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"The skull's crystal stimulates an undeveloped part of the human brain, opening a psychic channel. Oxley lost control of his mind by staring too long into its eyes. We believe that you can get thru to him after you have done the same. 

The skull does not speak to everyone it seems. Surely you're not afraid Dr. Jones; you've spent your entire life searching for answers. Think of the truth behind those eyes. There may be hundreds if skulls at Akator. Whoever finds them will control the greatest natural force the world has ever known. Power over the mind of man...Imagine; to peer across the world and know the enemy's secrets. To place our thoughts into the minds of your leaders. Make your teachers teach the true version of history, your soldiers attack on our command. We will be everywhere at once, more powerful than a whisper, invading your dreams, thinking your thoughts for you while you sleep. We will change you, Dr. Jones, all of you, from the inside. We will turn you into us. 

And the best part? You won't even know it's happening." 

         Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

"There is  a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."   John Fitzgerald Kennedy  

"You take everything we are, everything we feel

You told the truth about a future you would steal

Money money take it all away

One way or another, you will pay

Talking heads on screens are calling for war

The news is nothing but a greedy lying whore

Two weeks to flatten the curve and we'll all be well

Two weeks turned into three years of fucking hell

Black Flag flying, all your fucking lying

It's a good day for dying, Black Flag flying

You took our freedom took our lives, now you wanna take our bread

I can't forgive the King of Crimes, time to avenge the dead

I'm not one to forgive, I'm not one to forget

Fuck the New World Order

Fuck the Great Reset."

"There's death everywhere these days, Johnny."  Angel Heart, 1987

"The future isn't what it used to be."  Louis Cyphre

Landor: "Good, my note reached you. Were you followed?"

Poe: "Followed? How unprofessional. Certainly not. What is this?"

"The scene of the crime. The second crime. Where Fry's heart was brought. You mentioned the taking of Fry's heart drew you to the Bible. I must admit, I was already moving in that direction. Not to the Bible, but to religion."

"This does appear to render a ceremony of some sort. Blood and candles placed in an intentional manner. A circle.


And a triangle. And Fry's heart very likely placed inside. I have an old friend that might be of some use.

"Professor Jean Pepe is an expert in symbols...rituals...the occult. Pepe might well be the most peculiar man I've had the pleasure of coming across."


Landor: "I bring something curious I would like you to observe."

Pepe: "This can only be a magic circle. I remember seeing it in Le Veritable Dragon Rouge. And if I recall alright, the magician would stand the triangle."


"Well he might have a  group of assistants. And candles and torches on either side, light everywhere. A festival of light, in fact. (my aside: A Thousand Points of Light, perhaps??) Now Gus, if you go to the third shelf on the second to the top, that volume on the top, Yes yes. Pierre de Lancre, redoubtable witch hunter. You read French, Mr. Poe? Please read in silence, it's in the center page. De Lancre executed 600 Basque witches and left behind that remarkable volume you now peruse. 

But the book I wish to give you -- Discours du Diable by Henri LeClerc, who executed 700 witches before he was done, is reputed to have been destroyed. Now, rumour has it that he left behind two or three other volumes identical to the one destroyed. Now finding one has become the idee fixe of many an occult collector. 


"Why? Ooh, LeClerc left behind instructions for securing... immortality."

Poe: "Oh my Lord. It is commonly known amoung the fraternity of evil angels that the contents of a witch's sabbath feast are confined to the following sundries. Unclean animals such as never eaten by Christian peoples, the hearts of unbaptized children, and the hearts of hanged men."        Pale Blue Eye, 2023

(Interesting dialogue from the recent Pale Blue Eye on Netflix; especially in light of what we know of the numbers of missing children in places like Haiti overseen by the Jeffrey Epstein-created Clinton Foundation, and just how many central nexus persons of interest wind up exactly choosing to hang themselves...)        

Come back once again into the secret Treehouse of Intangible Terrors...for we have many sacred factoids to impart and whispered tales to tell, of shadow governments, occulted histories, and nefarious headlines sprouting like poison mushrooms in the full blossom of the evening. Quantum dots to connect that hide in plain sight and can be woven into a tapestry that reveal a method to the unfolding madness as we all sail down this undulating River Styx together, star-crossed passengers manning the lifeboats and trying to decode a way out before it's too late, as the gloom presses in, and the twilight gives way to unyielding darkness. 

