Friday, June 25, 2021



Thugs and sticks and bats and balls

For nuclear dicks with dialect drawls

They come from a parking lot town

Where nothing lives in the Sun

Don't make me a target

Don't make me a target

When you reach back in his mind

Feels like he's breaking the law

There's something back there he got

That nobody knows

He never claimed to say what he says

He smells like the inside of closets and stairs

The kind where nobody goes

Don't make me a target…  




News is flying hot and heavy now, my Irregulars; and multiple headlines over the last 48 hours can now be seen as being connected.

First we have multiple Iranian websites being seized by the US Government and Dept of Justice for spreading “Iranian disinformation,” which sounds extremely spurious and like an excuse for something else, something larger:


Next we have John McAfee, anti-virus wizard, committing suicide (Epstein style?) after repeatedly threatening the Deep State with over 31 terrabytes of highly incriminating data release; things like this:


Finally we have what took place in Surfside, Fla not even 24 hours ago at around 2 AM EST:


I show you all that in multiple detail because, is it just me, or is that frighteningly reminiscent of what happened in Oklahoma City in April 1995? The damage pattern is remarkably consistent.

And much, much more happened in and around those moments than the party line you’ve always heard:

See this wording in particular:  Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building some five-to-ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast wave hitting the building, there were several other mysterious pre-explosion events.


A policeman working at his computer noticed electrical sparks and streamers in the wiring under the table several seconds before the explosion brought the building down around him. A woman on an upper floor noted a strong ionising electrical sensation and hot air-flow entering the windows several seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same windows in on her. The lights in the building went out some five seconds before the explosion. A dictation tape recording made across the street from the "bombed" building recorded a loud "click" a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a huge explosion. This "click" was probably a local electromagnetic wave spike of considerable intensity picked up by the recorder circuitry.


An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres from ground zero observed a silver-white light flash or beam coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of the building.


These electrical and light effects took some five seconds and were immediately followed by a "loud swarm of bees type vibrational noise" which preceded the actual explosion. (Reports of missiles may have been mistaken identification of these pre-explosion energy beams.)


The light flashes with beams and the "swarm of bees noise" were followed immediately by two explosive shock waves, one trailing immediately on the other, that propagated out and away from the base of the building. These waves lifted the ground and buildings violently upwards. The witness called this the "lid effect". The outgoing expansion waves, that threw people away from ground zero, were immediately followed by return implosion shock waves - that threw the same persons back towards ground zero.


Several cars located on the above-ground carpark had electronic ignition computers completely burnt out electrically by the event. Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses that were later found to have been thrown out by 180° and 45° respectively. Many nearby office computers went down with burnt-out circuit- boards. These facts point strongly to a major EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.

Now look at those Surfside videos of the collapse again – notice those bright flashes? Of course those could be, and probably are, electrical wiring snapping. But what if it’s not? What if it’s more?

And there is this coming in:

Booms. Pre-collapse booms.

And from here: Officials said the building, built in 1981, was going through a recertification process and that engineers had been hired to complete electrical and structural repairs:

Anybody also getting a nice, chilly 9/11 vibe going? Perhaps these were the same kind of “repairs” that the WTC towers went thru in the weeks before 9/11, when complete shutdowns of…huh, the impact floors…. happened on the weekends, mysterious never-before-seen elevator ‘maintenance’ crews were hard at work, and mysterious vans showed up underground at 2AM every morning for two weeks prior, only to leave before the morning shift of financial continentals arrived. All facts that the superb 9/11 Commission chose to either gloss over or completely uninvestigate entirely. 


They are already beginning to run the cover stories – let’s try sinkhole this time:

Way to go MSM boys!! You earn another banana today, monkeys.


I’m familiar with building codes in Florida – there is no way, sinkhole or no sinkhole, a building comes down looking like that unless it’s intentional. Simultaneous collapses of every section into a pancake collapse. Where oh where have we seen this before, and how many times? It’s all getting soooooo tiring. Monsters gonna monster. But WHY, you ask? A-HA!! Therein lies the rub and where it all comes back around, because guess who just so happened to live there?

John McAfee….


He tweeted on June 7th that his hard drive was located at 88th & Collins…the exact address of the Surfside:  

Just in case you might be entertained of the notion that a man of that kind of wealth was slummin’, let me disabuse you of that right now:,_Florida  (see bottom): In December 2020, an oceanfront condominium in Surfside sold for $33 million, one of the most expensive condo sales in South Florida history.



But McAfee was a smart man – perhaps he was putting out the lure just in case anything happened to him. No way he hard copy stored 31 terrabytes at any one location. I’m thinking multiple global locations; some here, some there, some maybe even in…..Iran?

We will find out in the coming days and weeks just how successful he was.

And the Deep State thought they had to worry with Epstein (& Maxwell…) Blowback is like karma. When it boomerangs on you you’ll never see it coming.

Another “coincidence” that makes me go, Hmmmmmm:


It’s not even July yet, and the heat is on babies, the heat is on.

It's likely too early to even get into the highly occult significance of the dates of both April 19th and June 24th. Let's save some fun for next time!


