Sunday, February 27, 2022


"Same old song/ Just a drop of water in an endless sea/ All we do/ Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

Now don't hang on/ Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky/ It slips away/ And all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind/ Everything is dust in the wind."

"Sparks are flying from electrical pylons/ Snakes and ladders running up and down her nylons/ Ready to experiment/ You're ready to be burned/ If it wasn't for some accidents then some would never, ever learn

You've got a chemistry class I want a piece of your mind/ You don't know what you started when you mixed it up with mine/ Are you ready for the final solution?"

"It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth's dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests."  H P Lovecraft   

Alright my true detectives, time to once again slip into Nocturnal Detective Mode as we try and reason out the hidden worlds within worlds on this great stage we're positioned on. Once again and as always, nothing is what it seems, motives are multi-layered, and it's an ongoing process deciphering and weighing factors, bodies, and motives. To figure out what's really going on, and likely always has been, one could do far worse than to peer inside the mind of Alan Moore:

Or of course you could just check out the narrative arc of V For Vendetta

"The true goal of this project is power -- complete and total hegemonic domination."

How long have we been hearing, ever since the advent of 9/11 and bursting forth from neocon imaginations, the ideas of Full Spectrum Dominance? Read this from Jeff for a nice chilly little throwback to now in full Back To The Future-style:

The more I know, the less I understand. But all we can do, much like Rorschach, is to keep on keepin on, plowing thru, head down, in the quest for ultimate truth. And so I ask you, to whit, just what is going on in the Ukraine? Not that any of us truly know at this point, but may I say, what we don't know, (and what is actively trying to be kept from us) is astounding.

Far from being a cut-and-dried socio-political game of nuclear-tipped chicken. much more appears to be going on behind the scenes and maneuvered into place by parties possibly and probably acting as double and triple change agents to an agenda morphing so rapidly getting a hold of it is akin to trying to squeeze too tightly to a bar of wet soap, or wrestling that electric eel at full fathom five.

We can only be sure that something is off by the manifestations we see on the surface -- what has happened so swiftly and suddenly to the non-stop COVID narrative of the prior 2 years now? Where has it gone? And why? We've suddenly and lurchingly switched channels from the COVID one to the WAR one -- and the speed and totality with which we've done this (or had this done to us), makes me suspicious in the extreme. The CDC is now calling off all masking, any Covid narratives have disappeared from the top blaring headlines, and it makes me feel as if the attention, our attention, is being purposely shifted before the ultimate vaxx fallout begins.

More and more studies by more and more doctors, scientists and institutions were being brought to light over the past several weeks concerning the ultimate failure of the vaxxes both in efficacy as well as physical damage to those jabbed; to the point of where it resembled a rising drumbeat of blowback. See here:     DELETED you will notice -- this will become a running to orig research at top of comments.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg -- I have dozens more links of the same type. It was and is becoming harder and harder to hold back the tide of repercussion. Until the war hit us over the head 24/7...

So how does this link to the WAR? And what's going on in and with Ukraine? FAR more than you've been told -- far all intents and purposes, all of the underground info from multiple sources appears to be showing that Putin is aligned with and dedicated to taking out the Covid vaxx death factories of the West, which have long been installed in, you guessed it, the Ukraine.

Is there ALSO something else going on? More than just possibly -- probably. But for now and with all the info coming in at the moment, this appears to be the No.1 reasoning behind what is happening. Big tipoffs abound:

Mind = EXPLODING with that last threadreader link, taken btw, from yet another deleted twitter account that wasn't up for more than 24 hours after the nukeage of that last tweet. When you see the archived content you will quickly ascertain why. This reaches everywhere. (spoiler: Ghislaine...)

Another huge "tell" in their MO is becomingly increasingly apparent: the amount of truth you can attach to any given topic is inversely proportionate to the speed with which they retract, delete, scrub, and disappear every last shred of anything counter to what's officially OK'd for your consumption. Twitter feeds and accounts. Vaporized. Reddit posts. Whoosh. Gone. facebook and Instagram never existed...need I say more? In that respect it's beginning to look a lot like pizzagate around here, around this issue. And that is the very best tipoff that everyone is substantially over the target.

Take for instance this exchange between Maria Bartiromo and the oh-so-smarmy Moderna head -- wherein he backtracks further and faster than the Roadrunner with Wile E. Coyote chasing him: 

Several notes here: This CEO weasel, Bancel, is the one who only days ago liquified his entire Moderna stock count to the tune of 400 mil, and deleted his twitter account:

But hey, there's still time, always, to mug and preen before another set of cameras, right? Megalomaniac psychopaths hurrying on their way out the door before getting caught in the revenge riptide of monumental proportions that is surely coming.  

