Sunday, August 9, 2015


“After such knowledge, what forgiveness?”     T. S. Eliot

 “Sitting in the stand of the Sports Arena/ Waiting for the show to begin/
Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine/ A good friend of mine follows the stars
Venus and Mars are alright tonight
Standing in the hall of the great cathedral/ Waiting for the transport to come/
Starship 21ZetaA9/ A good friend of mine studies the stars,
Venus and Mars are alright tonight
Come away on a strange vacation/ Holiday hardly begun
Run into a good friend of mine/ Sold me her sign/ Reach for the stars
Venus and Mars are alright tonight…”             Wings, Venus and Mars

     “A sister killed her baby ‘cause she couldn’t afford to feed it/ And we’re sending
people to the moon/ September my cousin tried reefer for the very first time,
Now he’s doin’ horse, it’s June, unh
It’s silly no? When a rocket ship explodes/ And everybody still wants to fly
Some say a man ain’t happy unless a man truly dies, oh why?/ Times.
Baby make a speech, Star wars fly/ Neighbors just shine it on/
But if a night falls and a bomb falls/ Will anybody see the dawn?
It’s silly no? When a rocket blows and everybody still wants to fly
Some say man ain’t happy truly until a man truly dies, oh why?/
Sign O’ the times.”       Prince, Sign O The Times


     “If we are observing a Ritual Working, we should be (seeing) relevant synchronicities; coincidences that have meaning which form a pattern.”              Michael Hoffman

     “Due to attacks to my computers, my friends at End Times Matrix News having their YouTube channel pulled, my website having been corrupted, and a personal visit by two gentlemen from an ‘agency’ during my last Saturday’s public presentation for Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero event, and their same-day attacks cited here…no longer will I be providing CERN-related information here, or elsewhere, including personal appearances, web interviews, etc.  Nor will my last novel, ‘Coalescence,’ be published.  This is not a fear-based decision.  Simply prudent.  The information has been put out.  It is still available through other sources.  I will be here to correspond, however not specific to CERN-related topics.”         Anthony Patch, author and CERN researcher for 15 years, on Facebook, announced June 21, 2015


     “Snow, cement, and ivory young towers/ Someone called us Babylon/ Those hungry hunters/ Tracking down the hours…It’s party time for the guys in the Tower of Babel/ Sodom meet Gomorrah/ Cain meet Abel/
Have a ball y’all/See the letches crawl with the call girls under the table/ Watch them dig their graves/ ‘Cause Jesus don’t save the guys/ in the Tower of Babel.”                Elton John, Tower of Babel

     The land shall be crisscrossed by a giant spider’s web.         Sixth sign of the Hopi Prophecies foretelling the End Times

     I present to you again, dead-of-nighters, a most disturbing sequence of events.  Herein we’ll examine, among other things, the speculations of the silenced, intimidated and censored author and researcher Anthony Patch, who seems to have ruffled the feathers of some elites that are very connected to and interested in hiding a private agenda concealing the true intentions of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research just outside Geneva, Switzerland, operating since 1954 100 meters underground (although some detectors lie 700 meters down) and nearly 17 miles in circumference.  Some of these speculations seem so ‘out there,’ so improbable, so spooky, that one has to wonder why exactly the information shutdown was initiated unless parts of the research were hitting far too close to home.  And, as we’ll see, this research interlinks and corresponds in frightening ways to the work of others done through the years, and points to the Babalon Workings of Jack Parsons, and the stygian scryings of Dr. John Dee, being far from over.  Amazingly, they’ve been updated and transported across the decades and centuries to manifest in truly magickal technology that seeks to rule the here, the now, and the to be.  So, earnest cybernauts, strap in, it’s atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed…and welcome to the Reconstruction.


     Before we get started, let’s get one provable, and seemingly innocent, fact out of the way.  CERN created the World Wide Web, the Internet, as we know it, Al Gore be damned.  It was started as a project called ENQUIRE by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, based on the concept of hypertext, and intended as a tool for information-sharing amongst researchers.  The first website was activated in 1991, and on April 30 1993 (hey, Walpurgisnacht again) CERN announced that the Internet would be free to all.  I say ‘seemingly innocent’ above, because in connecting dots in this research, a possible true motive becomes shudderingly apparent, and scarily workable in simplistic, evil intent.  Even today, more than a third of all web traffic travels through the CERN facilities in Geneva, a rate that is only expected to multiply in the coming years.  Another fact that should give us pause, as we shall see.  Because in terms of the ‘Great Work,’ and by the time we get through, this ‘gift’ will bear more than a passing resemblance to the Trojan Horse.

