Saturday, July 10, 2021



"I know it's late and you're already down

You ain't ready for people around

I'm gonna tell you something I found out

Whatever you think life is about

Whatever life may hold in store

Things will happen

              that you won't be ready for…”


“Where were you

When I needed you

Well you could not be found

What can I do

Oh I believed in you

You're running me around


Well you can take it as a warning

Or take it anyway you like

It's the lightning not the thunder

You never know where it's gonna strike…”  


"Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act -- Falls the Shadow."  T.S. Eliot – The Hollow Men


Greetings all; let’s see what offerings to the cytokine storm we can throw at it this week; news is plentiful and time is short – let’s get to it before we rue it….

Latest headlines have been falling hard and heavy, and everything from the weather to science is in the gunsights. 73 degrees celcius is being recorded in Kuwait (that’s 163 farenheit) complete with melting cars:

See at the header green supercells erupting with hail and super downdrafts in Halle, Germany.

The weather has come unhinged everywhere, something feels totally off, and now the ultimate warning: everywhere songbirds are dying in massive numbers:

Our entire environment is being altered on a radical scale in ways both seen and unseen, and across many different disciplines.

How hot is it? So hot that millions of Canada’s sea creatures are cooking to death in their shells:      

Meanwhile, in Haiti, they are being shown who exactly rules:

On July 7, Haitian pres Jovenel Moise was assassinated right around 1 am.

That Haiti was one of very few countries to openly denounce the widespread Vaxx protocols should not go unnoticed. And that at least 1 US member with open ties to the CIA, James Solages, here in the firm he worked for (since scrubbed) has been named by Haitian officials as being complicit in the killing, should speak volumes:

Haha, Biden working for a “safe and secure” Haiti sounds about as believable as Hillary working for a safe and secure Monica Petersen:

And sure, you can trust that WaPo “fact checker” btw. Sure you can. Hillary CARES about Haiti just as much as Joe – it’s where they shop for children.

Moreover, why is this vaxx so important that a place like Haiti has to be forced to take it to the point of political assassination?   

Moise this time, but first it was Magufuli, who had the temerity to test a goat and a pawpaw for Covid (and who both came back positive), in open insurrection against an agenda that he saw as bullshit. For his troubles, like Moise, he got an early death.

The CIA (shocker) might also be up to their eyeballs in Masonic occult fuckery:

And finally, turns out Haiti also has 20 bil in gold that needs mining, surely there can’t be any Clinton involved in THAT?!!:  


More and more also happening on the Graphene front:

Those same Spanish researchers have been jettisoned by their University now, which comes as absolutely no surprise:

“The Secretary will now disavow all knowledge of your actions – good luck, Jim!!”

This appears now to be an ever-evolving agenda like something right out of Stephen King’s CELL playbook. What IS graphene oxide? Exhibits “High ability for Electro-conductive behavior.”   

Its entire form is hexagonal. Something that was noted in this very blog when hexagonal structures began showing up in Morgellons patients’ bloodstreams – here from 2015:       


Is that same electro-conductive behavior going to be key when the plasma conduits open to the hexagonal pole located on Saturn, courtesy of CERN & D-Wave?  When the portals open full throttle and are running, is this vaxx making all of us explicit targets for the incoming? Remember exactly what Geordie Rose said – “expect a tsunami of demons.”

I certainly don’t like the way this all seems to be coming together – everything that gets revealed pertains to a part of the Op that was revealed before…

We don’t know for sure, but research tells us that graphene is being studied as the material from which they will make small, powerful antennas and can be stimulated by the 5G signal; some working theories became that they are manufacturing a remote-controlled army of Vaxx Zombies.

They can remotely trigger mass disease/psychosis by using radio frequencies to stimulate the graphene in the body using induction.

Which brings us back to Stephen King. And CELL: 

There are forces at loose in the world that both colour and influence it… a strata of society, enabled, entitled, occulted, that are slaves to those forces without knowing – strata that control the governments, make the laws, guide and determine pop culture, steer the societal waters, factor controlling ideologies; men who sold the world…

It seems King has always been charged with playing a large part in the steering of pop culture consciousness – with many peculiar touchstones along the way. Works like IT and The Shining don’t just dabble in pedophilic undercurrents, they openly embrace them. (And King reviled Kubrick’s take on The Shining because Kubrick was determined to underscore this very point**….something King had probably hoped to keep in the subliminal background where it could work its magick.) IT takes it all even a step farther and uses children as psychic food for off-world forces. Adrenochrome in the decades before anyone knew what it was. Parallels between The Stand and what is taking place in the world today don’t even need mentioning.

 ** Kubrick once famously halted production on The Shining for more than a day until that EXACT copy of PLAYGIRL could be located for Nicholson to be reading. See the header for the cover and the 2nd story down top left…Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was in a Kubrick film for a reason. King hated, HATED, the Kubrick version of his tale for just such details as this.



Again on the adrenochrome front, The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep takes that narrative and drives it home with even more vengeful glee:


The allusions to satanic ritual abuse and missing children don’t even need to be quantified, do they? 

All of which is why the following story, although hearsay by definition, bears retelling. It’s in the comments section of this imminently readable piece from Jeff Wells over at Rigint from the year 2005:

Printing out the notable section here:

“Several years ago I was at the Global Sciences Congress in Florida March 1999. The editor of Nexus Magazine, Duncan Roads, was one of the speakers. During the question and answer period someone asked Duncan what stories he WOULDN'T publish. For illustration of what he wouldn't publish, he told a story which he said was true.


I trust I have this story correct, but bear with me if it's not totally accurate, as I did not write it down at the time. Duncan had been told of an event that happened to a man in England. This man had worked for British intelligence. In other words, as an intelligent agent he had been around, he had put his life on the line and had seen many things that ordinary people don't. He can hardly be called a wimp.


This man was invited to a party in England. It was held at a huge, old mansion. Many very, very powerful, wealthy and influential people were there. As you may imagine, the party became fairly wild. But around 11.30 pm nearly all of the guests were asked to leave. Duncan's contact was having too good a time to do this, so because the work he was involved in made him used to doing secretive things, he decided to hide in some bushes and see what happened next.


