Sunday, July 18, 2021



 “I sing the body electric,

The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,

They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,

And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul.


Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves?

And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?

And if the body does not do fully as much as the soul?

And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?...”

I Sing The Body Electric, Walt Whitman



“I'm not going to burn in hell

I cased the joint and I know it well

Maybe my carcass can feed the worms

But I'm working for the other firm

Shake me up Baby, I'm ready to go

Fix me up Baby I'm ready to roll, yeah

Set me up Baby, baby, baby, I'm ready to go

(Chill me, freeze me, to my bones)

Flip the switch

I got my money, my ticket all that shit

I even got myself a little shaving kit

What would it take to bury me?

I can't wait I can't wait to see

I got a toothbrush, mouthwash all that shit

I'm looking down In the filthy pit

I had the turkey and the stuffing too

I even saved a little bit for you

Lethal injection's a luxury

I want to give it to the whole jury

I'm just dying for one more squeeze

Oh yeah Oh yeah”


“The fishing boats go out across the evening water

Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border

The wind whips up the waves so loud

The ghost moon sails among the clouds

Turns the rifles into silver on the border


On my wall the colours of the maps are running

From Africa the winds they talk of changes coming

The torches flare up in the night

The hand that sets the farms alight

Has spread the word to those who're waiting on the border


In the village where I grew up

Nothing seems the same

Still you never see the change from day to day

And no-one notices the customs slip away


Late last night the rain was knocking at my window

I moved across the darkened room and in the lampglow

I thought I saw down in the street

The spirit of the century

Telling us that we're all standing on the border


In the islands where I grew up

Nothing seems the same

It's just the patterns that remain

An empty shell

But there's a strangeness in the air you feel too well…”


“Only creatures who are on their way/ Ever poison their own well…

You know all of our friends are gods/ And they all tell us how to paint our face

But there’s only one brush we need/ It’s the one that never leaves a trace…”  



These are perilous times. Exciting times. Times the likes of which I have never encountered in all my years on this earth. We stand at a crossroads. A path of liminality where every outcome that can be imagined can happen – where multiple outcomes can gain traction and availability. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle. What follows here is a compendium of evidence that something altogether unnatural is afoot in the land – how they all connect is still a juggling act set in perpetual motion…all the jigsaw pieces are still in flux. When they finally lock into place, the resulting tableau will likely drive some mad in its grand illumination – a vision quite like the one that Lovecraft envisioned would send us all ‘round the bend.

As far as liminality goes, we are teenagers on the mountaintops right now, looking to hang on while battling Trickster forces.   

As we are being forced to become our own medical investigators and detectives, horrifying truths are emerging from those at the forefront of the scientific fields with the nerve and the ability to still speak freely. Concurrent investigators and disturbers of the peace like yours truly are finding related results in the connecting and fringe disciplines (paranormal waters, UFO topics, the pedophocracy, etc); all of which paints a grim picture of a reality which grows more unbalanced by the minute. Daily we are told that everything is fine, while barely just beneath the surface, all of us can sense that things are fragmenting at an alarming pace. It’s not to say the world isn’t just what it used to be; it’s now a fun house mirror set on 100% spin rate. It’s Munch’s The Scream 24/7. Coping isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a survival mechanism.


If everything old is new again – or of there is indeed no time in a linear sense – then Carter’s Great Malaise is upon us yet again, perhaps just remodeled as the Great Reset this time:

First of all, we must face the truth, and then we can change our course.

We all just have to snap out of it – this mass psychosis of misinformation, mind control, and brainwashing:

Nothing is real.

Just because we’re weird, smart and different doesn’t mean they can put us thru their meat grinder of a thousand years or more. No one else has gotten this far. It stops here and it stops with us. But we have to act while there is still time, because even now frantic, desperate plans are underway and being shouted into telephones to bring this all down.

The biggest one so far:

All this is planned for coming down before all of this reaches critical status:

Not to even mention the vaxx news…

This is far more serious than anyone can fathom. The resistance to the vaccination exists basically because we can keep connected through the web, there’s virtually zero resistance from current media (if you don’t count Tucker Carlson, it is indeed 0). They cut off the web and the resistance has disappeared. No more whattsapp or telegram to keep in touch, we could even be left with phone conversations only; all of which they could literally make vanish any resistance with the flick of a switch. You can have all the information printed and backed up you want, if you want to share it, and they kill the internet, we are back to the late 1980s as information sharing is concerned. This is why it is critical to ARCHIVE everything you want to save.

And speaking of the vaxx news – it is hot and heavy, very heavy:

The blood doesn’t look too good after exposed to the vaxx. Tie this in with no blood services accepting blood from any vaxxed person (blood shortages on the horizon):

and all pilots unions looking to reverse the mandatory vaxx status of all pilots since many from all airlines happen to be dropping dead (combine the high altitudes with thrombosis/stroke/heart attack problems), and we are all facing untold emergency conditions thruout society because of these forced genetic experiments – stop calling them vaccines and legitimizing their bullshit. They are not. And calling them that ad infinitum a la Joseph Goebbels doesn’t make it so.

Then they have another problem:

How long before it becomes blatantly obvious that the Delta variant originates with the vaccine?


Then there is the entire Graphene Oxide thing -- Graphene Oxide (GO) discoveries so far:

GO fibres are in plastic masks.

GO fibres are on PCR test swabs.

GO is in all Covid-19 vaccines.

GO creates thromboses.

GO causes blood clots.

GO disrupts the immune system.

GO can trigger a cytokine storm.

GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia.

GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth.

GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.

GO produces a loss in the sense of taste and smell.

GO is magnetic (especially at the injection site.)

GO blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione.

GO may be activated by 5G frequencies.

GO was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019.

GO passes thru the blood-brain barrier.


