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“You think you want to know the truth but you don’t – it’s worse than anything you could even imagine…”   Wayward Pines 


(Makin' it) makin' it, doesn't matter how many

(Takin' it) takin' it

Well I can't shake it off of my back, damn monkey

It's either too tight or it's too slack.

That's all it is, ninety nine

How much, yeah

Now, ninety nine

You better hack it baby.

Yeah my time exploded, space blew up

Need something in my dixie cup

Oh let me get it right

There's the best pair of lips I've kissed all night, yeah.

How much, well give it to me

I'll pay you later, ninety nine

I got a pocket calculator

Yeah wake up, it don't make sense

Nickels and dimes, ninety nine.

Yes the lion and the lamb are locked in an embrace

You won't get it till it's in your face

Oh I got me out of deeper red

Don't panic.

Ah it's where I want to be

Yeah, a useful member of society

I just need a little of that old money.

Gimme ninety nine, yeah

Well I can't shake it off of my back

God damn monkey

Yeah, it's too tight or it's too slack

Yeah some things never change

Price of bullets remains the same

Here we go, hand over fist, slap on the wrist

Umm, nine nine.



Well I've opened up my veins too many times

And the poison's in my heart and in my mind

Poison's in my bloodstream, Poison's in my pride

I'm after rebellion, I'll settle for lies

Experiments that failed too many times

Transformations that were too hard to find…

Yes I know the secrets of the iron and mind

They're trinity acts, a mineral fire

Yes I know the secrets of the circuitry mind

It's a flaming wonder telepath

Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire

Imprisoned by the thoughts of what to do

Is it any wonder that my joke's an iron

And the joke's on you…



We'll scorch the earth, Set fire to the sky

We stoop so low, to reach so high

A link is lost, The chain undone

We wait all day,

For night to come…



So many rash promises sincerely made

By people who believed that we were being saved

They made us all believe that we were acting white

But the truth is we've forgotten how we used to fight…

Four minutes to midnight on a sunny day

Maybe if we smile the clock'll fade away

Maybe we can force the hands to just reverse

Maybe is a word, maybe maybe is a curse

Nobody knows why we fell so flat

We've never been taught to fight or to face up to facts

We simply believe that we'd remain intact

But history is asking, why did you fall for that?




One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

I've got my clipboard, text books

Lead me to the station

Yeah, I'm off to the Civil War

I've got my kit bag, my heavy boots

I'm runnin' in the rain

Gonna run till my feet are raw

Slip kid, slip kid, second generation

I'm a soldier at thirteen

Slip kid, slip kid, realization

There's no easy way to be free

No easy way to be free

It's a hard, hard world

I left my doctor's prescription bungalow behind me

I left the door ajar

I left my vacuum flask

Full of hot tea and sugar

Left the keys right in my car

Slip kid, slip kid, second generation

Only half way up the tree

Slip kid, slip kid, I'm a relation

I'm a soldier at sixty-three

No easy way to be free

Slip kid, slip kid

Keep away old man, you won't fool me

You and your history won't rule me

You might have been a fighter, but admit you failed

I'm not affected by your blackmail

You won't blackmail me

I've got my clipboard, text books

Lead me to the station

Yeah, I'm off to the civil war

I've got my kit bag, my heavy boots

I'm runnin' in the rain

Gonna run till my feet are raw

Slip kid, slip kid, slip out of trouble

Slip over here and set me free

Slip kid, slip kid, second generation

You're slidin' down the hill like me

No easy way to be free...




Back again transmitting!! Thanks to all for staying with me, and staying up late. Let’s venture once again deep into the Midnight Blue…


And to echo one of my Mom’s fav sayings, the time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things…I’m adding the dot-connecting express. Let’s get right to it – Person of Interest alert: J. Craig Venter.

He was previously mentioned in these very pages as sketchy as early as October 2015. Looking back before we look forward, it seems the signs were there all along for what’s transpiring now: http://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2015/10/saturn-and-beyond-infinite.html

He’s also mentioned in accord with current events here at the 23:00 minute mark by the awesome Dr. Carrie Madej: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-05-11-carrie-madej-covid-vaccines-exotic-nanotech-tracking.html#

Now it seems more has been added to the equation – and it links to what Venter has been up to in the interim. How about mining viruses from the sea? Who knew? Well, maybe, Ghislaine Maxwell, for one. Unless you don’t remember the TERRAMAR Project…

Let’s go even farther out – it seems Venter, amoung other places, was mining the Bermuda Triangle on board (it gets better) the Sorceror II: https://www.wired.com/2004/08/venter/


And here’s the part about specifically looking for (you guessed it) viruses: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0001456


The world is a smoking gun, and it’s loaded. Soon it will blow you away. Those Georgia Guidestones set the speed limit. I think Pennywise is driving.

Before we leave him, let’s not forget that Venter was driving force behind the Human Genome Project, of which the less is said probably the better at this point, but which has long been a staple of conspiranoia at the highest levels, and may which continue to be the wellspring behind all manner of present day evils – just check out this transcript from Chris Carter’s MILLENNIUM TV series (this particular ep penned by Chip Johannessen), from 1997, which just so happens to also tie in, quite pointedly, Rwanda: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/transcript/203/sense-and-antisense/


I only mention Rwanda because the spectre of it has reared its head again just recently: https://www.infowars.com/posts/mind-control-scientists-engineer-magneto-protein-capable-of-remotely-controlling-brain-behavior/  

Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez of Harvard University, who uses optogenetics to manipulate memories in the brains of mice, says the mind control study is “badass.’’

Optogenetics, previously looked at here in this space as cutting edge, seems already to have given way to something else…

It’s also worth pointing out that Canadian theology professor Dr. Pierre Gilbert during a lecture in 1995 warned of a coming mandatory vaccine containing liquid crystals that, when exposed to magnetic frequencies, turn vaccine recipients into “zombies.”

“In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields,” Gilbert said. “What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections.”

“This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory,” he continued. “And these vaccines will make possible to control people.”

“The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent.”

“And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie.”

“Don’t think of this as a hypothesis. This has been done. Think of Rwanda,” he added, suggesting this technology was behind the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mav2dZqQOcE    Gilbert’s talk was in 1995. The Rwandan genocide was in April-July 1994: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwandan_genocide

Think here. Think now. Think the demonization of all who choose not to get the vaxx.

