Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice Times and the Wormwood Agenda

“Thought that I was talkin’ ‘bout a new religion,
Waiting on the outside, lost in the fog,
I was only dreaming of a revolution,
Waiting for the right time and watching the clock…”
 Noel Gallagher, The Mexican, Chasing Yesterday (2015)

“What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real?...”
  Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Sheep, Animals (1977)

“Feel no pain (no pain)  no regret (no regret)
When the line’s been signed, you’re someone else,
Do yourself a favor, the meal ticket does the rest…”
 John/Taupin, (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket, Captain Fantastic… (1975)

“The highest levels of the Vatican governance know what is approaching the Earth, and it will be of the utmost importance in the coming years.” (on the presence of the Vatican’s “Lucifer” deepspace telescopic array on Mt.Graham in Arizona.)  
 Father Malachi Martin, Vatican elder and investigator (1997)

Welcome back to this never-ending show of clues, counter-clues, and secret hidden messages flying through the ether of cyberspace, and greetings from the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice.  In this edition we’ll examine the means, motives, and opportunities of those dark actors we’re on the trail of, as well as some of their inspirations and the tools they’re using to further their agenda on the world stage – this is a rolling Mystery Machine outfitted for a cold December night parked in the outlands, so let’s snuggle in for the long haul and get to it.  There’s an entire Murder Incorporated at work out there still, just begging for us to disassemble, disrupt, dismember it.

Netflix only days ago put up filmmaker Errol Morris’ latest project Wormwood for your binge-able appetites.  It concerns the life and death of CIA operative Frank Olson, the original man who knew too much.  The particulars of what exactly he knew that got him a freefall bungee dive without the bungee in the still of a New York night in 1953 remains in questionable flux to this day.  Just another “suicide” in the wee hours is the official story – one of which we would see multiple repeats of (for 60+ years and counting) whenever clandestine knowledge places heat on those same dark actors.  All we can do is follow a line of questioning and cautiously informed speculation, which will lead us into some very dark corners indeed.  Was Olson cursed with some MKUltra-inspired Nostradamus-like precog divinations into the future, and did those crystal visions result in his paying the ultimate price?  All we can say for now is that our first stop on this tour is California, and along the way, we will see many things. 

To say that the recent California fires are close to apocalyptic is an understatement.  But that’s only half the story.  They also exhibit startling anomalies that paint them as leagues away from being either normal, or natural.  Entire swaths of earth are turning into lava – something never before witnessed, even by seasoned firefighters.  By the way, any ancillary damage to autos and smaller standing structures bearing any resemblance to corresponding images of 9/11 ground zero surrounding area auto damage is purely coincidental.   

But by far the most astounding damage pattern (or startling lack thereof) is seen in the nearby trees and vegetation.  Are we to believe heat of such an extent that it causes metal tire rims and engine blocks to liquefy (and the earth itself to run like water) can’t somehow cause greenery to spontaneously combust, even when it’s only feet away?  Exactly what kind of “fire” causes this kind of extreme targeting and selective burn?  The kind that is only the product of one thing: Directed Energy Weaponry.  The kind of weaponry that is issued from near-earth-orbit platforms, or even closer, that can be mounted on circling helicopters hidden in plain sight ostensibly surveying the devastation.

Tungsten trees.  Cool.

As for motives – there can be a couple, at least.  One concerns the ultimate aim of the long-range goals of Agenda 21, and the other is perhaps even more sinister.  (As always, we could also possibly be viewing a two-birds-with-one-helo-mounted 150-kw laser cannon scenario…)  Per the instructions on the Georgia Guidestones (“maintain humanity in perpetual balance with nature to be not more than 500,000,000”) and the fondest wishes of the world Black Nobility, see this map released to the public in 2004 by the United Nations under the auspices of the Wildlands Project, required under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.  Notice the areas of California slated for No Human and/or Highly Regulated Use – they correspond quite nicely with the areas now burning.

The other motive concerns us today even more in terms of present atrocities.  Simply because the epicenter of one of the largest major burns is the real estate in and around the infamous Getty “Art” Museum, which has gained attention of late for the distinct possibility of its being a literal ground zero for housing widescale underground facilities built specifically for and dealing in child trafficking, imprisonment, and torture; once again, catering to the elites of this society.  (The ones that have been targeted ever since the wikileaks Podesta/Clinton emails last fall.)

Notice their nudge nudge wink wink PR tagline.  Noooooo kidding.  Especially that live, "perishable" art... 

