Sunday, February 19, 2023



20,000 miles to an oasis/ 20,000 years will I burn/ 20,000 chances I've wasted/ Waiting for the moment to turn

I would give my life to find it/ I would give it all/ Catch me if I fall

Walking thru the woods I have faced it/ Looking for something to learn/ 30,000 thoughts have been wasted/ Never in my time to return

All of my life waiting to find

40,000 stars in the evening/ Look at them fall from the sky/ 40,000 reasons for living/ 40,000 tears in your eyes.....

"The pen is mightier than the sword."  Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839

"I got a bad taste in my mouth out here. Aluminum, Ash. I can smell the psychosphere."  

And Love, we shine like a burning star/ Falling from the sky, tonight.

First of all, pretend you're on Mission Impossible and you need to read this quickly, because it's due to self-destruct in 5 seconds -- you might even want to copy and paste it into Word or some other archive system -- just sayin'...always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. None of us are given to know which of our words -- these bulletproof verses -- could be the final ones that bring it all down in a Pontypool-like mood virus that infects the Evil surrounding us to a terminal and unalterable degree. Hope springs eternal and we are all called to be the last line of change we wish to see in the world. Be. Here. Now. 

So I'm letting all you Irregulars be my eyes and ears now more than ever -- read this. Spread it. Copy/paste. Archive. Flood the system so they can't find it all or it's too much to handle. Strength in numbers. Short-circuit their insidious and ridiculous censorship of anything that's not their corporate and spoon-fed mantra of deceit and betrayal. People are suckers for the Truth. And the Truth is on our side. Nothing to it but to do it; we're not Challengers of the Unknown for nothing...The Revolution -- guess what? It's US. And that's the way it was always meant to be.

"The airwaves are alive tonight, but nobody's kidding nobody about where it goes," to paraphrase an old Bruce tune from the last days when Bruce was Bruce, and that sentiment certainly applies right now, ongoing, to the airspace over not just the North American continent -- but spreading to include the entire planet, which is raising deeper concerns. 

Sharpen the bat-a-rangs, night children, it's about to get as weird to the Nth degree as you could ever imagine.

Most assuredly a distraction protocol is still in place and counting down, but, almost as if by summoning magick, something other appears to have entered the chat...amid a rollercoaster backdrop of everything exploding from pipelines to railcars, an undercurrent of straight sabotage prevails...

From the governments of the world unabashedly poisoning you via experimental injection as a prelude to mass death, to the US Government provably engaging in the worst act of terrorism since it pulled off 9/11 (not counting the Ohio fallout) in what investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has found:

More sabotage everywhere:

And you will notice the 'occult' marker. 

So let's take another look at all this, Art Bell-Coast To Coast-Dreamland-style...wanna take a ride?

To recap, just recently, we've got green matrix grid lasers over Hawaii, cylindrical grey unknowns with no meaningful systems of propulsion interfering with pilot sensors and getting shot down over Alaska, huge poison acid nuke clouds in Ohio killing fish, livestock and pets (for the absolute horrificness of that that's not being covered, plug in here: )

And here:

where the public pressure has mounted to the extent now that even the MSM has to say something.

See at the header the playing field of exactly where that fallout is (coincidentally??) covering -- major Red State Trump territory. Is the media blackout and White House silence and complete lack of concern beginning to sink in now? They didn't call over half the country "deplorables" for nothing. 

I'll even advance it one step further: what if they blew this up on purpose to negate the one subset of the country that didn't get vaxxed that could be used in scientific studies as THE control group to prove the harm their "novel MRNA products" caused? This particular biosphere and groundwater table will be contaminated for a hundred years from now at decay rates...

And it gets worse -- this just in from 4chan. Guys, this is absolutely serious: 

And this just up from Stew Peters monitoring effects:

Let's put these down and remember them as the first responses in what may turn out to be truly an almost inconceivably terrible deluge bearing down on us:

As the "coincidences" continue to pile up:

Seriously, is anything NOT on fire in the USA at this point??

