to the point of obsession, the cradle of civilization and the city-state of Ur in Sumer by way of Mesopotamia. We studied their ancient hieroglyphs, the language, customs, monetary system, trade, and most of all, religion and what god-type entities they worshipped (strangely as in many ancient antediluvian cultures you keep coming across the reptilian variety. Hey, it's not the Union of the Snake for nothing!!) 

Even at that age, why the fascination with this I wondered. Especially considering the clientele that made up the fan and alumni-base at this particular institution. If that was by definition a "prep" school, what exactly were they "preparing" us for? Having a nice, rounded, liberal arts education is one thing; this was bordering on another. And geared specifically towards targeting 10 year-olds no less. We were taught that this was where we, all of us, came from. And yes, even then, in 1970, the topics of DNA, genetic engineering and manipulation (panspermia and more...) were front and center in those particular classrooms stowed away amid lush Virginia greenery where the seeds are always sown with the children first, especially at elite levels where tomorrow's leaders have their opinions given to them early and often, and never to be shared with the riff raff.   


First of all, how are we seeing this mindset manifest in the real world? Let me count the ways. And lest you be dissuaded from thinking any of this is beyond the pale, there is no such thing as "coincidence" at this level of frequency; a level which many morticians and embalmers have cited as unheard of in 30-40 years careers for both devastation and sheer numbers:

How about a 4 minute tutorial of all the latest to share?:

For those of you that go back that far, this is all more than incredibly reminiscent of the morgellons era that launched around 2006, when outlying news blurbs like this began to appear amoung those paying strict attention:

That era now reeks of a beta test in all likelihood spread via the introduction of chemtrail operations some 8 years prior; that being the lag time before "results" in a captive population began to fully manifest along the protracted germline.

Once again, the truth is all around us, and growing -- check this perfect timeline:

Addendum: Peter Daszak has now been outed as being CIA (I'm shocked -- shocked!! - I tell you):

Check out how (and this is the first confirmation I've ever heard of this) the DIA was interested in Skinwalker Ranch:

Check once again the remarkable prescience of the X Files, which continues to keep astounding some 6 years after it was taken off the air; turns out the Truth is Out There more than ever before:

Check out what Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab's red right hand demon man at the WEF, is saying:

He sees humans as "hackable animals."

Check out what Geordie Rose of CERN & DWave fame, is saying is coming:

He says a "tsunami of demons" is on the way.

Check yet another Nostradamian bit of precog from Elon's former bestie Grimes, who unleashed this bit in 2019 -- who in the official instagram press release for her vid Violence came up with this:

For those of you having trouble deciphering the faux Sumerian hiero, lemme break it down for ya -- I do have some experience with these things as it turns out -- haha!! 

DNA helix + pathogen + 3 vaxx jabs = Saturn; followed on the next line by a knife and a 2-stranded double helix

Some might say that figure in the middle looks more like a UFO, but owing to things like this, believe me, Saturn makes a LOT more sense for those in the cult:

(And mega thanks to Anthony Patch for all the heavy lifting...)

SO, DNA vaccines, Saturn, cut-and-splice DNA ala CRISPR Cas-9 tech -- in 2019? Are you freaking kidding me? This would predate by over a year what went down; some of the weirdest, most statistically inexplicable precog ever in human history. How many coincidences before it all becomes impossible?  

Here is the instagram for inspection:

And here is the vid she was promoting:

You will also notice her sporting -- get this -- a mask; PRE-pandemic. Talk about calling it.

Oh, and the insta-guru that made this with her, the dance music DJ I_O, well, he's dead now, of course. Right after he dropped these tweet bombs...of course:

As for the Grimy one, she says her life and art are forever dedicated to "The Mission" now. Nope, no Jack Parsons kind of vibe there or anything:

And finally she's just become the living embodiment for something here:

Whoever it was that said "anti-life equation," wins the door prize.

And hmmm, I wonder just what it is she's hoping to see?

Maybe something Lovecraftian not meant for human vision, perhaps? Or that Star Trek final season ep where you had to have shades to view the alien or madness ensued:

We also cannot ever forget this ode that seemingly served as she & Elon's raison d'etre:

People like to say that we're insane/ But AI will reward us when it reigns/ We pledge allegiance to the world's most powerful computer/ Simulation -- it's the future/ 

And if you long to never die/ Baby plug in upload your mind/ C'mon you're not even alive/ If you're not backed up on a drive

Neanderthal to human being/ Evolution, kill the gene/ Biology is superficial/ Intelligence is artificial

And this our own JB just alerted me to:

"Slightly worrisome" he calls it -- Haha!! (Ah, the eternal optimism of Goatboy!!) Cover your head apocalypto and flee for the hills I call it. 