     “What is coming to pass today is not a generation gap or a communications gap but rather a species gap.  A new species is making its way onto the planet.  This inevitably brings it into conflict with the dominant species.  And that dominant species is a dying species.  A higher form of humanity is taking control of our planet…this form will survive while the older species dies out.  Outwardly these mutant humans resemble the earlier forms.  The difference is inward, in their consciousness.”          John White, 1979 International Cooperation Council Directly (now known as the Unity in Diversity Council).

     “Creation is not yet completed.  Man must pass through many further stages of metamorphoses.  Post-Atlantean man is already in a state of degeneration and decline, barely able to survive.  All creative forces will be concentrated in the New Species.  Two types of man, the old and the new, will evolve rapidly.  One will disappear from the face of the earth.  The other will flourish.”            Adolph Hitler

     CERN posits an interesting dichotomy, but one which hides an inner plan hitherto unknown to the general public.  Outwardly, they advance a forward-thinking, scientific rationale to seemingly benefit humanity through the exploration/extrapolation of the outer fringes of particle physics and quantum mechanics.  Inwardly, something else is afoot, and can be ascertained by interpreting the symbols and sacred geometry embedded in their facilities, their own curious public statements, and the way their schedules align, over and over again, with celestial mechanics and the movement of the planets.  This something ‘else’ is darker, altogether sinister, and should in no way coincide with a strictly scientific mission of knowledge-seeking.  Nor is this a consciousness-expanding exercise in the greater sense.  These protocols appear to be, for all intents and purposes, a series of directives.  Keep in mind as we peer ever further into the coming machinery of Year Zero, that even the most exotic, advanced computer program is nothing more than a list of commands.

     “The scale of electro-magnetic vibrations extends over sixty octaves, of which the human eye can see but one.  Beyond that sinister barrier of our limitations, outside that poor, ineffective range of vision, bossing every man jack of us from the cradle to the grave, invisibly preying on us as ruthlessly as any parasite, are… the creatures who really own the Earth.”       Eric Frank Russell, Sinister Barrier (1939)

     Theologians and biblical scholars such as Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli have long postulated a coming “Black Awakening,” where the world elite, utilizing all technology and all the ages-old hidden knowledge from the far stars at their disposal, will trigger an awakening among their left-hand path disciples at a certain pre-ordained time through embedded mind control terminology and devices, bringing the final pieces of the Luciferian doctrine into place, God will be dead, and their rule over this Earth will be assured. 

     Certain things have been in the wind for a long, long time.

     In 1994, the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania produced a paper titled The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War.  It called for use of all relevant minds and technologies to be arrayed against all perceived enemies, foreign and domestic, in order to achieve, ostensibly, changes in the global geopolitical balance.  The authors, Steven Metz and James Kievit, found that the uses of these new technologies “may run counter to basic American values,” and were troubled by this, even finding that “American values and attitudes form significant constraints on full use of emerging technologies.”  Note that this RMA was conceived with the intention of inducing both unconstrained revolutionary and evolutionary processes.  Interesting wording considering where we’re heading.

     In the June-July 1995 issue of Nexus magazine, the first periodical to run an article mentioning all this, Julianne McKinney, member of the shadowy Association of National Security Alumni, even went so far as to suggest a recipe for such a “Revolution,” culled from her Electronic Surveillance Project research, which found “covert deployment and testing of emerging behavior-modifying directed-energy technologies on US citizens against whom the U.S. Government has no legitimate legal or moral claim.  The initial study investigated the claims of 12 alleged victims of covert harassment and experimentation.  By mid-1993 the Association has been contacted by approximately 72 victims, and at the time of this writing has been approached by over 200 such individuals.”  Far from being legally or morally concerned, this smacks of nothing more than the “Association” merely keeping clandestine tabs on its own guinea pigs, even showing faux distress that similar reports had been received from England, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the USSR.  They were shocked, shocked I tell you.

     As to the recipe that McKinney suggested to the authors, she found that it had been considered in documents 30 years prior, and consisted of, in order: Satanic cults, UFO cults, directed-energy technologies, neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies, biotechnologies/experimental drugs, multinational government contractors and subsidiaries, investment portfolios and other financial inducements, imported eastern bloc mercenaries and military equipment, imported foreign national scientists, a controlled and compliant media, decentralized government control, and finally, an induced crime wave (see the aforementioned ‘Black Awakening.’)  This ‘receipe’ from 1995 certainly sounds like business as usual circa 2015 headlines, doesn’t it? All that’s missing is that Black Awakening part.  But it has long been in the cards, lest you think people like Dizdar and Marzulli a little too overly zealous in their preachings.

