Tuesday, June 6, 2017


"Sprawling on the fringes of the city/ In geometric order/ An insulated border
In between the bright lights/ And the far unlit unknown
Growing up it all seems so one-sided/ Opinions all provided/ The future pre-decided
Detached and subdivided/ In the mass production zone
Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone…
Drawn like moths we drift into the city/ The timeless old attraction/ Cruising for the action
Lit up like a firefly/ Just to feel the living night
Some will sell their dreams for small desires/ Or lose the race to rats/ Get caught in ticking traps
And start to dream of somewhere/To relax their restless flight
Somewhere out of a memory/ Of lighted streets on quiet nights…”     

“When you see one of something happen, it’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing happening, it’s a trend. When you see three, it’s a plan,”    Norman Mineta, former U.S. Transportation Secretary      

“The appeaser feeds the crocodile, hoping to be eaten last.”  Churchill 

From Netflix’s ‘The Keepers,’:
“You know, it’s one thing when you think you’re crazy, and you’re the only person that remembers this, it’s pretty easy to think you’re crazy.  But it wasn’t crazy if other people had experienced it too.   And if it wasn’t crazy then this horrible thing happened to me.  And if this horrible thing happened to me…Oh.  My.  God.  How many other girls were involved?  How many of us are dead?  How many of us are lost in alcohol or drugs, or in a mental hospital?  What was done to us?”…..

“And in August of 1994, when Jane Doe came forward, Mr. Storey went to a detective who was off the record.  We’ve nicknamed him Deep Throat from the old Watergate inside source.  Deep Throat says that Mr. Storey told him the story and said: ‘I don’t know what all’s down there, but I know where it’s buried.’  Deep Throat told us that we need to be careful for our safety.  That this goes bigger and deeper – I think he said ‘Than we can imagine.’”  

Interview with Frank Saez, Ret.Det. Missing Persons Squad, Long Term Cases, NYPD   (from the documentary Cropsey):
Q: “So when you went up to Sing Sing in ’98, you discussed with him numerous things about devil worshipping?”
FS: (chuckles) “Well, (cough) it was something that was looked into.  But, like I said, we didn’t find that Andre was into that kind of crowd.”
“There was something called the Church of the Process years ago that was very strongly linked to satanic cults, and the founder of that church happens to live on Staten Island.”
(Chuckles) “And has lived there for a long time…”
“Yeah, I mean, is he not active?  What’s that all about?”
“He’s not, supposedly he’s not active anymore.’
“Does he deny it, or is he…”
“I’ve never interviewed him…..(continues)….Is there satanic cults, people that practice?  Of course there is.  But it’s something that’s kept very quiet.   It’s something that not many departments investigate.  Satanic worship is satanic worshippers.  It’s like being a Catholic.  You believe in God, and you believe in Jesus.  They believe in Satan.”
“So are you in houses or are you in the woods?”
“You could be in houses.  You could be in the woods.”
“Are you in abandoned mental institutions?”
“You could use them.”
“And do they use kids?”
“I’d rather not answer that.” 


“The stars turn, and the time presents itself.”    Twin Peaks – The Return  2017 

While wandering around these absolutely spooky subdivisions as darkness falls, let’s ponder exactly what’s going on here lately, and what it all means.  That lonesome foghorn is blowing again, things are off-kilter and disoriented as only the just-before-sunrise hours can convey, and the wind rustles through the trees in the full blossom of the evening.  After 25 years the litmus test of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is back, inserting itself into popular consciousness on ever more subliminal levels, and inspiring many thoughts and dialogues about the nature of what we casually, naively, assume to be consensus reality…Let’s just spin the wheel and see where we land, shall we?

You might think none of this – this rundown of murders and disappearances, rituals and borderland vignettes of mayhem and reality fracture -- is connected, but trust me, it only seems that way prior to the dawning of larger truths just beyond the visible horizon.  All of these will only prove to be restless dreams before a greater awakening.  Because even now, the redefining and redlining of “High Strangeness” continues in full swing somewhere near you.  (And near me.  In real time right now as I write this, the East Coast is in the shadow of the annual Bilderberg meeting over a sulfurous long weekend in Chantilly, Virginia.)  Come this way and we’ll examine just a few items from this grimoire of obsidian networks beyond human imagining.      

