Saturday, January 2, 2016

Haunted Questions For A Golden Age

  “We do not know what wanders in the night on the road in between the galaxies, and it is probably best that we do not.”                   Arthur C. Clarke

     “Come from forever, and you will go everywhere.”       Rimbaud

     “I searched everywhere for a proof of reality, when all the while I understood quite well that the standard of reality had changed.”        Algernon Blackwood

     “Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?  They won’t help me survive…”     
     The Talking Heads, Life During Wartime (D.Byrne)

     In the year 1971, researcher John Keel wrote a book entitled Our Haunted Planet, a compendium of Fortean twilight happenings that didn’t fit in any particular mainstream box of that era, or any other for that matter.  In page after page, Keel reiterates a dizzying list of anomalies – flying saucers, “little green men,” bigfoot sightings, mothmen, pagan cults, military connections, otherworldly telephone surveillance, the first instances of “missing time,” disappearances – that weren’t linked in any rote fashion per se, but that at their core were connected eternally, celestially, in some kind of endless, infinity-loop, run-on matrix.  A matrix that, Keel felt, spontaneously and exponentially kept growing laterally, like a peat moss organism, towards some unforeseen, unimaginable shore; joined in an evolving, orchestrated manipulation by extra-dimensional intelligences in league with a conspiracy of men here on our planet.   

     You’ll excuse me if I’m feeling more than a little like a poor man’s Keel in these wee early hours of 2016, fumbling to find the words to relate how startlingly much has remained unchanged since 1971, and exactly how undiscovered this country is that we inhabit.  And much like Keel, something digs away at my internal clockwork, saying that all these nodal points of chaotic intersection MEAN something, as they hasten us down the wind on this road to…where?  The fact that all of these tumble out of Pandora’s box now only serves to elaborate a “quickening” in the delicate timeline that is integral to this chaotic realm that seems so often to veer between hopeful glimmers and total chthonic disruption.  As 2016 drops into the night, I present to you some interesting facts regarding recent events, and how there’s always more to the headlines than meets the eye, threads that go deeper and more scarlet than even normal conspiracy theory will allow when examining who is communicating with whom, in determining the puppets from the puppeteers.      


     First under the microscope is, for want of a more pedestrian title, the San Bernardino Working.  Far from just being the latest “terrorist” diversion, it contains threads both dark and ominous in the extreme, and runs the gamut from Deep State manipulations to the obsidian tendrils of something far more ancient and patient in its lust for feeding the fire in tears and blood.   

     I’m sure many of you are aware of the “false flag” accusations regarding what happened in San Bernardino already, but let’s hit the high spots.  On December 2, 14 were killed and 17 wounded at the Inland Regional Center Christmas office party in San Bernardino, California by, allegedly, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, supposed ISIS supporters, who afterwards fled in a rented black SUV, leading police on a high speed 35 m.p.h. “chase,” before both were found handcuffed and bound, dead in the backseat of their rented SUV, after a shootout only a few miles away from the scene.  And that’s the “official” story believe it or not. 

     Let’s first begin by asking the obvious: who flees imminent death in a shootout with police driving 35 m.p.h?  Of course, 35 m.p.h. makes an inviting target speed if both patsies were killed previously and stuffed in the back of a rented SUV that’s then paraded out for authorities, remotely powered by drive-by-wire technology.   

     Tashfeen Malik had applied for a U.S. visa, and after her background was extensively nitpicked by the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, and the FBI, her visa was rushed (conditional green card) in July of 2015.  Her husband Syed, was a U.S. citizen born in Illinois.  For the record, it’s no secret that the FBI and related intelligence agencies worldwide have a long and storied history of using Muslim operatives inside their black operations who more often than not happen to turn out to be useful (read disposable) “patsies;” see the original World Trade Center 1993 bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and the infamous ‘John Doe number two,’ 9/11, 7/7 in the UK, the D.C. Snipers of 2002, the Boston Bombers, Mumbai, Charlie Hebdo, and Paris only weeks ago to name just a few.  One can even make a very strong case that the very first Middle Eastern terrorist was Sirhan Sirhan, whose “patsy” status becomes watertight when making even a cursory examination of the blatant MK-Ultra and mind control aspects of his case.  These same mind control areas echo down through the years and are found prominently in each and every case listed above, like telling fingerprints.  Perhaps along that line, just weeks before the shootings, Syed had deposited $28,000 into his bank account…a $28,000 that the Feds have yet to disclose the nature and/or source of.  This has all the hallmarks of Syed, and possibly Tashfeen as well, having gone underground or being informants and assets for federal and/or regional FBI/intelligence outlets.   

