Thursday, December 24, 2020



Merry Christmas everybody!!

A couple of jingles from my misspent youth in the Eighties to guide you on you way out of this weird and crazy 2020, both vastly different and yet somehow very appropriate for this exact point in time; and to each and every reader that made this year bearable, and yes, memorable. You guys are the lights on the dark side of the street.

"Son of shepherd boy, now King

What wisdom can you bring?

What lyric would you sing?

Where is the music of the Seraphim?"

And finally to ring out, had to share a photo that just underscores how animals are at least as noble as people -- if not significantly moreso. 

This made me cry. And gave me hope. Which is what it's all about. 

Let's get together in 2021 so we can do it all over again!! And hey, thanks for standing with me.


  1. Re-post from last:


    The "vaccine" contains nanotechnology which modifies human DNA. But the nanotechnology is much more sophisticated than they say, and is secretly intended to deactivate the "God gene", the gene which allows us to experience spirituality.

    It has been leaked that the Pentagon started experimenting with this back in 2005, using an areosol on Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, hoping that with their God gene deactivated, they would abandon their religious fanatism. Instead, their behavior became even more violent and insane, to the point it became clear they had been possessed by demonic forces.

    No God gene = no "spiritual immune system" = demonic possession without resistance.

    This is why some of the people injected with the "vaccine" suddenly freaked out and started screaming out hysterically, instinctively, "I can't feel God anymore! They've killed God in me!"

    We're talking about "instant repopulation" of the Earth here, just like in the X-Files, except it's not aliens who would take over our bodies.

    The only problem remaining for the real-life Syndicate, for these Satanic freaks conspiring to surrender the human race to an otherworldly power, is simply this: how to get billions of demons to enter our world?

    That's where CERN comes in. The occult symbolism surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is well-known, the strange rituals as well. The giant statue of Shiva the Destroyer, Lord of the underworld in Hinduism; the false acronym CERN being a rare abbreviation for the Cernunnos of the Celtic people, holding in his hand a torque, the key to his divine power, which looks like a modern particle accelerator as seen from above; and the fact that the LHC was actually built upon an ancient temple to Apollyon the Destroyer, the "angel of the Abyss" of the Book of Revelations.

    They are trying build an artificial "key", to open a portal to the "bottomless pit". Billions of invisible fallen creatures being unleashed upon us, like swarms of locusts, or a plague, humanity now devoid of any and all spiritual immunity. These things would simply push our souls out of the way, slip on our flesh and blood like a "person suit"


    1. JB, can we please stop with calling Shiva “the destroyer” and god of the underworld, neither of which any self-respecting Hindu would agree with. Shiva is the witness, your “I”, the most benevolent and fundamental expression of reality there can be. Colonial appropriations are never a good idea, but especially in regards to subtle spiritual understandings. The Nataraj (dancing Shiva) figure, as at CERN, represents the five powers of our own self: creation, sustenance, dissolution, cloaking(maya) and revealing (grace). Use your own discrimination to figure out why they felt that was important, but please refrain from maligning a representation of the highest good because it doesn’t come from your culture.

    2. THEY'RE the ones maligning it, using Shiva purely as a "Destroyer of Worlds", not me. This is an old tradition among physicists, going all the way back to Oppenheimer when he quoted the Hindu scriptures as he witnessed the detonation of the first atomic bomb.

      Write your letter of complaint to those mad scientists over at CERN.

  2. Oh, btw, if you do give a f**k about being protected from Covid-19, the MMR vaccine does the trick. It's the "Mumps" aspect of the shot that protects you.

    Legal and illegal immigrants who are getting sick never received the Mumps Measles Rubella shot.

    That's my "gift under the tree" for ya.

    1. Interesting that's one of the only shots I got because my titers already showed immunity from breast feeding except for measles and I had mumps wasn't too bad. But the funny thing is I found out that they had already given me the shot once in a hospital stay without my knowledge but it didn't give me immunity. (When I why it was given without my consent they said they use the blanket of "treat for infectious diseases" clause in the overall consent but they can't do that with other meds.

  3. Merry Christmas! With love from all of us. You already gave us the best present ever, HOPE that someone's finally fighting for us.
    Here's ours:

    And unfortunately theirs:

    1. JK here's my real present:
      The last three columns show it all you just gotta learn the new math:

  4. JB!!

    Rest assured I'll be sending your first comment here on its merry way to none other than Anthony Patch, since, to my way of thinking, you pack every data point neatly and concisely into one big, perfect smart bomb of truth-telling. Seriously, that hits all the high notes and then some.

    & thanks for that MMR tip -- hey -- remember when the Bradys all had it & it was no biggie?

    & Dginn -- thanks so much my "Fiery" good friend (haha!) -- I'm very happy to be able to supply us all with any kind of ammo we can fight back with -- enough info bombs & we can make some headway today, tomorrow, & always. LOVE that Billy Joel shout out (52nd Street in its entirety is somewhere deep in my DNA, that's for sure.) 1978 was a non-stop flurry of Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, Some Girls, Darkness on the Edge of Town, one-hit wonder Walter Egan with his Magnet & Steel with much help from Lindsay & Stevie, The Who's Who Are You and 52nd Street rounding it out. Whew. What a year. Amazing stuff. Molly Hatchett & Eddie Money were in there too!

    Speaking of Billy, this one now -- wow -- seems pretty much on the head:

    Hey MxMM -- above our new THEME SONG!!!

