Monday, January 7, 2013


“Throughout medieval times, a major current of thought distinct from official religion existed, culminating in the works of the alchemists and hermetics. Among such groups were to be found some of the early modern scientists and men remarkable for the strength of their independent thinking and their adventurous life, such as Paracelsus.  The nature of the beings who mysteriously appeared, dressed in shiny garments or covered with dark attire, and with whom communication was so hard to establish, intrigued these men intensely.”               Jacques Vallee     Passport To Magonia                         

“Oh pilot of the storm that leaves no trace/ like thoughts inside a dream”         Page/Plant     Kashmir

   The night reveals clues, not answers. Here are a few of note submitted for your perusal. As we run through these, keep in the back of your mind that we are all locked in one Great Alchemical Manipulation; causal machines, causal engines set loose by the few to tinker with our minds and our bodies, and that when you reach a certain level, there are no coincidences anymore.  Everything is connected. We are forced to think like they do now.

   Trying to trace exactly where this turning towards darkness began is tricky at best. There were the blood rituals of Gilles de Rais, Elizabeth Bathory, and today our scientific entreaties have only just seemingly caught up with their unrestrained psychopathology in the announcing in 2012 that indeed it appears injecting or ingesting the blood of the young can reverse the aging process. The horror implicit in that proclamation should not go unnoticed, neither should the strange-bedfellows-coupling of science and the occult, because technology and the “Other” appears to be a long-running theme. Pagan magicians afoot today, (and that’s exactly what they are) from the Pentagon to Monsanto have been taking copious notes. What if I told you Cabin In The Woods, deep down at the DNA levels, could ring truer than we could ever possibly imagine?

   Starting at the end of World War II, something deep in the bowels of U.S. military intelligence began noticing the Ahnenerbe, the Nazi faction also known as the SS, beyond doubt the most mysterious organization in the Third Reich. Even today the secret services of leading powers around the globe still hunt for its secrets. At the time, it was the only known historical structure engaged in the study of mysticism and the occult to have state funding and support. At the time.

   Research on occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena by the Ahnenerbe received blessings from SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler, who not only acted on his own initiative, but also with explicit instructions directly from Hitler himself. The Ahnenerbe, meaning “legacy of the ancestors,” had a much broader interest than the announced historical study of the roots of German civilization. Third Reich leaders understood an army’s size wasn’t the determining factor in the winning of wars to come; therefore they adopted the concept of “qualitative superiority.” One could win a war with relatively low “quantitative” forces while utilizing high “qualitative” ones, and to provide them with this, the Ahnenerbe brought in specialists in the occult, non-traditional, and paranormal knowledge, and scoured the planet from the Antarctic to Tibet for anything trading in the supernatural from books to maps to artifacts, possibly even ancient machinery. Their goal? To fuse their latest science with centuries-old knowledge, even in the absence of rational explanation, and to enslave the world utilizing occult knowledge and technology.

   They engaged in the study of math, astronomy, astrology, genetics, medicine, and the occult development of unconventional weapons, not the least of which included the psychological and psychotropic means and methods of mass influence.

   One of the primary objectives relentlessly pursued by the Ahnenerbe experts was the use of paranormal abilities and tech to contact unknown beings, known to their inner circle as “outriders.” The overall aim was to obtain from highly developed extraterrestrial/dimensional and ancient terrestrial civilizations superior technical knowledge. Were all these aims passed down through Project Paperclip to our very own blossoming, bouncing baby Military Industrial Complex? As the Magic Eight Ball would say: Signs Point To Yes. Said signs possibly being HAARP, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the Human Genome Project, GMOs, weather manipulation, mass pharmaceuticals and chemtrails, just off the top of my head. But even still, these are just the symptoms, the disease is something else entirely. And going even deeper, as a very wise man once said, “the disease is nothing, the terrain, everything.”

