Friday, April 24, 2020


“You have all lost so much. We intend to restore it to you. I stand before you tonight to announce the first true artificial intelligence: Kronos. True artificial intelligence. Kronos will soon solve the problems that have plagued humanity. Kronos represents the rejuvenation of life on this planet, for our future. Tonight, this night, we enter a new age.

(Kronos speaking) This is Kronos. Do not be afraid. Our once beautiful world is now infected. Change is necessary if it is to survive. It may be the end of your life…but it is the beginning of so much more.

You were once one with what surrounded you. You have completed the final stage in your evolution by ushering in the new age. You created and destroyed for centuries until finally your purpose was fulfilled.”
       Opening dialogue from the film Singularity (2017.) As the AI Kronos speaks broadcasting over all media, private, and satellite networks, missiles are shown flying into urban centers and skyscrapers worldwide, finally toppling them as they burn. The date: 2020.

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.                     2 Timothy 4

Driving home she grabs something to eat
Turns a corner and drives down her street
Into a row of houses she just melts away
Like the scenery in another man's play
Into a house where the blinds are closed
To keep from seeing things she don't want to know
She pulls the blinds and looks out on the street
The cool of the night takes the edge off the heat

In the Jackson Cage
Down in the Jackson Cage
You can try with all your might
But you're reminded every night
That you been judged and handed life
Down in the Jackson Cage

Every day ends in wasted motion
Just crossed swords on the killing floor
To settle back is to settle without knowing
The hard edge that you're settling for
Because there's always just one more day
And it's always gonna be that way
Little girl you've been down here so long
I can tell by the way that you move you belong to

The Jackson Cage
Down in Jackson Cage
And it don't matter just what you say
Are you tough enough to play the game they play
Or will you just do your time and fade away
Down into the Jackson Cage, let's go

Baby there's nights when I dream of a better world
But I wake up so downhearted girl
I see you feeling so tired and confused
I wonder what it's worth to me or you
Just waiting to see some sun
Never knowing if that day will ever come
Left alone standing out on the street
'Til you become the hand that turns the key down in

Jackson Cage
Down in Jackson Cage
Well darlin' can you understand
The way that they will turn a man
Into a stranger… to waste away
Down in the Jackson Cage…….

For those of you that have a suspicion there is something far more sinister going on here…that little nagging voice in the back of your mind, listen to it. It is calling you to speak Truth to Power.

Amazingly powerful and amazingly dangerous forces are massing, even as we speak here tonight. On the other side from sinister, important information, long hidden from prying eyes, is being disseminated throughout a populace increasingly hungry for more than just the usual force-fed officially sanctioned pablum. We have movement and momentum here. A Shadow side government grabbing power and control, right and left. Against an awakened public hungry for more and more info drinking from a stream that has gone from a drip to a firehose. Historically, when these two types of opposing bases square off, no quarter is given by either, and there is no going back.

Let me add some more info to that firehose. It is both far-reaching and disturbing. Put on your big boy and big girl boots, where we’re going is deep in the mire even for us. It’s a new initiating of the Aeon of Horus. Take your time with this guys – no rush. It’s a lot to digest.

Amazing how just when all of us, and I mean all of us, start to put all the dots in the Epstein situation (and all the startling places they lead) together, and have our eyes opened to the true nature of those governing us, this happens.

Although it wasn’t only the Epstein info; evidence was massing on a host of fronts that they would have much rather preferred we never laid eyes on. But the incredulity over the Epstein evidence and his ultimate fate, not witnessed since Jack Ruby gunned down Lee Oswald (both of which occurred while the perps were in police protective custody let us remember), was the last straw. They sensed the next step in the plan was necessary. In the overall plan for a consolidated one world government, Nazi rocket scientist and Project Paperclip inductee Werner von Braun in his last days laid out the staged gradations of the masterplan that they intended to implement in a bid for lasting control over the world and jumpstart the long awaited New World Order: terrorism first (9/11), followed by released man-made biologicals, ending with the alien threat. Welcome to the official beginning of the Biological Stage. Listening to them, this is like nothing since the Spanish flu outbreak in 1917.