    1. Anthony Patch? Fame and fortune, here I come!

      If he responds, since I'm "off the grid" more often than not, just tell him he has permission to use all of the material on my blog, especially the comments sections, and to communicate with me that way if necessary (I don't expect much, though).

  5. Wordman! The Nashville explosion happened near a Hooters (Owl), and look at this tall building, right besides, also an "owl":

    1. Here in Nashville, we call it the Batman building. Pretty fitting for 2020.

  6. JB, What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Interesting. Dragon/serpent/lightning... all symbolic of Satan fallen from Heaven.

      Hillary in her Christmas card said "they" would do something "small-scale" this year, the picture on the card of her and Bill was from the 90s, the same year the WTC got bombed (the first time)...

  7. Explosion same center location as nativity, 2nd bend, 2nd Ave.

    1. Thanks JB & Cappy for being on the case this Christmas Day -- "they" never take a holiday off; and neither do we! In fact, much as you both have mentioned about cases like JonBenet Ramsey, Christmas is in fact one of their target dates, & is one of the best indicators that this Nashville Op is meant as a definite signal and/or signifier of what's to come in the continuing operations. Owls, serpents & all the rest are in play as heavy symbolism abounds...

      What is this a "go code" for? Part of the panic in anticipation of imminent enforcement of the Insurrection Act? Would they have even bigger things planned to distract us from their punishment as Trump institutes Constitutional law and finally calls their bluff?

      Don't bet against it. These are the guys that didn't blink twice in unleashing the 9/11 op.

    2. Meanwhile, CERN is on the verge of reinitializing their LHC, at the highest energy levels conceivable, while Saturn is at it's peak of hyper-dimensional geometry, what I like to call "Event Horizon IRL".

    3. Hey all -- check this one out:

      Nashville RV bomb happens this Christmas morn around 7:30 AM EST.

      I've currently nabbed a screenshot of headlines reporting the act saved from 2:27 PM, & their bylines are saying it was reported 20 HOURS AGO. Obvious reporting WAAAAAY before it happened -- shades of Australia having the complete bio of Oswald in their hemisphere before he even DID anything in ours!! Insanity.

      These people are nuts. Oh & the prevailing opinion all OVER social media is that this is just a taste from the Deep State of what's to come if Trump goes in for another 4 years...Threats, false flags, intimidation, bullying, blackmail of physical violence of every conceivable notion. NOTHING is gonna be off the table for these assclowns.

      Even more incentive for our side to start rounding everyone up -- NOW. This shit has got to stop.

      What was the Well-Manicured Man's line from XFiles? "We predict the future...and the best way to predict the future, is to INVENT it." Chilling. That was September of 1995 for God's sake. Just look at the scale of how "art" has imitated "life" since then, eh?

    4. AT & T Building street address is 333.

      333 is the number of Choronzon, Chaos incarnate, the Beast of the bottomless pit.

      Take into consideration the Working at CERN, the public Antifa blood ritual earlier this year openly intended to summon Choronzon, the AT & T Building in Nashville looking a bit like a giant Owl (shades of Bohemian Grove), but people actually refer to this building as "The Eye of Sauron".

      This isn't "black hat" Deep State, since there were NO casualties, they warned everyone well ahead of time. This is in all probability "White Hat", probably tying in to Adam Schiff being arrested at the airport in connection with the Ed Buck horrors. Military is taking some a**holes down, posting pictures of Santa saying "If you've been naughty, it's too late."

    5. Lin Wood CONFIRMED Adam Schiff "having a bad day".

  8. Also guys, this may have been a concerted attack of some kind on our infrastructure. 911 systems are down all over now.

    "NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- 365 Data Centers, one of the top U.S. colocation providers by market presence, DevDigital and Peace Communications today launched the Nashville Internet Exchange (NashIX), the first carrier-neutral, open access peering exchange in Nashville and the middle-Tennessee region. The NashIX is comprised of shared network infrastructure for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers, businesses, research and educational institutions to cost-effectively exchange Internet traffic. The NashIX is located within 365’s colocation facility in downtown Nashville. "

    NashIX's address is officially listed 147 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219 but the servers and data center is located approximately around that block.

    This a prelim attack on The Grid.

    Also there's this view that captured 'something.' Watch in the first couple of seconds of the vid the first lightpost from the left & watch the trail and the explosion almost immediately after:

    Not sure how long that vid is for this world, so watch soon...

    1. JB!!

      I LIKE your way of thinking & that is a VERY good possibility. Maybe fracturing their comms. (If not, at least it makes me feel better on Christmas night!)

      I caught the Shifty Schiff news & also that Wood called out PENCE as a traitor also!

      PS -- something else that lends credence to your theory is that with emerging evidence it's looking more & more like that explosion wasn't from any RV but originated UNDERGROUND. Am checking & will have lots more soon.

      Weren't we all just saying how much life is like a Bond film recently? All I needs now is my Moneypenny!!

    2. I think Lin Wood jumped the gun by calling Pence a traitor. I'm sure you've seen that video of Green Beret Miller getting all choked up when thanking Pence as his mentor, Miller even subtly confirming that some "complex military operations" have secretly taken place VERY recently.

      Pence is known as the "Religious Terminator". I just don't think he was ever really supposed to simply use his constitutional authority with the electoral votes, everything needs to be done on a military level now.

