Thursday, May 10, 2018


“Señor, señor

I can see that painted wagon
Smell the tail of the dragon
Can't stand the suspense anymore
Can you tell me who to contact here, señor?

Well, the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled
Was a trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field…”
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)  Bob Dylan, Street Legal (1978)

“Swing low sweet cherry
Make it awful
It's your life it's your party it's so awful
Let's start a fire
Let's have a riot! Yeah it's awful
It was punk
Yeah it was perfect now it's awful
They know how to break all the girls
like you
And they rob the souls of the girls like you
And they break the hearts of the girls 

Swing low cherry cherry
Yeah it's awful
He's drunk he tastes
Like candy he's so beautiful
He's so deep like dirty water
God, he's awful
You're lost, oh, where's your daddy it's so
And they royalty rate all the girls like you
And they sell it out to the girls like you
To incorporate little girls 

Hey, run away with the light
Run away it's divine
Let's run away, yeah, tonight and
We'll steal the light of the world 

Swing low, sweet cherry, yeah, it's awful
You're ripe for the picking, it's so awful
You've got your youth
Don't waste your money
Yeah it's awful
I was punk!
Now I'm just stupid!
I'm so awful…
Oh, just shut up you're only 16 …”
Awful  Hole, Celebrity Skin (1998)

“The gods (Dingir) came in strength from beyond time, they were carried, one day, by the [rebellion/overturning] of the universe.”    Sanskrit from side A of clay tablet The Divine Genealogy of the Firm Ground, paralleling the first chapter of Genesis

We stand poised here again, fellow seekers, to further rattle the cages and disturb the peace – ongoing goals in this now nearly 7-year mission to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Let’s continue charting more perturbations in the psychosphere as we seem to be living in the upcoming season 3 of True Detective on a continuing, 24/7 basis…We stare straight down the barrel of a psychedelic outland of governmental mind control ops run wild twinned with systemic child and human trafficking on a scale that can barely be imagined. This truth is not only stranger than any fiction but more out-there horrifying. The headlines ebb and flow, and are daily subsumed by wave after wave of even more, to such an extent that none of us have the time to step back and gain perspective on what this all means; where this all is leading – the gibbering, drooling merry-go-round never stops as we become numb to all the pain and torture and degradation paraded before us. Perhaps this is by design. And yet, like a profiler, we have to face this head-on, and get inside its hive mind, if we are to ever be able to corner it, and wrestle this thousands-of-years-old entrenchment off of us once and for all. 

The accumulated evidence, their reliance on symbolism and ritual, will be their downfall. Not everyone will be able to do this or follow this path of discovery. But in the end all will benefit from the eradication – through knowledge – of the very worst of humanity. But in that assessment, perhaps I’m being generous. As ample evidence will attest.

One more time (because there’s always another time, isn’t there?) let’s dive into this week’s “persons of interest.” We venture down avenues that should be the biggest headlines in the world right now, but somehow, are not.

Last time around we took on the NXIVM cult and its ramifications, which we’ll continue to pursue this time, underscoring yet again the nefarious global-ness of its black undertakings entwining with Deep State operatives and operations. 

The corridors of power still reverberate with the fallout from this, with the ultimate power players it reaches far from being fully decided. Not to mention, it seems to touch on other events that manifested in its orbit, which in turn spiral out to encompass not just modern-day clandestine tentacular hubs, but in truth may represent an entire, decades-long occult history of California. And that’s only the beginning.  Let’s first examine a story that broke just before the NXIVM explosion, and one that just may have provided the lit fuse for it considering the circles it illuminates – it is the story of the now infamous instagram photos of one Rachel (Ray) Chandler. And what a story they tell.

Once again, the ubiquitous ‘Q’ first alerted us to a situation that needed examining, first saying to look up ‘Ray Chandler,’ and that “nobody is safe.” Doing so only served to open up further underground rabbit holes and apparent offshoots of this now seemingly never-ending network.  

