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"Bodies tend to focus." Richard C. Hoagland  

Disclaimer: This post is in no way reflective of what I may or may not believe happened at Waco. All we can do is present circumstantial evidence that lies strictly within the subjective realm. At this point, without a coming forward or a deathbed confession, we are likely to never know. 

However, that said, there is MUCH here that points straight toward a viable alternative history, and one that, much like 9/11 and other landmark "signaling" events, makes far more sense than the "official" rubber-stamped story that we are all supposed to swallow without any questions being posed as to what may have really happened.

I do know that the Government forces were all too willing to blare this song as a psyop and a form of torture to keep those within the walls of the Branch Davidian compound sleepless and indoctrinated on nights without end before the finale...(thanks to Art Bell back in the day for alerting me to this): 

You keep playin where you shouldn't be playin/ And you keep thinkin that you'll never get burned/

Well I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah/ And what he knows you ain't had time to learn....  

As always, the choice is yours and yours alone to make as to what really happened that sunny morning on the hot, dusty, windswept Texas landscape 30 years ago the dateline of April 19th.

As a precursor and before we begin the dive, you might want to brush up here, as it proves a sister piece to what you are about to encounter:  

And now, take my hand, the secret history of Waco lies just ahead....

As a table-setter, let's first see that Vernon Howell (David Koresh) began his religious journey as a Seventh Day Adventist. Indeed, the Branch Davidians themselves were offshoots of the Seventh Day Adventists:,that%20to%20the%20Millerite%20movement.

In researching what would transpire at Waco, and what possible motives there may have been on all sides, this strikes me as important:

During the above vid with the legendary Bill Cooper and Linda Thompson, one of the first serious Waco researchers, you will learn that none other than Jolly West was brought in as a psych "consultant" during the Siege, which should automatically raise all sorts of red flags...

Now looking at this document, and certainly knowing his CV, with West's involvement (much as with the Manson family members at the height of Haight Ashbury prior to the Tate murders, where West also miraculously found himself administering to them), the Seventh Day Adventists had been singled out:


"Project Operation Whitecoat (POW), as it was called, was a code name for an alliance between the US Army and the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church to provide an alternative means by which Seventh-Day Adventists could serve their county militarily.

This alternative means of service meant that Seventh-Day Adventists would become the subjects of military medical research."

Could Koresh as a teenager have been caught up in this? Waco and deep ties to MKUltra?? Perish the thought... 

Also per that Cooper-Thompson vid, the information emerges that there were British spyplanes brought in to "observe" during the Siege -- why such international involvement for a small cult uprising on the faraway Texas plains? Unless there was something of international import that certain powers-that-be were desperate to keep under wraps...see also "The British Connection" in that digitalcommons upload above. All of this, and much more, points to something major underfoot in the backstory of Waco that has gone unreported and certainly uninvestigated to this day. 

So what WAS going on that could have marked a small religious cult as such a target of Federal overreach? Word of warning, what you are about to read has been uploaded, removed, and uploaded again too many times to count since the advent of the internet -- yet thru the actions of many determined individuals, this story persists: 

Ask yourself why, with Koresh under constant Federal surveillance in the weeks and months prior to what happened -- the Feds didn't know that they could have picked him up during any one of his daily sorties into town to pick up groceries and supplies for the compound along with others. Situation diffused and children gotten out of harm's way (if that was the excuse they were using...) So why didn't they seek the kinder, gentler way out? 

Because they needed escalation to provide them with the excuse to do what they were going to do all along, that's why.

Reno, in subsequent weeks after the conflagration, admitted that she had been "misinformed" and "misunderstood" the abuse situation which provided the pretext for the raid in the first convenient. (We would all come to learn their playbook in subsequent decades ALWAYS includes the rule "Always accuse your enemy of that which YOU are guilty of.") Then, sadly and to our detriment and the detriment of the truth, we took things at face value...

Taken from the site that has been removed:


1. Two of the Branch Davidian village members had been able to hack into the

Pentagon/CIA/FBI Black Ops databases, and discovered that the CIA with the

utilization of the CIA's Buffalo Airlines, were daily transferring Cocaine,

laundered money, special operations agents, kidnapped children for CIA

pedophile programs, and arms at the World War Two runway that bordered the

Branch Davidian Village.