First and foremost, we all must remind ourselves to notice, and keep on noticing, what’s NOT being reported by the mainstream news is what’s really going on and what is of vital importance.  The things that are being kept hidden from us are the only hope we have to understanding where we are, and in turn, where we’re headed.  There is a component of this in all of what follows. 

In March 1968 Ismael Condori was working in a grocery store on 20th Avenue in La Paz, Bolivia.  At 11 pm that night he was closing the store with his co-worker Rosario when they were alerted to loud clanging coming from the garbage enclosure behind the store.  When locating the noise they were greeted with a small figure wearing a loose-fitting brown outfit that appeared severely worn, and a large, wide-brimmed hat.  The figure, which they assumed to be a child, became aware of their presence, which had interrupted its searching through the bins.  It approached them with an awkward, halting gait, not using its arms as it walked.  As it veered to within 10 feet of the couple, they realized that this was not a child at all.  It was around four and a half feet tall, bearded with weathered, albino-type skin, and appeared extremely old.  Another strange feature was the entity’s abnormally large eyes, which appeared lidless.

“That woman with you is very pretty.  Be careful, sir, because I can take her with me,” it said, before cackling maniacally and taking a huge standing leap high into the night air, completely disappearing from view.  It should be noted that Rosario was physically very ill after this encounter, and did not return to work for over a week. 

Worlds away, in 2017, a strange confluence of events is taking place.  President Donald Trump fired FBI head James Comey, waiting until Comey was away in Los Angeles before having his offices SEALED just prior to his being let go.  Nearly immediately in real time after this, like someone flipping a switch, the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, gunned down in a supposed botched robbery after coming out of a D.C. bar in the early morning hours, and long shrouded in veiled and mysterious circumstances ever since it occurred on July 10, 2016, broke wide open into headlines once again, fueled by leaks from inside sources claiming that he was murdered for providing the lion’s share of info that led to the reveals of the October 2016 Clinton-Weiner-Podesta email firestorm sourced to wikileaks.  Reading between the lines of this leads to speculation that Comey was let go for sitting on the prosecution of widespread pedophile rings – the information of which was contained in Weiner’s laptop and multiple email trails by both Clinton and Podesta – and Rich being the source of that info, 44,000 emails of which he had copied onto his own laptop before passing them to wikileaks before he was killed.  A laptop which is now missing, the FBI and DCPD each claiming that the other now has it.

As an aside, one would be very curious as to who exactly Rich was drinking with prior to his mishap, much like the curiosity that still abides surrounding the very similar death of journalist Danny Casolaro, deep into investigating an Octopus-type web concerning the players in Iran-Contra, occurring rather immediately after meeting a mystery man in a bar in a Martinsburg, West Virginia Sheraton hotel in August 1991.  All that’s missing here is the DCPD and FBI calling Rich’s 2-bullets-in-the-back a suicide.  I’m still kind of waiting for that, to be honest.  After all, it wouldn’t be any more ridiculous than the Casolaro “suicide”: death by blood loss after he slashed both wrists 12 times, so deep that the tendons were severed.  Think about that for a second.  In the end, both men killed for information.  One for revealing it, the other for the possibility that he might.   And also in the end, likely by the very same forces, desperate to retain control.  

And that was just the beginning.  Charges were soon flying from all major mainstream sources, cointelpro-style, (look over here!!) that this was all Russia’s fault (election tampering!), creaking dinosaurs like the NY Times and the Washington Post leading the way.  In some horrible Faustian bargain to remain somehow relevant, and to keep their Masters happy, the Post even went so far (and stooped so low) as to actually hire John Podesta to pen ridiculous Op-Ed pieces for them on a regular basis.  Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a time when papers like the Post would be INVESTIGATING John Podesta and not renting out a bully pulpit to him.  This greasy pedophile is so dirty he should be UNDER the jail, not in it, and yet a former institution of social justice (or at least a public concern that gave good lip service to it) is instead whoring itself out to the absolute dregs of humanity. A true monster.  And worse yet, a monster that seeks to transparently distract us from his own disgusting vileness. Fake news indeed. 