     Following this line of inquiry, no less than four eyewitnesses to the shootings, Juan Hernandez, Sally Abdelmageed, Frank Montes, and Chirs Nwadike, described the shooters as 3 tall, athletic Caucasian men, dressed in black shirts, khaki pants, and tan boots.  When she was pulled from the backseat of the SUV, alleged shooter Tashfeen, it should be noted, was wearing shorts, high heels, and a short, “tummy” blouse on her 5-foot tall frame.  Here are photos of both she and Syed in death at the scene, and in keeping the stories straight and for clarification, if he wasn’t handcuffed prior to death, what is the professional reason for handcuffing a dead body? 

     Here is a screen capture of an apparent standoff at the SUV, but what exactly is going on here?  No blood or glass are present on the ground, the SUV doesn’t appear to be totally riddled yet (the tires are still inflated), and the approach by law enforcement is quite close…was this setting up the scene?  


     Where have we seen the black shirts, khaki pants, and tan boots outfit before?  In Paris we had reports of 3 tall, athletic Caucasian men dressed in tactical gear, shooting up the streets and killing scores of people before somehow fleeing the scene in a black rented vehicle.  Officials then killed a couple in a town house not that far away.  They had been “radicalized” and linked to ISIS.  And of course, like clockwork, there had been an active shooter drill conducted that day. 

     This is the exact same scenario we saw played out in San Bernardino for those looking for patterns.  This  tweet was from SBPD Lt. Richard Lawhead immediately after the incident: “Nearby police SWAT training was underway, response was fast b/c of that.”  For another tipoff, notice this Craigslist ad placed in the San Bernardino papers a few days before December 2.     

     And who remembers Chris “American Sniper” Kyle’s Craft International that was seen roaming the streets of downtown Boston both before and after those still-highly-suspect bombings?  Who remembers what they were wearing?  Black shirts, khaki pants, tan boots.   

     Who remembers that, distinctly unlike the Tsarnaev brothers, it was in fact Craft International operatives that were seen and photographed with backpacks, prior to the Boston events, exhibiting markings just like those that happened to be used in the bombings? 




     Ever wonder about the ideas for the original inception of Craft International, how far back their inspiration stretches in history?  Ironic that we were just addressing the Templar Knights and their intrinsic connection to the Paris attacks in the last posting…can you feel a psychic through-line tracing echoes along these contemporary events, ghostly shadows following their influences from month to month, from era to era?  Who makes sure these influences remain vital down through the centuries?  Who makes sure these symbols survive to cast even longer shadows in the collective consciousness as time marches on?           


     Enrique Martinez was a close friend of the couple that supposedly supplied them with 2 assault-style weapons used in the attack.  Hours after the shootings, Marquez entered a mental health facility in Long Beach.  He has not been seen since.  Prior to that he admitted to the FBI being an ISIS supporter, and said he was “radicalized” by none other than Anwar al-Awlaki; the same al-Awlaki AlQaeda mastermind who was invited to the Pentagon for “lunch meetings” after 9/11, on October 21, 2001.  As we always see, the actors from 9/11 and Iran Contra are never far from recycling their wetwork talents; the powers behind Gladio remain rebooted and everywhere, portals are opening and closing constantly and have been for eons, for the worship of Lam, of Aiwass, of Hekate, of Saturn, of Choronzon, of Baphomet, of everything you could imagine.  Two recent headlines that shed more light on this side of things: Guns Used In Paris Terror Attacks Traced Back To Florida Arms Dealer Implicated In Iran-Contra Scandal, and U.S. Refuses To Tell France Who Financed Paris Terror Attacks.  All of these shadowy operators are still obviously running black projects on a global scale, adhering to the same ideologies of blood, fear, and tension.          