2. The entire village knew about the CIA's Buffalo Airlines activities that

tied directly to George Bush Senior and his direct involvement with the

CIA, the Mafia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa

Rica, Mexico, Peru, and other global locations, that included the global

elites intelligence operations, banking operations, drug transfers, arms

transfers, child pedophile kidnapping and transfers, aircraft refueling,

and global money laundering network.

3. In all of the Waco documentaries, all of the documentaries reveal that

parked in front of the Branch Davidian village main building were observed

several high speed go carts that were used by the branch Davidians who

were carrying out the surveillance of the government Buffalo Airlines

activity at the airport that bordered the Branch Davidian village, in

order to identify and to log the Buffalo Airlines schedules with the two

Branch Davidian members retrial of the CIA's Guns for Drugs transfers that

were going on daily.

4. The Branch Davidian village members surveillance of the CIA Guns for

Drugs transfers were known to the CIA due the CIA computer security having

traced the hacking back to the Branch Davidian Village. Take note: the

main incendiary device that was used by the Special Forces attack on the

Branch Davidian Village was brought about where the commanders of the

genocide were under the direct orders to take out the computer room first

and then kill all of the inhabitants, and then use this genocide as warning

to any one else who may want to tamper with the CIA/Mafia/global elites

clandestine drugs/money/arms/kidnaping operations.

5. The whole idea as to why the CIA/Mafia/government needed to burn the

Branch Davidian Village down, and kill all of the peaceful inhabitants

was to destroy the computer files, and kill the witnesses to the

CIA/Mafia/George Bush Senior/elite global banking drugs/arms/money/

pedophile programs that were operating at the World War Two runway by

the CIA's Buffalo Airlines.

6. The Waco siege BATF/FBI/CIA/Military/State Department/Pentagon/Mafia,

commanders directives were to burn the village, and murder as many of the

Branch Davidian Village members as possible, and destroy all of the


7. The Japanese American contract FBI sniper (one of four of the government

snipers who were used to kill off the fleeing women and children from the

burning Branch Davidian village complex) named Lon Horiuchi was the same

sniper who had murdered Weaver's wife at Ruby Ridge Idaho. Lon Horiuchi

like most FBI/CIA elimination operatives had been psychological profiled

by the FBI/CIA for hating white Caucasians due to his having grown up in

World War Two internment camp.

8. It was noted that the very first day of the Waco siege that David Koresh,

and two of the other members had appealed to the attacking special military

operation that they had the computer discs and they would turn them over to

the BATF Special Forces commander and surrender, if the attacking force would

cease fire. The commanders were under orders to kill as many of the

inhabitants as possible and destroy the complex for three reasons, (A)

So there would be as few witnesses as possible to the CIA/Mafia Buffalo

Airlines Guns for Drugs operations, (B) To let this be a warning to any one

else who may want to mess with the elites global arms, drugs, and money

laundering activities, (C) The elites are alleged practice Satanic type

sacrifices and the murder of the Branch Davidian village was a good

opportunity to make a sacrifice.

9. Take note: Part of this warning was to warn any one else who may be

have considered hacking into the government databases, whereas, the two

Branch Davidian members had been continually entering into the pentagon/CIA

Black Ops databases, and they were able to keep track of the drugs/laundered

money/arms/kidnaped children/agents/ transfer that was going on. The high

speed go carts with radio communication were able to stay under the runway

radio, and the Branch Davidian village was observing and keeping track of

the George Bush CIA/Mafia/elite's global money laundering operation that

was going on

Mirrored here:

So what kind of proof is there for anything even close to this going on? 

Well, the curious case of Paul Wilcher, for one:

Wilcher's determination, according to his white paper submitted to Janet Reno, was that Koresh, (and perhaps others) in the compound, after studying their backgrounds and contacts, were meddled with; mind-controlled "sleeper" agents that had gone rogue.

"Waco was a "Open Eyes" operation. There were seven "sleepers" in the compound. These seven "sleepers" had been programmed to carry out a specific job. The specific mission was written into their personalities during Level 4 programming. They had not yet received their Level 5 programming, and should not have been capable of being triggered to carry out their the Level 4 programmed mission.

The Davidian group was created to perform a terrorist acts similar to the sarin gas that was released in the Japanese subway by the Aum Shin Riko cult.