     You may wonder why I continue to place such emphasis in posting after posting on the global pedophilia rings so institutionalized today, and given form in the Franklin and Finders cases, the corrupted child daycares across the nation in the 1980s, the Sandusky affair in Pennsylvania, and the daily UK headlines since the death of Jimmy Savile which never seem to end; they are the deadly undercurrents, the poisonous riptide flowing monetarily and psychologically through everything, powering every last millimeter of this engine of chaos…Here I quote again from that Summer 1995 Nexus magazine, and Ms. McKinney’s first and foremost dictate to the Army War College:

“Instructions:  Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved (sanctioned) Satanic cults, such as Col. (USA Ret.) Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set.  Violent sexual, physical, and psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion.  Their required adherence to cult tents precludes any consideration of laws governing U.S. society.” 


     Remember that this is issued from an Army Intelligence Officer of long-standing, in charge of running multiple operations out of Berlin, among other European strongholds.

    It goes without saying that, as our time-space dimension merges with those that are outside of time, our perceptions of time will cease. This is why modern Satanists, Aquino’s adepts, refer to the concept of “Year Zero.” It is not really “Anno Satanas,” the year the Church of Satan was created, in 1966. It is that future “final hour” that has yet to come. This concept of the true End of Times, and the breakdown of the time dimension, explains why the Beast of the Apocalypse as described by St. John is “the beast that was, and is not, and yet is,” born in the wilderness of Dionysian upheaval.  Upon this flexible time concept hinges everything, since it becomes a Force Multiplier, an illusory constant turned upside down, a weaponized variable. 

     Among the most prominent of the esoteric belief systems at the core of this technological Left Hand-path elite is the concept, given much support in Antediluvian lore, of the Golden Age.  It was a time before even the Roman and Egyptian gods, when the entire solar system was reconfigured from its current moorings, religion forged a different mythos, and the existence of lands before the Flood like Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis was a reality.  All occult ritual in the modern world is born from echoes of this particular time.  Hitler and Himmler forged a way to change the world with it.  Their descendents Aquino and his disciples study and bow to it today.  The pedophilia rings, sex-murder cults and secret societies operating right now are a deadly legacy of this epoch when the planet Saturn was the original sun of symbolic import, the All-Seeing Eye, and filled the sky like a colossus when Saturn’s orbit was radically closer to our haunted planet. 

  This Golden Age, which may even link to a time predating the Garden of Eden, crucially featured Venus-Earth-Mars-Saturn all aligned more often due to the varying distances from each other then compared to today.  This alignment played a critical role in creating the sustainable environment here on Earth.

     The function of being so much closer to Earth also fulfilled plasma physics and theories of an electric universe in accordance with occult dictates and sacred geometry.  According to ancient texts like the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic and Vedic sources, there was a bridge established between Saturn and the Earth in those days, especially due to the augmented electromagnetic and electrogravitic forces between the then-closer bodies.  It was a plasma conduit, visible to the naked eye from Earth, and highly charged with roiling, fizzing particles.  So spectacular was its vision, that it lived on long after the link was broken, surviving into Biblical times as the tale of Jacob’s Ladder, and farther still into popular terminology as the “Stairway to Heaven.”  (Jimmy Page, are you receiving?)  These same currents that formed this ladder or stairway are today called Birkeland currents, and can be easily seen as reaching out when your hand touches an electrified plasma ball so often on sale in science/novelty stores.  Some researchers believe that these same currents form the electromagnetic basis for the theory of ley lines (also called telluric energies) that blanket our globe in such curious, yet structured, patterns, and specifically connect such megalithic sites as Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, Gobekli Tepi and the Great Pyramids in one enormous latticework.  And here we reach the key to the inner chamber, because, according to Patch and others, it is this bridge or twisted plasma conduit, which CERN seeks to reestablish. 

     Not that they would be the first to try.  None other than those constructing the Tower of Babel were also seeking similar results, i.e. a way to reach between worlds, seeking to bind the angelic levels to this lowly realm.  And these levels were not necessarily Heaven, since God scattered the universal Language, to leave this early ‘project’ in confusion and ruin.  Either that, or those early engineers also somehow garnered the technology to have been close to succeeding, too close for the ultimate Authority to allow them to continue.

