Sunday, December 22, 2019


"Didn't I see you down in San Antone on a hot and dusty night?
We were eating eggs in Sammy's when the black man there drew his knife
Aw, you drowned that Jew in Rampton as he washed his sleeveless shirt
You know, that Spanish-speaking gentlemen the one we all called Kurt

Come now, gentleman, I know there's some mistake
How forgetful I'm becoming now you fixed your business straight,
I remember you in Hemlock Road in nineteen fifty-six
You're a faggy little leather boy with a smaller piece of stick

You're a lashing, smashing hunk of man your sweat shines sweet and strong
Your organs working perfectly but there's a part that's not screwed on
Weren't you at the Coke convention back on nineteen sixty-five?
You're the misbred, gray executive I've seen heavily advertised

You're the great, gray man whose daughter licks policemen's buttons clean
You're the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine
Come now, gentleman your love is all I crave,
You'll still be in the circus when I'm laughing, laughing in my grave

When the old men do the fighting and the young men all look on
And the young girls eat their mothers meat from tubes of plasticon
Be wary of these my gentle friends of all the skins you breed
They have a tasty habit they eat the hands that bleed

So remember who you say you are and keep your noses clean
Boys will be boys and play with toys so be strong with your beast
Oh Rosie dear, don'tcha think it's queer so stop me if you please
The baby is dead, my lady said, "You gentlemen, why, you all work for me…”
      MEMO FROM TURNER, Jagger/Richards  October 23, 1970

“Parlor games using minor elementals…in my day… Aleister Crowley, he tried to raise the Great God Pan. Sometimes I think he succeeded. He was never quite the same afterwards…My dear Crane, to make things happen, great mysterious things, you need great, mysterious people. Apart from myself, and possibly one other, there’s no one left.”
     From The Omega Factor, BBC, June 13, 1979

“Pigs, geese, cattle. First find out they are owned. Then find out the whyness of it. I suspect that after all we’re useful – that among contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive, owners of us – all others warned off – that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received – from Somewhere else – in our mysterious usefulness.”
      The Book Of The Damned, Charles Fort, 1919 (a copy of which Mick Jagger specifically requested during writing sessions for Sympathy For the Devil.)

“Someone’s knockin at the door/ Somebody’s ringin the bell/ Do me a favour/ Open the door/ Let ‘em in…”      Wings, 1976

“Sure, they're terrifying and depressing us. They took over from Pink Floyd. They're all fucking witches over there.”    Rigorous Intuition Forum commentary on Radiohead 

Clues are falling down like snowflakes in this merry Christmas (Saturnalia) season – the quest for truth and justice never abates, and we are being serenaded with some doozies lately from all corners. A scenario is slowly forming, one that has been decades in the making, and just as many decades in the unveiling; we simply never had all the skeleton keys until now. Aligning almost with biblical urgency, it seems there truly will be nothing left unknown to us. What is shocking is just how hidden all of this vileness has been up until now, and how nearly all of it has been in plain sight, protected by nothing more than the public’s unwillingness to believe in the utterly improbable.

But the quote that springs unbidden to mind more than any other for these times belongs to Arthur Conan Doyle, speaking for his creation Sherlock: “When you remove the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” As we journey across timelines, across oceans, and across ideologies in our quest to join the previously unjoinable, it will do more than well to keep this saying close. And so, in the BBC tradition of having A Ghost Story for Christmas, let’s dive in again to these times that seem as if they were scripted by M. R. James himself…

Synchronicity is rearing its head  in major ways these days, demanding we heed its clarion call to the sacred and the profane alike. Everything is joined under its bundling umbrella of celestial reordering. The weirdness began again with this stunning photo which was unearthed by the Sun paper in the UK. It shows a gathering of monsters, taken at Windsor Castle in 2006. The occasion was the 18th birthday festivities of Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Beatrice.

Then, not even 48 hours after this photo hit the mainstream, Harvey Weinstein was released from jail after agreeing to pay a 25 million dollar settlement to his various rape victims (all of which would come from his insurance company.)