If this Dr is correct, then hundreds of millions of people all over the globe are already screwed:

Dr. David Martin reiterates that there IS no Delta variant that’s not coming from the vaxx itself:


LUCIFERASE and other bioluminescent markers are now being picked up by many post-vaxx:

Remember that the ramifications of just THIS phase of operations are many, and were chronicled here:

The ability to access, activate and control neurons remotely. Once again, this is mind control, entire body control, on a massive scale:

Combine this with the activation of Graphene with 5G and anyone could have a veritable Zombie Army at their disposal, once the switch is flipped. Think of the massive potential for worldwide abuse here. The sci-fi doom of Donovan’s Brain has indeed come to life and is here now, loose in the world:


Something else odd that I found in Julianne McKinney’s recipe for a Revolution in Military Affairs white paper, first originally seen by yours truly in NEXUS mag (early summer 1995 edition):

This wording struck me in my tracks: “It has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving) citizens of this country may be monitored and tracked by a sophisticated, perhaps satellite-based cybernetics system. Certainly some of the research being dedicated to "mapping of the brain" shows this potential. We are in receipt of preliminary information which points to magnetic resonance imaging as being critical to this process.”  (See recent vaxx disclosures on public media re magnetic & electro-magnetic properties directly at injection site)


Given the above, think of starlink and also the proliferation of 5G worldwide as integral to this process:

What exactly are we in the middle of here?

The Revolution in Military Affairs goes on to postulate further horrors: ‘In its purest sense, revolution brings change that is permanent, fundamental, and rapid. The basic premise of the revolution in military affairs (RMA) is simple: throughout history, warfare usually developed in an evolutionary fashion, but occasionally ideas and inventions combined to propel dramatic and decisive change. This not only affected the application of military force, but often altered the geopolitical balance in favour of those who mastered the new form of warfare. The stakes of military revolution are thus immense…’

‘Overcoming these constraints to make RMA in conflict short of war would require fundamental changes in the United States - an ethical and political revolution may be necessary to make a military revolution.’

‘Ways must be found to use emerging technology, including advanced artificial intelligence and information dissemination systems, to help military strategists develop, implement, and continually improve methods of influencing opinion, mobilising public support, and sometimes demobilising it.’


Given everything we know now regarding satanic ritual abuse amoung the highest elite factions within and without governments worldwide, what is happening in this country currently, the latest UFO/UAP disclosure campaign (written into the Covid bill btw…), let’s look over very closely everything that was being entertained for this “Revolution” now 26 summers ago -- (Keep in mind this is all under a heading titled INSTRUCTIONS):


“I. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved satanic cults, such as Col. (USA Ret.) Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set. Violent sexual, physical and psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion. Their required adherence to cult tenets precludes any consideration of laws governing US society, generally. Cult programmed "graduates", among other things will be expected to participate in contrived UFO abduction scenarios.


"2. Create a global UFO cult, which will involve the abduction of citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees-of-preference will have an expertise in computer technologies, since that expertise will be required in future technocratic RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs) scenarios. Use of experimental drugs, holographic projection capabilities, directed-energy technologies, induced auditory input, experimental aircraft, and special effects costuming and stagecraft, among other things, will be used to persuade abductees of the reality of their circumstances. Official denials regarding these events will employ reverse psychology to ensure that all such denials are taken as official confirmation of an imminent and/or ongoing extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees will be persuaded to worship their anticipated extraterrestrial ‘conquerors’ in cult-enforced religious fashion. UFO cult networks will be controlled by US Intelligence to limit infiltration and ensure that dissidents do not disrupt UFO cult long-term agendas. Uncontrollable dissidents will be assassinated, preferably by directed-energy means. Dissociative Satanic cult graduates will handle all such executions: i.e., when not actively lending logistical and theatrical support to UFO abduction operations.


"3. Directed-energy surveillance and weapons technologies of ALL types will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population at large (under deniable circumstances), for eliminating persons deemed ‘adversarial’ to US national security interests; and for spotting, assessing and manipulating potential recruits to RMA causes.


"4. Neurocybernetics and other psychotechnologies will be used to sow confusion and hypochondria in the population at large. The symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed-energy technologies will parallel the effects produced by various microbes, viruses and chemical imbalances, thus compelling a large segment of society to seek medical intervention which, in turn, will be a basis for their being used for medical experimentation under ‘voluntary’ circumstances. Psychiatrists and psychologists will play an important role in these experiments, particularly where denying the efficacy of neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies is concerned. Citizens complaining of ‘hearing voices’ will be used as a basis for (generously) government-funded, schizophrenic-related brain research, since comprehension and control of the human brain is critical to the sustained success of any long-term RMA. (Total control of the human mind may have to wait another century or so.) Satanic cult graduates, drug dealers, gang members recruited off the streets, and foreign nationals will be housed at black-funded government expense (under comparatively luxurious circumstances) and trained in the use of these directed-energy technologies. (Technicians who may be obliged to drive targeted US citizens insane or to their deaths do not need to be burdened by considerations of morality, ethics or the US Constitution.)...


"5. Mix biotechnologies and experimental drugs generously throughout all of these ingredients. The unsuspecting US citizen of today may be the cyborg soldier of tomorrow.


"6. Multinational corporations under contract to the US Government play a very important role in this recipe - particularly those engaged in the development of directed energy surveillance and weapons technologies, and those in the business of telecommunications. Corporations and their subsidiaries will have the primary responsibility of experimenting on US citizens with directed-energy technologies under appropriately-deniable circumstances; and of maintaining all records concerning the results of that experimentation. Corporations will also systematically install surveillance and directed-energy targeting systems in government and other office buildings, in public establishments, in educational institutions, in apartment buildings, in neighbourhoods, on streets and highways, and in prisons, jails and psychiatric institutions. The public’s attention will NOT be drawn to the antenna arrays and other ground-based devices and wiring configurations being used for this purpose. The Global Positioning System (GPS) will play an important part in these activities, with the expense to be sustained by government-funded contractors. Centralised control of these surveillance and targeting systems will be maintained in appropriately deployed bunkers, at an expense to be assumed by black-funded corporate contractors. Contractors may toy with these systems on an occasional basis, such as by bringing down an airliner or two for test purposes (such as, recently, near Pittsburgh); by inducing occasional targets of surveillance to erupt into acts of violence involving mass murder; and by assassinating occasional sports and public figures who exceed agreed-upon standards of mediocrity. However, no concerted large-scale effort is permitted until the ingredients of this recipe have obtained a ‘proper mix’.


