Sunday, January 30, 2022


Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming,

Saying something about a queen.
There were peasants singing and drummers drumming,
And the archer split the tree.

There was a fanfare blowing to the sun
That was floating on the breeze.

Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.

(We got Mother Nature on the run in the Twentieth Century...)

I was lying in a burned out basement
With the full moon in my eyes.
I was hoping for replacement
When the sun burst through the sky.

There was a band playing in my head,
And I felt like getting high.

I was thinking about what a friend had said.
I was hoping it was a lie.
Thinking about what a friend had said.
I was hoping it was a lie.

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver space ships flying
In the yellow haze of the sun.
There were children crying and colors flying
All around the chosen ones.

All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun.

Flying Mother Nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun.
Flying Mother Nature's silver seed to a new home.  

Well, we live in a trailer at the edge of town

You never see us 'cause we don't come around
We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down
But we need you now, and that's why I'm hangin' 'round
So you be good to me and I'll be good to you
And in this land of conditions I'm not above suspicion
I won't attack you, but I won't back you
Well, it's so good to be here, asleep on your lawn
Remember your guard dog? Well, I'm afraid that he's gone
It was such a drag to hear him whining all night long
Yes, that was me with the doves, setting them free near the factory
Where you build your computer love
I hope you get the connection, 'cause I can't take the rejection
I won't deceive you, I just don't believe you
Well, I'm a barrel of laughs, with my carbine on
I keep 'em hoppin', til my ammunition's gone
But I'm still not happy, I feel like there's something wrong
I got the revolution blues, I see bloody fountains
And ten million dune buggies comin' down the mountains
Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars
But I hate them worse than lepers and I'll kill them in their cars  

Funny the things you stumble across. Was watching this fantastic old back-in-the-day Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows, Night Stalker) prime time abduction piece from 1992 -- which dates it even pre-X Files. Somewhat based on the work of the lates Budd Hopkins and John Mack, it details, kitchen-sink style, pretty much everything that was happening, disclosure-wise, in the underground UFO/alt scene at the time, when paranoia and distrust of government institutions were on the rise in those heady days that were the runup to the Millennium, and which hadn't seen such jumps in cognitive awareness since Watergate. The zeitgeist was in full flow, and we were all painting it black, you devils.  

Intruders also starred the late Richard Crenna, who I had the personal pleasure of meeting face to face one time at the Homestead resort in the VA highland mountains -- he was a true gentleman, and, beginning about the time he starred in First Blood, (which was nothing more than a warning shot against the dangers of early MK-Ultra programming resulting in Rambos littering the playing field), began taking a very personal interest in the oversight capabilities of our institutions. At some very crucial junctures, with his choices, he became kind of a Burt Lancaster for this Brave New World we were just starting to confront.  

Where things get interesting for us in the here and now: scroll forward to the 1:31:06 mark in the full movie here: 

By all means please take in the entire thing, but this will provide you with enough background for the 10 minutes or so I'm talking about. At 1:41:28 is where the pertinent drops begin.

Now, after watching those 3 minutes -- notice anything suspicious? Any parallels? 

Just how long has the Military-Industrial Complex been embracing such tech -- with perhaps "help" from elsewhere -- in their experiments on us? The crudeness of what was going on in the early 90s has given way to the uber occult tech of today, replacing all forms of graphene for carbon, cloud-brain interfaces for the babysteps of hypnosis and mind control likely crafted in the beginning forays of MK-Ultra from their Nazi brethren. And remember always, those Nazis were, admittedly, in "contact" also with entities only described as the "other." Perhaps interventions of platforms like nanowires and hydras and 5G fields have only facilitated the "arrival" and accelerated the Metaverse colonization timeline.