For “insiders” only I’m sure, or any willing to “get down with the sickness.”  Remember their hubris is their dead giveaway.  Recall the Gotthard Tunnel Underground Rail ceremony that took place in Switzerland over the first of June last year?  Any particular reason for them to put something so blatantly occultic/satanic in our faces?

Notice again that this ritual took place within hailing distance of the CERN facility.  You could even make the distinct case that this was the exact point that things began to go off the rails (haha) for the Black Nobility that seek to imprison us all – they miscalculated and overextended.  They pulled off something SO blatant that it wasn’t just subtly symbolic…and it got everyone looking and questioning the nature of what exactly was going on at the highest levels in our world.  Perhaps the lingering notion of the prancing, chanting, and show at Gotthard, still in the back of everyone’s minds, even augmented the effect of the wikileaks releases some 4 months later.  All in all, both together were a spectacular two-punch combination that heavily underscored just how far away from convention were the worship and religions of those that rule over us.  Placing the summer ritual in the shadow of CERN was yet another dead giveaway.

Succinctly put, these California burns (back to them) could be for the purposes of the destruction of evidence.  And it’s certainly not as if actions like this are without precedent: when public attention was focused on it and the heat grew the worst in the 1980s, at the height of the McMartin Preschool child abuse scandal, it too, was partially destroyed in a fire on April 8, 1984 which was never adequately explained and is the very definition of the word “suspicious.”  It’s only the times and the methods that have changed.  Ironically, the purpose of the McMartin fire could have been to eradicate the evidence of the underground tunnels there, which were subsequently discovered anyway, matching the testimony of the hundreds of child victims.  This is something which also resonates today, coupling the California fires with multiple other mysterious fires that have been happening around the country. In tandem with the still-unexplained reverberating sonic booms also occurring, many are saying these could be the residual frequency effects of the collapse of many deep underground facilities, used by the elite for all types of child trafficking, torture, and MKUltra-type rituals and conditioning.    

These are real-time smartphone captures of something firing down into the fire areas around the Getty.  Directed Energy Weaponry?  Your guess is as good as mine but this and more evidence is currently in possession of the responding fire departments and they are supposedly in touch with appropriate federal authorities pending an investigation.

Could all this be evidence of elite factions using black project technology to bury evidence of their participation in child trafficking, pedophile, and snuff networks? 

Another underground facility much like the one allegedly under the Getty exists in the underground tunnels and systems of the Droop Mountain Museum in West Virginia at Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park.  Yet another Park system like those National Parks profiled in Dave Paulides’ Missing 411 research?  What is it about these Park Systems that offer such out-of-the-way, inviting grounds for such anomalous activity?  Time and again we stumble upon the long, disturbing shadow narrative of missing people, especially missing children.  Tales of these “batch consignments” harken back in the conspiracy world even to the BBC’s legendary Alternative 3 circa 1977.  The curiosity may have been re-ignited with the wikileaks release of the Clinton/Podesta emails a little over a year ago now, but the whispered stories are certainly nothing new, as anyone who has done their homework can tell you.

“But where were all your shoulders when we cried?/ Were the darlings on the sidelines dreaming up such cherished lies, to whisper in your ears before you die?”
      John/Taupin, Tower of Babel, Captain Fantastic… (1975)

So are we just in the mood to scare ourselves on a cold winter’s night, or is all of this leading somewhere substantial you ask?  Maybe to start down that road we should give a listen to Geordie Rose, and what he himself has to declare about CERN, still far more than a little piece to this overall puzzle.  He’s noticeable increased his vernacular from “altars to an alien god” to this now, what he sees as a veritable tsunami of off-world intelligences ready to come flooding here courtesy of his D-Wave tech – shades of Lovecraft’s “Old Ones!”  Go back to the CERN posts here for a little primer (see the right hand side of this page and click on notably ‘Year Zero The Aeon of CERN’), and then give a listen, straight from the horse’s mouth, to just how far things have progressed:

As always keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what you believe, these people are deadly serious, and proceeding with all earnestness that these scenarios ARE going to happen, because they’re going to MAKE them happen.  This suddenly isn’t Science Fiction Theatre and this isn’t being couched in riddles or anything cryptic we have to guess the meaning of.  This, frighteningly, is all out in the open.  The fact that they don’t feel the need to even manufacture a pretense of hiding this anymore is an ominous factor we should take quite seriously as far as the “estimated time of arrival.”  The full story of their beliefs (also included in the above Year Zero the Aeon of CERN post) include the planet Saturn, the opening of manufactured portals courtesy of D-Wave, and communication with other entities to facilitate all this.   