"7. Investment portfolios and other financial inducements are critical to the long-term success of this pending RMA. There is much money to be had in the development of directed-energy systems and biotechnologies. Lucrative investment portfolios have a way of keeping Members of Congress, owners of the Major Media and other public officials silent. (Satanic cult ‘kiddies’ trained porn stars serve an equally useful purpose, as do demonstrations of the effectiveness of directed-energy technologies on more obstreperous types; however, greed has long been recognised the primary mover and shaker in matters covert and should be exploited accordingly.) Financial inducements otherwise have a way of buying the continued co-operation of all persons participating in or directly knowledgeable of the ingredients in this recipe,


"8. Out-of-work East Bloc military personnel and their vehicles and other equipment will be brought into this country under the guise of a "UN" logo housed under comparatively luxurious circumstances at black-funded corporate expense, for specialised urban/LIC (low intensity conflict) training otherwise deniable DoD auspices. Use of a UN logo on incoming vehicles and forms is to spread confusion and fear in the populace at large, facilitating efforts by this government at eliminating that institution as a potentially effective tool for peaceful change. Imported East Bloc soldiers will be paid as mercenaries for employment in this country only when a proper mix of this recipe’s ingredients has been obtained.


"9. Foreign national scientists, predominantly from the Far and Near East and from Germany and Russia, will be brought into this country to participate in such activities as brain and biophysics research as they pertain to the further development of neurocybernetics and other directed-energy technologies. Foreign nationals unlike most Americans, are not burdened by early indoctrination concerning human rights vis-a-vis lethal forms of involuntary human experimentation. Foreign national scientists have also demonstrated greater capacity for imaginative (and obedient) scientific research than exists indigenously in this country. Their brains must be picked.


"10. A controlled and compliant media is critical to sustained deniability in this evolutionary process. The media will ignore complaints from US citizens regarding growing evidence of police-state actions in this country, while concurrently landing the military’s advanced technologies as being the ‘gentle’ supplement to existing conventional weapons systems. The media will also ensure that the public’s attention is kept diverted from more serious issues and, instead, that it is focused on hyped-up ‘sleaze’ events such as The Kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan, O.J. Simpson’s Problems With Satanic Cult Murders, The Bobbing of Bobbitt, etc., etc. When pondering the national security implications of an Amy Fischer, the public is not likely to notice the antenna arrays springing up around this country like mushrooms, the inducing of ‘sick’ office buildings and public establishments by directed-energy means on an ever-widening basis, or other similar indicators of an evolving RMA.


"11. Decentralised government control—a panacea currently being sought by a befuddled American public to relieve their (contrived) economic woes—is one means by which FCC oversight can be permanently eliminated. FCC monitoring of communications frequencies might ultimately result in an untimely disclosure that those frequencies are being used to facilitate implementation of a successful RMA and should therefore be squelched. Decentralisation will be employed selectively and with mud diverting Congressional fanfare, Law enforcement agencies will be subjected to greater centralised control, as will those agencies and institutions such as the FDA which are currently engaged in biomedical research. With the help of a compliant media, the centralisation of these latter types of agencies will elude public attention.


"12. Crime in this country will be induced. The sales of illegal drugs and weapons reap profits which help fund the foregoing. This activity is the preferred alternative to increased taxes, since tax increases tend to alienate a public which already has doubt about where its money is going. Drug dealers will be protected since they play an important role in this recipe. Widespread addiction to illegal drugs and drug-sale profits will serve to eliminate and neutralise a large (parasitic) segment of society which might otherwise make undue demands for a ‘piece of the American Pie’ (employment, education, etc.). Drug addiction fosters a certain degree of crime; however, to ensure that the public comprehends the need for martinet laws, expanded law enforcement capabilities and greater numbers of prisons, crimes of a sensational nature will be induced on a periodic basis which, with the help of the media, will lead to the public’s voluntarily agreeing to sacrifice its privacy for safety. Neurocybernetics, psychotechnologies, biochemicals and directed-energy weapons and surveillance systems will be used to induce acts of violence, ranging from simple one-time mass murders (such as in post offices and on subway systems) to long-term serial killings involving cannibalism and other gruesome deeds. Rape and child molestation will be facilitated by means of directed-energy (radar) targeting of reproductive organs. The perpetrators of these crimes, by claiming to hear ‘voices’ and to be the targets of radio-frequency harassment, will serve two distinct purposes; viz., (1) they will enhance official deniability, since the public is not yet prepared to believe their claims of mind-control experimentation; and (2) they will hasten the public’s abandoning of privacy for the sake of safety. Prison inmates will be routinely targeted for experimentation. Those sociopathic and psychopathic prisoners who show the greatest potential for future social disruption will be the most likely to be paroled or to be allowed to escape before we proceed with Step 13, below.