Most importantly, see the activation at body heat levels, which mirrors exactly the activation protocols we see today in the vaccines, and whatever is in them, underlining the initial need to ship and store them at such ridiculously cold some of the parameters have changed; but more haven't. All of this has been cited chapter and verse by researchers like Drs Carrie Madej, Jane Ruby, Karen Kingston, and a host of others. All their research and findings are readily available thru Stew Peters' platform on Rumble, to name just one. The Spanish research physicians platform La Quinta Columna is another reaching these same ominous conclusions. 

More and more, I'm sensing a commonality thruline apparent in all of these experiments on the germline of humanity. And all have been working towards something, some final goal. They are still working (and a very occult "working" it is) towards that goal, and we are well along the way, especially with what's happened with such rapidity in the last 2 years.

Just a bit of food for thought on these dark and snowy nights...on the way to a Reset and a New World Order none of us asked for.

And speaking of those that have been recruited to work for things, have I mentioned how the mighty angels are now the fallen ones? Have I mentioned Neil Young lately?

Getting on his highest of high horses, the erstwhile hippy took none other than Joe Rogan (and all of Spotify) to task for "medical misinformation." I chuckle because I find it the height of "pot meet kettle" when the entities Young is stumping for have been outright lying to us for the past 2 years nonstop over, well, over everything in order to blind us to any kind of truth so they can enlist our employment in Brainwashed Town. The gaslighting and hypocrisy is unrelenting. All to meet their ends sooner rather than later of a full Transhumanism circus coming to town. 

The fun really starts when you examine the Young music catalog that he was attempting to use as leverage against free speech. That, and the Young history, where it gets even murkier, and ties into things like the Manson Op and the CIA infiltration, from the beginning, of the "alt" music industry.

You see, the problem for them began in earnest when Rogan began giving 3 hour platforms to folks like Drs. Peter McCullough and Robert Malone, both of whom did such a hatchet job on the mainstream Covid narrative that to describe it as scorched earth would be like saying Hiroshima was a brush fire. Both dismantled it from the studs up, leaving no stone unturned in their respective analyses of just how thoroughly we've been bamboozled by cold killers that think no more of murdering us en masse than you or I do over slicing a piece of bread.

Plus, even more galling to the magickians, they did it by following, really, and not just in name, "the science." 

This could not be allowed to stand -- hence we have, amoung so many other things, the Young gambit.

First Jimmy Dore's take:

But WAIT -- there's so much more -- care for a link to, yes, Pfizer?

This stuff ain't rocket science, folks. Just plain old, Watergate-era, Follow The Money.

But where it starts to get REALLY ooh la la is in the mofo backstory:   

You see, Neil was ALWAYS just a stone's throw from MKUltra and Manson from the onset. McGowan was the first to send up the signal flare over this -- as the dot-connecting continues apace, he certainly won't be the last. But he dropped oh so valuable breadcrumbs along the way for us to follow. They stand out like radioactive beacons in the night.

And more, MUCH more, to that end:

Pretty sure I've linked to that before but hugely worth the retelling...especially in light of present developments...

And we can't forget the excellent Tom O'Neill:

Here's his entire work:

That's parts I & II. And this is the world that Neil Young not only brushed elbows with but fully INHABITED in his running days. And this is the world that now inhabits, pushes, and steers the entire COVID narrative, which it fully intends to continue placing front and center in everybody's lives so that it, in turn, may now inhabit you

Rockin in the free world? Nice work if you can get it. But it ain't what it used to be, 'cause freedom now ain't so free. Between the interface and the arrival there's not a lot of room left for the quaintness of personal freedom. Especially when everyone from the WEF to the NIH/CDC to DARPA to footsoldiers like Neil Young depend on you not having it. The overarching agenda makes no allowances for it. Transhumanism has no quarter for it. We've gone from the kindergarden blocks of alien implants to the warp speed of gene editing and CRISPR tech in a heartbeat of the biological record. And the sky (heh heh) is the limit. Mother Nature's on the run indeed. For sure. Check all these lyrics and songs here -- they scream insider operator part and parcel to an agenda long in the making; one that takes many forms as it hurtles down thru the decades; but one in which the endgame was always clear.