THIS is the water they're telling you is safe to drink:

There is a Colour Out Of Space intense, multi-faceted Lovecraft vibe happening here right now. This is the Quickening, the Turning, the Singularity bearing down with all the Demiurge force that the cosmos can muster. Some contend the Kali Yuga just ended -- me, I'm not so sure. Not so sure at all.  

Here's another one to add to the header map of chem spills/derailings -- today (Thursday) in Detroit: 

Far be it from me to play Columbo, but I'm sensing a pattern...The switch has been flipped. That psychosphere smell and taste? It's gotten exponentially worse. 

More physical evidence:

Rolling in and pouring down from Canton to Massachusetts...


Want more of what they really think of you while pretending to be oh so concerned about your health? (Need any more validation that all the mandates and lockdowns and masks and vaxxes were about anything but your health and well-being?? And they were just the beginning...)

You say you want circumstantial weirdness?:

Or is that proof of complicity? 

Per one of the first comments, nowhere in section 6 do I see "If spilled immediately light on fire."

"Land spill: Construct barriers to contain spill. Absorb small amounts of spill with natural or synthetic sorbents; shovel into containers with covers." There are 2 separate instructions to remove all ignition sources

Shall I spell it out for you just how blatant of an overt act of war this is?

But as far as implications, and complicity go, we're just getting started -- did I mention motive?:

Govern me harder daddy.  

How about even more reasoning behind the scenes and knowledge beforehand -- this was January 26th:

Probability of all simple random coincidence here?:

Yep -- you heard me...ZERO.

What else ya got rolling out? How about proof that we did Nordstream 2, open satanism making a play at the Grammys, Pfizer pulling up right alongside in the Luciferian sweepstakes outed as genocidal maniacs on tape by a guy that doesn't get rewarded but fired for broadcasting the psychopath employee actually ADMITTING to it, only to be raised by Gates admitting that ALL MRNA vaxxes are not only worthless but were harmful all along.....where next?? We're just over a month into 2023 and already the wheels have come completely off the Midnight Meat Train. And speaking of horror story meat trains, let's see who the top shareholders in that Ohio derailment concern are: 

The picture becomes clearer and clearer as the world morphs into a super new compilation franchise of The Omen-Resident Evil-They Live-Cabin In The Woods-The Matrix-Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Dark City. With your host Rod Serling. Hint: It's a cookbook!!    

We've got space balloons that disappear at 80,000 feet, tic tacs and unknowns playing bumper cars all over the North American corridor to such an extent that -- go outside -- there's more than a good chance you'll sight something weird. It's Orson Welles directing Threat Level Midnight out there. The unexplainable:

They had me at "Interfering with the plane's sensors..."

Is this the Invasion to distract us from Pfizergate that was to distract us from the ingredients that were to distract us from (no) covid that was to distract us from the entire Epstein/pizzagate enchilada?? Ukraine fits in there somewhere too. Not sure how this is working out for the elites when (with a modicum of investigation) all of the above can be proven to be related in the Subset-Overlapping-Mirrorball Occult Universe. We also can't forget that all of this is occurring amid a backdrop of Congress putting twitter, the FBI, Google et al in the proverbial hot seat for a) election interference and b) real vaxx information disappearing at a record rate: 

And just recently an unknown was spotted in China:

As well as Poland: 

We have China thinking it's us, us thinking it's China -- this is a script that goes back to the Foo Fighter days of WWII. Either that or it's Godzilla now (UNDER the water?) USOs now, great. 

The playbook so far -- remember what Ronnie Raygun said: 

As has been reiterated in this space many times, all a precursor. Bring on the One World New World Order Government. It's been a long train runnin. Now it looks like it's primed, rigged, and ready to blow too. And this toxic cloud of psyop propaganda will envelop all of us.

Just months ago, this video was put up on reddit and almost immediately deleted -- supposedly coming from an undisclosed DOD facility: 

And not even a year ago, this appeared in Geneva's skies, where CERN is located: 

Thanks always to Tyler at Secureteam for providing some of the most cutting-edge and thought-provoking UFO drops anywhere.

Let's remember that this happened in Montana after the OG Chinese balloon had already passed by:

And now the military has shot down ANOTHER unknown over Lake Huron and closed all airspace:

Is it crazy enough yet?