He saw twelve men, who were all VERY powerful & influential men in the world, gather out the front of the mansion. The twelve men formed a circle or a half circle (I forget which) around a large stone statue. At midnight, the statue started to come to life! Duncan's contact nearly had a heart attack, and took off.


I heard this story again in Sydney at the Nexus Conference in May 2000. I thought this story was so important that, after warning Duncan I would be doing so, I asked Duncan during the public question and answer period the same question about what he wouldn't publish. The story was the same. Except that there seemed to be some disagreement between Duncan and another man in the audience who also knew the story from the Englishman, as to whether the statue was of a man or a goat. Also, the audience was startled when, this time, Duncan mentioned that author Stephen King was one of the twelve men who remained.”   


Should also say here that King made no bones about being, on social media numerous times, openly mocking of the entire pizzagate narrative when it broke, and was one of the most vocal detractors of the Trump agenda, especially when and only after it became crystal clear that that agenda included the takedown of all existing child trafficking networks.

All in all, it’s not lookin too good, is it, for our writer? Certainly appears that he is, and has been for quite some time, one of Them. And “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”


And that agenda to get everybody on board, using ultimate pressure, for the injection, continues unabated:

If any part of this strikes you as monstrously wrong on all levels, congrats, you are still human.

And you would certainly not be alone if you sensed something altogether nefarious at work here. This kind of insidious pressure is just off-the-charts reprehensible and is entirely indicative of something much deeper going on behind the scenes of this entire shadowplay. This is NOT about your health, or philanthropy, or the betterment of mankind. This is about the mass alteration of an entire species for reasons as yet unknown, but which are becoming clearer with every passing hour.


Nobody laughs at the clown at midnight. It’s 2021, and we’re all still in jeopardy.


  1. "See at the header green supercells erupting with hail and super downdrafts in Halle, Germany."

    Those are virtually IDENTICAL to the wormholes-hidden-as-storms thst brought in the alien invasion in Spielberg's/Cruise's "War of the Worlds".

    That story about the twelve men around the living statue at midnight reminds me of what happened to my friend Francis in the woods, when those wannabe teenage devil-worshippers actually DID summon "Baal". He ran away, but that creepy, grinning, black-eyed thing followed him around for years.

    1. JB!!

      Reminds me that the periodic table shorthand for Barium & Aluminum is BA AL.

      And what are (overall) the 2 main ingredients in chemtrails for the past 23 yrs?

      Barium & Aluminum. It all comes around.

      And that Spielberg/Cruise WotW when the storms broke freaked me out. Also when the ships (buried for millions of years) came up from UNDERGROUND. (Main scene with the church steeple filmed right here in Staunton, VA; groovy little town in the foothills of the mountains...)

      Spielberg's an insider -- he knows things.

  2. Thanks for the info on the Finders cult - I added it to my post -

    1. Entirely welcome Frilly! I have LOTS more on the Finders -- will be updating soon....

    2. here is some more on this group

  3. Replies
    1. Things are getting so scary I think it's time to put on some warm leggings..get some extra bottles of water and just stay underneath the blanket fort..😵😳

  4. Earth to God
    Come in, God...
    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but things are going to get worse. Before Jesus returns, evil and wickedness is going to increase in the world. The simple reality is that we live in a godless world.
    The whole world is under the control of the evil ones..We are in BIG TROUBLE!!
    BUT..Only faith has the ability to look directly at an impossible situation and know that it will change....Faith is the tangible knowing that God is bigger than the problem..IN THE END🌹🌹
    GOD WINS...

    1. You are so correct HS!! But God isn't gonna put on any of us anything He knows we can't handle. We are SO here for a reason -- to document, serve as witnesses, and be Warriors for!! Those angelic secret armies are all around us, and will manifest themselves when needed in due time.

      We're never alone. So important to remember that there are hordes of us (that have been singled out) that are IN this world, but not OF this world. Friends in high AND low places lying in wait -- in secret -- that will join together with us when it's time. The other side will never know what hit 'em!!

      These times have been building for millennia.

    2. No,my dear you have it backwards,WE are not in big trouble,but some folks are in big trouble of their own making.The Earth is NOT godless,the Father is and always has been inside you since your birth.This goes for everyone walking on the planet, by the way, there is no end for the Son's and Daughters of The Living God, we are already taking part in Eternity. It would really help if folks would remember what happened some 13,000 years ago,give or take a few hundred years, because humanity has been down this road with this high tech crap once already,and it did not turn out well. The event was so traumatic,it caused a whole group to suffer what appears to be life long amnesia about Eternity. I forgot to forget, and I am a smiling camper now for making that decision all those years ago. By the way, what's left from the arrogant pricks who thought they could take on God at that time can be found off the coast of Europe North of France, there is what is left of what was once called Atlantis. Anyhow Heaven fear not, you got this, remember no weapon formed against you can prosper.

  5. Psalm 27:5 says, “For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; / In the secret place of His tent He will hide me; / He will lift me up on a rock..
    Now is the time to..
    Give every part of your heart and your time to God and he will wrap His arms extra-tightly around you..

    God has a secret hiding place, and He invites each of us to join Him there. God invites us to pack up and move to His secret place where he will keep us safe..No worries here...I will hide in God's secret place..
    It is time.. Bring it on.. I stand with God's Army..the key..
    Ephesians 6:11
    “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”
    Armor on.. And ready..

    1. Fight the fear with whatever you can. It’s important that we know what’s going on so as to avoid active participation in it, but by succumbing to the dread and despair they are trying to marinate us in, we give in.

  6. The veil is thin..
    The curtain is soon to be unveil all..that has been kept from our site.. Most will be able to see..the eyes of Gods servants will be opened, so that they can see the unseen realities of the spiritual realm and the Truth.. But you have to have FAITH..