Shortly after the Waco holocaust, attorney Paul Wilcher was briefed on the Waco mind control operation by members of the Delta Force Group that oversaw the programming operation. These men were sent in to neutralize only the 7 "sleepers". Their programming had somehow been prematurely activated, and they were creating a device for mass destruction."

Excerpted from page 4 of The Wilcher Report: Mass Murder at Ranch Apocalypse

"Thursday, March 11th, 1993--12 days after the initial BATF raid on Sunday, February 28th-when I received initial information:

(1)That "cult" leader David Koresh had an extensive CIA background.

(2) That he was known in CIA circles as a " sleeper" --someone who had been subjected to extensive CIA "mind control" training and programming.

(3) That it was not just a mere coincidence that all these events were occurring in or near Waco, TX--since Waco is a major center for such CIA "mind control" experimentation and programming-with much of this activity occurring at the CIA's Leadership Management Institute (LMI) in Waco."

Mysteriously, Wilcher's hours were numbered after placing his results in Reno's hands...his death to this day not only remains highly suspicious, but also strangely uninvestigated. One more martyr on board the already-packed Clinton Express.

Lest you think we've fallen far too far down the Jason Bourne rabbit hole, just wait -- there's more...

How about the weirdness of what happened to Sonny Bono after this exchange?:

Oh nothing, he just basically flew into a tree on the bunny slopes at warp speed and died of extensive trauma to the face and head:

Of course as you can see, Sonny was hip deep in any number of things that could have gotten him killed, but he was also quite determined to find out the full extent of what happened at Waco, especially for the sake of the children that perished there. He likely paid for that determination...

According to basic FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) documentation, survivors of the inferno were fired upon when running out of the compound:

Straight into the line of sight of those who had "nothing but their best interests at heart..." and had for weeks sworn they wanted only to resolve the situation peacefully. So much for that.

And it wasn't just the FBI/ATF forces, DELTA Force and the Army played a huge part in the proceedings also:,on%20the%20Branch%20Davidian%20compound.

Which brings us to Vince Foster and a lot more confirmations:

Foster before his mysterious suicide-that-wasn't (yet another one) was said to be ready to testify that the entire Waco end-stage affair was all the result of the actions of Hillary Clinton. She alone gave the final decision to burn them, and he was privy to this decree.

Then there is the fact that the Penn State scandal wound up hiring the notorious "fixer" Louis Freeh, handler on both OKC and Waco fronts, to be the cleaner for the entire Second Mile fiasco:

When you need a famous pedophile ring cover-upper, hey, you go with what you know, right?

You will learn more in these fantastic docs:

(The Vince Foster angle appears here at the 1:30:00 mark.)

Listen in that second one, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, at the 1:05:00 mark at just how blatantly Koresh was lied to in the standoff on the issue of being fired on from weaponry in helos...

Also somewhere in there you will find Lon Horiuchi, the same FBI sniper that fired on and killed Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby at Ruby Ridge also was firing into the compound during the standoff. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they waited 50 days to kill all those men, women and children. Especially children. On that SPECIFIC day of April 19th.

By fire

Ritual sacrifice, anybody? 

Now remember whose decision this was. Now remember the Clinton-Podesta emails. Now remember pizzagate, and the contents of Anthony Weiner's laptop. And the fact that 9 of the 12 NYPD police officials that viewed its contents while it was in their custody have committed suicide.  

You, dear reader, have seen much, much evidence here that the vast majority of the American public has either forgotten, or was never privy to in the first place...

Perhaps everything is on the up and up, and is just as every government official has always told us it is, and this all amounts to nothing...

But what if just any portion of this is true? What if there is an entire secret history of mind control, intelligence sleepers, child sex rings, sinister forces, and alternative theories bursting with validity right in our midst -- news of which we have been conditioned not to hear and ignore as conspiratorial ravings? 

Because then we have a secret history that's secret with our complicity. 

On this anniversary of the death of all those people in that conflagration, as well as our rights as US citizens to assemble and live freely, rights that every day disappear a bit more and more on every assault front from the technological to the spiritual, let's think long and hard about that.

Then perhaps the legacy of Waco won't have been for nothing.