For everybody keeping track so far, bear witness to the high strangeness on overload:

Here's a great summation from Dave Paulides:

And the promised mind-bending follow-up with Agent Desouza:

Pay very particular and close attention to what Desouza says in the second part of this sit-down, where he ranges into things like 9/11, where it gets very occult and very much along the lines of what I think may have happened -- how DO you disappear six 2-ton each sets of landing gear from 2 planes?? WAS this a sacrifice ritual to the cabal's "dark god?" Then consider that this is coming from the best classified info gleaned from the very top of the FBI pyramid and you will have more than simply much food for thought -- you will have a clear insight into how the world works at certain levels. 

Then think again about what's really going on with the vaccine, and in the air above Ohio.

For much MUCH more, scroll down in this wonderful repository to the name S. K. Bain and his chilling The Most Dangerous Book In The World 9/11 as Mass Ritual  

Desouza and Paulides also delve into what may be happening re the ultimate answer behind the Missing 411 phenomenon -- and the answer -- strangely, may lie in a little known film from 2014 called Don't Blink. Which gets into, according to the director, scientists that opened a portal and filled an area with particles that activate when you DON'T observe them. Kind of like my disappearing posts...

This all links back to the theoretical physics of the Quantum Zeno effect, which was also delved into in last said disappearing entry:

"Conspiracy theories" we have long propagated are now being trotted out into the public sphere and shown to have been what they truly were all along -- spoiler alerts that open onto an occult vista.

As in wonder what these guys are getting up to now?:  

"It has to be driven by a certain shock that will happen" doesn't fill me with cotton candy and purr purr purr kittens.    

Meanwhile, just like a soundtrack to the other in our midst providing the backbeat, this alchemical agenda rolls along. Maria Zeee and Dr. Ana Mihalcea with the goods in a riveting conversation that ranges far:

In related news, and speaking of calling everything in the witchiest way possible, who remembers Grimes?:

Why was she, as partner to Musk, openly displaying sigils in 2019 that alluded to the virus, the vaccination and a combination thereof (gene splicing to come take note) leading to a flying saucer?? If THAT doesn't spook you, nothing will... 

Unless it's this -- U2's Superb Owl ad:

Consider a few things. The sky unknowns, from Chinese spy balloons to cylindrical anomalies, have only been on the public radar from February 4-12. That's it. 

Now consider the massive production, pre-production, layouts, setting, storyboarding, etc that went into that little 4 minute blurb (that debuted the night of Feb.12th), that certainly started and was in full flight LONG before even February 4. How exactly did it work out that THE major theme of that ad was sky anomalies, spheres, balloons, etc encroaching on American airspace featuring both media emergency bulletins and military response; even featuring a split-second insert of said Chinese spy balloon itself?? Seriously? Think about this for a moment, how "entertrainment" is used, and what is being conveyed...

WHAT is going on here? Is Bono the next John Dee? Is he using his long-thought-gone mojo to summon these things into our existence now? Who is behind him? Who is behind U2? What kind of company does he keep again when he's not working? Davos? Klaus Schwab? Yuval Harari? The entire WEF? To say nothing of the Council on Foreign Relations (Epstein), the Club of 300, the Vatican, the White House, etc.  

I sense major manipulations and maneuverings behind the scenes. But to what kind of end? Remember always the old skullduggery X-Files line...the best way to predict the future, is to invent it. And Edgar Cayce Bono ain't.  

Basically open all the portals and set the controls for the heart of chaos; it's really still Jack Parsons' world and we're just renting out space in it:

The rather scarier premise is the Megyn Kelly one: these things have been over, around and beside us all along -- we just have better tools to interpret their presence now. And perhaps better tools -- Enochian? -- to bring them down. We have seen the military, the deep, dark military, access this before -- and it's certainly nothing new:

Certainly seems like you've got to fight the Enochian with the Enochian. "Spellcraft & sidewinders when sidewinders alone just won't get it" could quite possibly be the prevailing wizardly, pointy-hat, dragon pants logic here. After all, things like this aren't coming down with any 40-year old earthbound ordnance:

Hell, they are straight up reading our minds. Yet something else that Epstein was obsessed with for those looking for crosscurrents...  


