Tuesday, December 8, 2020



“You've got a head full of traffic

You're a siren's song

You cry for mama

And daddy's right along

He gives you the keys to a flamin' car

Daddy's with you wherever you are

Daddy's a comfort

Daddy's your best friend

Daddy'll hold your hand right up to the end…”

       Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, Zooropa, U2 (1993)


“You know a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”

“In my mind’s eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.”

“The mind is endless. You put me in a dark solitary cell, and to you that’s the end; to me it’s the beginning. It’s the universe in there…and I’m free.”

“If you’re going to do something, do it well – and leave something witchy.”

          Charles Manson



We have already seen Bill Gates’ ties to Smartmatic, the sister to Dominion Voting Systems, which very effectively ties together both the COVID and Election Coup subsets of this Philip K. Dickian worldview we’re all experiencing, but now let’s look even deeper and get all existential – because, of course, this is the core of their stomping ground they wish to amber us all into forever. The New Normal as Life. The Great Reset in effect until you die – and, if they have their wish – for some indeterminate period thereafter. These COVID and Election Coup plans were all conceived via the same smartware.

From a since deleted (not found) page from July 15, 2000 (from Smartmatic’s own website):


“Redmond, July 15, 2000.- With only a few months operating, Smartmatic, the device-networking based solutions provider, is already recognized as one of Microsoft 's Top Five Packaged Application Partners of the Year, and the most outstanding in Latin America.


Microsoft's award is oriented toward "excellence and innovation in the development of tailor made solutions and services", as stated by the firm in an official press release. 875 companies from 79 countries participated in this edition, an unprecedented number in the history of these awards, which come in six different categories.


In the area of Packaged Applications, besides Smartmatic, there was also the Indian company Talisma Corp., as the most prominent in the Asia/South Pacific market, the German company Gluck & Kanja GmbH, in Europe; the Canadian company Pivotal Corp., in North America; and the South African Persetel Q. Data Chem, in Africa / Middle East.


Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic, and Alfredo Anzola, VP of Business Development, received the award for Latin America. Jim Allchin, Vice President of Platforms and member of the Microsoft Senior Leadership Team, responsible for the corporation's business management, granted the award, together with its President, Bill Gates, and it's CEO, Steve Ballmer.


With this award, Smartmatic enters the exclusive group of Microsoft's most prominent partners in each of the five regions where this company operates. "These partners have developed outstanding solutions in their respective fields, and every finalist deserves the recognition", says Charles Stevens, Vice President of Microsoft's Enterprise Partner Group.


About Smartmatic

Smartmatic is a multinational company that specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions. With an unsurpassed technology base, continuous innovation, and quality in processes and results, Smartmatic is organized around three business areas: Electronic voting systems, intelligent and integrated security systems for large enterprises and governments, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.


Smartmatic is a privately held company with offices in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan.  It has more than 200 employees worldwide.  Its capacity for innovation and wide range of products and services have earned Smartmatic extensive recognition in the technology community worldwide.”

Rather interesting given the scope of current events that this page of their website would have been scrubbed, wouldn’t you say? Ties they are trying to hide, but caches are forever.



We also saw before in these pages the eldritch role of Pizzagate alum and public enemy number one John Podesta running the TIP, the Transition Integrity Project, that gamed out everything we’re living thru now from the farthest possible perspective viewed thru the widest possible lens. But he wasn’t thru, busy little troglodyte rodent that he is: he was also (according to latest drops from wikileaks) deep in conversations with Dominion.

Multiple sources incoming:






And on grimmer notes, as he subsequently dealt with Seth Rich after Rich had leaked the Clinton-Podesta emails and provided the impetus for all the ‘Pizzagate’ dominos to fall in 2016 which were the final nail in ushering in the Trump landslide, it seems the Podesta forces just very recently have been all too eager to show lightworkers the payment exacted for daring to go against the status quo this time – want to actually audit the votes, eh? Dare to spoil their treasonous plans for a daylight Coup in the United States and you get this message disguised as a “car crash”:


Wrong place at the wrong time Harrison Deal, boyfriend of the daughter of Georgia Governor Kemp behind the audit, died in a supposed car crash that featured multiple explosions felt from blocks away and an accident scene that looked like a drone strike in one of the Gulf Wars.

Car crash my ass. This was a “collateral damage” hit of the highest order – and since he historically specializes in things just like this – I’d say it has pedophile John Podesta’s dirty fingerprints all over it. Drone, directed energy weapons, you name it and the child sex slave op cover upperer likely had it done, raining hellfire down on an innocent bystander to make a bloody point. As Dylan has said – “you dance with whom they tell you to, or you don’t dance at all.” Don’t like the game? You get the smoking remains. And you’ll like it.



I should also mention that these circumstances bear striking and remarkable resemblance to 2 earlier hits on “persons of interest”: reporter Michael Hastings and actor Paul Walker. BOTH of whom were looking into child trafficking networks – Hastings from the military end and Walker in tandem with Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, the latter 2 who died in extremely suspicious “suicides” which have yet to be adequately explained to anyone with more than 2 working brain cells to rub together. Once again, this was not a car crash. This was a message.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Despite what the Mockingbird US press would so loudly and unendingly like you to believe, it is all falling apart for the DNC/Soros/Gates/WEF forces as we all tear their playhouse down room by room, brick by brick. Only today truth-seeking officials in Georgia have divined the Dominion algorithm, which will likely prove to be the key to it all:  https://twitter.com/robbhurstCPA/status/1335557576587665408?s=20

This is by far the biggest news coming out of World War III so far… 

“Ware County, GA has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been "Switched" from Trump to Biden.  In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again.  The same results appeared.

ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone.”


Keep in mind that THIS should be the game-over exclamation point right here. In any just society the entire election would be completely nullified on this one piece of evidence alone. No palming of USB drives caught on camera, no wheeling out of suitcases full of illegal ballots after midnight, no mystery spikes for Biden needed…  But does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if no one is there to see it? It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to see that this will gain absolutely NO traction whatsoever in the mainstream. The cone of silence will come down and that will be that. Biden’s the president, get over it. But the rest of the world and some 80 million here are watching. “Getting over it” isn’t in our vocab – not at the moment – not ever. It’s the military being unleashed and the arresting of the highest profile targets for treason and sedition or bust at this point. We have reached the end. This far and no farther.


But this is an ongoing war, and a spiritual one, on many fronts, the election coup being only the most visible one at the moment. Listen to my friend Anthony Patch and what he was saying 6 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3shYs8AncR0&t=31s 

Yes, he called ALL of this. Nurses and doctors in the UK are now being trained to ask this question before they administer the COVID jab: Do you consent?

Interesting wording, wouldn’t you say? ALL of this is interesting, even the word Dominion. Do you consent to killing God? Do you consent to the Dominion? Will you obey? After all, if you give consent they are absolved, like the vampire needing to be asked in. Check this Pentagon video detailing the FUNVAX in 2005: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZVwIFDt99s

A complete deliverable tech to completely eliminate the “God gene.” And what did one of the first volunteers for the AstraZeneca COVID jab say?  https://joaomariogafanha.wordpress.com/2020/09/23/they-have-killed-god-i-cant-feel-god-anymore-my-soul-is-dead-second-whistleblower-to-coronavirus-vax-vaccine/

But what could be the mechanism in the system and how can we trace it? The Dominion have many algorithms, and only a few of them pertain to election coups. There are many levels here.

Ancient traditions that appear to be threatened by a modern world are actually only bolstered with cutting edge technology in an elaborate dance of deception that in truth opens a final door to their ultimate Chaos Theory: total destruction. The powering up has begun and the harvest is imminent. As CERN isolates and generates antimatter, so are our bodies now intended to isolate and generate, as yet another dance is upon us. And this is one that after which nothing and no one will ever be the same again.

It seems this has to do with light. But first, initiatory plans were on the drawing board for something very close to this even before 9/11. Read in full this insider’s testimony first put out there by David Icke, just as the first global wave of chemtrails was settling in, back on February 17th of the year 2000: https://rense.com/ufo6/darkhyp.htm  

The blueprint was formed at least then, if not earlier, but the scaffolding was definitely there from that point on. The mass terraforming (bioforming) of our systems began the first vector of transformation, as they then waited for the leave-something-witchy technology to catch up and guide their dark prognosis for humanity.

Refer back to the Gates-Smartmatic article date that leads this post and you can see that many future plans were being mapped out as the Millennium was ushered in. A time of great hope and bright imaginings for the global populace instead hid far darker leanings for the elite deviance faction. Amid the party dresses, champagne and confetti and while the strains of Brittney Spears’ “Drive Me Crazy,” “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys, “Zoot Suit Riot,”  “Rumble in Brighton” and “Town Without Pity” were heating up the latest and last Big Band sound resurgence by Cherry Poppin Daddies and Brian Setzer, and Carlos Santana was rumbling back to life at historic levels, blacker musical fare was just on the horizon, being doled out by the 1%. Pardon the pun but Death Metal certainly fits the bill. Heavy Metal that is.

The levels in hair samples in just 5 months from the end of 1999 thru the beginning of 2000 increased from 5 ug/g (microgrammes) to 18 ug/g for Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Silver and Titanium for a variety of spots covering North America. (Barium would be added later.)

Or perhaps it was just coincidence that after findings like this, Monsanto fast-tracked ALUMINUM RESISTANT seeds, specialty-varieties to partner with their GMO lots: http://farmwars.info/?p=2927

See this patent from March of 1991, straight from Hughes Aircraft: https://www.scribd.com/doc/4296843/US-Patent-5003186-Stratospheric-welsbach-seeding-for-reduction-of-global-warming-spraying-with-aluminum

And from this page: https://chemtrails.cc/interesting-comment-thread-re-monsanto-aluminum-resistant-gmo-from-thom-hartmann-site/

Why is aluminum present in off the scale amounts in the Mt. Shasta area?

When a hydro-geologist was shown the tests, he stated, “unless you live near an Alcoa Aluminum plant, there is no way these types of metals (barium has also been detected) should be showing up in your pond or rainwater samples, in any quantity.”  The Pit River sample tested at 4,610,000 ug/L, which is 4,610 times the MCL.


Keep in mind that all of this was merely the precursor, the softening up of all human biosystems for what they are rolling out now. The first prongs in a multi-tiered attack system decades in the planning and decades in the implementation. Inhuman patience is a trait and a marker; accent on the inhuman.