   “Because it’s what we need. A blood ritual! Yes, yes, we’ve gotta have one of those! The Aztecs knew it. The pre-Hellenic Minoans knew it for Gods’ sake! From the moment man first clawed his way out of the primordial ooze and kicked off his fins he’s understood that the Gods require blood. New life from death. The ancients had it right. The old Gods are back.”
                                                                                                  Episode Omega              Dollhouse   
   So what exactly does it mean that for the first time ever and for no good reason the stars in the Republican logo turned upside down in 2000? I have no idea. But I do know that for at least since the Sixties in popular culture the upside down star has been a satanic symbol, indeed the sign of Baphomet in the Church of Satan. And of course we all know what 2000 heralded: the magickal working that was 9-11. The same 9-11 that saw the four prime magickal numbers of Aleister Crowley exhibited front and center: in flights 11, 175, 77, and 93.  The same 9-11 that introduced one Rudolph Giuliani to the nation.  Although if one peered closer into the archives you’d find Rudolph Giuliani in these headlines: June 11, 1991, NEW YORK, WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY DAYCARE CASE, Monetary Settlement with Parents, Court File Sealed
Overview: News articles state that in 1984-85 a 3 yr. old child from West Point’s daycare was diagnosed with physical findings of molest — a lacerated vagina. 50 children who attended West Point’s Army daycare were then interviewed by the FBI and several of them alleged sexual abuse. The parents in this case alleged a cover-up because no criminal charges were filed. The Times Herald Record reported on June 11, 1991 that the incidents unfolded against a backdrop of satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior. A parent complained that the Army was not prepared to treat satanic abuse and the FBI “botched” the investigation. “The specter of Satanism would later spur U.S. Military Academy officials to change the West Point child-care center’s building number from 666 to 673.” San Jose newspaper reporter Linda Goldston, who covered the Presidio case, described the West Point case as one involving ritual abuse. The children said they had excrement smeared on their bodies and were forced to eat feces and drink urine. They said they were taken away from the day care center. At that time, U.S. prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani declined to indict any alleged perpetrators and was criticized for potential conflict of interest because he was also defending West Point for the government against civil suits brought by the parents against the Army.
In 1985, the parents of 11 children filed a $110 million civil suit against the Army alleging their children were sexually abused. The Army concluded the case in 1991 by negotiating a monetary settlement with the parents, but no other facts are known because the court case was sealed. See “West Point case provoked $100 million Civil Suit,” San Jose Mercury News, August 9, 1987; “A Legacy of Pain,” The Times Herald Record, June 11,1991; “The People v. R. Giuliani,” The Record, Sept. 27, 1987; “CHILD ABUSE AT THE PRESIDIO, THE PARENTS AGONY, THE ARMY’S COVER-UP, THE PROSECUTION’S FAILURE,” San Jose Mercury News, July 24, 1988.
   One of those perpetrators he declined to prosecute was Michael Aquino, alleged pedophile and military advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The same Michael Aquino who while in the Army idolized Heinrich Himmler, held rituals at Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle in Germany. The same Michael Aquino who founded the Temple of Set (Saturn) while in the Army. The same Aquino who was linked to child molestation/pedophile scandals at not only West Point, but the Presidio, the McMartin Preschool, and the vile Franklin Credit Union affair that led to the first mentions of Bohemian Grove in popular culture, and whose sordid trail led straight down Embassy Row and into the Reagan/Bush White House, Aquino himself paying off Larry King, head of the Franklin Credit Union, in Iran-Contra funds. (This mirrors the same way the 2012 Jimmy Saville pedo/necrophilia furor at the BBC seems to lead straight to No.10 Downing Street.) The same Aquino, who co-authored the seminal paper MindWar for the U.S. Army War College, a treatise on mind control operations on a massive scale.
  Aquino perhaps was merely following through on a shocking conclusion earlier pagan magicians had possibly stumbled upon, and the reason behind some 100,000,000 doses of LSD the CIA sorcerors had ordered from Sandoz in 1953 for the U.S. public: that if altering their own consciousness could produce localized manifestations of the supernatural (confirmed at sites like Stanford Research Institute and Lawrence Livermore labs), perhaps altering the mass consciousness could produce global ones.
   More importantly, what if the untold masses currently on SSRIs, the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, serve the same purpose?  A hallucinogen after all is a rose is a rose is a rose…