Another thing, if the entire narrative of biolabs in Ukraine has zero merit, why the disclaimer banner and line of questioning that the Russia invasion will have any sort of impact on Moderna? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China if there isn't a link?

(You will also notice in the photos at the header, how different broadcast times/producers will reflect differing headlines as to what you just heard...another sure sign of manipulation and what attorneys would call "leading' the witness...)

Finally, just what the hell kind of painting is that on his wall? Is that a samurai monkey? WHAT is with these people?

This entire twitter thread is illuminating (while it's up) -- in particular the Apr 26, 2021 clip of the now late Luc Montagnier...

In October 2021, the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the US DOD published on the US government procurement website an additional agreement on "combatting highly dangerous pathogens." This document concerns the final stage of work on the launch of 2 specific biolabs in Ukraine: in Kiev and Odessa.

The additional agreement covers the equipping and training of personnel and commissioning of the facilities. The cost of the work is 3.6 million dollars but some figures in the doc are hidden for reasons of secrecy. According to the doc the facilities are more than 90% ready. However the completion date was delayed up to 7 months from the date of signing (July 2021), thus to the end of February 2022...See here:

Interesting timing, wouldn't you say?

Putin, and just for the record, has long claimed to be fighting this:

The very latest:

In the historical record for context:

And even from Newsweek back from April of last year:

At this point and just to cover all the bases I would be remiss not to point out that Putin is and was also one of the dreaded WEF Young Global Leaders, so his reasoning and/or marching orders behind doing all of this just might not be so pure: 

Is this possibly some Schwab-influenced larger scheme to let some horrid pathogen out of containment and into the wild? Magic 8 ball says "it is quite possible." And yet now in another double-back it seems we have Putin & Co. actually calling out the WEF(!!):

The farther along we go the harder it becomes to discern who is on what side, when, and why.

Could it even be some larger "insurance" plan to mitigate for when the vaccinated start popping off with ridiculously accelerated cancers, and to then blame it on virus contaminants travelling in from the EU on the jetstream and/or global upper level winds? Remember that these creatures plan 6-7 moves ahead, and they are NOT going to be blamed for death vaxxing the world if there's anything they can do about it. And they have untold ways and means at their disposal.

And in the psychological operations proximity alert queue, I still maintain that this incident should not be viewed as isolated and plays a much larger role in what continues to unfold, especially regarding what the ultimate purpose of the vaxxes may be in the long run:

Erin Valenti was found dead on Oct 12, 2019, just as what we now know as the Covid pandemic was either being unleashed or in the very early stages of worldwide deployment. It also happens to be only 6 days before Event  201:

which was for all intents and purposes a staging drill for what was to come, was being held in NYC flying under the banner of the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins and the (ahem) World Economic Forum. Everything that would happen in the world over the next 2+ years would be played out, staged, right here. Scarlet threads running from the vaxx all the way to Meta; the Metaverse...machine life as Build Back Better, anti-life as reality.

What Erin was researching, what she knew, afforded her a look into the worldset, the weltanschauung, that is still playing out right now, especially according to psychological operations launched from both mental and physical platforms by the elite. Perhaps she knew what was coming with the vaxx rollout, what that really portended, and perhaps they knew she knew. No knowledge on earth at that point in time could have been more dangerous. (See also Charles Lieber's research at Harvard.) Brain entrainment, neural rewriting, erasing and replacing of memory, nanowire remote influencing of thought and action, Epstein's obsession over what constitutes "reality," the connecting links go on nearly ad infinitum. 

Remember these are people that have also made smart dust ubiquitous in our biosphere:

And I ALWAYS come back to this link from CDAN, because it just explains so very much to me of our world and what has been going on: 

Everything is dust in the wind.....on every level both physical and existential, isn't it funny how it always comes down to that?

In the wind, and in us: 

The narrative is still assembling, anything can happen now to anyone, and the likes of Lovecraft and Giger would be perversely proud at what has assembled in their wake. The stygian stream of consciousness continues.