Amid all this other major moves are being made.  Moves which reek of disinformation and distraction for purposes that we’ve addressed before.  Sometimes it’s hard to read these moves for what they are, until you remind yourself that everything is launched in order to elicit a reaction from us in this game, and the “us” in this equation is a factor that currently terrifies them, especially given the exponential growing of our knowledge in 12 months’ time.  Hence, they will do anything, launch any platform, to get us to take our eyes off the prize as it were.  Remembering that, let’s look at the big whistleblower news (from the Pentagon via Tom freakin’ DeLonge…here we go) from Sunday the 16th:

This is the major story that was also picked up by the NY Times, Drudge, and other outlets, which, as I’ve been saying all along, links the pedo pervs intimately to the ufology cult and agenda.  THIS right here is the distraction that is being rolled out by the Clinton/Podesta/Levenda/DeLonge group to take the growing heat off of the ritual child abuse charges – because, much to their dismay, the heat is growing daily, being applied by a concerted force of citizen journalists, bloggers, and twitter users that simply are not going to shut up until they see some kind of justice done.  This is a grass roots revolution that saw the biggest upset in presidential political history, and it is far from stopping there.  In fact, it has infiltrated that candidate’s inner sanctum and now is a guiding force in the White House itself – this is a virus that has contaminated and is threatening to bring down the most powerful cabal that has ruled this country and larger parts of the (supposedly) civilized world for most of the last 500 years.  With the Hellfire Clubs it has most certainly been around since the founding of this country, and tracking offshoots of the Templars and the Masons places it even earlier in the overall timeline. 

As stated in multiple comments years before his death, Werner von Braun, famed Nazi rocket scientist who skated here on the wings of Project Paperclip (and who most certainly was in prime position to know), the final card that the elite will play when faced with an end to their rule by an informed and pissed-off populace, will be the “alien” one.  Which is where people like Podesta, Levenda and DeLonge come in.  When Levenda, after being confronted with the Podesta/Clinton emails and the wordings they contained, backed suspiciously way off and went into “witch hunt” mode (at the same time and even using the same talking points as limp mouthpieces like Stephen Colbert), we should all have seen what was coming, because that was their big giveaway – and here it is. 
Fake news didn’t work; Vegas largely didn’t work, so…Behold the Disclosure Working.  Mixing truth with lies as all the best deceivers do, the agenda is getting unveiled before our eyes.  To distract and obfuscate from their crimes and atrocities (mainly against children which they NEVER thought was going to come out), they will set themselves up as the ultimate truthtellers and our cosmic protectors.  Pedophile John Podesta has had this in his back pocket for years, the ultimate insurance, constantly pushing disclosure.  Now that he’s been “outed” it’s time to play that “disclosure” card; cue the first ever mainstream UFO disclosure news in the NY Times.

Remember this is all coming against a backdrop of now over 9,000 sealed indictments from all districts around the country, put into play by the Trump forces.  The number of pedo rings busted under his watch has skyrocketed, dwarfing all previous administrations combined.  Legal pressure is being tuned up on those still loose, like Jeff Epstein.  Political and social pressure has spawned movements like #MeToo, and figureheads like Weinstein, Spacey, Lauer, and others have been outed and ruined.  Series like The Keepers on Netflix are scoring huge numbers as the entire perverse house of cards crumbles and we all find how everything is connected in this underground tapestry.  People all over are slowly coming to the stark realization that this is, in no uncertain terms, a major spiritual war, an occult war, unfolding in our midst.  What was coming to counter all this was either going to be a false flag along the lines of another 9/11, or the beginnings of a huge psyop dealing with an alien presence.  It looks like we now have our answer.  And yet, there are still other layers in play here…

Far be it from me to toot my own horn, but I made an offhand comment to Chris Knowles on his fabled Secret Sun website a little over a year ago now (in the shadow of and pertaining to the firestorm of the Clinton/Podesta emails that were reordering the world then), that we would all be meeting soon at the intersection of flying saucers and worldwide pedophilia rings.  That, along with some choice comments about the strange bedfellows then of John Podesta/Blink-182-turned –UFO-scribe Tom DeLonge/occult man-about-town Peter Levenda basically caused the roof to cave in and for the grand poobah himself, Levenda, to suddenly chime in immediately on that same comments board in real time – wha??!! – to vent his spleen and give the exact same “it’s all bullshit” defense that Podesta himself has been parroting ever since when he decides to even make a defense at all. (Notice he will never refute or explain any specific wording point-for-point…)  And yet…and yet…look where we are now.