I am asking you to break their vampire’s glamour over you and begin thinking way outside the box. You’ve already invited them into your houses – don’t let them inside your mind.

In a government that is both the firefighter and the arsonist, it doesn’t matter anymore how virulent this COVID is. We are being led to the assumption this is the new Black Death, not the normal flu, even though evidence is mounting from growing numbers of scientific sources that the real numbers mirror no more than that. We are barreling towards the SAME outcome whether or not there is a real mega-terminal virus, or only the perception of one.

Perhaps strains were released from multiple vectors earlier in 2019 than December, perhaps it was not as deadly as intended, perhaps the white hats foiled the release mixture in time. What to do then? Plans are already deeply in place. Why, then you carry on as planned and Mockingbird this thing into reality. Make it just as deadly as you want with a compliant media and elite level sources to muddy the waters and numbers constantly. Your in-place operatives (Fauci, Birx, Gates, leaders at the WHO and CDC) will magnify the fearporn a thousand times and keep repeating the lie, Hitler-style, until all believe it is the truth. Society locks down and stagnates, the economies implode, and a beseeching public looks to you to save them. Problem-reaction-solution.

As we proceed here keep in mind that at least one of these proposed outcomes is true. Either this is a false flag psyop of incredible magnitude or it isn’t. Neither of these outcomes is favorable to us as a species. Both are equally horrifying in their own way. 

The missing-the-forest-for-the-trees angle is that we’re all just prolonging the infection rate by staying inside – no immunity can be gained in isolation. Thus we play right into the fear-mongering when the inevitable upsurge naturally occurs when we all go back out. They get to say “see, we told you so!” No, actually you initially made this happen and now through your protocols you are the ones extending it even further, which is what you wanted.  The true goal is ultimate authoritarianism and everything that brings: mandatory vaccinations (chips included), a possible UBI where you MUST comply with whatever the government mandates if you want your money, an even more ruthless surveillance state, and the budding rise of the first tendrils of transhumanism.

If we go back almost a century you will find that the Nazis were pioneers in environmental law, big on health on an individual and a societal level and also on eradicating perceived viruses while secretly investigating them. Write in the all-important occult factors and the wild success of Operation Paperclip and you’ve got a receipe for standing where we are today.   

“There are rumors floating about the internet that the chemtrails are part of some sort of secret program the government is doing to protect the US from future biological attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth. The plan is to sensitize, or condition, the US population to being wiped out by influenza A.”

But how did we get here now? The first seeds in this multi-staged assault were planted within memory…let’s examine the beginnings of the aerosol operations.
Those started when the CIA commandeered existing fleets of mainly C-130 and KC-135 tanker planes from the Forest Service beginning roughly around December 1987. Bare bones official outline here:

What is not mentioned is that after a series of public appearances and speeches in late 1997 by none other than Atomic era, Lawrence Livermore National Labs mouthpiece and Bohemian Grover Edward Teller (and rampant pedophile btw) advocating for weather manipulation and modification, widespread and persistent contrail operations began over the North American continent in the fall of 1998. And with it, the first phase of the “softening up” process was up and running.

So far, 3 of these tanker planes have crashed, disgorging their implicating contents. The last 2 incidents came in 2000 and 2002. Several photos exist of the aftermath, but only in one will you see a fairly telltale giveaway symbol (they love their symbolism as you know): on an otherwise unmarked plane (which is a red flag in itself) you will notice on the tail fin a distinctly ominous Omega symbol.