  7. Sit quietly and listen to God's Whisper she will always protect you..God says: “You are in Jesus Christ. Don’t let that happen to you! Do not be overcome by the evil that surrounds you or by the evil that has been done to you! Something better is possible for you. You can overcome evil with good.
    Let love be genuine.
    Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.
    Love one another with brotherly affection.
    Outdo one another in showing honor (Rom. 12:9-10).

  8. I meant He will always protect you..

    1. Absolutely no need to self-correct on that one Heavenly one -- I'm one of those that believes the true nature of God comprises all sexes...the overall totality & omniscience of that Supreme Being encompasses all with love & innocence, and yet all-knowing power.

  9. Satan.. demons.. ETs..must have the allegiance of all the people on the earth for him to rule it; And we can see in Daniel and Revelation that he will kill anyone who does not choose him as their leader. Satan will do anything to get to his goal.
    But.. if there is even a small minority even one person left who chooses to follow God then Satan has lost..which we knew..GOD WINS.. remember it's all an illusion..(my best friend tells me that all the time)... yes it will get worse... the only way to wake the rest up..

    1. Remember:

      "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."

    2. Early Christians commited suicide by the dozens. Sometimes a hundred of them would blissfully walk off a cliff.

      Because they wanted to be with Jesus up in Heaven NOW.

      So the Church Fathers turned suicide into a sin.

  10. We chose to be here and we chose our destination when we will arrive and when we will leave..
    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5
    God predestined all who come to Jesus by faith.

    God has chosen us and God wants us to get saved at some point in our lives.

    Suicide, it is not an unforgivable sin.  Their sins were paid for on the cross by Jesus, and because they have trusted in Him they are forgiven sinners, now and forever.  but not to say when you die you still live in your own HELL.. till you can find your way to the truth...Your right JB...There are seven accounts in the Bible of people who took their own lives. While suicide is a sin, It is NOT the unforgivable sin. There is only one unforgivable sin and it is rejecting Jesus.
    Hopefully on Earth everyone has access to mental as well as physical health care one day.. no one should be pushed aside as Society has done..just deal with they say..
    We all need each other. Let's find new ways to acknowledge that need, and to fill it, tenderly and fiercely, for each other.
    Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10).
    Hopefully one day..PRAYING🙏🙏🙏

    1. huh,I thought he said that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was the sin that would not be forgiven...hmmn

  11. JB and Wordman.. it is a scary world right now.. but I don't worry I put myself in the arms of Jesus.. we can continue to look at the horrible things going on in this world but what about the mysterious things.. what about the amazing good things..
    firmament the vault of the sky..
    As above so understanding is it refers to the atmosphere of the earth that God used to divide the waters above and below. Above what and below what.. you read to find an answer and everyone has a different explanation
    The ancients believed this expanse was a physical barrier between the waters above the earth and the water on earth..
    During the great Flood, the windows or floodgates of heaven were opened for forty days and night (Gen. 7:11,12
    Hummm.. so where would the floodgates be...🤔
    Most fascinating subject to me..why Antarctica is really a giant wall of ice around a flat earth. And what are they hiding.. is that the key.. find out what's there and we'll know the truth of everything else.. and why did Trump by so many icebreakers..🤔 What is going on in Antarctica.....hummm
    Also, the Sun and Moon are the same exact size and distance away.. it seems they like to play with the moon also and move it and the Sun it seems to be a lot whiter.. just curious..
    Why do the clouds always seem so low.. I used to wonder when I would sit on the beach and watch the ships floating further and further away but they never fell over the edge..
    So much to know so many questions to ask..

    1. I think that it is critically important that we know what is going on, such that we might resist the terror-op. One of the main points of this terrorist operation is to instill fear into every facet of our collective and individual existences. It is enormously important that we resist giving in to the terror. We really must appreciate the extent to which our consciousness interacts with the conscious universe and orders our collective and individual realities. We each have a potential to bend reality with nothing more than creative thought. If we can all be made to focus hard on the dark, we will unwittingly participate in the spread of darkness. Right now is a very good time to take up meditation and, if you can, start making something. Creative processes are how, literally, one can access the forces of creation. Before art was reduced to an academic discipline and pinned down by post-modern theory and other such nonsense, it was understood to be a direct line to source. I’m telling you, focus on creating, and the very universe may just start communicating directly with you. It happens. The creep class really, really doesn’t want you to know this, and definitely doesn’t want you to practice it. Their big ritual crap really, to my mind, is a function of their dead humanity. They are vampires. Those of us with souls have power in a way that the undead envy, but can only feed off of indirectly. This op is about harvesting that. Really. Create something. Anything.

    2. Wow.... this is a powerful comment and speaks to my soul directly. Thank you for inspiring me today.

    3. I’m really serious about this. After what has been a harrowing year for me, I’m re-starting several currents of workings that I have had to shelve for a bit and I’m looking at starting some new endeavors. Right now is a very good time to do something that lets your soul sing, somehow. It doesn’t matter what it is, or if anyone knowledgeable in such things would appreciate it. What matters is that it lifts you up. Try for some humor, too. If you want the universe to play along, it helps to tickle it.

  12. Curious to everyone here.. if you had one question to ask God what would it be????

    1. Already met the Great God Pan (the "Adam Kadmon" of jewish mysticism), so I'm satisfied by the knowledge of his existence alone. "Why did you send me back to this side?", maybe?

  13. The slippery slope theory:

  14. Why?? Did you have to come back was there no free will up there??🤔

    1. I wasn't given a choice; one of the most ancient and most powerful supernatural entities in existence (Pan) just smiled upon me and sent me back into my cold, bloodless corpse of a body. Not a pleasant experience, compared to the cosmic "awe" of the other side.

  15. Pan is considered to be one of the oldest of Greek Gods..Part man and part goat..
    He is associated with nature, wooded areas and pasturelands
    But why are we taught that mythology Zeus the Greek gods is all just a fairytale.. I believe in fairies I believe in gnomes I believe that there was mythology just as I believe dinosaurs falling angels ETS but why hide it..

    1. In the Book of Revelation, it is written that the people of the city of Pergamus live near "the throne of Satan". The ancient Greek city of Pergamus was reknown for it's massive "altar of Zeus", which later Hitler had dismantled and brought to Berlin, and later still Obama visited and sat upon.