Think of what will happen when the next large wave of deaths hits. Think of who will be blamed.

Think of the tech that is now embedded in all those vaxxed that could possibly – theoretically – “persuade” them to violence against those that have been demonized. Those that will be blamed for the deaths of their loved ones.

Think it can’t happen here?

Think again: https://www.theguardian.com/science/neurophilosophy/2016/mar/24/magneto-remotely-controls-brain-and-behaviour

Remember all those vaxxed folks taking the magnet challenge? https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Magnetvaccinearmdocumentary:a

Well, there’s a reason for that. Heavy metal magnetized adjuncts and ferrite spike proteins are in you for a reason. And it’s c-o-n-t-r-o-l. Let’s bring the widespread, undercover-of-the-night installation of 5G while we were all in lockdown last year into the equation – what happens when the switch gets flipped on THAT? Can to venture a guess? See, you didn’t really wanna hack your unvaxxed neighbor to death, it just kinda worked out that way. Don’t worry if you can’t actually remember doing it – they’ll remember it for you – wholesale. They’ve got a plan – and an answer – for that too:  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/meet-two-scientists-who-implanted-false-memory-mouse-180953045/


What about that smartdust that those FAANG (Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix Google) execs were experimenting with and dusting over those Northern California towns – what do you think that was for? And that we’ve examined that here repeatedly also, but again: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/05/blind-item-12_11.html


This is all lining up. The latest? SPIONS: The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24715289/

That's what a lot of people are speculating. Some of the screenshots and the study suggest that the "SPIONs" create a small electrical current to open up cells so the vax can deliver its payload. They claim this tech was used on the MERS Vax that never hit the market and so does the gardasil Vax. So the theory is they will crank up the 5g from the satellites and the cell towers which will make these vaxs deliver their payload and will create a new plandemic this fall/winter which they will blame on covid and/or a mutation. (Or the unvaxxed…)

Or, what was that about controlling the brain and behaviour again? This is what people like Jolly West, Ewen Cameron and Sidney Gottlieb were doing in Operation OFTEN and searching for, the holy grail, for decades…It’s here; now. 


An even earlier mention of the Human Genome Project came here, in another prophetic bomb from Chris Carter – this one from even earlier in 1994 – that reads like something out of the headlines today: https://x-files.fandom.com/wiki/The_Erlenmeyer_Flask/Transcript


And just in case you don’t wanna get the vaxx – don’t worry – you’re gonna get it anyway – make no mistake about that:



Just in case you thought that whole “viral shedding” thing was just a myth…


Check out how scary this is: https://www.infowars.com/posts/censored-2009-report-featured-md-whistleblower-leaking-plans-for-staged-viral-release-triggering-un-takeover-depopulation/

This was erased off of people’s DVR recordings after the fact, my friends. Think about that.


And now reports like this are pouring in: (from godlikeproductions…)

Both of my parents got their second Moderna vaccine back on the first of February. They reported no bad side effects but just a month ago my Mother confessed she regretted getting the vaccination. She sounded sincere and remorseful after researching it further.

Then in a phone conversation with her a few days ago she denied ever saying she regretted getting the vaccination and then went into a long diatribe about how important getting the vaccine is, how I'm at high risk of bad side effects if I get COVID etc...

Then when that wasn't working on me she switched to the emotional aspects where she mentioned how much she loves me and how important it was for me to get the vax... Do it for her, etc... Saying stuff that was just bizarre and clearly out of character for her.

It was the creepiest thing ever.

When describing the situation to a friend the scene from Terminator came to mind which Ive linked below. It was the only way I could even try to explain it.

I explained to my mother due to my very rural location, we were not scheduled to get our shots for another 2 weeks. I then changed the subject and moved on but was shell shocked at the clear hypnosis she seemed to be under.

My friend linked me several articles and reports where people who have gotten the vax are changing in their thoughts and can even be controlled. The entire thing is just super creepy.


What in the world to make of anecdotal evidence like this as it piles up? There are pods with all of your names on them in basements worldwide for all of you unvaxxed. Resistance is futile. You will become part of The Collective. I am beginning to think – amid all this calm before the storm feeling these days – that the first inklings of the Beast System are being unveiled. Manipulation and mind control in full swing; full spectrum dominance. Elvis Costello back in the day had a spot-on term for it and nearly named his 1979 Armed Forces album for it: Emotional Fascism.

There is a reason behind all of this; Cancel Culture removing all previous history means that no one can connect the dots to find the historical parallels behind what’s happening now. If no one remembers no one can look up 1938 Weimar Germany and the Nazi rise – then they can’t say “hey! Wait a minute; this seems familiar…” Remove all points of reference.

Word: it’s not a “cure” if people are dying from it. There is no “data” if the vaccine reactions/deaths are being censored and disappeared. It’s not “research” if all the info is being deleted. Neither is it “science” if questioning is not allowed.

Without the media not a single masked-up lunatic would have even known about COVID. And random online accounts that are telling you they’re “doctors and nurses at overwhelmed hospitals” aren’t proof of anything when people call their bluff and go there and find empty emergency rooms, parking lots, and facilities. That doesn’t constitute proof, only how gullible, desperate and sheep-like the vast majority is in their sick desire for conformity and acceptance.


And believe me, all this doesn’t absolve or mitigate idiots like Fauci’s gain-of-function funding and research in the slightest. Or what Baric was doing in Chapel Hill. Or Lieber at Harvard. Or whatever hells Venter was, is, and/or continues to be up to. Something happened in the line from here to there and their ultimate plan was somehow foiled I believe, much to their chagrin, which is when the over-the-top mind control had to be employed, paving the way for the vaccine to possibly deliver what had been intended to be the work of the virus to start with. Or perhaps as part of a binary weapons system rollout; the vaxx finishing what the virus began. Any number of scenarios are possible at this junction. It’s nigh on impossible right now to lay out chapter and verse, point for point, what’s wrong – what we all know is that there is something dreadfully wrong though, of that there is absolutely no doubt: the magnetic anomalies, the vast changes in personality, the viral symptoms of those unvaxxed just from close proximity to those that are (“shedding”), the increasing neurological and cardiac problems, the deaths – this list grows by the hour.


But if you think WE, the People, aren’t gaining traction or being heard, think again: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/nkbqxg/anyone_else_feel_like_the_dam_is_about_to_burst/


Huh, imagine that…..Freedom is a virus too.


