Thursday, July 25, 2013


     We need to look at Continuity of Government plans, and in doing so, pry back the dark layers of what these really mean, why they’ve been so secret for so long, and just how sensitive and dangerous they are even today for those who choose to look into them.

We need to see how these connect to a nexus of involvement between trans-national powers, and the ways in which these powers operate, the otherworldly tools they seek to employ, and just where that leaves us in their endgame.  This is vital, because the Secret Commonwealth never rests in their headlong flight to manipulate, obfuscate, and eliminate, all in service to the left-hand path.

        “Words are loaded pistols.”           John Paul Sartre


       I remember watching the Iran/Contra congressional hearings on television in that wild summer of 1987, long before my mindset had changed regarding the forces that dictate in this world.  And there came a moment that stood out to my royally educated, highly uninformed mind even then.  A curious stuttering halt to the proceedings that seemed to stop the nerdly, pocket-protectored Oliver North and his human-weasel counsel, Brendan Sullivan, in their tracks.  Some remarks by Congressman Jack Brooks about possible plans to suspend the Constitution and just what did North and Co. know about that?  At which point Sen. Daniel Inouye spat and sputtered that this concerned plans and areas that would be best covered in an “executive” session and he regarded the Congressman’s concerns as best approached in that venue at a later time, harrumpfh, cough, mutter.  To which my pre-Crossfire-reading, pre-JFK-watching mind went: “What in the hell is that??!!!”

       It seemed to me even then the tentative stirrings of the feral kitty slashing his way out of the bag of formal, indoctrinated education my brain had been locked away in.  I didn’t know what exactly, but I knew something big had just happened.  A brief word here about my education in my formative years.  Beginning in fourth grade I started attending a private, all-boys school in the South.  To say that this was a special school might be somewhat of an understatement because, in hindsight, they were preparing us for something.  Preparing our minds for something.  Starting in that fourth grade, and this would’ve been in 1970, we were taught that Mesopotamia, and Ur, the fertile crescent, were the cradle of civilization.  I vividly remember a book of illustrated word problems, and one in particular that stood out to me concerned the story of “Snippy,” a horse in the southwest that had been found stripped of all flesh and blood.  We were to circle in the illustration which we considered the most likely cause: a) a knife-wielding assailant, b) a lightning bolt, or c) a hovering flying saucer.  All drawn out quite lucidly in the textbook.  Finally and not least, there was the history teacher, still in 1970 here, that completely departed from the schedule and went off on a 2-week, fascinating tangent about a book he had recently been reading and that he wanted to share with us, Stonehenge Decoded, whereupon followed detailed geometric diagrams on the blackboards and wonderings about just who might have constructed the monoliths, how, and for what purpose.  Keep in mind this was all pre-von Daniken, pre-ancient aliens, pre-cattle mutilation in any kind of mainstream hugeness that would blow up in the wild, mid-and-late Seventies culture that birthed the spirit of questing and questioning regarding the paranormal, the advent of all things New Age.  Times when it was cool to be “out there” in your thinking, when true science represented the investigation of the unexplained, not today’s explanation of the uninvestigated.  So what exactly this curriculum was preparing us for is likely still unknown, still “out there,” but between this, John Keel, and a steady diet of Star Trek, my mind was opened, yet not exactly political.  The political, and by nature the parapolitical, would come slowly, and later.  Slowly because of my mother, who was always all about the flag and apple pie, but curiously also because of the aforementioned school itself, which for all its fringe-testing, was rabidly authoritarian, almost national socialist in its drum beating for decorum, physical perfection, and athletic honor.  To this day I wonder about that curriculum though, so far ahead of the culture explosion…who devised it, and to what purpose?  Were they inciting us to despair, abandon hope all ye who enter here, or telling us forewarned is forearmed?  File under a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Go to school.  Get a little knowledge.  Live dangerously.

       So the exchange between Brooks and Inouye became quickly highlighted in my mind.  It was just so…weird.  Little did I know that those stutterings in the hearings would ripple outward, both forward and backward in time, engulfing the rationale, flooding the parameters of not just Iran/Contra, but also Watergate, the JFK and RFK assassinations, until its headwaters reached to the blood and steel of the 9/11 operation itself.  And still they flow onwards towards a point in the future, already planned, awaiting execution.