  9. River is map.
    333 is BAt&t Bat buiding, Dark knight. Code Blue - Titan

    Ancient Egyptian version of the holy trinity associated with Sirius included: an obelisk (representing the masculine energy, or Osis) a half circle (representing the feminine energy, or Isis… or ben-ben used as the stone that caps the pyramids) and the five pointed star (representing Horus).

    Memphis - pyramid
    Knoxville - Sunsphere
    Chattanooga - Aquarium - 5 pointed blazing star

  10. Hey JB!!

    Perhaps the only "tell" that makes me wonder about Pence is that, along with The Bushes, HRC, & various other lowlights, HE also received a
    mysterious envelope during the Poppy Bush funeral.

    Might mean nothing.

    Might mean everything.

    Wood historically hasn't just thrown stuff out there without careful deliberation and tons of contributory evidence to back him up. So we're just gonna have to see...he was right all along about Barr when most were still saying "trust the plan."

    Of course given Barr's cover-upperer background in everything from Mena to Iran-Contra to 9/11, that didn't exactly take a rocket scientist!!

    & as you noted prev, I wonder if some of those "complex military ops" cited by Miller didn't just involve what went down (underground) in, do we live in interesting times, or what??!!

    1. A Biden supporter called me a "rscist". I had no idea!

      My ego and worldview = shattered.

    2. I'm actually surprised a Biden supporter speaks in anything other than a series of grunts and clicks.

    3. He kept telling Trump supporters "You lost! You're in a cult! Trump used to rape little boys! Q is a sick f**king cult!"

      It's then I remembered that, according to the "Woke", reason and logic are also racist.

    4. I often wondered if Barr was mentioned in the poppy bush letter... he knows where a Lot of bodies are buried:

      “ Barr, however, is a particularly spectacular and sordid case. As George H.W. Bush’s most notorious insider, and as the AG from 1991 to 1993, Barr wreaked havoc, flaunted the rule of law, and proved himself to be one of the CIA/Deep State’s greatest and most ruthless champions and protectors:

      Barr was a full-time CIA operative, recruited by Langley out of high school, starting in 1971. Barr’s youth career goal was to head the CIA.
      CIA operative assigned to the China directorate, where he became close to powerful CIA operative George H.W. Bush, whose accomplishments already included the CIA/Cuba Bay of Pigs, Asia CIA operations (Vietnam War, Golden Triangle narcotics), Nixon foreign policy (Henry Kissinger), and the Watergate operation.
      When George H.W. Bush became CIA Director in 1976, Barr joined the CIA’s “legal office” and Bush’s inner circle, and worked alongside Bush’s longtime CIA enforcers Theodore “Ted” Shackley, Felix Rodriguez, Thomas Clines, and others, several of whom were likely involved with the Bay of Pigs/John F. Kennedy assassination, and numerous southeast Asian operations, from the Phoenix Program to Golden Triangle narco-trafficking.
      Barr stonewalled and destroyed the Church Committee investigations into CIA abuses.
      Barr stonewalled and stopped inquiries in the CIA bombing assassination of Chilean opposition leader Orlando Letelier.
      Barr joined George H.W. Bush’s legal/intelligence team during Bush’s vice presidency (under President Ronald Reagan) Rose from assistant attorney general to Chief Legal Counsel to attorney general (1991) during the Bush 41 presidency.
      Barr was a key player in the Iran-Contra operation, if not the most important member of the apparatus, simultaneously managing the operation while also “fixing” the legal end, ensuring that all of the operatives could do their jobs without fear of exposure or arrest.
      In his attorney general confirmation, Barr vowed to “attack criminal organizations”, drug smugglers and money launderers. It was all hot air: as AG, Barr would preserve, protect, cover up, and nurture the apparatus that he helped create, and use Justice Department power to escape punishment.
      Barr stonewalled and stopped investigations into all Bush/Clinton and CIA crimes, including BCCI and BNL CIA drug banking, the theft of Inslaw/PROMIS software, and all crimes of state committed by Bush
      Barr provided legal cover for Bush’s illegal foreign policy and war crimes
      Barr left Washington, and went through the “rotating door” to the corporate world, where he took on numerous directorships and counsel positions for major companies. In 2007 and again from 2017, Barr was counsel for politically-connected international law firm Kirkland & Ellis. Among its other notable attorneys and alumni are Kenneth Starr, John Bolton, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and numerous Trump administration attorneys. K&E’s clients include sex trafficker/pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.
      A strong case can be made that William Barr was as powerful and important a figure in the Bush apparatus as any other, besides Poppy Bush himself.”

      So what, pray tell could Trump have to keep this dynamo in semi stasis? Could it have something to do with Barr’s father giving Jeffrey Epstein his first big break? Hmmm...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Merry Christmas Wordman!!! Thank you for the MTV flashback! Made me smile! Martha McQuinn and all the VJs... Whoa that was awesome! I 2nd the Billy Joel Pressie much better...(laughing) and those penquins.... Wordman you know emotions A++ for this quarter! Keep it up!! Hugs with to all MxMM

  12. Ugh... *Pressure and *hugs with love (shakes head shuffles out of Batcave)

  13. Hello and belated Christmas greetings...I am struggling to keep up with you guys, but wordman, JB fwiw I thing you guys are right over the target. Stellar effort and insights!

    I am going out on a limb here and posting something from Jim Stone. He can get a bit hysterical
    At times, and I feel like his recommendations sometimes play right into the hands of fomenting a color revolution (snipers with 22s? Really Jim?). Nevertheless, many times he has great intel, and is willing to admit when he misses the mark— which is rare in his line of work

    “ Quite predictably, after the blast in Nashville stopped a Dominion audit, gun toting white supremacists were blamed.