      Zeus, in his earliest depictions, was portrayed as a giant serpent with a beard, the Ancient Serpent, which demanded constant sacrifice. Three other things Satan and Zeus had in common: lightning falling from Heaven, being the "god of this world", and their arch-nemesis being the one who created humanity in his own image, saved us from the Great Flood, and ended up crucified at the top of a mountain, Prometheus/Jesus.

  16. Why????? I would love to know the answers to everything if we could just get a bunch of people and pull that Veil aside I would love to take a peek through.. an illusion is it..🤔😏
    If we were made in the image of God are they afraid of our power the power they hide from us.. so many questions but it's time for me to go back to the fort crawl underneath the blankets I'm continue living in this illusion hopefully one day to wake up and know the truth..

  17. Years ago when I was younger I used to wonder is the Bible true..But..the Bible includes hundreds of prophecies that have already been fulfilled in history. So I believe...for the most part... sometimes I want to be like doubting Thomas😜😎😁🤗

  18. I said it elsewhere, but I believe that this book: “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life” by Robert O. Becker might shed some light on this graphene business. ( Electromagnetism is given little attention in our conventional models of medicine, and it appears that the research into it has been actively repressed. It is, however, really important.

    Also, when I looked at the comments over at the Rigorous Intuition link one jumped out— Shriners, an elite group of 33rd degree Masons, go around to children’s hospitals dressed as clowns. That, incidentally, lead me to this. Mighty creepy, those Masons. At least a portion of them.

    Of course, this adrenachrome stuff is just making it to the mainstream, but the knowledge of child trafficking for purposes of extreme horror goes back. The book about the Franklin coverup ( came out in 1994. I tried to read that, but only made it about half way. I just couldn’t take it. I didn’t make it through that clip from Dr. Sleep, either. Wow that stuff is hard to think about, which is part of why most people don’t even want to hear it. Too bad pretending it doesn’t happen won’t make it go away because if that worked things would be lovely right now.

    1. Electromagnetism also has major implications in the realm of astrophysics.

  19. If anyone's interested, the closest depiction of anything resembling what I saw and experienced on the other side comes from the great Mike Mignola:

    1. That must have been mightily unsettling, JB.

    2. It was the only time in my life I found inner peace and true happiness. And it was through total ego destruction within an extremely cosmic afterlife.

    3. I know it was a fantastically profound experience from your descriptions. It’s the sort of thing that definitely puts everything from that point forward in a different context. It rules out the simplistic materialist “reality” that we are socialized to believe exclusively.

  20. You guys are all awesome!! -- one point at a time:
    The craziness that surrounds the Antarctic is a deep well, with WAY more questions than answers, of which there are practically none. The magnetic anomalies in & around Lake Vostok could fill a book all on their own. Operation Highjump when Perry's forces were driven away; some say by Nazis, others ETs, still others a combo platter of both. The Hollow Earth. The Shaver mysteries -- I could go on & on, & likely will someday soon.

    And KM, the creative process certainly opens up the universe to you & gets a dialogue going. Strangely enough, for me, I find it happens mostly late late at night, when the din of the day falls away, and things start coming thru. Then you just keep your eyes and your ears open for weeks at a time, and it's amazing what starts talking to you.....

    The Franklin stuff is a bunch of datapoints that not nearly enough people know about -- I think it might help a lot of people make a lot more sense of what's transpiring in the world. If you think you know everything about what went on on Epstein's island -- you have NO idea.
    And sad to say, rape was the absolute least of it.

    And Heaven, my question for God would be: Did you create all this because you were lonely? And then I'd give Him a hug if he'd have me.

    1. "No, actually, I didn't create anything, nothing truly exists; you're all just figments of my imagination." ;)

    2. To understand how important art is, one need only appreciate how TPTB have actively worked to make it impotent. Look no further than the state of pop music. It’s been pretty much reduced to content delivered by the wearers of outfits. Not all of it, but most everything that’s very popular. It started when The Mickey Mouse Club became the future pop-star training apparatus. It’s gotten worse and worse since. The visual arts have been turned into conceptual exercises, aesthetics having been relegated to the trash heap of history. Beauty is considered too dumb to talk about by many in the field. Actually, an awful lot of it is taken up by politics now. That’s how dumb it’s gotten. I’ve spent a lot of time in that world, so I could go on, but suffice it to say, the arts are in pretty bad shape. But, then, we have a culture in which literally nothing is sacred. That’s a problem. One of the things that was discussed in certain scumbag summits concerning vaccines was literally the idea of making a vaccine that would remove the religious impulse from humans, and with it, any kind of perception of non-materiality. What Rudolph Steiner said about the Ahrimanic phase had a lot to do with the creep class miring humanity in a denser level of materiality. I think that comes into play in relation to culture deadening, vaccines, and general stupifaction of humans. My own experiments have been in making works which begin to trigger their own synchronicity currents, and the success I’ve had with these experiments suggests that we have a tremendous amount of untapped and actually repressed power that the sleazelords don’t want us discovering, so they’ve worked hard to place art at a great remove from us. The visual arts, for one, are moribund at this point, thanks to the tentacles of academia having a stranglehold.

    3. Stuff is going on in Antarctica. There’s an 80’s song connection, too.

  21. According to Captain John Smith in the 1600s, the Piscataway Indians of South Maryland worshipped the "Okee", a terrifying being that looked exactly like the Devil or the Greek god Pan. The Piscataway men all had a tattoo of the Okee on their chest, and claimed that he was the "Great Spirit of the Forest, of the Wild".

    John Smith actually claimed to have seen the being, when summoned by the Elders of the tribe; he truly was terrifying, with great horns and glowing red eyes, and he seemed hostile to those who were arriving, supposedly because they were cutting down too many trees and killing too many animals.

    Pan was already here in America before the white man came.

    *Think about that the next time someone says "O-kayeee..."

    According to Samuel Mathers (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), the son of Satan and Lilith would be the Anti-Christ/Anti-Logos/The Beast, who would be called, strangely enough, "HAY-YAH".

