Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dominion of the Chrysalis

   “Outside lilac twilight/ smouldering skies, are full of signs”         Purson, The Contract
       “Mavericks and mystics are my comrades on the ward/ Here we unite to fight the common cause/ Here we unite/ It’s us against you all,”                      Purson, from The Circle and the Blue Door

       “I’m killing as many as I can!”            Hitler in frantic supplication to the New Man, an entity only he could see

Tonight we go where the spirit moves us, in a headlong flight coast-to-coast from California to Maine and back again, on the trail of the occultic assassins.  And although we could begin with the ministrations of John Dee and Edward Kelly, or Hitler’s pursuit of communion with the Secret Chiefs, we start in the even more modern-day setting of the California desert outside Pasadena, in the months leading up to 1947, where the lingering combustibles of sex and rockets were always in the air, and revolutions and revelations wandered side-by-side as kindred spirits.

Marvel Whiteside Parsons, better known as Jack, founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, fittingly enough, on Halloween night, 1936.  As the man responsible for getting us to the moon thanks to his invention/perfection of rocket fuel, his scientific pedigree and history are secure.  Less well known but just as secure are his intimate linkages with Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, their magical incantations, and the ushering in of the Age of the Antichrist as the Age of Aquarius was dawning.  A devout disciple of Crowley and head of the O.T.O., Crowley’s occult lodge, Parsons would recite Crowley’s Hymn To Pan before every rocket launch, and join forces with Hubbard, later founder of Scientology and Dianetics, from January through March, 1946 to initiate Crowley’s Babalon Working, a ritual performed in the desert to open certain doorways and allow certain things to be made manifest in this reality.  Some claim it was for certain elementals to gain access to this dimension; others claim it was to allow the birth of a Moonchild, the so-called Antichrist to be made manifest once Parsons had found his perfect female vessel.  Still others say the Working was to bring into being an entirely new creation, a homunculus, to do the arcane dirty work that was upcoming in this self-envisioned New Order of the Ages.

Whether they were successful can always be debated.  What cannot be debated however, is that by the end of that witchy year of 1947, Crowley was dead, the National Security apparatus (read CIA) was up and running, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered which brought an end to a lot of mainstream tenets of Christianity, and most of all, something came down in Roswell, and all around the country, the saucers were flying.  Almost 40 years later, the now-ubiquitous greys would take their place on the stage and begin to make themselves known en masse to select chosen ones like Whitley Strieber, who disclosed later that he himself had been abused as a child at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio in the 1950s, in the long shadow of Project Paperclip.  (This brings up an entire spaghetti junction of connections between Ritual Child Abuse, Satanism, just what doorways this opens up, where they lead, and the headlines today regarding human (child) trafficking being the 2nd largest moneymaker in the world.)   It seems in the interim and just in time to catapult the zeitgeist, the homunculus had at last come home to roost.

Space travel, imported Nazis making connections with dark forces, alien worlds, occultism, black ritual magic, the rise of the National Security State, all come together in the desert in 1947, with Jack Parsons as an occultist of the darkest sort leading the way of forces massing at the borders of our world, our solar system, our consciousness itself.  Is something reaching into their minds?  A kind of mind control where this indefinable something needs us to open the gate from our side to let them in?  This is inherent in the beliefs and works of H.P. Lovecraft.  People manipulated.  Minds controlled.  Motivated to open a gateway.  We see this pattern repeated again and again throughout human history.  John Dee and Edward Kelly in their Enochian communications with “angels.” 
Hitler’s Thule Society and their wanting to reach an agreement with the Secret Chiefs.  Parsons and his Babalon Working.  Crowley’s speaking with entities he called Aiwass and Lam. 
This continues apace in the present day, unless you think what’s going on at CERN is any different. 
Perhaps this is best illustrated, with all its far-reaching eerie implications, in a frosty Maine barn one New Year’s Eve.  Gather ‘round the campfire and listen to the story of the séance that changed everything.  Listen to the story of the Nine.