Tuesday, February 22, 2022


"Hail! Hail! Wilt thou go with us tonight? There will be a merry company in the forest, and I well-nigh promised the Black Man that you would be amoung us."   Nathaniel Hawthorne

"I'm a stranger I'm no one/ Not in anybody's view/ I am jaded I'm no fun/ And I keep on moving thru/ Haven't heard from God above/ No more painful point of view/ No salvation where I'm from/ Wonder who is fooling who

All the hands that I have laid/ All written along my face/ I'm not afraid of anything/ I just let it go/ And now I take on everything/ To get out from the hole

On the street that I renamed/ Sunlight made another hole/ Could it be that I'm to blame/ When the ground has turned so cold?/ Can it be I'm not the same?/ Can it be I've got a hold?/ On what we say is just a game/ The one we play til we get old..."

"Checkpoint Charlie/ Wall's so wide can't get around it/ Wall's so high can't climb over/ Gotta come down baby/

I said Checkpoint Charlie/ Brothers and sisters on the other side/ Livin in the shadow of a wall so high make me wanna cry baby/

Yeah I know that someday we'll be together/ If we really want it/ 

I know that Nothing hurts gonna last forever/ Why do we let it happen/ Or is it that we don't mind/ Somebody punished for their father's crimes..."


At times the headlines spell out clearly, at other times they are only the beginning of where to start. This is one of those other times. Because if you begin to peel back the layers and read between the lines, the way the real world (whatever that means anymore) operates is illuminated. And in the deciphering of all the latest glyphs, all I can tell you is that we appear, more so than ever, to be in deep, deep trouble. 

We haven't gotten here overnight -- we've been much more like the frog in the slowly boiling pot; because it's been designed that way. The ever-incremental moving of the goalposts and changing of the rules towards rampant fascism and global totalitarianism. But that's the way it always works: first it's 2 weeks to flatten the curve and free donuts and then -- bam -- it's all of a sudden the boot on your face, forever. And all you can think is "Why are you beating me with a truncheon and firing off directed energy weapons at my insides?** You were just giving me Krispy Kremes!!" Yeah, psychopaths tend to operate that way. Especially when the rabble tend strongly towards freedom and bodily autonomy. This gets in the way of a) profits and b) the agenda of an ongoing Brave New Reset.


That rabble has also had a lot of free lockdown time on its hands to educate itself, and that is another major problem. Those being horribly oppressed tend to get together and compare notes. And those said notes reveal a nightmare scenario. One which is especially congealing lately at major pulse points all over the globe in a thousand interlocking headlines that reveal a Lovecraftian larger picture forming of the hells they wish to bring to this earth.

But how? Well, for one, they've been busy since the 90s and earlier, recruiting the children of billionaires to lead all the countries they wish to influence and control. Straight out of the Hitler (Kissinger) playbook. Think places like Davos, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (Epstein), the Rhodes Scholars (Clinton), and in particular of late, the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been shown to have far more scope and pull than previously imagined. Recent events have underlined their frightening global power and reach:

Here is Schwab in his own words admitting as much:

And by all means it's not just Trudeau -- we're talking Macron, Merkel, Blair, South American leaders, Putin, et al. All "Young Global" leaders from lists extending decades into the past. This is an ongoing program of captured thinking that also extends towards entertainment figures from all genres like Bono, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo Dicaprio amoung many, many other global "influencers." All working towards a One World Government of enslavement and control. Some, perhaps many, have been co-opted and brainwashed into thinking they are actually doing good and serving humanity's interests.  

And at the heart of all this subterfuge and clandestine planning is this, their crown (heh heh) jewel, but it's only a part of an ongoing assault of coercion and entrapment:

It has set the stage for everything that's on the way. These also bear repeated viewing, and if you're not sharing them with your friends, you're not doing what's so desperately needing to be done:

This is easy to digest information for the layperson, and vitally worth the dissemination in this cyberwar. In the Age of the Internet, ignorance is a choice, and one we may not get to be making forever. The Future is Unwritten (as a promise and a warning) with all the good and the bad that implies. We can make a change right here and now, and according to the very learned Catherine Austin Fitts, we may have 2 years tops to turn this all around:

Ditto the same sentiments spelled out in even more detail on the latest Joe Rogan podcast with surprisingly over-the-target former Islamist turned alt-thinker Maajid Nawaz. All worthwhile but the real meat starts around the 1:20:00 mark, where you'll quickly begin to see why they needed to shut this man down across the pond in short order:

With this guy's appearance, and after kowtowing to the powers-that-be's whims of late to everyone's disappointment, Rogan has squarely placed himself on the hottest front burner again. (Where he needs to stay for the good of all.) Here he's playing dumb about the news just posted a few paragraphs up re WEF forces infiltrating governments worldwide and catapulting the Great Reset:

But, you see, the agenda only grows from there. And it remains a ridiculously VAST agenda:

That is the massive reading of everyone's texts, emails, phone calls converted to transcripts, and I'm sure with the advent of the vaxx and what it contains our very minds are next. And keep in mind this has been ongoing for DECADES in the headlong rush to classify each and every one of us as a threat. The variance will only be the degree by which the measures to constrain us will be implemented. This means black bags and bundling us off into the bowels of holding centers and "re-education" camps. 