Are we being assaulted by covert forces? 

Taking into account the above, what's happening in Palestine, Ohio and fanning out like an apocalyptic Umbrella Corp bumbershoot, as well as the continual bio-degradation of the covid MRNA vaxx and its effects on humanity worldwide...what do you think?:

Perhaps this is what happens when dark-shaded corporations rule a country instead of people. 9 minutes in at the above vid is likely the best summation you will ever hear about the current state of crisis from Stew -- where's my Kali Yuga again?:,the%20end%20of%20Dwapara%20Yuga.&text=LEARN%20

Who exactly is to say an Umbrella hasn't been called in for every stage? From the vaxx marketed as a panacea:

To what's occurring at an accelerated pace right now: 

Art imitating life? Revelation of the Method? Predictive programming? Social engineering? So many choices.  And what's that other part? Right -- so little time.   

I tell you -- no joke -- we're going to need to go over this again -- from the beating heart of the Epstein network:

Still strangely up -- still strangely searchable.   

How many coincidences until coincidence no longer exists? This is structured, systematic, and coordinated. Where some things are designed to divert and misdirect from other, more heinous things in a Russian roulette game of brokered chance and fate. Almost as if they are, in a Revolution in Military Affairs sense, bringing everything to bear at once in an all-out chaotic frontal assault:

Treading possibly on dangerous toes here, since both the above link and this next one featured prominently in the last posting that was summarily disappeared by the Google Borg Cube:

Dangerous information, my friends. But these times call for as much information as possible in this whirlwind to ascertain just what is going on; where the diversions end and the strange reality begins kicking in. No matter the parameters, we are under the gun of enemy action. Check the acid orbit cloud photo that heads this post, as well as the ground map of the targeted (and yes, I mean targeted) area. Now talk to me again of coincidence, or purposeful engagement. 

And yet more Congressional fallout today of the closeted intel classified briefings:


And just for the, uh, record -- that's not the regular DC underground backdrop there -- notice the special seals on the cars. Are we glimpsing the vaunted DC underground secret network that connects to Dupont Circle and other tunnel system hubs as was specifically noted in the pizzagate days? If so, sloppy guys, sloppy. Unless they're just like so many "in the know" these days re dark secrets, and they just plain don't care anymore if we know or not. Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?

Amid all of this and in our folly, look what the WHO is up to:

I believe Pete Townshend said it best circa 1978, "WHO the fuck are you?" A sentiment that bears repeating early and often these days. 

And what was I just saying about a coordinated attack? Whether it's East Palestine, the interior terrain of our own bodies, or the psychological unbalancing that comes with wondering about what's flying over our heads, humanity is squarely in the crosshairs of forces wishing to create a fugue state of mind and body with the most existentially evil intentions you could ever imagine.    

I began this installment very much being in two minds about what is happening -- I end it not so much that way, and increasingly convinced that we are being played, bamboozled and coerced into a looming One World Government scenario bearing down on us with, pardon the pun, freight train force and speed. First, (and as was elucidated in the vaporized post) there was the outright burning of the farms nationwide under auspices of mysterious explosions, then when it became clear that eggs provided a much needed buffer against both effects of covid AND specifically the vaxx: 

chicken farms began being targeted as well as their feed:

(Notice the clear ties to both the WEF and Epstein...)

Now we have acid bombs, our own Administration blatantly destroying vital infrastructure, 7.0 and greater earthquakes going off at unprecedented rates, and seemingly the final groundwork being laid for the Blue Beam outer space card to be finally played -- not one of these things is in any way, shape or form in favor of the little guy. Far from it, it bears all the hallmarks of the Georgia Guidestones protocols. And of course the final straw is the one of complete genocide as hidden within the vaxx agenda from the very onset.