Standin on the front porch, lookin left and lookin right

The bloodhounds out to get me I already feel the bite

The rules of the road state to hate those who hate

Sleeping in wet coffins frozen warnings melt away

The billboards on the highway are the prophets of today

The roadkill speaks in poems thru ads and thru campaigns

The warden has his rifle and the sniper's like an owl

I'm hiding in the tall grass with God and Vernon Howell...


Saturday, March 25, 2023



"In the 11th hour, whose name did you call?

Ain't it funny how all the rest don't mean a thing at all

And baby where you been to, it's down to you and me

No more foolin around, the pressure's on now, what's it gonna be?

You're under the gun

Can you still deliver, after all these years?

Don't ya feel abandoned, let's see who's standin after the smoke clears

And how does it feel baby, to taste your own sweat

Your skin is crawlin, your mama's callin but you ain't safe

You're under the gun...c'mon

In the 11th hour, you find out what you're made of

Gather your strength, you've got what it takes to protect the things you love

We're runnin out of heroes, so what you gonna do?

We can't wait forever, I got bad news they're all waiting for you

You're under the gun..."

"The fields of Eden are full of trash/ And if we beg and we borrow and steal we'll never get it back

People are hungry, they crowd around/ And the city gets bigger as the country comes beggin to town

We're stuck between a rock and a hard place

This talk of freedom and human rights/ Means bullying and private wars and chucking all the dust into our eyes

And peasant people, poorer than dirt/ Are caught in the crossfire ain't got nothin to lose but their shirts

We're in the same boat on the same sea, and we're sailin South on the same breeze

Building dream churches with their silver spires, and our rogue children are playin loaded dice

Give me the truth now, don't want no sham/ I'd be hung drawn and quartered for a sheep just as well as a lamb..."

"Lunatic fringe, I know you're out there/ You're in hiding and you hold your meetings/ I can hear you comin' I know what you're after/ We're wise to you this time/ We won't let you kill the laughter

Lunatic fringe in the twilight's last gleaming/ But this is open season, you won't get too far/ cause you've gotta blame someone for your own confusion/ We're on guard this time against your final solution..."

"In the Bible Mama Cain slew Abel,

But East of Eden Mama he was cast

You're born into this life payin'

For the sins of somebody else's past

Daddy worked his whole life for nothin but the pain

Now he haunts these empty rooms, rattling his chains

You inherit the sin, you inherit the flame..."

What if there was something huge and entirely metaphysical taking place in your midst that sought to alter all human history and possibly even reality itself? What if it was taking place in plain sight but behind the occluded scenes of Netflix and mortgages and everyday work and morning coffee? 

What if there were powers-that-be, possibly in league with this metaphysical something, seeking to install advanced tech within you that linked back to this metaphysical something and would enable a forced communication between you and it, and thereby transform humanity as a whole? 

If not inextricably linked with this metaphysics realm itself, this nano and quantum technology, self-assembling and transforming when exposed to certain electro-magnetic fields, exhibits at the very least behaviours and side effects which place it well within the parameters of the metaphysical, if not paraphysical (or once outright supernatural) as we will continue to see... 

We may be living out an era that has been eons in the planning --  all of the MKUltra experiments, all of the secret DOD planning commissions and meetings from Projects Grudge and Blue Book up to the ones we still have no knowledge of, all of the DARPA steering committees...all of the little side furloughs like Manson and Jonestown...all of the clues that began pouring in (perhaps quite literally) with CERN...all of that giving them answers that led up to a rollout in late 2019 and 2020 that would lead to a premeditated fear campaign which would have the greater mass of mankind ignorantly begging for something which they wanted to get inside us all along. To catapult "the plan." To prepare the way. For something that the Mayan elders and shamans sought to commune with and summon when sacrificing their people on the tops of the pyramids. For something the Egyptians knew when pointing their interior great pyramid shafts at Orion's belt and Sirius. We, with technology majorly underwritten by child-molesting and (yes) sacrificing monsters, may be closer than ever to this final goal of communion with non-human intelligences. And the carrying out of the goals in the construction of an agenda those intelligences have for us, the hated man with the visage of God.   

Murder, it's just a dimension away...

Take particular note of the testimony from the 28:00 minute mark onward for our purposes...

And previous headlines like this one from 2015 during one of the prior CERN startups:

Or this:

What if the evidence has always been all around us?