    Crowley adapted this to a purely neo-pagan context, saying the son of the Great God Pan and the lunar goddess Selene would be Horus reborn as a "Moon Child", as opposed to his previous messianic incarnation as a solar deity, but still, the "Hay-yah".

    *Think about that the next time someone says "hey ya!"

    1. JB!!

      File under the category "Stephen King knows things..."
      What you just commented on reminds me of this passage:

      This has been all around us for as long as we have all been alive and for eons longer.

      And it also pertains to a strata of influence/intelligence that is part & parcel of the whole UFO/UAP phenom, ancient, wise, and predatory.

      Working on a post about it right now as a matter of fact and it will be the next in line.

      Vallee, Keel, and Hynek were so SO right.

    2. What they fail to understand is that the entire universe and everything in it is made of intelligence. They want to build an AI that is more intelligent—-Than the entire universe? Good luck on that. I have reason to believe that the collective intelligence of humanity is greater, and you don’t even have to go that big, than anything they can conceive of. The project “they” are trying is actually moronic. What will they make that can bound the imagination of creation? Nothing. They will fail. This much is clear. Their project is based in something so corrupt it’s going to be stillborn. A miscarriage. A spontaneous abortion. Think on the stupidity of the project, not just the evil. Because the stupidity might be more mind-bending.

    3. And Stephen King should stop.

    4. Hey KM!!

      A couple of questions for ya: since you hinted at being inside the art world milieu, let me ask you, did you ever run across that type of individual (& here I'm thinking of the Alefantis/Abramovic strata) where you just got the major negative/vampire type vibes? And I'm also thinking about that infamous 'Art in Embassies' program where they shipped the children all over via the container ships that bypassed all the customs regulations at all ports because it was, supposedly, "live art." Sickening, I know.

      And second, hit me with that 80s song connection to Antarctica!! Inquiring minds wanna know!! Haha! Thanks in advance for the info....

    5. The art world is a sewer at the moment. I don’t even know where to begin. My experience is mostly in the academic realm, but that’s what paved the way for all of the depravity. As soon as it became an academic discipline, which is actually quite recent, as in post WWII, everything went to shit. The whole thing became a breeding ground for shysters, narcissists and psychopaths who needed only have a gift for bullshit. Read up on a bit of post-modern theory, throw around the jargon, baffle everyone, which nobody will question because it would seem like they were ill informed, etc. I’ve met some people whose bullshit was surreal and honestly, the Abromovic stuff isn’t even surprising. Everyone who has been “educated” in that field has been indoctrinated to accept the most outlandish, absurd idiocy unquestioningly. To not accept unquestionably makes one a vulgarian. Critical thinking is verboten. Absolutely. I can still name a few art critics who criticize, but mostly that isn’t a thing anymore. It’s nauseating. There are still some pretty interesting people in the art world, but they’re retiring.

  22. This is what I'm talkin' bout Willis:

    1. Oh, god. Jeff Koons. Is there a barf emoji around here somewhere? These people are such shit heels.

    2. Just so not surprising.

  23. And vampires? Yes. Very much so. Since that class have all cultivated non-discernment, it’s the perfect spot for vampires to blend in.

  24. Song. Men without hats.

    1. Better version.

    2. So I guess given the CIA's predilection for being highly involved in things like Franklin & the Finders, not to mention Ops like Jonestown, then this makes PERFECT sense:

      I could go on ad nauseum but I'm sure you get the gist....There is ZERO spontaneity in any of our lives at this point. The only good and inspirational springs organically from US -- starting to believe that everything else is not to be trusted and DESIGNED to manipulate and bring us down to the lower levels. Religion, medicine, politics, law, technology, art.... everything.

      That "art" is deeply involved with child trafficking (at the least, & with SRA and even worse quite plausibly) makes absolutely perfect sense. The mechanics of Pizzagate are all too real.

    3. Crap. I just typed a veritable screed about (my take on) the state of the art world today, and when I went to retrieve a ling it all went away and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

  25. If you want to find a clandestine way that pedophilia is being sold to the masses, you need to look no farther than Critical Race Theory. CCT is a part of a post modern intellectual discipline(I use this word very lightly) known as intersectionality. Another subject covered by intersectionality is something called Queer Theory.
    A French philosopher named Michel Foucault is considered The Godfather of post modern thought & Queer Theory. In the 60s Foucault & other leading French intellectuals like Jean Paul Sartre, Andre Gide & Simone de Beauvoir petitioned the Fench government to have all age of consent laws stricken from the books. Foucault felt that consent laws were a trap to make something beautiful, like adult/child sex, into something dirty & criminal.
    It was long rumored that Foucault was a pedophile(I know, shocking, eh?) but there was never any proof. Until recently that is...

    "A firestorm erupted this weekend in intellectual circles when economic philosopher Guy Sorman told the Sunday Times that the famed—and long dead—French intellectual Michel Foucault was a pedophile who sexually exploited young boys in Tunisia in the late 1960s. Sorman said that he witnessed boys eager to trade sexual favors for Foucault’s money.
    “They were eight, nine, ten years old, he was throwing money at them and would say ‘let’s meet at 10pm at the usual place’,” a nearby cemetery, Sorman told the Times. “He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised.
    "The accusation, or more likely revelation, should not have surprised anyone who remembered that Foucault had signed a 1977 petition asking the French government to legalize sex between adults and children. Foucault was one of many French intellectuals who supported the move, including the existentialist philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, postmodern philosopher Jacques Derrida, and literary theorist Roland Barthes. At the time, Foucault called consent laws “a trap” designed to turn love into a criminal act, arguing that the “intolerable” and real “abuses” were pretending children didn’t understand or couldn’t consent to sex with middle-aged men."