If you don't see a shared mindset in all the above, a hard move towards a Borgian Collective, then I'll eat my hat. (Just for starters check the CDC numbers, VAERS numbers, funeral home numbers, US Dept of Labor numbers, and most importantly, the insurance company numbers...) All of these underline in bold the inescapable fact that something truly wild and unprecedented in all of the historical record is happening NOW. These all point to a Vietnam War casualty count, edging towards something far worse in a black swan event that's only just begun. 

And now the target is, say it with me, the children

Leading the way in telling it like it is at the threshold of the Boom Tube, Naomi Wolf:

The late Tracy Twyman had an excellent article up (now long since scrubbed but archived here minus the illustrations:  )  

with a title that I've always remembered: Killing God to Become God. Coming from someone that was well aware of what they were up to, that's always stuck with me; the death of all spiritual inclination is what they're aiming for. To drive -- thru biomedical and mechanical means -- every last whisper of the Christ consciousness out of every living thing. Thru subliminals, thru the "cool" pressure of the collective, thru vaccines to wipe it out on a physical/biological basis, thru any means possible. This is tampering with our DNA. This is looking for, locking on, and tampering with the source of the soul in order to make some alteration for something incoming, according to their own words: Hackable animals for wave after wave of demons that are en route. 

And spare a thought for Tracy T while you're at it --  with articles like the above dropping -- and at the beginning height of the Clinton/Podesta wikileaks email drops in 2016 yet -- is it any wonder her days were numbered? She died under extremely mysterious circumstances: 

This could very well be what all the "alien" abductions were the precursor for in the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps all that collected information (think constantly expanding the database re the human genome) set the stage for today's events:

On another track that Jacques Vallee and John Keel would likely give a hearty thumbs up to, here's the late Dr. Karla Turner saying how these abductions, and the abductors are joined by military factors and a proximity to installations

Are we on to something here?:

Here we all are, on the cusp of yet another summer solstice, and wild things are afoot, and loose in the land. Things which I wrote about in whispers years ago: plasma currents, bridges between planets, walk-ins, the ultimate endgame of CERN, now are not only wildly plausible but seem to be coming true -- manifesting -- before all of our eyes by the hour. Tales of the Reconstruction, once shunted to the realms of science fiction, has become a rapidly ongoing, unfolding documentary. Can that final hurdle of colonization be far behind?

But first, the stage had to be set -- this was from a year ago, laid out in startling detail by the increasingly superb Greg Reese, and who heard?

Why are so many food farms and refineries exploding and burning across the US? 24 and counting in just the last 6 months:

Is it to pave the way for implementation of this?:

After all, 6uild 6ack 6etter cannot be achieved without wholesale destruction of all that existed before it. This is a weaponized initiative launched to get rid of one thing in order to replace it with something else. Infrastructure removal to pave the way for a large-scale reconstruction. Fossil fuels. Food. Free speech. Social paradigms. Even the landscape of our very brains. No vital element forming the foundation of what used to make us all "free" is off limits to this purge. But is this strictly about control, or is something darker at the core of these initiatives? And is this solely human-based, or are humans merely the bellwethers being dictated to by other sources? Once again, we may be seeing the culmination of things like this (from 2000):

The Final Stages are being launched. The New Aeon is here. Page after page of ruined and destroyed food plants, fertilizer farms, animal farms, etc:

Some 32 pages alone of vaxx side effects force-released by federal injunction -- ask your doctor if it's right for you!! This is what they sought to hide for 75 years.

In another remarkable bit of precog that has been mentioned here before on more than one occasion, Bill Gates now controls the lion's share of USA farmland. (The best way to predict the future, remember, is to invent it.)

Here's some 20 pages of "nothing to see here" according to the "fact checkers":

Meanwhile, another rogue Op seems to be unfolding all across France:

This is also highly reminiscent of very similar actions that took place during the sketchy Astroworld Travis Scott event culminating in so much weird death -- in fact, they may have been the catalyst:

Multiple reports that have now strangely been walked back in the aftermath:

So I guess all those kids reporting the exact same thing at the same time were just -- what? -- mistaken? Imagining it? 

Both of these instances reek once again of beta testing something on the public, the results of which may not make themselves known for quite some time. 

The only thing we can say for sure is that we are always the experimentees, the guinea pigs sacrificed in their quest for modification, alteration, and the headlong quest to weaponize, somehow, an entire species for purposes unknown in this new global Jonestown.