Tonight we are going to continue to connect the dots, quantum and otherwise, and see where it leads us on this path of totality and dominance.

"We're gettin calls to run up on the bridge wing and let us know if you see anything. Then they'd give us an angle and say 'Do you see anything out there?' A few times we even turned the ship, and I recall saying 'What are we lookin for?' And they'd say 'The Nimitz has got some strange contacts.'"  Sean Cahill

It certainly appears that there are 2 distinct camps of pushback emerging on the scene now in reaction to the increasingly unavoidable repercussions of the vaxx -- one is appearing to be more and more of the limited hangout variety and consists of folks like Ryan Cole, Robert Malone and the Geert vanden Bossche faction. They seek to deny the existence of graphene oxide and self-assembling nano structures in the vaxxes, perhaps to limit or mitigate their responsibility for what is coming... 

The other camp consists of the work of those that see those ingredients as being part and parcel of something a bit more spiritual and cosmic afoot in all of this: the Karen Kingstons, the Ana Mihalceas, the Maria Zeees, Naomi Wolf, Stew Peters, Carrie Madej, Melissa McAtee, and many others joining the fray daily. The pioneering research of La Quinta Columna began this rolling train Express Tour and plays an essential role here: 

It seems we can now fully add Mike Adams to that latter list: 

Much more here also that has broken in the last several days:

What might be next? -- Cue the FEMA goblin:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea has been in the midst of dropping so many truth bomb salvos of late it's hard to even know where to begin:

From a strictly technical viewpoint, no one tops she and Karen Kingston...look at the 13:20 mark in the above vid and see the startling comparisons between those infected with components in the vaxx and those infected with the previously "psychosomatic" condition of Morgellons.

Around 14:30 in the above, Mihalcea notes that Morgellons patients are still exhibiting octagons and other geometric structures in chip form in their blood, something that was noted in this very column back in August of 2015, where we began delving into the Patch research:

Morellons, btw, has been raging for quite some time:

That was Jeff Wells in Feb 2005 and May 2006. A very telling, and eerily prescient first comm in that 2005 post:

"Are we actually experiencing an infestation of demons from some literally hellish plane, some place of utter horror inhabited by ghoulish spirits who may enter our world by invitation, through inhabitation of the bodies of those so insanely greedy, that they are literally willing, as in all folk-tales, to sell their souls to forces invading their bodies in order to be able to do unspeakable deeds and so accrue material wealth on this material plane -- for a while, at least?

ARE WE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING AN INFESTATION OF DEMONS, moving amongst us in the taken-over bodies of millions of people who were so morally weak, that they had to join secret societies in order to have some leverage over their fellow-man in the mass of those movements, and in rituals set up to invoke literal evil from the beyond, allowing their bodies to be used as vehicles for the minions of that evil?"

And you will notice in that May 2006 installment the amazing similarity of what was seen under the microscope as being from a Morgellons patient back then to what Carrie Madej found in the vaxx samples she studied in 2021:

Carrie was the very first to reveal such and got a major plane crash which she barely survived for her troubles...that should jump up as a huge red flag right there.

This is Will Thomas with Art Bell, doing some major tracking back in Nov 1999:

( NOTE: If that site appears mysteriously 404'd, which occurs from time to time, try this one:  )  The below exchange with the Open Lines caller occurs at the 1:47:47 mark in this version...listen carefully to what is said.

Much speculation back in the day that these were all bioweapons testing being run on expendables prior to overseas applications -- much to our surprise it certainly now appears we were the targets all along.

Note in particular at the 2:06:30 mark in the above podcast the clue that all this then linked back to mycoplasma fermentans and the victims of then Gulf War Illness; all immuno-suppressions of the human immune system -- AIDS, CFIDS, lupus, fibromyalgia, epstein barre, cancers, meningitis, MS, etc. All popping up out of nowhere back then -- many doing the very same now in the wake of the vaxxes. Mycoplasmas it has been argued are wholly synthetic organisms and do not occur naturally:

Some have even been observed with watermarks to classify them as such. This was pulled from a Morgellons patient (see the images about halfway down in this 2013 post which marked the beginning of where I started to sense a bleedthru connecting advanced tech with the occult):

Also note a bit further on in that Bell-Thomas podcast from '99 where in the open lines portion in response to a caller, who has quite an interesting story to tell, Thomas quips: "you have to wonder, is this a concerted effort to get people to take vaccines?"