From this song to The Needle And The Damage Done, the ironic freight train is bearing down these days, isn't it? And their lack of shame is only eclipsed by their lack of self-knowledge.

But that's a pricey commodity in the brainwashed. Even more so in the compromised.

There's colors on the street/ Red White and blue/ People shuffling their feet/ People sleepin in their shoes

There's a warnin sign on the road ahead/ There's a lot of people sayin we'd be better off dead/ Don't feel like Satan but I am to them/ So I try to forget it any way I can....

Eloquence has turned into the sinister ambience of gaslight, but then again, maybe it was all along.

And perhaps pertaining to nothing -- before I go I'm just gonna leave this here, for your perusal: 

And this:

Sensing a trend....let's go back...

And read this:

Even when the long shadows of Covid tail off in the fear porn spectrum, there is so much more to come...the stage is being set. The Military Industrial Complex, with Big Tech and Big Pharma riding shotgun and batting cleanup, never sleep. And even now, as orders are being shouted into cellphones worldwide in the corridors of power and plans are moving past the blueprint stage, things are gathering...

When the days of Neil Young being a puppet are dust, the next puppets (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) may very well be us.





Wednesday, January 26, 2022


No one could explain it

What went on that night
How every living thing
Just dropped out of sight

We watched them take the bodies
And row them back to shore
Nothing like that ever
Happened here before

On the east side of the island
Not too far from the shore
There stood the old house
Of fifty years or more

All the doors and windows
Were locked inside and out
The fate of those trapped in there
Would never be found out

There ain't no life on Monkey Island
No one cares and no one knows
The moon hangs out on Monkey Island
The night has dealt the final blow

The fish jumped from the water
And started walking home
The birds all started screaming
And dove into the foam

The night came out of nowhere
And then a quiet rain
Footsteps in the darkness
Down a half forgotten lane

There ain't no life on Monkey Island
No one cares and no one knows
The moon hangs out on Monkey Island
The night has dealt the final blow

Times are tough, frustration/ Need relief, medication/ Gone to far, intoxication/ Fight the urge, of temptation/ Miles to go, no destination/ Is it real, hallucination/ Lose the dream, of stagnation/ Feel so lost, desperation


It's much too close, contamination/ Love and pain, and deviation/ Just suck it all, ejaculation/ It's much too late, for damnation


When I was young,
My mother told me,
She said "Son,
Someday everything's gonna be alright.
There's no escape,
There's no salvation,
It's much to dark, for Revelation."


Ironic isn't it, that just a few posts back I cited one of my favorite Chinese proverbs "If there is no tiger in the mountains the monkey will be king." And now thru the powers of synchronicity and shared karma, those monkeys are loose in the psychosphere and running quantum entangled riot over the narrative of late. 

I still have no idea what's going on, but some more threads have emerged from the fog of war that is our lives now, and a bleak picture emerges...

Perhaps we'll say this phase of the ending began on a cold Friday in Pennsylvania, at which time a transported cargo of monkeys from Mauritius met a crashing end to their journey hard by the intersection of I-80 and Rte 54, details of which are addressed here: 

Concerns quickly became magnified when the CDC became involved, and any answers -- were the monkeys infected? Where were they going? (supposedly Florida??) -- weren't forthcoming and even the questions made little to no sense. getting to Florida from a JFK arrival by way of PA made little to no sense at all for starters, unless the real destination was in fact somewhere in PA all along, which hosts more than a few number of clandestine BSL-3 & 4 labs likely both over and underground. Then there is this headline from the archives:

And check that dateline: November of 2021.

There is also the not small matter, which I have not been able to verify but that needs mentioning in the interim, that the woman that was exposed bears a striking resemblance to someone else of note:

You will also notice how the narrative keeps shifting -- first she was fine, then she stuck only her finger in the cage that she thought was full of "kitties" (!!), then she was hissed at, now she's got pink eye and lung problems from some unknown contagion. Note that the hissing part indicates airborne transmission. So things seem to be being manipulated on the fly...