    This story is developing, but that appears to be where they are taking it, by using a photo of a "white supremacist" with an AR-15 as a scapegoat. Milk it from both sides. Stop an election audit, and ban guns. That's how the left does it, everything is a BIG FAT LIE to make "double efficiency" possible. Kill two birds with one stone. Stop an audit, and bash gun owners. Those BASTARDS. Story developing, but here's the photo they chose to use.


    This can no longer be found because the account has been suspended. They are trying to say this tweet is not legit, however, the fact that it is a photo and not a screen shot proves it's legit, you can put new text into a screen shot fairly easily because the white background is perfectly uniform. You only need to match the font. However, millions of gradients in a photo plus the nyquisting from the pixels on the screen make flawlessly inserting text impossible. This is legit as it gets.
    Update: Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are now onto this. It is not going away.

    The FBI and the rest of the left is SO TRANSPARENT with their bullshit everyone KNEW "gun nut" is where they'd take this, YES, RIGHT WING GUN NUTS ARE SO STUPID THAT WHEN THEY FIND OUT WHERE THE VOTING MACHINES ARE THAT ARE GOING TO BE AUDITED SO THEIR COUNTRY WON'T BE STOLEN, THEY GO AND BLOW THE PLACE UP. HELL, THEY EVEN SACRIFICE THEIR NICE MOTOR HOME TO DO IT, WHEN THEY ARE JUST POOR HICKS. Oh yes, the left and FBI had motives which make blaming gun owners laughably stupid.
    * Enforce election theft
    * Ban guns
    * Save the FBI's @ss by preventing a second Trump term
    * Make motor homes look like a tool of destruction, so they can be banned too. Everyone knows the left HATES THOSE.


    The FBI WAS ON THE SCENE IMMEDIATELY, NOT EVEN SECONDS AFTER THE BLAST, ON CHRISTMAS MORNING, A FEDERAL HOLIDAY, WHICH MEANS THEY DID THIS. They could not possibly have arrived quickly on a federal holiday, let alone instantly. If they did not do this, they'd have taken time to arrive ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. Their INSTANT ARRIVAL on christmas morning says it all. FBI DESTROYED AN AT&T / NSA FACILITY THAT WAS GOING TO AUDIT VOTING MACHINES. THEY DID IT ON BEHALF OF THE SCAMMING LEFT AND IT'S VOTE FRAUD TO MAKE SURE THEIR BUTTS WOULD NOT FRY. And quite predictably, they blamed the American gun owner.
    Rumors of this being a "white hat" operation are BULLSHIT.

    The FBI entered that facility during all of this and removed the machines. the election audit is probably over.“

    p.s. you guys covered the occult sites in Nashville, interesting stuff. Here’s a guy who does tours of the “sacred mysteries” in the city. Apparently Bill Henry is a producer on ancient aliens

    Just to show how far behind the times I am, I didn’t even know there was a cover of the kinks father christmas... it rocks!

    1. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was a bait that Trump & co. laid out for their enemies; indirectly tell them where the Dominion machines would be, wait for the a**holes to show to try to destroy the evidence in a False Flag, shooting ensues, (your theory doesn't account for the firefight, btw), and when Trump's guys win, they let the bomb go off, but with a 15-20 minute warning coming from *AT & T's own "smart lamp-post" technology* (for real, the computer voice came from there).

      The black hats were fooled; the voting machines were never there, it was just a trap, the bomb didn't kill anyone, the evidence is still at an undisclosed location. They probably took advantage of the situation to use as leverage against the FBI later on.

    2. Oh, btw, the patsy's name? Anthony Quinn Warner?

      Anthony Quinn. Warner.


    3. The memorial structures in William H.(Nashville) photos are alchemical symbols for purification.

      As seen on (Hopi) kachina sand paintings and effigy dolls.

  14. Right on the nose JB.

  15. EVERYONE, watch this, they're not even hiding it anymore:

    1. JB!!

      Ohhhh yeesssssss -- brought to you by Ryan Reynolds & Taylor Swift, of who'll I'll have MUCH more to say in the next pending post...

      & who, btw, ties in to NASHVILLE of all places, & very recently.

      Blew. My. Mind.

      The CABAL is everywhere, broadcasting 24/7, & tied in to everything. Their umbrella extends far & wide, as you know.

      But I've said too much already. If you find out what I'm referencing, keep in under your hat & out of the comments; I'm going for maximum impact!! Know I can count on you.

      And re your comment -- NOPE -- not hiding it at all anymore. They are displaying their "colours" quite proudly. Hey, it's what Crowley & Aquino taught them -- I learned that sad fact up close & personal with Peter Levenda years ago in the SS comments section -- as you know. That mask slipping thing.

    2. Yeah, I saw what she posted. Sigh.

      Btw, watching the movie "Tenet" for the first time right now, everything going backwards as time is reversed, it got me thinking about how Satanists are obsessed with reverse-messaging,

      "Yes we can!" being "Thank you Satan!" when played backwards,

      "I can't breathe!" being "Fear Snake yeah!" when played backwards,

      I just realized: Satan is essentially God in reverse, Destroyer instead of Creator. THE FUTURE IS AT WAR WITH THE PAST. "No one can stop what is coming."