A bit of peering thru the veil from William Thomas there -- in 1999. 

Here is that US patent 5242820 mentioned, dated Sept 7, 1993, just 5 years before the widespread outbreak of "persistent contrails" began being noticed:

Mycoplasma. Isolated and engineered from AIDS patients for weaponization. We've gone from that to wrapping those covid vaxx delivery systems in HIV-envelopes: 

Luc Montagnier said what again?:

Not to worry, he's dead now -- right alongside Kary Mullis. Funny, that.

But diving even deeper into the backstory we find even more. And it's singing like a bird:

But wait secret shoppers, there's more!! And it gets even weirder...what if I told you we need to tart thinking, and quickly, in terms of thought control and changing our minds from within, and what IS deja vu anyway? Does anyone really know? And if they do, why does taking the vaccine trigger it? Bring on Aaron & Melissa for the win:

Because they are looking for anything to change the terrain of reality via alchemical ritual now camouflaged by advanced nanotech:

"Deja vu is usually a glitch in the matrix -- it happens when they change something."

Check deep in those 10 pages of Pfizer side effects they were desperate to hide for 75 years:

Yep, there it is, buried in the fine print...Deja Vu. Weird, huh? Until you realize this is all one big indoctrination ritual based in the most occult of mind control agendas that are seeking to warp space-time using all of us as quantum entanglers to prepare the way for something's advent. 

Go back to the 10 minute mark in that Bell podcast again and listen: "..psychological and emotional disturbances...mind-altering purpose...short-term memory loss, apathy, and depression. This person feels her depression is not spiritual or psychological but artificial..." Sound familiar?? Even back then, the beating shadow heart of the alchemical ritual was being revealed. Fallen angel dictation. The dead giveaway. Speaking of and how long they've been aware, this an awakening our own Summer starlet alerted me to:    

That's less than 5 out of 200,000 in 10 years...extrapolating that to what's gone on worldwide in the mass jabfest since 2021 ain't good.   

Listen from the 5 min mark here to try and get a grasp on what we are dealing with -- this is nanotechnology that is disappearing under the microscope and then reappearing seconds later (quantum cloaking); Mihalcea says that this is a tech that "can compute in 11 separate dimensions" 

Somebody quick, for all things quantum, get Anthony Patch on the batphone!!:

"Today's science is nothing more than a fancy version of alchemy."

Patch's In Silico Dna, written in 2015, remains the gold standard for tunneling down and getting at the core of what was going to happen, and what's going on right now:

Patch is another one, much like Carrie Madej, who has had his life threatened for what he is revealing.

Of course THEY can do it with impunity:

And yeah, Geordie, I caught your (corrected) Want Ad:

Patch had much more to say even farther back, some nearly 6 years before anything was unleashed: 

So did Carrie:

And while we're on the subject of disappearing, here's another thread that ties more than several seemingly disparate avenues together into one ominous vanishing point:

But let's head into even deeper waters (is that even possible?):

It sure is.

The implications here are not just the ability to track every living thing to the grave and beyond -- which implicates the soul -- but the horrific possibility/probability that free thought is quickly becoming a shining artifact of the past; some antiquated cute notion like breakfast cereals with prizes in them, or riding your Big Wheel without a helmet. Freedom itself, in all its forms, is under mass attack via technological means bordering on the demonic. We are meat puppets to be controlled, animals to be hacked. 

Want to know just how much and just how radically life has changed in just a few short years? Look at this video from 1989 and tell me it doesn't seem like some dying transmission from a planet far, far, far away:

You can blame iphones, you can blame texting, the internet or a thousand other things from mass vaccination proliferation to inane media saturation to the abandonment of God, but something VITAL has left the human spirit. And at this point whether or not it will ever recover its full extent is a 50-50 bet at best, especially with the staggering amount of insane forces arrayed against it.

Certainly perhaps by design.

A LOT, too many, people today would throw their loved ones and lifelong friends overboard for a sinister experiment of a cocktail that the Devil himself would have a hard time bettering. Things, actions, that took place beginning in 2020 and running right up til today...those aren't things that are recoverable from. Evil will always try to gain a foothold, but we don't have to let it. We don't have to get the assist. Too many threw that truism right out the window the first second that the going got rough. Humanity was so beautiful -- I would have thought it would have put up more of a fight.