  26. The founding document of Queer Theory was written by a woman named Gayle Rubin. At least 50% of Rubin's "manifesto" defends pedophiles. She calls them an oppressed minority. She has special sympathy for, what she describes as, "sadomasochist individuals who prefer cross-generational encounters," which translates into English as sick fucks who like to torture & rape children.
    Another influential Queer Theorist was Rubin's one time partner Pat Califia who has written that if a child was old enough to play with trucks or pick shoes, she/he is old enough to choose a sexual partner. She also felt that pedophiles, as a group, should be more invested in children's lives. In other words, pedophiles should have unrestrained access to children.
    A more recent well regarded Queer Theorist is a woman named Judith Butler has written that, in some instances, incest is not harmful.
    I suppose that Allen Ginsberg(Pedophile Laureate of the Beat Generation) summed up the Queer theorist's attitude towards pedophilia best when he said, "Prepubescent boys and girls don’t have to be protected from big hairy you and me, they’ll get used to our lovemaking in two days provided the controlling adults will stop making those hysterical noises that make everything sexy sound like rape." These are all well regarded "intellectuals" in the world of intersectionality/post modern thought. I find it odd(not really) that an intellectual discipline that blathers on endlessly about oppression & inclusion & rape culture, as post modernists do, never once mentions its affinity, in fact, love of pedophilia & pedophiles. Its almost like the moral "help help we're being oppressed" bullshit is the magician's misdirection while off camera the real agenda festers like a pus filled wound. Although, from what I've seen of Joe Bob Biden when he's around young girls, our president might find this line of thought infinitely alluring.

  27. Sorry, the r was a test. I tried 5 times to publish those two following bits as 1 post but they kept disappearing. I'll just say that the original was probably too long.

    1. Yeah, I was trying at some similar observations and it just up and disappeared.

    2. I find it interesting that the CIA, at a certain point, figured out that they could use the abstract expressionists as a cultural refutation of the Soviet propaganda machine. They have now come full circle and co-opted art for propaganda. How many times have we all heard some content producer calling itself an “artist” explain how the work, usually of middling or worse quality, is intended to inform the viewer about proper attitudes (platitudes) regarding some “issue”. (Race, gender, ethnicity, some ism.) It was after the rise of the abstract expressionists that art really entered the academic world in this country, and right after that post-modern theory got foisted onto all practice that would be allowed legitimacy. Right there was the take-over. One can’t really imagine de Kooning making works to urge proper mental hygiene, or Rothko doing performances to highlight correct attitudes on race. But the very next generation that’s exactly where it went and that’s exactly when it became a legitimate academic discipline.

      I think that theory, Foucault, Baudrillard and that ilk performs at least two functions in the current art world. Firstly, it shuts down critical thinking. Most people don’t understand it, and likely don’t even care to, as it is convoluted and intentionally opaque, so sensible people recognize it as bullshit. Also, a lot of people, from what I’ve observed end up in art because they don’t ever want to have to read a book. Therefore one can shut down any sort of critical discourse instantly by throwing out some jargon-addled nonsense. Start in on some theory sounding stuff and the room goes quiet. Definitely nobody is going to question it. Guaranteed. The thing is, you don’t actually have to be saying much of anything. I sometimes go somewhere like c-theory ( to check out the latest. If you have a strong constitution, there are some real howlers over there. Laugh-out-loud absurdity cloaked in five syllable words strung together with hardly any attention to coherence. On some level theory is pure obfuscation. I think Foucault actually convolutedly said exactly that.

      The second function is to really take art out of art and replace it with anything you want to put in that container. For the real purveyors of conceptual works, literally all things can be packaged as art for literally any reason imaginable. So, yeah. You could say that trafficking children is really a radical and subversive performance of moving bodies across boundaries created to enforce political hegemonies which serve reinforce restrictive dominant idiological paradigms entrenched in cultural practice which co-opt free expression of bodily autonomy... yada yada.

      Also, if you’re going to do some wack ritual to Mollok, or whatever, you need the trappings. Some nice statues, performances and the like, to invoke or assuage, or whatever the point is. Buying people with the offer of fame, money and power is what tptb do best.

    3. Isn't that one of Gibbon's signs that Rome was doomed? When art went from being creative & original to being sick & perverted. Anyway, these days, wealthy people completely control what can be designated as "art." At least in a gallery setting. But if you can't get into a gallery what are your chances of selling your art & surviving?

    4. There isn’t much chance of surviving solely on selling artwork unless you are one of the select few. To be that means getting past the gatekeepers of the cultural institutions, which isn’t not a rigged game. Most people I know who have gallery representation also teach, or do something else, like graphic design. Which is why, I think, it would be pretty easy for tptb to entice artists, selecting for the most slick and opportunistic types (read “conceptual” here because they’ve already self-selected as shameless opportunists and bullshitters extraordinaire in the most extreme cases) to “collaborate” on public spectacles as well as invitation-only events in exchange for fame, access, money etc. I think you’re right about the fall of Rome, too. The thing is, they have not only co-opted art, but they have dis-enchanted it— very intentionally.

    5. Dis-enchanted, except for their own intended ends, anyway.

    6. To Ralph & KM -- I have NO idea what's up with the disappearing comments and vanishing texts, but something tells me it's got a hell of a lot to do with this:

      LSS, I think we are being surveilled at all times in record numbers everywhere: phones, texts, emails, comments, the whole shebang. And it has to end.

    7. To be honest, I’ve assumed for a long time that they were probably surveilling everything. I’ve been writing secret letters to the AI buried in weird codes. Some steganographic and some others. I will admit to being eccentric, but I, for one, don’t think the evil plans work out quite the way the asshole armada thinks they will.

    8. I don't think that one has to look farther than the crumbling case against Julian Assange to understand exactly how depraved our government has become and how actual whistleblowers, not the fake intelligence anti-Trump whistleblowers the Democrats spent 4 years blowing, are demonized, vilified, hounded & smeared. If you're unaware, the key witness against Assange was a sociopath, a convicted child molester & financial fraudster who not only admitted he was lying about Assange but he has also admitted that he continued his crime spree while working with the Justice Dept. & the FBI who promised him complete immunity from prosecution. "When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals." -Edward Snowden Snowden was right. On. The. Money.