                           “With all my heart I curse you/You whom I love so much
                              Your emphatic malediction/ How I hunger for its touch
                               I bow down at your altar/ The wasteland of my soul
                               For I shall abound in pleasure,
                                              And I shall hide my goal.”
                                                                                             The Devil’s Blood       The Thousandfold Epicentre

   What does it mean when the same symbol, the same sigil, is found at both paradigm-altering events of our age? Furthermore, what does it mean when that sigil is the calling card of the goddess Hecate, the feminine aspect of Saturn? Imagine the two major traumas of our increasingly fragile consensus reality sporting the sign, the triple crossroads, of Hecate. Not just any goddess of the Old World Order, but the liminal one, associated with borders and the state of being “between” worlds, between the mortal and divine spheres, ruler of the original backroom deal.  Whispering tales of sacrifice, at all major rites of passage Hecate is there, and the worship of this goddess often leads to difficult choices often not accepted by society. She is a goddess of rebirth, and those whom she chooses become stronger and more comfortable with themselves and their own choices. Does this sound somehow familiar? Possibly like the sickening rationalizations of those responsible for the murder of JFK at Dealey Plaza, or of 3,000 at the WTC and D.C?  Saint Eligius even went so far as to admonish his flock that “No Christian should make or render any devotion to the deities of the trivium, where the three roads meet…” Crossroads, tombs and crime scenes are the most powerful places for her invocation. Practitioners of the left hand path invoke Hecate specifically for black magic, blasting, cursing, destruction, hexing, and vengeance. Sounds like a grocery list point by point of what went down on Elm Street and at the WTC to me. Perhaps these sigils have to be etched, burned, fired, embossed in the stone and blood of ritual sites in this world to grant passage into the ether of the next, where the collective unconscious beckons.  Cults to Hecate, to Saturn? The devil you say!  And lest you think this is the totality of their agenda, have I got news for you.

                 “Trucks. We’re all trucks. Flip a switch we go left…Flip another switch, we go right….And we never know we have been flipped.”                           
                                                                         Sense and Antisense             Millennium         Season Two

   Dateline 1998, as Summer turns into Fall: increasing reports nationwide of mysterious contrails that spread out and fall to earth without dissipating.  Numerous researchers and labs verify independently that some of the first things found in these “chemtrail” samples are red and white blood cells, and unidentified retroviruses.  In fairly layman’s terms retroviruses are only used for two things: hunting other viruses, or gene splicing. Explained simply, gene splicing is cutting a gene from one organism and pasting it into the DNA of another so that a characteristic can be transferred from one plant or animal to another.
   Was doing this in 1998 with mass aerosol operations only a precursor to what they’re now desperately seeking to achieve with GMOs? Or were the chemtrails only the primary prong of what would ultimately be a secondary or tertiary operation?

   Perhaps related is the fact that circa 2005/2006 and clustered mainly in California, Florida, and Texas, the manifestation of Morgellons began appearing. Symptoms being lesions that never heal, tiny beads of what appear to be sweat emerge except they’re black and tarry, and finally strange, long fibers that pop out of your skin in different colors.  After being written off as delusional parasitosis, the National Institutes of Health actually listed Morgellons as a genetically caused disease, specifically due to Chromosome 1 duplication/trisomy of q42 11 Q42 12 in July of 2006. A patient happened to stumble upon this in a search engine exactly one year later, on 7-23-07. One day later, 7-24-07, a family member of the patient called the CDC under the impression that the NIH web page and phone line were to aid Morgellons victims. The CDC rep responded that the web page was a clerical error actually intended for the medical community.  As of 7-27-07 all pages were removed from the internet, including all cached copies which were immediately scrubbed from any and all search engines. All of which begs the question, are morgellons sufferers genetic canaries in the coal mine?
   What we’re talking about here is what Harlan Ellison would call a Dangerous Vision. The terraforming of an entire species. The “force directed” evolution of the human genome. Most frightening of all, is it possible that those with Morgellons are those whose bodies are genetically rejecting these nano-engineered life forms, while the rest of us are integrating them?  Welcome to transhumanism. Welcome to the machine.
   Exactly what was the directive of the Human Genome Project back at the turn of the century?  And why were hundreds of the world’s elite microbiologists murdered from 1999 until 2007 and beyond?

