Sunday, March 13, 2022



"If we are observing a ritual working, we should be looking for relevant synchronicities (coincidences that have meaning)...which form a pattern." Michael Hoffman 

"Interstate five/ Stayin alive/ Won't someone try to open up your eyes/ You must be blind if you can't see the gaping hole called reality

If you make sure you're connected/ The writing's on the wall/ But if your mind's neglected/ Stumble you might fall stumble you might fall

Something ain't right/ Gonna get myself connected/ I ain't gonna go blind for the light which is reflected/ I see thru you..."

"Some days I have to give right in to the blues/ Despite how I try to keep fightin it's a sure shot I'm gonna lose/ And I'll tell you why you think I'm crazy/ It's such a sad composition/ But can you blame me, for what's causing my bad disposition/ Ain't nothin new with my blue situation/ And nothing's fine, it's just a minor variation        ugh!

When troubles wanna find me I ain't hard to find/ (They know where I am) Like a hungry pack of wolves when it's feeding time/ They tear up a man, and it's a strange thing/ Cause now it don't really matter/ More of the same thing, don't even hurt it's all a part of the pattern/ But still in all it's a small consolation/ I just define it as a minor variation

Ain't no way to fight em darlin/ Ain't no way around em baby/ Ain't no way to take em, nowhere to hide and believe me I've tried to shake em

I'm getting to the point where I don't feel a thing/ And I've had enough, I'm ready for the next time it hits me again/ Cause I've gotten tough, it doesn't faze me/ And now I've made my decision/ I may be crazy, it's not as though I don't know that condition/ Until I'm thru with this blue situation/ Pass me the wine it's just a minor variation

Ain't nobody's business baby/ Ain't nobody's worry darlin/ Ain't nobody's problem no way to win when you've already been forgotten    heh! heh!

And its a strange thing -- cause now it don't really matter -- More of the same thing -- Don't even hurt me it's a part of the pattern -- Until I'm thru with this blue situation

Pass me the wine, it's just a minor variation."

"In dreams begin responsibilities."  Delmore Schwartz

A progression, where everything is connected. This is the juncture at which we find ourselves.

In case you were wondering, we are entering World Economic Forum territory more with every passing hour:

Much like the era of the first UFO, or flying saucer, sightings, to coin the terminology of the time; which  mostly consisted of meandering nocturnal lights exhibiting non-ballistic movement, along with the occasional, startling, structured craft. Then those progressed into the phenomena showcasing itself in open sunlight, even becoming classified under the "daylight discs" heading. 

Then, after another suitable interval, came the very first sightings of the "pilots." All uncovered across a timeline and in a very methodical, step-by-step basis -- almost as if it was preordained or arranged for maximum psychological and psychic impact. The epoch of the "little green men" had begun -- starting around 1954 in numerous incidents across the EU (particularly France) and South America, and finally exploding in 1965-66 in North America. Two notable precursor events being 1952 in Flatwoods, West Virginia and 1955 in the still-eerie Kelly-Hopkinsville case in Kentucky. Both given short shrift by the Air Force but silently and behind closed doors taken extremely seriously by none other than J. Allen Hynek himself. 

What we see, and have seen, manifesting in reality over the past several years, at least since 2016 or so, has followed a very, very similar pattern of unveiling and disclosure. And once again, it seems we, en masse, as a collective herd, are being pushed along towards a certain goal blueprinted out long ago. We are just now entering into its end times or final stages. 

To again borrow a ufological metaphor, look at the theories of Hynek, late Air Force scrub turned heavy-hitting UFO deep-thinker...far too deep for the likes of Project Blue Book. Hynek made the journey of the nuts-and-bolts thinker into far further realms of what he coined "High Strangeness." And indeed, our entire lives very readily fall under that heading today. An inhabitant of 1978, 1987, or even 1998 would scarcely recognize them, so shuddering and profound have the changes been, coupled with a twilight veering into thoughts and acts so impossible as to beggar belief in those far more innocent times. 

But to get back to Hynek, before we apply his theorems to today, let's examine a telling quote of his: "I hold it entirely possible that a technology exists which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental...I hypothesize and 'M&M' technology encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology."

Just what exactly have we known, and how long have we known it? And how is that knowledge being applied to shape what's going on today. I started this whole endeavour now some 11 years ago with the first drop entitled What's Going On? Well, I'm still asking that question in hopes of finding an answer; and in times like these we all get a little closer to finding it. 

Hynek buttressed this hypothesis by citing numerous examples of flying saucer effects, and coming in the end to term them much more aligned with, instead of an ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence), an EDI, or extra-dimensional one: sudden materialization and dematerialization, poltergeist-type aftereffects experienced by many after reports of a close encounter, UFO photos in which the object is only seen in one frame, the same object in close proximity to multiple people but only seen by a few, telepathic communications, the sudden stillness in the presence of the craft, psychic abilities manifesting in witnesses after being in close proximity to an object, examples of magnetization, levitation, teleportation and on and on.