Here’s something not so fake that you won’t be hearing from any mainstream source: what exactly happened to the 25 children that John Podesta’s mother, Mary, adopted (admitted to in quotes from Tony Podesta, John’s brother) from the time she arrived in D.C. at the age of 68, until her death in 2007?  There is no mention of them in any adoption records.  They’re missing.  Mary “Mama” Podesta became an instant D.C. darling among the inner circles (suuure she did), admired for her “pesto.”  Ever wonder why little Johnny Podesta rose so far so fast in the cutthroat Clinton entourage?  Maybe, just maybe, because “Mama” was a supplier, a procurer.  Think about it.  By the way, all mentions of this particular factoid on boards like 4chan and reddit, where it was originally posted by sources, and that I saved, when clicked on now come up with ‘unable to open. The internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found.’

But hey, there’s nothing strange here that needs any kind of investigation or anything…it’s not like there’s any veritable orgy of evidence pointing to a completely Satanic child-trafficking subculture that’s been flourishing in D.C. for at least the last 30+ years…these are just swell guys that build child-sized coffins for a hobby and dig underground tunnels at night and Moms who make sure their kids are sure to be in that pool to “entertain” adult male guests at parties where they eat artful cookies made with blood and semen.  Hey, it’s just that tres chic, crowd, you know.  It’s just intellectual, but nothing that requires looking into, c’mon.  It’s not like they’re following the exact historical occult directives from folks like Aleister Crowley.  I mean, that would be pretty damning, wouldn’t it?  Not as damning as joking about calling pics of your large, stainless steel enclosures killrooms, but it’s not like that ever happened.  Oh, wait….  Just like looking into the Rich killing at all just means you’re a conspiratard.  Let’s see…

It’s not strange that he wasn’t a drinker at all but witnesses saw him quite literally stumbling out from a bar at around 1:30 in the morning.

It’s not weird that no one, least of all any law enforcement authorities, are wondering what Rich did, where he went, or who he saw from 1:30 in the morning til 4:15 when he was shot.  He must have been walking home extremely slowly, since his apartment was only 1.8 miles from the bar.

It’s not weird that the attending doctor that saw him that night had been to Bohemian Grove on more than one occasion.

Or that that same doctor, a Dr. Sava, was on the flight manifest with John Podesta to the opening of the Clinton Library in Little Rock in 2004. 

Or that the triggerman (ahem, sorry) policeman that first responded to the scene of the shooting of Rich (at 4:15 in the a.m.) – an Officer Robinson -- was there in under 90 seconds.  Or that he went to Georgetown when John Podesta taught there.  Or that his sister worked for Hillary prior to and during her campaign.

It’s not strange that we can see the results of Tiger Woods’ breathalyzer and videotape from the night of his DUI arrest in 24 hours, but the tapes from the body-armor cams and audio of Robinson and the other responding officers to a homicide of a prominent Democratic National Committee staffer are somehow missing.   Weird, right?  This is the only photo that remains online of the scene that night.

It’s not incriminating and certainly means nothing that Podesta is on record in an email saying he wanted to make an example of the leaker.  “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker, whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

It’s certainly not incriminating that democratic thugs and Podesta pals Palmieri and Robby Mook started pushing the “robbery” narrative hard, and that the cops in D.C. went along with it, turning the narrative of a relatively safe D.C. section into something out of Watts. (Clinton campaign manager Mook only recently deleted a buddy buddy photo of he and NY mayor Bill DeBlasio DNC staffer Jacob Schwartz, recently outed as being a pedophile and arrested for being in possession of over 3,000 images and 89 tapes of children as young as 6 months old being raped.) 

It obviously means nothing and you’re a conspiratard for even mentioning that D.C. police chief Peter Newsham is tight with Alefantis.  P.S., he’s thoroughly, exhaustively looked into those Comet Ping Pong as pedo ring hub allegations too.  Not surprisingly, he and the entire DCPD found nothing incriminating.  Can any of them even access instagram or twitter by the way, because, hell, just Alefantis’ photos alone on both platforms are as incriminating as it gets.  Here’s Newsham showing his support for Alefantis in the immediate aftermath of the firestorm of all the citizen investigations. 