Perhaps pertaining not to this line of thinking but perhaps deeply entrenched is this:

It all comes back to surveillance, but we've known that all along:

See also Nicole Junkermann a few posts back right here in this space. All integral to the Epstein network which is in turn integral to what's happening now. And yes, they are still getting rid of people and tying up loose ends:

Tracing this network you can readily see things like this:

Quite easily lean into the dark arts of things like this:

It's either a conspiracy theory or it's a PLAN.

Somewhat proving my point in the most egregious way and the reason this particular post is being rushed out...This in "save" mode has already twice been somehow extensively meddled with -- to the point where entire paragraphs have been deleted (not by myself) and gone missing upon retrieval. Never quite seen anything like this and it's weird. This is going out earlier than intended because something in here is striking a nerve and the threat levels are elevated. 




Monday, February 14, 2022


"You better make your face up with your favorite disguise/ With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes/ With your empty smile and your hungry heart/ Feel the bile rising from your guilty past/ With your nerves in tatters as the cockleshell shatters/ And the hammers batter down your door/ You better run

You better run all day and run all night/ And keep your dirty feelings deep inside/ And if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight/ You better park the car well out of sight/ Cause if they catch you in the back seat tryin to pick her locks/ They're gonna send you back to Mother in a cardboard box/ You better run!"


What the hell, is this the '80's again?? All of a sudden it's all crack pipes and AIDS/HIV headlines...

Maybe we'll soon have a new Night Stalker on the loose to look forward to also. Maybe Sonny Crockett will return and make the three-day stubble fashionable again. Oh wait -- that never left. Sorry. Perhaps pastel leisure suits, shoulder pads, Ray Bans and no socks. Yeah, that's the ticket. But I draw the line at Phil Collins. Except for "In The Air Tonight." That tune always rocks. I find it plays especially well as the Grand Experiment of our time is collapsing in glorious ruins. Even the latest Colin Farrell-Jaime Foxx version works if you'd like the upgrade. Btw Rockin hairstyle Colin -- one that I seek to emulate on my good hair days:

If everything old is new again, perhaps this is the new time machine de rigueur, especially in light of recent events:

Wonder if that's Fauci's groove line, speaking of reanimated 80s corpses? 

Of course we can trace the monkey bloodline lineage back to the dawn of 1970:

I hope we're not too Messianic or a trifle too Satanic. How many PR-admen-pitch meetings and boardrooms of Fortune 500s has that line been uttered in in our lifetimes? To say nothing of the Council on Foreign Relations-Trilateral Comm-World Economic Forum...and just look where the monkey trail ends now:

By the time this entire neuralink-jabbed-5G category infinity typhoon is over we all may be trying to rip our faces off: 

There is one thing you must be sure of/ I can't take any more

Didn't I just post something about history repeating? What is going on? Do guilty feet really have no rhythm? Or maybe we just all need to look at our hands:

What the hell am I on about? Maybe it's just the latent desire to dance in the ruins I see everything turning into from all I used to know and love. Our human desires to wish upon a star and always want what we don't have are going to kill us. Slowly, and with malice. Because they've been turned against us by those wishing us harm. They know exactly what that road to hell is paved with...we've given carte blanche control of all our lives over to monsters. What did we think was going to happen? Lollipops and rainbows? Our apathy at and inability to punish those responsible for the JFK assassination, the Iran-Contra scandal, the Franklin Scandal, and 9/11 (hint: all the same) is well and truly coming back to bite us with a vengeance. Heading the push now is the global Big Pharma cartel. If only we could have seen it coming -- if only there had been some clue:

"Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero...First we've got population. Now the world today has about 6.8 billion people; that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

We need to recognize systems of oppression. The pharmaceutical industry, increasingly replacing science with the occult and some very dark arts, is one of them. Know your enemy:

