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"Let me begin..."

Is everybody in? The Show is about to begin...(or) in 13 minutes, I knew everything!!

"Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."   I Corinthians 15: 51-58

"Like a thief in the night..."

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls." Edgar Allan Poe

The summer historical Dog Days have arrived, and with them a looming sense of massing dread -- we all seem to be on the threshold; waiting for something without knowing quite what that is. And many factors are contributing to that, that on-the-cusp feeling of something momentous about to emerge: the worldwide unveiling to most of the normies of child trafficking operations that have always been bubbling under the surface of all things -- brought out this time by the breakaway success of Sound Of Freedom; the percolating UFO/UAP disclosure milieu which has meaningful sections of government hierarchy severely rattled (which should be a large red flag for everyone); the continuing rampant side effect toxicity/death syndrome in and around all things C-19 vaxx, whose monstrous reign over humanity continues unabated and just as unspoken-of. We see, hear, and more importantly FEEL all these things contributing to a mounting pressure circuit working on all of us psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. And just as is always their modus operandi, there is much more to all of the above than is seen at the surface; just as was intended. All a part of the plan, all connected -- and right on schedule.

And all these are merely the tip -- advances in surveillance, the growing threat of AI takeover (which threshold may have already been crossed), the bizarre and threatening weather anomalies which show themselves on a daily basis now in continuing heat and explosions of thunder and lightning...all of this and more is being launched as multi-pronged installments of forces being arrayed against us on multiple levels. It's an H P Lovecraft-John Keel world out there right now, and where the headwaters will send us, battered and soaking in it, is anybody's guess. But the calendar, from July 23-September 8, once again signals it's time:

The Dog Days, and with them the Dog Star Days, are here again. And within them, the experiments continue all thruout these dark and stormy nights. Is the Travis show (timed with the Dog Star timeline) at the Pyramids a go? There appears to be some much appreciated pushback:

Strange rituals? You don't say!

And for those of you that don't remember Astroworld:

Or the potential ramifications:

Scott in his "See you on the other side" portals tee, signaling.

Read this with these allegations that have never been substantiated, or investigated...INJECTED:

ANOTHER experiment -- one involving more injections -- in 2021. The beta test of the recently vaxxed along with 5G exposure looms large...


To begin with now, we need to address some disturbing and growing allegations being made against Sound Of Freedom, and which have nothing to do with the usual players (CNN, Rolling Stone, Slate, Salon, etc) all intimately tied in with the child trafficking player lists to begin with and so their crocodile tears ring just as hollow as they should...the inevitable mentions of pizzagate and QAnon rearing their heads right on schedule as means to muddy the waters with questions that STILL have yet to be answered after 7 years time.

No, these are different allegations that lead right back to those same lists of elites and which hint alarmingly of some kind of grooming going on. Personally, I haven't made my mind up as to what's going on, but these allegations, and moreover these connections, bear investigating even more deeply:

Also, CARLOS SLIM as one of the financial backers?? Where have I heard his name before?

Slim is also in deep with the NXIVM faction, as was illustrated by the excellent FrankReport:

Slim is also implicated in all manner of doings South of the Border related to missing and murdered women in Juarez:

And guess who else is implicated in all this? The Bush junta:

Missing children, you say?

And why, oh why was official handler Harley Pasternak's very first client Jim Caviezel?:

Something is extremely not right here. Why are a plethora of shady characters surrounding this? Why is Tim Ballard now saying that the answer to all this is chipping children? Why would the solution to the no.1 evil of our time be something that the same purveyors and disseminators of that evil have been lobbying for for decades? What is wrong with this picture? And yet on and on Caviezel goes, doubling down at every turn:

Don't get me wrong -- I WANT to believe him; that he hasn't been MKUltra-ed, that he is the one to subvert the system from the inside, that he has turned on his handlers, that he isn't career CIA himself and being used as a limited hangout...


The modus operandi of the black nobility has always been something that gets them off: using our own good intentions against us. You want to be a good citizen don't you? You don't want to kill Grandma do you? Then get vaccinated!! Don't be selfish. Be the best you can be. And because we ARE good people and can't envision that type of Machiavellian evil, we go along. We comply. Don't you love the children? Then you need to get them chipped. For their safety. Good intentions. Always good intentions. Something a certain road heading South is always paved with. And they know that -- they are in league with that.