    9. Ralph, you are right. The level of evil is unreal. This is what we get for, over and over again, electing someone completely vile because we are choosing between D and R and trying to decide which candidate is less evil. Literally we could vote for anyone, but have been somehow led to believe that only one of the two choices presented by the cabal can win. Now we’ve gone along with that for so long that they don’t even have to worry about the votes any more. They can just install whatever evil they wish to. We got this evil shit by being collectively stupid. The Assange thing is truly horrifying. And nobody will pay attention.

  28. PS -- I remember a former dear friend of mind actually ARGUING with me during the reign of the Bush junta post-911 when all of this type of thing first reared its head (was a big Limbaugh fan too btw...) -- saying "If you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about!!"

    To which I would always say "Duuude, you are a MILE wide on this one -- that is SOOOOOO not the POINT."

    He never got it.

    Most people today don't get it.

    It's going to end us. Really END us.

    1. Did he ever read 1984? Orwell warned us about this all the way back in 1949, ffs.

  29. PSS -- Funny, really funny, how so much of this -- if not all of it -- you can trace back to 9/11. Will have much more to say on this soon...

    1. Remember those countless, cringe-inducing "dancing nurses" videos that pissed people off last year? All scrubbed from the internet.

    2. JB -- If I ever see one more "dancing nurse" it better be IN the hospital because I'm damn sure gonna put them there.

      Had quite enough thank you.

    3. Dancing nurses? I missed something.

    4. In many, many hospitals, they had huge choregraphy numbers to music in the hallways, during the pandemic, it was very controversial, because people weren't allowed to visit their dying loved ones, but the nurses and doctors were dancing everywhere...

      Anyway, they've been almost entirely erased.

    5. So much assholism, so little time. I guess I was distracted. My husband died in Jan. 2020, and I had to move 5 times in a year and so much else went down that I barely had any rats asses left over for freaking out over the common cold. I truly ignored a lot of it.

  30. And this is for QT 3.14 that I'm just getting around to responding to re your comments on the TARGET SURFSIDE post:

    I have NO such inkling that McAfee DIDN’T have something very integral to do with that Surfside residence – with all the evidence pointing recently to the contrary -- & thanks Kelly for your input – I happen to think you’re a mile wide if you think something sketchy ISN’T going on, and not using any very critical thinking skills at all in your glib dismissal. See these recent headlines:

    Quite to the contrary – the evidence is EVERYWHERE that something highly untoward went on. Why would McAfee have openly told them where any data was stored, location-wise? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t – I’m more than sure multiple redundancies were in effect beyond physical location. Plus, and most importantly, ever heard of BAIT??

    McAfee could have given a rat's ass about all that were in that bldg anyway -- evidence is now emerging that it very well could have been a pedo op also -- maybe McAfee knew that -- maybe he said good riddance if anything happens... None of us at this point have any earthly idea what went on. But a pool collapsing damn sure didn't bring that bldg down like that.

  31. And THANKS KELLY for this back on Jul 11:

    Vitally important data re McAfee & Surfside and highly relevant -- what WERE the IDF (Mossad) doing there?? It's a South FLA Apt bldg, for God's sake.

    1. I went looking into ritual stuff with the McAfee hit. What I found was rather interesting. I don’t know how much you know about numerology, but it doesn’t particularly matter whether you put any stock in it or not, because evidence suggests that the people who plan this shit do put some stock in it. There were a few interesting numerological markers, many instances of multiples of 11, for example. But one fun thing I found that’s way more in synchronicity mode is this. McAffee was snuffed in a prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. McAfee was under indictment for allegedly pumping and dumping crypto. Saint Steven was bumped off for disrespecting a coin.

      This stuff is nuts.

    2. Suddenly, there’s an echo in here.

  32. Fun fact: in the novel 1984, it is implied that the year probably isn't really 1984, but it's impossible to know what the true date is, since they keep erasing or modifying the past, day after day.

    It's always 1984.

  33. WORDMAN, from 1:17 to 1:38, how people are being *vaccinated by force* in New Zealand:

  34. Do any of you know that the negro population of Haiti murdered every white man, woman and child on their half of the island between 1793 and 1804? EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON WAS MURDERED.
    Fuck Haiti.
    Hope it sinks.

    1. Wow -- I didn't know Bill Clinton comments here!!
      Should I be honoured, ashamed, or scared??!!

    2. You must be aware that the people who did the killing were slaves. It’s not safe to hold people in slavery, nor should it ever be. Slavers should learn to never sleep.

    3. Really?
      So that made it OK for you?
      Commie much? Antifa much? BLM sympathizer?
      Or just a fool?
      This was over 200 years ago in French owned territory and slaves were commonplace worldwide.
      Meanwhile, those "slaves" never rebuilt Haiti. In fact, it is the world worst shithole.
      You are some type of liberal idiot.
      The only "slavers" left in the world are MUSLIM, while Haiti and it's all black population keeps soaking US taxpayers year in and year out.
      How about you move there, I bet they would hate you too.
      E-7 Ret.

    4. How, exactly, did Haiti even become a part of this discussion? Nobody mentioned the topic before this and it has nothing to do with this conversation, except tangentially.

  35. First of all, KM, had no idea about your hubby -- my sincerest condolences and prayers --- we all have our trials and tribulations and yes, time heals all wounds, but sometimes it all feels overwhelming -- I am SO with you, and I know we all here are too. You're never alone. Always remember that. God, and we all, love you.

    The numerology thing with McAfee is nuts -- and recently I've discovered so much more on this front -- SUNDAY witching hour batsignal incoming -- you guys will not be disappointed. And you're so right, it matters NOT what we believe when whatever THEY believe is what is calling the shots.

    And speaking of shots -- JB!! What in the HELL was that in NZ all about? Is NZ a gun culture at all or like Australia where they've all gone buh-bye? If something like that was attempted HERE I can only imagine the carnage that would ensue -- or maybe I'm just hopeful!!
    If they want open Civil War, then just start trying shit like that.
    Right now, in France, the yellow vests are out again in force protesting the vaxx, the lockdowns, the compulsory everything, and do we hear a peep about it, relatively speaking, in the MSM? Nope. Good Lord the riffraff might start getting ideas about insurrection and freedom from oppression!! -- can't have that.