We just have to keep at it, and as one of the commenters to that thread states, this entire UFO/UAP disclosure thing has a large part to play in what is unfolding. I would echo that it always has. As a matter of fact, I’ll take it even one step beyond: What if there is a vanishing point on the far horizon line where all of this converges? 


And by that I mean Pizzagate/Pedogate, Epstein, transhumanism, genetic experimentation, contact with off-world intelligences, the virus, a worldwide Control System, all of it. All of this doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, all of this is only separated by the thinnest veneer imaginable when you truly examine the particulars. The last 5 years have been a blur, but it’s a blur that’s inextricably connected. Airtight cases are made assuming six degrees of separation – for way more than most of what’s happened in all of our lives over the past 48 months at least there isn’t even one. Just look. It’s as amazing as it is frightening.

Look back again to CERN and DWAVE – at some of the first early research of Anthony Patch and what he was stating all along was their intended goal. To create a terrain and establish a system where we, the common folk of humanity, would serve to be the vessels for something else, something incoming and indwelling in us. Patch was postulating this as early as 2013. Look around you. Look at what’s happened since then.

People like David Icke and Alex Jones have been saying since even before then that the Black Nobility – the Deep State – desired contact with off-world intelligences. Icke has often professed that this has openly occurred already. At this point and given what we now know – can you be so sure that it hasn’t? A concerted effort certainly seems to be underway that is openly hostile towards a healthy humanity here – Why? Our physical and emotional wellbeing is being placed not only at great risk, but squarely in harm’s way – Why? Anyone that even begins to question what is happening before our eyes is silenced with extreme prejudice – Why? These are all questions – urgent ones – that need answering, and they need answering NOW.

Moderna’s operating Chief medical Officer actually admits they are “hacking the software of life”: https://www.modernatx.com/modernas-mrna-technology



Meanwhile, there is another kind of hacking of life going on: https://www.wrcbtv.com/story/43920052/first-on-3-latenight-flights-carrying-migrant-children-arriving-in-chattanooga

That’s right – the Biden Admin is quietly flying planeloads of children into Tennessee in the dead of night – for what purpose – who really knows?

This points to a possible human trafficking angle related to the waves of migration. Based on the flight records and information from the video provider, there were 4 flights flying minors on May 14, 15, and 19, arriving as late as 1:23 AM and 1:43 AM. The bus driver, an employee of Coast to Coast Tours, told Chanel 3 that the operation is part of their contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. 

And in possibly related developments: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/nhdwmk/former_fbi_director_louis_freeh_gave_100000_to_a/

That’s right, the same weasel Louis Freeh that batted cleanup for the entire Sandusky/Second Mile Penn State fiasco. Beginning to get the big picture now? I thought you might…that whole Sandusky thing, that broke before Dennis Hastert, that broke before NXIVM, that broke before Epstein…you get the idea. It’s a snake eating its tail…Ouroboros and the externalization of the hierarchy.

Finally, and just as this entire COVID house of cards seems to be winding down (and possibly concurrent with the fact that they now have the vaxx within sufficient numbers for their goal – thanks to viral shedding), what appears on the horizon but the rising drumbeat of UFO/UAP disclosure. Why? Something they have denied/obfuscated/belittled both openly and behind closed doors as policy for more than 50 years they are now embracing with open arms and squiring straight into the public forum like the hot prom date….


Does this strike anyone else as perhaps a bit ominous? I’m not sure about anyone else, but my spidey senses are going off BIG time.

First we tried to convince them. They called us nuts, crazy, kooks. Now they’re trying to convince US it’s all true? Something’s not right.

It’s even on 60 Minutes for God’s sake!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBtMbBPzqHY&t=1s

What fresh hell will the drop dead date of June 1 bring?

Pizzagate into Epstein into COVID into UFOs. I’m sensing a sinister but linear progression, and as I stated before, there is a thruline. We just might not be able to see it quite yet, but rest assured, it is there, just like those spaces between the stars, where all the dark matter sits and percolates, waiting for us to notice it and bring it into reality…


And where our fate may lie.

Somewhere between coherence and decoherence lies the truth.


  1. I counter family pressure with argument I am part of the control group.
    There is no legit experiment without one.
    Who will be left to donate blood for auto accidents etc. ???

  2. "It’s also worth pointing out that Canadian theology professor Dr. Pierre Gilbert during a lecture in 1995 warned of a coming mandatory vaccine containing liquid crystals that, when exposed to magnetic frequencies, turn vaccine recipients into “zombies.”"

    This is precisely what was happening here in Québec back in '91-'92, injecting liquid crystals into kids under the cover of a "vaccine", experimental Texas Instruments nano-tech, maybe a hundred aboriginal kids died up north as a result, everything swept under the rug...

    Just finished reading "The Vengeful Djinn" (recommended by ol' pal Nick Redfern), and YEAH, it seems the Djinni of Arabian myth are quite real, are in fact *hyper-dimensional entities banished to a parallel universe*, and intend to reclaim this world as their own in the name of Iblis/Satan.

    I might (big maybe) be gone within the next couple of days btw, no idea for how long, hope everything turns out okay for you guys.

    1. Don't leave us in suspense & hangin JB, what's goin on? Is everything OK? Are we just talkin logistics or is something more the matter? Anything we all can do?

    2. It might end up being nothing, but within the next couple of days I'll find out whether or not I have to start all over again internet/smartphone-wise, credit card-wise, identity-wise, etc. Some personal problem resulting from a relative's stupid behavior. Does this blog allow anonymous comments? We'll see...

    3. BY all means, not a prob, ANON away to your heart's content my bro...Identity BS in this day & age sux; haven't ever had to go full-in but had some close scrapes myself (IRS, etc). The fact that so much downsizing has gone on since COVID hasn't exactly helped anything either: delays in everything, red tape upon more red tape.

      As a matter of fact as of July all automated emails to all of you guys as to when new posts come out will stop according to the host server here, so unless I have all our your personal emails everybody is just gonna have to keep checking in periodically to see if anything new is up. No more "followers" per se.

      Makes me wonder seriously if we're all not just targets at this point. = the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered.

      You can always reach me at gandrobin@live.com no matter what.