Trump (as much as I vehemently disagree with his pitiful and woefully uninformed vaxx stance) wanted to plant seed money in the poorest black neighborhoods nationwide, teach people how to start businesses, become entrepreneurs, lift themselves up. Biden wants to give them free crack pipes. What?  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Of course they are already hard into the tracking back on that one:

But that's just the sideshow to the center ring of Doom -- because there is a vitally more pressing problem that's starting to rear its was first touted nearly 2 years ago by cutting-edge Indian scientists and researchers (who were loudly and quickly shouted down and ostracized for it) but of late is being spread by the likes of none other than Prince Harry himself. I started to make the causal connections with it last time out in the ongoing unveiling -- but this from the UK came rumbling down the tracks just a few days ago:

Want some actual "science," oh, we've got the science:

Get ready:

That earlier Indian study that, as it turns out, looks like it might have been withdrawn prematurely you might say:

The pulling and blowback then:

We can simply add this to yet more of the lies and obfuscation that litter this field and that have been retracted in the interim after previous vilifications of those touting them (quietly admit they were right on the page 22 sidebar after screaming huge power font page 1 headlines calling them frauds, liars and nutballs to start with...) 

This is a Deep State M.O. that they worked on everyone from Danny Casolaro to Aaron Swartz to Bill Cooper to Gary Webb to Mike Ruppert btw. Not to mention double-decker hearses of untold others that have mysteriously leaped, fallen, drowned, stabbed, burned, shot, flown, crashed and drugged their way to strange imminent death on so many eves of speaking truth to power. What are the odds?

And as more and more ties develop between the vaxx and HIV, does it come as any surprise they'd get rid of someone like this?:

This is identical to Kary Mullis mysteriously dying just before the "pandemic" was declared.

And they aren't the only ones -- not by a long shot, pardon the pun:


In the COVID field alone we already have the women's reproductive and menstrual anomalies, the vaxx efficacy, the heart issues, embolisms and myocarditis, the mask worthlessness, booster efficacy, possible magnetic anomalies, the spectre of 5G augmentation of side effects, the vaccine "shedding" and I'm sure I'm leaving an entire raft of things out...all have been walked back and admitted to after initial cries of nothing but "Conspiracy theory!!" It's like the recent joke goes -- what's the difference between conspiracy theory and news?...About 6 months. For the "shedding" backtracking see here:

Take note that this can be either from inhalation or skin contact. And from Pfizer's own clinical trial data.   

So what are we facing? Let's revisit those Deagel forecasts again:

This is not good.

Want some more HIV alarm bells? I thought you might:

Not to worry, that little twitter disclaimer bar saying this news is presented "out of context" makes it all better, right? Easy to ignore mass genocide when THAT'S there. You don't wanna go against the "fact checkers" do ya? These are the peeps that deported Novak Djokovic, labelling him a public health menace. As they do this they were getting ready to distribute 50 million AIDS-tainted jabs before they were caught. Let that sink in.   

Just reading this per Biden's recent EO could, (what, who the heck am I kidding), WOULD get you labelled a domestic terrorist:

Meanwhile, make no mistake, there is REAL terrorism afoot:

That last one reads very much like a not-so-veiled threat.

Lemme get this straight -- Military convoys and assault tanks in the streets targeting people lobbying for free speech and no more lockdowns and mandatory vaxxes, i.e., personal freedom and no medical apartheid? 

The threat of stealing children?

Targeted Assassinations?

Would you say the left-centered power structure is panicking at what is happening in Canada and now spreading worldwide? Have they not one iota of shame left? Not one shred of anything within light years of dignity? We all know that stolen children and targeted assassinations have been deep state specialties for decades, but now they brazenly lobby for them, without any kind of hesitation, limits, or boundaries on putting it right out there in the open?

This is not good. 

Free speech. Children. Whistleblowers. Freedom fighters. All will be trampled in the headlong rush for holding on to any last shred of dwindling power. The end now justifies ANY means. This is the level of anti-life equation we're dealing with. And it needs to be met with force. With fire. With obliteration. They are on the ropes now, well and truly. Only a few days ago in this space was the prediction that this is the most dangerous time of all, for when they are shown to be vastly impotent before the people is when they will be at their most lethal and treacherous. There has ALWAYS been many of us, so few of them. As Jim Morrison so glaringly put it in words that have been finally taken to heart and come home to roost worldwide:

"They got the guns but we got the numbers/ Gonna win yeah we're takin over."

To whit:

The whole thread is exemplary btw -- especially this:

New Boston globalist shill CHINESE mayor made the mistake of going live on twitter -- results as expected. These people need to be mocked/shamed back into the irrelevance from which they emerged. What a bunch of egotistical, clueless lunatics with positive zero sense of reading the room... 