    If it's always 1984 -- can it always be 1978 for me?!!:

    There ain't no danger we can go too far
    We start believing now that we can be who we are...
    Their lips are lying, only real is real...
    This is a life of illusion
    Wrapped up in trouble (Trouble)
    Laced with confusion
    What are we doing here?

    Frankie Valli channeling Barry Gibb still works for me as rules for life...18 has turned 61 but the Truth is still the Truth.
    Funny how that works.

    1. Thanks, Wordman. I think I’m pulling it all together again, but it’s been pretty insane for a while. Now if I can just sell my house in Walla Walla, that would be peachy.

      So, in case anyone is interested, I will share a little numerology. Days between dates seems to be a thing they use. From the first indictment, June 15, 2020 to McAfee’s death June 23, 2021 is 373 days, which reduces to 11. From Jan 1, 2021 to June 23, 2021 is 173 days, which reduces to 11. From the June 15, 2020 indictment to the arrest on Oct. 5, 2020 is 113 days. Oct. 5, 2020 (arrest) to second indictment, March 5, 2021 is 151 days (not including end date), which reduces to 7. Including the end date in this particular calculation brings it to 152. Adding 113 and 152, gets you 265, which reduces to 13. The days between the two indictments, June 5, 2020 and March 5, 2020– 263, which reduces to 11. Employing ALW (numerological system based on Book of the Law) Surfside is 11.

      Anyone can check my work on this. It’s not exactly my speciality, so I could have flubbed a date or something. This is a days between dates calculator:

      The dates may include or exclude the end date.

      This is the best numerology calculator I’ve found as it includes many (some fairly obscure) systems. I feel that ALW is definitely one that the weirdo class would be hip to.

      Also, John David McAfee, in Reduced Ordinal works out to 66. That may have nothing to do with it, but interesting.

    2. I took the methods above from this guy:

    3. Which is where I found this piece of WTF:

      You really must take a gander. Bloody hell. This was 2019.

    4. The lion, the witch, and the mendacity & audacity of this bitch. Super gross. Thanks for sharing though. I'm sending this to my mother, maybe it will break her fondness for the desiccating husk.

      Much wisdom in your post way up top about just making something. I've been digging into the gematria/numerology too. As you said they do like their time lapsed rituals, I think of them as pillar dates. They made sure we got a good look at those two in the krusty's video didn't they? Bah! Clown World. And thank you for The Shiners info. That felt like a missing piece I wasn't aware I'd lost yet. The syncs are coming steadily these days, more so than years past. You're a thoughtful poster. Thanks for the contributions.

      Be well.

    5. I know what you mean on that one. She’s always tried to be scandalous and ever so shocking, but this one actually did shock me. It’s vile. Really dark shit. Art matters. To engage in that kind of darkness is utterly stupid. There’s a price to pay for that sort of thing.

      As far as making goes, it’s pure magic if you understand it as such. Go out and BE the magic in the world and refuse the fear. It’s important to do so right now. I’m starting some new projects at the moment. This is exactly the best time to be looking at creation, when so many are bent on destruction.

      Yeah, there seems to be great attention to numerology in these rituals. Also check out Blogos.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

    6. Great minds as they say, I'm a long time lurker over at Blogos' site as well. Seems quite a few us have the same digital stomping grounds. Of course, take care.

  36. Red Ice! Somehow along the way, i lost track of your site. So glad to have found you again! Incredible amount of info. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge. <3

  37. Thanks KM for that Madonna horror snippet. I remember reading about it/seeing it pretty immediately afterwards over at VigilantCitizen, who tends to gravitate to the enty side of the equation & how much symbolism is embedded there for our conditioning purposes.

    His latest does a great wrap on Netflix's Ultimate Evil, the Maury Terry Son of Sam expose:

    Fairly crazy how close all of that is, M.O.-wise, to Dutroux over in Belgium, which only connects to networks like Savile, Sandusky, & Epstein the closer you look. None of this is happenstance.

    & thanks LiftingTheVeil, glad to have you back on board!! Another batsignal flying Sunday night Witching Hour!!

    1. I had never before seen that pile of reeking manure. I’m beyond disgusted.

  38. Wordman, I’m glad you reminded me of VC. There’s a piece up there right now that perfectly encapsulates what I have been ranting on about regarding the death of pop culture and art in general. Exhibit A: Bella Poarch. TicToc sensation for doing whatever idiocy works on that format, to now a music deal with Warner Records where all of the content released through her is occulted up. It’s not as if she produces much of anything. But she’s a paid rep for what the industry wants to promote to the segment of the population she plays to. This is what they’ve done to art. If you ever want to see how degraded our culture is all you have to do is pay a visit to Tictok. I swear we are collectively getting dumber by the second. It’s ironic. Back in the 90s I thought, so naively, that the internet was going to be the thing that made it all better. That was a dumb thought.

  39. I've been trying to figure out why "Delta" is all over the news right now (Delta Variant), and all I can come up with is that the letter Delta originally meant "door" to the Greeks/Phoenicians.

    Meanwhile, the biggest show at the same time is "Loki", in which the horned fallen god is now considered to be a "temporal variant". They make a big deal of the word "variant" repeated over and over again.

    Delta variant = door for the Devil? Considering the Delta variant is actually the effects of the toxic "vaccine" itself...

    1. JB!!

      Speaking of "Delta," this will blow your mind -- was going to put it in this post tonight but ran out of room and couldn't find any easy thru-link to everything else I was talking about -- but rest assured I AM going to include it somewhere next because that's how important I think it is:

      They made quite the production out of specifically showing that insignia, which, as we all know, stands for so many things; most of them quite heinous.

      Absolutely NO good connotations there. Laced with everything from Mind Control ops & MKUltra Delta programming to FBI pedo symbols.
      Like I said, will be getting into it but wanted to give you the heads up first since your nose snuffled out this like a pig snuffling truffles!! Haha!! Well done, Watson!!

      The plot thickens....

      Back here at Witching Hour, my dude!! LOTS to unpack....