The burning question hidden away in the wings offstage is a plaintive one and bears much thought: this all MAY very well be a setup organized by earthly forces intent on the complete subjugation of humanity thru subterfuge and sabotage -- a plan long in the making as we have seen much evidence of. But are they acting alone? Much subjective spitballing has been done not only on sites like mine, but in far loftier corridors of intel and power...and as things begin to take on far more spiritual hues and overlap with realms like quantum theory and physics, the nagging thought begins to form -- are aliens demons? Nephilim? Fallen angels? Were yesterday's outliers like Jacques Vallee, John Keel and J Allen Hynek right all along in their not-extraterrestrial-but-ultraterrestrial/ultradimensional hypothesis? Forces and sources deep within the military intelligence apparatus in the Pentagon (as well as other privately sourced investigative arms) including folks like Colm Kelleher, Travis Taylor, George Knapp, Luis Elizondo, Dr. Raymond Boeche and many, many others are coming to disturbing conclusions pointing starkly in that very direction. 

So we must navigate and deal with layers of the lie. And its extent. Our earthly bellwethers are lying to us. The ultraterrestrial entities are lying to them. It's a Jacob's ladder of deception all the way, running not just down but both ways, every angle, those that we see, and those that we don't. Which makes this situation all the more perilous -- like trying to find the giant cobra in the dark closet before it finds you. 

"Would we, if we could, educate and sophisticate pigs, geese, cattle? Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relation with the hen that now functions, satisfied by mere sense of achievement by way of compensation? 

I think we're property. I should say we belong to something. 

That once upon a time this Earth was No-man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something. That something owns this Earth -- all others warned off.....

Pigs, geese, cattle. 

First find out they are owned. 

Then find out the whyness of it. 

I suspect that after all, we're useful, that among contesting claimants adjustment has occurred or something has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive owners of us -- all others warned off -- that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this Earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received -- from Somewhere else -- in our mysterious usefulness."   

        The Book of the Damned, Charles Fort, 1919

Funny how original resident of the Batcave, Charles Fort, knew the bell-book-and-candle skinny over 100 years ago. Despite the PR, the press releases mounting, and the rave NWO reviews pouring in, the addition of something other and unalterable in our midst and in our lives isn't anything new. On the contrary, it's been but degrees away on the frequency scale, riding shotgun and vibing with us all this time. And just like this grand alchemical ritual we find ourselves embroiled in... 

Who owns this earth? Who was given dominion over it? We may, finally, be getting at a real time answer that sports physical proof...but how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise: 

But there is wisdom also in the knowledge we were brought here, all of us, to fight this. The fight IS the dissemination of knowledge and speaking up. Speaking out. This will not be everything, but it will be a vital and integral part of how the world changes...with the Word.

In a little Back To The Future before we adjourn this time, ever wonder what events precipitated getting here right now -- I have a big feeling that this played, and continues to play, a large part:

Go to Ep 14 The CERN Codes w/Anthony Patch; the weirdness begins at the 32 minute mark.

Perhaps this will provide a little insight into what the powers-that-be consider important to keep under wraps. And what they will do, who they will threaten, to keep vital facts about the playing field from the public at large. 

Then consider again this all took place in 2015 before contemplating the journey between then and now and what has transpired...Listen again to the highlighted Rumble vid above with Maria Zeee and Dr. Ana Mihalcea in relation to this and perhaps the reason behind the creation of a platform for entry. Taking place within the transformation of our own bodies.

Finally let's leave with some really good news -- court cases are flying:

So thanks to Brook Jackson and David Martin, and Godspeed. And these promise to be just the first of many. All it's going to take is just that first person to get the ball rolling downhill, to draw the fire, to be the martyr -- then everything else with momentum will fall into line. And when the dominoes start tumbling, it's going to be handbags at ten paces; a free-for-all. And I have a feeling things will be happening Epstein-quick July 2019-style. We've been here before... 

Brook Jackson's is March 1, 2PM Beaumont, Texas. ALL PARTIES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND IN PERSON.

ANY type of discovery action initiated by the court will absolutely destroy Pfizer.

Get that popcorn ready. It feels, as things turn ravaged and desperate, like we have one last shot to rail against the oppressive, and yes, sinister forces keeping us down and killing us, and the fightback begins now.