     “There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive to ideas, and MindWar should take full advantage of such phenomena as atmospheric electromagnetic activity, air ionization, and extremely low frequency waves.”                Michael Aquino

     And just when you think this list of particulars of what went down in San Bernardino can’t get any more spooky, of course there’s far more bubbling below the surface.  Because in 2011, Walter Bosley and Richard Spence wrote a book titled Empire Of The Wheel, which posits that a series of murders and suicides in San Bernardino in 1915 was in fact a larger occult ritual predicated upon the gathering of ley or telluric energies to increase the earthly power and influence of those behind the deaths/sacrifices, an unknown cult or secret society.  Somewhat disturbingly, you will remember that telluric energies, or currents, supposedly will go on, in the days and nights to come, to play a pivotal role in CERN’s ultimate engine of catastrophe that the powers in and below Geneva are lining up for humanity. 

     To make a long and extremely convoluted story short, the research (mainly of Walter Bosley) has found that there were 7 mysterious and likely linked deaths in San Bernardino exactly a century ago.  These included drownings, stranglings, and even the killing of 3 children with poisoned candy.  Each death was positioned precisely on a telluric grid, or ley line, the system of which runs throughout North America and indeed comprises part of a larger grid of earth energy that covers the entire globe.


     To make matters even stranger, zeroing in on the target date of 50 years after 1915, the Zodiac killings began in the exact same area, and, once again, leading researchers would come to determine that each of the Zodiac victims was placed, with incredible detail, along the same ley line system.  Some have come to find fault with Bosley’s calendar, since the first killings officially attributed to the Zodiac were the 1968 Lake Herman Road shootings of David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen on December 20.  However the Zodiac himself claimed some 37 victims in all, and many criminologists now believe that the murders may have started as early as 1963 or at least the 1966 occult ritual murder of Cheri Jo Bates at Riverside City College (and just a stone’s throw from San Bernardino) on October 30, so the 50 year line is well in play.  In fact, someone acknowledges the ley lines and energies as pivotal for some arcane reason, since the dots on this map represent not only the official Zodiac victims from December 20, 1968-October 11, 1969 but also every unsolved homicide in the area during that same period – all falling exactly on the ley lines in their planetary grid system.       


     The significance of the 50-year marker makes itself known in several important esoteric belief systems.  Toyne Newton in his book The Dark Worship notes that the ancient Greek culture linked the number 100 with the goddess Hecate, marking her ‘great rule’ or ‘Greater Year’ down into segments of 50 years apiece.  The Dogon tribe in Africa describes the 50-year orbital cycle of the star Sirius by counting it twice, or 100 years.  The Zodiac arrived some 50 years after the 7 original mysterious San Bernardino deaths.  And now here the quote from Bosley and Spence directly, from 2011 remember:
     “Perhaps what is most disturbing about this possibility of a fifty year cycle is that we are coming up on the 100th anniversary of the deaths of 1915, fifty years after the emergence of the Zodiac.”

     Interestingly, another convergence appears when considering the city of Redlands, nearby San Bernardino.  Redlands was ground zero for several of the 1915 murder/suicides.  “Orla Hedges died in Redlands, also crossed by leys and reputedly one of the most haunted towns in America, known for rumors of devil worship as well as plentiful ghost stories.  Her home sat upon an intersection of two telluric ‘leys.’  Likewise the allegedly tormented E. P. Braid took his life in Redlands – his place of death also on the intersection of two such lines.”

     Both telluric intersections where Hedges and Braid died included such lines following directly from the major nodal point in Urbita Springs Park.  The current San Bernardino shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center.  Bosley’s key murder of a mysterious woman named Cora Stanton in 1915 unfolded at Urbita Springs Park also.  Today the location that used to be Urbita Springs Park is the Inland Center Mall, right down the street from the Inland Regional Center.  And get this, the L.A. police, when searching for the San Bernardino shooters, “just happened to visit a house in a nearby locale.”  When the house occupants drove away, again according to the official story, the police gave chase and wound up riddling the black SUV with a hail of bullets, killing Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik on the streets of…….Redlands. 