  1. I was JUST talking about Miami and Oklahoma looking the same. I was wondering who they wanted to off that lives there... *McAfee plus it is Debbie (Awan Brother lover and cohort) Wasserman (gimme the laptop NOW) Shultz (Pitbull for them) I listen to this on scanner while working. Habit when Mom was a policewoman, in the DNA. I thought it was odd they are pushing Natural Disaster over and over. Made me go hmmmm. And (*13*) story building

  2. Business Insider has a paywall ... this vid shows what Snowden said -

  3. WOW. I'm sending this article to Chris and everyone.

  4. Edward Snowden tweeted that Assange could be next..Yes what is going on..

  5. We want PROOF John McAfee is dead, says sister of man whose Belize shooting death was blamed on tech guru

  6. This is the best gif I've ever seen. A masterpiece, really.

    1. The problem is that it’s entirely ambiguous.

    2. I think that’s why nobody can comment. If that’s what you mean by the perfection of the meme, I agree. We really have no idea whether or not this is even a joke, making it terribly, terribly funny and terribly awful at the same time. Which makes it a perfect expression of our cultural zeitgeist. One can’t even arrive at the correct feeling for it. You’re right. It’s great.

  7. My first thought when looking at this disaster was that it looked like someone blew that building up. Oklahoma city all over again. To think TPTB did that just to destroy possible evidence stored there by McAfee is shocking but no surprise really. These are sick _ucks that have no souls.

  8. They're pushing it.

    1. JB!!

      Between what that excellent Spock gif was relying to, to 666 Babylon RED haircolour (Parson's Scarlet Woman come to life!!) they continue to poke the bear with a stick, don't they? And like all bears and larger mammals, they are slow to anger, but once they ARE.....look out. Nothing will be spared. If what's going on audit-wise in Maricopa county pans out, the ever-lovin shit is gonna hit the fan, and then EVERYTHING goes off the rails and anything could be in play: nukes, bombs, another even bigger 9/11, who knows. Release the UFOs!! The whole Tower of Babel comes down.

      & thanks for the comment Gnostic I; much more to come!!

  9. Check out Hulu’s latest offering (programming): Safer at Home— “ Two years into the pandemic, a group of friends throw a wild online party. After taking ecstasy, things go terribly wrong and the safety of their homes becomes more terrifying than the raging chaos outside.”

    1. I was just going to watch the pre-cog documentary, “the X-Files”. Has anyone else been struck by how hard and fast they are trying to normalize this shit in the popular culture?

    2. Hey KM!!

      When you get the chance, please post a link to whatever particular X-Files doc you're referring to -- there are SO many out there. Chris Carter & Co had SUCH a link into the zeitgeist of not only that time, but certainly what's happening right now, that it's downright SPOOKY (couldn't resist!) Seriously, those guys might as well have drafted a primer for everything in the world today: pandemics, alien viruses, mind control, surveillance, endless UFO disclosure memes, et al. To think that they dreamed all this up (&/or had deep intel) now some nearly 30 years ago (has it been that long??!!) boggles the mind. Any time in the mid-90s the place to be Friday nights was INSIDE right in front of the tube, waiting for the next installment.

      And I haven't even gotten into the relationship dynamic of Mulder & Sculls & all that entailed. So much engrained into my DNA that I've seen it spill over into my own life in weirdly parallel ways...Do you become what you love? And is that a kind of fate or fortune?

      Thanks for the comments everybody, and don't forget that as of July nobody is going to be getting any email notices anymore (do you even get them NOW?) of when a new post is up...

      Anyone that wants me to contact them personally via email for whenevs a new drop hits, can contact me always at:

      I'll be more than glad to update you always & keep in touch.

      And btw, a brand new batsignal is on its way for, this time, SATURDAY midnight. Stay frosty, my peeps...

    3. I’m just referring to the entire series as a precognitive documentary, which, at this point in time, has become clear. I’ve been re-binging the X-Files again, and in current retrospect it gets more and more eerie how damned correct that whole thing was. The Mulder/Scully duality, is very on point right now. Trust the science vs. they’re hiding the science and trying to kill us. Anyway, I check back here daily.

      I don’t have a TV, but every time I go to my parents’ house the mind control box is on, and I’m just floored by how much programming is going on. Commercials featuring people that can’t leave the house, for instance. Normalizing. They are really set on making this shit “the new normal.” Sadly, you can’t even talk to people about it because the “news”. Thanks wordman, for all you do. Those who voice sanity right now are heroes in the truest sense. You and those who have a platform to inform are literally saving people right now. I don’t think we can thank you enough.

    4. First of all KM, more thanks than you know for being a regular partaker of my own peculiar brand of fractured fairy tales for a modern antiquarian!! You rock!

      And I am under no particular illusion that I'm doing anything great here, just documenting the world at large as I see it -- but hearing comments like that from you, believe me, MORE than makes it all worthwhile -- dare I say it even makes me feel like a rockstar for a few blissful seconds -- and that's all the thanks I need. But more than anything and as I continue to say, don't trust me, trust that own beautiful computer God gave you to use for discernment and cognitive sussing out of what's going on around you... not nearly enough seem capable of that anymore, sad to say, & for a myriad of reasons, many self-inflicted.