   In 2011, these electron microscope images were taken of a tissue sample from a Morgellons patient.  I might point out the unlikelihood of anything natural and/or 100% organic having embossed and raised lettering on it.


   In the past eight months, these images have also been taken under electron microscope, once again extracted from tissue samples of Morgellons sufferers.  Note not only the hexagonal structures, but also the peculiar light-emitting qualities. The meaning is unknown. Origin unknown.      

Published: Jan. 14, 2002 at 6:34 PM
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- MIT researchers say newly developed radio-controlled DNA may one day act as electronic switches, allowing scientists to turn genes on and off by remote control.
Since virtually all biological molecules can be linked with tiny metal radio antenna crystals, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., say radio frequency biology in the future may help control a wide range of biological processes electronically.
"Regulation of biomolecules using electronic radio frequency control represents a new dimension in biology," said researcher Shuguang Zhang, associate director of MIT's Center for Biomedical Engineering. "Radio frequency biology provides us with some extraordinary tools and with unprecedented precision."
The scientists attached tiny radio-frequency antennas -- gold crystals made up of less than 100 atoms -- to DNA. When a radio-frequency magnetic field is transmitted into the tiny antennas, the molecules the crystals are attached to are zapped with energy.
"It's a really simple technique -- it's really just working by heat," said lead researcher Kim Hamad-Schifferli in an interview with United Press International. "It's just that the tools we've decided to use make it such that you can localize the heat."
The radio technique can unzip double-stranded DNA in a matter of seconds, a reversible process that leaves neighboring molecules untouched. It may one day prove possible to hook the antennas into living systems and control DNA via electronic switches, the scientists say.
"It's clever to find a way to bridge two very different worlds -- the biochemical world of nucleic acids and the physical world of electromagnetic waves," commented biochemist Gerald Joyce of the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, Calif. "You can even start to think of differential receivers -- different radio receivers that respond differently to different frequencies. By dialing in the right frequency, you can turn on tags on one part of DNA but not other tags."
The crystals -- each no larger than nanometers or billionths of a meter -- can be attached to proteins as well as DNA. This opens up the possibility of controlling more complex biological processes such as enzymatic activity, protein folding and biomolecular assembly.
"There are already numerous examples of nanocrystals attached to biological systems for the purpose of sensing," Schifferli said. "However, we hadn't come across any examples where they are used as a means of controlling the biology. We feel that's what's new about our work."
Ultimately, cell component functions and the cell life cycle itself may be electronically regulated using radio waves, said researcher Joseph Jacobson, head of the MIT Media Lab's molecular machines group. Biological machines may one day be used to perform computation, assemble computer components or become part of computer hardware or circuitry.
"If we're interested in molecular-scale machines, biology is a wonderful place to start," Jacobson said. "Manipulation of DNA is interesting because it has been shown recently that is has potential as an actuator -- a hard drive component -- and can be used to perform computational operations."
Exquisitely fine electronic control of biology also will likely become more and more important in dissecting intricate molecular interactions and formations in great detail. There is currently no way to achieve this fine control over one molecule without disturbing its neighbors.
"The development of molecular biology has witnessed many examples of ways to design new tools that accelerated uncovering nature's secrets," Zhang said. "These new tools and technologies will undoubtedly accelerate and advance our knowledge in finest detail. It not only opens new avenues for us to ask big and deep questions but also to attain the ultimate answers in biology."
The researchers reported their findings in Nature.