There is also no doubt crazy amounts of this going on:

Then there is the psychology of the whole thing -- the more you tell someone they CAN'T see something, the more the drive will be to say "screw you, I'm seeing it." The reverse psychological lure of the forbidden fruit, not to wax too biblical...Oh the irony, right?

So there are, evidently, ridiculous amounts of competing forces in play here. Far too many to form any kind of cogent assessment right now -- just know that there is the presence of nefarious characters of all kinds in and around this scenario. And no matter what, chipping is never going to be the answer, no matter who tells you. I don't care if it's JESUS telling you -- then that's not Jesus. Use your God-given discernment. You're going to need it in the coming days, I have a feeling:

More heat -- have no idea if following is just more smear tactics or if there is something to this:

It would seem to be fairly easy to find out if he's still a member of the Org that is touted so visibly in the film as his creation. For full disclosure, the track record of Vice is abysmal in anything regarding true investigative journalism, but all in all giving them benefit of the doubt here as just another source that may have something legit. Very off chance but it could happen. And for the record, this is where Caviezel loses me, because THIS is not something to wink at or joke about, even slightly:

No matter how well intentioned, this puts a very creepy vibe on things. And my gut tells me when I'm in the presence of a false god and a Pharisee when I hear one. 

IMHO, much more likely that everything is aligning quickly with this: 

Universal Basic Income (UBI), right? Sounds fantastic, summertime and the livin is easy, just stay at home, no job, and wait for your government cheese so you can pursue all your desires unencumbered by the 9-to-5 straitjacket. Star Trek future, here we come -- Woot!!

Except that utopia has to come with a chip or you get nothing.... just a small caveat. Nothing to worry about. What have they told us all along, starting after all the personal intrusions after 9/11 (more softening up): "If you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?" It's just a little surveillance. Just a little intrusion. Just a little personal freedom -- you won't even notice it's gone. 

But those were the Republicans, they always had our best interests at heart:

Didn't they?

And right on time, look what just launched:

Just in time for the Dog Star Days. What are the odds? 

Perhaps disclosure drops like Sound Of Freedom wouldn't even be necessary if a lot more had done their due diligence when this dropped. Pedophilia in Hillary Clinton's State Department?? Well knock me over with a feather and tell me pizzagate ain't real:

Naturally this "breaking" headline disappeared in a nanosecond. As all things Clinton-related seem to. Maybe we could just ask Seth Rich -- oh wait -- we can't:

And let's not even get into the Ukraine angle and why it's been pushed as so important by the likes of Bono, Sean Penn, Biden and every Western leader:

That's right, kiddies, Ukraine is one of the world hotspots for adrenochrome manufacture. In related news, it also leads the world, by far, in being THE nexus for child trafficking right now. (The intense interest of the Bidens in the area as well as the entire woke Left is downright "baffling," right??) 

And that supply chain link was all the way back in June 2015. Are you beginning to understand now why it's such a highly prized location? This has ZERO to do with keeping the world "safe for democracy." Such a line of bullshit. Not to put too fine a point on it, Putin smart-bombing all these locations might make him the biggest humanitarian the world has ever seen. Tell me again who the bad guys are. 


Fairly much the same thing Bankman-Fried and FTX were doing laundering Epstein's and the DNC and Ukraine monies for:

ALL of this, every bit of it, only leads to one place...and it doesn't take Sound Of Freedom to get you there, just paying attention at the margins they'd like you to look away from. Also remember if they are advertising it now, it already exists and likely has for a decade or more:    

(Insert your clone and empty vessels ready for inhabiting jokes here...) To say nothing of growing these "lifeforms" as "crops" for sustenance (the 'chrome), blood, food, organs, stem cells, medical and bioweapon experimentation, you name it applications-wise. Soylent Green -- it's what's for dinner. Interesting line of questioning, as always, by Lara Logan here:

Refer back to that Rigorous Intuition post America's Dog Star Days linked at the very top here, and wonder to yourselves, how many orgs just like the Order of the Solar Temple have dark sacrificial secrets hidden within their ranks just like what happened there -- that just haven't been uncovered yet? NXIVM? FTX? The Clinton Foundation? ALL of Epstein's network properties? 