By way of more explanation, see Mike Adams here: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-18-why-pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine-requires-storage-at-70c.html#

These are not vaccines – these are bioweapons. The very kind of bioweapons brought up in the Project For the New American Century (PNAC) whitepaper authored by the Cheney faction just one year before 9/11…MUCH information on this page including with PNAC the sinister  vagaries of the Human Genome Project and the deadly research of Danny Casolaro: https://sites.google.com/site/bioterrorbible/BIO-WEAPONS/RACE-SPECIFIC-BIO-WEAPONS

Also much beyond the scope of this presentation, notice that the PNAC indeed called for a “new Pearl Harbor” one year before – like magick – 9/11: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century


But this is all about more than a genocidal program, or even a sterilization program (think Children Of Men); this carries implied within it a spiritual component: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=222019

Rudolf Steiner saw these things coming in 1923.

Finally, getting back to temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius: these also happen to be the temperatures that firms like D-WAVE’s quantum computers (partnering with CERN) need to function within. As we have seen previously here, these black boxes are specifically used for portalling entities here from other dimensions and possibly outer reaches of the solar system (Saturn) here. Other life forms which some intend are demonic and that will use us as vessels for indwelling once we (as shells as well as our biosphere) have adapted to their physiology. The Tower of Babel is being updated. The New Normal as the New Days of Noah.

Think quantum entanglement that the vaxx will create between hosts here and these other entities. https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606


This gets into, I believe, the dimensionless physical constant and the fine structure constant, both of which argue for a reality that exists beyond what we can see and feel:




More temperature related fun: Latest disclosure here is that the new COVID vaxx contains polyethylene glycol. That’s a major component in anti-freeze boys and girls.  https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/what-ingredients-pfizer-vaccine-19388410

But once more let’s get back to the light: OPTOGENETICS. This is not about medical imaging processes but something far different, i.e. the ability to activate and control neurons remotely.



“Pfizer/BioNTech are also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate, mNeonGreen, into its vaccine. The ingredient has bioluminescent qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes.” No vaccine ID card required now. You are trackable wherever you go. Remember Gates’ Luciferase? Same thing. Why is this all-important ingredient trending?

Two words: Mind Control.



This is about the battle for your body, mind, and soul. Controlling your mind. Making you an automaton eventually. Killing God.

Killing God to become God.

This has always been the endgame.

Think about who we are dealing with – think about their ideology.

Gates. Epstein. Cannibalism. Ritual. Child rape. Post-term abortion. Satanic Ritual Abuse. Sacrifice. Depopulation. Genetic manipulation. Societal Control. Mind Control. Soul Control.

Do you really think people like this want, thru their vaccine, to make your life BETTER?

Why would they go to such blatant measures to get rid of someone standing in their way? (Trump.)

Why would they go to such blatant measures to ensure a mandatory vaccine as not just A answer, but the ONLY answer?

While you still can…think about it.


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12

Finally, functional symbolism 2.0? Meet the theragripper. https://hub.jhu.edu/2020/11/25/theragripper-gi-tract-medicine-delivery/


Notice the major inference that these can be introduced into the body via SWABS. Quite possibly much like the swabs now being used by the, oh, millions delivering every PCR COVID test to the public. Perhaps every “test” is only a guise for the introduction of something else…and can these be used in lieu of or in tandem with smartdust? These nanotech devices could also deliver not only a vaccine to those deemed “vaccine hesitant,” (a growing worry for the powers-that-be) but also could be used as a transportation system for any manner of medicines, microdoses, or even gene-altering “magick” tech.


The geometric shape is also significant. Namely the theragripper being in the Star of David shape, or more to the point, the Seal of Solomon.

6 points, 6 lines, 6 triangles inside. 666.

And what was the Seal of Solomon originally used for? An occultic talisman of the Ars Goetia, used both to command and summon Good AND Evil spirits, most importantly including the conjuration of demons.


The algorithms of the Dominion are taking wing on the slips of the night; are calling. But that doesn’t mean we have to answer.

Do you consent?


  1. Thank you, Wordman, for posting this.

    The sub-zero nano-tech in the "vaccine" being connected to those big black cube "altar to an alien god" quantum computers never occured to me. Of course it's all about Saturn-worship, but is Saturn the Hive Mind of the Borg Collective?

    But if the Demiurge wants our consent, it means that he respects our free will and spiritual strenght. *This is a REVERSE RAPTURE.*

    What is quite clear to me now is that the members of the "Globalist Elite" want to become "transhuman", in the most extreme sense of transcending both the limits of three-dimensional space and linear time, becoming one with the "powers that be", what the ancients called "lifting the veil of reality and seeing the Great God Pan".

    To this end, they have spent countless billions of dollars, completely restructured our society for the sake of total control, performed countless thousands of acts of child sex abuse, torture and sacrifice, and like Jeffrey Epstein, fully embraced the materialistic approach of "satanic ritual", UFO cultism, along with major investments in genetic engineering, nanotechnology, A.I., etc...

    But all they needed to do was get rid of their fear of death and kill themselves, SELF-control, SELF-sacrifice.

    As I did, experiencing communion with the ultra-pagan "My God, it's full of stars" without the intention.

    But the Elite is absolutely f***ing terrified of death, and they're rotten to the core spiritually, narcissists and psychopaths every single one of them, so they desperately attempt to control and sacrifice OTHERS, as if the incarnation of wisdom and eternity would ever smile upon their endless sadistic rituals and industrial-scale symbolism. So much blood spilled and terror spread in vain.

    They're empty shells who are full of themselves. Pan probably doesn't even think about them.

    As I said, a REVERSE RAPTURE.

    1. You got it my man!! You are certainly welcome & glad I could spring it on ya pre-the witching hour!

      Many great points & think you are absolutely spot on re their fear of death -- that fires their transhumanism interests, shifting of consciousness between vessels, eugenics & genetics, all of it. have no idea about the ultimate disposition of Epstein but nothing, and I mean nothing, would surprise me.

      I feel like if all the naysayers could just sit down and actually LOOK at all the crossover evidence linking Gates, Epstein, banking, Wexner, Fauci, the Ivy League think tanks, the pedo rings and mills like NXIVM, the elite families, they would be honestly astonished. But the need to ridicule and look away is strong. Very strong. And as you commented here, those fams aren't just the Rockefellers, Bundys, Rothschilds & Vanderbilts, but many, many more we know nothing of, so well entrenched & hidden are they...

      But the tide is shifting. Altho most only view it thru a political lens, I honestly feel a Biden win would mean a MAJOR setback to what has been accomplished over the past 4 years if in nothing more than the shutting down of so many higher-level pedo rings. With him installed it would be back to a brisk business as usual, if not advancing to even greater levels unfortunately. See the Clinton Foundation, which altho hobbled, would likely only be re-branded and launched as some other "philanthropic" venture in name only, all the while getting back to preying upon the most vulnerable en masse.

  2. I've always wondered if the Clintons' obsession with Haïti might have something to do with Voodoo, the summoning of the Loa/"Great Old Ones" from the Abyss/"Negative Existence".

    Hillary as Voodoo witch, "Frazzledrip" must have been the highpoint of her career in the late 80's, which is why it was celebrated with Basquiat's "Aaaaaaaaa!" painting, a frame from the Frazzledrip video used for the cover of a Heavy Metal album ten years later, now Ellen Degeneres wears pyjamas at home with Basquiat's repulsive, infamous painting on it...

    An SRA summoning so horrifying the Elite needed to commemorate the event in pop culture. These people are sick.

    1. Look up "Abnegation Verses of the Bleeding" on Google Images, you'll see what happened to the little girl.

    2. Abnegation's Death Metal album came out in 1997. The Basquiat horror was first exposed in late 1986. The Frazzledrip pedo-ritual must have been performed over 34 years ago. Hillary has been at this stuff for a while.

    3. Correction: Basquiat's "artwork" is actually called "AAAAAA", I added too many "A"s. The only reason I found out about it and it's connection to the Satanic Frazzledrip s**t is precisely because Ellen Degenerate loved the depiction of agony and mutilation so much she felt the need to wear it. I wonder if the musicians of "Abnegation" realize where that picture on their album came from...

    4. I have what I could find on Clintons and Haiti voodoo here - https://cfgate.wordpress.com/?s=Haiti

  3. Btw, if the OAN network is right, and the people in Germany saw that Trump actually got 410 in the Electoral College right before the servers were taken, then it might represent over 75% of the vote. I had predicted Trump would take 60-70%.

  4. Sorry for the multiple posts, but the Establishment coming down hard on everyone all across the board today. First YouTube banning any dissenting opinion about the Election, some Demoncrats pridefully, arrogantly calling upon their "soldiers" to hunt down Trump supporters in the streets, now here in Québec the government going full gestapo, worse than before, actually threatening it's own people with brutal police intervention...

    If Trump isn't mere false opposition, he better do something and do something quick, 'cause the Purge of the Left is underway...

  5. I feel like you are bringing many seemingly disparate elements together; the blind men touching the elephant are finally comparing notes and crafting a comprehensive description of the beast.

    The one sentence that resonated for me? “ It seems this has to do with light. ”

    I immediately thought of something I had read about Vladimir Poponin, a Russian scientist doing research on dna back in the 90s. He discovered that there was a “phantom effect” associated with dna, stimulated by photons. To put it crudely, it creates a persistent albeit temporary “template” of a dna sample. Could this be used as a model? Perhaps.

    “ The idea about remote replication, transcription and translation of genes in terms of electromagnetic fieldpatterns is very attractive and would be in accordance with the wave DNA vision. This requires a codingof DNA nucleotides“

    ReplicationArticleQuantum Model for Remote ReplicationMatti Pitk¨anen 1and Peter Gariaev.


    I am citing the article below as a survey of different types of research into dna and quantum mechanics:


  6. A couple of highlights

    Dr Luc Montaigner
    His experiments with electromagnetic fields on dna “ “suggest(s) DNA emits its own electromagnetic signals that imprint the DNA’s structure on other molecules (like water).”

    Dr Rainier Blatt

    Professor Rainer Blatt at the University of Innsbruck in Austria led a team that was successfully able to perform teleportation on atoms for the first time. Their work was published in the journal Nature.

    Prof. Rainer Blatt

    “ Professor Rainer Blatt at the University of Innsbruck in Austria led a team that was successfully able to perform teleportation on atoms for the first time. Their work was published in the journal Nature.