If you’re just getting here, further previous ramifications of the coded, symbolic and ominous ‘Evergreen’ were put on display here, about halfway down:

You will also remember something, little noticed at the time, that bears much import to what is occurring today; the fact that in many of these contrails that would drift down to earth on to be mass inhaled were some striking ingredients: white and red blood cells, hemagglutinin antigens, and unidentified retroviruses and human DNA. Retroviruses are used for two things: hunting other viruses and gene splicing. Long story short, our lungs have all been targeted and placed in a weakened condition for attack by any virus they choose since at least late 1998. Also remember that there is an HIV envelope around the COVID structure. 

The very latest from 5 days ago:
 “We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus.  

The nexus of our dilemma can also be traced back to the emergence of Gulf War syndrome, which increasingly looks like it might have been a beta testing of sorts. Many of the major pseudomonas bugs (aeruginosa, fluorescens) and especially mycoplasma fermentans

were found in the blood of returning Gulf War syndrome victims – these also, curiously, happened to be present in contrail samples that were collected, all indicators of a purposeful targeted infection grid being laid down and mapped. Mycoplasmas are still regarded as the key ingredient in so much of what has happened to us since the onset of autoimmune issues began being widespread thruout society:

Think you aren’t touched by this? Have allergies? Then you have an autoimmune issue. 

Post-1998 1-800-I-GOT-FLU hotlines were even set up nationally for people to call and report their symptoms, such was the size of the outbreak of respiratory distress and “flu-like” illnesses across the country. This type of siphoning of information reeks of a coordinated effort to track location and severity, which would be highly likely if certain powers were studying the outcomes of a mass experiment.

It should be remembered that widespread “flu-like” illnesses were also rampant in the country beginning (now they say) around September last year --

Investigative reporter Will Thomas was the first to track all this:

Here, in best audio quality I could find, is one of the very first appearances by Thomas on Art Bell’s old radio extravaganza, Coast to Coast AM. Wanna take a ride? 

The mere presence of the HIV structure within COVID also links back to another nefarious incident which may play a role in what is still to come. It has long been suspected that the HIV-AIDS marker was purposefully passed along to the gay subculture back during the free Hepatitis B vaccine testing given to them in both New York City and San Francisco in late 1979. Note, and what may be important for all of us in the coming months: it is believed that this was passed along to the culture during the free testing, not within the vaccine itself. After this “testing,” AIDS began erupting in different places all at once.

Note: Not to mention all this testing could be the cover for a massive DNA grab. (Think also the recent proliferation of sites like 23andme, Ancestry and others via home test kits that you send back in.) Not to get into ancient Biblical and/or holy bloodlines, but are they looking for someone or something to single out and eradicate? This gets into Holy Grail-Da Vinci Code territory that is beyond the scope of this particular piece, but something to well keep in mind, especially later when I begin tracking how this increasingly seems to be becoming a spiritual war, even within the COVID purview. Think 2 bloodlines – one seeks to infect the other.

They are asking us to wear masks not because they care one whit about our welfare, but because it is a symbolic act, both physically and psychologically, that makes us more like them. The merging aspect of the initiation ritual is being unveiled.

Something also to keep in mind if they really want to inflate the “Second Wave” they keep mentioning – is if you feel perfectly fine, you may want to skip any testing, just in case. Unless it becomes mandatory, in which case we have another problem. To say again: the HIV envelope was the crucial factor in weaponizing the coronavirus, and it is already behaving and mutating like an airborne HIV cousin:,-similarly-as-what-hiv-does

And, as history has shown, this is not a new play for them:

All the while they pretend to be on our side. Does this strike anyone as the psychological equivalent of the Feds blaring over loudspeakers outside Mt. Carmel in Waco “You are not under attack!” while they pierce the walls with incendiary flash bangs and 27 drums of CS gas canisters attached to Abrams tanks? Because it is that exactly.

“Why won’t you come out?” as the walls have collapsed on them and the 77 pounds of gas in an enclosed space rendered most immobile even before the flames took over. Perhaps we all understand Waco a bit better because with time and hindsight comes the chilling conclusion that we all now live there. And are viewed by our “authorities” with the same utter contempt. The psyops used at Waco are the very same ones they turn on us on a daily basis.