After all this time, we are still trying to get to the bottom of what transpired at Astroworld,

 and we may never get there...what once appeared to be multiple crush deaths from crowd impact has proved anything but, with multiple eyewitnesses claiming many concertgoers simply dropped in their tracks with no one around them at the time; cause? Multiple heart attacks while this was going on:

We are faced with the looming prospect of this being a frequency and/or 5G test (vibrational damage) on a captive, vaxxed, population to see the effects on what they were now carrying around in their organs and bloodstream from those said vaxxes -- something that may be also carried out in the near term on a much larger scale when the time, and the stars, are right for those manning the killswitches. Still up: 

More and more it appears as if this were some summoning event where the agendas of multiple parties may have been in play -- all culminating in one seriously dark, sinister exercise. Fascinating because this can now be viewed as a precursor event, a microcosm of what is now taking place all over the world.

Refer back to that X Files season 11 clip at the opening: Cull, kill, and subjugate. We are just seen as means to their end. Experiments. Vessels. Merchandise.

We are already aware of the as above so below macrocosm/microcosm nature of what we call fractal reality. How the structure of the physical nature of the Universe actually resembles the working and firing synapses and neural network of a human brain:

What if in changing, thru DNA modification and manipulation, how our brains work thru these MRNA vaccines, those that seek to control us can ALSO change how the universe itself works? What if they are also seeking to manipulate the cosmic realms -- and in doing so seeking a futile attempt to control God somehow, trying to shut down some "Divinity switch" that resides within us all? Is this the action which is critical to paving the way for something that is coming? The advent of the singularity?

Is this why people like Carrie Madej and Jane Ruby and others have found little miniature hydras and "mindflayers" nestled within some of these vaxx batches upon warming up? Think this is fantasy? NOPE. Check out the DARPA hydra research:

Now refer back to those banned vids at the top of the post from Mike Adams and Jane Ruby -- looking familiar? Also familiar should be the knowledge that none other than ivermectin attacks and dissolves most of these parasites and parasitic structures. Hmmm, the all-out war on ivermectin (horse paste!) now beginning to make more sense? 

LOADS more on DARPA here, and why exactly they're beginning to resemble CERN more and more in both knowledge, action, and intent:

And this just in -- how to get away with mass murder...the defense? "We're not guilty because the government was in on it, too!"

Hey, it's 1984. Just change the definition -- they've already done it with words like "vaccination," "free speech," what the Constitution is, etc. Evidently it's not "fraud" anymore when the government is your co-conspirator. Get Feddy McFedFed riding shotgun with ya and the world is your oyster. The same Fed sitting on all those tapes and DVDs of Epstein clients doing unspeakable things to children that for some reason will never see the light of day. Yeah, that Fed:

And it links to so much more:

But, as always, never want to leave you with the impression there is no hope. Forces are working furiously and aligning behind the scenes at all times, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction -- a countervailing energy to guide us, reveal to all of us exactly why we have all been assembled right here, right now:

In the shadow of yet another summer solstice, things are aligning (and on another June 24th, what a remarkable date it has proven to be!!):

Stay close to the river and cry

And the river's gonna feel you're the god of rain

He's going to worship you like God and creator for ages

And all the fairies of the forest will come

They want to sow you to the dance of night

This is the Age of Aquarius

I'm coming out of the river, breathing out, I am finally reborn

Rain is falling to the shore, 

Dawn is coming, the night is almost gone

I came from where the Leo is rising

I've travelled thru space for so long

A forest nymph is calling for me

Come along and I will guide you where to go

We ran to the mountain

We found an ancient temple with my name

Then she bowed and said these words

We were waiting here a thousand years for you

Now you must do something to bring the light

Now you must do something to change the world...

Age of Aquarius returning again to mother earth

To set the fire and rain

I'm turning again the circles of time

To bring the sun back again

"Rise like lions after slumber,

In unvanquishable number

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you,

Ye are many, 

They are few."   Percy Bysshe Shelley








Friday, June 3, 2022



I've been drifting from state to state/ Town to town, chasing my fate/ Working just enough to sleep and eat/ A man never knows who he might meet/

At a cheap motel, cheap motel/ Where I've been well I'll never tell/ Riding down the highway bound straight for hell/ And check into a cheap motel/

I had a girl once but it didn't work out/ She was unhappy travelling about/ She expected too much of me/ She wanted a home and security/ 

Instead of cheap motels, cheap motels/ Where I've been well I'll never tell/ Riding down this highway bound straight for hell/ and check into this cheap motel/