       These Continuity of Government plans likely had their genesis in the Nazi mentality brought forth and nurtured on these shores during Project Paperclip, but they were certainly polished to a fine sheen as the ‘60’s gave way to the ‘70’s, generated by a systematic and deliberate ongoing political process dating from the anxieties of the very wealthy during this time.  Almost certainly the income disparity of today also springs from this, a runaway alchemical reaction to the suspicions by the power elite that control of the country was slipping away from them, as first noted by researcher and historian Peter Dale Scott.  This was the time when future Supreme Court justice Lewis Powell, in a 1971 memorandum, warned that the survival of the free enterprise system depended on “careful long-range planning and implementation” of a well-financed response to threats from the left.  This was answered by a sustained right-wing offensive (including the “October Surprise” and Reagan’s 1980 election) coordinated by think tanks and funded lavishly by a small group of family foundations.  We can see from this wellspring an exponential outgrowth of a rampant security state, an unlimited” black budget,” and the curtailing of civil liberties that continues apace today, all in the service of keeping existing black paradigms going strong.  We can also, from this, follow a sequence of deep events, linked to a Doomsday Project, a Continuity of Government (COG), that runs with parallel planning from before the JFK assassination until 9/11 and beyond.  Bolstered by the CIA and like-minded intelligence agencies, each deep event saw an increase in their power at the expense of true democracy, and what’s more, there are “symptomatic overlaps in personnel between perpetrators of each of these deep events and the next.”  The ways and means of these personnel include the trafficking of drugs and children.  Our economic survival quite literally depends on flesh and blood and drugs, the visceral hallmarks of a violent, prison planet.

       “….mysterious events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, or 9/11, which violate the American social structure, have a major impact on American society, repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, and in many cases proceed from an unknown dark force.”           Peter Dale Scott

       It is my belief that these COG plans, in the works for decades, emanate from forces darker than Peter Dale Scott would ever imagine.  These plans, calling for suspension of the U.S. Constitution to start, spiral out from earlier workings on the drawing board since at least 1982, when in the throes of the “Reagan Revolution,” he called together a Doomsday Project, a secret group of both public and private figures, including Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, a full twenty years before they would be reunited again, in “W’s” dark cabinet of fetid wonders, for 9/11.

        In other amazing personnel “coincidences,” look at the overlap between the Iran/Contra players, the background of the Kennedy murders and also Watergate.  You will find the names Morales, Rodriguez, Hunt, McCord, Sturgis being just the tip of the iceberg.  Felix Rodriguez being total CIA, killer of Che Guevara, and one of the leaders of Operation 40, a ZR/RIFLE unit established after December 1959 by Allen Dulles and presided over by Vice President Nixon.  It also included Frank Sturgis, Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Rafael ‘Chi Chi’ Quintero, Virgilio Paz Romero, Pedro Luiz Diaz Lanz, Bernard Barker, Porter Goss and Barry Seal.  This group was responsible for undercover wetworks in the U.S., the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.  There is widespread conjecture and more than a little smoke indicating this group was the main one recruited and responsible for the assassination of JFK.  Other players in the mix at this time were David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey, Ted Shackley, Thomas Clines, John Singlaub, Richard Secord, Bobby Ray Inman, and David Morales, the latter being brazen enough to actually repeatedly boast “I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard.”  As for surviving “influencers” today, look no farther than Porter Goss and his intimate involvement in the 9/11 op, which covers everything from previous events and more, including but not limited to: mind control, stellar alignments, the creation of Manchurian candidates through ritual trauma (preferably from early childhood), remote control technology, and a magickal working following the principles of Aleister Crowley and other adepts to bring about a new “Age” into this reality.