    “They state in their paper, “Teleportation of a quantum state encompasses the complete transfer of information from one particle to another. The complete specification of the quantum state of a system generally requires an infinite amount of information, even for simple two-level systems (qubits). Moreover, the principles of quantum mechanics dictate that any measurement on a system immediately alters its state, while yielding at most one bit of information. The transfer of a state from one system to another (by performing measurements on the first and operations on the second) might therefore appear impossible. However, it has been shown that the entangling properties of quantum mechanics, in combination with classical communication, allow quantum-state teleportation to be performed.”5

    “ And a team from the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan succeeded in teleporting a quantum state directly from one atom to another over a substantial distance.7”

    Dr. Peter Gariaev – Wave-based Genetics (Fractal Genetics)

    “ Wave-based Genetics:

    Combines physical models of holographic associative memory and mathematical formalism having to do with intrinsic wave patterns in DNA.

    Treats the genome as a holographic bio-computer that generates endogenous solitonic acoustic and electromagnetic waves to carry 4D epigenetic (alternative coding) information used by biosystems for spatial and temporal self-organizing.

    Establishes the primacy of energetic, as opposed to biochemical, activity in directing cellular metabolism and replication.”

    “Two Necessary Conditions in order to observe the DNA phantoms:

    the presence of the DNA molecule
    the exposure of the DNA to weak coherent laser radiation“

    I dunno, I’m just a guy with a b.a. in English Lit, but I like to ask questions: what if cern is able to receive teleported blueprints through entangled particles, blueprints that are then decoded through photonic and/ or electromagnetic energy?

    I can say this: dr Montaigner, a Nobel prize winner, was stripped of his funding and ostracized by his colleagues when he published this research on dna. Was he horning in on cerns turf?

    I feel like I’m droning on here, but I urge everyone to read the section on Fritz Popp and his graduate student Bernhardt Ruth, then ponder the implications of their findings; its a sword that cuts both ways.

    Anyhoo, hope I have added a bit of salt to the rich stew that’s bubbling here.

  7. From Black’s law dictionary:

    “ What is CONSENT?

    A concurrence of wills. Express consent is that directly given, either lira voce or in writing. Implied consent is that manifested by signs, actions, or facts,__ or by inaction or silence__which raise a presumption that the consent has been given. Cowen v. Paddock, 62 Hun, 022, 17 N. Y. Supp. 3SS. Consent in an act of reason, accompanied with deliberation, the mind weighing as in a balance the good or evil on each side. 1 Story, Eq. Jur.”


    __emphasis__ added ;-)

    1. The consent form to take my kids to jump on a trampoline and do an obstacle course said that I would be agreeing to not take any action even in the case of an employee intentionally harming them. So I wrote "no I do not consent" the plebs only following orders only need paperwork.


    You guys rock 8 ways from Sunday! JB first:
    Abnegation Verses of the Bleeding is the pic that was circulating on the 4chan/8chans before the shutdowns a year or so ago -- had NO idea it tracked back to '97. Amazing. Remember first hearing Basquiat's name (being a tennis fan) when it came out that john McEnroe was a major fan & collector in & around the NY cognoscenti scene, Studio 54, Warhol & all that BS. Even Mack became brainwashed, His first mention upon seeing his first Basquiat: "I wouldn't pay $1,000 for that shit."

    '97 btw would also track with HRC being in the WH & could of course cover her tracks with ease at that point. Attending LA covens, mutilating children, right along. Between stuff like this & Waco, Columbine, OKC, the Clinton voodoo junta had a true Death Cult operating in plain sight.

    And YES, CRAZY stuff is exploding: 22 states now have joined Texas in their vote fraud litigation against MI PA WI & GA that's headed straight to the SC. Trump is actually closer to victory tonight than at any time since election night, not that you'd know it listening to the MSM. Crickets of course. But the panic is running deep.

    2 lawmakers are under investigation for Chinese ties for one & threatening Trump supporters over social media for the other.
    FBI is admitting they have (& had) all the Seth Rich info, & speaking of social media, 48 (FORTY EIGHT!!) states have joined the FTC in suing Facebook acc to antitrust laws. F_ck Zuck the Cuck. Going down. Couldn't happen to a nicer alien.

    That "Storm" everybody kept hearing about -- you'd never know it listening to the usual channels -- but it's here.

    1. Basquiat made his AAAAAA painting in 86, which would suggest a very young Hillary already being friends with Huma and performing Satanic rituals. So it's possible Basquiat found his sick inspiration somewhere else, but the Death Metal album cover is nearly 100% an actual pic from the remains of the poor little girl.

      I've also noticed the Globalist agenda going into high gear all of a sudden, almost in a panic, but Trump actually "cockblocking" the vaccine here in Canada, since he's halted and keeping the shipments, made by an American Big Pharma, for Americans first. But at least one major Hospital in the US (Pittsburg) is saying they won't require their doctors and nurses To take the jab, because there are too many uncertainties surrounding it! In other words, even Health care personnel don't want to take the f**king thing.

      I prayed to Pan to make these f**kers PAN-ic, and it seems he's listened! IA PAN, IA PAN, IA PAN!!!

    2. The healthcare system is deeply divided between the die-hard supporters of the vaccines and ones that are absolutely against it. The trouble is that within healthcare anyone that is against it is weeded to positions where they don't have to administer it or where they don't have to get it because it's dangerous to the whole institution.

  9. NOOOWWW, last but not least at all, Tru3!!!

    Your comments always shoot me out in a million diff directions, every bit as much as JB's. Both you guys are front & center in supplying the much needed context and adjoining info to every one of these posts, along with Thorn, PVH, MissFrill & so many others (lookin at you MxMM!!)

    That name Luc Montaigner came up early & often in the work of Len Horowitz (Emerging Viruses AIDS & EBOLA...) Esp in relationship with bioweapons dealer Litton Bionetics.

    Just check out the synopsis of Chapter 10 of the above work alone:
    "Chapter 10. African Foreign Policy and Population Control- Only days after the DOD requisitioned $10
    million from Congress to fund the development of AIDS-like viruses, on July 29, 1969, the House Republican
    committee, chaired by the Honorable George Bush of Texas, cited the urgent need for population control activities
    to fend off "a growing Third World crisis." This chapter documents and discusses "American displeasure with
    Black African culture," and "the roots of Third World foreign policy." Intriguing revelations here include:
    * Nixon's special presentation before the Population Conference in which he appealed for urgent action;
    * Economic, military, and "humanitarian" policies and projects implemented under Nixon and Carter;
    * Subsequent World Bank, NASA, and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) activities in Africa;
    * Henry Kissinger's leading role in establishing and directing African foreign policy and "diplomatic" affairs;
    * USAID and WHO sponsored immunization programs in central Africa; and
    * American intelligence connections to USAID and African health care initiatives.
    Chapter 11. Henry Kissinger's "New- World Order"- This fascinating chapter tracks Henry Kissinger's
    rise to prominence in America's intelligence community. Details about Kissinger's relationships with the
    Rockefellers, Richard Nixon, Alexander Haig, and other Nixon White House officials are examined along with
    Kissinger's leading role in the development of nuclear and biological weapons."

    & speaking of Rockefellers (& Rothschilds) look at this latest headline:
    JUST IN - Vatican enters into a "global alliance" with Rothschild, Rockefeller & Ford Foundation, Mastercard, BoA, and others through the new "Council for Inclusive Capitalism" to create a "more inclusive, sustainable and trusted economic system."

    NWO anybody?

    When it rains it pours, & those same names again -- those same names.

    Keep it comin' ladies & gents -- all of you are invaluable. Can't run this circus without ya!!

    1. Q mentionned Godfather part III as a sign; a new version has JUST been re-released on DVD. In the movie, the Pope wants the Vatican to become business partners with the Mafia, in "Internationale Immobiliare", essentially allowing a family of criminals turn most of the world into their very own real-estate.

      The Pope (and many other high-ranking Elitists, including a politician who is a Freemason) get assassinated in the end.

    2. So sooo much of this stuff is either predictive programming or Revelation of the Method hidden in plain sight right in front of our noses JB: was just watching Dan Brown's Angels & Demons which of course has the proliferation of antimatter at CERN as a MAJOR plot point.

      Really is incredible just how much of this once "esoteric" outlier stuff is out there & common knowledge now.

      And now this blackest of black tech stuff is moving into the "friendly bioweapons" realm. Adopt that Disney voice and say it with me now: "BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU!!!" -- "Here, take the jab, TRUST us!!"

      God, Pan, the Demiurge, Christ consciousness...SOMEBODY help us all -- because we need it like we never have. If some kind of cavalry ain't riding into view pretty soon at the top of the ridge...this isn't gonna end well. SOMETHING to wake us all up at the same time...

      Even tho there are so many of us and so few of them -- we just have no idea. Getting on the same page is paramount.

    3. I knew all the links with the first two but never got around to looking into inferno that points to now.

  10. PS & one more thing JB -- just illustrative of how much of a "Silent" War we're in right now:

    How many more "suicides" is it gonna take before we all scream "no more?!"

    This has been going on since the hundreds of microbiologists dying off "mysteriously" in the wake of 9/11. And the scientists at Marconi in the 1980s before that. ALL of these people had intimate knowledge of something they knew that was in the works...

    Getting creepy out there for those that can hear the drumbeat.

  11. Thanks for reminding me about Anthony Patch, wordman. What a synch! I heard that interview about three weeks ago. He’s a real renaissance thinker.

    I found this interview from 2016:


    He had me at the electric universe theory, tied that into cern, then tied that into Saturn and the “golden age”... Saturn and Saturn worship in general is an important subtext with what’s occurring now, as I’m sure those here well know.

    So, I’m halfway through this interview, and the conversation turns to a.i. The host refers to the movie “age of ultra”, where the ai concludes the solution to Tony Starks problem is the elimination of humanity.

    I mean come on, isn’t that what “it” says in every predictive program?

    But here’s the kicker: I hear this voice saying : IF IT WERENT FOR GODS GRACE, it WOULD BE RIGHT!

    As for me; I’m taking that to mean the outcome is assured. Why do angels always begin their communications with “fear not”? Because god wins and because god loves us, we win too.

    The more they fuck with Nature, the closer we are to victory. Call me crazy; but that’s how I see it.

    We are exonerated in the court of heaven— just don’t consent to the accuser.

    1. Hey Tru3!!

      It's was about the same time I started paying attention to Patch that the whole religious aspect & undergirding of what's going on really hit me, esp as he aligned it with CERN's true agenda and goals. And that became the lock that opened up so many other doors...