Am I alone in thinking that this represents coded signaling of some sort amoung the Cabal? Message received. You’re out. After all, up until this point, I can’t find any linkages even mentioning Weinstein and Epstein together in the same sentence, even though their predilections are in the same ballpark, proximity alert-speaking. Then, all of a sudden, here they are rubbing shoulders, elbows, and God knows what else with each other, under Royal purview no less. What we are seeing play out in real time is secret society machinations to the nth degree. And I know it was a birthday party, but what’s with the Eyes Wide Shut getups? More signaling is at hand just by wearing those. My fav comment came from an anon on reddit who exclaimed: “Ooh look, Muttley’s got a medal!” For the record, Muttley never served in any branch of the armed forces, much less the Navy Seals.

Then came the Mick Jagger bombshell. Long known to have been a elevated person of interest in the Epstein affair simply from how many of his numbers were seen in Epstein’s famous “black book, this latest drop implicates him even further.

As seen in the accompanying article and in the video, the victim (Aria), was lured into the Jagger residence in Richmond from her Vineyard school, some 5 minutes away on foot. There, under auspices of attending lessons for a future “modeling” career (Jagger’s then wife Jerry Hall was also present, which would have targeted the years 1978-1999…), Aria was subjected to filmed sexual abuse at the hands of monied insiders from the “modeling” industry. Her own father would drug her and take her there after hours beginning at age 16. But her grooming began much, much earlier she recites. She began attending these grooming “parties,” at Jagger’s house, at the age of four or five. Drugs, booze, filmed rapes. Let’s let that sink in. At the age of… Four. Or. Five.

Of course you don’t have to swing a blues-y stray cat far to hit upon any number of associations with the Stones and major satanic influences. (Kenneth Anger, Crowley, the Process Church…) They, along with Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page at the dark helm, more than any other 2 rock outfits, catapulted the Robert Johnson, Devil-at-the-crossroads influence into modern culture, waiting to go off like a depth charge.

(And let’s not forget the Beatles in all this; they got the ball rolling by inserting Crowley in their Sgt.Pepper’s album cover, and including a weird dose of backwards-masking – “let him listen to phonograph records reversed” (from Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice) -- in the final run-off track on side 2, sounding like “We’ll all be magick supermen…”)

I’d advise against listening to that, by the way, in any kind of altered state at 3am, lest you think the Beats were accessing something truly evil, possibly something beyond even the imaginings and influence of Crowley. Perhaps at the behest or bidding of pillars of control and social engineering such as Tavistock, the Beatles sought to harness and control forces that were satanic in nature, and wound up unleashing them instead.

How much is legend and how much is fact is still up for grabs til this day, but the evidence is far from circumstantial, and with charges like this, only growing.

Which brings us to the fresh hell that is Hellier. Which was a rather drab, uninspired little Amazon docu-series starring the avant garde geek freak newbies Greg and Dana Newkirk, who, in season 1, were off in search of what appeared to be the resurrected Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins of UFO fame.

This was a case, originally, that had even vexed the vaunted J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book. Of course Allen would later cast off from the herd and disavow all his previous “swamp gas” explanations for more esoteric, Keel-ian realms. To date, he, Jacques Vallee (with whom he worked), and John Keel remain the 3 researchers most closely wedded to the “interdimensional/Ultraterrestrial” hypothesis. Much like the multiverse that CERN is endeavouring to crack, they believe these entities manifest here not from outer space, but inner.

Keel and Vallee in particular note the similarities between today’s aliens and yesterday’s fae, fairies, gnomes, sprites, and other ‘summoned’ creatures. They also cannot separate by more than a degree or two today’s “alien” activities from the realms of the demonological. For a more perfect take on this scroll down about halfway on this most excellent RigInt archive page and settle down into “Doom Days” from August 16, 2005 – and you’ll see that the more things change, the more they stay the same – when you’re thru, come on back, I’ll still be here:    

Hellier’s take on this was all very pedestrian, and everything plodded along in a very uninspired (albeit professional) way until precisely Season 2, episode 4, when the doors proceeded to blow off in such a shocking, stupendous way, that I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Long story short (and in Keel-ian speak), it more than anything appeared that someone, or some thing, noticed them noticing it, and proceeded to fuck them up in ways so synchronistic, celestial, and psychonauty (naughty?) that it fairly boggles the mind. More than anything it lends much credence to the assertion that everything they they’re looking into, everything that this blog looks into, and everything that’s exploded in the popular culture of late is LINKED – inextricably. 