    3. From Tenet:

      The villain: "I made a bargain with the Devil. Money for time. We sold our futures."

      The hero: "And now you're about to make the same mistake for the entire world."

      In Tenet, the future wants to literally destroy the past. FIGHT THE FUTURE!

  16. Oh boy -- are we really going here??!!

    GOD = DOG.
    Temple of the Dog.
    Cabal in thrall to Egyptian Gods.
    The NINE. (Members in touch w/alien forces which go on to inspire other folks re JFK Assassination...)
    The Ennead.
    Hoagland's hypothesis re NASA + Dark Mission.
    Crowley's rule to learn to speak/talk/walk/listen backwards.
    The Beatles first spring it on humanity with the very first "back-masked" song: "Tomorrow Never Knows," that Lennon also based on the Tibetan/Egyptian Books of the Dead.
    Influenced mightily the underground London art scene, opened the 'UFO Club!' First house band?:Pink Floyd.

    And on & on we go!! Backwards & forwards in time (Tenet??)
    Can't wait to see it btw.

    1. The Nashville 15 minute warning from the RV, played backwards: "It'll happen in a hurry, Merry Christmas! It'll happen in a hurry, Merry Christmas!"

      (first posted on Citizen Free Press, saw it on Major Patriot twitter and others)

    2. Here we go:

    3. Speaking of secret audio JB -- stay far away from this entire series in the dark chilly hours after midnight when the wind is howling outside:

      Word has it that iamaphoney is someone either deep within the McCartney bubble or is in fact McCartney himself, hence the myriad reasons why all this is constantly being taken down, revamped, then put back up...without a doubt in its entirety leads you to believe that the Beatles were taught and/or accessed a legitimate system of Crowleyan magick that many other humans accessed before them, but not on such a scale. It is Satanic in nature. Paul was the 'sacrifice' that made this satanic system of magick possible for worldwide implementation after 1966. (However, know that this death may only be symbolic in nature & may have more to do with possession.)

      This is all now being revealed in small increments. And these revelations open up way more problems than that Paul 'died.'
      This will touch on apocalypticism, cults, music/film infiltration, mind control by intel services, & the implementation of false philosophies -- on a worldwide level -- of ego-only, service-to-self aggrandizement which is Luciferianism/ satanism at its core. And which we still labour under today.

      It's part of what Dave McGowan was getting at.

      Man, I'm off on a tangent here, but it's a tangent that pertains.....

    4. Really an awesome vid wordman, thank you so very much. I can remember in third grade, carrying my Beatles lunch box to school, arguing with other kids that yes, I HAD TOO read in the newspaper that Paul died in a car wreck! ((Yes, I read the paper in third grade, so there ;-p ))

      With respect to backwards walking and talking and sigillin’, we all have that innate capability:

      “ What is Reverse Speech?
      Reverse speech is another form of human communication that is automatically generated by the brain as we speak. It occurs backwards in speech and can be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. Mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard quite clear grammatically correct sentences that detail what is happening in the unconscious mind of the speaker. If a person is lying in forward speech, their reverse speech may reveal the truth. At deeper levels reverse speech can reveal psychological causes for current issues, whether they be mental emotional or physical.”

      Here is a video of David Oates felling how he stumbled onto reverse speech (his first song he tried as “hey tonight” by CCR; no satanic messages here!)...

      But at about 20:00 in he is recording his 4 Month old daughter, and she is saying “hello” reversed... I got goosebumps, because it supports my belief that the subconscious actively holds a record of everything we experience.

      Here is a playlist of reverse speech from public figures

  17. SORRY GUYS -- I know I'm all over the place tonight, but my next post is growing exponentially with drops like this --

    To which all I can say is -- WHAT THE ACTUAL F_CK????!!!:

    Somebody gets Dave Paulides on the horn like immediately!!

  18. Was it a national park? People go missing in those exponentially! Hugs MXMM

  19. Hey all -- Monday Night 10PM EST update:

    Am just going to say head on over to Lin Wood's twitter page and start scrolling...he's dropping LOTS of bombs about Chief Supreme Ct Justice John Roberts, illegal adoptions, an unhealthy side-eye for young children if not much worse, relationship w/Epstein, and more...all reasons for very compromised votes on important issues -- No.1 being election fraud/treason that Roberts strangely (??) or not so strangely turned a complete blind eye to.


    And like I've always maintained, shut down the child trafficking networks & pedo rings, put all those responsible & involved away for life if not executed, and more than 99% of all our problems mysteriously vanish overnight.

    This really isn't rocket science. Somebody just has to have the cojones to DO IT.

    From our lips to God's ears...

    & on PARLER:

    1. 8 MILLION children disappear throughout the World every year. 3.6 BILLION views a month for kiddie porn on the internet. Get rid of the child trafficking networks and pedo rings, the evil still remains, someone else just takes over the market. Predators are omni-present in nature, especially at the top of the food chain.

  20. Hey tru3!!

    Re your comment above about Barr's backstory, this, from the great Alan Moore, fills in MANY of the blanks, as well as getting into the entire "Enterprise" & "Secret Team" proceedings, of which Barr is so up-close-&-personal with:

    Like an old-time radio show, it's an hour well spent listening to in the dark before bed. (Btw the swimming pool filled with blood imagery was borrowed by none other than Radiohead for the cover of KID A in 2000.) Always clued-in & WOKE those gents were...