A child of wealth and privilege, Rachel Chandler seems to have only run in the circles of and crossed paths with the highest of the high, existing and partying in the stratosphere of the chosen, with all the freight that implies, don’t spare the sinister undertones. With the luxury now of hindsight, one can only say now that it seems she may have been groomed from birth, as so many have been, for just such honeypot operations, or he may have been just another “lost girl” that various intel alphabet agencies recognized and took advantage of. (Her family history and lineage, which we most certainly will get to, suggests the former.) Her increasingly bizarre instagram posts and pics weave a lurid tale. (Her account has since been privatized and shut down.)

The Midland (modeling) Agency, which she represents, appears to exist as nothing more than a front or hub which locates and delivers underage children into the hands of this network. But there is so much more that you find with just a little digging…and much like Allison Mack with NXIVM, Chandler underscores the often overlooked fact that many, many times we find that the women in these predatory situations can be just as bad, if not worse, than the men. They are finding, grooming, abusing, and mind controlling CHILDREN, and then pimping them out to the cult. Increasingly, the WOMEN are doing this. We can go around and around discussing how much MKUltra and Monarch-type programming plays in all this, and it is a variable which is more than substantial, but it is what it is in the long run.

Quickly, before we get back to the Chandler situation, and speaking of programming, study the heavy neuro-linguistic programming on display here in this recruitment video for NXIVM, and how thick Raniere, the ‘Vanguard,’ lays it on Mack:

Which would then follow as to why he would try so hard to make eye contact with her in court:

Some of the Chandler instagram photos and where they lead, which are extremely loaded areas; pay particular attention to the notations on the photos, especially the ones which were supposedly taken underground at Little St. James.

Insinuating herself into the most closeted of inner sanctums at the highest of social strata, Chandler rolled hard and stratospheric in circles of both entertainment and political forces. There she is at 14 with Diddy, 16 with Eminem, on board Jeff Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ jet (15-ish) with Wild Bill Clinton bound for parts unknown (likely pedo island, Epstein’s Little St. James Bond villain-retreat). What was her job on these excursions? To get the blackmail-able, filmed “goods” on her johns? Pressure, not money. exerted at the highest levels, makes the world go round.

And there are other images in which she seems to be exerting a little pressure of her own. Are these images (which are widely believed to be) some from the underground tunnels and basements of Little St. James, and just some of the activities which have occurred there? These are dangerous waters. Also take note of where this photo of Chandler and her squeeze Tom Guinness (of Guinness alcohol fortune) was taken: the infamous Standard Hotel, ground zero for many a political/glitterati insider pedophile party.

 What exactly was she hinting at here?

Or this paste-through from a pal?

What dots are we given to connect when there may be implied days and nights of hazy trauma programming at the NSA? What ideologies connect this cult, the one she seems to be so deeply enmeshed in, and CERN? They ain’t lollipops, kittens, and church bake sales, that’s for sure. And just to fracture your minds completely, let’s take a closer look at the Chandler bloodline. Deep breath before we descend into the deep end.

I remembered hearing about this on an episode of Brad Melzer’s Decoded initially. It concerned the legendary Spear of Destiny, and where it was located on the planet today…to make a long and very ancient story extremely short…The Spear of Destiny is the infamous and fabled spear that was said to have pierced Jesus’ side when he was on the cross awaiting crucifixion, wielded by the Roman centurion Longinus. Tracing its history proved difficult until Hitler was said to have acquired it, greatly accelerating his rise to power, as well as augmenting his physical ability to be “possessed” by various agents over certain short periods, essentially rendering him a human vessel for otherworldly forces that both powered and spoke through him in creating the deeply occult architecture of the Third Reich.  (Hellboy wasn’t as far off the mark as you think.) Supposedly the original Spear now resides in a Vienna museum.