Its implications echo down into the Missing 411 mystery that David Paulides chronicles, into what’s going on with all the missing children, into secret cults and societies that are likely controlling every aspect of esoterica (and how they wish to commune with the entities on the other side of the veil), and how all of this has been going on for longer than most of us have been alive. Or, let’s get simple…as Charles Fort said, the earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.

This all got underway and began to merge with this investigation, when Greg Newkirk began receiving texts from “Amy,” which I will quote here: “URGENT!!!!!! Life and death

Amy [redacted]

First if you get this and I’m missing. Take note it’s ufonauts. I live by Hail bridge Rd. Aka Ruth community. I heard a lady screaming bloody murder and begging for the torture to stop. I had run to rescue. Found no one. I kept searching and stumbled on the UN imaginable. Time is of the essence. As now I’m a target for the next ritual and sacrifice. They are literally the whole town. Coral cave system. My name is Amy [redacted] my date of birth is [redacted]  I’m in serious danger and no police will do anything as they are apart of this. It’s government and extreme military cover up. I found so much and there’s no way to get it. Marine occult. Cannibalism, human sacrifice, child torture, cave captives and creatures, everything. The green man. [redacted]  The entire community but the heart of your green man is here. I lived seconds away and never even seen it or suspected it. Right under everyone’s nose.”

“Wiccan marine occult. In July, me and my ex-boyfriend were staying in a camper near the lake. It was very secluded, no running water, no electricity, nothing but nature, me and him and a few flashlights and beam lanterns. Late one night, we believed a bobcat scream and then it got deeper and began saying words. Pleading for whoever or whatever to stop the torture. I immediately ran to rescue. My boyfriend grabbed me and pulled me back inn, maniacally turning lights off and covering my mouth. He said ‘there’s nothing we can do for her with no weapons besides getting ourselves killed too.’ I had to listen to her for the next 30 minutes until she grew silent. Finally daylight came and I began the hunt, tracking and marking each track as I searched. I hiked to discover a cabin that I had, in fact, been familiar with for seventeen years, but it seemed like I was seeing the cabin for the first time. Caged windows, and doors, and not one but two thick log chains. And a gate across the drive with military grade padlocks on the thick metal cage entrance. No way in. Mind you, I was determined to help. So I crawled in under the cage and went in against my better judgement. Beds were chained to rafters. In the attic, blood and feces stained the beds. Trap doors, booby traps, weird designs. And human bones. I found bleeding bowls. Human teeth. Bone carvings, weird photos. And a lot of paperwork. They have a system. They park cars at them and set timers for the power. And then they tunnel underground. Faces in the trees. I called the police, and they all but told me they needed more. I had nothing but breaking and entering to go with. I found that I was now in definite danger when I learned that they were performing rituals based on Pagan/Wiccan beliefs. I’m alone with no family or friends. All have been ruined by this….craziness.
I’m terribly scared and I’ve found that this entire town is a part of it. It’s ground zero. The out of towners are members, and the local elders? Well, they’re all aware. Trust me. The caves and the caverns and the mines go from Virginia to Ohio to Indiana and Tennessee. I have a boat to take to the entrance, but I do not want to go in them again until I know I have backup that they’re afraid of. The gatekeeper is the scariest of them all. He can actually perform magic. Trust me, I’m a skeptic. I literally began to suffocate as he whispered and blew me a kiss, holding this curved, weird walking stick and a crystal. Most everyone I know is involved. The CIA, the Marines, and the Navy. It is so insane that I almost didn’t write you, expecting you to write it off. But I’m out of options and will, in fact, be murdered in these hills is someone doesn’t help me. I’ve seen things that will blow your mind and forever change your reality for good. It did mine, and now I’m scared, alone, and hopeless and I’m turning to you. Please. Tread quietly.”

“I can’t go back to get photos of the blood, hair, teeth – I have them actually in a secure location on [redacted]. 2. Is a link. 3. The Green Man is a god they worship. I believe that they held their victims captive underground. You always hear the hum of the ground. It wasn’t until the Beltane holiday that I realized it was to be a holiday feast. Big South Fork is where they have held the Green Man for ages. SLUF is actually little troll-looking things but powerful! I found the entire system.”