"13. Mix the foregoing ingredients in calculated fashion until the order is given (in or around the late 1990s) to commence with ‘ Total Chaos’. On that day, the order will be given to activate ALL directed-energy systems at maximum amplitudes, i.e., office buildings, private residences, on the streets and highways, in psychiatric wards, in prison and jail systems, and in public establishments. Satanic cult members, who, until now, have been held in relative abeyance, will be given the order to concurrently run rampant for purposes of raping and butchering US citizens a’ la Ruwanda [sic] while the latter are preoccupied with trying to comprehend their extreme throes of pain, radio frequency burns and rupturing internal organs. Satanic cult members will be aided in this process by escaped prison inmates and psychiatric patients who, on the day in question, will find that the doors in their detention facilities are no longer locked. Once this (relatively low-level) Chaos has commenced, all previously regulated communications frequencies will be overridden by a single transmission coming from an underground bunker; specifically, the voice of an ‘extraterrestrial’ announcing that this country has been invaded from outer space. TVs and radios which are not operating at the time will be activated by means of technologies recently adopted for ‘national emergency’ purposes.20 Viewers of TVs will be addressed by a person garbed in special-effects extraterrestrial costuming and make-up. The average US citizen, being gullible in cases involving "War of the Worlds" scenarios and having no knowledge of the effects produced by amplified directed-energy systems, will firmly believe that an extraterrestrial invasion is underway. UFO cultists, persuaded that their equivalent of God had arrived will rush to their terminals and assigned directed-energy emitters (on which the have been systematically trained), to assist the ‘invaders’ in this takeover (while saving their own necks). Imported East Bloc mercenaries will also be set loose upon the terrorised public to wreak their own unique brutal brand of Havoc.


"14. Now comes your RMA. The DoD will intervene to put an end to the carnage merely hinted at under Step 12, above. It is here the Army will be brought into the process. Being of the opinion that upholding and defending the US Constitution the average US Army soldier will willingly and obediently obey any order to intervene, particularly if the order is given in the context of a posse comitatus. Simply put, the military will be induced to take over this government in unsuspecting fashion, for purposes of trying to restore order to circumstances which evolved over the past 30 years under their very noses. Uncorrupted law enforcement officers will take part in this activity just as enthusiastically as the military, in the belief that their services are needed to restore law and order. US citizens who are currently tagged as ‘dissident’ will be re-tagged ‘terrorist’ for removal to the concentration camps which are rumoured [to] be under construction in this country, guarded by government-contracted security firms such as Wackenhutt [sic]. The average soldier having no basis for disbelief, will readily participate in these roundups. Because the US military has demonstrated a remarkable inability to handle concentration camps on a long-term basis, particularly when disruptive elements are housed in the detainee population (ex: Guantanamo and Florida), executions of detainees will commence. From then on doesn’t really matter, does it? The revolution is underway.”


Sound familiar? Most of this, and much of what has happened since late 2019, has only been the stage being set…

If you’re thinking the way I am and that these are the same people that killed the Kennedys and blew up the Twin Towers, then what’s a little pandemic and an election coup now? That’s like practically nothing, and yet it is the next phase of operations in the takeover agenda.

And they are still running for cover:


Ask yourselves why something – even as monumental a something as the killing of a sitting president in broad daylight – would continue to have such resonance this many decades later?

It wouldn’t of course, if the perps weren’t still running loose in the garden…which gets us into all manner of other things: things that likely implicate Bush cronies Felix Rodriguez and Porter Goss. When Dubya nominated Goss in 2004 to replace George Tenet, a picture of Goss fraternizing Rodriguez, Barry Seal, and Frank Sturgis from January 1963 surfaced. (See that Operation 40 photo at the header).

Interestingly, Goss was close with pedo speaker Dennis Hastert and was one of the few high-profile politicians (Tom DeLay was the other) who didn't abandon Hastert when he got charged. He even wrote a letter to the judge asking for clemency.

More here:

Here: +“Kiddie+Cocaine”+–+FDA+Approves+New+ADHD+Amphetamine+Drug+Disguised+as+Candy&utm_medium=email&utm_source=getresponse 

And most of all here from the excellent Dan Hopsicker, who lays out chapter & verse how Ferry & Co. were pedophiles from the onset, and it only gets worse from there:

You start to see how easily the networks all connect: David Ferrie into the EU pedo rings into Jimmy Saville into Sandusky into Hastert into Epstein…it’s never ending – a snake eating its own tail for eternity. Likewise it becomes easy to see how JFK’s murder begat 9/11, that begat Covid, that will beget….??



On that resonance front – think of it this way: this is why the military, when they move over structures like bridges, do so in break-step time. Because to do it in lockstep time, with large numbers of people moving in unison, creates a resonance that has the ability to bring down the structure. And that’s what social media is now – large numbers of people, moving together, bringing down structures. Or did you forget what happened in the fall of 2016? When news of the wikileaks drops of the Clinton-Podesta emails broke, and rumours started flying of something called pizzagate, an entire presidential election turned in less than 48 hours. I guarantee you the left hasn’t forgotten. This is the power we as a collective hold now, and it’s what they are fighting tooth and nail against 24/7. It’s what brought us Covid as a disruptive force and counter-measure to get rid of a president they never wanted, was in their way, and as a massive psy-op against what is threatening them and their agenda. 


On the recent UFO/UAP front, where to begin? How about this recent twitter drop from none other than Tom DeLonge?


Let’s get Keel and Hynek on the spirit hotline and Vallee on the red batphone on that one, shall we? Because it’s basically everything they ever said reiterated.

And as we have looked over before in this space (not overlooked), when AATIP leaked these docs, it explained a lot that had always heretofore been only the wildest abduction conspiracy theories – now given scientific validity:

Remember what their findings comprised:

 “The phenomenon can manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise National Security.

Including – Psychotronic weapons/

Cognitive Human Interface/

Penetration of solid surfaces/** 

Instantaneous sensor disassembly/

Alteration-manipulation of biological organisms/

Anomalies in the space-time construct/

Unique cognitive human interface experiences.”

** -- of interesting note here: see what was said about that in this film chronicling the findings of people like Budd Hopkins and John Mack: (go to 34:10 in particular – “They’re coming thru the walls!”):

Strange how something from 1992 finds high-level DOD scientific validation in the worlds of quantum mechanics and reality now.