So where does the Chandler variable come in? Watch this interview with bodyguard Chris Blake that appeared on the tail end of this episode of Decoded highlighting the trail of the Spear:

Notice that the group is called the Sons of the Fallen. Notice who exactly they venerate and worship. While Blake has never come out and revealed who his boss was, he has dropped very leading hints. These hints as well as other sources I’ve found indicate that this person in question – this person who was very young at the time he appropriated the Spear from Hitler – was none other than Otis Chandler. 

This was the man who built up the Los Angeles Times between 1960-1980 into one of the leading newspapers/institutions in the country. By his late teens, high school graduation age, this member of a very connected family and insider bloodline, was already over 200 pounds and a stellar athlete; extremely well equipped to be going on family “missions,” wouldn’t you say?

Only what if the Spear wasn’t, in fact, stolen in some clandestine raid, but merely passed down to another bloodline at a time when one branch of the ideology was falling, and it wanted to assure that the artifact would be in “good hands,” so to speak, to carry on the Great Work? What if this sleight of hand made certain that a working, a New World Order for the ages, (much akin to a Thousand Year Reich), would continue unabated on the shores of a new, victorious country, and under the cover of the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? And all the while, the Left Hand Path maintains ultimate rule over all.  Two sides, one Allied, one Axis, but in truth one goal that only those that played both sides glimpsed. Wasn’t it Prescott Bush that funded both sides in World War II? People have always assumed it was for monetary reasons only, but what if…? I digress here, but there are larger, esoteric and philosophical forces at play in these waters, to put it mildly. 

Which brings us back to the Chandler bloodline. It doesn’t end, or begin, with Otis. Just, for a second, let’s break into a little ‘Q’ format for brevity’s sake:
Long Beach Port.
Otis Chandler Family.
Charles Abel Buffum.
DNA/Eugenics research.
Early transhumanism.
Same areas as Epstein.
Long-range plan.
Dorothy Chandler  mother.
Harrison Gray Otis.
Great grandfather.
LA Aqueduct water rights.
San Fernando Valley.
Occult/clandestine history of CA.
All the same.
Shipping containers got their start somewhere (Long Beach Port again.)
Otis Chandler.
Spear of Destiny.
Sons of the Fallen.
Stolen from (passed by?) Hitler & 3rd Reich.
Plan continues.
Ray Chandler.
Instagram drip feed.

Some 200 heirs with at least 20 different surnames are benefiting from clerk Harry Chandler's fortuitous marriage more than a century ago. In 1894, he wed the daughter of Los Angeles Times owner Harrison Gray Otis and proceeded to build a media empire. He also developed real estate and erected the famous Hollywood sign (which originally read "Hollywoodland") for one of his projects. In 1944, he handed the reins of the publishing empire to son Norman, who in turn passed it on to his son Otis in 1960. In 2000, Tribune Co. acquired L.A. Times parent Times Mirror Co., which by then also owned six other daily newspapers. The Chandlers, who controlled 24% of Times Mirror and majority voting rights, ended up with about 20% of Tribune Co.'s stock. Jeffrey Chandler and cousin Roger Goodan, along with family trust chairman Walter Williamson, were the last family members on the Tribune board. They backed selling the company to real estate investor Sam Zell, who took it private via a leveraged buyout in 2007, ending more than 100 years of the Chandler clan's involvement with the business. Today, the family's fortune is held in multiple trusts worth an estimated $4.2 billion.     