*You fortunately have been already on their radar. Significantly enough. I was told to contact you from a man named Doug. He said to make sure I had been in contact so if I do get taken it will further put them under scope so they might be hesitant. There’s too much in this location that they can’t just pack up. I’ve seen them. I have been first hand with the fact that it’s US, wolfpack, military, Marines, occult, aka UFOnauts. I’m sorry I’ve nothing to show you. Believe me, I’ve had everything taken from me. I even had paperwork from the children they keep in the mines.”

“Doug’s real name he asked I didn’t speak of. He says you know him by the warning. He won’t allow me to speak anymore, as emails are not safe. Neither is telephone.”

Many, many syncs begin to rear their heads here. I did some research on the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area she mentions, and yes, it is classified as a National Park, which should set off loud and immediate alarm bells for anyone well versed in David Paulides’ Missing 411 research about the thousands going missing in our National Parks, and the widening implications in that research.

One of the warning markers that Paulides has narrowed down pertaining to all the disappearances is the close proximity of boulder fields to what is going on.
Check out their very own webpage, and what is peculiarly promoted in the photo at the very bottom:   

A boulder field.

Seems a bit too spot-on, in a very eerie sense….More:

Amy also mentions that “they,” as a collective, worship the Green Man. 

In occultic lore and going back to Frazer’s The Golden Bough, the Green Man is a time-honoured symbol. In today’s culture, one need look no farther than Burning Man to find him. In film it’s The Wicker Man. Today he’s there in Ari Aster’s Midsommar. He is also known as Cernunnos, and Pan. Cernunnos is the horned entity from which the great hadron collider in Geneva proudly takes its acronym spelling: CERN.

And Pan. Pan of course is the original goat god, which Crowley attempted to summon, landing on Lam and Aiwass instead. His acolyte Jack Parsons, at the dawn of the space age, and who would birth the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which would morph eventually into NASA, recited Crowley’s “Hymn to Pan” at the start of every rocket launch, for purposes unknown.

Parsons’ partner was one Frank Malina – together they invented the solid rocket fuel that would take men to the surface of the Moon. They were the original “Suicide Squad.” Parsons’ interests would venture far: a Crowley acolyte, with L Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame he would attempt Crowley’s “Babalon Working,” where they hoped to bring a Moonchild into existence and herald the coming of the antichrist. In 1947, when those rituals ended, the flying saucers began flying in, en masse, from…somewhere. Malina’s son, Roger, would marry Christine Maxwell, sister of Ghislaine Maxwell, of whom so much and yet so little is known vis a vis Jeffrey Epstein. 

Epstein himself, of course, had his own thoughts about bringing things into the world – His world – made manifest. His dream (our nightmare) was a massive breeding program in the New Mexico desert at his Zorro compound, where he would keep 20 or more girls continuously pregnant and seed the world with his mutant, militant offspring. A new Lebensborn, perhaps? Or just another  Crowleyan vision surviving. Wheels within wheels, my friends. Wheels within wheels.

Lebensborn, by the way, was the Nazi selective breeding and child abduction program. Does this sound in any way, shape, or form like the life Epstein was leading? How about Michael Aquino?

All you have to do is scroll back to the last post here:  and check the rune symbology I finished up with. And now look at the rune that the Lebensborn program adopted:

But Hellier wasn’t done with us just yet – over the next episodes more was unearthed. Greg Newkirk was led to Somerset, Kentucky, and researchers Nate and Kyle, who will be quoted here.
Kyle: “And – like – there’s secret cults that we hear of…”

Greg (voiceover) “he stopped short of telling us about some of the seedier paranormal stories, stories that potentially involved some secret society in this town...
I guess tangentially related, and if you don’t want to talk about this that’s fine, but are there stories of secret societies in this town?”

Kyle: “So, we have some weird stories about rings of questionable activity in our area that date, as far as I know, back to at least the ‘50s.”

“Do you think we would have any reason to be afraid of these rings?”

Kyle: “Absolutely, yeah. I would definitely – even being here –I wouldn’t dare mention these names on camera, you know? I don’t want to get involved. I mean, right now we’re at a 25-year anniversary of some of the most gruesome murders that have happened in Somerset that are still unsolved. And we think that that’s a part of the same underground organization that has everything to do with what I was just talking about.”

“Do you believe they might have any kind of connection to any of the paranormal stuff that goes on in Somerset?”