      Patch initially was warned off in an extreme way & went silent for a time before being called to a definite higher purpose.
      For a while we were corresponding pretty regular -- I really need to get back in touch. Truly a sincere and wonderful human.

      This is right around the time I first heard of him as I used to follow the Clyde Lewis radio show pretty religiously -- real can of worms here:

    2. Awww Clyde Lewis is he still around? I found him after CoasttoCoast wasn't the same after Art! Ooo I will check this out later... thanks!

    3. Clyde Lewis does ground Zero media podcasts one of the best ever unfortunately now you have to pay for the full show but he puts out highlights on player fm for a while he did have the full shows for free for a while but they've been taken off of player FM if you find any old free ones somewhere I'd like to know.

  12. Fun facts: the 1954 film adaptation of "Animal Farm" and the 1956 adaptation of Orwell's "1984" were financed by the CIA (admitted).

    1. Hey JB!!

      Little story: went to a prep school, fairly prestigious, here in VA from grades 4-12. Graduated in '78. Right around grade 5-6 required viewing was ANIMAL FARM. I mean like they sat us down & MADE us watch it -- not even much discussion afterward as I remember. Just programming in & out. No muss no fuss.

      Another weird story from same school: this time in grade 4 not long after I got there. Had a workbook with illustrated word problems & multiple answer picks...

      One problem discussed the case of Snippy the horse in the San Luis Valley, the 1st famous animal mutilation in the US. We had to choose & circle one cause of death offered...a knife, a lightning bolt, and a flying saucer hovering. Each illustrated with a nice little pic.

      In hindsight, we weren't really getting "graded" were we? Never found out where those workbooks with all those similar "word" probs in them wound up...Weird times. Btw most of my junior & senior classes in that school were far harder than anything I took in college. "Prep" school indeed...but prepping us for what?

  13. In the movie inferno Sobriety(the upper class) and sienna attempt to release a virus and one of the clues comes out of the baptismal font of San Giovanni that opens in the center of the seal of Solomon in the building. The action takes place around a crafted reality created by a company headed up by someone from India.

    1. his Mickey mouse clubhouse watch breaks, they use blue lights to look for virus in the sea of red and he tells Elizabeth that they're looking for a column with Medusa.

    2. Great catches G-LEEF!!

      Haven't READ any Dan Brown but as far as I'm concerned all the films are up for reappraisal in light of current events. Even the newfound creepiness of Hanx plays a part...major undercurrents there.

  14. They got me with the swab. It was required at work. What now?

    1. Pray to Jesus, child, for soon you will be a cybernetic zombie Borg drone.

      Just kidding. I'm sure most people didn't get s**t inside their bodies yet. Remember, they need your *consent*, if they lie to you and say that's it's "just a swab", it doesn't count. I'm guessing those little nano-probes were just prep-work, nothing harmful unless you get the "vaccine" later on.

    2. Hey Smug!!

      Ditto & echoing what JB said: absolutely no reason to worry.

      The main way they're carrying on the ruse right now is using Kary Mullis' PCR test as an amplification method rather than diagnostic tool, i.e., run the samples thru enough times & EVERYBODY tests positive...that way they can carry on with all this BS forever. Just yet another example of fraud; which seems to be the key word these days.

      In other words even if you test (+) it means absolutely nothing & you likely still don't have anything. If asymptomatic you're 99.99% in the clear, despite what anyone, or any test, says. And then even if you DO have symptoms, 99.99% of the people aren't exhibiting anything more than a common cold side effects.

      Pretty sure this WASN'T the case earlier when there really was something afoot with bizarre symptoms, but that appears to have mitigated itself when dispersing over such a wide portion of the populace.

      We're all just speculating at this point but the one thing that is becoming VERY clear is that this is a psyop first and foremost, and one of the highest level in order to snare as many as possible. People WANT to be good & they WANT to believe what they're told -- these are where the problems lie and how they keep playing us: preying on the better natures of humanity that they themselves don't possess. It's a vicious circle.

    3. With respect to the psyop, there was a study done on Korean pows in 1956 on the effects of brain washing, called the biederman report.

      Here are some interesting observations on that:

      “ Raymond Bauer has noted the resemblance of the concept of “brainwashing” to demonology. The idea of the “brainwashed” does not differ greatly from that of the “possessed.”

      “The battle for the mind” fought against “the hidden persuader” has many elements of the occult.

      Communist indoctrination practices, the western concept of “brainwashing,” in terms akin to “possession,” is matched by the Communists’ exorcism view of what they seek and how to achieve it.

      Viewing the issue in magical or diabolical terms is not an altogether irrational analogy, given the existence of those who simultaneously practice and seek perfection of the means for controlling behavior and conceive of their efforts as directed toward “possessing the will” of their victims.

      Practitioners of “thought reform” seek “real” changes in beliefs and values. They demand that the victim be “honest, sincere and full” in his “self-examination, repentance and change”.

      Much more here, including a chart comparing brainwashing techniques to COVID scamdemic policies.


    4. That is the best PCR test explanation Wordman! You have a gift of explaining complicated into well.. the uncomplicated! Here in Southern Ca not many are listening to Gavin latest shutdown order sent via Severe Alert text message (insert my eyeroll here!) Catching up to the plethora of information here! Bakers are the best! Need a splash coffee with cream. Weird dreams I'm up grrrr... back to the fight. Hear anything about Chinese on southern border? Or migrant Honduran again? Wonder how many disappeared out of last Soros migration! Hugs with love to all here! (Looking at you too Wordman) Stay safe and come back soon ya hear!

  15. Wordman, I JUST remembered a story from my childhood, back in '92 or '93 if I'm not mistaken, I've had the info and research written down for years in an old photo album, something my mother and I found very suspicious back when I was 11 years old:

    There was an unusual vaccination campaign up here in the Province of Québec at the time, for all of the children my age, supposedly for the flu (?). The teachers and nurses were REALLY pushing this, calling my parents at home to make sure I was getting it like everyone else, and when I decided against it, they agreed (my parents trusted my judgement since I was 4, since my father realized I had already taught myself how to read and write in two languages and basic math before I even started kindergarten).

    My mother actually accompanied me to school the day of the vaccine, to tell them in person that I was NOT getting it. They all treated us like freaks, and kept giving us angry looks for a few weeks.

    A LOT of kids developped "allergies" and severe flu-like symptoms after their shot. There was a controversy when people in Québec found out it was actually *an experiment by Texas Instruments, injecting a new sort of "liquid crystal" into kids.*

    The newspapers and politicians tried to bury the story, when I tried to dig up the original info in the late 90s it had been scrubbed, except in a conspiracy theory book (Livre Jaune no. 4 or no. 5, the whole series was banned after 9/11).

    So, yeah...

    1. Canadians used to refer to Quebecers as the "White N*ggers of America" up until the 1960s, the government allowing American corporations to treat us as cheap labor and sometimes guinea pigs. The sentiment between Canada and Québec resulted in a "Basque Country/Northern Ireland" seperatist movement, the Québec Liberation Front even perpetrated political kidnappings and assassinations in the '70s, becoming terrorist, the Trudeau (father) government imposed Martial Law, soldiers in the streets.

      The Liberal Party was actually proven to have stolen the Référendum back in 1995, we should have been an Independant Nation for the last 25 years.

      Recently, with our latest effort to protect our culture and language called Law 21, the insults and attacks started flying again, Liberal Media and "Celebrities" calling us "F**king French-Canadians" and saying we're nothing more than a bunch of racists who can't even read.

      F**k Canada and it's British Colonial attitude.

    2. The queen came out and said that Canada was still under her, and wiki claims Canada has been under the queen since 52. That's interesting the allergy thing. We had an allergy specialist come down and be the family Dr out here in the boonies in a defunct military town under 2000 ppl and then everyone around started having these weird skin problems that looked like the melanin was missing in parts of their skin and they all said that they had found out that they had a gluten allergy 2000-2008 I didn't get any vaccines growing up I went to that doctor for migraines and she said that she thought it was allergies of course and gave me the scratch test and said it was a corn allergy and then I started developing the same thing on my arms and tried for a couple years to avoid corn which was almost impossible. Eventually I stopped trying and the rash on my arms stopped. I asked some of the other ones that had had it and they all said they must have grown out of their allergies because they all stopped within a year or so of the Dr. Disappearing.

  16. Anybody know what's up with CK @ SS..?

    1. Not really, I sent him four e-mails so far, no response. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Neo-Nazi "Christian Hart" insulting everyone and jew-bashing non-stop.

      Maybe it's Google/Blogger itself automatically deplatforming him.

  17. WORDMAN! Since we can't count on the Supreme Court anymore, here's MY "clear path to victory" (barring the "military option"):

    The Demoncrats and the Liberal Media are suddenly, finally letting loose on the Hunter Biden laptop, and his ties to China.

    Joe Biden realizes that they are trying to implicate him as well, using this corruption scandal to get rid of him before Inauguration Day, so that Kamala can be sworn in as President.

    Biden decides to make a DEAL, in which je not only concedes the Election, but confesses the massive voter fraud and attempted Coup d'État, implicating both the Demoncrats and the Liberal Media, in exchange for a full pardon for both him and his son.


    1. Liking the cut of yer jib JB!! Have been all over the joint tonight looking for relief -- all the way from Tracy Beanz twitter to Chris K's SecretSun (more on that in a sec...)

      I like what Tracy is espousing right now about how this isn't the end -- how this is more of a time to fight than ever -- but dang it this is depressing. How can so many people of every stripe not only not see what's going on but adamantly flat out refuse to address what I see as the elephant in the room: blatant FRAUD of the most massive & heinous variety?? I'm not stupid enough or naive enough to not know that EVERY election is corrupt & tainted in some way (goin back to old Joe K rigging the Chicago ballot boxes for JFK), but I've never in all my born days seen anything like this. And to me it demands speaking out about.

      The Bidens all KNOW that various people in high places have got the goods on them -- & they all have to just be waiting for the other shoe to drop. And hoping against hope that the levers of public pressure (& private threats) will be great enough to save the day for them to carry this COUP on thru to completion.

      I'm hearing Jenna Ellis & Rudy both not giving up or giving in yet -- have yet to hear from Sydney or Lin Wood, but haven't checked.

      I AM hearing these terms tossed about in high circles: "The confluence of events now evident, it can be cogently argued, presents a compelling case for the President's invocation of the Insurrection Act."

      WOW. Am also hearing that behind closed doors Biden is cracking under the realization that no matter what happens, they're not going to be able to fully pull this off...hence his extreme quiet of late.