There appears to be a worldwide inside cult devoted to the veneration and worship of distinctly non-Christian gods, comprising selected members of, but not limited to, the Military Industrial Complex, NASA, all Intelligence alphabet agencies, and certain private contractors including the banking and establishment elite, as well as Big Pharma and those in charge of altering the food supply, e.g. Monsanto et al.  The flow of money connects them all.
In keeping with recent events especially, and also in keeping with their god Saturn (the masculine aspect of Hecate, also in the masculine known as Chronos, Set, or Satan) being the devourer of children, this cult today still makes itself known in the religious following of the rituals of paedophelia, ritual abuse, and child sacrifice to accrue power and establish “contact” with something “other.”
They love to hide in plain sight and more and more they take delight in the “Revelation of the Method.” Their signatures are everywhere, from Shiva being the official mascot of the Large Hadron Collider(can anyone say seeking “contact?”), to Von Braun and the Nazi intelligentsia imported through Paperclip naming their rockets the Saturn V. Perhaps in tribute to the Ahnenerbe? The lowdown on the likes of Jack Parsons and L.Ron Hubbard and their links to Aleister Crowley, the literal Halloween launching of the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the details of the infamous Babalon Working, which ushered in the modern flying saucer era, will be picked apart remorselessly in a future post.

Dateline 2006: Images from the Cassini probe, released by NASA, show the planet Saturn exhibiting a spectacular and gigantic hexagon at its pole. Scientists declined to speculate on just what could be the origin or cause of the thousands-of-miles-long anomaly.  (In occult terms, the historical hexagon, inner configuration of the Star of David or Seal of Solomon, is typically used to conjure demons up within this dimension. Hmmm. Interesting.)

There are no blocks here. Everything will always be considered. But remember to these people it’s always about mass sacrifice, and more often than not it’s always about children. About youth. Ruby Ridge. Waco. The daycare in the Murrah Building at the OKC bombing. Dunblane. Virginia Tech. Columbine. Mostly young people killed in Aurora. Sandy Hook in Newtown. The Franklin scandal. Penn State. (And if you think those last two aren’t connected I’m not sitting here, as my Pappy used to say.) McMartin. The Presidio. Solitary kidnappings like Johnny Gosch, Madelaine McCann. Solitary killings like JonBenet Ramsey. Every school shooting, every molestation scandal. Be it the mortal or the spiritual, the loss of blood or innocence, it’s the lives of children in particular they hunger for. There IS A REASON why over 5,200 Pentagon employees, many with the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and DARPA, bought, watched, and stored child pornography on their government computers while at work. There IS A REASON why after 8 months the investigation was halted with zero prosecutions. That’s ZERO out of more than 5,200. There IS A REASON why our pal Graham Spanier, ousted PSU prez found guilty of colluding and covering up for child rapers for decades at PSU, got promoted up the food chain to an unnamed position within the National Security apparatus, and IT’S THE SAME REASON every single military, government, and private contracting perp IN THIS COUNTRY was promoted after 9-11 regardless of the transparency of their complicity or guilt, be it sins of commission or omission in that day’s events.  IT’S THE SAME REASON Rudy Giuliani rose in rank and status after turning a blind eye to what could be hundreds of child abuse claims against Satanists running West Point’s daycare but oh, we’ll never know because those records are sealed. Just like the Kennedy records are sealed. And the Columbine records are sealed. And the 9-11 records are destroyed, and lost. And the Dunblane records are sealed. And the Aurora transcripts are under gag-order and sealed. And McMartin. Sealed. Presidio. Sealed. Virginia Tech pertinent documents. Sealed. Penn State Second Mile records. Disappeared. Lost. Sorry. But nothing to see here, move along. When are we going to learn? How much more of this in our face is it going to take?
What did Saturn do? He killed his children. Look it up. He feared the future. He feared youth would overthrow. To keep the status quo, the children have to be sacrificed. Sacrifice is a way to release and gather power. Release and gather power.
Newtown Connecticut just happens to be the second largest hub for the Church of Satan in the United States. Indoctrinations. Connections. You just can’t make this stuff up if you wanted.


And NASA for Christmas 2012 released a special celebratory snapshot of the dark ornamental splendor of…….Saturn. When the tumble down the rabbit hole begins, there is no end. And don’t you just hate that.