Meanwhile, things are exploding in other tentacled arenas also on a concurrent basis like fireworks:

Is this the creepy film that Congress is getting ready to view in closed-door session in 48 hours time on July 26th?? The bipartisan panic level is growing and palpable and doesn't, for a change, appear to be contrived. There is a timeline of dread that is unfolding at the highest levels that seems serious, sincere, and heart-stopping. Everything is breaking in this edition of the Dog Star days...and if this film is a serious thing and not some false hangout, then we could be in some bit of trouble from the system planners of all this chaos.

All this is breaking just as the C-19 mRNA vaxxes are being called, yes, BIOWEAPONS for the first time ever anywhere:

"Strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that COVID-19 and COVID-19 injections are biological and technological weapons. Pfizer's clinical data revealed 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects. An enormous number of humans have died or been left permanently disabled. Strong and credible evidence exists that COVID-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA. Government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID-19 injections are safe and effective."

And you know who the lioness' share of the thanks for all this goes to? Karen Kingston:

She has been pushing the illegality of this since day 1.

And Dr. Ana Mihalcea has even traced a plan for global mind control back to papers from 2012:


Nowhere is it more apparent that 2 competing agendas are now crashing into each other at warp speed; 2 clashing futures for the spiritual follow-up of the human race and whatever our destiny is, with so much swirling and all connected in the backdrop of increasingly what can only be described as off-world intervention... A pre-prescribed, pre-ordained, dictated and long-awaited future for our species vs human autonomy dictated by ourselves. There can't be both -- only one will emerge. And we are in the whirling turntable of the switching yard right now. Take a stand. The time for sitting on the fence is long past over. And open your perspective to the fact that there is much more going on than meets the eye. The agendas of UAP disclosure and vaxx disclosure may have much MUCH more in common than you would, or could, ever believe. This world's reality is being created from somewhere -- and all evidence is pointing increasingly at something far beyond human agency. Depopulation has always been a thing for a reason:    Notice here the "results are changing quickly" banner put up on this very old article; also the presence of Michael Bloomberg, ostensible front and center in Tracy Twyman's infamous Genuflect and widely implicated in the ritual sacrifice of children and infants. Twyman published Genuflect and very soon afterwards she was dead. 

Some of the last Bloomberg connections she made are right here:

I would encourage all of you to pay special attention to what is said in her 2 conversations with The Higherside Chats platform -- much is revealed about Tracy's role and how close she got to some very elite inner circles, and inside information she was able to obtain. It certainly makes Genuflect even more dangerous in the retelling in how it illustrated some very important rituals practiced by these people. So important that even publishing it as "fiction" couldn't get her off of the limb that she had crawled out on. To reiterate, the ultimate purpose of what they were doing was to kill God and subvert the known universe and bend it to their will. (Think again of why it's so imperative to erase every last shred of Tracy and her research off of the internet.) 

Along those lines, remember again the importance of what Lara Logan also said and how it aligns in lockstep with what Tracy was pursuing:

Children are key. And their suffering is paramount to the plan. There it is in black and white...the 2-hour message of Sound Of Freedom in a nutshell, no frills. 


Along those same lines, the evidence is mounting that we have all been part of a huge EXPERIMENT:

By definition folks, that's an experiment. One you most certainly did not consent to. That amounts to treason and crimes against humanity, and that's just for starters. Here's the take from RFK Jr's science advisor:

If so many jabs were saline, goals are multifold: increase plausible deniability when not everyone starts dying all at once -- then it becomes noticeable in the extreme and obviously louder alarm bells start going off. This way many of the vaxxed can claim "See, nothing happened, You're being paranoid. Get your vaxx." They can't have everyone dying all at once -- compliance is key at this juncture. Then the deadly events and true rationale can be implemented with boosters in time. Even so, Ed Dowd calls this ongoing event a Vietnam War for millennials -- with an 84% increase in mortality in Fall 2021 for the 25-44 age group

There were many kinds of vaxx also; deadly batches sent more to mostly red states as has already been reported, others laced with ingredients nanoscale that need to be triggered (5G).