How many excursions is it now that we've taken together as Challengers of the Unknown down moonlit footpaths in darkened woods? Oh well; it doesn't matter. One more time, let's go running with the night... 

Psychic upheaval. Compulsion. Obsession. Thought interference. Mind control. Personality alteration. Brain wiping. Sleeplessness. Altered dreams. The fixation on memory.  

Jolly West's wish list for Charlie Manson's Family? MKUltra stalking points? Side effects from a Close Encounter of the Second Kind proximity alert? How about all of the above AND also side effects from the covid-19 vaxx. What are we looking at here? What are we dealing with? And why in the world do all of these factors keep repeating across various avenues of investigation? Obsession, it seems, cuts both ways. Like a knife. 

But there is so much more to clue us in to what may be coming. As we mix and match disciplines in a revolving door, listen to the totality of the weirdness that happened in the Hudson Valley from 1983-1988: 

Many of these same factors would recur during the infamous Phoenix Lights night in March 1997. Both episodes, one lengthy and the other a blip, smack of field testing and social engineering of some kind by other forces still speculative and unknown to this day. But there was a real and continuing emphasis on intrusion into the human mind

And the widespread alteration of memory:

An avenue which many are well onto in the "Trust Science" Dept:

Now remember closely what Karen Kingston alerted us to about the work of James Giordano:

Do we know beyond doubt that nano-particulates are in the vaxx? Yes, we do. If the vaxx can alter DNA, (which it does**) and DNA is linked to actual cellular memory, what happens in the fuzzy area of our mind's memory banks? 


And this has all been going on since the late 1990s btw....this from September 2000 when all kinds of new eras were dawning

Note the Piece 2: Bacterially Induced Transcession and Gene Therapy via Vector Viruses.

Remember MUTATIONS and what Mae Brussell said here again:

Now ponder again the dreams of folks like Jolly West, and DARPA, and MK-Ultra...

We must wonder, and pay strict attention, when so many identical factors begin emerging across so many areas otherwise seemingly not related...we must look closer.

Ancient Sumerian tales say that the Anunnaki altered our genomic base and germline to come up with the product of humans today -- we may just be seeing that same kind of alteration going on again. The origin point of exactly where it is being issued from is still open for speculation. But we have ominous clues stacking up.

What's not up for speculation is the fact that the alteration of reality continues apace. Now all your confirmation bias problems can even just be erased from your very sight: 

I know plenty of people like that already -- no glasses required. After all, we all know who we are...don't we? But more on that in a bit.

In what is almost certainly related news --      

Bill Gates isn't the only one buying up acres of American farmland:

Cross correlate that headline with this one mentioned previously that tracks back all the way to 2000:

And that is only PART of the Gates plan:

For particulars and more via origins and the Revelation of the Method route, see here:

Read carefully to find out how long these wheels, and wheels within wheels, have been turning... 

Sounding as if everything is unfolding in a predictable pattern? Without a doubt.

Meanwhile, back at the megaphone, more absolute lies from the sad, little man:

How do we know? THIS is how we know:

Or, put another way by the AHA:

And, as Karen Kingston, amoung others, has shown, spike proteins are only the start and a small, small part of the bills coming due attesting to the cascade of self-assembling damage at the nano-particulate levels.

PROOF that the dead are emitting MAC addresses and bluetooth signals is no longer just a rumour:

More and more the inescapable conclusion presents itself: this is all about much more than depopulation, transhumanism, tracking apps, infertility, and any kind of so-called Great Reset. Those are only the window dressing to a far larger plan. 

Augmenting an already locked-and-loaded control grid seems quaint, trite, at this point. The worry now begins to border on the existential, the elemental. Ominous in intent and deadly in execution, we talk now of open spiritual warfare. Leaving the human far behind, we are in danger now of insurrections and border crossings by vastly intelligent entities from other spheres of existence, dimensions of reality, and realms of influence that may reach back as far as the Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia, in Ur. Perhaps even eons of world-shattering epochs before then to the dire warnings of Atlantis, of Lemuria. Of a Hyborian Age

 when true sword and sorcery ruled the day, and contact with magickal entities was as normal as the sun rising. Another great reason why lots of important someone's don't want Graham Hancock's poking around to continue...