More here:

Is what we are seeing here just a manifestation of technological bleed-thru and sharing because of communication with other realms? The fae and fairy folk have down thru the centuries possessed such ability, and many will also claim that the spiritual realms contain denizens well versed in likewise powers – whether these can be claimed to be demons or angels is up to you. But from John Dee and Edward Kelly down to Crowley and Jack Parsons in more modern-day parlance, many human folk have claimed both contact and communication with other worlds and dimensions of existence. When you start painting people like Parsons as being integral to both JPL and NASA’s running, you start getting weirder, and perhaps more pertinent, vibes.

Such vibes only continue when you take into account one of Parson’s good pals and flying buddies, Kenneth Arnold, was the one who kick-started the flying saucer explosion in pop culture in 1947. Just a year after Parsons and L Ron Hubbard ritualized Crowley’s Babalon Working ritual in the high desert (beginning on Jan 4, 1946 at 9pm). Just the same year that Aleister Crowley died.

Kenneth Arnold btw, when sighting those 9 crescent shaped, glittering whatzits catching the glinting sunlight over Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947 and exhibiting distinct non-ballistic movement, had been out there searching for a missing and crashed C-46 transport with 32 marines aboard. It was located finally at the 9,500 foot level of the Tacoma glacier – fuselage intact. No blood. No bones. No bodies.

And now you know the rest of the story:


Spooky times my friends, and not just confined to these days. But what happened then…may have quite the distinct bearing on what’s happening now.

And perhaps pertaining to nothing in this nightmare latticework (but perhaps not), it should not go unremarked that the Roswell UFO incident of summer 1947 (that year again) happened to feature twin crash sites – that other less-publicized, but no less notable, New Mexico location? CORONA.

Indeed many believe that it was less publicized for a very important reason: evidence obtained there was more damning, more voluminous and most importantly perhaps for our purposes of mentioning – more dangerous:

Was 1947 a year of various acts of summoning, which are still bearing fruit for the summoners?


This is all getting rather lengthy this time out, and I haven’t even gotten into the latest HUGE news about McAfee, what may be getting ready to drop there, how new nanotech producing additional electric current inside the human body might pertain to Bill Gates’ patent WO2020060606, the implications of that for transhumanism, and even just how it all might pertain to Biden, Lady Gaga, and Marina Abramovic – so many targets, so little time!

Until next time, stay liminal my peeps – because anything, including 31TB of BOOM, can happen anytime.

As a matter of fact, it could happen as soon as this:


You’ll hear from me again, and what it all means so far, before that counter runs out…til then Scully.


  1. Can I beg that everyone here please pray for my children as they were put in foster homes and I have no control over if they will give the shit.

    1. Prayers going up blessings coming down!🙏🙏

    2. I had handprint bruises on my arms and a number of ones in the groin I hope that all their body cameras were working I can't imagine 5 of them going out at once.

    3. Plenty of neighbors got it on cellphone camera


    5. Dginn. I’m glad you are here. We were worried about you. JB was worried because you disappeared. It freaked me out, too. I am here. Having concerns for your kids is scary stuff. I just want to tell you, I want you to be okay.

    6. Thank you KM yeah I read you asking about me that was sweet.

    7. sorry to hear that, hope you get it sorted soon!

  2. So is It the end of the world as we know it..🤔 most say end times will be a time of great spiritual darkness. 🤔 seems like that is all around us..but..what feels like the end may only be the beginning.. And the beginning of what..😳👿😵😜
    Madness I tell you..madness!!

  3. Yazidis are called Miletê Tawûsê Melek (the nation of Melek Taus).

    Melek Taus refused to bow before the first human, when God ordered the seven angels to do so. *The command was actually a test, meant to determine which of these angels was most loyal to God by not prostrating themselves to someone other than their creator.*

    Because of this similarity to the Islamic tradition of Iblis, some followers of other monotheistic religions of the region identify the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan, which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidis as "devil worshippers".

    A popular Yazidi story narrates the intentional fall of Melek Taus, his becoming God of this world with authority given by his creator, and his subsequent rejection by humanity, with the exception of the Yazidis.

    Basically, the Devil does to us what God did to him: he tests us. And if we TAKE THE KNEE before him, we've failed.

    NEVER forget that sh*t.

    1. Wordman, you constantly blow me away with the sheer amount of information that you can put out! One of your best, I'm going to have to pick apart piecemeal, especially in my emotional state. Where did you get the RMA steps stuff?

  4. Hey wordman good stuff, the people that are supposed to be handling your e-mail are asleep, or not carrying out your wishes. I signed up last week,no email on this or the one below.In other stuff, I believe I am over the target of their real goal in what I am calling a game of 3 card monte, I do not want to gloss over the first two cards as I state in my opinion piece here, but I see the 3rd card as the KO punch

    1. Hey OMID!!

      Great take with that Rumor Mill spot -- at this point we're all like the old wise blind men grasping at the elephant!! All feeling the exact same thing just with slightly different takes.
      But all roads lead to Rome, my friend.

      And btw just went back in my emails all the way to May and I don't have anything for you in my personal outlook account, which is where everything at this point needs to be sent. (The blog people have stopped sending out notifications on both ends...) Everything was supposed to be good til the end of July, but best laid plans -- plus accounts like this and topics dealt with here aren't exactly high on the corporate priority list. Suppose I should be thankful I'm even still here...

      Hit me at & I'll start sending you advance blurbs of when anything new is pending. Thanks for following!!

    2. There have also been reports of Google intercepting people's private e-mails, for example a guy sends his friend an article about how dangerous the vaccine can be, and G-mail says it was flagged as misinformation and never sent.

    3. Is it too early to start asking for people's phone numbers? Haha.

      I guess that'd be like begging for the EMP Pulse takedown wave!!