Kyle: “I think it’s very possible. I heard a story from the Buckland Museum of witchcraft that they think Aleister Crowley might’ve been responsible for the first Loch Ness Monster sighting. So I think that anything can happen.”

It appears from a little research that the murders Kyle was referring to are these:

Which leads us into a little area called the Bluegrass Conspiracy, which was ALSO name-dropped in Hellier – so let’s get back.

Because here’s where Greg begins speaking with Nate, another native.

Nate: “…then you’ve really got to start asking the question, is something affecting the people here?”

Greg (voiceover): “And then he started talking about – the cult.”

Nate: “This is not paranormal sort of, paranormal kind of weird, this is the stuff that – just be careful what you use of this. Thruout the 80s there was something called the Bluegrass Conspiracy, you guys have probably heard of it. That, my theory, is that that culture, drug culture and cartels, filtered out thru other areas. And so, during this time period in the early 90s, that we know of, I think it stretched before that, but definitely during that time period, there was or is a group operating. I don’t know if it was a pedophile ring, there’s a lot of people that reported, that we’ve talked to that had robes on, that there was ritualism involved. The two main witnesses were Linda and Cody, and they were found out in the treeline and both of their heads had been cut off.

[Omitted] that works with Daniel and I on a lot of stuff, he’s talking to him and he’s like ‘yeah man, I’m dating this lady and she said she was in a relationship with this doctor here in town 3 years ago and he was taking her to all these sex parties. And they were dressing up in robes and fucking all these kids and fucking each other all Eyes Wide Shut and she said she did it for a few months, got weirded out when they were having sex with a lot of kids and then broke up with him.’

So then she tried to go to the cops and her house was broken into 3 times, then…she’s never had any history of drug use or any crime; they raid her house and find meth. She had to fight the charges, right, to finally get out of it and then she’s crossing the fucking street right down here and a fucking hit and run almost kills her. It’s STILL fucking going on, man; the group still exists, even now.”

Greg: One day I get an email from this woman in Somerset, right here, talking about seeing little creatures that live in these mine shafts and caves, and she starts talking about running into people in robes who were doing crazy-ass rituals out in the forests here in Somerset and she thinks they have something to do, she thinks they worship the Green Man, the little green men. I don’t know what that means, and we’re trying to figure it out.
And now that chick is in jail. She got picked up right after writing these emails to me. So I don’t know what to make of any of this…

Nate: “What if there is some cosmic trickster? And that it isn’t – that all of these things really are just that. And even the cults and shit. All of these people have just been duped. They think they’re worshiping a fucking god and this Thing thinks it’s hilarious, you know? And it’s not even a thing…it could just be a consciousness. Or what if reality is consciousness?”

All of these intersections with ritual, and the paranormal, and secret, hooded meetings in the dead of night ring very familiar. Let’s examine the Peter Robbins quote I used at the beginning of this post:

“There’s no way I can describe what’s in the air there.  This place is loaded.  In my research of peripheral stuff I found out, not to my great happiness, because there was more than enough to write about without going off on tangential issues, that the East Anglia area of Suffolk, in the southern UK, is by many scholarly accounts the cradle of early Anglo-Saxon witchcraft, and not that these people listen to heavy metal music, but there is an awful lot of dark stuff that goes on, and has historically for hundreds of years in this area. This merely adds to the confusion, the mystification, and a lot of the creepy mystical stuff that you can use to keep yourself absolutely in pea soup rather than find any clarity…I was fascinated by one of the accounts that Larry gave me that when you become a Security police officer, as he was, with an anti-terrorist specialty on this base, one of the most secure bases with the most secure areas in our entire NATO facility, that part of their training to do perimeter patrols and the like was that they were instructed if they saw figures in areas, some of them even highly restricted areas, where a normal person would be questioned, called, and if necessary dealt with in a rather shocking and violent way – that if you saw people in black robes with candles doing ceremonies and dancing, keep your distance, don’t question them, don’t call them onto the carpet as it were, just keep back…that this was actually part of the training.”