But wait, there's more!:

I'm sure you can glean from all these articles the fact not only that we're not getting the whole story -- it's extremely likely we're not even getting half of the story right now. And that should make you extremely worried given what else is going on in our little sci-fi theatre over the past several days...

This past Sunday in DC saw a frigid 60,000 attend a Stop The Mandates Rally featuring speakers like Del Bigtree, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough and RFK, Jr. amoung many others assembled to address their rights to stop the rampant tyranny and human rights violations growing in our midst. By far the 2 most important speeches are right here, and they have been getting scrubbed mightily:

Then on the heels of that rally came the news of Senator Ron Johnson launching a series of Congressional investigations on Capitol Hill re the viability of all covid vaxxes, their possible harm to all concerned, the clinical data, and all trial info. was this covered wall-to-wall 24/7 the way it should have been by all the MSM, the way similar critical junctures in our history have been like Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc? Not in the slightest. 

The fact that not a PEEP was heard over a critical issue that effects the life of every man, woman, and child on this continent and the world should tell you all you need to know about the "objectivity" of today's vaunted media machine. The fix is in. Here's what I could find:

All this unfolding amid a backdrop of the WH withdrawing all covid regulations:

When CNN admits this, when the UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, and other EU stalwarts begin dismantling their covid lockdowns, masks, and vaxx protocols across the board, you know the narrative is crumbling right before your eyes in real time. 

All of which begs the question, just what is going on in Pennsylvania? And why? 

Meanwhile, down South in VA, look at this:

Blocking ivermectin treatments and calling the cops on the dissenters...what I may ask again and again, do they have against this perfectly wonderful treatment that could have stopped this "pandemic" (if there ever was such a thing) in its tracks at the very outset? There is always the "follow the money" gambit, and of course that plays a role here as does everything else when hospitals get untold thousands for every positive covid admittance, even more for every vent, even more for every death, and on and on...but something else is going on that not more than a few paying very close attention know about.

Ivermectin is an anti-PARASITIC. So what, you say.

Carrie Madej has got your so what right here:

THIS is the information she has been blacklisted, ostracized, and put out of business for. This is what she has been threatened over, in the land of the "free," and home of the "brave." Pardon me while I choke. The only bravery here I see is hers, for reporting what she sees, for being a good person, for holding on to both her soul and the Hippocratic Oath.  

If she is even close to correct, I have very little wiggle room in calling this exactly what it looks like, an Invasion scenario. A bioforming. A colonization. A preparation platform. And then everything, and I mean everything, that's been predicted right here over the past 7+ years comes into full, cinemascope view. Because what else are you going to call it? Because it's where CERN, and what Epstein was doing amid the backdrop of the CFR, WEF, NIH, Harvard and the Gates Foundation, and the relentless, unending vaxx push all begin to make linear sense in the largest, most horror-filled perspective anyone could ever imagine in their most fevered nightmares; where all those scarlet threads that have been woven begin to form a picture...  

This is me, from my lonely outpost atop Monkey Island, amid every signal and sigil in the book, reporting on the Reconstruction.





Friday, January 21, 2022


"Unusual, isn't it? They say it came from a comet. Do you know what a comet is?"

(shakes head no)

"It's the most beautiful and powerful of all the celestial bodies. A blazing light in the night sky that can reveal all the secrets of the universe....Very soon the comet will pass so close to the Earth that you'll be able to see it with your very own eyes. We'll have a grand party to celebrate the good luck and fortune it will bring. Not to mention the thinning of the veil between the worlds."   

"We have our volunteer."

"Your human sacrifice."

"Our vessel. Capable of holding a whole new world inside of them. And everything is possible in this new world, Melody."     

"All the blood, the death. All those people in there you're planning to sacrifice --"

"For a greater good!"