When you look for long enough into this abyss, you can simply see this stuff coming.  It certainly doesn't require me to be any Nostradamus, especially when dealing with transparent mental midgets along the lines of Podesta-DeLonge-Levenda.  And just so you don’t have to venture back into the dusty corners of the interwebs, let’s go back verbatim and give Levenda his own rope to hang himself with – from November 7 2016 in his reply to me over at the Secret Sun:

“We met John Podesta last year… and not in proximity with the email disclosures. I am not certain what you mean by what you find suspicious in the emails, or where there is the intimation of pedophile rings, etc. or how they are in any way juxtaposed against the backdrop of UFO disclosure. How does that work, actually? Where is the juxtaposition? Or is that something you came across on Alex Jones?  I met Podesta more than a year ago for a few hours max. Nothing before or since. And it was about UFO disclosure: that was the whole point of the meeting. We also met other experts at the time. Podesta is simply the most high-profile interviewee. It was part of the overall UFO project that I am working on (with Delonge btw; edit.note). Nothing to do with pedophilia or satanism. Be careful of "guilt by association."

“I am not certain what you mean by what you find suspicious in the emails?”  Did this legendary occult sleuth for all times really write THAT?  He’s either blind (of both the incredibly stilted language in the emails as well as Alefantis' instagram photos and comments), incredibly ignorant, or simply outright covering for buddies with vested interests way too much like his own.  

I think all of you know where I fall on this issue so I’ll just come right out and say it, in my best Andrew Breitbart voice…what’s in YOUR closet Peter Levenda?  (Oh, and by the way you duplicitous bastard, YOUR contacts have now provided us the aforementioned juxtaposition, in spades.  I won’t be holding my breath on any kind of coming retraction from you, though.  That might cause the entire coat of faux armour to fall off, Nixon-style.)

With what’s been “disclosed” since the 16th in the NY Times and Politico, among others, I think we can all guess what’s in that closet.  Not to tar anybody with, God forbid, guilt by association, but just what exactly are we to make of a man (Podesta) that keeps and enjoys the company of at least 2 known convicted pedophiles (Dennis Hastert and Clement Freud)?  What are we to make of a man that remains the closest confidante of a woman (Hillary Clinton) that personally intervened to get a known child trafficker in Haiti (Laura Silsby) out of jail and her standing conviction overturned?  That got that same child trafficker a position as head of the entire Amber Alert system here in the U.S?  Who in their right mind continues associations like this?  But because of the dreaded guilt by association there’s nothing to see here folks, move along -- keep calm and carry on.  Business as usual in the graveyard.  I like to think we’ve come a long way in a year’s time, and their usual bullshit and obfuscations, of which this latest Podesta/DeLonge/Levenda Final Disclosure platform is just the most glaring example, don’t work anymore.    

All of which being said, is to completely not deny the existence of off-world intelligences, far from it – I simply don’t wish to see them used as a bargaining chip at the behest of a present worldly evil in our midst right here, right now.  Paraphrasing the words of Dylan and possibly describing some kind of Faustian bargain playing out in real time, that’s simply fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan.  Pure and simple.  It lessens our true understanding of the genuine phenomenon surrounding us, which in turn weakens our stance, ultimate response, and power base.  It’s social engineering all over again, and a mass extension of MKUltra, writ large. 

But where is all this heading ultimately, you ask.  For that, I’m afraid, we may have to cast a lingering glance once again, at CERN.  Because try as we may to remove it, it remains a crucial variable in every equation that’s playing out on the world stage right now.

As many insiders have reminded us to not forget, CERN and the Bilderberg Group were founded in the same year: 1954.  And for the first time ever, CERN’s director general, Fabiola Gianotti, was invited to attend the Bilderberg group this year, 2017.  All of which points to massive, large-scale plans being afoot to advance whatever agenda and technology is going to be unleashed on us, the unsuspecting populace, in the near term.  For precedence, consider the fact that in the late 1990s, every agricultural giant that had big plans for GMOs in their (and our) future, was also invited to those Bilderberg meetings – this long before what anyone in the mainstream at large even knew what GMO stood for.  And along that battle line, now look where we are today.  This, quite ominously, points towards the widescale implementation of something regarding the technology and what they are really doing at CERN; an implementation that very likely entails the population of the entire planet.  