      Have been checking in & sorry to hear that it seems CK is somewhat under fire from what I can gather from you guys. When was his last open comments section? From what I can see he's currently in the midst of trying to start up a 2.0 version -- heavy accent on the video only portions evidently. Which, tbh, I kind of hope he DOESN'T do. I LOVE and would truly miss the way he writes and turns a phrase. Time will tell I guess. Not to mention the platforming issues which I'm sure at one time or another will come for us all.

      I AM happy to report that right here, until that time, absolutely NOTHING will change. Honestly have never wanted to be that wildly commercial or popular anyway, so right here will remain the last stand and bastion of the written word. Besides, I've got a face for radio as they used to say!! Haha!! The Kurt Russell as Elvis days are FAR in the rear view. (But it was a good run!!)

      Yes, Wordman will stay WORD man. To the last. Or as Flannery O'Connor's Hazel Motes would say: "They ain't quit doin it as long as I'M doin it..."

      Onward and upward with all you beautiful bastards riding shotgun with me!! Whaddaya wanna live forever??!! FULL speed ahead -- damn the torpedoes!!

    2. CK's comments sections were still there, after every article, until they all suddenly vanished a few hours ago.

      About the Supreme Court, there is also the possibility they turned down Texas immediately so that it wouldn't stand in the way of the Lin Wood/Sydney Powell suits. You DON'T want Lin and Sydney ending up in the Legislative of the states where the fraud actually took place!

      Btw, what do you think of my "Texas Instruments/liquid crystals" anecdote from above? The bastards were already using kids (almost used me!) as guinea pigs for early prototype nanotechnology 28 YEARS ago.

    3. So much JB -- the fact that CK's comments were all there until a few hours ago is weird in the extreme -- ditto the fact that he's not answering your (multiple) messages to him. Don't wanna go there & say ominous, but it is what it is right now.

      Getting very strange vibes; you too? Let's just say all this on top of MUCH going on in my personal life right now...& if I didn't know better, I'd say someone or something is trying to psychologically break me.

      And I KNOW I'm not alone in feeling that -- something really weird is going on in the psychosphere. Like we're all -- those of us remaining -- are under heavy psychic assault. What's happened to our loved ones -- to the people around us? Did The Rapture happen sometime recently & I didn't get the memo? This is really strange. Everything.

      Your Texas Instruments story just adds even more fuel to the fire. Texas popping up everywhere & in everything of late.
      Liquid crystal matrix anyone?

      Why does this sound like it could be the theme to an MKUltra horror flick right now -- & one we're living thru?:

      Heavy accent on the PERSUASION.......

    4. Wow I don't know about sharing that video. Texas Instruments were involved in building some of the hardware in the voting machines and are trying to slip under the radar.

    5. https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4
      Does this sum up how you've felt?

    6. Yup you got it wordman, I'm feeling it too. The psychoshere dream realm has been especially active and kept me busy. I think it's actually everyone else, less of a direct assault... The great reset is also psychological and it's taking effect in swathes of the population, people are literally switching their worldview and the collective unconscious shockwaves are palpable. I've lost (metaphorically) two great friends recently - they've bought into all the lies on such a deep and profound level that they're utterly beyond ever 'waking up', I think the truth would literally cause a nervous break and violent denial is how they'll cope for the rest of their lives.

      I hope Secret Sun is ok.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Yeah, he's back with a completely different, highly-moderated comments format. All the previous comments sections in history gone though.

    9. Looks like something dangerous had been posted in the form of a comment. He's being watched methinks....that's how DHS-CIA-NSA operates. They violate civil rights in a secret way, always hiding their hand. Too bad the idiots don't get it: "they have no criminal predicate to open an investigation" of a mere blog that discusses synchronicity. But that has never stopped the right wingers: in the past, COINTeLPRO files proved FBI-CIA tampering with groups that opposed Gov policies or sought peace and civil rights.

  18. You know if there's nothing wrong with their algorithms then they shouldn't have a problem with them being turned around and used in things like the stock market, lottery, credit card companies, oh wait it probably already is. Compound interest, Babylonian money counting system, the Empire never ended indeed.

  19. https://exonews.org/china-amassing-tens-of-thousands-of-troops-in-canada/

    1. During one of the speeches one of the talking heads said the other day they made sure to mention china and Triad a number of times.

  20. Hey Hugs with Love... it's gonna be ok🤗💞

  21. I know I'm repeating myself, but the *only* way Trump doesn't take back control (even if it means using the Military) is if we've all been played, and Trump was false opposition all along. Definitely a "blackpill" scenario, but Evil is everywhere, and the Biblical End might be unavoidable despite our best efforts.

  22. Point in case of "Evil is everywhere":

    When I was 5 years old, they brought someone into the classroom, to teach us how to draw "stars". She looked new-agey, witchy really, and she had a creepy, smiling, "hands-on" approach to children. There was only ONE way to "draw stars", as a PENTAGRAM, over and over again, five intercrossing lines, never lifting the pencil from the page, it had to be done perfectly, tracing as many pentagrams as necessary until we got it perfectly, which was surprisingly strict and difficult for kindergarteners.

    We never saw her again. But in retrospect, that whole day was surreal, like "Occult 101".

    1. The Colombine facts that were suppressed mentioned a witch teacher. Witchcraft is part of The right wing MIC, and I see an agenda where "agents of influence" are literally everywhere there is a Gov job. They have control of all Gov job hiring. You'll see that with the DOJ's Illegal Commie "Community Policing Program" that overlaps and dovetails with illegal spying and abuse of invasive military technology. Illegally obtained info is sent to cops in the form of an anonymous tip. The Defendant is never given the name of this anonymous tip to cross examine all witnesses against the target. Guilty pleas are strongarmed by bozo public defendors despite the obviosu Brady violations by prosecutors and Judges: this is an ongoing "drop the ball" and "manufacture plausible deniability" by the officers of the court. Prosecutors, Judges, Public Defendors are all part of the Comm Gang stalking, torture, murder, etc.

      My first hand knowledge of this program and pattern of violating civil rights, is just one of many reasons why these gang stalkers ruined my life for 34 years. And...they are not above assassination and the following cover up by the lying scum known as law enforcement. South Dakota is a red state far more corrupt and punitive then any other back water conservative jack ass state that adjoins SD.

  23. JB what if it was Occult 101 and you remember it for today... to remind of a choice... you want to choose creepy, star drawing with them, or the side with abundant love, empathy and compassion? I wonder if your doubts about Trump are not really about doubting in your trust of yourself. People live up to or down to your opinion of them. We play roles everyday... How do you feel in a room with someone who looks up to you, who believes in you, don't you rise to the occasion? Food for thought! When my mind races I remember Worrying is like rocking in a chair. Gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere! I am a Mom this is what I do. I hope I havent hurt you that is not my intention. Hugs with love.MxMM

    1. MxMarinemom, I only have faith in absolutes that cannot be corrupted, like supernatural entities. Human beings, on the other hand, tend to be deceitful and/or disappointing.

      I WANT to believe Trump is the real deal, and will triumph, but then I'm reminded of the many, many years he was apparently friends with Hillary & co, and of his also being pals with Epstein since the late 90s, visiting his private island at least once...

      If Trump is precisely what we hope him to be, then he was lying his a** off for over 20 years, pretending to be the exact opposite, before he ran for President.

    2. Point taken JB... I think no matter his past... he has more than risen to the occasion! Btw his actions speak volumes to me... sometimes you must study up close those you will later destroy... know thy enemy... historical times we live in! Hugs with love!!

  24. All you guys rock & I love the continuing conversations here, esp in light of whatevs goin on over at SecretSun. Thinkin about ya Chris.

    Before I get into more recent comments let me refer to Tru3's comment above re the Biederman report: This makes a great deal of sense in light of the interests of folks like Sidney Gottlieb & their plans in the hierarchy of the burgeoning Mind Control Ops scene when launched.

    Gottlieb was a MAJOR not-so-closet occultist/luciferian & wannabe shaman/sorceror. As far as his magick went, the blacker the better. His Operation Often in 1953 insiders said was initially all about the conjuring of actual demons bef morphing into what would become subsets of MKUltra, so that tracks exactly with what you cited.

    From what I'm given to understand the Univ of South Carolina was ground zero for all of the interests looking into this anywhere from the mid-to-late 1950s, perhaps beyond.

    All of what I've just said also gets me into comments by JB regarding the corruptibility of supernatural entities, & just as a word of caution & your experiences notwithstanding I'd only have to say 'not so fast.' This is all subjective and as with everything YMMV, but there is a long history of deception and obfuscation by entities of the supernatural/extradimensional/extraterrestrial bent here.

    Jacques Vallee back in 1979 was prob the first to notice such qualities of the trickster in 'Messengers of Deception.' (Following on the earlier works of Keel.) Both described what they were researching as a kind of Cosmic Control System that used misdirection, misinformation & outright deception as control levers.

    Later Linda Moulton Howe would get in touch with Fortean researcher Ray Boeche, who had in turn been contacted by 2 DOD/DIA insiders...these informant talks would also give rise to Nick Redfern's book 'Final Events,' and the shadowy Collins Elite, a gov't think tank/task force charged with getting to the bottom of the attempted weaponization of spiritual forces, which basically amounted to a terrestrial Evil getting up close and personal, & establishing comms with an even bigger Evil of the non-locality variety, i.e. off-world.

    You can of course extrapolate plans like this straight into today with what's going on at CERN and with various psyops we're living thru right now setting the stage for who knows what to come, with the coup de grace being the mandatory COVID jab & just where that may take us...

    Jeff Wells got into all this in his August 2005 post DOOM DAYS, which can be found by scrolling just a bit past halfway down here:

    Note the particular accent on Aleister Crowley and human sacrifice as a means of summoning these entities for said conversations. And this was in use by the US MILITARY.

    Boeche would also look extensively into the events at Rendlesham Forest 1980 & come to much similar conclusions...see past min.51:00 here:

    It's stuff just like this that veered J Allen Hynek from the nuts-&-bolts hypothesis straight into realms of the demonological. Vallee & Keel also. And in all cases with ALL of these entities, deception is their shtick; playing on our ego to ensnare us to doing what THEY want us to do, and never the vice versa.

    For anybody that wants to continue the conversation (Project Condign in the UK etc) I've got more.

    Thanks as always for all the input you lot -- you're the best. And should it all get shut down, I'm def thinking of ways of keeping this going & keeping all of us in touch. Back soon.