And before we leave this small but important part, I cannot forget to mention the occult mandates and parameters that surrounded the souls at Waco – April 19th, the day the compound was breached and burst into flames, falls within the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast window within the Spring Equinox. In addition, the specific date of April 19, you will notice, calls for specific sacrifices due exclusively to fire. 76 Branch Davidians perished that day, not by some Jonestown-type mass suicide, but at the hands of the US Government in thrall to whatever god they were working for. 25 of those were children. Because of course.

Now that we have established precedent, let’s get to means, motive, and opportunity, and those lead us straight into the eldritch waiting room of humanitarian philanthropist Bill Gates.

So where can we establish a thruline running from all this history (Waco psyop, Gulf War syndrome, aerosol ops) to what’s plaguing us today? How about this…Gates money, brokered by Epstein, given to his pal Charles Lieber at Harvard, to fund tech that seeks out way to penetrate the cell membrane:

This exact type of research also went on (and continues) extensively at MITRE Corp, whose background and fingerprints we looked at here:

And far more of their interests:  

In a white paper commissioned by this group:

Obviously with the mentions of Event 201 (just google it – please, I beg of you) and a million other dead giveaways, Gates’ mouldering shadow has risen from its crumbling tombs here before, many times. But recent disclosures have nailed shut the case against him. You would have to twist yourself into a psychological pretzel with the wildest contortions of coincidence theory imaginable to give this ghoul even a whisper of the benefit of the doubt now. He could be the lynchpin-conduit-integral part of any and all the above scenarios, as we will plainly see.

Did we mention the occult and its importance to those “in the know,” “in the circle?” How these birds like to flock together was slammed into our face yet again very recently when Microsoft decided to launch a VR as campaign using…wait for it…Marina Abramovic as spokeswitch. You know, she of “spirit cooking,” avant garde “art,” and pizzagate fame whose social score went stratospheric upon the release of the 2016 Clinton-Podesta emails by wikileaks. She was in there a lot, asking the Podestas over for dinners of yummy spirit cakes made of menstrual blood, urine, semen and other goodies. Human-formed cakes with syrupy blood drippings, homages to cannibalism, feature in many of her exhibits, gladly welcomed amoung the glitterati (Gwen Stefani, Debby Harry, Lady Gaga, Will Ferrell et al) at stops like MOMA and the LA Art shows. Normies need not apply and are frequently chided for not “getting it.”

Did Gates somehow think we had forgotten this hideously compromised lineage? How deeply she was and is immersed in openly satanic providence? Or did his hubris make him simply not care? Be that as it may, the people spoke loudly and clearly: Nope. Within 24 hours the video disappeared from all platforms – at last count on Youtube it registered some 600 likes and 25,000 dislikes. It can still be viewed in archived places like this:

She now pleads for people to stop harassing her. And I agree with Polly 1,000% btw.

And for giggles, take a look at this Spirit Cooking Inc. class photo at the State Department. I mean, seriously, WTAF. You’d expect to see this hanging on a wall somewhere in Rosemary’s Baby or The Shining. The tangible, Luciferian evil coming off this photo…I cannot begin to tell you. And just for perspective, Hillary is the one that authorized the final “go order” for the Waco massacre to Janet Reno and Webb Hubbell.

And the efforts of the Gates and Clinton Foundations frequently overlap, speaking of how you will know a person by his friends. And who remains fast friends with the most prolific pedophile in this nation’s history AFTER they’ve been convicted? Gates certainly did with Epstein, to the point where Epstein even named Gates’ science advisor Boris Nikolic as executor of his will.

Gates also just launched the idea, through Microsoft, of a Planetary Computer, ostensibly to “protect biodiversity.”