    4. JB!! (& anybody else that might know...)

      I KNOW something is going on with the outlook account (my email) because this just started showing up right after my name on everything I send:

      Have absolutely NO idea what it signifies & until the last 48 hrs have never seen it before ever...

      Just another surveillance node enabled or something else?

      Any ideas????

    5. WOW -- I copy/pasted it & it did NOT show up. Let's try and type it out and see what happens:

    6. NOPE. That didn't work either. WTAF IS THIS?


    7. OK -- it just won't let me publish the consonants & numbers string that goes along with that. This is VERY interesting.

      Holy shit -- what is going on????!!!!


      That's some next-level censorship right there. Reminds me of some VIP's name, many years ago, which literally could not be printed in books. If a book, any book, tried to name him, it was blacked-out when published.

    9. I’m worried about the moment they decide this medium disappears. Yes, we’d be back to the 80s, but I remember how to send mail. My daughter had me buy stamps for her a few weeks back. She didn’t know where to get them. I think we should be thinking about how to do things old style. It might be impative.

    10. I'm pretty sure a fascistic/commie regime could read our mail. I'm getting some pigeons.

    11. I cannot even see anything to copy and waste,I have a big blank there, figures with this piece of crap crohebook(I know, need no lectures,finances like most were and are an issue), will send you my address,you can also get in touch with me through that e-mail,above my post at RMN,at the beginning of this thread. I just posted this work(a snip of it with two of the images, and a link here) at RMN, and I am going to continue to do so. Damn hard to find good sites these days.Good to meet you sir, and the group here.

    12. oops... chromebook...hate when I do that.

  5. OK NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE.....just found this:

    THIS IS EXACTLY IT -- & seems to be indicative of something going on...
    what have we stumbled across? Something backdoor?

    1. yeah and it appears it has been going on two plus years, so good chance it's more like they don't want to, and are not going to fix it, rather than 'we cannot figure it out', typical compromised bullshit.This is the real problem we face with this medium,the old regime of the MSM, for the most part, were not involved in this mediums beginning.Most of the early users overlooked what it was...a military/intelligence op, more have figured it out as it,is hard not too now, it's so in our face.We are a far too trusting species, but these arms of the Op. like google,facebook,microsoft,norton etc...they are the damn infrastructure,Yahoo actually was a good site until they sold out, like many others after them, basically what is left are reprobate nefarious sites,that do not know what personal freedom is,and act as keepers in a zoo for their blackmailed asses, which is a plague among those who think they are someone in the world, cause you cannot get entry to that group unless you catch their plague.I am more concerned HOW they are using this medium, then them taking it down. It is the censorship happening that pisses me off. just an opinion sir.

    2. meant to say...their blackmailed handlers asses above,as far as I concerned, if you are working against me, you have been compromised, like our host at this blog, they disappeared my old blog that ran nine years from 03-12 with over 8000 files overnight so.....

    3. just shot you an email wordman with my address

  6. Seems widespread according to this:

    Microsoft is aware of the prob but doesn't seem, as of now, to know where it came from or how to fix it. Yikes!! (That's not good...)

    "What you are seeing is an X.500 address, something Exchange Servers use internally. This is a Hotmail/Live mail/MSN mail/ issue that the Outlook engineering staff at Microsoft are aware of, they have reproduced it, and are actively working on it. They do not have an ETA for the fix yet."

    Well, thanks for that Wang Chung. More fun with Biden evidently...

  7. The fact that I can't even manually TYPE OUT the exact address here is WEEEEEIIIIIRRRDDDD. And doesn't give me any warm & fuzzies, Willis.

  8. Finally, the first mention of any unknown user EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP I can come across is this on Halloween (gulp) 2017:

    Didn't seem to exist as an entity before then. Then it started proliferating about a year later in earnest, and now I just start seeing it a couple of weeks ago -- which means it's migrating more & more it seems.


    This is fascinating...& maybe how the end starts....John Connor out.

    (If I disappear before morning you know what happened...)

    1. Does anyone remember when the clown apocalypse actually started signalling?

    2. Creepy, you know when I was in jail, I was thinking about how many friends that I didn't have their phone number because I either email or see in person, and we used to have phone books that listed everyone's number *gasp* can you imagine? ;) Now we know that the gov is listening to all calls but we're scared to give friends our phone numbers, how imprisoned are we?

    3. JB do tell who was that VIP?

    4. My last two phone numbers were so inundated with spam and scam calls and texts that I couldn't find any legit texts I was getting like 20+ texts and calls a day.

    5. Never found out, since it literally could never get printed. It was supposed to be the man who REALLY controlled *everything* in France/Belgium.

    6. not sure we can pinpoint a beginning, but I know the murder of a certain person in September 1978,was the beginning of the end for Lucifer, his lackey Satan,and the compromised minions buying the mammon.They really fucked up there,this person was OD'ed with heroin. I was 22 at the time, and don't ask me how, because I don't talk about those 55 days anymore other then a tidbit like this. I was there with 3 full blown Spirit guys, and watched two men from outside and his betrayer from within,enter his room and kill him. The 3 Beings that caught me up into the Spirit,actually made themselves seen to the 3, and they freaked out, ran from the room, without cleaning up their presence,including the urine on the floor one of them left when the three appeared to them,he pissed his pants.The insider would not go back in, and even though he should have been the one to discover the body, he sent another to his normal duty that morning. If folks don't know what I am talking about, this True Man of God..Albino Luciani was such a dangerous man to those in power, the world only knew him for 33 days(yeah, no symbolism there) as John Paul 1...his successor's and like those before him, mostly compromised and ALL of them since his murder. The current one is a pedophile and 1000% compromised.The Earth missed a chance for a different timeline that that's when it started from my eyes, and then the next summer, I was assassinated in print for 3 straight months over an incident in my journey,where I hurt no human being, was not charged with any crime or anything of the sort,but I finally had to be let go from my job,not because I broke a company policy, but because I was trying to do my assigned duty to the absolute best of my ability. Company could not take the heat from first one paper, then the other two papers in the valley got involved,then the leader of the crusade did a tell a vision interview with his trusty prop beside him.Company sold me down the river, changed my whole life path. My mistake was not knowing that the dog that wanted to eat me(a way oversized bull mastiff) was owned by the pos who owned the ragsheet that started the mess. So in two short summers, I was set against all authority and it's whore media, and have never changed my outlook,just got smarter with how I fight.