From the Motel Six in Tucson, Arizona to the Dew Drop Inn in Lawton, Oklahoma/ Going to spend my winters in New Mexico/ Where the nights are long and the days are slow/ Where the nights are long and the days are slow/

The cops come knockin one day at dawn/ I got arrested for building a bomb/ Two days later they cleared the cell/ And drove me back/ To this cheap motel/

(Springsteen/ Grushecky, July 1995)  

I never go out/ I just stay at home/ Change my address, and disconnect the phone/ Turn off the TV, because it bothers me/ I've seen all, seen all I wanna see/ And if my friends ask where I've been/ Just say I don't know what's become of him/

Well I'm not sleeping, I'm only resting my eyes/ I'm not sleeping, I'm only taking my time/

Well it's so hard, so hard to be responsible/ Knowing everything, everything that's possible/ And when the bad wind/ Well it comes blowing in/ I'll pack my things, and I'll move on again/ Feed the rich and fool the poor/ Stack the bodies outside my door

Cause I'm not sleeping, I'm only resting my eyes/ Well I'm not sleeping, I'm just taking my time/ 

The world outside, is such a dangerous place

That I don't dare, I don't dare show my face

They got my number, they know where I live

Well I've got no more to say, I've got no more to give

Another night comes drawing near

I shut the door and then I disappear...

(Springsteen/ Grushecky -- July 1995)

In our continuing quest to decipher what's going on today by decoding yesterday, let's take an in-depth look at the sinister and far-reaching implications and events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995, and the star-crossed life and times of its supposed perpetrator (patsy) Timothy McVeigh. The past can do far more than teach us about what's ongoing in the Deep State, mind control milieu of today -- it can be the key to unlocking an entire Pandora's box of hidden knowledge and clandestine horrors, and in doing so reveal the ever-present modus operandi of those in our midst that would seek to dominate us to the inevitable dark ends of their takeover agenda. So let's hop in the wayback machine already set for 27 springs ago, and take a deep look...who knows what we might find. 

Most of all we may discover that "random" shootings and mass casualty events continue to happen because we continue to not be able to see the signs...Signs that have been before us all along that we continue to not pay attention to -- signs that we always turn away from.

I'm sure from this preamble you can readily ascertain that this latest Sandy Hook 2.0, the situation rapidly unraveling in Uvalde has gotten me thinking -- always dangerous as longtime readers and lurkers here will tell you. What is the modern day origin point for this type of manipulation and blatant mind control? You could do a lot worse than to chart the minutiae of the events surrounding Oklahoma let's get it on the record. The depth and expanse of the tentacles might surprise you.

First of all, let's begin forensically by working backwards before getting into the hows and whys of the possibility of McVeigh being programmed to be point man for doing what he allegedly did: in their grandest occult tradition of killing two (or three) birds with one stone, the Murrah federal building had to come down for one because it was the repository for some very damning records, specifically concerning Waco:

The Waco conflagration would also prove to be the psychological impetus for McVeigh doing what he did. The Waco situation is another beast entirely even given all its connections, and is something that we will also be examining closely in the future.

What McVeigh was subjected to by Jolly West and cohorts can be seen as being rudimentary tech of the kind which has been extremely improved upon today. Examine all of these "search" rabbit holes for starters on reddit for a wealth of knowledge to plunge into:

The fact that McVeigh was indeed being "handled" by the infamous Jolly West is a foregone conclusion at this point (& yes it connects to and is corroborated by the still mysterious case of Chandra Levy):

That first link even gets into the notion that perhaps McVeigh didn't even die as scheduled, and was instead whisked out as a protected asset in some Deep State "witness protection" bubble... 

Hmm, where have a heard THAT scenario popping up again lately??

Then there is the strange little factoid of the Dreamland motel in Kansas, which, unbelievably, connects McVeigh straight into the 9/11 network by way of Melvin Lattimore. We examined that oh so briefly years ago here: 

That network came close to being uncovered many times, perhaps no one ever got closer than Jayna Davis:

More here:

Now, on to the explosion itself, did it happen the way we were led to believe? Puh-leeese:

No way, no how brothers and sisters. We were lied to again.

So just how deep does the backstory of possibly sheep-dipped, Oswaldo-type patsy Timothy go?? EXTREMELY deep:

And needless to say, with today's tech and open admissions from everyone from the WEF to Pfizer to the NIH, articles like this have aged like 4-month old milk:

To whit:

Takes a while, but every "conspiracy theory" comes true. 