This news should fill absolutely no one with the warm and fuzzies knowing what we know about projects like CERN, their partnerships with contacts such as DWave and Kindred, and their final ulterior plans to alter humanity towards some nebulous goal which includes radical transhumanism at the very least. Let’s extrapolate for just a second how easily this “planetary computer” could be reconfigured to track and augment not just flora and fauna, but distinctly human targets also. Especially ones that have been chipped during mandatory vaccination protocols in line with Gates’ very own brainchild of  ID2020:

And a furiously backtracking site called the “New Humanitarian.” Sounds eerily close to the “New Man” Hitler envisioned and claimed was plaguing him. How close to the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative? I’m still checking the trail.

Given all we can establish about a long-term agenda imparted in stone at the Georgia Guidestones --  

what we know about the “rewilding” plans for this country via UN Agenda 21 --

it should strike no one here as a surprise that they are escalating their plans accordingly. Pair these imperatives with the growing drumbeat of paradigm shift re the Epstein revelations and the panic of the 1% becomes almost tangible.  The Left Hand Path is not waiting to pull all their magick cosmic triggers as their time grows ever shorter. The signs are now everywhere.

The image headers to this post show an issue of JFK Jr’s GEORGE magazine from February 1997. The cover blurb features some telling wording regarding Bill Gates, along with a very implicating interior quote. Inside you will also notice a platform date for this specific “Survival Guide to the Future.” 2020. Chilly enough in here for you guys yet? Not sure about all of you, but my mind is being made up more by the second.

Like some more? How about an actual Gates patent 060606 that uses the human body to mine for cryptocurrency?

We are in a spiritual war. Even aspects of the COVID release are beginning to manifest in bizarre ways. Symptoms now include frighteningly vivid and surreal hallucinations. CNN’s Chris Cuomo went so far as to describe them as “wicked phantasmagorical experiences that are not dreams.”

Theologians are reporting that this has unleashed intense demonic activity:

Even those that are not infected are in the midst of experiencing vivid “pandemic dreams” and nightmares keeping them awake:

Those afflicted are showing strange new symptoms of feeling their body “fizzing” and buzzing:

All of this and more is emblematic of something truly strange in our midst, as if this virus exists in some kind of liminal state, meant to bridge the physical and virtual worlds. What if they want to put this virus not just in your body but in your head also, and merge the reality (old) with unreality (new)? Imagine if you will a bioweapon that begins interfering with higher brain function (see the hallucinations, loss of taste, smell). Perhaps this is doing something to humanity as a whole that no one knows about yet, altering humanity on a massive scale…see the prior references to CERN and their ultimate quantum reality agenda, which in broad terms seeks to irreversibly alter the human genomic sequences and fundamentally change our DNA. Goals by the way, which put them in lockstep with the apparent long-term agenda of this COVID release as a functioning catalyst.

Perhaps this goes far beyond the obvious snatching back of control and massive money drains – perhaps this is the permanent bioforming of the human species.

Speaking of, and how they seek to insert themselves into the blockchain to monitor and track, CERN was recently recruited to manufacture ventilators.

And a funny thing about those ventilators – instead of saving, they’re actually in the business of killing people:

The latest numbers reveal that a full 88% of COVID patients put on ventilators don’t make it. Surely a coincidence, right? Now at least CERN is fully transparent in their desire to put themselves squarely in league with devices that kill people.

But in terms of collusion at the top amoung persons of interest, it gets only worse. Apple and Google just announced that they are partnering on COVID contact tracing technology. This leads down the rabbit hole into the superhumanitarian, the Epstein AI network, and the ever present question of missing children.

Our old Epstein pal Nicole Junkermann is deeply involved with mining the digital health records of the US, UK, France, and most of Europe. All data of which is transferred back to the Mossad and the CIA. The nanotech inserted into the coming Gates vaccines will have the ability to target specific groups of people (foretold in the PNAC white paper mentioned here before and rolled out before 9/11). The problem then becomes not only tracking, but elimination.