They think they're at a party, Iris. Not being used as human batteries for your fucking jailbreak!"        Archive 81 (2022)

"You and everyone you know has a piece of DNA in your genome, put there without you knowing it."

"No one has the right or the ability to tamper with your DNA!"

"Unless we gave them that ability." 

"But with compromised immune systems, it's the vaccines that are attacking their systems."

"Meaning we're infecting them?"

"Thinking that we're protecting them." 


Where did we leave off last time in our open source, real world cliffhanger? The narrative spins and as we retrace our steps we are able to ascertain just how much has been revealed -- as the great karmic, occult doctrine requires them to do. Much started right here early in the X-Files 3rd season in 1995, pre-internet, pre-our mass ability to talk to each other, decode, and access: it all started with another vaccination, the smallpox one, when something like a bar code was installed in each one of us and the "cataloging" began courtesy of the Nazi-derived Paperclip system and operation:   

Call it predictive programming or the Revelation of the Method or Externalization of the Hierarchy -- it's been revealing itself for quite some time now, and most often before-the-fact per the Chris Carter method now updated 2016. 

(Mentions of CRISPR, gene deletions and turning off the immune system feature prominently. Full episode here: ) 

Although not always. Of late the rug-pulls are appearing increasingly after we've already taken their bait in that same system that's still running:

As you can see from the above, before you can say Novak Djokovic, everyone from Pfizer heads to Albert Bourla to Stefan Olerich of Bayer to various and sundry CDC leaks are, in real time, admitting that these mRNA vaxxes are, well golly, gene editing and gene therapy after all. Shucks, we're sorry, but it turns out we've actually been lying to you all this time up til now in all our frantic denials of the very same thing. All you wretched "conspiracy theorists?" You've been right all along. Go figure!

LSS: stop using he term 'vaccine' to quantify the current situation. This is no way, shape or form is any kind of vaccine. This is a simulated mRNA code that is being injected into everyone as preparation. For what you can argue -- the Metaverse? (We're all just avatars for something else.) A new reality? They didn't coin it the Great Reset for nothing. Think back to the mass lockdowns that began around March 2020, what also began then? A massive infrastructure including the beginning scaffoldings of the 5G network -- they needed all of us, en masse, out of the way so that could be installed without the scrutiny of too many prying eyes snooping around. Why?

As Ben Joseph Stewart postulates in this crucial ep of the Higherside Chats, first contact has already been established, perhaps dating back to the times of John Dee and others, what we are continuing to see is just the eventual fallout of the retrofitting; i.e., if we went to Mars, what would we humans need to do to Mars so that we could live and thrive there? 

Since 2020, the proliferation of 5G towers has exploded, and all accomplished without any kind of human sustainability accounts, or any quantitative studies as per possible harm done:    

All those women having menstrual and bleeding, reproductive problems? All of those ones that we've censored and disregarded and marginalized for claiming the very same thing post-vaxx? Well, it turns out THAT was true too -- along with all those pesky heart probs and embolisms and strokes that we've been blaming on climate change and global warming -- you got it -- they're all caused by the vaxx too. 

But you can still trust us. Here's booster no.8!! Inject away puny earth fools! We are building "it" because they are coming. Our instructions are clear. To recount that timeless line from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers '78 version, why do we always expect metal ships? 

Perhaps this is colonization. Couched in techo-speak for the common good, wrapped in mass psychosis so no one can object, and trotted out for the betterment of hypnotized humanity -- when in reality it is the ultimate Operation Trojan Horse. And another line from '78: "It's happening NOW." 

Will we all be shouting too late -- "It's a cookbook!!"? 

Before we leave the last remnants of the 'X' factor, check this eeriness out:    

Do you even want me to get into SADS -- Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Because that's suddenly a real thing too, along with the rise of thousands of children having heart attacks that was always happening but that we just somehow never noticed before, what with our busy lives and all. Same thing with all those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages that are up >50%. Nothing to see here.