I would also cite the interruption of or influence on the dream states of witnesses also. Not to mention  the absolute morphing of the witness personality in the aftermath of a sighting, at times often seeming to turn them into an entirely new person. Remember the linkage at the very beginning of all this to very strange dreams:

Dreams have long played a prominent role in close encounter cases, and have been the target of extreme curiosity by the powers-that-be:

MUCH here of what I am alluding to:

Not to get all Nightmare On Elm Street on you guys, but this gets into the very nature of dreams, what they are, and why their origin point largely still remains unknown even after extensive analysis and much study. Decades have been devoted to this field with absolutely no definitive answers forthcoming. We may do much better in talking to the Aborigines in disclosing their thoughts on Dreamtime:

The brilliant Peter Weir expressed it in much more eloquent terms in his monumental The Last Wave from 1977:

I only strive to mention all of these plot points because these are some of the exact same after-effects many are claiming to be firsthand witness to in the aftermath of being vaxxed. Which in turn makes me wonder just what type of technology we are talking about, and what is being massively deployed here? And to what effect and to what end? Richard Dolan continues along that train of thought, once begun by the likes of Vallee and Keel, when he asks the open-ended question here, are we ultimately turning ourselves into the aliens we have so long been enamored with and under the possible control of?: 

Ultimately a question perhaps more pointedly put to the likes of the transhumanists and those that seek large-scale control, the Faucis, the Schwabs, and the Gates amoung us. They couch their end goals in health-related concerns and philanthropy, but what they seek is a system of  control and the mass transformation of humanity. See here, in a priceless vid that if given my druthers, I'd hack into every MSM outlet at once all V For Vendetta-style so the entire WORLD could see this at the same time -- because from the 3:28 point on, it's, like, in their own words:

And NOW you know the rest of the story -- why all that graphene was in all those shots.  

Even more, it appears finally over these last several days, or at least it came to me in that time, that something even more ominous is being introduced into the fabric of our lives -- of reality itself. A purposeful physical restructuring, reordering. A manifesting of a new kind of reality. And this isn't happening per the usual wool pulled over our eyes by our Controllers. This is something far different. A permanent 1984-induced nightmare and mind control along an entirely new order. 


Back in the day, perfectly rational people were actually seeing things, witnessing paranormal phenomena and events and reporting them in real time. They were told by our leaders at the time, those they trusted, that these things were in fact, not happening. That they didn't exist. These witnesses eyes and senses told them a far different story. And yet the prevailing narrative of denial and ridicule held the day, for decades, against reality. 

What if that same narrative could be carried out not by mindset and manipulation of the psychological variety, but by psychopharmaceutical means and extended all the way down into the building blocks of our very DNA? What happens when reality is no longer rock-solid and 5 sense-dependent, but becomes as fluid as the deck of a constantly pitching and yawing ship upon roiling, never-ending seas? 

We were told for years now that these vaxxes did NOT alter our DNA. Not true. (And now confirmed by multiple sources, some of them the very vaxxers themselves.) We were told that the side-effects were non-existent, figments of our paranoid imaginations, until Pfizer and the FDA were forced to release 9 pages of them in a court-ordered domino that far from the end, appears to be just the beginning. We were told, and still are, that the good old US of A positively definitely of course NEVER had any biolabs or anything of the kind in Ukraine, filled with planet-destroying pathogens as far as the eye could see -- until none other than Victoria Nuland told the world that, ooops, that was a LIE. And still the adamant backtracking and coveruppering and scrubbing of what we just heard continues.

And where does Nuland herself backtrack to? Are you sure you wanna know?

We are talking the Clinton-Bush-Cheney junta -- Neoncons from the onset. We're talking a husband that wrote the Project For the New American Century...that would be extremely PRE-9/11. You know, that doc that called for a "New Pearl Harbor" to galvanize American hearts and minds to go on killing sprees worldwide for oil and opium against set-up countries. Wonderful people. Fun at parties. Now post-Obama, who was also up to his neck in it:

she is back at it like she never left -- in the thick of the Ukraine lies/coverup/disclosure biz:

All of which only serves to link the Covid narrative to the 9/11 narrative even more in my mind and at the ground level where they carry out their Black Ops.

Paperwork and receipts? Here ya go: 

Nuland, just so you know, was integral in plotting the Ukraine coup as far back as 2014, with (whaddya know) Sleepy Joe's help: 

Ukraine has long been a flashpoint for US fraud, payoffs, impropriety, and manipulation, which is exactly why the Biden Admin has such an abiding interest -- and I'm not even getting into the underground tunnels there for child trafficking and organ harvesting. The Biden fam receives untold millions in deals from the region. And Ukraine, surprise surprise, also happens to be the no.1 donor to the Clinton Foundation. Hey, all that adrenochrome's gotta come from somewhere now, right? 

And there's UFOs over Ukraine, and I ain't too surprised:

And who here remembers Joseph Moshe?

What did the MSM blare out about Moshe back then? Not that he was a microbiologist whistleblower intending to let the world know about nefarious goings on in Ukraine -- only that he was "mentally disturbed" and threated to "blow up the White House!" Thank God we dodged that bullet, right? 