     CERN went offline and ceased operations abruptly and without warning on December 18, 2012, declaring they were going silent until 2015.  Prior to the shutdown, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci, said this: “This machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or unknown unknowns, for instance an extra dimension or dimensions.  Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

     Immediately after the shutdown, an insider/whistleblower released this sequence of photos, curiously taken remotely inside chambers where the particle collisions were taking place.  Exactly what is represented here is open to interpretation, but I remind you that they “clenched” the magnets resulting in a catastrophic shutdown in the wake of what is shown here.  One thinks of the action of slamming a door shut.  For now. 


     In convergent news in 2012, NASA announced that near-Earth portals exist.  Plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of Iowa: “We call them x-points or electron diffusion regions.  They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from us to the Sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”  So, as of 3 years ago, we have recognized, instantaneous portals from the Earth to the Sun as a scientific reality, a fact that will prove telling as we venture forward. 

     As early as 2004, Richard Hoagland in a posting on his Enterprise Mission, was noticing that the orbital rotations of both Saturn and the Earth were slowing and aligning in conjunction with each other.  On July 27, 2015 it was announced from South Pole data that electrons were streaking into the Earth’s atmosphere over Antarctica at near light speed, attributed to an increase in particle density due to solar “activity.”  The significance of this announcement citing the South Pole and pathways created will be unveiled shortly.  As it is, CERN fired up again to great fanfare on March 15, 2015, on one of the closest approaches of Saturn to Earth in recent times.  Shiva, representing the darkly Saturnine in statuesque form and standing watch outside the gates at the Geneva facility, must surely have looked on in sanguine delight as the flowing dark matter was called forth and rippled through her interior.  

     The suppressed and censored information delivered by Patch concerning scientific data, certain corporations, the planet Saturn, and CERN itself is harrowing, and at first pass sounds heretical in the extreme, an affront to science, technology, and common sense.  But when you hunker down and really start digging, become a “mole” in the CIA-sense and start marrying factoid after factoid together, a vision emerges much like the old, hold-in-your-hand, slowly developing Polaroids…and then if you have the ability to step back, gain perspective, and truly see the larger picture, a scenario begins to reveal itself which is frighteningly plausible, singularly evil, and distinctly in line with everything else we know about them to this point.  Prepare yourselves all you seekers, to turn and face the strange.  A ‘strange’ where we’re the bees in this engineered Humanity Collapse Disorder. 

     Make no mistake, Anthony Patch was and is on to something, an incredible something, and a lot of very important people are spending a lot of very important time making very sure you never find out what that is.  The important question now is…why?  Perhaps we should also be asking why, prior to the most recent firing up, CERN hosted a multi-partnered “Dance of Destruction” inside the facility that featured dancers twirling like dervishes before the collisions began. 

  It was reminiscent (perhaps intentionally) of nothing so much as Jack Parsons, disciple of Aleister Crowley and rocket scientist/wizard/O.T.O. antichrist, invoking Crowley’s “Hymn To Pan” prior to every rocket launch and fuel test at the fledgling NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The history of rituals and technology runs deep and long: Parsons’ Jet Propulsion Labs were started up on Halloween.  And let’s not forget that those early souped-up Nazi “buzz bombs” would one day morph into the Saturn V.  Everything is connected in this abyss.
     Another curious fact, trending hugely towards occult rather than scientific dictates, is the prominent display of unknown, previously uncategorized Sanskrit text inside the underground CERN facility. 

     “I hold it entirely possible that a technology exists which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.  There are stars that are millions of years older than the Sun.  There may be a civilization that is millions of years more advanced than man’s…I hypothesize an ‘M&M’ technology encompassing the mental and material realms.  The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.”        J. Allen Hynek

     “One of the things that we’ve discovered in just the past few years is that some of the constants of physics are changing….’Scientific American’ in June of 2005 ran an article in which they pointed out, if the constants of physics are changing, that implies that our physical reality is actually a subset, a shadow, of a larger reality.”                   Chuck Missler

The fascinating thing about this research is that it’s like a circle, you can drop a pin down on its width and begin anywhere, but let’s start with the very tangible D-Wave Systems Inc., a Quantum Computing Company.  It’s interesting to notice that the clamp came down on Patch almost immediately after mentioning the name of this company over the air in interviews, and linking their breakthrough tech with what’s happening now at CERN, as well as how they fit into the private agenda as opposed to the public one. 