Of note, and going back to Charles Abel Buffum, Otis’ grandfather, the family was in major control and development of the Port of Long Beach, beginning in 1921. (It’s enough to make one wonder when exactly human shipping/trafficking operations began, isn’t it? And just to keep these dot-connecting networks going, remember that in early 1993, the Clinton White House sold the Port of Long Beach to the Chinese for a time…)

Even before then, Otis’ great-grandfather, Harrison Gray Otis, was also the controller of a group of investors that bought property rights to the San Fernando Valley, trading on inside knowledge of the L.A. Aqueduct would soon begin construction.  What we are staring at is the generational bloodline control of every clandestine and occult black op and program practically since the modern-day California was conceived. Throw in the interest of Otis himself in areas such as (according to family testimony) early cutting edge DNA research, the eugenics movement, and interest in things like cloning, and you have the early beginnings of what is known as transhumanism today – which also all happen to be of intense, nearly obsessive interest by one Jeffrey Epstein. Am I painting a picture for you? Now along comes this series of instagram pics by another of the bloodline, hinting at even darker areas she was either programmed to inhabit or gladly took on.

It's a Raymond Chandler evening  At the end of someone's day
And I'm standing in my pocket  And I'm slowly turning gray
I remember what I told you  But I can't remember why
And the yellow leaves are falling  In a spiral from the sky
There's a body on the railings  That I can't identify
And I'd like to reassure you but  I'm not that kind of guy
It's a Raymond Chandler evening  And the pavements are all wet
And I'm lurking in the shadows  'Cause it hasn't happened yet.        Robyn Hitchcock

And of course we can’t have a party without the obligatory connections to the Rothschilds  (Rachel used to party big time with Nicky Hilton, married to James Rothschild,) and Marina Abramovic, who seems to keep on popping up, doesn’t she? Rachel is a primary photog for an artist named Terence Koh, frequent Abramovic collaborator; she has also attended many MoMA and MoCA events hosted by Abramovic since 2010 at least. Of particular note, Rachel was present and in the thick of things shall we say, at Abramovic’s highly controversial, to say the least, “performance” at the LA MoCA (Musuem of Contemporary Art btw) which featured the ritualized cannibalism of a female prop subject.

Where else do the Rothschilds pop up in recent headlines? It’s NXIVM again:

Allison Mack selling children to the Rothschilds and Clintons? Practically anything you can find on the net now alluding to this headline is all about denial – denial – denial. So much and so fast it makes your head spin. Suspicious much?

Also conspicuously absent from any mainstream headline is the fact that the original, documented charges against her and Raniere include (straight from the documents btw), the sex trafficking of CHILDREN. Can’t imagine why the MSM would want to keep that particular tidbit on the down-low…

 Also high on the occult meme sweepstakes of late are the noticing of Mack’s baphomet earrings and Monarch butterfly necklace – she wore the butterfly necklace to her most recent court date; was she trying to pass along an unspoken message of Monarch programming to those that would know?

Bushels of Bronfman liquor money funded the lion’s share of the NXIVM cult – what ties did this family have to the upper strata of political influence? Let’s see who the father, Edgar Bronfman, rubbed shoulders with:

On a daily basis, the NXIVM story grows by leaps and bounds. Those offshoots of NXIVM, the Rainbow Culture Garden schools, located around the world, seem to be following in a long line of children’s programs, schools and locations that only give lip service to caring about and educating children, all the while they seem to be much more intimately interested in initiating programming and mind control/trauma-based protocols.

It is ALWAYS about the schools. (Red flags should be raised whenever you hear the words Initiative or Foundation.)  For example: the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, the Second Mile, McMartin preschool, the Presidio daycare, Boystown, West Point childcare, the Finders schools for “special” children in Mexico, Jeff Epstein’s ‘Head Start’ initiative schools in the Caribbean and MIT media lab programs intensely interested in teaching computer programming to toddlers – and now these Rainbow Culture Garden schools. A major pattern emerges. One that involves MKUltra and Monarch programming on an ever-widening basis – a scenario that includes names like Bush, Clinton, Bronfman, and enough stratospheric politicos to choke a horse, including and partnered with a raft of compromised entertainment glitterati to push an overall agenda.