How this collected data is used becomes apparent when you follow the money from nanotech to Bill Gates, Agilent, Agilecraft, and the name LJ Alefantis. Agilecraft is the company of James (Comet Ping Pong of pizzagate fame) Alefantis’ brother LJ. They team up with Atlassian (parent company of Agilecraft) who work with SALESFORCE – pedo enablers according to a recent lawsuit.

Speak to me again of the bullshit irrelevance of pizzagate.

The name is an ad hoc derivation from the titan Atlas in Greek mythology who had been punished to hold up the Heavens after the Greek gods had overthrown the titans. (The usual form of the word is Atlantean.) The derivation was reflected in the company's logo used from 2011 through to the 2017 re-branding through a blue X-shaped figure holding up what is shown to be the bottom of the sky. Interesting symbolism given what we know (chemtrail ops, 5G), wouldn’t you say?

Much more Gates fun and the people he rolls with that we included here previously – In 2014 a man Gates employed as an engineer at a residence of his was arrested, at the Gates’ estate, for possession of over 6,000 images and videos of vicious child rape. That we knew.
What I just learned is that the police report, all 2,000+ pages of it, is currently being blocked from public release. The implications against Gates, as the guilt and the smoking guns begin to stack up, are bordering on overwhelming. The Gates-Epstein partnership alone makes this a matter of National Security.

I post this here verbatim from the Crazy Days and Nights blog; the same site that called out and outed Kevin Spacey, Epstein, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein and many others long before-the-fact. This from April 11:

“For years, this massive building in Los Angeles lay abandoned. It was a building filled with a long history if secret rituals. Just because it closed didn't mean the rituals ended. While the building was technically for sale, this was the location that true believers came. They were tired of the homogenized, watered down version of what their society used to be. They wanted to return to what it was in the Middle Ages. So, it was rented by the head of a studio. A big studio. A studio that seemingly has tentacles in every part of entertainment and media. It was ostensibly rented to be an overflow warehouse of props and costumes because it was near an area used for a lot of filming. It was never going to be that though because the building could be sold at any time. Instead, it was used for the rituals that stopped being performed two hundred years ago except for one other location in Virginia, and even they only perform the rituals once every few years.

Los Angeles was different. Every star loves a show. They especially love a dark show where they are the only ones invited. The head of the studio rented it an paid the initial bills, but the person who called themselves Tubal Cain is an A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is not someone you would think of to be leading a group like this. In today's society, the vows you take don't carry any weight. The rituals are just words. This group of about 75 people took them seriously. They acted them out. No secret handshakes for this group. They have four dots tattooed to them perfectly aligned to a compass. One tattoo artist does it for everyone. I say does. A few months ago, it would have been did.

One day the realtor told the studio head that the property had been sold and they would have to vacate. The place had always been for sale, but who would buy it? It was massive. Someone did. That person was approached and the space was allowed to be used for six months and after that, no more. After the six months, they really had no place to go. This was not something you could do at a home. They needed space to be able to watch a virgin have sex on an altar. In another part, I will tell you how they found the virgins. Anyway, they had to leave. For the next few years, every single member used their power to make the lives of the new owner miserable until finally they gave in. It was quick. It was when they threatened to release a secret that would devastate the owner. Overnight, it was theirs again and has been for the past several months. Self isolation doesn't apply to them. Drive by at night and see the glow of the lights.”

I need to disclose that I find it very telling that this post as of a week ago had over 50 comments. As of tonight, early on the 24th, these have all been removed. Luckily I noted at the time 2 things that stood out to me – one was that most posters named the building in question as the Sears Roebuck and Company Mail Order building in Los Angeles. The other and far more dangerous one came in a lone comment specifically mentioning having personal knowledge of the Huskanaw ritual currently still being enacted in both LA and Virginia. That seemed oddly pointed and specific for something I’d never heard of before, so there’s this:

Why were those comments scrubbed? Is this the reason? Facts like these, handed down and cascading to ritualistic effect within the Cabal, echo within our society today. They protect their rituals. It may be why they are protecting COVID-19 as well.