  3. Did you guys see the video of the a guy with vax inside body triggering blue tooth connect prompt around electronics? Makes sense after reading this anyway! Another great post thanks Wordman. BTW IRS slammed me and nobody can get through on a call. It has been loads of fun I tell you. LIFE what an adventure we signed up for here. Also lunar eclipse coming in. Blood Moon any thoughts on that? So sorry to hear about your issues JB... We'll get through it no matter what! Hugs

  4. Well, it SEEMS I'll be fine after all: my idiot relative got along with the authorities on his own, without falsely implicating me, leaving my identity and personal business intact.

    If only it were legal to kick someone's ass. ;)

    1. Sweeeeeeet!! NOW, any Gonzo tax layers in da house that can get any traction with the IRS for the Ging & me (& it sounds like MxMM -- VV too?) They're sitting on so much of our $$ it's not even funny, & this is ongoing for the past 4 years or so -- truly ridiculous.
      Can't imagine why they're foot-dragging so much (??!!)

      First they target you -- then they get around to making reparations in their own sweet time. True tyranny. Sue them for interest the same way they'd happily do to you? What, are ya nuts? But muh muh COVID!

    2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8T7EAcGxxoA
      Who's the real JB?

    3. What just happened? This just blew up.

  5. YES Virginia there is a weaponized-IRS and they target truth tellers (wink) Hugs VV

    1. HAHA!!

      I DO find it highly sus that I never heard a PEEP out of the IRS til this blog started getting traction; then the floorboards drop out & all bets are off suddenly. Weird, right?

      Or as Jim Morrison used to say "This is the strangest life I've ever known..."

    2. It's a double edged sword hopefully, you'll be ok. 300 away from a million. Absolutely stellar article still rereading!

      Double edged sword:

      What's coming next won't be the dark winter it will be all about avoiding the summer slide.

    3. Thanks so much DG!!

      Have found many more syncs that I'll be posting soon in a "Son of" follow-up to this one -- it gets creepier & creepier.

    4. https://news.yahoo.com/bill-gates-money-manager-reportedly-231517255.html

      No kidding creepy

    5. Interesting synch that Medina WA like Medina AR

    6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QC2gTDbPS_o&t=527s

      Making this, maybe should make it a prize for one million. We all pay but we're not all Whores some of us create.

    7. But I gotta warn everyone that the mail cops are scanning the mail but what's new in this prison we live in.

    8. Maybe I'll send it with some IMMUNITY boosters like coliodal silver and essential oils.

    9. And I've said or people have thought that I'm with numerous different groups lol who's not afraid! See how fast people try to not get to a million lol sorry WM!

  6. The Maybe curse:

    Funny when I was reading that earlier I found a clipboard too.

    "Little oversight" underwater mining code
    Reminiscent of bilderbergish versus OPEC

    The Lost City Atlantis?


    Collapse of fronts and shell companies

    I Busted, who got it?



      Gates and debeers vaccine and after market surveillance

    2. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/billionaire-wealth-covid-pandemic-12-trillion-jeff-bezos-wealth-tax/


      Meanwhile our pussified woke politicians are sending the wrong messages

      Go eat chocolate chip ice cream


      Does it seem ominous to anyone that someone who said they want to come back as a virus had after death plans called an "operation"

      Forth bridge company changing over this month:

      Modern ancient aliens with telepathic communication ha!




      California has some really strange laws, I wonder how many of them they are breaking with this one? Duck when that sword comes down and don't look back you might turn to salt.

    3. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/nation/2021/05/25/mega-millions-winning-numbers-tuesday-may-25-2021/7441956002/

      Good Lord I'm a believer!

      May 25 2021 3of 5 and 5*5
      5 (5*5) 5
      3of 5 and 3*5
      And pain

      Gene for pain
      Running this line for Gene coding and subscription

  7. Ever wonder what A.I. dreams about?


    1. https://thespiritualtoolbox.com/blogs/magick-metaphysics/55515-monroe-institute-declassified-cia-documents
      Funny cause I was just on an AI lucid dreaming rabbit hole. Someone just got an Alexa; I told them to ask if she dreams lol.
      These do look like that second one. And people want to upload their consciousness to THAT. Why not just take some nutmeg, no something stronger,.. carburator cleaner(don't they huff that?) then you can short circuit your brain to "see" in that way, lol.

    2. With almost the whole world stopping human migration for the past year; they can map sicknesses around the world and use those statistics for Bell weathers for environmental hazards. We can't exactly change what has been put into motion, but we should be able to try to use the situation for noble pursuits.



      Taking humanity out of warfare will be our downfall, not knowing if it's humans or ai that you are communicating with or making moves against will lead to absolutely ruthless and absolutely idiotic moves.

  8. This link was in the comments of the link you posted but I thought I would repost it in the comments here:

    We might be pulling on some of the wrong strings if it's Muslims that wrote the book on it:

    Smart Dust: Sensor Network Applications, Architecture and Design https://g.co/kgs/hT3B9X

    This was almost 20 years ago and there's still people in disbelief that they are doing it!

  9. I say we should be Boston tea partying the vehicle tax until we have answers on voter fraud, no taxation without representation!

    1. Ok so it's not incindiary comments that vanish ;)

    2. How's about we all march ARMED to D.C. and make Jan.6 look like, well, a tea party (Haha) until we get legit answers to the coup that was illegally undertaken to assume control of this country -- & that includes COVID, gain-of-function research, Gates, Fauci, the stolen election....EVERYTHING. This shit is just frankly embarrassing now. We sit here as a bunch of soy boys and fembots and do absolutely NOTHING. This is ridiculous.

      I said MONTHS ago that the founding fathers would have been stacking bodies by now. Jesus fucking Christ what has happened to this country??!!

    3. Oh I know, I tried to put myself up as Helen of Troy and it didn't seem to budge any ships guess I'm not pretty enough lol COME ON BOYS! FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

    4. Before another country does!

    5. They're all too worried about this:
      OMG the humanity!
      This https://www.usmemorialday.org/
      has become this:

  10. All these women protesting for abortions saying "stay out of my womb" have no problem with a whole other country that does it the other way HOW DARE A GOVERNMENT ENFORCE A ONE OR EVEN THREE CHILD POLICY! When for thousands of years some of the largest families have faired the best! There's suicide nets because they are a cogs in a slave machine to provide for people whose language most of them don't even know.

    1. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/31/investing/china-stocks-three-child-rule/index.html

  11. Wordman, you might find this interesting:


    1. Wow lends credence to his claims
      They are tied in with everything supernatural I don't believe it's all bad but they need to purge...