 D-Wave, on its own website as well as other info sources like Wikipedia, craftily uses “computerese” and somewhat obtuse technical jargon to possibly obscure intent, as well as the true depth of what their research may entail, and how far they’ve taken it.  Word is that they achieved a sentient Artificial Intelligence as long ago as 1998, and may have had something critical to do with Craig Ventner’s Human Genome Project.   What is known is that they pioneered the Adiabatic computer, something that may come perilously close to what J. Allen Hynek was quoted saying earlier, a technology merging the physical with the ethereal. (Ethernet, anyone?)  Already ominously embedded within the likes of NASA and Lockheed Martin, D-Wave also operates in lockstep with CERN, and incredibly enough, according to Patch’s “inside” research that’s been swept down the memory hole, will use their Adiabatic computer to facilitate a working linkup between CERN and the Southern pole of Saturn, initiating a gateway.  And here’s where it gets even more incredible…because according to those ancient Sanskrit texts that CERN so prominently has on display, and that only they have deciphered, there are demonic entities residing in the gaseous body of Saturn, possibly also mentioned in the Bible, in effect making it a huge prison planet.  CERN, co-linked with and using the Adiabatic quantum computer as a tool, will create a twisted, helix-appearing plasma bridge of Birkeland currents once again between worlds, of the kind that used to exist in that Golden Age, to bring those entities here.

     As completely off-the-wall as this sounds, here’s where some frightening circumstantial evidence comes in, because it’s been long documented that Saturn has mysterious contra-rotating streams going on at its North pole, which surround a miles-wide hexagon formation. 

  (These streams mirror EXACTLY the configuration of streams counter-rotating in the detectors of the main ring of the Large Hadron Collider.)  This planetary force, when augmented by CERN and D-Wave, will shudder through the body of the large gas giant and exit through its Southern pole in a spiral identical to the famous Norway spiral first seen when CERN was first fully “lit” and operational. 

     This same spiral effect will be generated by CERN here as it extends from the Earth to join fully with the spiral extending from the South pole of Saturn in making one huge circuit or conduit, again, just as occurred in the skies of the Golden Age.
     And it doesn’t even end there, because now, we have to descend into the earthly realm yet again, and examine the components of CERN, and how they use certain tenets of sacred occult geometry.  Remember Saturn’s mysterious, as-yet-unexplained, continent-sized hexagon?  That ritual principle is expressed down to the smallest detail in the machinery that comprises CERN.  It is there in the photonic band gap geometry, the internal mirrors, and repeats time after time in every possible area they can manage to embed it.   

     And finally we come to the ultimate piece of this puzzle: the ongoing genetic modification of humanity.  Already research labs and doctors’ offices worldwide are noticing a third strand to human DNA, something you would think would make headlines around the globe, and yet…….crickets.  Who could have an interest in interfering with that kind of monumental information getting out, and why?  Once again according to the Patch research, the Adiabatic computer has the extreme ability of linking up directly with the human DNA on a massive scale, although exactly how is never fully explained.  At this juncture all I can do, all any of us can do, is try to fill in the blanks where Patch wasn’t allowed to go.  He did divulge that DNA manipulation could, in the literature from UCBerkley, Walnut Creek, be directly linked to particle accelerators.  Walnut Creek was the home of Ventner’s Human Genome Project, which begins to look more and more suspicious every day, and may have been a starting point where this different kind of “mapping” began.

     “There are many here among us/ Who feel that life is a joke/ For you we sing this final song/ For you/ There is no hope/ No hope.”         Auf Wiedersehen      Cheap Trick

     We already know that mankind has been manipulated at the biomolecular level in an ongoing assault for as long as most of us have been alive.  The nanoparticulates in chemtrails, GMOs, a relentless vaccine agenda, pulsed microwaves, food additives such as artificial sweetners, flavorings and preservatives only lead the pack of main offenders.  Only in the last several years the company Senomyx has openly admitted to the use of fetal cells as flavor enhancers, and has seen their product inserted into the food chains of Nestle, Kraft, and Pepsico among many, many others.  When you read this posting concerning the ties between CERN and Saturn and think it crazy, ask yourself what could be crazier than effectively turning us all into cannibals by having us ingest fetal cells on a regular basis?  Could any agenda be more blatantly, literally Satanic?  It’s transforming the world with one huge Luciferian ritual.  That third strand of DNA that keeps popping up remains dormant until activated.