    1. I listened to it... a tour de force!

      It caused me to reflect on an “operator”, one who hurt someone i love more than my life; the word “groomed” was used to describe their relationship...

      I heard many stories about this man, and you would never know he worked for the outfit.

      But she did.

      And when I thought about this man, while listening to Alan Moore, I thought of all the minions, all over the world, monsters doing the bidding of monsters.... then I remembered hearing this:

      If you have ever heard Patrick Willis read anything, you will know the feeling of his resonant voice... a perfect counterpart to Alan Moore in both tone and context.

      And Visible cuts to the bone, as usual

  21. And JB, I heartily agree with your comment above about this evil always continuing & popping up everywhere -- they're like roaches & seemingly have the same kind of shelf life...

    Which is why this entire issue needs HEAVY de-incentivizing...
    Take away any statute of limitations -- make ANY offense against a child a Capital Crime along the lines of TREASON: you get caught, you forfeit your life. No exceptions.

    This hard line would make even any Rockefeller/Rothschild think twice -- is feathering your nest worth your life? If we track any of these ops back to you, we kill you. Period.

    Make an example of these animals the way the Native Americans used to do: dare to touch a child inappropriately & you were given a one-way ticket via a long walk out into the deepest woods, from which you never returned.

    They had no problems with such justice. Neither should we. It's a life for a life at that point.

    None of this normalization/ I can't help it bullshit. You CAN & you WILL help it -- or else. Line in the sand is needed -- nothing else is going to make it now.

    1. When's the next mind-blowing, dot-connecting article, btw?

    2. Btw, if the bad guys win, I fully expect to hear this quote in the future:

      "I can't wait to have sex with my 3-D printed flesh and blood "girlfriend"! The salesman told me it was like having sex with a newborn baby! And you can even eat them afterwards!"

    3. Dude -- you AIN'T RIGHT!!! And by that I mean not that you're not correct, but you AIN'T RIGHT!! Haha! & as far as that next salvo, would you believe....New Year's Eve?!! I'm off work at 3:30 pm that day -- so that gives me, what -- a good 8 hours before midnight??
      Sounds about right. Lots of "outlining" & brainstorming before then, so will just have to put it together & find some cool images.

      The things I DO for you guys!! (Just kidding -- you know I adore you lot!) You all are getting me thru. See ya's on the docks in a few.....

    4. I often wonder what this "job" of yours might be, since everyone I know lost theirs, either temporarily or permanently.

      I like to imagine you're a lumberjack, like Nicolas Cage in "Mandy".

    5. My man, you are Hi-LAIR-ious!!!! We gotta launch this Hope & Crosby thing on the road & see where it takes us!!

      In my past life I was actually an insurance investigator (think Banacek.) Now -- true story -- I am an integral cog (or so they tell me) in a proshop at a tennis club deep somewhere in the wilds of VA...or as I like to call it, professional cat herder. Except the cats could all buy & sell me 100 times over. Kind of like a waking nightmare. But it pays the filet-o-fish bills. Or crabby patties as Spongebob would call 'em.

      I do LOVE the lumberjack idea. Maybe not the Cage version altho I'm treading perilously close to that emotionally psychedelic unhingement lately...maybe a stint at the Great Northern!!

    6. JB you made me gag with that comment, God help us!
      Let me know if you get an answer to that burning question I'm still looking into and And someone took "move heaven and earth to find out" a little too literal.

    7. If you do decide to chop wood, my advice is to avoid Lumberton ;-)

    8. A tennis club. I never would have guessed. I used to be an expiration agent (a guy who goes pharmacy to pharmacy, finds all of the expired products, empty boxes of stolen products, files reports to the big companies for refunds). I got SO MUCH pu**y with that job, like a rock star. ;)

      Dginn, what "burning question" is that?

    9. Expiration agent sounds like Matrix code for a hitman -- or being in the "cleaning" business!! Haha!

      Ahhhh, the rock star daze....the stories we could tell...given those edge-skirting, boundaries? what boundaries? times shouldn't we all be dead by now? More lives than a cat I think we have.
      More up & down, over & out tales than Sinatra!!

    10. You're tripping me out... (love every sentance) hey Wordman these comments are giving this blog a show!! Hugs MXMM

  22. For people (Sage of Quay, &c...) who want to portray the Beatles as a satanic mass control operation of some kind, I'm surprised the focus is always so fixed on McCartney. Maybe those people just hated Wings or the solo years or something. But I rarely see them delve into George Martin. Why is that? Also, it's very much of a piece with that skein of Islam in which all music is haram. And food needs to be heavily regulated. Anything that perturbs the steady state of contemplation of Allah's munificence must be totally controlled. You recognize this kind of thinking. The Beatles give you joy. Therefore they must be literally tools of Satan. Or Tavistock. Which are the same thing, right?

    1. Lady Gaga truly is satanic. The Beatles are just plain light-hearted fun. Marylin Manson tries too hard. I only listen to Florence + The Machine personally.

    2. GREETINGS again PVH!!

      The old sweet-n-sour routine of McCartney-Lennon masked many things. Paul was always the one that was the boundary pusher behind the 'cute' facade. (intense interest in Crowley) Lennon was just a street kid along for the ride by comparison. Look into the Indica Gallery days & what went on there. The Beats by dint of being the spearhead immediately aft the JFK assassination get the most time under the looking glass of social engineering (A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...)

      Geo Martin by all means should not be overlooked -- a Tavistock line all the way. The Beats were designed to trade in joy & fun on the heels of Dallas; usher in a New Age complete w/collective grafting on of an entire new 'drug' culture.