Remember that 90% of the ferrets in the mRNA trials died within 6 months according to the Pfizer data they wanted hidden for 75 years. Ferrets have a much shorter lifespan than humans. Extrapolate and do the math. This is going to get much uglier than it already is in the short term.  


Combine that with this, written all the way back in April 2020 and recognized every bit for what it was:

All of which only means that this was a biological warfare experiment AND an MKUltra experiment all wrapped up into one. The Moderna vaxx was self-identified in their own paperwork as an "operating system":

See the above further reason for the saline control group -- the operating system needed to be installed first.

This, despite all the "fact checkers" wailing to the contrary, is what is causing mass fast-acting cancers in everyone, cognitive impairment, strokes, heart attacks, hallucinations, and neurological damage, amoung other VAIDS-like emerging  effects:

Research returns are now flying in from all corners on a continual basis and underscore just how wrong things are.

This was nothing less than a full, no-holds-barred assault on the physical and psychological barriers of humanity. As for funding and researching the economics arm of this assault, any reason you can think of for why this info in particular keeps getting removed?:

Just asking for a friend that thinks the tentacles are everywhere as is the love of deception...the system is rigged, the dice are loaded. Epstein was allowed to flourish with everyone looking the other way for a reason. Remember the Alex Acosta quote that "Epstein belonged to intelligence, Hands off." Remember Epstein's connections to the vaxx and the scientists that designed and implemented it?? Now consider that "hands off" comment again:

"Intelligence?" Although this might not be Bill Gates (questionable) this is certainly SOMEONE briefing the CIA in 2005 about mind-altering vaxxes:

Intel ties to the vaxx, and many others, are legion:

Epstein's ties to the vaxx, and to more and more transparent intelligence links in and around it, become curiouser and curiouser.  

Meanwhile, other things are gaining steam and traction on 4chan as the weaponized autists build momentum and a case:    

The vaxx is a liquid interface, eh? Sounds, with all we know from Karen Kingston and Ana Mihalcea, amoung others, all too plausible. And while I believe there are other plans afoot than a mass Rapture-type disappearance, this basic scenario rings true in that we shall all be changed. That's part of their plan that encompasses both transhumanism and walk-ins. And the alien/ interdimensional tie-ins? That's seeming more and more plausible and we gather the connections....and let's not forget our Grimes here:

And her funky prophecy tablet chock full of hieroglyphics and runes broadcasting away:

And believe me, that's not even close to all points of confluence where the alien factor is rearing its head:

That's right, a previously unknown CIA employee, Rueben Efron, was not only reading Oswald's mail for the Agency, he was a previous UFO "experiencer."

And that's right, he saw the unknowns along with Senator Richard Russell, who sat on none other than the Warren Commission.

There is something deeply entrenched in the narrative concerning UFOs and the National Security State in all its facets. Something enough to make someone believe that there is a control factor in play at the highest levels.

With things like Maury Island and Fred Crisman (close colleague of Clay Shaw of the CIA), there is enough of an intertwining factor to involve mind control aspects at all intersections here. The shadow of the UFO casts a long, long perspective over it all: 

It makes reading between the lines of Oliver Stone's JFK essential and turns it into even more of a monster movie.

This past also brings into stark relief the question of just WHY the time is so NOW for federal authorities to trot out all the UFO/UAP disclosure they are after 70+ years of denial and ridicule. It is imperative for this timing to be questioned along with motive. (A strange confluence of vaxx agendas, off-world influencing, genetic manipulation, and a fervent, relentless desire all of a sudden for paradigm change needs to be spotlighted.) 

This is a change being fueled and called for by everyone from our own Congress to the WEF....Transhumanism, chipping, UAP disclosure, mass ongoing vaccination, Directed Evolution, the Internet of Bodies, nanoscale installation, 5G, 6G and farther rollout -- where do all these seemingly disparate attack vectors against what has been considered normal humanity meet, and what do they have in common?   