But back to the dissonance factor and where it leads:

You can present all the evidence, cold and hard, that you want to the naysayers, and, much like all the vaccine evidence, mask evidence, lockdown evidence, etc etc over the past 2+ years, and heck, let's throw in election tampering because that qualifies too, it didn't and still doesn't matter. Their reality is not your reality. They cannot see. And perhaps because of what we are learning about this vaxx, they never, ever will. We are approaching permanent Invasion of the Body Snatchers territory where it's nothing but you and the pod people. And frighteningly, it just may have been designed that way.

The haste with which the entire COVID/vaxx narrative has been dropped borders on the clinically insane. Something so vital to our health and well-being is simply gone as if it never existed. This is something that needed to be gotten to the bottom of for humanity's sake. Just like pizzagate. Just like Epstein. Which were both hastily dropped like hot potatoes for the "next big thing." To me, this swiftness of all this under-the-rug brushing is extremely indicative of how close the public consciousness was coming to making a reveal of these Ops, and a public outing of their machinations and ultimately, the real controllers behind them. Anytime this happens you can expect the proverbial shell game of massive "Look over there!!" (NOT over here...that's old news.)

The manipulation of memory has started already with this warning shot:

Front and center in the mag of Ghislaine's best buddy (Lauren Powell Jobs) of course, that also went tone deaf on child sex trafficking of late. Got to admire their ability to coordinate.

Meanwhile, the masses will be like "Why am I dying?" Oh that's right, all those heart attacks, myocarditis increasing nearly 50% this year already (that's 2 months) over ALL of 2021, etc will just be from climate change and daylight savings time. Totally nothing to do with the vaccine. Listen to us. Silly you. Now let us reach down even farther into your brains...where even the very laws of observational physics appear to be changing:

Or maybe it's just the fact that somehow some place like CERN has found those 9 billion names of God and charted them:

"Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out."

For something to REALLY make you not sleep, check out Jeff's There Is No More Firmament

The government urges you to remain calm, indeed. 

All of this morphing of objective reality and what is true into the whirling dervish fluidity of existentialism and maps drawn in vapour can, in fact, be traced to very nuts-and-bolts entities. We have previously called out MITRE. Tonight, and on the cusp of this next season of sacrifice, I give you: Battelle.

The name of Battelle made screaming reentry into the public sphere again just of late:

But the ominous reach and tentacles of Battelle stretch much farther back, and connect mightily to another curious node in our investigations...that's right, UFOs:

Anyone find it just a tad weird that Battelle should just happen to come up in intricate and detailed studies, not to mention the bottomless funding, of all things "alien" as well as deadly pathogens and their storage facilities? Is this a case of never the twain shall meet? I might start believing that more if they'd get around to EVER telling us all the vaxx ingredients or even, I don't know, the real origins of whatever COVID is. All we know for sure is that both Pfizer (probably Moderna too) and the FDA wanted to keep this very information from you for 75 years. Think notions like this are crazy? Think again about DNA manipulation, what the ultimate purpose of this vaxx might be, and how we as a species all got here in the first place:

That last link gets into frequency manipulation, and something exactly like this might be occurring again (lookin at you 5G) -- look here, and pay attention to the strangeness of the wording:

"Additionally, I have observed some very strange effects from the COVID vaccines I cannot explain the mechanism for. With each of these, I've made an attempt to document and establish it definitely occurred (such as bringing another physician with me to evaluate the individual). However, since these events are so peculiar, I am not mentioning them here as I feel they will take more away from this than they will add to it."

This is sounding exactly like the early UFO databases compiled by the likes of Hynek and Vallee, where some of the information re the pilots and thru effects was SO strange that they were compiled in other adjunct databases and left out of the more mainstream ones submitted to the Air Force, etc. This in turn caused Hynek to create an entire new heading of High Strangeness to begin classifying things:

(All those alien abductions back in the 1980s-1990s that burst onto the zeitgeist, that seemed to be so concerned with our genetics, what were those really for and how does that plug into what's happening now? How is the info Craig Venter gleaned from the Human Genome Project involved? Did that ever really end?)  

This falls in line also very closely with the Oz Factor:

These are manifestations and traces left here in this physical realm by something possibly, decidedly non-physical but that can appear physical for brief periods of time. (Physical touching, radar returns, left behind trace evidence like crops circles, burned foliage, mutilated animals, etc.)

Let's end with those infernal, unfathomable dreams again...   

One of those vaxx side effects listed in those disclosed 9 pages is, on page 32, deja vu

How WEIRD is that? As if altering your DNA wasn't weird or worrying enough. But this simply underscores the fact that High Strangeness is barreling into our lives at a record rate, and by the design of those seeking to introduce it, for whatever mysterious reason.

Sometimes I wish Robert Monroe was still with us.

Although sometimes, most times, and in the grandest scheme of things, perhaps he is.

Meanwhile, the High Strangeness just keeps on flowing from sources unknown but eerily connected. And the Alchemical Working continues. Foregone conclusions aside, I wish you happy dreaming.