The herd is being heard from across all quarters -- loudly and with a passion unknown by their 1% handlers. The utter shock must be paralyzing. I certainly hope so, because its been a long time comin'. 

Amid all this the latest game is run for the hills it seems:

See, it's not just for Trudeau anymore! And it's not just individuals, entire companies are doing it:

It's all run run run. Run like hell. Or more to the point, like hell is after you.

Which, come to think of it, might be the point:

And speaking of time folding back on itself:

How in the world else to explain 100% satanic manifestations like this freak virtue-signaling what amounts to child sacrifice: 

As one of the comments in the string said -- once upon a time it was the parents job to protect the children. Now it's suddenly the other way around. More inverting of everything sacred. But that's par for the course also in their system.   

It might also be wise to remember that demons and all manner of angelic beings think 5 and 6 steps ahead, and all this sturm und drang in the zeitgeist could be for a reason that's been in their blueprints all along...

If evidence does emerge that the vaxx has been deliberately engineered with too much of an HIV envelope, and that notch in the equation would mean that mass numbers of the human population, all those vaxxed, are going to be coming down with slow-motion cases of full-blown AIDS sooner rather than later, just what do you think that means in the long run? All out Civil War might be the least Apocalyptic scenario.

What if this means that all those Deagel forecasts come to fruition? What if it means that the long-propped up money system of the US collapses amid bank runs and insurance company fails that make 2008 look like a burp? What if the entire US of A goes down the drain as millions die, companies crater, and life as we know it grinds to a halt? Just what do you think emerges to fill that void in the world?  

A One World Government to the rescue, that's what. The biggest Problem-Reaction-Solution of all. Something that takes up the reins and blows all the Big Pharma-WEF-totalitarian Big Brother forces in the world to kingdom come. Something that will paint itself as our champion but will in reality be worse that all of them put together. Something that truly ushers in the massive control grid-AI-transhumanism era up close and personal for every living thing upon this planet. But the clues were always there and irreversible for all to see: what's in the vaccine. 5G. All the new rules. All those freedoms that we so willingly relinquished and that somehow will never quite be coming back.

The ultimate overthrow of Order by Chaos so that a new Order -- a New World Order -- can be imposed by those that fancy themselves as caring philanthropists and paint-by-numbers do-gooders.

We have to start thinking ahead also, and be gentle as doves, but wise as serpents.

We have them on the run. But that's the exact point when they might be the most dangerous. And where the "like hell" part may come in for us as well as them. Because they're gonna be manufacturing a lot of scorched earth on the way out...

Always be ready for what's next. This appearing from at least 2 different sources now in the last 48 hours:

And because it'sthe waning embers of Valentine's Day, I'm putting the mighty Noel right here for everybody who knows who they are in this exploding Bond film of our lives that's running -- may we all get to where we're supposed to be in our own time and place like a medicine that's tailored specifically for you -- because in a little while this will all be gone, be it a girl, an emotion, or the whole wide world, so cherish every single moment with those around you that you love -- that's the most important thing:










Tuesday, February 8, 2022



We should really be covering the waterfront with this one Irregulars, but first, let's get something out of the way which in all likelihood will prove pivotal: what all the genetic database archiving and ancestry sites are up to. This very much includes places like Ancestry, 23 and me, and many more which are likely merely extensions of the Human Genome Project's ongoing operations. (No, it never ended.)

Set those flux capacitors to their most sensitive, because here we go... 

This includes very much links to the Epstein network (as this area was an obsession of his): the extensive reach of Nicole Junkermann;

the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell's twin sisters Isabell and Christine have deep inroads to datamining consortiums like Magellan, CYREN, Excite, and Chiliad, all well within their scope to retrieve and harvest such DNA data.  

Now, not to go all Archive 81 on you guys, but the purpose of all this seems rather obvious given some perspective of the larger picture: they're looking for something. A clue. A trail. Perhaps a bloodline. A way in to further their agenda. Maybe a way "in" to all of us.

The fact that Christine Maxwell is married to Roger Malina, son of Frank Malina of occult-tinged JPL founding fame and best pal of Jack Parsons, running buddy of Aleister Crowley and also concurrent best friend of Kenneth Arnold, who happened to kickstart the flying saucer wave and mythos with his June 24 sighting in 1947 of 9 glittering crescent-shaped objects flitting about over Mt. Rainier, should also speak volumes about bloodlines and their importance in and to this cult, offshoots of which seem to be surviving, if not even thriving, today:

We see here all of the touchstones of what Jeffrey Epstein was attempting also, lynchpins of both magickal and occult tech which continues down well into the Covid agenda.