    1. CK over at the SS is okay finally, too many trolls and bots and Nazi pricks just forced him into adopting a new comments platform with heavy moderation and a time-delay between postings.

      As for the incorruptibility of the supernatural, I am all too aware of their "trickster"-ish persona, even though I was essentially transformed spiritually and ressurrected by the Great God Pan (whom I adore), it still came at the price of my godson being stillborn, a life for a life, no permission asked.

      We might have to accept that TPTB are dark as f**k and devoid of empathy. Even the Biblical God commited genocide on occasion.

    2. JB!!

      So many good points dude -- had no idea of your godson's fate, my very very most heartfelt condolences. However, your point of maintaining that balance is most def heard -- entertainments as far afield as Carnivale and even The Witcher now currently on Netflix traffic in the mandate that for something to be given life, something else must die to maintain that eternal balance of the universe. Which is certainly never to say that that sacrificed soul will never see fruition -- quite the opposite if you believe in reincarnation and cycles. And that is balance too.
      Kind of beautiful when you think about it.

      Your second point is well worth pondering & something I've been thinking about since Bible School days: how to reconcile the bloodthirsty murdering genocidal God of the Old Testament with the New Agey, love everybody all the time, turn the other cheek one of the New? Almost seems like 2 entirely different entities doesn't it? Either that or we've got one immensely omnipotent Bipolar Deity on our hands -- which should be enough to scare the beejeesus out of us all. Maybe there's just a good reason why the Old Testament comes first, and the lingering that we're left with at the end of the journey is the New. (A vision I frankly prefer.)

      And this isn't for you personally JB since I'm prob sure you've already read it, but for any newbies that want to maybe -- possibly -- get to the bottom of the whole Rendlesham ball of confusion, here's my take, and since this is the month it took place 40 years ago just after Christmas -- MAN, I'm old!!!!:

    3. Yeah, it's only 3 weeks later, when I was released from the Hospital, that I found out about my godson, apparently died *to the minute* when I returned from the other side. If Pan had given me a choice, I would immediately have decided to remain dead so that the little baby James could live, but NO, no choice was given. I love Pan, but he truly is as cold and cruel as Nature itself sometimes.

      Second, the God of the Old Testament said it himself, that even EVIL came from him, as all things do (Isaiah). So if Jesus truly was the same guy, then I guess living the life of a human being completely changed his perspective, "walking a mile in someone else's shoes", "maybe I should go easy on my own creation, instead of expecting them to be perfect every moment of every day".

    4. Awww Jeez Wordman..
      Homework overload! Wow... just give it to me straight what is coming soon? Like on Dec 21, when planets line up or CERN flips on and here comes what exactly_____. WORDMAN JUST TELL ME PLEASE! So I can prepare... ok fine... I'm off to learn... does this have a Cliffnotes? Anyone? Anyone? BUELLER? Bueller? (Hangs head shuffles out of class yells over shoulder "love ya guys..." sighs) MxMM

  25. Thanks for the replys on my "getting swabbed" comment. I appreciate the reassurance!

    I'd like to say a couple of things about the Old Testament because it is something I once really struggled with but now am at peace with. My take on the Old Testament is twofold:

    1. The writers wrote from their own limited viewpoint based on their own culture at the time which was much more brutal and harsh than our own. C.S. Lewis wrote about this better than I can. Humans have a hard time balancing mercy and justice, understanding their own hearts, much less understanding God.

    2. The physical and nonphysical evil present in the Old Testament times before the coming of Christ is difficult for us to comprehend. The Dragon was constantly trying to snuff out the Israelites and most especially the bloodline which would bear the Messiah. Everything done in the Old Testament was done to prepare the way for the coming of Christ. For this to happen, the Davidic bloodline had to be preserved. The opposition was corporeal and non-corporeal. The evil can scarcely be imagined, but the desperation exhibited by King Herod's order to murder all the male babies in Bethlehem is just one illustration of how fiercely the dark power has resisted God. Before that, there were the human sacrifices and child sacrifices to moloch and other demons. The terror and bloodshed caused by the giants / nephilim. How many people in those times were walk-ins when these entire cultures were based on human sacrifice to evil? There is evil that is irredeemable. That evil had to be eliminated to protect the people of Israel and to fulfill the Messianic prophecies. Entire tribes of moloch worshiping, murdering, child sacrificing / pedophiles had to get the sword. The evil that the elites are practicing and trying to bring mainstream isn't anything new. In the last days, we're told it will be worse than the days of Noah. Certainly a sobering thought.

    I was actually searching for something about Jacque Vallee which lead me to this blog. It was the realization about the spiritual nature of this evil that lead me to Orthodoxy. I've had a few encounters with lights in the sky, ghosts, creepy things over the years especially when I was a practicing occultist. It ceased when I was Chrismated and Baptized into the Orthodox Church. When I first moved into my home, we heard things and at times got creeped out. One house blessing later and it was all gone. It really is a spiritual war.

    I love this blog and the comments section. Sounds like there are lots of good blogs out there I should be checking out based on the comments here. What are some recommendations folks?

    1. The Secret Sun.

      Hermetic Lessons Blogspot.


      My own blog, "The Meta-logic Café", since I've been blocked out, read the comments sections.

      Wordman here is the best, though. I'm always surprised how many "Sherlocks" there are out there...


      WOW. While I was writing this, an AMBER Alert popped up on my phone. Another little girl being used in some horrible way. 8 MILLION children a year go missing, permanently, worldwide. That's nearly 22,000 a DAY.

    2. I would recommend the three blogs by Les Visible:

      Smoking Mirrors: world events


      Reflections in a Petri Dish: observations on culture


      Visible Origami: spiritual perspectives


      I also really like winterwatch.net ; Russ Winter is a fine researcher who digs deep, with some very interesting postings for background history on the “crime syndicate “.


  26. For f**k's sake, WORDMAN, everyone, this year's Nativity Scene at the VATICAN features an Ancient Sumerian ASTRONAUT.


    1. How are Catholics reconciling this? How in the f*** can it be called a Nativity scene? It's blatantly opening saying "surprise, these are the new Gods and symbols of worship, just wait until we show you the ones that want human sacrifice"

    2. The same way the Catholics are more or less "okay" with the Church systematically, sexually abusing 100,000s upon 100,000s of little boys and girls over the last 50-60 years at least. It's a very morbid, very submissive faith.

    3. No Baby Jesus. The "Mary" looks like an iron maiden. And there's a spaceman. I've got a bad feeling about this.

    4. With the pedo thing they can always justify it in their minds by "that was just happening in that particular place with those particular people and we know about it because good guys are weeding out perpetrators" but this is Top down pagan idols put up and NO Christian symbols not just a "mixing in" of pagan idolatry per their usual modus operandi. And the pedos as priests was a Russian intelligence op to destroy the Catholic Church using actual perps not just disinformation.

    5. JB did you see this?

    6. THANK YOU, ginleefer.

      "Archaeologists in Israel have discovered an ancient altar honoring the Greek god Pan, the deity of flocks and shepherds.

      Archaeologists found the altar lying sideways on the ground while excavating a Byzantine church. The volcanic basalt altar dates to the second or third century, but it was repurposed as a support brick in the fifth-century church, largely built out of limestone and located in what is now the Banias Nature Reserve in northern Israel. Whoever built the church apparently didn't want worshippers seeing a dedication to the god Pan, so the altar was turned around, possibly to debase and humiliate any pagans who still practiced "old" polytheistic beliefs.

      The dedication, written in Greek, likely composed by a pilgrim, says: "Atheneon son of Sosipatros of Antioch is dedicating the altar to the god Pan Heliopolitanus. He built the altar using his own personal money in fulfillment of a vow he made."

      The pilgrim, "Atheneon son of Sosipatros," likely traveled about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from Antioch to reach the area, which is now just north of Golan Heights, Israel. It stands just a stone's throw from the popular Banias waterfall, a spot once called Paneas that was associated with the god Pan. People worshipping Pan at this waterfall dates back to the third century B.C., and a temple dedicated to Pan was completed there in about 20 B.C., according to The Times of Israel.

      Later, the area became a key center of early Christianity, and a Byzantine church was built over the Pan temple in about A.D. 400.  This site would have had tremendous significance for Christians of the Byzantine era, who believed that this is where Jesus told Peter, 'I give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven,'" Erlich told The Jerusalem Post."

    7. That's interesting I missed the part about Jesus and Peter and just read Pierre LaCroix (Peter cross) from Quebec passing away and they lit up the Colorado avalanche stadium in burgundy and blue. And the TV is playing a show with people standing in a room with predominant blue and burgundy and they are talking about a release of something in the ventilation of a stadium.

    8. In the TV show they are trying to release GMO locusts infected with the black plague. It's "the Protector" really good show if you can get past the bad acting and horrible voiceover.

    9. Weird... Israel and the Vatican turning the foundations of Christianity into Paganism and Ancient Astronaut Theory...

    10. You just blew my mind. I told my husband back when ancient aliens started that it was the beginning of the one world religion but the kicker would be that "aliens/demons created man"

    11. What blows MY mind is the historical fact that Jesus told Peter "I give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven" at the precise site of a Temple to Pan, built over 50 years earlier, at a place where people from all over came to worship Pan for over three centuries.

  27. The treasury just got hacked with a backdrop of them enacting the death penalty for a man named Bourgeois. Are we seeing the signaling for the financial reset? A call for the death of the bourgeoisie? It comes after the Bolshevik slogan on a painting in Illonois and the fireeye hack that was believed to be Russia.

  28. To Smug, G-LEEF, JB, Tru-3, MxMM, & all the other ships at sea commenting here: have I told you lately how much I love you guys?

    You are all turning these comments sections of late into WAAAY more than the posts preceding them, & that's a GOOD thing!!

    MxMM -- re your last comment -- I'm DYING over here!! I only wish I knew what in the holy heck was gonna happen re CERN, COVID, the jab, the psyop, the election & on & on. All I know is, at bottom, all these agendas collapse & converge on each other like some run-amok Mark Lombardi artwork. We could have 50 diff people touching 50 diff parts of the elephant & still wouldn't have the whole story -- but we're getting closer.
    Cue the old Wings tune:

    Personally think it should be our theme song in the Batcave!!

    I second all of your recomm'd websites & can only add rigint.blogspot.com where Jeff Wells hit the spots & lit the lights for roughly 2004-2009 in its heyday before losing steam. Hopefully you all can access it better than me now -- my firewalls provide almost zero latitude. Luckily I've got all of his best stuff in hard copy.
    (Another place you can get lost for hours is CYBERSPACEORBIT.COM.)
    Spooky surfing.