It comes from the tome Left At East Gate that Robbins co-wrote with Rendlesham Forest UFO experiencer Larry Warren, that delved extensively into the high weirdness that went on in Suffolk now some 39 Christmases ago. Marry Robbins’ and Warren’s observations there with things like this:      and you begin to glimpse the true nature of events are defined by what goes unreported. Then Epstein being pals with Andrew, and Savile being best buds with Charles, all start to take on new and expanded perspectives as to the nature of reality.

And things like the Bluegrass Conspiracy begin to take on new and more ominous tones; connotations of witchcraft and the occult playing far larger roles in these proceedings that would ever be known if your knowledge was limited to what gets released into the mainstream. As we continually hammer home here, the occult and its darkest practices is the thruline that drives these networks worldwide – a lower psychic engine of power and influence that defines everything from UK ritualism and pedophile rings, pizzagate, or the jet-setting Epstein consortium. This expands to include government sponsored serial killers (along MKUltra parameters), widespread infestation of both the Church (Netflix’s The Keepers & the Oscar winning Spotlight), and the military (Aquino, McMartin, West Point, the Presidio, and the  Pentagon) to the highest of the US legislature (Franklin Scandal, Bush White House), and the intelligence arm (The Finders.) Nowhere in society, at any level, is immune from these toxic effects.

The military didn’t pay out millions to keep folks like Aquino on the payrolls, and keeping people like Sidney Gottlieb creating programs because these things don’t exist or aren’t actually working – there is obviously great truth in all of this or obviously no one would bother. The crux of all of this isn’t OUR belief systems, but THEIR belief systems. People like Savile and Epstein are protected and nurtured for decades for a reason, and spycraft and blackmail are only the tip of the iceberg. This is about a power that dwarfs blackmail. This is social engineering – mind control – on the largest scale imaginable, and it involves summoning.

This is a Cult, a Cabal, that cuts across all lines and will be finally revealed in time, much like the Mafia. It too, after all, was nothing more than a conspiracy theory for decade after decade, barely existing above a whisper. Now it is common knowledge.

“Does your next-door neighbour make strange noises behind drawn shades late at night? Have you ever seen him wandering across a darkened cemetery dressed in a long robe, carrying a candle? Maybe he is just plain crazy. Then again, maybe he is a member of one of the thousands of secret societies and cults which still flourish everywhere on this haunted planet. If these cults were not a permanent part of the human condition it is highly unlikely that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would have left their footprints on the moon. And it is equally unlikely that we would have been able to watch the event on a screen painted with moving electrons in our living rooms.

Many of the true secret cults, are founded upon rites designed to conjure up unearthly entities. Over the centuries various fugitives and defectors from these hidden organizations have published fragments of these rites and beliefs.”       
            The beginning of Chapter 13, The Secret Of The Ages, from Our Haunted Planet, John Keel, 1971

This Bluegrass Conspiracy now seems to link straight into much darker doings farther behind the headlines – and those headlines are bad enough. From a reddit commentary concerning research into Kentucky pedophile rings: “Not sure if this is worthy, but there are a few people connected to the Bluegrass Conspiracy that are missing: namely Melanie Flynn. Flynn was the sister of former MLB player Doug Flynn and the daughter of a Kentucky State senator."

"I’m from Lexington, and this has absolutely been swept under the rug. It goes very high and is not spoken of today. Most people agree that Melanie is more than likely buried in one of the underground tunnels around the rock quarry on the Key river between Winchester and Richmond.”  

Notice the strange recurring sites of Richmond in the UK, Richmond in Kentucky – Somerset in the UK, Somerset in Kentucky. This merely adds another eerie layer of synchronicity to the unveiling at hand – things that would be, and have ben, noticed by researchers like Jacques Vallee and Keel, who ran into these types of weird syncs again and again when exploring the rapidly expanding world of ufology.

Even amoung the current Lexington police officers, the stories of the Bluegrass Conspiracy seem to have been kept a secret. Current Lexington police officer Daniel Sparks: “It is utterly embarrassing to speak of. It is our job to protect the people of Lexington. I still can’t even understand the logic behind it. But the scary part is – is that the truth is still out there. Hidden amoung those officers involved and people tucked away in the upper class of Lexington. They know more than the general public will ever know. The truth is probably more than any of us could handle.”

If this is beginning to sound increasingly like season 1 of True Detective you’ve stumbled into, you’re not alone in your suspicions of larger forces at work and something truly supernatural going on behind the fa├žade of everyday life amongst the upper crust.