New Year’s Eve, 1952.  Some of the wealthiest and most well-connected in the nation gather in the wilds of Glen Cove, Maine in a barn; a freezing convergence when they should have been guzzling champagne in the cozy confines of the Waldorf.  These are the DuPonts, the Astors, the Forbes families.  They come together because in their circles these are the ones that have realized they share common ground, mutual admirations.  They are Arthur Young and his wife Ruth, Carl Betz, Von Beck, Marcella DuPont, Henry and Georgina Jackson, Alice Bouverie, and Andrija Puharich.  They have come together to initiate contact with another Nine, the Nine major Egyptian gods:  Tefnut, Shu, Nuit, Geb, Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, Horus, and Set, who in turn join together to become Atum, the overall creator God.  These nine Egyptian gods say they are in a spaceship orbiting the Earth, and wish to guide humanity for the good of all.  This is about the time author John Keel would say ‘Uh oh.’  Let the record reflect that all of these nine people gathered on this night, and especially Arthur Young and Andrija Puharich, have an especially intense, abiding interest in the militarization of the paranormal.  Arthur Young was both the creator of the Bell helicopter which made untold millions for Bell Aerospace with the advent of the Vietnam war, and also the financial patron of not just the Nine but the entire burgeoning New Age movement; one of those unsung ones which shaped the 20th-into-21st century.  Puharich was a pioneer of everything from psychedelics to remote viewing and introduced one Uri Geller into the mainstream.

Where this leads is Michael Paine, Ruth Forbes Paine Young’s son from a prior marriage, also married a woman named Ruth.  THIS Ruth Paine was separated from her husband and living in a Dallas, Texas suburb, when on Feb. 22, 1963, at a party being thrown by white Russian fascist sympathizer George DeMohrenschildt, she was introduced to, and became fast friends with, a girl named Marina and her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald.  This Ruth Paine is the lady who would provide Oswald with employment at the Texas School Book Depository, would mysteriously provide the incriminating (and staged) backyard rifle-posing photos that would convict Oswald in the court of public opinion via the cover of Life magazine,
and also point law enforcement to the exact hiding place in Oswald’s apartment of the infamous Mannlicher Carcano.  Probing investigations over the years have peeled back the layers of this onion enough to reveal that DeMohrenschildt was Oswald’s main “handler” at the time, and that he handed off Oswald to the Paines at the time as they were the next in line to process him in his transformation into “the patsy” he always said he was, per the plan all along.

So a New Year’s Eve séance in a frozen Maine barn over ten years before including the world’s wealthiest families would give birth to a plot to murder a sitting President and assume control of a country from within, seemingly for goals both military and esoteric in scope, which will take us back to California again, at a time just 5 years after the JFK assassination, as the Lords of Chaos Magick produce the next part of our numbing carnival ride.

In the Santa Cruz, San Francisco area over the span of roughly 1968-1972, a remarkable geographic anomaly occurred that has never been addressed to any satisfaction.  In rapid succession, Charles Manson, Stanley Baker, John Lindley Frazier, Edmund Kemper, Herbert Mullin, and the Zodiac all sprang into mass public awareness.  Serial killers, at a time when there wasn’t even a name for them.  Information on all of them, except for the celestially demonic Zodiac, showed them all to be systematically (operationally?) victims of childhood sexual abuse.

A quick aside that may or may not connect these things pertains to the recent disclosure about something called Operation Dormouse.
Dormouse was a covert operation launched by the CIA in 1975 to divert attention away from Project Artichoke, and instead onto the now infamous MKUltra.  It operated out of the CIA’s Security Research branch, and was launched just as the 1975 Rockefeller Commission report was issued and subsequent congressional hearings into CIA illegal activities started, chaired by Frank Church and Ted Kennedy.  The idea was that by exposing and offering up MKUltra to the press (back when there was a press), any investigations into the far more secretive and critical Artichoke would be diverted.  The farther you delve into Operation Dormouse, the more any ideas about the scope of CIA mind control get distorted forever; it goes deeper than most of us could have ever imagined.  Indeed, members of Obama’s integration teams, as well as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, have been specifically implicated.  As an aside, all mention of any Operation Dormouse has very recently been deleted from Wikipedia.