     From the wrap-up of Empire Of The Wheel:  “As in the 1915 crimes, the occult angle also raises the possibility that the Zodiac was not, as generally assumed, a lone wolf killer, but part of a group or someone acting on a group’s instructions…groups live much longer than men and renew themselves with fresh blood both literal and figurative.  We have suggested that the killer/killers behind all or most of the 1915 deaths were not an isolated phenomenon, but possibly and disturbingly linked to a sleeper cell of occult motivated agents in California and further afield…

     We suggest it is sufficiently significant that themes of occult driven homicide with the goal of power over the elements, natural and supernatural, are prevalent enough in the past century that it bears mention here.  We argue that the Zodiac killings share with our San Bernardino mystery too many similarities of a specific nature to be dismissed.  Admittedly, while we have detected some pattern, we still as yet cannot completely identify it.

     While we have considered the single killer option – the startling and highly improbable possibility that the Zodiac killer himself could have been alive and able to commit the San Bernardino Working murders – it is intriguingly more likely that he might have learned of the killings of 1915 and attempted to emulate them or was part of a team of killers (thus accounting for the range of ages applied to the killer by witnesses.)  A darker possibility is that the Zodiac was told of the San Bernardino Working and carried out the murders at the behest of an occult group possibly descended from that which carried it out that autumn roughly 50 years prior, the halfway point of the Hecate/Hekate measure of 100 years.  Will another killer or group of killers take up the torch, as did Hekate herself, and venture into a psychological subterranea of homicidal madness in veneration of the coming centennial of the San Bernardino Working?

     Some may insist that such tales of cult involvement are nothing but the rants of madmen and the overactive imaginations of writers.  Others more knowledgeable argue that they are genuine manifestations of a dark underground reality, the existence of which most of us would rather not confront nor fathom.”

     So can we possibly say what exactly is going on here?  Can we at least acknowledge that there is something with distinct otherworldly properties in play and manifesting at certain times, beyond random weirdness and synchronicity?  Does quantum mechanics reach a vanishing point of coincidence finally?  At bottom, we have 2 researchers wondering about the possibility, in 2011, of an occult Working, a magickal sacrifice ritual, taking place exactly 100 years after the first one they noted occurred in 1915, and exactly 50 years after the more-widespread-than-thought Zodiac killings…and then 14 deaths indeed occur in 2015 – in the exact same place.   

     I could recall some line about the best way to predict the future is to invent it, but then I’d have to get into Walter Bosley’s past as former FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), and I haven’t looked deeply enough into their ties to Craft International, so…let’s just back slowly and quietly out of this dimly-lit room before somebody gets hurt.  

     “What about the time/ You were falling over
Fell on your face/ You must be having fun
Walk lightly, think of a time
You’d best believe
This thing is real

Put away that gun/ This part is simple
Try to recognize/ What is in your mind
God help us, help us loose our minds
These slippery people
Help us understand….”
   The Talking Heads, Slippery People (D. Byrne) 1983

     “No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.  Therefore, it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.”       2 Corinthians 11: 14

     “On the day that you were born they built an empire off a scream/ I can’t explain
Endlessly they’ll set you free, give you reason to believe/ This empty place
Take a chance that you should go, face upon your happy home/ The scanners wait…”
                   The Smashing Pumpkins, The Celestials (B. Corgan) 2012

     “Something happened on the day he died/ Spirit rose a meter, then slipped aside
Somebody else took his place and bravely cried: 
 I’m a blackstar.”         Bowie 2016

     In just the last week, Arthur C. Clarke’s opus, Childhood’s End, was presented as a three-night event on American television.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, I suggest you check it out on the Syfy channel website where it’s free for the time being, or at the very least read Clarke’s book, which is a landmark in early science fiction, and one of the few examples of that genre that actually qualifies as bonafide literature, along with Ray Bradbury, some Isaac Asimov, and assorted Philip K. Dick.  I would include Rod Serling in the televised medium category, but Rod was more a brilliant satirist that merely used science fiction as a candy-coated delivery system for his bitter truth pills.  I will say however, that anyone who can fashion the screenplays to both the eerie Seven Days In May and the original Planet Of The Apes (with its patented Serling ‘Twilight Zone’ ending that combines both social commentary and existential horror) is an out-and-out genius of the Golden Age of writing, which brings me to my point.