And yet another disappearance that makes it seems as if these activities are ongoing:

You will note that the original Bluegrass Conspiracy book was researched and authored by Sally Denton, who just so happened to also pen The Crimes Of Mena, which wrapped up Iran/Contra, the Clintons, and multiple mysterious deaths in its wake along with hints of, yes, secret societies.

And finally, just to show how the corruption runs far and deep concerning what the hell ever is going on in Kentucky, this headline just appeared this week:

I smell an ongoing get-out-of-jail-free program for the worst violent offenders conceivable, and a huge clean-up operation now in progress. WHAT is, and has been, going on in Kentucky?

Notice that one of the quotes from Denton’s book is this: "The nubile beauties lured the politicians to hotel rooms that had been wired for sound and equipped with hidden cameras."

Well, knock me over with a feather. Does this sound like a repeating M.O. to any of you guys? Craig Spence in the Franklin Scandal, who wired embassy after embassy hard by Rock Creek Park in D.C. for outrageous after parties featuring Reagan/Bush White House notables. Epstein at pretty much ALL of his properties from France to New Mexico to Little St.James, and going all the way back in the archives to “Operation Midnight Climax” in 1954, and established by…hello…Sidney Gottlieb. Strange how all these same names keep popping up, eh cryptkeepers?

Same as it ever was…and let’s not forget that it is now well established by Virginia Giuffre and others that Epstein kept his girls so pilled up they rattled:   

More of the same M.O. It’s all mind control. Brandon Porter, the NXIVM doc, did much the same thing:

We are arriving at a confluence, an intersection of competing ideas that run up on each other and morph into a one-size-fits-all pact. A pact run by some kind of Cabal or consortium in our midst. It might be nameless and untethered, commandeered by no more than similar interests that agree not to get in each other’s way. But it feels like more. It feels like Death Magickians running a Death Cult, venerating Saturn or Crowley or some offshoot, who knows? 

I do know that all this death and violence and child trafficking and abuse along certain coordinates could give rise to certain strains of the paranormal, open windows, and entities could be summoned to wreak havoc according to plan.

It could be something like this, openly acknowledged, that has survived:

They could be worshipping Moloch, or Archons, or some arch-demon such as Paimon or Perun:

For someone not on the inside it can be almost impossible to ascertain. All we know for certain is that something is being unveiled with increasing momentum every day. Something that has been hidden and that has lived with us, preying on our energies, all of our lives.

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new Roaring 20s, it is wise to remember that there is nothing new under the sun; we are just starting to bask in a retrograde conjunction of Pluto and Saturn. Early next year Jupiter joins the party, making it bigger and creating an energy that hasn’t been felt on earth since the Crusades. And once again, we may be running a parallel track with past revolutions: all signs, including the all-important astrological ones, point towards a disintegration of our belief in government and institutions. An exposure that makes the status quo almost impossible to maintain. The Piscean Age which we are gradually leaving is unhinging the power to control – once Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024 we will look back in wonder at just how we were all so deceived for so long.

Welcome to the Societal Reset. Welcome to the New Crusades.

Something difficult to explain, and yes, paranormal, will soon shift public consciousness and add weight and finality to the question of what is truly meaningful in life, as we take everything back. All will be revealed and purged in a new dawn of truth, justice, and peace for many, many millennia, until the cycle starts all over again, and new recruits flood in to learn new lessons. And all this too, will be unfolding as it should. 

But until then...

 This land was ours far as the eye could see
We took it from the Cherokee with a scalping knife and a white man's disease
When the smallpox ravaged their town
We came in and burnt them down
And took this dark and bloody ground
This dark and bloody ground
This dark and bloody ground

I took a prisoner 'cause I needed a wife
I broke her will, she gave me a son, I spared her life
It was a fate much worse than death
Yeah we were kissed by the devil's breath
Set down on this dark and bloody ground
This dark and bloody ground

This dark and bloody ground...

If Jesus was born in Kentucky they'd make him pay for his nails
Worse yet he'd have to work off his debt down here in this hell
Where they pay you off in company scrip
And your life it don't mean shit
Just a piece of this dark and bloody ground
This dark and bloody ground
This dark and bloody ground.
      Dark And Bloody Ground, (Springsteen/Grushecky) 1994