    And everybody -- I've SEEN the latest Vatican Nativity atrocity...& can only mega echo all of your thoughts that it goes just fine with the reptilian papal chambers, the lizard-headed Jesus, and the rampant pedo-agenda. Yep, a Nativity designed by Erich von Daniken & Zechariah Sitchin. What could go wrong? Baby Jesus hot-rodding around in a UFO? Makes as much sense as anything else these days.

    Smug, thanks so much for schooling me on the Old v New Testament. (Which clearly I need a lot of straightening out on!) And I feel you too re trying to experience everything in life...still love to listen to the beauty in a Devil's Blood and/or Ghost ditty now & again, because they speak their truths too on the road to enlightenment.
    Am always reminded of that turn of phrase from Kahlil Gibran:
    "And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line.
    For self is a sea boundless and measureless.

    Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.'
    Say not, 'I have found the path of the soul.' Say rather, 'I have met the soul walking upon my path.'
    For the soul walks upon all paths."

    & yes to all, I'm on the latest security nightmare of the SolarWinds hack too. In all likelihood something CCP/Biden related due to his possible incoming & trying to smooth the way for their agenda -- & all tied up with likely Podesta-Gates-Vaxx-Election Coup too. No coincidences here my peeps -- none whatsoever.

    & just to let you all know am looking to a little mini-wrapup of so much going on this Thursday or Friday upcoming. Everybody still wants to rule the world.

    1. I didn't catch the solar winds, that goes deep and touches all the major corporations, military, and government. Right when we're getting hit by an actual solar wind geomagnetic storm.

    2. Indeed G-LEEF -- SolarWinds customers are 425 of the Fortune 500;
      all top 10 US telecomms; all 5 branches of the US Military; the Pentagon-State Dept-NASA-NSA-postal Serv-NOAA-DOJ & the Office of the Pres. All could be compromised right now.

      Statement from their CEO: "We are aware of a potential vulnerability which if present is currently believed to be related to updates which were released between Mar and Jun 2020 to our Orion monitoring products. We believe that this vulnerability is the result of a highly-sophisticated , targeted and manual supply chain attack BY A NATION STATE.
      We are acting in close coordination with FireEye, the FBI, the Intelligence community and other law enforcement to investigate these matters. As such, we are limited to what we can share at this time."

      Fairly strange that this happens right at the conjunction of the biggest election fraud/Coup ever attempted & that benefits the victors who have extensive ties to the CCP, wouldn't you say?

      All very clandestine & creepy.

    3. And btw G-LEEF; between the COVID psyop, the mask mandates, the shutdowns, the election coup insanity and now this breach, the Founding Fathers would have been stacking bodies like cordwood by now.

      Where are all the goddamn MEN in this joint? WTAF!!

    4. Pacified into trust the plan or complete apathy. It's funny even this is laden with symbolism of Orion and they said it was probably inside the software dormant for 9 months coming out with the star of Bethlehem.

    5. Wordman I dont wanna rule the world... I just want Melanias hand me downs! Same size! (I wonder if I can hide in her closet and try on shoes while the aliens- dimensional beings or whatever is in that Vatican ummmm uhhhh display is all over? Okay okay... Where are my big girl pants? I'm looking... "MELANIA can I borrow some pants..." "Mxmm party of one, mxmm party of one.." ok well that was a fun trip in my imagination station... please watch your step as you disembark. Back to my homework... Hugs, Hope you laughed (powerful energy)

    6. I don't know if I want all out war (stacking bodies) and the scope of this evil goes beyond that. Bodies are but vessels for the eternal. I feel like it's the going sentiment that only God or Jesus can save us now. I feel like enough of us can see the enternal aspects and the depths of the depravity in order for us to see that God's judgement is just. JB with his pushing duality doctrine blocks us from remembering that the Bible teaches the Trinity creation, destruction, and the judge ruling over it.

    7. What do you guys think about the headlines of France threating war with Britain? Where would that put Canada? Which Canada stopped training with the CCP btw.

    8. "Pushing duality doctrine"? I've been doing quite the opposite, saying the Great God Pan (and Biblical God) are BOTH Creator and Destroyer, both good and evil as one.

    9. But you say that Jesus is also Pan. And where does the holy Spirit fit in?

    10. Let's get something straight: all I know for certain is that Pan exists, the rest is an attempt at reconciling the modern Judeo-christian narrative with the pagan horned god from prehistoric times.

      As far as the "Holy Spirit" is concerned, it has always seemed like a thinly veiled attempt at incorporating the sacred feminine in a male-dominated religion. The Virgin Mary (lunar, Selene) is the literally veiled goddess, between the Father and the Son.

    11. All I know for certain is that 1. I've felt the holy Spirit (I would liken it to The Word or a sentient frequency that's pointing out things feels like Euphoria) 2. Evil black entities exist 3. Calling on Jesus drives them away. All I Know about Pan is from dreams and I didn't feel anything good from that, it was all suffering. I saw him as Appollyon I guess.

    12. I would also say that communion with the Holy Spirit also sometimes comes as large downloads of information. It's interesting what you said about the sacred feminine; because one of the times I felt the Holy Spirit I got a download of a ten page essay about the nature of the universe and the need for a balance of feminine and masculine, mercy and judgement, creation and destruction. Therefore a need for a third force to keep the balance.

  29. And btw Smug, very good point on the violence of the Old Testament -- it was needed. Dealing with the rampant and violent pedophilia & child sacrifice then needed an equal and opposing force to counter the heinousness. And you are so right that that is echoing right down into today..."As it was in the Days of Noah so shall it be in the Days of the Coming of the Son of Man."...transhumanism, genetic experiments, AI, soul transfer, mind control, the chip -- it's Atlantis & the Tower of Babel all over again out there.

    The secret armies of angels are at work & on the move right now, & when they & the Heavenly Host make themselves fully realized, it ain't gonna be to serve tea and crumpets, or to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of John Podesta & Bill Gates...

    It's going to be terrible. And they will all wish they had never been born. Wheat before the sickle my friend -- wheat before the sickle.

    1. Funny you should mention “days of Noah”... been reading “curse of canaan ” by eustace mullins... as I see it the curse is not of blood, but a memetic virus adopted by by those willfully out to invert and subvert the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.... the sad fact is that all the sjw’s are cannon fodder for the committee of 300 minions and their black nobility dominae.

      On a lighter note, watched a 25 minute interview with Sydney Powell about her lawsuits... the plaintiffs are actually electors of four states, so they will need to find another excuse to reject the cases other than standing


      In the meantime, I’m brushing up on the Lieber Code and the army field manual 27-10, the law of land warfare, particularly chapters 5 and 6: civilian persons and occupations, respectively.


    2. Funny you should mention CofC I was reading and rereading parts of it this summer. Maybe you could help me understand some things about generational curses? For one with the exponential nature of them how can we ever expect to be free? I feel like Jesus is God acknowledging this futility. If you have some reading on generational curses and soul ties to point me to.

  30. Ummmm Wordman, I know you have a ton to deal with but... ummm... can you pick another batcave theme... uhhh salamander theme song no can do! Never heard that one before... weird... must have been trying shoes on or something... so um please... Salamanders!! who puts cattle, snipers and salamander in a song or on the record player in batcave? No no no...please a new one when you have time... hugs mxmm

    1. MxMM!! And they said Lennon was the weird one!....NOPE. Paul all along for the occult heavyweight title belt -- pretty sure it was he that insisted on Crowley for the cover of Sgt Pepp's. Jimmy Page likely got all his interests as hand-me-downs straight from spooky Paulie.

      So, one new theme song comin up....will have to ponder for awhile.

      Now, about that same size as Melania.....RAAAWR!! Thank God this ain't a video-only platform or you'd have the natives beside themselves doing their best impersonations of "The Young & the Restless" outtakes!! Haha!! Kudos with yer bad self & hugs right back!! (Lord you're needed around here...)

    2. Ever heard this story? Allegedly about the Lady in Stairway to Heaven. I read it a couple of years ago, and it kind of haunted me ever since... Led Zeppelin 4 was one of my favorite albums in my teens


      Pretty interesting testimony from peter grant

  31. Hey guys sorry for the Sassafrass last night... Dog died At 5am... knew it was coming wanted to hide in imagination! Big sigh... love you bunches MxMM

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you & your pupster. And don't worry, they're still around -- just in the other room.

      Believe it.

    2. Sorry MXMM I know exactly how you feel. I started posting to get out of my head about my relative dying. Then in the morning light you're looking for the delete button. Like "did I really write that?"

    3. Exactly!! Ok back to it... I hope I can catch up! Wink You all are the best! Hugs with love

  32. https://redstate.com/bradslager/2020/12/14/with-the-media-so-focused-on-super-spreader-events-they-ignore-the-biggest-one-proven-to-take-place-n294229

    Makes two interesting points 1. Creation of hysteria and it's spread.
    2. Did the ones involved in Biogen (which other sites say is CRISPR's rival) spread an actual virus on purpose?

  33. Replies
    1. What's that saying... oh "better the asshoe you know..." So we should all look to the CI a to save us from CCP mind control.. It goes both ways is interesting so if anyone with a powerful enough mind is linked in they could take out their system? Someone said something interesting that "they wouldn't risk their Utopia by having any of us in it" blue checks are already talking about how they think they should all get the vaccine first and then they aren't sure we deserve it. I say we feed the trolls.

    2. They need our *consent*. Both for digital reasons and spiritual ones.

  34. HEY GUYS!!

    Just an announcement that have stumbled across some MAJOR new info that is going to blow all your minds all over again on Friday Night -- launch the new Friday Night Fights!!

    If as much happens in the next 48+ hours as has in the past 24 -- fasten your seatbelts -- NOT in the MSM.

    Thanks MissFrill & G-LEEF for the info drops -- you're gonna love what's coming...Reconvene back here soon.

    It's all TURNING.

    1. Meanwhile, Biden's "acceptance" speech was revolting. He basically, hypocritically accused Trump of doing everything he and the Demoncrats did, while coughing up a lung.

      Btw, I had a thought about the connection between the sub-zero nanotechnology in the "vaccine" being connected to the sub-zero Quantum Computers: what if they won't just edit our DNA, but also our thoughts and memories in real time? And you thought the censorship on Twitter is bad. Orwell was an optimist, the commies have always been about mind control.