It’s not weird that the owner of the bar that Rich conveniently stumbled out of just so happened to be in the White House a couple of times, for several hours, in closed-door meetings, 6 days before the murder.

And most of all it’s really not weird that the surgical assistant on call the night of the what-turned-into-a murder had this to say:

And yet, none of this warrants investigation, curiosity, or even a raised eyebrow amid the consensus machinery that acts as a cover apparatus.

But here’s something else that should:  what happened in 2002 to 20-year-old Christopher Tompkins while working on a surveying crew, in broad daylight, in Ellerslie, Georgia, along State Route 85.  Be aware that the following information is highly disturbing.

Tompkins was part of a four-man road crew doing surveying work when he disappeared on January 25, 2002 in the community of Ellerslie, Georgia, part of the Columbus metropolitan area.  (Ellerslie was the location of the first telegraph lines completed in the country, in 1848.)  The workmen were walking back to their truck, less than 50 feet apart, when Christopher, the last in line, disappeared into thin air.  There was no noise or sound of any kind during whatever happened to him.

Within seconds of noticing he was gone, his co-workers began scouring the scene for any signs of what had happened.  All they found were his tools, some change from his pockets, and one of the boots he was wearing.  As part of a wider search by authorities hours later, a small piece of fabric from his pants was found on the top of a barbed wire fence some yards away and around eight feet off the ground.  Exactly one year later, Tompkins’ other boot was located by the landowner of the property on the other side of the fence, part of the landscape of that area which featured swampy terrain and dense forests.  No other trace or any forensic evidence of Tompkins has ever been found in the now 15 years since.

So what can we ascertain?  It appears something – a force – evidently struck Tompkins with such pace and velocity that it carried him over an eight-foot-high fence in the direction of dense woods, turning him over in the process.  All without making any kind of noise that would have alerted the other 3 men.  It struck him with such power that it was sufficient to knock one of his boots from his body.  This is something massive, inhumanly quick, and predatory.  Something that was hunting, stalking, planning, with intelligence and guile, and that somehow prevented Tompkins from even being able to yell out in alarm or for help.

From the photos here there is at least 9 or 10 feet of shoulder on the highway, plus the width of the road itself.  The foliage approaching the fence and on the other side is thick, but not so dense as to be able to obscure any views of what is happening in the vicinity.  What could possess the ability to cover such distances, really we’re talking possibly a hundred or more yards in total before being completely obscured, without being seen?  What can clear an eight-foot-high fence as part of that equation carrying a grown man?  All without making even the slightest noise?  Is it even a physical thing at all, or are we beginning to deal in more esoteric possibilities?

This is just one of the cases explored by phenomenal researcher David Paulides in his epic Missing 411 series of books, a series that, in total, leads to some frightening (perhaps supernatural) conclusions without ever explicitly spelling out what may be responsible.  The ramifications of this will be explored in more detail in further posts that will be coming, but let it be known that Paulides has ascertained that state and federal authorities, especially under the banner of the National Parks system, know far more about what is going on in these scenarios than they are letting on.  Paperwork documenting missing people in the National Parks for decades has gone missing or doesn’t exist at all, or when it is found, Paulides has been told that the price for release of such information is ridiculously exorbitant, quite literally in the millions of dollars.  What is going on here?

Let’s look at the similarities between 2 maps, one of Paulides’ main charted clusters of missing people in the densely forested areas of the U.S., the other the most recently known overlay of the military underground tunnel system in the U.S.  See any overlaps?  Needless to say, this also heavily corresponds with the states where there are the largest number of missing children, according to research done pertaining to “pizzagate.”  Once again, what is going in here?