This is also critically useful to decrypt the current wave of info flowing onto the internet of conflicting/conflicted sensational disclosures and the tools who are being deployed by “them” to keep you distracted.  “Good information” can often be a re-direct, and it was engineered that way by extremely artful liars.  A perfect case-in-point is the disturbing fact that in just the past two weeks alone, two notorious and extremely spooked-to-the-gills practitioners of the Left Hand path, Michael Aquino and John Alexander, have made public appearances on the website, just seemingly out of the goodness of their hearts to magnanimously “answer any questions” put to them by members.  When last I checked, they remain lurking there.  Perhaps not so surprisingly, none of the questions have been along the lines of “why do you enjoy ritually torturing and sodomizing young boys?”, “why do you never answer specific questions about your role in the raping of minors at daycares located at the Presidio, West Point, and the McMartin preschool?”,  “how could several children at the Presidio have given detailed and highly specific visual documentation of the interior of your living space in San Francisco, including hidden rooms, the color of carpeting, what was written on the walls, artwork, etc if they were never there as you claim?”, “did you participate in the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch?”,  “what part did you play in the Iran/Contra food chain?”,  “do you now or have you ever had dealings with Larry King of the Franklin Savings and Loan?”,  and one for Alexander, “why are you best pals with Michael Aquino?”  I’m just assuming, but if they’d been carpet-bombed with such inquiries, they likely still wouldn’t been hanging around spewing their Sesame Street rainbows and unicorns disinfo.  Which brings up the point, what are they there diverting us from this time, Dormouse-style?  Remember Aquino and co-horts have been the ones instrumental in deleting all 9/11 conspiracy references off of Wikipedia, specifically anything referring to Israel, Saudi Arabia, remote control flight, nano-thermite, and anything referencing the rank, treasonous complicity of the Bush administration.

Also recently in the news have been the re-openings of investigations ranging from Madelaine McCann and Jon Benet Ramsey, to the Zodiac killer.  Interestingly, and in an amazing bit of synchronicity, recent investigations point to July 4th, 1969 Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin as being a “honeytrap” in the Artichoke program; one that had to be eliminated as she was beginning to talk about drug rings, the occult connection (said by family members to be into LaVeyan Satanism at the time), and her personally knowing the victims in previous Zodiac killings. 
There are also mysterious linkages to William Joseph Bryan, and whispers even of inside knowledge of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, which raises the ugly question of whether or not the Zodiac killings were a clean-up operation on this front, tying up loose ends.  Was this Ferrin’s “major story” that she told family members of that she was threatening to break just the day before she died?  William Joseph Bryan also happened to be the hypnotist for Sirhan Sirhan, and who also famously got Albert DeSalvo to confess to the Boston Strangler killings. 
Sirhan in his diary you’ll remember had written compulsively “deSalvo  desalvo, diesalvo, DieSalvo” over and over again on page after page almost as a mantra or hypnotic trigger.  Darlene Ferrin actually knew every single one of the Zodiac victims, even living with some of them in the same boarding house years prior. 
The Zodiac case itself is a fascinating one, including his disappearance in the foggy dead of night into the Presidio grounds the one time the police were physically closest to capturing him; one that we will explore in rigorous depth in a coming post, and one that continues to hold an intense fascination for unnamed parties in dark corners of secret government operations and planning to this day.

Possibly also connected with all this are disclosures in Ed Sander’s The Family, which chronicles the internecine comings and goings of the Manson coven.  In the course of his writings, Sanders learned about an investigation being done by Richard Smith, of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), into “a satanic group of English origin that had come to America in 1967,’68, and ’69.  According to Sanders, Smith wanted to launch a full-scale investigation from Germany to London with an offshoot in Mexico City to investigate the Mexican operations of the group. (Which also happens to be where a mysterious group of child-kidnappers called The Finders had a location and also where Whitley Strieber remembers he was taken as a child to a certain “secret school.”)  Both of these incidents also bear further investigation and will be tackled at a future date. 

However, when one of Smith’s superiors saw the name of a U.S. congressman included in the investigation, Smith was told to cease and desist.  (Sanders’ inside source had gotten a look at the report before the shutdown.)  The report stated that the English cult members invited Sirhan Sirhan to a number of parties that were sponsored by certain TV people in L.A., and that one of these took place at Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house on Cielo Drive.  At these parties, sexual and ritualistic activities were reported to have occurred.  These claims were based on an FBI report completed during the full-scale investigation of the RFK assassination.  Smith’s report stated that an L.A. law enforcement agency had an undercover informant who stated that the English Satanist group had commissioned Manson to kill Tate, reason being “something she unfortunately overheard that she was not supposed to regarding Sirhan Sirhan.”  Smith could not provide more details citing it as a “matter of national security.”

Throw in the fact that Manson’s Susan Adkins was also a LaVeyan Satanist like Ferrin, that LaVey and Manson were both well aware of the Process Church (very likely the English group in question), and that all of this, the assassinations, occult serial killer connections, drug rings, and inside-police-and-national-intelligence activity all evolved in the same geographic Hotel California hotbed over roughly the same 18 month period, and you’ve got the mother of all clean-up operations in effect.  Add to it the fact that all this also served as a massive social engineering psyop and you’ve got a gigantic win-win situation for the Lords of Chaos.  And the elephant in the room, the largest overall elephant ever, remains the fact that we have dark occultic forces puppeteering behind the scenes of both Kennedy assassinations.