But what if there is even more going on here?  What if the CERN facility in Geneva isn’t the only one?  Listen to this excellent piece by the great Melissa and Aaron Dykes, ex-Infowars:

Basically, as always contended here, this is a large like-minded group of individuals with shared ideologies and eschatologies, all bent on a service-to-self agenda where the greater mass of humanity is always subservient. 

They are destroying evidence for a reason.  They have established communication for a reason.  They are doing what they are doing at CERN, and disappearing children, and investing in AI and transhumanism, funding and exploiting the pedophile rings…All for a reason.  Something is coming. This is a Luciferian agenda where they all work together, and it’s been in play ever since you and I have been alive.  Podesta/DeLonge/Levenda are all tools being used the cabal to leak all this.  These are plans for the New World Order being finalized. 

John Podesta himself in introducing the DeLonge-Pentagon leak video began a recent tweet by saying the words ‘Lift The Veil.’ 

 Fascinating wording since this is exactly code for what CERN is about to do.  This has all been plotted to the last decimal – there are no mistakes here, no coincidences.  Podesta art, Vanderbilt mansions, major airport power outages, everything is linked piece by piece.  Agenda 21.  Backup systems that don’t work.  Questions that don’t get answered.  Trees that don’t burn.  Children that vanish.  Pedophiles that continue to run amok.

But there is an understanding that is dawning; a tide that is turning. 
There is a certain statement that has been repeated many times. It's something to the effect of:  [The American people are not ready or won't be able to "handle the truth." Some would end up in the hospital.]   

This fight, this occult war, has been going on for thousands of years, that's what is going to be revealed.  It's beyond America, and goes back to Egypt/Sumeria. This is a war of dimensional/universal nature, wouldn’t you agree?  This is absolutely a battle of good vs. evil - no exaggeration.  Opinions differ as to how far back it goes but the Rothschilds have been around for centuries doing this stuff.  I believe it is even before Egypt/Sumeria. It may be the ultimate good versus evil battle, at least, for our present time.

Did Frank Olson know about the coming of the chemtrails?  CERN?  He died in 1953.  CERN and Bilderberg started in 1954.  AI, transhumanism, is it all part of a larger plan?  What if MKUltra wasn’t about building MPD supersoldiers, but a widespread conditioning program for a coming indwelling?  What if the earth and all the people on her are being pre-conditioned, terraformed, for the coming of something “other?”  Something that has been in contact with certain cabals, orders, secret societies here for hundreds, if not thousands of years? 

Not to get too Fortian here, or, maybe we’re beyond Fort territory now.  What if, as has been postulated in various CERN posts here and by much more knowledgeable folks like Anthony Patch, the ultimate plan is for all of us to become vessels?

What if you just woke up one day and were suddenly someone, something, else?

Certainly adepts down through history like John Dee, Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Bathory, Hitler, Aleister Crowley, and many many more show remarkable signs of being walk-ins or channels for other sentient intelligences, or at the very least in contact with such to an extent that it radically altered their personalities.  They were given information, amassed power, and were used for varying amounts of time.  The notes of Dee and Crowley, to name just two, are pored over to this day among the blackest practitioners of the Deep State for clues to “workings” and equations.  Magic, and especially magick, works.  Somewhere amongst all this a final plan was either discovered or dictated, facilitated from the secret knowledge of how to open portals and establish communications. 

The New World Order implementation has moved from potions, elixirs, and sacred geometry to transistors and test tubes to splitting the atom to, finally, the technology of opening dimensions courtesy of CERN, D-Wave, and who knows who else.  In the inexorable wake of this march are the thousands of bodies of those who got too close and attempted, in some fashion, to stop it, to place themselves on the gears of the machine.  The Assange wikileaks of the Podesta/Clinton emails have given us unprecedented knowledge of the inner workings of this cabal – knowledge they never thought would see the light of day -- how the fear and literally the blood of the innocent provides the nightmare fuel and energy for their continued existence on this plane, generationally.  Blackmail, trillions in child trafficking profits, these are merely ancillary benefits, extra credit, political hay.  In the end, this is really about what they need to survive (research adrenochrome) as things that aren’t quite human.   

You can say this is all flights of fancy, but then why is Podesta fascinated with cannibalism in art and as a recurring theme in his life?   What if this is the terrible secret that can never be revealed, that would send most people screaming for the hospital?  Do we really know the Rothschilds? The Rockefellers?  The Gettys?  The Vanderbilts?  Of course not.  All we know is that a guy that makes pizzas is the 49th most powerful person in D.C.  Somehow. 