      Being injected with nano-probes that link us to the hive-mind of a big black cube? I hope the Borg Queen is HOT!

    2. Friday might be too late or too busy for your article, though, considering it's the 18th, when Trump might activate his 2018 EO, and if he does...

      I wouldn't be surprised if the entire internet goes down for three days.

    3. You can call me Dginn I think I'm going to change to that or something similar.

    4. I am just catching up. Been watching atrocious sen. hearing - but with some high points, esp. guy from Nev. at the beginning ….

  35. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the borg queen looks like Zuckerberg in drag.

  36. Wordman, you mentioned the rigint blog, here's a quote from it from 2011, hit the nail on the head with it.
    Obama's best advice to Americans during that particular obscenity was that they should shop, swim and pray: one of those crystalline moments that said, yes, this President too is a Celebrity Apprentice to the Criminals Without Borders.

  37. Hey tru3!!

    Re Led Zepp & the on-going seeming never-ending occult links, this is one of the best overviews I've ever found:

    All this of course tracks back to the legacy and shadowy goings on established by Robert Johnson & Paganini even before that -- who may have been the world's first "rock star." Who's to know what's real & what's illusion? That's showbiz baby!! Kinda joking but the lineage of folks like Crowley & Kenneth Anger are deeply embedded within the Beatles, Zepp & Stones. You can make a very cogent argument that NONE of those bands would have had the kind of success they had without linking up with some very black forces. Luciferianism, apocalypticism, mind control ops by gov't actors -- it all exploded in Manson, the Tate killings, the White Album, Rosemary's Baby, Altamont, and a frenzy of other side events colliding that have yet to find a rational explanation today...
    The Age of Aquarius rolled in & might have really hit its stride in 1980 when John Lennon gave an interview in Playboy that hinted at Tavistock's early manipulations of the band for social engineering & launching the drug culture. This of course was a major no-no & precipitated his assassination later that same year. Perhaps more than anyone else, Lennon knew the dark depths & still carried the cache to burn it all down.

    Not a stretch at all to say if he had lived what we're going thru right now might not even be possible, such was his power to wake an entire generation up to the extent of the lie.

    But then of course he was still being used also: his 'Imagine' after all is basically the NWO anthem. Given time he would have realized this also and likely changed his tune yet again. Funny how those that bite the hand that fed them (JFK, Lennon, etc) are always the first to be made examples of.

    1. Yeah, I cried the morning when I heard Lennon had been shot.... years later, when I really listened to “bring on the lucid”, I understood the burden he carries much much more deeply.

      Because mainstream rock was such a big part of my formative years, I recall my final dose of cognitive dissonance, the “abandon all hope ye who enter moment” for all this investigation behind the curtain, was “weird scenes from canyon” by Dave McGowan.

      Part one here


    2. Sorry, that’s bring on the lucie (as in Lucis trust)

      We don't care what flag you're waving
      We don't even want to know your name
      We don't care where you're from or where you're going
      All we know is that you came
      You're making all our decisions
      We have just one request of you
      That while you're thinking things over
      Here's something you just better do
      Free the people now
      Do it do it do it now
      Well we were caught with our hands in the air
      Don't despair paranoia is everywhere
      We can shake it with love when we're scared
      So let's shout it aloud like a prayer
      We understand your paranoia
      But we don't want to play your game
      You think you're cool and know what you are doing
      666 is your name
      So while you're jerking off each other
      You better bear this thought in mind
      Your time is up you better know it
      But maybe you don't read the signs
      Well you were caught with your hands in the kill
      And you still got to swallow your pill
      As you slip and you slide down the hill
      On the blood of the people you killed
      Stop the killing now
      Do it do it do it now
      Bring on the Lucie


    3. My favorite version:


  38. Wordman, what made you study the occult? Seriously, an event, fascination, family member... what were the stepping stones.. curious because it is a foriegn language to me! *some people looked at me and said "I could never take care of people in Hospice!" I think it is a beautiful place were the people are REAL! Anyway. so I understand my take of I could never study that! Just wondering! Till Friday at the Batcave... usual time I bet! Hugs with love! MxMM

    1. Mxmm studying the occult is not for everyone and you won't get get any flack for not knowing it. I advise if you are a Christian make sure you shore up your foundations before you dig in because it's a double edged sword and I haven't found anyone that studied it that would ever tell anyone to dive in without knowing themselves first. I've worked alongside hospice and most have had all kinds of unexplainable events around death and yes studying the occult does give some answers but it's often too many and can just end up leaving you lost adrift at Sea. It's something where you have to consistently ask yourself does this conflict with what I know to be true what I've personally experienced? And if you don't have a foundation to compare it to you're lost before you know it. Be careful what you wish for because as CK at ss says, "you better hope the God's don't notice you noticing you." If you haven't had it yet spiritual warfare is very real.

    2. Studying the occult when you want to escape into imagination land is the worst possible time to do it because demons love when you want to escape because that's when they have an opening. Thus why trauma is so important in mind control. I think you should heal over you dog first.

    3. Don't listen to Dginn; just wait for "the stars to be right", read from the Necronomicon, sacrifice a goat and summon the Great Old Ones. ;)

    4. Ok I was wrong, there is JB who would advise that but we all know not to listen to him already. ;)

  39. I re-iterate, Wordman, considering that Trump might activate the 2018 EO on Friday, considering it would most probably start with the entire internet going down for three days, you might want to post your new mind-blowing revelation on thursday latest. If we're talking full-scale military option and possibly the power grid going down as well... there might not be a "later" for this or any blog/social media.

  40. Hey Dginn, you are so right -- spiritual warfare is very real -- as a matter of fact we're living thru its very essence right now moreso than at any time I can remember; it's just blatant to me. Pretty much has been since Trump's 2016 election was the answer to those Clinton-Podesta email wikileaks dumps that begat pizzagate. People had just had enough of the satanic status quo & the white forces fought back in a huge way. A real people's revolution in plain sight.

    And Dginn is also correct, MxMM, that you need a good foundation. Way before even grade school my parents were real 70s parents: exposed me to Kahlil Gibran; my 8th B-day present from a cool neighbor lady was Yellow Submarine! My Mom ate up Chariots of the Gods; and one night at a small dinner party a prof from Univ of Richmond named Moody MacDill told me all about this guy named John Keel. GAME OVER.

    We are all products of our environments and I think back on those days and nights that formed me more often than I prob should, but I can never quite escape their gravity, or the pull they've had on my life. I consider myself extremely spiritual, but have never formed an attachment for any type of organized religion -- have always, ALWAYS felt closer to God taking a walk in the woods (I still live there) or mountains than I ever have in any church. Remember the Dad on the Waltons who never went to church and always said "Aw, that's just not me."? Well, that's pretty much me in a nutshell.

    Have never felt scared or fearful (respected, yes) of the Devil; have always thought he's just another part of God and in his own twisted way he too is fulfilling God's plan -- his Masterplan. After all, he too is one of God's creations. He is the enemy, but you have to KNOW the enemy in order to prevail. Have never to this point, nor would I ever partake in anything heinous or ickky aside from the occasional Devil's Blood or Ghost tune as I've stated here ad nauseum. I just plain love the musicality of the late Selim Lemouchi and saw him definitely towards the end taking more of a romantic poet/Gnostic viewpoint rather than straight-on satanism; perhaps he was evolving in a journey towards the ultimate Creator instead of his erstwhile sideman! As far as Ghost goes, love their tunes too but their mocking tone most def helps -- as in "mock the devil & he will flee from thee!!" Sounding like the best of Blue Oyster Cult only sweetens the pot!

    I view all of us as being on a never-ending journey posing as spirits in the material world. I love all you guys for coming with me since 2011 here -- it's been a long time!! And we're still just getting started...

    Oh & JB, I'm placing my $$ on January 6 as the big date -- of course that EO could be activated any time just like you mention, but I think Trump, with a typical flair for the dramatic, is gonna make all of us wait just awhile longer. Still have my antennas out though...because MUCH is going on behind the scenes...

    Excelsior my friends. Back soon.

    1. Wordman this might be redundant but I felt it was pertainent.

    2. Mind me asking which Gibran book? Because it's interesting to note that Gibran's publishing timeline shows him moving from the occult to Christianity. One of his last ones being Jesus Son of God, I think.

    3. Hey Dginn!!

      Several, but The Prophet was exhibit #1 in Counterculture central!!...Interesting that arc of Gibran's too. Kind of mirrors the same one, to a more radial extreme of course, that I was mentioning re Selim Lemouchi's. Was def at the end moving from extreme darkness & chaos towards, if not the Light, much more of a balance between.

      Which to me indicates both understanding and enlightenment.

      That's a great vid re mind control btw...I'm sure you'll also get into Aaron & Melissa Dykes over at Truthstream in this one. It reiterates in very plain terms exactly what is going on w/the mask protocols & mandates today: it's a conditioning ritual of constant repetition that serves as an INITIATION.

      If you think all of this isn't underpinned by some seriously DARK mojo...look again.

    4. Did you see AJ's article about Disney digitally adding masks on their rides then came out and apologized?

    5. Can you explain EO? That's one I'm not hip to.

    6. I believe it’s this one on foreign interference in elections:


    7. Thanks Tru3 I replied to your comment waay back there too.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Thank you Wordman and Dgnn, I have no intention of digging into occult. I have always steered clear. I had an NDE on Dec 23, 1981 and it changed me forever. (Head on car wreck) when I came back to my body. I was escorted and I knew without asking something wanted my soul. I knew it. Many things happen during that NDE that finally make sense 40 yrs later in The Great Awakening. My oldest son died 3 years ago... the dog triggered a lot of emotions... just saying! I am back though and leave the occult to you all. I too am not an organized religion person. But I know we are all mighty everlasting spiritual beings. We are all an energy and the divine is as much a part of us as we are of it. (But if I ever see a shapeshifter I will drop of a heart attack I know it) spiritual warfare is real... ok.. hugs with love MxMM

    10. I'm not saying avoid it at all Love, because I think some of what is considered occult is what God and Jesus intended for us to know. And when I encountered one I was not studying the occult at all and was at a disadvantage because the other people around me had and had brought it and I had Nothing I'd ever seen or heard to prepare me.

  41. PS to JB -- lay off that goat sacrificing stuff would ya!! Jeebers I'm a Capricorn fer Lord's sake!! Haha!!

  42. That YouTube link blew me away but as with the clear blue persuasion one it felt like IT is part of the MKUMC itself. Especially with her hypnotic voice and the images.