    7. meant guides... not guys, been up too long

  9. Why this echo? I think we need to remember, as I do, mail art and zines.

  10. If anyone needs a quick laugh:

    1. JB I can't believe you shared such sensitive information! Now I'm going to have to add PETA to the long list of initials wanting my head for looking into stuff I shouldn't! Lol just too random!

  11. Here is a vid from the two la Quinta columna researchers who did the graphene analysis:

    Remember what Tesla said about the secrets of the universe? Energy, frequency, vibration? Add free radicals to that. Graphene is an oxidizing poison. It is a frequency modulator and amplifier. It’s scattering electrons wherever it is found, disrupting cellular integrity, probably not that different than a scalar weapon in net effect.

    If one is not taking zinc, please do. Also consider an anti oxident regimen, including zeolite. And breathe. Oxygenate the blood. Seek out alkaline hi pH, avoid the acidic. Just my two cents

    I am now doing ridesharing. I am around shotted and un-shotted people all day. I am extremely sensitive to the human energy field (I hear the body electric ;-) I am convinced that as 5G continues to roll out, shotted folk will start to emanate an auric field of dis- ease that will subtly affect those around them. Electricity and magnetism are flipsides of a unified force. IOW, I don’t think the un-shotted (us here) will be completely unaffected by the processes described by La QC, perhaps more mentally and emotionally than physically.

    We all need self care, now more than ever. We deserve it. We are making a difference on the causal plane. That will show up here. The mind is the future, thought is the present, the body is the past.

    Remember that.

    My love to everyone here.

    1. Hey tru3!!

      But hey, let's not forget that those LQC researchers have been completely disavowed by their Co. now, so we can't believe anything they say, right??!! Good LORD -- it's amazing how the world has been completely overrun by bought-off, compromised COWARDS and freaks. It's unreal.

      Thanks so much for your very thorough analysis in layman's terms of what's going on -- we need more common sense like this desperately. Your extrapolations about how the entire viral load will be shed eventually and spread amongst everybody are completely in lockstep with what I think also; & likely why that target of between 70-80% is what they're going for. After that it matters little. We sit here discussing it fairly calmly, but the insidiousness of this still blows me away. The depths of depravity and evil on display here are staggering, Holocaust-level & beyond. WAY beyond actually.

      At least we've got folks like R Paul in Congress grilling Fauci on a daily basis and holding him up naked for all to see. Goddamn what a little weasel that troll is -- & one that will hopefully be made to suffer for his crimes against humanity. Check out Reddit on r/conspiracy tonight -- it's on FIRE.

      Plus the French protestors set Macron's residence alight today also!! The Frenchies, God bless 'em, know how to do that "revolution" thing right!! Guillotines next I'm hoping, & hey, when you're thru with 'em, send 'em over here!! Oooooo la la!

    2. Thanks for the clarification, WM… it’s really difficult to discern the “truth” these days… I also understand part of the process actually targets zinc in the body, neutralizing it, which only proves to me the intentional malevolence of the designers.

      I could be wrong (it’s happened a couple of times, so I’m used to it ;-), but I have thought for years this body was full of smart dust, and that there would be some kind of trigger to ignite it… the keys of volition in a free will universe that frees the designers from karmic burden…. Those keys are the shots + 5G like nitric acid + glycerine

      Tip of the hat for your diligent and faithful efforts!


    of NBs imposing mechanical disruptions. Our results show that the O2-containing nanoshuttles can effectively be used as intelligent and controllable anti-infection nanorobots in upcoming graphene-based nanobiomedical applications

    This is just a quickly hobbled together hypothesis looking into this : one, the nano graphene would have to be created on purpose, two it's an alternative to carbon nanobots for medicine, three, they will be bound with copper, (copper toxicity can cause schizophrenic symptoms and violent erratic behavior) four, they can be controlled by lasers and five it can induce the chaos that they want

    But copper chelation with Zinc salts and B12 to reboot the fight or flight chemical pathways and as always garlic to cleanse and thin the blood and herbs to cleanse the kidneys.

    Love to everyone here from me as well

    1. Lol random people playing things talking about the new world order thinking that they are being "daring" when now that feels like so last decade compared to so much of this shit.

    2. Reprogram myself for GOOD even if it comes with HELLFIRE for the D A MNED!



      Course it could be something that is a good side cleaning up some of the shit they already did to us, wishful thinking;)

    5. Did you catch in the intruders video that the head psychiatrist was Epstein?

    6. I DID catch that name!! (Even back then.) Amazing how far all this stuff goes back and what's connected to what. Cool cool shades btw!!

    7. Well I thought how slutty of me to be showing off my legs without my face ;) eyes up here boys. i.Adler

    8. I feel like this pertains a lot to my situation: no one has approached me about my dad's will, yet they are packing things up and many of the proofs pictures, ID's of the hero that he was are disappearing and my husband is saying that my dad was just crazy and made it all up.

    9. Ad that to that my husband cut the backs off of all the paintings and dumped all my drawers and things out like he was searching for something during the week he left me in jail after he bailed out the first day on my debit card.

    10. But me being the product of parents that I respected until things in this world got in the way is proof enough. They showed me the holy spirit!