All we know is that John Podesta leaves handkerchiefs with maps on them that are pizza-related lying around. (?)  Oh, and we also know that he receives emails about kids aged 11, 9, and 7 guaranteed to be in pools and hot tubs on weekends for his entertainment, “for sure.”

All we know is that the best and most honest investigative reporter of our time, Ben Swann, was taken off the air and silenced, all of his social media disappeared, just for having the temerity to even pose a few realistic questions about this ‘pizzagate’ on an open broadcast.

All we know, thanks to a 4chan sleuth this past weekend, is that Podesta’s pedophile-centric art looks for all the world like it was staged in the interior of the Vanderbilt Biltmore Estate’s pool room.  I think we can all connect the dots here:

All we know is that a convicted serial sexual predator of at the time over 40 young girls, Jeff Epstein, served only 13 months of an 18 month sentence, weekends only at a country club facility where he only had to report in overnight to sleep there, before being released.  

All we know is ex-Pres Obama orders $65,000 worth of “hot dogs” for a special party at the White House in clear violation of security protocol, and that a lot of guests responded back that they’d come only if those same “waitresses” were there as last time.

And all I know is that WE know all of this, (and OH so much more) and that is in our favor.  And I also know that we're expected, like good little sheep, to look at all the above -- not to mention truckloads of further evidence -- as nothing weird or out of the ordinary or anything that warrants further looking into.  In the priceless words of Bill Hicks, "Go back to bed America!  Your government is in control."  We're expected to cower when words like 'guilt by association' and 'witch hunt' are thrown at us.  

To do things we have to know things, and man, the things we know.  Is it possible to avert the seemingly Lovecraftian, haunted secret society tone to our future?  We have a fighting chance.  And with suddenly hidden knowledge being illuminated, that’s more than we’ve ever had before.  Once again, look to Mother Nature herself for the answers in her cyclic beauty – even as we labor under the largest amount of prevailing darkness, the Winter Solstice, there is a state of flux taking over.  Day by day, degree by degree, the light is advancing, and it will continue so until, in patient determination, the light ultimately prevails.  This is the metaphor encoded all around that we see year after year, and yet the message escapes us.  Let not your hearts be troubled.  There is change on the way.  

“In the middle of the night
In the middle of a lonely night
Stands alone in the pale moonlight
Screams out in defiance

He's got no one to turn to
You could talk 'til you turn blue
He'll just turn his back on you
Ain't no compromising

Because he's totally untamed
No fear of the unnamed
Ah man, but he'll take the blame
Someone's gotta do it, someone's got to

Yeah now he's out on the highway
He's got the key and the right of way
Tank is full and his toll's paid
Hellbound and determined

Yeah he run a dangerous payload
When he comes to the crossroads
Man it's all timed to explode
You'll just see the sky burnin'

Because he's totally untamed
No fear of the unnamed
Yeah man but he'll take the blame
Someone's gotta do it, someone's got to

Now he's standin' at hell's door
With a bad attitude and a forty-four
The Devil said, "What's up man
Now what you come here for?"… 
He said, "Man, let's just get down to it"

He said, "I always heard that you were the bad one
There's a few places I ain't been, a few things I ain't done
You got your pitchfork and I got my gun"
Someone's gotta do it
Someone’s got to.”

                The Unrepentant, Steve Earle     

Friday, December 8, 2017


Breaking:  The twit-o-sphere tonight on absolute fire over coming claims of a major L.A. "outage" due in just hours.  And not a Bryan Singer-level major, but MAJOR.

Possibly Geffen (hot on the latest claims circulating re his part in the coverup of the Don Henley rape of a couple of 15 and 16-year-olds in November 1980).......or, ?

In any event, need to re-examine those Geffen yacht photos and those in attendance...(Henley's cold comeuppance is definitely on the legal agenda for early 2018 I hear, and with damning, unimpeachable physical evidence.)  This, of course, barring any strange suicides in the interim.....

And ALL this on the heels of apocalyptic L.A. fires absolutely riddled with anomalies which point straight to use of directed energy weapons by unknown factions employed to destroy all evidence of their extensive child-trafficking systems and hard sites, particularly in the immediate area surrounding the Getty Museum.  More proof to follow in the coming days.  Will say that this looks awfully suspicious when tied-in with the crazy underground booms that have been so in evidence these past several weeks.

Eyes and ears open, and no fear.  The turning.  It's happening.

Back soon.