All those football stars dropping stone cold dead on the pitch? Normal. Surely you noticed that's been a thing for decades now. 

But shhhhh -- Mass Formation Psychosis....that is NOT a thing. How dare you! (In my best Greta Thunberg.)

I've got something else that's currently in mass formation: Gaslighting.

They somehow, by making it relentlessly uncool to actually stand for anything, have made it de rigueur to fall for anything. To fall for it all. And haven't the great mass of humanity done just that as science fiction turns rapidly into science fact.

But not nearly as many as you might think. The word is spreading, and fast. Cross-correlate this article with the "science fiction" of Chris Carter above and all those other headlines I included for you to click thru:     

Many, so many, are awake and aware to the fact that something is opening. A door. A gate. A portal. They can feel it. That feeling of that splinter in the mind is growing incessant. A quickening and hyper-realization of all the senses is stalking the land, and you don't have to be a superhero to access it. 

And look what other entrenched player has entered the arena again -- MITRE. A dark entity that we have looked at in these outlying pasturelands before:

Here they pop up again, not so strangely:

(Notice that in all of Africa, the one little place that stands out on the implementation map happens to be Rwanda. I find that more than highly ominous given its past history as possible beta-testing ground for voice-to-skull dark techs that we have looked at before here.) 

And here:

Spooky enough yet?

MITRE, PALINTIR, Gotham Data Services, General Dynamics, Bechtel, RAND Corp, Tavistock. All of these banned, shadowy corporations are cutouts and fronts for the elite and their social engineering (partnering with transhumanism) fuckery. Want something that'll curl your toes? Look into all of these and where the tentacles lead...

Look into what happened to Jack Wheeler: 

Spoiler alert: it very likely had nothing to do with Russia or cyber threats. Gaslight me harder.

Look more closely into this -- something else they swore wasn't happening, or possible thru the vaxxes: 

And just why would they want to do that? 

"Nowhere on planet earth are people free of the trucks. They travelled across Rwanda dirt roads. They ride on Kuwaiti highways. They move thru these city streets...Can you hear them? Do you hear them? The trucks don't care...Without us knowing they must make trucks out of all of us. They have the map. They can make us go down any street they want to. Streets that we would never even dream of going down. They flip a switch, we go east. They flip another switch, we go north. And we never even know we have been flipped..."

Either the way is being prepared for opening, or WE are being prepared for same. Maybe the doors are us.

And just because they love their perverse numerology factors, does anyone besides me find it right up their alley and well within the occult-techno purview to massively roll out the c-band 5G in another couple of hours on 1/19......when it just happens to be the reverse of 9/11?

Remember one the guiding tenets of Crowley. Learn to speak and talk backwards. (In reverse.) As any true devotee of either the Beatles or Led Zeppelin could tell you that. But don't worry -- it's probably nothing. There is this though -- the ability of graphene oxide to be activated by cellphone frequency:  


I know, for one thing, that this interview Steven Greer did with William Pawelec (released posthumously back in 2010) hits totally differently now in early 2022 knowing what we know up to this point: 

We are dealing with technologies, as well as ideologies, that have been on the loose (if not exactly free-range) for at the very least decades now, if not far longer. Our real-time technocracy has finally caught up with the long-held directives and "angelic" communications of John Dee, Gilles de Rais, and Elizabet Bathory, to name just a few. What's going on in today's world from everything Epstein and Gates, the entire network, is merely updated versions of what they were attempting. The entire vaxx agenda hooks right in to the genetic manipulation of the human species as well as the quantum reconstruction of reality. (see the Zuckerberg META implications of last time...) Every day another piece fits.

We may wish for a Star Trek future, but with every passing minute, the Childhood's End of Arthur C. Clarke seems a far more accurate forecast: "In this single galaxy of ours there are eighty seven thousand million suns ... In challenging it, you would be like ants attempting to label and classify all the grains of sand in all the deserts of the world. It is a bitter thought but you must face it. The planets you may one day possess. But the stars are not for man."  