In summation, I’ll quickly also tell you to watch a new series on Netflix called “The Keepers.”  It charts the detailed investigation of the murder of a Baltimore nun and high school teacher, sister Cathy Cesnik, who disappeared on November 7, 1969, and had apparently stumbled upon a coordinated network in place in Baltimore, where young girls were made to sexually service, in the Baltimore school system during daylight hours and while school was in session, high-ranking members of the police, Church, wealthy businessmen and politicians, all with the full blessing and knowledge of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  

We’ll be looking at this more closely in future installments also, because researchers have tied a specific name, “Skippy,” that comes up as a person of interest in this now on-going investigation, with none other than John Podesta himself – and his timeline certainly fits…enough to the point where he could certainly be the “Skippy” in question regarding this unsolved murder and this other, once again, pedophile network.  But make no mistake, this is dangerous.  Researchers that have done the work linking Podesta to this network have had their accounts de-monied, frozen, have been threatened, and have actually gone missing themselves.  The “Skippy” (Podesta’s well known, long time nickname by the way) in the series was described as having a moustache, which many apologists were quick to cry let JP off the hook.  Then this picture was found, which placed him at the exact time in the timeline when the murder of Cesnik and the “networking” was taking place.  This is another piece of circumstantial evidence which is rapidly being scrubbed from the web.

The initial “pizzagate” public investigation of the Clinton-Podesta emails prior to the presidential election last fall has grown exponentially and exploded into an investigation linking everything and dot-connecting everywhere, exposing just how huge this network is and remains.  Obviously, situations that have been called outliers, such as Hastert’s case and Sandusky’s Second Mile at Penn State, don’t occur in a vacuum, and are linked to each other in a much larger sphere than was ever previously imagined.  A dark, dark underbelly is being exposed.  Which brings me back full circle, to Twin Peaks, and how all of this goes together.

“Is it easier to believe that such things don’t exist, and that men act this way on their own?”   Twin Peaks, 1991

David Lynch, the Twin Peaks creator, in his visions, tapped in to that truth beneath the apple (cherry) pie and picket fences veneer that makes up the lie of how we view ourselves; one of the first and largest canaries in the coal mine to alert us to the fact that there was, and is, something fundamentally wrong here, that there was an evil beneath the surface of these small town homilies long before disclosures like Savile and Happy Valley, and that this evil would soon be spreading.

“If you dig, there is another layer beneath our everyday world, and if you keep digging there are even more layers, deeper worlds, beyond these…”    David Lynch

Murder mysteries with overtones of the occult and the supernatural, with a high accent on ritualized child abuse coupled with high-level, compartmentalized, top-secret government investigations into and communication with entities that form what’s called the UFO phenomenon, and a detailed examination of the intersection where all of these meet…these are things Lynch was pondering deeply as something horrendously perverse, wounded, and broken in the American psyche at least as far back as 1973, when the first inklings of what would become the film Blue Velvet stirred him, the basic theme of which he would amplify with Twin Peaks, and then finally spell out in gruesome generational, bloodline hues even more explicitly in his films Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, Lost Highway, and Inland Empire.  Whether this points to a finality of America as an original dark and bloody ground that dooms its inhabitants to play out occult dramas strictly by virtue of their living in the world’s biggest haunted house, or is simply a malleable canvas open to any and all wayward wandering spirits is still an open-ended question that lies behind every headline even today.  The answer as to who is driving this magick bus is still way up in the middle of the air, right where Ezekiel saw the first wheel.  And it would be wise to remember that wheel was only one of a system of wheels within wheels. 

As everything written here should make abundantly clear, David Lynch was on to something.  Something more than what we’re being told is going on out there under the radar of normalized Americana.  Twin Peaks, in case you hadn’t noticed, is the WORLD now.  Twin Peaks is a documentary.  Ask the family of Christopher Tompkins. Ask any family whose child is missing, vanished into subterranean networks beyond imagining.  Ask any of the surviving victims of ritualized abuse.  It’s a Lynchian free-for-all out there, where the rules don’t apply, conventional physics is absent, and all bets are off.  The haunted house always wins in a game that appears to be cosmically rigged and is certainly beyond our present ability to decipher.

These are stories being told, and lives being lived, that trade in the knowledge of dark, spiritual forces from outside of our realm that require certain things: child and human sacrifice, the energy from the trafficking of innocence to the rich and powerful, screen memories obscuring the narrative to shield the true nature of the predators from the unsuspecting.

All I’m sure of at this juncture is that some of us have been in touch with this, and in league with each other on many levels of dreamtime, for quite a while now, in trying to break through this veil that seeks to keep us weak, confused, and apart.  Beyond horror lies understanding.  And even farther beyond, the truth.