       There remains another angle to the Continuity of Government story that bears looking into in somewhat sharper detail.  It all starts with a scandal involving Colorado sheriff Pat Sullivan, and an investigative reporter named Jonathan Elinoff.  Elinoff had solely produced a sterling 9/11 documentary entitled Core Of Corruption in 2005/6.  While putting together a follow-up titled Echoes Of Treason slated for 2009, Elinoff found himself simultaneously investigating a meth-for-sex scandal with Colorado Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan at its center.  Sullivan was a close personal friend of both Bill Clinton and Bush Sr., and had been instrumental, while he was in the Clinton administration, in getting the Brady Bill passed.  Elinoff’s comments on his Facebook page (now deleted): “The whole story is like a Hollywood movie.  There were bath houses, sex brothels, drug distribution networks, there was alleged human trafficking, there were crooked sheriff’s deputies and abuse of the system targeting at-risk school children while parading around acting like they are getting them off Meth, but secretly feeding it to them to get them to do sex acts…” 

       During the course of his investigating the HIV-positive Sullivan, who had infected numerous underage male partners, Elinoff mentioned to several people in hushed, paranoid tones he had uncovered links between Sullivan and 9/11.  He mentioned some things in private, others publicly on his Facebook page, and other parts of the story through news links that he cryptically posted on Facebook before deciding to pull the plug on Echoes Of Treason after 3 years of work.  (It should be noted here that despite the involvement of both the FBI and the DHS in the Sullivan case, and despite the TAPED confession of Sullivan himself claiming his molestation of numerous children, the charges against him were effectively dropped as he served just 17 days in jail.)  The story Elinoff laid out involved Sullivan, who Elinoff became sure was a protected figure involved in child sex trafficking and interstate pedophile rings, Offutt Air Force Base (which happened to play a pivotal role on the day of 9/11 as well as being damned in Franklin scandal testimony by chief witness Paul Bonacci as being base of operations no.1 for pedophile flights from across the country run by our old friend Col. Michael Aquino, head of the Temple of Set), and finally all the tentacles of the Franklin scandal itself.

       Elinoff (and this is really the tip of the iceberg of the story he alluded to), mentioned the “ongoing Franklin blackmail scheme”  - which Sullivan was most likely a part of – had been used by the CIA to implicate certain “Iran/Contra figures” so that the agency (he didn’t elaborate why) could use those very figures to initiate COG.  He was also researching Offutt’s role on the day of 9/11 in launching the E4B planes that were seen at all locations of attack, and also later circling above Richmond, Virginia during the manhunt for the white panel van in use by the D.C. snipers.  He saw Sullivan as a likely “procurer” of abused children, young drug addicts and the like for the pedophile rings, helped immensely by his high-level connections.  Through these connections, he surmised Sullivan had overheard whisperings of the 9/11 plot.  Also interesting is the fact that at the same time in Pennsylvania, Jerry Sandusky was also likely on the periphery of these very same circles and rings, doing the very same things in what was likely a parallel operation.  The dead giveaway came when all the grand jury probes and federal inquiries looking heavily into Sandusky in 1999 mysteriously faded away, the “cone of silence” falling just in time for the 2000 election that saw – guess who? – George W. Bush assume the throne.  If those federal probes had been allowed to reach their ultimate destination, how high could they have possibly gone?  How many were worried they could have gone high enough to permanently scuttle “W’s” run?  Or as Poppy Bush once candidly, brazenly, said to Sarah McClendon: “If they knew what we had done, they’d chase us down in the streets and lynch us.”  And speaking of scuttling W’s run, 1999 also saw the crash of JFK Jr.’s plane, today still shrouded in more mystery than you can shake a stick at, as well as the crash of EgyptAir flight 990 into the very same waters off Long Island sound.  Both would prove excellent occasions to test out some remote control, fly-by-wire technology, wouldn’t you say?  And despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, both cases remain conspicuously UNSOLVED.