    11. wow, your husband left you in jail? that is totally messed up, do you mind me asking who your dad is? what did he supposedly make up, sorry to ask, new here, and I seen people asking about you, so I am to see you are back. You do not have to answer, if you don't want to, shades are nice. :)

    12. It's a lot easier to write someone off as crazy if you aren't looking in their eyes. Ironically considering the will, the first dream that kicked this off was that my dad died and someone was saying that "they want to steal your inheritance and legacy". Every time that my husband said that he was going to claim that I was crazy, I was reminded of a story that my dad told about how the state police busted a famous mental institution when they found the files, there were so many instances of people getting committed by the family in order to get their estate. My dad was an enigma he was a different person to whomever he was interacting with, extremely intelligent and multilingual, completely self taught man. Of the different roles he took on, one that speaks for itself is he was a white security guard for the federal building in a black neighborhood during the Rodney King riots, he stopped bomb threats and talked down some rioters single-handed. He stopped two KGB agents from killing a Russian sailor that jumped ship during the fall of the Soviet Union. Men Who Stare at Goats makes me think about him and he truly believed that there were forces working for GOOD within the world of secrets and forces working to bring the bad to light, I'm sure he would love this blog.

  13. I tried to make an appointment for a parent competency test and the soonest appointment they could get me in is March 2022! So I booked it WTF?

    1. Now I have to sort out what bills my husband actually paid or lied and told me he paid.

    2. Damnit where's the delete button!?

    3. Oh, Dginn, I’m sorry you’re in such a situation. So, the state has your kids and you can’t get a hearing until March of next year? And your husband is threatening you like that? All of it is very concerning. You need some help dealing with this shit from someone who actually cares about you.

    4. Thank you, yeah they put them in foster homes, I have a hearing in a week, the appointment in March is to try to take a parent competency test.

    5. They are really really stretching things they said that at one point that they took them because of my "drug use" I said excuse me, what drug use? Then when they got back to me on it, it was "when you gave birth to this child, you told the Dr that you were on this drug and we don't even know what it is!" I'm like "yeah, an over the counter herbal suppliment that I willingly disclosed try to see if it had interfered"

    6. They sure got my medical records fast...even more interesting considering that they have accurate records surrounding that child's birth but don't have her name correct they have the wrong last name for all the children, I don't know how they can adopt them out like that?

    7. Now he just came walking right back through the door like he never left, AND I didn't kick him out for leaving me in jail and spending my oldest son's child support money from my first husband (which was enough to bail me out btw) he is on the phone with the DHS worker, I can't handle this I'm probably going to a women's shelter.

    8. You're lucky I can't slap you!

    9. Ffs, Dginn, you post 20 times in a row about the endless "tv Drama" in your life, like

      "Now he just came walking right back through the door like he never left, AND I didn't kick him out for leaving me in jail and spending my oldest son's child support money from my first husband..."

      And you don't see the mind-numbing absurdity of it all? Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but FUCK...

    10. The cops don't protect Jerry Springer shit to the point of putting everything on the line to beat the shit out of a woman.
      but yes I'll shut up about my fucking drama, but the week before one of the cops wife's was in jail sitting until the bruises around her neck that her husband gave her faded, it's not just me, it's just I decided I've had enough of this shit I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE

    11. Cops, for the most part, unfortunately, are what happens when big dumb bullies grow up. There's a well-known IQ limit for recruiting, and easily 50% of them are crooked.

    12. Sorry if I hurt your feelings? You can't tell me that wasn't meant as an insult.

    13. Have you got a horse high enough to look down at me?

    14. The point was supposed to be that I'm trying to get away from Jerry Springer shit and crazy and I'm not able to because every time I try it's bull shit between them giving me a concussion, taking the children, putting me in jail, etc. And I DON'T HAVE ANY HISTORY of any drugs, promiscuouity or reckless, erratic, or violent behavior, but ALL OF MY ACCUSERS DO!

    15. You have no f***king clue what I've gone through that I HAVEN'T talked about trying to get out! And it's not just everyday bullshit, but if I talk about it, it becomes ammo for them, hell I used to think all my friends were crazy when they would talk about them getting drugged or hypnotized or programming. The women are getting fed up with this bullshit and it seems there aren't any men left that aren't too compromised or cowardly to stand up to them!

    16. And not just anyone can do a lot of this like making any record of vehicle registration and tags disappear

    17. I just can't believe that he bailed HIMSELF out with HER debit card.

      Scumbag of the first order right there.

      How does that even WORK?? Who IS this dude? We need full disclosure of family history, connections & who the fuck this asshole thinks he is. Military? Masons? Academic? We all know how they love to make targets of blue eyed blondes to torture like cats torture mice. Hell, Michael Aquino made a goddamn profession out of it!!

    18. Dginn, I totally get it. I’ve been in it. Is there anyone who can help you get out?

    19. WM I tried to answer that and the comment disappeared, if you really want to know I'll email that. Oh and green eyes;) thanks KM sadly this is nothing new around here so I've got some friends that know to some degrees, but none of them had the cops get this bad in it and everyone's afraid of them.

    20. It pays if typing out a long comment to copy often so if it disappears, you can paste and keep going. I’m concerned that you are in a dangerous situation.

    21. Dginn, ask wordman for my email, I always have time to listen,if you need, and if we have some self righteous in the group, just ignore the juvenile comments...


    22. I'm not being "self-righteous" ffs, it's simply that every time Dginn goes on a 30-40 post long jag about how f**ked up her personal life is and apparently always has been, there's no reasonable way to respond to that, to a lifetime of extreme soap opera drama...

    23. so what, why respond at all, not everyone has a blissful peaceful existence like yourself. You are not the only one reading the comments, and have you been assigned as monitor of the comment board by wordman? I do not care how you want to spin your Springer remark, it was rude and out of place among friends, you owe the woman an apology.

    24. Okay, fine, I'm sorry Dginn, Jesus.

      (Btw, my own existence is the exact opposite of "peaceful", but I don't air out my dirty laundry in public do I?)

  14. Replies


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