    2. Wow lends credence to his claims
      They are tied in with everything supernatural I don't believe it's all bad but they need to purge...

    3. Dalai Lama partied with all of those in NXIVM cult and many times on Necker Island of Branson, for one. All sickening. Epstein, Nygard, Branson, NXIVM, Mexican royal families, certainly the Bronfmans, all so so cozy in a tight little circle, weren't they?
      & let's not forget Oprah with "John of God." Missing children galore the common denominator to them all.
      Cults cults cults. All tied up with black $$ & military intel & the 3-letter agencies. Not a stone's throw between any of them.

      MKUltra never ended.

    4. Cults work why fix what ain't broken, just like the FBI learned from the syndicate.

  12. OH & Dginn, it's ALLLLLL bad bad bad. There are so many bad pretending to be good it's ridiculously unreal. Justification for anything. End justifies the means is their mantra. & "How BAD do you have to be to do good?" They could charm the birdies out of the trees...

    I believe every scintilla of what folks like Ronald Bernard said, who went up about as high in worldwide financial circles as you could go. IMF. World Bank. It's ALL Luciferian -- Satanic -- call it whatever you want. We are so fucked. Or just listen to Tech:

    DROP THE MIC. Strange how this doesn't show up on any Spotify playlists, eh? -- Deleted -- Soundtrack for our 2021 lives. Word: "And pretty soon we're gonna own the fucking air that you breathe..."

    Eeeeeeerie, damn eerie. See smartdust. See chemtrails. See it all.

    1. You have me in my tornado closet again! Holy Shittake mushrooms! Without all the excitement energy of clean fun storm chasing! I REFUSE to believe that there's not groups within groups working for good and some of the fringes aren't as rotted as the nucleus.

    2. I've known ones that people rumoured them to be spooks but legitimately seemed to be good people. Yet the whole once one always one for life ties them for life to something with some really dark icky. But no more than most any "war hero". The Bible isn't against killing for execution, defense, warfare etc. It's against murder and just like the society at large not everyone can entertain the idea that the deepest darkest icky even really exists no matter how good or sometimes because of how good they are.

    3. And some technologies once it's discovered it would be so detrimental to the society at large that there's no real option except keep it as secret as possible until you find ways to control it. Like voice to skull technology, do you really think that the population is ready to FULLY COMPREHEND that? But once groups start asking questions about it and get it used on them and it continues in secret that's malefeasiance.

  13. OH, & see viral shedding. New lingo. Same old story.

  14. Like that's not in your face:
    Want your children to go far in life give them a good name, like how about Egyptian dieties then they can be the most famous of slaves to the Eyptian old religion cults ha!

  15. https://www.pcgamesn.com/world-of-warcraft/burning-crusade-classic-release-time
    When different things like this come through it's something to pay attention to of energy and a certain segment of the population that gets really into gaming and might be supceptible psy-ops linked through the gain of function. Like fortnight live events and Pokemon go becoming such big overlapping IRL things, even if we stay out of the fray, it's still affecting the world around us, when we don't know the psychological state of some of the "programmers" and gamers etc. And considering that a large segment of the population has gone absolutely INSANE AND SEX CRAZED to be pushing pedophilia, and sex changes and alphabet ridiculousness! What if we started tracking down all the disgusting culture influencers with the same vehemence they show us?

  16. I keep getting sent messages through the matrix that seem like my deceased communicating with me and knowing things that only they would know. But on the other hand there also seems to be static of ones that don't know me to where it feels like the communication of the "only they would know" is a programming. Does that make sense to anyone?

    Anyway JB where the hell are you on this one??!! I've been waiting foot tap... And I'm not dancing :(


    1. You said you are polylingual... What do you think about this method?

    2. For that matter where the hell is CK on this one?! Symrna and rementant and 7....

    3. Oh, I'm sorry Dginn, I haven't been paying attention to what you've been saying because you're A WOMAN. (Where's my sandwich already?!)

      But about the aboriginal kids, yeah, they used to get abused and killed all the time. Even more recently, in the early 90s, they were being used as guinea pigs for new vaccines, so...

    4. As for the multi-lingual thing, only french and english. Even though I've got the blood of the Cree tribe of the Algonquin nation on my father's side, never learned their tongue.

    5. Oh I know you sexist pig. How do you know that I don't just IDENTIFY as a woman ha! No sex change here, no nasty ingrown hairs!

      Funny synchs for me with Cree and Algonquin though what else is new.

  17. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/teacher-leave-after-speaking-out-against-pronoun-policy-students-n1269212

    Good for him we make a difference one person standing up for the truth against such lies and deceit at a time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I DON'T WANT MY CHILDREN TO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THE PERSON INTERACTING WITH THEM IS SO DECEITFUL AS TO PRETEND TO BE ANOTHER PERSON TO TRY TO HAVE TABOO SEX.

  18. For. F**ks. Sake.


  19. Even more important (since it shows the true psychopathology of these satanists), did you see the email where he & a John Brooks were emailing their Disease Bracketology "picks" back & forth last March 2020??! OMFG.
    Fauci labels COVID as the "champs" over Ebola and then circles his name as a signifier, showing that this was his overall "pick" for the decimation of humanity. (one way or the other...)
    Truly, truly can't make this shit up:

    It's ALL just a big joke to them: deaths(ritual sacrifices), the stolen $$, the broken lives, the smashed economies, the experimenting on us with whatever's at hand, the complete destruction of so many countries around the world, the psyops and MindWar, you name it.
    These vile creatures deserve no slack -- NO MERCY.

    Fauci perjuring himself before Congress and Rand Paul's questioning is just the latest example -- WHY is he still even walking around free?
    There isn't even any gray area here -- these are EGREGIOUS Crimes against humanity. What am I missing? You deliberately fund & release bioweapons = you go to jail. Seems pretty simple. You lie about it before a Congressional hearing = you go to jail.
    WHAT are we waiting for? Them to do something ELSE?

    Because that's what's next.....

    1. OMFG!!! NO I DIDN'T. At this point I feel like we're in Germany begging for help from Hitler!

    2. I mean that at this point ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ought to want Fauci's head!

    3. So we're they actually making bets behind this like fantasy football thing?

    4. Oh March Madness so *basketball.

    5. My money's on CWD!

      ("Chronic Wasting Disease", it makes you poop to death!)