MUCH more backstory here:

McVeigh also had, as an unemployed person at the time, $2,000 on him when he was stopped:

And according to this, he spent time at CALSPAN:

Here he stated he was "operating within the confines of the U.S. Government," the bombing originally planned as a pretext for something else and that it was not supposed to be that violent; that the truck was possibly switched beforehand without his knowledge -- a fact that he disclosed to his lawyer under lawyer-client privilege and that he became quite irate over when finding out it had been leaked:


MUCH of extreme interest here:

Then there is the highly bizarre factoid -- never explained -- of a leg found that doesn't match:

This of course raises the highly likely scenario of "unknown actors" prowling around and getting caught in the blowback. 

And yet we have only begun to scratch the surface -- let's get into the possible tech employment, and some of the very best eyewitness testimony here:

So much contradictory evidence points to the fact that there was much more in play than just an ammonium nitrate "fertilizer" bomb: multiple mercury fulminate bombs being found according to initial reports, multiple electrical and electro-magnetic effects, seismic evidence indicative of multiple explosions and not just one, mysterious light flashes and "swarm of bees" noises and vibrations in the immediate seconds before any explosion occurred, the list of "anomalies" goes on and is highly indicative of multiple prongs of then state-of-the-art weaponization being brought into play. 

And just what about that infamous Ryder truck?? Remember what I told you about not forgetting about DARPA -- you know, not to beat a dead horse, but the very same DARPA so integral to everything tech-involved that's rolled out with the vaxx?? (chips, nanowires, neural-link, brain interface, turning hamsters into rage monsters, etc)

Or simply check out everything that Epstein pals like Ralph Baric and Charles Lieber have been pursuing for the better part of decades...

But I digress....

The pilot that just so happened to snap that photo -- oh don't worry, he's dead. Took a complete nose dive right into the ground not long after. Things are funny that way, you know.

Camp Gruber, location of the overflight photo by Harding, is also known for demolition training. Huh. Ditto with Camp Grafton in North Dakota where Tim was spotted in Aug 1993 after supposedly being discharged in May 1992. (See Corbett Report above...) -- Official timeline supported by the FBI!!

And speaking of official confirmations:

From the 1997 Washington Post, no less. Back when being an official paper "of record" actually meant something..."The Oklahoma National Guard confirmed Friday that the aerial photos were indeed taken above Camp Gruber in the fall of 1994 and said the classified project involved weapons sensors and was overseen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The National Guard's statement said the truck had no association whatsoever with the tragedy at the Alfred P. Murrah building."

More DARPA 101:

But let's hammer 'em a little more, shall we? Because we're not thru hurting 'em...take it away Polly:

After watching that, come on back...

Alright, after acknowledging that Polly has once again missed her calling as being a kickass federal prosecutor, let's look a bit more in depth at Crimson Mist, and what went down in Rwanda:

Now I am in no way, shape or form alleging that Tim McVeigh was subjected to anything like this, implants aside, but entertain the not-so-wild notion that he was merely a beta example for what's intended for ALL of us, and sooner rather than later. Vaccines + Graphene +5G, anybody? Am I getting thru? Some nearly 4 billion tests rats worldwide (if you took the vaxx that would be you) are just lined up and waiting for the switch to be thrown. Not feasible, you say? Inconceivable? No more Rwandas? Well just take a gander at what they're doing in house: 

DARPA CRISPR rage hamsters? Why? The why is because the next stop is you, bunky. Why else go down that road?

DARPA also happens to have huge, ongoing plans with the WEF:

We always have to examine where we've been, to find out where we're going, and the continuing case of Timothy McVeigh provides that in spades -- a marked trail and an open warning, so to speak, for our impending future of being the manipulated dead. 

We can also NEVER leave the OKC scenario without remembering Terrance Yeakey: 

Terry also happened to be featured in one of the very first posts I ever put up here:

Weird that I never got around to a "Part II" of that. Maybe this is it. 11 years later!! 

Better late than never.

More in-depth here:

And especially here:

"A Noble Lie" remains one of the best documentaries ever presented about nearly all of this evidence...

And here:

Then look at these words:

Finally he confided to his sister that he "knew too much," and had become a "liability" to the government:

Whew. And believe me when I say, all of this, as overwhelming as it seems, is merely scratching the surface of a very compelling and important chapter in this Deep State Book of the Dead.

I have given you much to ponder and think about going over the star-crossed story of Timothy McVeigh and his life and times, much of which has been forgotten, and gone unknown and unheard by a vast majority of the American people. 

Go slow and ponder all the implications here.

As always, the past remains prologue.