It also seems a sure bet that, according to internal documents, the Lucis Trust, NASA, and the WEF, amoung others, have earmarked 2025 as an end date for an unveiling of some kind:


Even more of a finer point is placed on that date here:

Even as DNA is deliberately moved into the non-human realms:


I remind you that there may be oh so much more in store than can yet be perceived. Remember this talk between Maria Zeee and Dr. Ana Mihalcea about her finding of ZOMBIE BLOOD....embalmed blood from dead persons that still exhibits strange lights moving within it, and ribbon-like structures continuing to self-assemble. What could possibly be the purpose of such ongoing experimentation? Some form of Reanimation at a future date? A scenario being created where a "raising from the dead" will be pulled off to the astonishment of millions? Is this what the Bible darkly hints at when it says the dead shall be raised incorruptible? What is perceived as divine intervention prior to a getaway to the promised land for the faithful may be something else entirely -- it may be a warning:

As we eternally seek motivations in all this, I believe at the 40,000 foot view we must return to symbolism to gain the best perspective and find the larger psychological truths. Only a few posts ago we examined the 1979 film Alien, and how rich it was with ongoing "tells" to a larger paradigm within being played out before us. 44-year-old thought bombs detonating on a timed-release basis going off all around us now. 

Nearly all of the design owed its provenance to H.R. Giger, the Swiss experimental occultist and fringe artist that director Ridley Scott fought tooth and nail to keep on the payroll as being the one essential in going forward. (Giger had already been told by both the producers and the film studio to leave the premises so disturbing were his presence and his visions after being originally hired on by scriptwriter Dan O'Bannon.)

Giger's sexualized, bio-mechanized and often satanic Lovecraftian designs sprung from his own dreams: a place where he didn't have agency. He painted as in a trance, possessed like a blind seer.   

Like a polaroid, an image would appear -- a gorgeous ("This is not just threatening and disturbing, this is beautiful" Scott said upon viewing the works in Giger's Necronomicon in 1978) synthesis of multiple mythological characters; Sekhmet, Pazuzu, Kali, the medieval dragon, renaissance demons, Hieronymus Bosch, and more. This synthesis was not done consciously but came from the realm of his dreams, and it was to there they would return in us, implanting in a deeper place: 

In original drafts of the 3 stages of the alien life he placed on top and overseeing it all Nuit, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky with the stars in her belly. Nuit represents the dust itself -- the realm of the dead, the realm of night...This is where the sun goes every night, where the soul ventures between life and death. This is the liminal domain of the alien. 

The derelict ship they stumble across on their "rescue" mission (best intentions used against us again -- sounding familiar), is meant to be seen as a temple, a remnant of an ancient civilization. Shaped as a crescent moon, it is a symbol of death. (Crescents predominate thruout the story as well as ever-present Egyptian motifs.)

All is an alchemical rite or working the unwitting are drawn into that is well known by higher controlling forces manipulating them -- much as we can place in context the ongoing and unfolding agendas today. Motivations? In hopes of what? This is targeting prey with something kept aboard as a biological weapon (the eggs/vaccine) in the hopes of perverting the birthing process (something that Naomi Wolf has found in the Pfizer documents) in the creation of some ultimate or perfect being (transhumanism) or the hopes of destroying and assimilating a species thru the process of reproduction. A de-naturalization of reproduction is at the core here. This is being done -- again -- thru a vast process of DNA manipulation. The Days of Noah 2.0:  (The Moderna documents info just released.)

That last vid -- and the accompanying text -- is more than important, and with a ringing message that stands as a testament and the only message that counts going forward...

Even as the continuation of the experiments in these Dog Star Days may linger, in this all-important journey, we are all, Not. Dead. Yet.

The Truth is the only weapon, perhaps the last one, that we mortals have, even in a fight against the gods. 

Meanwhile, this just in and developing -- more as it comes in:


Near Chappaquiddick. Historically a dangerous place for peasants to be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. And who paddleboards at night? If Secret Service was on deck, why call 911? Why get in touch with lawyers to issue statements?