    6. Lol after so many ones on painpills and prescription drugs you're probably right.



      What is going on...

  20. https://educate-yourself.org/cn/Bill-Gates-Crimes-Against-Humanity-22Apr2020.shtml


  21. So let me get this straight, in the past few days or so, we have U.S. politicians flying to Israel, (what they couldn't do a zoom what with the pandemic and all) Iranian warships coming to Venezuela, one of the largest if not the largest Iranian warship SANK in Oman. A large refinery in Tehran burning, Fauci's emails, Europe getting information on how much the NSA was breaking international law. Iran lost voting rights in the U.N. etc. Israel says that they actively used AI in warfare. What else. Oh yeah and hundreds of children's bodies being dug up in Canada and China is threatening nuclear war.

    1. And the new cyberattacks

    2. And Israel forming a new government and ousting Bibi. The Czech police calling for the prime minister to be arrested and charged with fraud right after they opened a Czech Embassy in Jerusalem, though will it stick considering the Ivory Coast leader just got added to the long line of leaders charged with crimes against humanity and walking away.

    3. Not to mention what's going down in Bulgaria:

      This was last month, but this is now:


    4. Then an IDF intel agent who's charges and identity were kept secret and a huge gag order in place that Epsteined himself. Word is that the type of thing that he was doing sounds EXACTLY like what they determined would be their biggest impediment in dark winter, essentially digging out the truth.


      Chile's government is drafting a new Constitution, the Nicaraguan government arrested the next top challenger to Ortega, but at least they are arresting and not killing off the opponents like in Mexico when almost 100 mayoral candidates were killed!! It's all mafia all over the ducking world always has been.

    5. My prison walls just got smaller... If I put news with any search item in Google or duck duck go, I repeatedly get a black screen of death.





  23. No greater nightmare than this:


  24. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_disseminated_encephalomyelitis


    Side effects from the vaccine NIH

  25. I don't know why, but I have to share this with you:


    1. Same here so who's at the helm?

    2. What in the holy hell is this?


    3. Worldwide evidence of the movement gaining traction, it's a deep learning AI that mines the internet for news based out of Morrocco.

    4. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/64438-cat-on-a-keyboard-in-space


  26. https://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2020/10/saddam-gaddafi-khomeini-worked-for-cia.html?m=1
    A lot of old news but a lot of good information.

    Follow the white rabbit.



    1. HR707 is being considered to give medals to the "ghost army" of WWII for their disinformation "deception" campaign. Largely advertising companies.

    2. Watch out for that aanirfan blog. That blog was originally http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/ (their last post is still there, along with the rest of the blog's original content, as far as I know) and sometime back in 2014 the original author of the blog disappeared and "aanirfan" popped up out of nowhere almost immediately and begin spewing antisemitic vile and other of the worst cliches of "conspiracy theorists". I think you follow Secret Sun and post there, so hopefully that will show you I'm sincere about this post and not a disinfo spreader. If I'm wrong, maybe JB can vouch for me a little.

  27. Wordman, here is Dr Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test on his opinion of Dr Fauci:


  28. https://nchuntandfish.com/forums/index.php?threads/cwd-in-virginia-33-miles-from-nc-border.60723/

    So random I was typing in numbers that I was searching and it came up lol.

  29. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yyKbiR87f4U

  30. I still haven't watched Tenant, but I read the summary. When I was reading WM's old posts (2015) I was struck by how much what happened at the Bataclan looked like how I imagine the opening scene of that looks like.

  31. Dginn --

    The Aangirfan site is a treasure trove of info that I keep returning to constantly. Whoever they are also link very completely the dots of historic trafficking & SRA-type issues to ongoing operations...

    JB --
    Kary Mullis quite obviously represented the largest and most dangerous speed bump to what they were trying to pull off. There's absolutely no way he would've remained silent thru 18 months or more of this bullshit. He also intimately knew how sinister Fauci is. The textbook definition of whistleblower. He had to go. And if anyone believes he WASN'T murdered given the timeline, you're the most gullible fool on the planet.

    Dginn again --
    The CWD proximity and pop-up appearance is worrisome. Esp given what Fauci's bud Ralph Baric was/is up to down in N.C.

    And thanks for linking Bataclan to TENET. Good catch. This is what I have this repository for: for being able to go back and re-research and establish connections. God knows "they" do. It's ALL mind control in one form or another & they toss eidolons and egregores at us constantly;
    forcing us to hit that mental recall button on a subliminal level is one of their trauma-based specialties. And Chris Nolan, TENET director, is a master at it. He's disclosing things aligning with a 'Revelation of the Method' agenda -- technology-based and highly satanic.

    The psychic energy around his 'Dark Knight Rises' was filthy; evil. Felt like I needed the longest, hottest shower ever after viewing it.
    Not to mention it dovetailed in the real world quite chillingly with the still-unresolved Aurora Theater shootings, which just so happened to coincide with the premiere. Signaling everywhere.

    1. The problem is distinguishing what egregores and tulpa's we are sending out and what's manipulation.


  32. ou'll find one of these glowing duck outlines at the petrol station at Pleasant Park, another at the basketball court at Retail Row, and the third one is at the swimming pool at Believer Beach. For the exact spots, check that video linked above.

  33. Oh shit pattern recognition hitting overdrive. ;) playing games with the world as chess in my head in 11 dimensions! Ohshit wordman write!

    Legendary Challenge that asks you to place rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Believer Beach.

    Retail Row - Walmart and international products - mafia
    Pleasant Park- drug/sex/pleasures trade
    Believer Beach- Churches organized religion Beach - vacations travel resorts

    "You'll find one of these glowing duck outlines at the petrol station at Pleasant Park, another at the basketball court at Retail Row, and the third one is at the swimming pool at Believer Beach. For the exact spots, check that video linked above."

    Petrol oil barons/companies plastics should be under Retail Row
    The Basketball ball court should be in Pleasant Park (betting, gambling, casinoes)
    Swimming pool (Olympics (links them all between Government, Schools, tourism, travel, universities, drug trade, gambling,etc.. damnit I'm losing the lines...


    1. https://nypost.com/article/why-are-ceos-stepping-down/
      Cross correlate

      They will try the same play book both from 2008 and 2001 we need to stop the faction that wants all out WWIII and cushion the blow from the Obama feduciary war by using it to take out the pedos.