Many were weighed at that time on God's scales of justice and worthiness, and found extremely wanting. We're still trying to recover from that more than anything else. Everything else is just icing on the cake -- yep, devil's food -- we all baked. 

But the road is long, the fight is eternal, and as my dear old Pappy used to say, "We don't give up!!" No we don't.

Much as Aaron and Melissa over at Truthstream reiterated above, we face a challenge here like nothing we've ever faced before as we are surrounded and assaulted daily by a barrage of stimuli that seek to not only reorder our world, but engage us in rituals we have no knowledge of -- or at least most of us don't. And those of us that do have been poor Paul Reveres in getting the word out. 

Because it's not just occult tech that's being used against us, but black magick is being engaged in to move people around like pieces on a (ahem) Grand Chessboard. (No apologies to Zbig Brzezinski...) Main character lives are being controlled, and they in turn are controlling us, leading the entire crew on the completion of an evil ritual. Or did you not notice what happened in late 2019 into 2020? 

Hereditary in 2018 was a harbinger of not only what was coming, but how it could be done. It was the microcosm of one American family -- but real life showed quickly how one family could turn into the family of Man in a heartbeat. Voila...Mass possession:

And regarding of those four Kings of hell, well, Q showed us all that that's not such a far (quantum?) leap by any stretch of the imagination:

Altho it ventures beyond the scope of this particular installment, it is most certainly germane to note the time that Q chose to deliver that particular #1001 drop: 9:11:01 PM. Just in case you think some further information was in the process of being imparted...

What do YOU think Epstein was into again? What was REALLY going on? Chapter and verse has been presented right in these very back pages all about his deep and intimate links to any and all connected with getting this vaxx scheme up and running -- everything is continually pointing back to him on every front: technologically, ideologically, financially, and more:

And Amazing Polly hits with the modern-day Mae Brussell vibe thing again:

And far be it from me to dictate what this Congress should and shouldn't set about investigating, but it strikes me that this Nathan Wolfe dude ought to be right up there:

Check the particulars in that last link for why the war in Ukraine is still a top priority -- Zelensky's been a good little foot soldier for the Deep State...

More scientific infiltrations, sorry, connections, here...drawn from before the deluge, in September 2019:

Just exactly what WAS Epstein collecting all these scientists for?:

Amazing the things you can still find that stand out like a bug crawling across a white shag carpet....As Bob Dylan famously said -- you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. On a very positive note that you might not have heard about since the media has it on lockdown, since they don't want the rest of us getting any ideas -- every street in Paris is burning right now. The WEF puppet Macron is about to fall; it appears only a matter of days  at best. This is the power we all have -- and which they desperately want to keep us thinking we don't:

Something else you won't hear about in the media -- ANY media -- that is breaking also in France and may have a great deal also, along with pensions, to do with the outrage, is this:

We would be remiss at this point in the investigation to not point out just how much of an integral part child abuse and SRA plays in this MKUltra-type organization of plans. So much so that it may very well be the glue that holds everything together and is a vital link in the process of summoning and continued communication. 

Let's also remember that quite recently Celine Dion was also making headlines with whatevs this was shouting Luciferian ideals before developing some strange "turning into a statue" disease: 


We can at least confirm that the Return of Pizzagate certainly isn't helping the situation of elite tolerance. May our burning down of this be a mind virus that spreads to infect the world...

Before ideas like this can:

(This subject returns the dread Goog search alarm -- 'It looks like the results below are changing quickly' banner...100% indicative that a nerve is being struck in the illuminati kill chain requiring quick adjustment and censoring...)

WAIT -- is this the same DOD that along with DARPA is now being pointed to by the likes of Sasha Latypova and other researchers as having fashioned the vaxx and the narrative all along? The same DOD that is suddenly now warning us of the Truth of UFOs after 75 years of denial and ridicule? I am sensing a Grand Coordination well underway -- and meanwhile, while they are propping up the narrative of us getting overrun with alien spores and particulates to spy on us and infect us, let's not forget the FAANG boys and what they were up to in the hills over Silicon Valley according to CDAN in a factoid I keep on mentioning only because it shows up center stage in so many like narratives:

Shall we issue a proximity alert between this headline and what happened to Erin Valenti?