     “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”    Arthur C. Clarke 


     In Childhood’s End, in Rihanna videos, in the new Star Wars film, in new David Bowie songs, in all manner of so-called popular entertainment these days, there is a persistent drumbeat of a meme being repeated over and over: The Golden Age.  All of which leads me to wonder, just what are they trying to tell us?  What exactly are they priming us for, and when?  Because this is being inserted, all of a sudden, as a catchphrase, into the popular culture mainstream loop.  And it is being run heavily.

     Anthony Patch in his research gleaned from information given by insiders at CERN and other agencies first alerted me to this term, all over again, months ago.  In fact, his reiteration of their use of the term was the first I’d heard of it in the specific “underground/fringe” culture, applying it to the pre-Christian epoch they wished to return humanity to in worship and veneration of their symbols and gods.  Namely an era of a lost, high civilization predating Atlantis, Ur, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, where the planets were even aligned differently in the solar system and mankind (or others) possessed technology of such a high order that we have yet to catch up with it today.  Authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky hinted at such a lost civilization scenario in his seminal Worlds In Collision, as did Graham Hancock in his Fingerprints Of The Gods.  All of this can even be traced back to ideas of directed panspermia and Von Daniken’s Chariots Of The Gods.  Heck, even our old buddy John Keel teased such ideas, so this is nothing new.  But the fact of all this being used in such a pedestrian, offhand way, and so often recently, points to something ominous I think.


     Because whether it’s transhumanism, or chipping the population, or young blood, or a cosmic “sympathy for the devil,” which is, in fact, at the core of what Childhood’s End is about, or the raising of a Satanic monument in Detroit, the way is being prepared right now for something to save us.  The saviour of humanity is being cast in a distinctly non-traditional light, via social conditioning and a “revelation of the method” strategy.  This latest re-telling of Childhood’s End was portioned into three subtitles: The Overlords; The Golden Age; The Last Generation.  As long ago as the 1950s, when the story was written, you’d find the cover of paperbacks of the novel with this type of distinctly reptilian eye looking out on, and overseeing, humanity.  



     Now notice this still capture from the televised drama, where the leader of the Overlords first reveals himself after decades, the ally of children, and humanity’s saviour…notice how it mimics the recent Satanic monument that was erected in Detroit amidst much fanfare and controversy.  The children again being cast as “the openers of the way.”

     "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents...some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age."
                                           H. P. Lovecraft 


     We are now a solid three years and counting beyond the dreaded Mayan doomsday ecliptic of December 21, 2012, sailing our silver ships past the boundaries of reason and into the pure void of interstellar night, fueled only by a cargo of curiosity and the killing jokes of quantum mechanical certainties amid the ceaseless precession of the stars.  It is said those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.  Let’s hope they impart such mercy to defer the veil of madness long enough to give us a puncher’s chance at redemption and Grace. 

     Seeing what’s happened since 1997, sometimes you have to wonder, just as the ancients did at the passage of every heavenly body, what the close proximity of the spectacular comet Hale Bopp set into motion.  What was sprinkled over this haunted planet in the passing of its chaotic slipstream, what roiling whorls of the stardust of darker imaginings were we anointed with?  What “companion” imprinted its celestial machinery into the monkey DNA after all?  Have the real Overlords yet to announce themselves, or are they out there killing off the herd on ley lines according to ancient timetables to increase their power and authority in this realm while they still have time?  Have we been living in the midst of a professional Death Cult for all of our adult lives?     

     They say it’s never too late.  But you have to wonder, as 2016 dawns…what would a childhood’s end look like?