      They will also always, for better or worse, be inextricably tied into the Tate-Polanski-Manson nexus; & let's never forget the Process Church that lurks like the largest shadow imaginable behind it all, & with that I include Rosemary's Baby, Anton LaVey & the White Album in the mix w/its huge doses of back-masking. (more Crowley)

      Hard to remember but so much was happening in the mid-late 60s into early 70s that traded so heavily in the occult: the fact that all the serial killers, assassinations, & mind control ops only were subsets of each other didn't help...& people tend to forget that the Process, aft they were thru with the likes of Manson & Sirhan Sirhan, spiraled off into the Son of Sam affair, and when that ended, the Atlanta child murders, in a time & place where John Ramsey & then VP Geo HW Bush figured prominently
      also...ever see MINDHUNTER on Netflix? Compared to where it COULD have gone, you get the feeling David Fincher is a mere gatekeeper!! Put me or George from CAVDEF as a creative consultant on that show & watch people's minds get BLOWN!! Haha!

      Of course that would never make the air....but somewhere Dave McGowan would be smiling broadly!!

  23. Holy s**t, guys! Lin Wood is NOT pulling punches tonight!

    1. Where these sick people belong:

    2. LET US NOT FORGET, however, that Lin Wood defended JonBenet Ramsay's "family" in the defamation suit. EVERYONE has shared loyalty, has shook hands with the Devil.

  24. Hey Everyone, tell me what you know about Howard Hughes digging on him right now and all of you are better with information than any book info! You all are off the charts in knowledgeable! Can anyone give me some insight? Please? Thanks

    1. Sorry, he's not a historical character I've ever studied, maybe you could watch the DiCaprio movie "The Aviator" (also, Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark, was based on him in the Marvel movies).

    2. and another thing - there was always talk about him funding or being engaged with CIA plots .... like using his offshore rigs to hide secret US undersea missile silos.
      Here's another version of it (some info is newer)


  25. Replies
    1. Thank you JB,
      Yes, Elvis has left the building @ 72
      I disagree with CK on the monoliths

      The song "Downtown" - Busy street



    4. The other truck.

      Does any of this ring a Bel?

    5. This was filmed @ Cumberland Caverns in Nasville, Aka Cedars of Lebanon.

      FF to 17:20


    7. Do you see it?

    8. Study the pictures Dginn.





    13. Let me know when your done with your study.

    14. ? Kinda feels like either your f***ing with me or a weird programming?? Lol

    15. After 15 more minutes studying the last one I think I need more time.

    16. Lol!! I'm not fucking with you, I posted this shit over at SS blog but a apparently nobody understood what I was getting at.

    17. No offense Capri, but just spit it out already, using WORDS. Guessing games with pictures are subjective.

    18. Bare with me I'm typing on a "3 x 2" phone screen. Long story short, people that are not paying attention to all the Q stuff are doing themselves a great disservice in trying to understand all this stuff.

      All of this will lean more to what Zod has been posting.
      Give me a few, gotta search some pics.

    19. First, I don't believe Native Americans built the older mounds in the US. They are Celtic in nature. The mounds are arranged in a way that reflects our cosmos. The nine dot grid represents this.

      The older mounds are mostly built next to rivers. Also the river had 3 bends. Think snake mound.


      The center three dots represent the galactic center, the great river (milky way) is how they described it.

      3 dots (mounds) on one side of the river.
      3 dots (mounds) on the center.
      3 dots (mounds) on the opposite side.

    20. Pool tables reflect this also. Think folding pool table (mirror) pool tables are important because they keep popping in Q postings, Kubrick movies, and Jeff Buckley posters.

    21. Pool tables are laid out just like indian mounds.

    22. Keep in mind that the mounds they dug up next to rivers had a male or female buried at the top and bottom of these mounds. It really depends on what side of the river the mound is located. The person buried at the bottom of the mound was buried upside down.

    23. The 9 dot matrix (mounds) is the "kraken"
      Squid (include the head)
      Octopus (include the head)
      or Whale.

    24. What about the Leviathan, the Lord of the Labyrinth? You know, Leviathan, the God of Flesh, Hunger and Desire? Where does he fit in?


    25. Other memes or symbols that reflect the Kraken.

      Kubricks space station (computer terminal)
      Ogham letter U
      Tennessee flag (stars and bars)
      End of beal street in memphis. (Bel)
      The three division's of Tennessee
      Logos of Q twitter accounts (3 rings) 0r stars.

    26. Y'all think Buckley entered the water where some ancient mounds used to be?

      I do.

      Zoom in on the poster.

    27. Sin - e' ....... ?

    28. Look at it again.

    29. So what's on the other side of the river from Memphis (Beal) bel st.


    31. One last thing and I'll stop posting. Ogham script begins and ends with a symbol that looks like a (Y). I was looking at Lidar pics of the area of the Mississippi in and around Memphis.

      I got the impression that the specific area around Memphis could/may have been oghamn script laid out with mounds all along the river between the (Y) breaks. I think it was about 20 miles from Y to Y.

    32. Capricorn you got to me I was trying so hard to figure out what you were getting at that last night I dreamed that I was talking with these unseen beings and one was going by capricorn and they were saying I don't understand why you can't see us we've done everything we can about collapsing the ninth demension to the sixth and third for you and then one of them realized my birthday is ones and elevens and then they showed me an ace and said black jack and I woke up. wtf?