Dr. Frank Parlato, former NXIVM publicist who first exposed NXIVM's activities on his website the Frank Report, says that controversial Raniere developed Rainbow Cultural Gardens with the help of Dr Brandon Porter, a New York doctor currently under investigation after allegedly carrying out traumatizing experiments on women in which he made them watch, while hooked up to an EEG, video clips of violent rapes and murders, including the brutal dismemberment of 4 women by machete, violent gang rape, and a particularly jarring video of a conscious man being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter. What the holy F is going on here? This is Clockwork Orange on steroids. 

Dr. Porter conducted his experiments for the Ethical Sciences Foundation, founded by Clare Bronfman, who funded them. ALL of this was swept under the rug by NY AG Eric Schneiderman, who we’re about to get to.

 “In my opinion it’s an attempt to train children to become sociopaths who can never bond with their parents because there’s always a different nanny in the house speaking a different language. It’s a classic cult technique.” What was Hillary’s famous old line she always repeated over and over ad nauseum? “It takes a village to raise a child.” Why would she have made that particular phrase her mantra? Who would be in the business of creating herds of little Mansons and Bundys and for what reason? Do serial killers develop naturally and organically, or are they purposefully manufactured? What happened to Manson at Boystown long before the Franklin scandal? Was the Zodiac killer mentally prepared and groomed for chaos at places like Vacaville and Atascadero?   Interesting in that Gillibrand’s dad worked for NXIVM, remember? (see last month’s preceding  post.) I think we all need to keep a sharp eye out for more and continuing stories linking Schneiderman and Gillibrand to NXIVM.

More here: Albany Doctor linked to MXIVM carried out human experiments:

And an amazing list of NXIVM shell corporations:

And now, just in the last day, the circle closes and the noose tightens even more:  State of NY AG Eric Schneiderman, who just suddenly resigned over abuse complaints, it turns out covered up mightily for NXIVM – as Kellyanne Conway would say, “Gotcha!”     As recently as April of this year, he wouldn’t touch NXIVM.

To repeat some of the more pertinent particulars: NY AG Eric Schneiderman’s office filed a court case in early March of this year asking a judge to order Bronfman and Porter to turn over their records related to brain-activity and other human behavioral studies, which had been conducted without any apparent oversight. Schneiderman’s personal decision to suspend the probe followed the March 25 arrest of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere on federal charges.

In August/September of 2016, NXIVM and their offshoot ESP (Executive Success Program) and/or another entity, conducted a conference and/or meeting at the Silver Bay YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center in Silver Bay, NY. Approximately 300-400 individuals and 50-60 children attended the conference. During the course of this conference many of the attendees and most of the children became sick with an undetermined infectious disease. Those who became ill suffered inter alia, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea. Legal papers filed against Dr. Porter over the incident charge that “the respondent knew or should have known that the illness suffered by the attendees was a communicable disease, outbreak of a communicable disease, and/or an unusual disease or outbreak.”

What did this doctor, now proven to have been running illegal torture experiments, do to these children? And to what end?

All of the above links together represent a network of the same names repeating over and over, in the same orbits, pursuing the same agendas.

This just gets more interesting by the day, doesn’t it?

Allison Mack remains released on bail and under house arrest at her parents’ home in California. A status conference on her case is set for May 4 pending an October 1 trial date. Depending on what or who may be revealed in her ongoing plea agreements, it could be a minor miracle if she survives that long.

The rest of the late spring and the oncoming summer look to be extremely interesting. Stay tuned.  Stay safe. We are the awakened lions, and where we go one, we go all. And as the weather warms and the Summer Solstice approaches, the American Book of the Dead seems to be expanding rather exponentially in chapter and verse. Summer storms are always the worst, aren’t they?

“On the day that you were born, they built an empire off a scream/I can’t explain
Endlessly they’ll set you free, give you reason to believe/ This empty place…
Take a chance if you should go, face upon your happy home/The scanners wait
Selfishly they might concede, you were always on your own/ You can’t escape…”
   Oceania, the Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan), The Celestials (2012)