Should I even mention that brain-wave interface is a known point of interest du jour for the likes of Frank Giordano, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, as well as Epstein? That it is a lynchpin of the entire possible MAIN objectives of the covid vaxx itself?

Or that Karen Kingston has considered the background of Giordano extensively and finds him to be a No.1 "person of interest?"

Listen also, bringing it all together, to this talk between Dark Journalist and Gigi Young:

They uncover that one person instrumental in placing the "alien spores/ smart nano probes from the Mothership infecting us" story at the media forefront is none other than Avril Haines, the US Director of National Intelligence. (As well as Harvard -- which always now points to deep, deep Epstein network money btw...)

Guess what else Haines was at the forefront of? Hold your breath.......

Yep. She, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the WEF all war-gamed the very situation that was to befall the world (or so they would have you think) plandemic-wise, but did so in NYC on Oct.18th, 2019; over a month before the first suspected case of C-19 emerged in the world at large. Hey, you can't blame 'em when they're just lucky, right??

And NOW she just happens (along with the DOD**) to be ready to place the blame for infectious agents, remarkably mirroring many being found upon microscopic analysis of the vaxx contents and jabbed blood worldwide, at the feet of "extraterrestrials."

Do you smell an agenda? Do you smell a rat? Do you smell a setup? Are they actually going to use the vaxx-harmed and murdered as pretext for their long-planned extraterrestrial war?

** the same DOD that Latypova says is behind all this:

Are you sensing a conflict of interest, if not something far worse? Just why do you think all of this is connected? CERN-Gates-nanotech-Mrna-CRISPR-Epstein-the networks-Covid-the vaxx-transhumanism-the WEF-MKUltra-nano/hydrogel/quantum dot brain interface-Charles Lieber-the soul-our memories-language-the Human Genome Project--the rituals-Morgellons-propaganda-HIV/AIDS-Fauci-the financial collapse-our food-the disasters both false flag & otherwise-smartdust-chemtrails-neuralink-Starlink-5G-DWAVE-quantum computers....on and on..... 

Because they are coming at the Mark of the Beast technology and implementation from every angle. EVERYTHING is in service to that. It only seems like it's many different things -- it's all the SAME thing. They've been grading on a downbound curve to oblivion at speed since the autumn of 1998. Until you see it that way you have but a frail grasp of the big picture.    

This increasingly, ALL of this, appears in both form and function, exactly like the structure of the 9/11 Black Op, and something else is being cooked up right now, with or without outside intervention, I can feel it.

Once again we may be deeply involved in a shell game of misdirection in a hall of mirrors -- a deliberate sleight of hand making us look one way for a foe where none exists, all the while expertly designed to make us overlook the viable one in our midst -- and never looking behind the scenes, behind the curtain, to find the awful truth of the real puppeteers. 

And we shouldn't be at all surprised in the slightest if our targets, and their contacts, turn out to be, in the final analysis, of the inhuman variety:

I'm gonna pause and Columbo one more possible piece of the puzzle on my way out the door until we meet again...thru FOIA documentation it now turns out the Federal Government (CDC) knew all about the extent of the vaxx injuries and deaths since day one, yet kept on going about their dirty, killing-floor "business."

The vital question which now remains is why was a major Defense contractor the entity placed in charge of keeping tabs on the wetware carnage?? 

And a Defense contractor that had long been assumed to have Deep Intelligence ties -- ties which apparently no one has even the vaguest compunction to worry about hiding anymore: 

Perhaps also because GD was deeply involved with intrusive brain-interface (sound familiar?) programs like Mindstar

Think of this kind of tech, augmented of late with graphene oxide, hydrogels, self-assembling nanotech inside you, then augmented again with 5G, neuralink, and Starlink:

Forget Elon, somebody subpoena Grimes.

One domino at a time, my friends. One domino at a time.

Til that moment -- guard your thoughts.

You can look a hurricane right in the eye/ 1200 people dead or left to die

Follow the leaders were it an eye for an eye

We'll all be blind, deaf or murdered

This I'm sure in this uncertain time...

Come and pull the sheet over my eyes

So I can sleep tonight despite what I've seen today

I find you guilty of the crime of sleeping

At a time when you should have been wide awake