    33. 3rd - 6th - 9th = classic deal with the Devil, simply known as a 3/6/9 deal, in which you get one wish granted now, a second three years later, the third three years after that; on the 9th year, your soul is due.

    34. # mound/pound is nine dots. Bel st. Last time I posted this stuff my computer melted down and my phone went dead. I'm poor. Lol!!

      I'm thinking 777 (three ring circus)
      cubricks space station helps you see.
      Empty slots air/spirit = 21
      Ogham letter U x 3 = ?

      Posted a few things on the other side.

    35. To help you to visualize the grid of 3,6,9 / 9,6,3

      7 diamonds x 3

    36. Help me out here JB.
      Jan 6 2021

    37. I'm "wandering around in the dark" with all this "mound" stuff you're posting and re-posting, but 777 is the number of the Biblical God as well as the Great God Pan, and as for Jan 6th, I wouldn't be surprised if they nuke D.C. to instantly get rid of millions of the most patriotic patriots in one place. Either that or a tsunami blamed on the Russians.

    38. Lol JB. There's a date I figured out where the age of almost everyone I know will be a prime number except for me I'll be a twin prime. My brain was bored one day while I was driving. We still have a couple years until it comes.

      I can't find it linked with a devil's deal though was that a joke? Though half of crap I've heard from LOA is straight from Crowley especially the one's saying they are channeling as if it's all coming from the same source.

    40. I also got bored one day, and considered the possibility that I'm still dead, trapped in the Abyss, and everything since early 2011 is my own personal purgatory intended to make me abandon all hope. If this is the case, according to what I've read on the subject, I'll be set free after I've spent 1/3 of the years of my life down there. After calculating very precisely it means that on January 10th, 2021, I'll know for certain. If the 11th I wake up and I'm still here, then yes, I did escape from the Abyss all those years ago and return to life. Otherwise, my time in the bottomless pit will be over, free to begin my spiritual life in the spiritual world.

    41. No, the "3/6/9" truly is a standard deal with the Devil, from French/Catholic stories, CENTURIES ago.

    42. After this summer I've been seriously considering that I'm in pergatory, or a simulation or they're one in the same. Though my friend is considering that she entered a lower level of heaven versus her life before. But no offense but I don't think that she's led a better life than me, but she's older and had a much more traumatic childhood my dad is of the opinion that you can choose on some level how to receive your bad karma punishment like all at the beginning, spread throughout your life or saved to the end. I haven't looked into Catholicism enough to understand how pergatory works. But recently I have had the exact opposite of punishment that I received years ago righted as a reward this year.

    43. I've also experienced this year being on the opposite side of what was done to me and refused to turn the tables to get revenge though I knew they wouldn't think twice about doing it again and would never know if I did or didn't. Then to make it even weirder I realized that the same person was given the opportunity to do it AGAIN to someone else and they actually told me about it beforehand and I tried to talk them out of it. But she said "no they deserve it" and went ahead and did it, unfortunately some people will never learn.

    44. No, the "3/6/9" truly is a standard deal with the Devil, from French/Catholic stories, CENTURIES ago.

      Posted this further up.
      The 9 dot matrix (mounds) is the "kraken"
      Squid (include the head)
      Octopus (include the head)
      or Whale.

      "... I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. Above it stood the seraphim: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.

      Include the head (face). Then,...Circle the square include the feet.

    45. Of Zod is correct it would be 369963 and not 36963.
      Look at the pool table again, it folds in the center.

    46. Cap your last link won't load for me for some reason it brings me to this:
      Scrolling down dominion caught my eye:
      "The Dominion postpones its final offensive to deal with Damar's uprising of the Cardassian military"

      When I read the link I thought it was angles not angels and was reminded of this:
      While I'm at it thought I'd repost this:

    47. JB as to the thing with your godson I've gotten the distinct impression that some of my reality unintentionally makes some of my loved ones shared reality an undeserved hell and it almost feels like because of this they are only inhabiting this hell or purgatory vessel for my benefit and for others it's the opposite and they get a "vacation vessel" from pergatory while I interact with them. Though I don't know what I could to do to make any of it line up correctly like a Rubik's cube maybe that's what Cap is getting at. And maybe when the timelines are righted you are reborn as young James in a dimension where all this is but a memory and you'll only be an example to him. But if we consider all the interdimensional what ifs our brains might melt.

    48. Hope this helps.

      123456789 - 987654321 saraphim
      + 2 Archangels (left/right) + God (center)
      God has two aspects.

      888 cycle complete
      999 return to sender (center)

      777 - three rings of creation = 21

      Ogham letter U x 3 (3 rings),
      20 letters in Ogham alphabet
      The 21st letter has two aspects (left of right)


    50. Also, and this is speculation, The three rings of creation converge at Orions belt to form a tube. There are Petroglyphs all over this planet that show some sort of event that took place and the people on the ground could see creation in its entirety.

    51. This brings to mind the Jeff Buckly poster.

    52. We are not in purgatory. Like CK said, we are upside down.
      Behind enemy lines so to speak. Look at the pool table again, it folds at the center.

      Yes Dginn, rubick's cube. Awesome!!

    53. I apologize for spamming your thread Wordman. Thanks for the platform sir.

      Found this interesting website.
      Scroll threw the pictures and zoom in.

  26. Wordman's next article being finished RIGHT NOW, being posted TONIGHT!

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  29. Today.