To be sure, many someone's in the here and now seek to replicate that situation and fling wide open the doors of Chapel Perilous. And dull-witted, de-fanged, and dimmed-down, too long away from confrontation and battle, we have far fewer Conans to save us. That too, has been engineered by design and steered by science and pharmakeia; the dilution of family, strength, memory, and autonomy. In the rampant course of this post and its tangents, let's try to see the view from altitude, to where all this is ultimately heading. As always, we must be ultra vigilant as to where we are being steered. 

And the outlier talk of intrusions is hardly anything new: 

Previous rantings and message delivery packaging aside, AJ sounds like a genuine prophet here for anyone that's been paying even the remotest attention since, say, 2016. And it's not as if there isn't a HUGE ridiculous, glaring precedent for every particle of this: 

And we can join innumerable other dots in this matrix:

What if the likes of Sidney Gottlieb, thru first Operation OFTEN and then MK-Ultra, entered some form of communications with just such entities that Jones was referring to, Vallee catalogued, and Kary Mullis (see below) made contact with?  

Ultra just by itself tested pretty much every drug and cocktail known to man on unsuspecting government patsies, prisoners, orphanages, students, and more. Why? What was the end goal? What were they looking for? What information was Frank Olson privy to?:

Extrapolating the falling dominos into today, what are some saying the end purpose of the vaxx ingredients is? To control people's behaviour without their knowledge. (Refer to Giordano above.) Jonestown wasn't just a place, it was, it IS, a perspective.  

Going even more in depth, remember the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, and his rather curious backstory, which bears repeating for added effect:

Mullis perhaps knew what his invention would be used for eventually, and made no small talk of trying to warn us all:

The Covid model isn't just following the AIDS model -- it IS the AIDS model. Phantom cases exploding and made possible once again by fraudulent use of the PCR testing system. And who was behind both? 


They tried and failed to get this program up and running once before:

And when I say up and running I mean getting a needle full of God knows what into the arms of everyone on the planet.

Kary Mullis knew EXACTLY what was going on. Dr. Luc Montagnier knew EXACTLY what was going on.

Conveniently, Mullis died on August 7, 2019. Montagnier in 2022. Mullis from a fast-acting pneumonia and Montagnier from "unknown" causes shortly after that last youtube clip. Did he look in distress to you? Also right before he was to give testimony about the ersatz nature of this entire operation. I don't believe in coincidences. Both of these men possessed damning and vital information that could have blown up the entire house of cards and stopped a global coup in its tracks in the most important court of all -- the court of public opinion.

Wise to remember the words of Carl Sagan here: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: if we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back."

Once again, in plain terms , how the bamboozle was rendered:

Put in other quantumly entangled words, I think we've got goblin problems:

In all of our rooms.  

There is technological-biological-spiritual chaos and degradation grafted straight onto the timeline since 2020. And it was all always going to be engineered that way:

What happens when the biological explanatory bloodlines of Hereditary (conveniently setting the stage and released in 2018 btw -- at the height of both QAnon fervor and Epstein-mania because there are no coincidences) get together with the predictive programming of The Last Of Us? You get a whole lot of them telling us the way it's always been and the way it's now going to be. The zeitgeist is now littered with clues they no longer feel the need to keep to themselves, spilling over into the real world:

There is a shadowy pic that leads the headers that originates from a frame inserted into a disclosure vid from two guys that snuck onto Little St. James to capture what they found there -- and it proves that an underground system of tunnels and chambers there did, in fact, exist -- which leads into far more disturbing areas of inquiry and what the true purpose of the island, as well as other of Epstein's properties, may have been.   

You may continue to think things aren't coming together, but you'd be whistling past the graveyard and all those pinging bluetooth signals...