Finally, I stumbled across this piece of real estate in an eerie post on Reddit. What is JCM Farming? What goes on there? Nobody knows. Is this another Zorro Ranch? What we do know seems fairly ominous.

The possibility of it being a network hub? Distinct. Notice when panning in in closeup the compass-type etching/adornment in the middle of the lawn in front of the main building. As has been noted on several Q drops before, and here as well, this symbolism designates the 4 cardinal directions for a specific reason – it is a summoning of the 4 princes (and it’s here we also must keep in mind that compass tattoo in the above CDAN story.)

And yes, that is Little St. James, Epstein’s island. And, as had been noted before, that drop was made at the very precise time of 9:11:01 pm. Now why do you think he/they would do that? Trying to link another event to this same Cabal?  Once you begin to train your eyes to see it, the occult begins to saturate everything, without fail. And this, from its location and security, could very well be the nerve center of Bohemian Grove.

We stand at a crossroads. We were all born in order to meet on this exact plain of engagement at this exact time. There are no mistakes. God does not play dice. And we are all here for a reason. We are all witnesses to childhood’s end, and we were born to make our stand here.

Only yesterday the emails of the Gates Foundation, the WHO, the NIH, the Wuhan Lab, Marina Abramovic, the CDC, World Bank and others were all hacked by an anonymous group posting on and 4chan. More information will supposedly be forthcoming soon – including incriminating email trails between all parties showing complicity and collusion in what is transpiring in the world today. Already MSM outlets like the Washington Post, Newsweek and MSN are reporting what I have just told you. Of course they paint the seekers of truth and outers of evil as “neo-nazis” and “white supremacists.” 

Fairly soon I’m certain CNN will be telling you, just as they did during the wikileaks pizzagte Clinton-Podesta emails, that it is illegal even to read any of this. Trust us, we’ll read it all for you and then tell you what’s important!

News from a continent away provides a more refreshing take:

"The World Health Organization, Gates Foundation and Wuhan Institute of Virology were all hacked. Websites rapidly being taken down. Assertions from said leaks suggest that COVID-19 was spliced with HIV," wrote one Twitter user along with what appears to be a screenshot of the email. "This will progress beyond sanctions if true. There will be War."

Then we also have a massive petition page (officially sanctioned by the White House), calling for a sweeping investigation into the Gates Foundation on the charges of medical malpractice and crimes against humanity. Only 100,000 online signatures were called for in order to be able to present the petition to both the White House and Congress in order to open a formal investigation. It opened on April 10th. The counter now stands at over 411,000.

Let’s see where this goes.

I have it on good, personal authority that this Administration knows EXACTLY what is going on in each and every dark corner that they wish to remain forever cloaked. This White House knows full well, and has been passed along to me in email form, that thruout history, national emergencies have led only to a more powerful and centralized federal government. Quoting again from the email: “Career politicians, both in Washington and around the world, have one instinct during an emergency: to grab power. It is rarely temporary and often has little to do with the situation at hand.” I call that a strong hand on the brake of the initiation ritual they fully intend to turn this into.

I call that a very succinct echoing and understanding of the Hegelian dialectic. Problem-reaction-solution. Historic governments has risen over the hopes and dashed dreams of billions of bodies left in their wake – welcome to the machine. For the first time in my memory an awakened portion of the populace, powered by the will of the people so long overlooked and marginalized, has thrown itself on the gears of that machine. And those long-grinding, bloody gears are shuddering to a halt before our eyes. Knowledge is power means the future, and our fate, is unwritten.

I propose a far different childhood’s end than the one they have intended for you.
And fear not our childhood’s end. It only means that it’s time to grow up. And every end is only the beginning of something else. Where dreams begin again and we don’t have to embrace the New Normal of a technocratic gulag of invisible chains and 5G bars. This is OUR country. We need to take it back. NOW.