     Remember that hexagonal and octagonal shapes are exhibited on Earth in man-made manifestations for a reason: they are built to mathematically align with the ancient occult practices of conjuring spirits, or at least provide a platform for their appearance.  The biblical epoch of King Solomon down to the historical writings of John Dee confirm this “Great Work.”  And here’s where the fabled occult dictate “As Above So Below” truly comes into play, because inside the bodies of Morgellons patients, there are starting to appear microscopic, antibody-specific, silica-based, photonic nanostructures and piezoelectric crystals in the form of hexagons.  Once again, these are being found in the bloodstreams and skin samples of people around the globe suffering from Morgellons. 

     There are many more pieces to this puzzle that are coming in almost daily.  There are magnetic portals that NASA has claimed travel from the Earth to the surface of the Sun that have actually been captured on radar. 

     There are numerous “things” in and around Saturn’s rings that have been documented and captured by everyone from Richard Hoagland and Norman Bergrun, to the even more scientifically unimpeachable Cassini mission probe and Hubble telescope.  



 I have no idea what any of this means, but it is readily apparent that certain things -- ideologies linking sacred geometry, planetary alignments, and advanced spook tech aimed at somehow utilizing quantum mechanics and computing as a system of transportation – keep popping up with sinister regularity.  Since we’re out on the limb all the way here, I’ll go Patch one better and try to finish up where I think he may have been going, and raise the demonological bar.

     Our genetic manipulation on multiple fronts, has prepared us to be “in-dwellings,” or vessels, for what’s coming.  Eyewitness testimony has long had it that fiber optics were accidentally bequeathed to us by some…..some thing….after that great interdimensional crackup in 1947 on Roswell’s killing, desert floor.  Only what if it was no accident and fiber optics were the poison apple given to us as part of a long range plan?  A Trojan Horse of force multipliers seeded into our history; an integral part of the “Great Work” that wouldn’t come to fruition until 7 decades or more down the line?  Because what if something is going to use those fiber optics at the heart of the transportation system of the worldwide web to come ghosting in at the appropriate time, into every single prepared “vessel” on the other end, joined by the Adiabatic quantum magic of an Artificial Intelligence computer, portals opened by CERN, and plasma bridges constructed by the Large Hadron Collider?

     Perhaps none of this speculative endgame is true.  According to schedule, CERN in September is due to switch out electrons for lead ions in the particle collision chambers on their way to ramping up to a previously unheard of 14tev, or terra electron volts, and still, even according to their own scientists, no one can say for sure what will happen.  This will continue until Christmas.  We also know that AT LEAST part of this is true owing to the extreme shutdown reaction from agents of the alphabet agencies visiting and threatening Patch, shutting down websites, and removing YouTube channels, or else why do it? 

     Righteousness is just a fetter on mankind; that’s their mentality.  Remove it, and you have the Superman, Homo Superior; Hitler saw the “New Man” as dictated by the Secret Chiefs.  All of their research and thinking is moving towards this: transhumanism, the gradual altering of the ecosphere, the aforesaid radical changes to us.  Will CERN be the ultimate weapon against God?  Do their madness and hubris extend that far?  In the End Times battles to come is this a weapon against the returning Jesus? Is their final aim to kill angels, to kill God? 

     Barring what happens between September and December of this year, there’s another alignment that bears investigation.  Pull up the excellent Solar System Simulation page at  It charts in precise fashion the animated orbital movement of every planet in our solar system.  Then hit the forward button until you get to 5/7 and 5/8 of 2016.  You will see the rather amazing and I’m sure not-to-be-duplicated in my lifetime alignment of Venus-the Sun-Mercury-our Moon-Earth-Mars all together in forming a kind of slingshot pattern/effect aimed directly towards…Saturn.  What will CERN be doing then?  This is all about Time, remember.  Chronos.  Father Time.  The Grim Reaper.  All Saturn.  Time as ritual.  Time churning away in the great occult wheelhouse of the stars.  And Time, as they say, will tell.

     “I let you put it in my mouth/ I let it get under my skin/ I let you pump it through my veins/ I let you take me from within/ They tell us what we can and cannot do/ Same thing we’ve heard a hundred times before/ When I put you inside of me/ None of that matters any more/ My God, can it go any faster?/ Oh my God, I don’t think I can last here.
I am you and you are me/ We will never be alone/ But I have finally found my place in everything/ I have finally found my home/ Well I can leave all of this flesh behind/ I can see right through the whole fa├žade/ I am becoming something else/ I am turning into God…”             Vessel,  Nine Inch Nails