Because the abolition of memory, whether thru fungi or nanotech or extradimensional manipulation or MK-Ultra wetworks (perhaps a combo of all?), always brings us back here and face-to-face with their longstanding goals and endgame. Look at this clip again closely and the reveal back in 1987:

When the certainty of who we are fades, the floor gives away, the solid footing is no more; then anything becomes possible. Perhaps this is why all the spiritual texts tells us to above everything else, guard our thoughts. As if the sheltering and hoarding of these alone can be the key to saving us. This is why they seek to change definitions, to change words -- this changes reality. The definition of pandemic, the definition of vaccine. Destroy the definitions that used to be. Tear down all the statues. Tear down the fundamental differences between what makes a man a man, a woman a woman. A family a family. What makes good good. What makes evil evil. 

When all those boundaries are gone -- everything is subjective and anything goes. And reality is whatever they say it is. The truth becomes no longer objective; no longer written in stone and the perspective becomes as cloudy and occluded as our skies increasingly since 1998, when they -- yes -- changed the definition of what clouds and contrails were. Don't trust your lying eyes -- trust us. 

Who are we anymore? Especially when the fundamental nature of everything has been kicked out from under us, changed. Living in a hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor has never been more appropriate.

Research into fungi makes you wonder why exactly the presence of so many living organisms being found within the vaxxes as studied and charted by folks like Carrie Madej, Ana Mihalcea and La Quinta Columna have been seen since the very beginning of all this research:

There is a very good reason they tried to kill this girl in a plane crash. The above exhibits 1 & 2 could very well be the main reasons.

We also cannot forget that DARPA and its many funding offshoots have been looking deeply into the applications of and for hydra vulgaris for a long time:


Can anyone see where this is going? What the final endgame is? What the establishing order out of all this chaos will be? 

Every day there is a new disclosure and a furthering of the infrastructure of control...the latest from those that want to kill you:

There is much more "disclosure" coming every day, now being revealed in the mainstream:

Sure, it's just 65 and over......for now.

The View from 30,000 feet:

But, there is a method to all this soft disclosure madness. To build anger up in the common man so much that change is demanded. But the chaos is all deliberate and orchestrated. And after a pre-set period of time and as the outcry reaches the boiling point in the public forum and the all-important court of public opinion, the time for a scapegoat emerges.

Then it will be determined that, for the good of the people, all those that were "in on it," all sovereign governments, politicos, corporate heads, can no longer be trusted and must be henceforth abolished. This is when the REAL ruling bodies come in to play: the WHO, the WEF, the CDC, the UN. They then decide on reparations for all those harmed by the vaxx which will lead the way for Universal Basic Income. 

All worldwide governments took the bribe and the fix was in from the word go:

Once again, nothing new:

Substitute oil & regime change/coup for the vaxx and the process is identical. Those that oppose are assassinated

The UBI begets a One World Currency, which btw, is already being set up as we speak:

All of the above had the way paved for them by the Epstein-laundered and manufactured FTX...

(Pre-9/11 vibe check anybody??...)

The one world currency sets the stage for, in turn, a one world religion of tolerance and "peace," re-written in absolute exclusionary terms for all but the most vehemently "woke." Christianity will be viewed as a "hate" religion and treated in the same terms as "hate" speech is now. Socially marginalized and cancel cultured out of any meaningful existence. 

Which will all in turn set the stage for the final blasphemy -- the One World Government. Meant to "protect" and "take care" of us, so something like the Great Global Vaccine Holocaust can never, never happen again. Nothing could be further from the truth... From there on it's Antichrist territory all the way down...just as it was always meant to be. 

Something very much drawing in the latticework for this is happening right now:

If you think this implementation phase isn't being discussed at Davos, you're crazy.

And just look who's sister showed up at the fancy party. What a freakin clown show. 


But none of this could have happened without the setup, the psyop, the fake and PCR-augmented plandemic fear-mongering numbers setting the stage for the vaxx which set the stage for the final countdown to the End of Days. 

All made possible by our horrible ability to tolerate what we never should have in the first place.

Addendum for hope -- the people are fighting back:

This is what we need to keep on fighting our manifest destiny. As much as I believe in Fate and Destiny, ultimately the future is unwritten. Entangled Quantumly, we have the ability to change it.  