Before we leave this phase -- more food for thought:

And let's remember what was written by Dov Zakheim, Jeb Bush, Kristol, Perle & Dick Cheney et al in the Project For a New American Century (PNAC) whitepaper pre-9/11 (Sept 2000): "Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

At that time, the widespread aerosol ops (chemtrails) hadn't even been 2 years in our skies. And what lay ahead?

Something else I'm parking right here that ticks off an amazing number of causality boxes is Art Bell's interview with Rendlesham Forest UAP "experiencer" John Burroughs -- in particular pay attention right at the 59:00 min mark, where the discussion veers into Burroughs' attempt to get at his own highly hidden behind ridiculous numbers of firewalls medical records, which he was able to learn show, because of close encounter brushes with unknowns, major markings in both his DNA and immune systems

This has been and is being monitored for effects on the human immune system and our DNA -- some results which may find their way into current real-world "applications" you might say. Use your imagination as to what those might include.

Just also know this -- MITRE was a major player in whatever went down in that dark Rendlesham forest in 1980. We have seen that before right here:

And what else does MITRE have their hands in that pertains to our investigations right now?

Yes, that's right, MITRE heavily funded Epstein best buddy Charles Lieber:

His work centered heavily on the use of silicon nanowires and nanotubes across multiple vectors -- of which even more will be forthcoming in just a bit below the fold...

And as early as May 2020, MITRE were at the spearhead of Covid contract tracing tech:

How seriously convenient, right?

Just a few more of their "recommendations" from even earlier -- March 2020:

The No.1 imperatives? Social distancing and reducing human-to-human contact

Don't tell me these people don't know EXACTLY what they're doing. And have known since way before this all started.

But now...about that nano-tech. Here is where the dot-connecting gets even more dangerous. And here is where we need to peer in to this excellent research on something long whispered about on the alt-fringe...the dreaded Project Cloverleaf:

So many pertinent factoids surface in this excellent writeup I don't even know where to begin, but let's start with one of the most ominous ones of all: the ubiquitous presence of carbon nanotubes in our ecosystem -- a veritable proliferation of such: 

Many of these are carbon nano-tubes, which can be cultured to produce colonies. They are motile, and continue to live and reproduce outside the body. Carnicom has concluded that their coating is keratin, the durable protein used by insects in their wing casings. The tubules are segmented, with visible structures inside them. Airborne filaments have been identified over and over as carrying unusual biological components. Some of these turn out, amazingly, to be desiccated erythrocytes (red blood cells) –- human, but engineered in such a way as to allow them to survive independently of the human body. Such a thing represents an extraordinary breakthrough: the creation of artificial blood was always the holy grail of biological science, and has been achieved — but kept secret.

In a study of huge significance (and of course receiving an amount of publicity in inverse proportion to its significance through the corporate media), asthma researchers at the University of Paris-Saclay in France in 2016 found carbon nano-tubes in the lung fluid of all 64 children in its sample. This finding left a New Scientist writer grasping at nothing; nor do the experts he quotes possess any context for the information, and they struggle to make sense of it.

“The level at which the nanotubes are present is unclear, as is their source,” writes the author, “although the team found similar structures in dust and vehicle exhaust collected in Paris.” 

From the extensive research of Cliff Carnicom. Essential CC here:


These nanotubes, I might add, have also found their way into subjects suffering with everything from HIV, to Gulf War Syndrome, to Morgellons. And now, of course, the post-vaxxed. Are we sensing the slippery slope of a trend forming here? I know I am. At least I'm seeing a progression...And who just so happens to be a human causal thrulink from HIV all the way down deep into the Covid realm? That's right...Anthony Fauci.

More morgellons info, on the ground running at first sight, right here from the inimitable Jeff Wells from back in the day:

So much water under the bridge since then, eh boys and girls? And yet so much still very much the same:

That lethaltext article also mentions the Carnicom research showing the presence of red blood cells in the chemtrail fallout -- that also here:

That same excellent cyberspaceorbit post also gets into the alarming presence of both unidentified retrovirus markers as well as of course human DNA and brings up the spectre of gene-splicing. Perhaps these vaxxes are just the tail end, pointy-edge of a Black Op that has been ongoing for quite some time now. To my mind at least since vets started to be experimented on with unknown doses of shots and vaccinations during the first Gulf War before being deployed -- whatever was learned there was brought into play during the initial blanketing of North America with the "persistent contrail" bombardment that launched in the fall of 1998...