      Trust yourself.

      Signals up in 24!......See ya soon in the blanketfort! Bring cookies!!

    5. OH & PS -- I'm more & more convinced that Chris Carter had to have had some kind of crystal ball/scrying glass/time machine apparatus.

      Nothing else explains it! Haha!

      PS PS -- you saw this, right?:

      AMAZON never greenlit the rest, so it remains a standalone. Given how much of 'X' has proven prophetic, not so sure that this is a BAD thing...Yikes!!

    6. Right now anyone who has a platform and is speaking out against the insanity is doing something fairly important. That’s just the truth. We’re in the minority and I really appreciate more than I can say the people who are putting in the effort and staying clear-headed enough to press on.

      As to the link, no, I have never. I’ll check it out. I would like to watch Millennium again. That would be interesting right now. As would The Lone Gunmen. I’m telling you, watching the X-Files right now is just crazy.

  10. PSPSPS -- My MOM'S birthday was March 7th. SERIOUS case of the shivers.

  11. There is no evidence that John McAfee owned a condo in Florida. Those tweets are OBVIOUSLY fake. You have a great blog, but you tend to get carried away sometimes. Please do your research before posting such outrageous claims.

  12. There is no evidence that McAfee owned a condo in Florida. Those tweets are obviously fake. You have a great blog, but you tend to get carried away sometimes. Please do your research before posting such outrageous claims.

    1. And this is for QT 3.14 that I'm just getting around to responding to re your comments on the TARGET SURFSIDE post:

      I have NO such inkling that McAfee DIDN’T have something very integral to do with that Surfside residence – with all the evidence pointing recently to the contrary -- & thanks Kelly for your input – I happen to think you’re a mile wide if you think something sketchy ISN’T going on, and not using any very critical thinking skills at all in your glib dismissal. See these recent headlines:

      Quite to the contrary – the evidence is EVERYWHERE that something highly untoward went on. Why would McAfee have openly told them where any data was stored, location-wise? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t – I’m more than sure multiple redundancies were in effect beyond physical location. Plus, and most importantly, ever heard of BAIT??

      McAfee could have given a rat's ass about all that were in that bldg anyway -- evidence is now emerging that it very well could have been a pedo op also -- maybe McAfee knew that -- maybe he said good riddance if anything happens... None of us at this point have any earthly idea what went on. But a pool collapsing damn sure didn't bring that bldg down like that.

  13. Daily Caller
    Address Book Found On NYC Sidewalk Appears To Show More Connections Of Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

    New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/Handout via REUTERS
    An address book reportedly found on the streets of New York City appears to show more connections among the rich and famous of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    Business Insider obtained a previously unreported address book containing the names of a number of prominent figures, including actress Morgan Fairchild, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s wife, Cristina Greeven, former New Republic owner Marty Peretz, and former First Lady Melania Trump’s best friend Suzanne Johnson. (RELATED: FBI Knew Of Allegations Against Ghislaine Maxwell As Early As 1996, Accuser Says. It Took 24 Years To Arrest Her)

    Suzanne Ircha, who was married to former Trump administration official Woody Johnson, is also named in the book, along with financier Carl Icahn, billionaire John A. Catsimatidis, and writer Steven Rattner, according to Business Insider, which published a full list of those named in the book.

    Former musician Denise Ondayko found the book on the sidewalk in the late 1990’s when she was living in Manhattan’s East Village, Insider reported. One of her relatives realized who the book might have belonged to in 2020, and Ondayko sold the book on eBay to a congressional candidate who was living in Vermont.

    “I wasn’t smart enough to figure out it was Epstein’s,” Ondayko told Insider. She also told the publication that she reached out to the New York Times, John Oliver, and Rachel Maddow about the book before selling it but never heard back.

    A court officer stands outside a Manhattan courthouse where media have gathered for the arraignment hearing of Ghislaine Maxwell on July 14, 2020 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
    The book contains 349 names and is dated October 1997, according to Business Insider. (RELATED: Prosecutors, Prison Officials Refuse To Say How They Will Protect Ghislaine Maxwell)

    If it is, in fact, one of Epstein’s black books, it could allow the public a glimpse into Epstein’s affairs a decade before his already publicized little black book was completed. Over 200 names are included in the book that do not appear in the later address book, which turned up around 2009.

    Epstein died of apparent suicide in a federal jail in New York City in August 2019. His cohort Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of involvement in Epstein’s crimes against young women, was arrested by the FBI in July 2020. A grand jury indicted her on charges of conspiracy entice minors to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors to these illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor to engage in illegal sex acts, and perjury.

    The victims were as young as 14 years old, the indictment said, noting that both Maxwell and Epstein “knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18.”

    Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

  14. As we can see is this a leak or is this a setup from the DEEP STATE the rabbit hole is forever with many tunnels we will never know the truth and when you think you can threaten the DEEP STATE be ready for the GRAVE.what may look like a suicide is murder what murder looks like is suicide.IT takes 1 Bullet to change HISTORY !!!