We have ventured into the dominion of the chrysalis, their ceaseless, ticking sentinel that now sits at the center of all things, waiting to be born.  Briefly glimpsed by such as Yeats, given form by such as Kubrick, it’s been phantomly encoded, fuel-injected into our society’s deepest DNA levels, re-emphasized and re-structured with every new viral music video, film, and mass popular enter’train’ment.  Think you haven’t been ‘entrained?’  What would you call the massive replaying for days on end of the jets flying into the towers on 9/11?  Which brings up a peculiar note.  Remember everyone chastising George W. Bush as idiot-in-chief when he let slip on just 2 occasions the fact that when he witnessed the first Flight 11 flying into the North tower he thought to himself at the time “there’s one terrible pilot.”  He publicly said he had seen this before entering his photo-op at the elementary school in Florida that same morning of 9/11.  But there was one problem with the story.  Film of Flight 11 crashing didn’t show up in the mainstream until some 2 days later around 9/13 when the Naudet brothers first released their documentary footage.  So how could Bush have witnessed it live as he claimed?  It was sloughed off as just another Bush/dunce moment and never followed up on in the mainstream at all despite the disparity.  I’ll just say now what if he inadvertently let slip exactly what happened.  What if some people in certain positions of power, certain elite at certain levels, did indeed watch that first crash live?  What if they knew it was going to happen?  What if 9/11 was the biggest snuff film ever?

Everything points to rings, organized rings controlling and engineering events like the disappearance of Madelaine McCann, the death of Jon Benet Ramsey, connections between Aquino’s Presidio and the Zodiac, Sandusky, Dutroux, the contacts and contracts of rings running everything from the Process Church to the Temple of Set to the Pentagon and CIA to JPL; the control of which lies still beyond this purview and pay grade to the ones that seek to open the gates, from the gates of this dimension to the gates of the mind which could prove to be one and the same.  Latest news from CERN and the Large Hadron Collider?  “Parallel Universes Could Be Hidden Within The Four Dimensions.”  Well H.P. Lovecraft, sitting at a table somewhere with Parsons, Crowley, John Dee and Hitler could’ve told you that.

What we’re up against is massive. To illustrate there’s this headline from 2011 in the British Daily Mail: British Royalty Dined On Human Flesh (But Don’t Worry It Was 300 Years Ago).  According to Dr. Richard Sugg of Durham University, these elites included but were not limited to Charles II, Charles I, Francis I, Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.  Had this practice of cannibalism begun and ended strictly for medicinal purposes (nudge nudge wink wink) this story would be merely crazy and bizarre … however, nothing could be further from the truth. 

This practice was used for something much more dark and mysterious than what European Royalty claimed it was.  They will never tell what else it was used for because the results of these practices/rituals bestowed so much power on them that the thought of sharing the secrets was non-existent.  As a result, a Masonic society was launched by royalty under the rule of Queen Mary to conceal the fact that the practice of “medicinal cannibalism” had come out of the closet as something else entirely.  Under her rule, ritual cannibalism was instilled, where the Royals found a way to infuse themselves with the power or life force others possessed, by partaking of their body parts.  Flesh, skin, blood, bones, organs, everything.  They murdered thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands.

It brings to mind the disappearing Native American children in Canada during Queen Elizabeth’s visit when she took them on a picnic and they never returned.  Still think David Icke’s crazy?

The very latest headline is this, from October 20, 2013 in the UK’s Daily Star:  Royal Cover-up: police censor Jimmy Savile interview transcript.  “The papers from a 2009 police quiz were released last week following a 7 month battle by the Daily Star Sunday.  But the 26 pages – which exposed the evil pervert as a bully and a liar – came with 96 redactions.  Today we can reveal the documents had been vetted by Buckingham Palace – and that the serial sex attacker’s royal connections were removed.”  Contact. Contract. Conceal.

All this is happening now your fevered brain tells you, as you keep saying it couldn’t possibly happen here, and the doors, the gates, open just a bit farther, and the veils between slide away.

       Gave up trying to figure it out but my head got lost along the way/ Worn out from givin it up but my soul I pissed it all away/  Still stings these shattered nerves/ Pigs, we get what pigs deserve/ I’m going all the way down I’m leaving today/ … This isn’t meant to last/ This is For Right Now                     “Last”      Nine Inch Nails