That just happened to fall concurrently with another phenomenon at the time -- the NEXRAD radar rings -- which in hindsight looks more and more like an early precursor to the laying down of what today we can envision as a 5G grid:

Either that or early work on portal construction. (Nearly all of the "rings" materialized over military installations...)See off-the-charts ELFRAD spikes and radar ring anomalies during this autumn '98 period in the headers...something was going on.

And in case you think these are just painting clouds...think again:

This is a Black Op the bones of which run from 1978/79 to 2000 to now and include vital components like HIV and compromised immune systems as bellwethers -- let's follow the progression:

LSS: Immune systems were first experimented on in 1978-79 during the Hepatitis B vaxx trials in San Francisco, LA and NYC. Aids as we know it today soon exploded in these cities.

Since then:

And how it's going today...22 years later, just how far down the road are we?

Then there is this charming bit of connective tissue from today as confirmation:  

Many, many scientists and researchers were sounding the alarm in the very beginning, saying that Covid itself looked like it was surrounded by an HIV envelope -- so now, for even more efficacy and lethality, they've inserted it into the vaccine.

To recap: AIDS was introduced into the human population via smallpox vaxxes in Africa and hep B vaxxes in the USA. PERIOD. It certainly looks as if that Black Op is continuing today with the Covid vaxx designed to permanently damage immune systems. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

Integral part of the plan ongoing since 2000 -- listen to this insider testimony:


Finally, evidence of foreknowledge -- the groundwork was being laid for both nanotubes and graphene oxide as vaccine ingredients way back in 2013 and 2016 respectively: 

Next on the agenda -- dating the Apocalypse. You will notice both major posts I've linked to here happen to bring up the year 2025, namely by invoking a major whitepaper by the Armed Forces, predicting the year when they will be able to "own the weather."

It just so happen that that year also happens to spring up as central to yet another ominous text:

The fact that this bit of prognostication is not only almost nowhere to be found anymore but is also disappearing from many archive sites is concerning in the extreme and the biggest tipoff from such a source we have yet that something major, dark and unrelenting is afoot. As we have surmised before here on more than one occasion, perhaps something not of this world.

"Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only and I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence." 

"The agenda driving this globally is explicitly transhumanist and so already in every meaningful way, alien to our nature. It would hardly matter at this point if it turns out the man behind the curtain were not actually a man."  Jeff Wells    

As all of these overlapping fields of study begin to align, we can begin to judge of scope and nature of the problem before us, and how gigantic it is. Indeed, without some kind of divine intervention, we may at this point be powerless to stop it. Too much damage has already been done. The time for marching, for true investigation and accountability was back when the vets started getting sick after the Gulf Wars, when our skies started being marked with heavy metals and God knows what else and we were shouted down by clueless idiots that said "Nothing to see here -- this is the way it's always been." 

Many, many knew different, and all we needed were our eyes and senses. Now the demon is  well and truly at the doorstep, and the final pieces of the progression are at hand. 

I love each and every one of you but I beseech you to pray. And pray hard. I sincerely hope the rise of our better angels is also at hand, to combat this rise of the synthetic biologics in our midst. Despite everything, I still remain engaged and excited for an old-time, Hollywood ending. Because we all know how this ends. The only question on this plane of engagement now is: will it be in time for us? What comes next is either the worst of Transhumanism and the vectors of possession or we all march off into the sunset together.

This is what we're here for. What, do ya wanna live forever or something? Those that do are only scared of their ultimate fate.

Always keeping in mind the clarion call of all the Gates and Faucis and Schwabs out there amoung the "philanthropists" who always only wish "to serve man." We all know how hollow that has always rung because we know what it's code for now.

Where are all the Rod Serlings when you really need them?

Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise, Johnny.

But also this late addendum (thanks Phil!!)because there's not nearly enough good news up in this here joint...What an absolutely STUNNING tale and sentiment:

Because sometimes even I forget, it's not the end of THE world, it's the end of THEIR world, and hey, it's all part of the Masterplan.

The answer's in the looking glass...

Seek Joy, take Hope, manifest Love.

All header biosample photos courtesy of Carnicom Research May-July 2000.

Radar ring & ELFRAD data images courtesy of Cyberspaceorbit.