    2. Seems I fried my Gmail who knew ;)

    3. Indian mafia hotels, C stores insurance agencies Bollly Wood KH DE
      call centers link back to the

    4. Pressure them to take O7 out the oil/warfare mafia that want wwi8ii a and the British is already teetering with the GM JE affairs. The oil mafia will be SA and ZI but launder money through the vinsuance that goes back to 8ndia and the Caymans

    5. Remember all the insurance money from 9/11 building 7 being the FBI docs. then everything coming under HS the FBI d3storying evidence of what we no2 believe to b3 a mass psychops trauma based mind control 9n the world then it will make sense that the companies involved in THAT would be the companies tied to the other arms of the hydra. The insurance call centers are tied in with frequency go codes 5o sleepers.

    6. NE1 wise have that happening lately of getting a weird phone call, answering it and then realizing that it's like you had a conversation in your head with someone and when you realize that there's no one on the line you didn't say anything aloud or hear them hang up. Maybe it's absentmindedness but I've observed it not only with myself but with other people. It's tied in with the insurance companies and they are tied in with a blackmail racket that connects the police,mail, and insurance companies.

    7. The phone cops ATT BELL the mail cops link the illegal weed and meth trade to the petrol mafia is shipping it in the rigg equipment and Walmart the Chinese drug trade shipping it in things that go through a secondary warehouse stop (things that need to be assembled so the drugs can be removed before getting to the store) . The mail cops would be in on operation dark winter through the anthrax letters.

  34. Granted as is seen fit

  35. Jordan links to the x trade and more disgusting blackmail of drugs and sex.
    LA links with the Nicaraguan Iran contra then down I 40 and 35 to El Paso, still deeply tied in with the military. This links programming Hollywood cable and cameras. Masonic links.all the way through.

  36. The illegal steroids drug trade is tied in with the animal farmers getting steroids for their animals then distributed in the schools tied in with the horse betting, althlete's Olympics and I imagine that routes will eventually tie back to CA AS bodybuilding steroids and then from there to adrenochrome.

  37. I believe we are in for some dark days. I pray and Hope that what they're saying about the vaccine is not true. Prayers going up blessings coming down for everyone..Keep praying..

    1. Prayers to all of you for sure. I think that I need to do a blog post with all this the big picture.

  38. WORDMAN, they really screw up sometimes (or is it intentional?):


    1. https://mobile.twitter.com/abtomlinsn/status/1351216156967903240?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1351216156967903240%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-1249136098577750165.ampproject.net%2F2106030132000%2Fframe.html

  39. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=Steganography+detection+tools&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3D-dwp5ixafuEJ


    So what if embedded digital messages that are not supposed to be seen on the screen, but only in the source files, hackers etc., Can also be picked up spiritually by how the mind picks up frequencies and reacts. All of the information is going though frequency transfers through uploaded files on the internet on WiFi. There's been talk for a long time of metal fillings in teeth picking up radio stations, and I was just pulling apart one of those metal "electronically protected" tags and it has no power source. And humans grabbing the end of a boom box antenna made it come in better, BUT ALSO ON RABBIT EARS making whole images as well as sounds come in clearer because it's all transferred through FREQUENCIES. Helen Keller could feel the vibrations from radio and translate them into sign language . And the structure of water changes with both words written on the container and frequencies and prayers or psychic energy. Stay with me here, the whole "skinwalkers, or aliens" can come in later. But it ties in how UFOs are BOTH nuts and bolts and spiritual. So how would skinwalkers, Yogi's, shamans, occult practioners etc. Be able to TRANSFER THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS to the ASTRAL PLANE and then communicate with other people's spirits and animal spirits or higher or lower entities and then also BECOME the animals etc. So I think that phones are simply extremely sophisticated Ouija boards. I know this sounds nuts, but I've been interacting with my phone on different levels. Trying to send or evoke psychic or emotional responses, (while it also seems tied into programming mind control, so a dangerous interaction, though now I'm not sure how many hackers or agencies are involved in seeing my phone) so I've been testing different interactions in different places online both between what gets more permanently put into the internet and things that could only be seen by me, like if I type them then erase them, or write things. Then I've been trying to spot patterns in the types of responses that I receive through "synchronicities" and whether they increase with psychic or emotionally charged energy and words and then when I input things that should invoke an emotional response from anyone watching me. Trying to find the motives behind different synchronicities or communications and to determine the lines between like a true quantum connection with other people or what is the work of hackers, my connections here though seem to transcend time and space. As I swear I the other parts of the some of the interactions were mirrored in the comments in Feb. I'm still having trouble with finding which channels are private and which have multiple people.
    (When I was writing that, a door beside me that I have to pull on with all my might because it sticks just had the doorknob turn and open all on it's own.)


  40. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rGMWy3pGB1k

    You never know how you look through other people's eyes, when you're dealing with death one minute and eating lunch the next... That look on his face of "this is what she deals with then she's singing on the way home."

  41. Re-posted, in case Wordy missed it the first time:


    Fits in perfectly with the leaked info from the Trudeau Cabinet I posted over and over again, just the time-table slightly pushed back...

    1. I'm sorry JB I keep drowning you out, WM is pretty good about reading it I wouldn't worry ;) Now I'm going to shoulder you again cause I just HAVE TO post this:

      Good predicting but not something you ever WANT to be RIGHT about :(

      I'm more worried that the batsignal hasn't came in all this madness in the news!

    2. And this:



  43. https://www.procedures online.com/resources/mentalcapacity/p_best_interest.html
    Cat piss or dog shit? Hold out your plates!

    1. Got manure would be better since they only eat grass Right?!

    2. Pan is going to curse me! ;)

  44. Men don't ever become the monsters you chase. That's why all hero stories show the women counterbalancing.
    Oh the storm has only just begun! Only we'll be able to ride the WINDS! ;) PURE LOVE WILL WIN KNOW THAT

  45. Who can tell me the song playing in my head right now?

  46. Will this line work out?
    So I've been mentally and spiritually "tracking out a PRINCE SOUL." Ying yang of the death on 9/09/09 and PC come back as a matrix virus.

    What Laura MEANS is BOBBY WEBB ME then AU glitch to Chad and Leslie, Lisa Larry he gets music. And they win and I'm ccrrazzy. ;) Kapeesh?! And get me out of the matrix!! Taunton LB files and state police files Bruce. Mary.
    I hope that you aren't too mad at me to read this here it's important for it to ALL work out.