       But we haven’t finished with the saga of sheriff Sullivan yet, because he also figures into Columbine.  A reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver: “In the midst of the Columbine tragedy, one of his deputies told the family of victim Danny Rohrbough one thing about what he saw at the school – and told his bosses something else.  When I asked Sullivan how his internal statement jibed with the recordings of his meetings with Rohrbough’s family, his answer was no-nonsense and to-the-point. ‘It doesn’t.’  And standing at the scene of a homicide late one night, Sullivan was describing for me the strange scene investigators encountered in the basement of the home, where a woman’s body was found in a makeshift coffin, surrounded by candles.  I was asking him to describe it in detail and instead Sullivan reached into his pocket and pulled out a Polaroid – not to be morbid (?)but so I could see exactly what the detectives saw.”  Not to be paranoid, but I’ve got a whole different take on Sullivan taking personal Polaroids of dead bodies in coffins with candles, Mr. Reporter sir.  And it ain’t for your personal edification.

       And still we aren’t through with Sullivan’s links to Columbine.  Because he was also to be part of a grand jury investigation into the perps of the shooting.  There was solid evidence pointing to his arrest and participation in the molestation of both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris on charges of breaking into a van months before the Columbine shooting.  Indeed, this molestation seemingly sent both kids even more off the deep end – programmed? – to such an extent that the Columbine massacre itself can be seen as a way to lure the officers responsible  for the debasement to the school for payback.  Nothing ever came of Pat Sullivan’s brief testimony to these allegations over the phone.  How does this all link up to weird candles and coffins and Sullivan’s role?  An independent investigator assigned to look further into Columbine was murdered and had what some called Satanic markings carved on his body.  Others had what looked to be ritualistically burned and slaughtered animals left in their yards in the middle of the night.  There are also links to a pedophile ring called the Fat Cats said to originate in Evergreen Colorado, which additionally links to John Ramsey and the child porn-infected computers of Access Graphics, now a part of Lockheed Martin.  As well as Denver, Access has offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, and Holland, and had service contracts with what is commonly known as Iran/Contra.  Their major bank accounts were parked at the noted Iran/Contra money laundry Silverado Savings and Loan and administered by none other than Silverado’s director, Neil Bush, W’s brother.  (Ramsey was also subpoenaed by Iran/Contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.)  Remember him on the stand?  Funny, I don’t either.

       In the 1980’s a squad of U.S. marines parachuted into Belgium and met a number of Belgian military intelligence.  On a busy Saturday, three armed, hooded men entered a supermarket and started shooting.  Eight people were killed.  In 1991 Belgium’s former Deputy Prime Minister Andre Cools announced he was about to make revelations regarding these attacks.  Among names he said he was ready to present evidence on:  Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld.  Cools was gunned down before he could speak out.

       In 1996 there were reports that the gangs pulling off the Cools hit had been involved with Marc Dutroux.  The discovery in 1996 of computer disks at Dutroux’s home, “unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, and Japan.  The names found in the disks reached into the highest levels of politics and society in the various countries and institutions, including members of the Belgian government implicated in the assassination of Andre Cools.”

       “No man born with a living soul/ can be workin’ for the clampdown.”          Joe Strummer


       And just to bring this all back home, let’s finally examine the damage control plan by the freaks that’s underfoot and underway.  Around the years 2006/2007, some of the most strident groups of 9/11 police on wikipedia and other intel-gathering sites, people who were obsessively, around-the-clock making sure no one was putting up information relating to Franklin, the Saudi or ISI angle to 9/11, the testimony discrepancies, the intelligence links…when you clicked on these people’s histories, they all, each and every one, had links to Michael Aquino.  Why would Aquino and his minions be so concerned with scrubbing pertinent and smoking-gun 9/11 information from research engines you might ask?  Because the deep, unsettling occult fingerprints on 9/11, on world events playing out in real time, are everywhere.  The same names, as you can see, are everywhere.  This wonderful technology at literally your fingertips, erases all the hiding places, and makes them terrified.  Because as transparent as we are to them, so are they to us.  We can all be Snowdens now, there are millions  of Michael Hastings’ popping up in his place.  The dot-connecting algorithm is loose, and spreading forth into fractal dimensions they can never hope to stop.  Some will be scared, like Elinoff.  Some will be taken out, like Hastings.  Others will be hounded, like Snowden.  But they can never stop us all.  We are curious.  We are pissed off.  We are legion.

       So see something.  Say something.  And change the world.