And that seems to me somewhat of a warning. A kind of galactic Beware Of The Dog (Star) sign posted for all to see.

"Counting all the choices, mapping down your mind...Listen to the voices that you left behind...Rewind the tapes and..."

Just found this and continue to be flabbergasted...from the Symbolism will be their downfall Department...there is so much here it boggles the mind, and on quite public display at the NYC corporate headquarters of PFIZER -- this artwork is not to be believed: Horus, son of Osiris by the way, Egyptian god of the Dead and of the Afterlife...Horus was thought to transcend the mortal understanding of puny "morality" -- sound familiar? Also check the symbolism of empty vessels: 

Why such an interest in Egyptian antiquities, and tie-ins with genomics? Strange bedfellows:

There is most definitely something here....

Same as with Epstein's marked interest in Pan symbolism -- caution: MAJOR rabbithole of occult weirdness ahead: 

So many converging interests amoung so many like-minded individuals. Fascinating. We may very well be seeing a fluid dimensionality at work here, a slipstream of crosscurrents running parallel programs across multiple timelines, all seeking access. Is that CERN on the line? The relatively trivial minutiae of the assorted Mandela Effects could likely wind up being the least of our worries when the Lovecraftian Elder Gods find a way in or a portal thru.  

"Someone's knockin at the door/ Somebody's ringing the bell/ Do me a favor, open the door/ Let 'em in......" 

Looking back over our shoulder from these days of acquiescence and transient morality, after all, it's what they've always lobbied for, isn't it? Sometimes the simplest alchemy is the most effective. Laissez faire sigil magick at its finest. That mass formation psychosis had to start somewhere, didn't it? 

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it appears a tennis player, of all things, led the way to revolution...

Thanks to Novak Djokovic and his stand against medical tyranny/apartheid Down Under, more and more headlines like this are appearing every day since his deportation:   (Imagine working at Starbucks, not wanting the vaxx, but then complying in order to keep your job...then finding out today they no longer require you to have it.) 

As the narrative crumbles the Fightback begins. As something trips over in the mind of the Collective, like a contagion inserted into the hive mind of the Borg Cube, it appears now to be happening all over the world. From the UK to the Czech Republic to Ireland, nations at this hour are jettisoning the mask and vaxx protocols en masse, perhaps harbingers of either a cresting wave of awakened freedom or preparation for the next step in the takeover -- at this point who can say? All we can see quite markedly is that the narrative is shifting. Perhaps they underestimated the amount of pushback they'd encounter -- or the amount of fight left in a population they thought they'd hypnotized and brainwashed to the nth degree. The rebelling spirit in humanity is far more than they thought they'd have to contend with at this juncture, and for that we can heartily congratulate ourselves.   

Oh, and in case you haven't, by all means check out Archive 81 currently burning up (#1) Netflix. If you express a familiarity for ideas brought forth, (dare I say conjured?) in this blog, you will be right at home. The quotes at the header are just the beginning.....think Skull and Bones, Blavatsky, Theosophy, OTO, the Agape Lodge in LA that Jack Parsons headed, DNA charting and manipulation, high-level Corporate occultism, and so much more. I see metaphors for comet Hale-Bopp, Bohemian Grove, CERN, the present vaxx agenda, and on and on weaving thruout the eight episodes. 

Synchronicity rears its head again. Call it the 100th Monkey, call it whatever, but outlier patterns and alt research from places just like this are entering the groupmind. And playing spot the influence via every veiled (heh heh) reference has never been so much fun. All will be revealed. And then some.    

Steady at the wheel, my friends. Steady at the wheel. Those open doors that can usher in that medical apartheid and tyranny and can also open out onto the cry of freedom. If we are to be vessels, then let's all brush up on our Fitzgerald and choose to be boats. Boats against the current. Always.