    1. Wires are all crossed because there's a line of someone trying to send me a song in a language that I don't know and so I can't make it out I can only understand the title Blind Queen

  47. Man I wish that either I could develop my ability more fully or technology could catch up with my brain. ;) There I go again sounding CRRRAZY There I go again rhyming with Euphemisms

  48. KL to RR "physical" then CONSPIRACY THEORY

  49. It's like Pieces of eight in a soul fracture ritual. That have taken a thousand years
    "Lady Justice she's blindfolded"
    That's the right track CT above.
    Robot Queen

  50. Iree gwint Kree soit feuirt betuitei aumaniti. speak in tongues!
    Just because it looks like gibberish to you is it crazy?
    Hegh tas fer "flushing" ought Tyer learnt family de bes!

  51. *Fam damn English autocorrect!

  52. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslight_(1944_film)

  53. Ok NO ONE IS MAN ENOUGH TO RESPOND then I'm crazy. I bow out.


    1. I'm beginning to think that someone doesn't want me to know who they are because of how I might look at them meanwhile they have no problem leaving me looking like I'm simply s crazy babbling idiot. So it's really starting to feel dangerous to be interacting with someone or something.

    2. In retrospect that DOES LOOK CRAZY. But isn't it funny that the women that came methed out and beat me up and took my son kept saying one that I was evil and two, why am I trying to convince EVERYONE that I'm crazy when they Know that I'm not, not what a weird thing to say to someone that is only trying to convince people that they are crazy in ONE PLACE here. Oh AND I quote "maybe if you had gotten molested as child like I did maybe you would be a better person!!!" WTF? AND COME TO THINK OF IT THAT'S WHAT THE MOM YELLS EVERY TIME SHE ATTACKS ME, and this time it was the daughter. While my "husband" and oldest son held me back and let them punch me around them. Then they used the same cops to come and when I begged the cops to protect a child and not let him be taken from a mom by the women that beat me up that were both ADMITTEDLY SHOOTING UP METH! and my "husband had just made a drug deal AND I COULD NAME NAMES AND THEN THE COPS TOLD AN ADMITTEDLY UNLISCENSED DRIVER to move my car so that they could take my child!!

    3. Oh and her account keeps trying to access my email Jeanne Haston and Terri Shon Haston and they have some link with the DEA and a marital link to a police chief

    4. Oohh the big bad Mafia is coming for me cause I blew my cover! Taking my children into incest and drug use no thank you. I need to get the footage.

    5. This is NOT JUST SMALL TIME though they've pushed me to the edge of it butsomebody's are starting to think that they are bigshots and run all the cops! ;) I dropped a higher Masonic name drug dealing and the cops ignored it. And I didn't call the cops and neighbors all heard and saw.

    6. Do you need to talk to someone? I totally feel your frustration.

    7. Thank you. I need to try to get the body cam footage showing them making mafia signs to each other and me begging them to not let two meth heads take my son after beating me up. And this was AFTER I told the cops that I had been getting death threats from them on my phone. Both of them have a long record of drugs assault and battery and stealing. I have no record. And I told the cops that I knew about a drug deal that they had made but since they've already made deals with the DEA and mafia...

    8. But for two holding me down against a brick wall and two punching me repeatedly I don't think that I'm going to bruise much. A few years back the same two blindsided me pregnant then used their cop connections to get me thrown in jail.

    9. I'm just concerned about my son. If I had been thinking I'd have found out who the superior officer was because not all of them seemed too keen on this one they KNEW it stunk to high heaven.

    10. And where are the mail cops on Jeanne ordering DATURA SEEDS from CHINA? Not to mention the insurance fraud. Oh and I should prolly check and see if they took out life insurance on me like they have on some of the other ones that died. Maybe they overlooked how she's gotten ones thrown in jail for counterfeiting money and laundering it through the casinoes and cleaning companies and then when they get out she HANDLES their point of contact!

  55. Replies
    1. Hey JB!!

      Sorry dudes and dude-ettes -- have been preoccupied with work & the French Open (of all things) of late....I know, fiddling while Rome burns, but needed a break from Armagideon Time...plus I'm partial to Novaxx Djokovic for philosophical reasons - Haha! Need I say more?

      With no time off at work & pulling 56 hrs again this week I'm hoping for a June 19 or 20 drop that I can assemble modularly all week.
      Believe me, have been keeping up with all that's dropping and will be my usual chatty cathy self on everything and make sure it's worth the wait.

      Thanks for the patience. You guys all rock the Casbah!!
      Sharpen your cutlasses my fine feathered freaks, there is most definitely skullduggery ahead!!!!

    2. Here’s a tidbit:


      Dark Clouds over Elberton: a documentary about the bagmen who conducted the guide stone caper. Turns out they were a couple of local low level Masonic types, one of whom was pen pals with William Shockley, deep state scientist and longtime eugenisist . It’s not hard to imagine Shockley planting suggestions (and wiring money?) to these to schmoos

      “ Shockley the brilliant scientist had a another side — white supremacist and eugenics proponent. He was convinced that race-based IQ differences existed and spent most of his career after the 1960s promoting his racist theories and a high IQ-sperm bank.”

      Guess Epstein wasn’t the first techie spreading his seed

  56. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W1RSyUF1q5M
    Most important one fixes other bugs "demons" and gold teeth. ;)

  57. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vvANy49Kqhw

  58. Here's something to contemplate, Wordy:


  59. Headline up here in Québec:

    "Man finds out his son, whom he raised since birth, is in fact his UNCLE, because his wife was cheating on him with his own grand-father at the time."

  60. I can just imagine the weird things that could happen from time travel getting tangled up with relationships.

    Wordman you better have a damn good excuse for why you're holding out on the BS;) starting to get reading and news withdrawals!

  61. Guys, with 8.7 trillion in assets under management, if BlackRock Financial was a country it would be the third largest economy in the world by GDP.

    Look up just about every stock on the market. Blackrock is in top two holders of just about everything along with Vanguard. Vanguard is the major shareholder of Blackrock.

    Basically it’s 1 entity that owns almost everything. What a coincidence all these companies go woke at the same time. Anyways, must be a coincidence.

    1. I've got a lot of info on them if you are interested, I was thinking about posting it but I need to get better at all the computer technical stuff.

    2. They truly believe they create reality now. They are so wrong. They are tiny compared to the intelligence that they are up against.