So keep on chasing down that rainbow, you never know what you might find:

How many of today's worldwide forces on the loose (9 years later to countdown start) explained in one little vid, including choices at the beginning, from September 9, 2011. Downright mystical sometimes the way things come together, recalling other things in the past connecting with those yet to occur. Which brings us on the roundabout to...


We are all now victims of both DID and Stockholm Syndrome, making midnight cemetery deals with our handlers, cozying up to our abusers, sleeping with the enemy in our multiple personality fugue state...peering out at the world thru the cracked glass of the heart that is slowly being dismantled. Everything has been turned on its head as we now fatally embrace roles we've always, since childhood, been warned about. But, being transfixed by our own reflection, being locked in to the self-preservation of denial is all we know, all we can stand.

Only the other day Bill Gates tweeted "Vaccines in our food supply solves the problem of vaccine hesitancy!" 

Which is more than a little like saying slipping a roofie in the girl's drink solves that pesky problem of sex hesitancy...

But by all means let's leave the last word this time to German Expressionism ( see opulent visuals here:  )

and the telltale prophetic nature of the already cited 1987's Angel Heart, a film so out of step at that time it didn't break even and was roundly considered a failure. But no one that ever saw it at that time would ever quite escape its grasp or decaying gravitic pull, or fail to remember in the ensuing years just how far ahead of its time it was.

Given the climate today and with the hindsight of accumulated knowledge of elite strata and forbidden secrets hidden in plain sight, it might win every award there is for disclosure reveals alone were it to be released side would decry it while the other would embrace it as its own. (Johnny Favorite's backstory reads like something straight out of Epstein's black books, or even Epstein's own; hell, it probably IS...) 

Looking at all the coming links and vids provided also brings up the notions of the dangers of even peripheral proximity to occult practices, the high probability of fallen angels procreating with human females, and, once again, curious events alluding to the possibility of the alteration of both time and memory, all of which seem today to be something of recurring themes as a be-all, end-all, but in 1987 were something too sci-fi for even sci-fi to tackle aside from the out-there visions of Philip K Dick.   Johnny Favorite's Unauthorized Biography

And watch out for Wednesday. It's Anything Can Happen Day.














Saturday, December 31, 2022



 Seen the writing on the wall, 

Ivory towers bound to fall, 

Voices whisper in the wind, I can hear them calling...

 Darkest hour before the dawn, 

Times we know will soon be gone, 

Flames of Freedom fill the air, 

I can hear them calling...Love is a fire, Burning and I want to burn...

"When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out. The tender boughs of innocence burn first, and the wind rises, and then all goodness is in jeopardy."



Pattern Recognition.




Well we live in a trailer at the edge of town/You never see us 'cause we don't come around/ We got 25 rifles just to keep the population down/ But we need you now and that's why I'm hanging around/ So you be good to me and I'll be good to you/ And in this land of conditions I'm not above suspicion, I won't attack you but I won't back you

Well it's so good to be here, asleep on your lawn/ Remember your guard dog? Well I'm afraid that he's gone/ It was such a drag to hear him whining all night long/ Yes that was me with the doves/ Setting them free near the factory where you build your computer love/
I hope you get the connection 'cause I can't take the rejection/
I won't deceive you, I just don't believe you

Well I'm a barrel of laughs with my carbine on
I keep 'em hopping til my ammunition's gone
But I'm still not happy, I feel like there's something wrong
I got the revolution blues
I see bloody fountains, and ten million dune buggies
Coming down the mountains
Well I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars
But I hate them worse than lepers and I'll kill them in their cars 

We are living out a New World, Great Reset paradigm largely engineered thruout all of our lifetimes, an ongoing dark process steeped in the sinister and the occult, whose final strains of the endgame are playing out right outside your door. 

This nightmare plan of chaos and ruin encompasses every aspect of your daily life, influencing all angles of modern news, entertainment, religion, medicine, economics, technology and politics as mind-control delivering platforms. It has even reached down into your personal relationships. I'm sure you know. And it was always continually designed that way, to achieve the position we are all in at this moment. This piece will attempt to show you just how connected all of these are, and how far back they reach in our collective secret history. 

We will start with the concept of Thelema. You are operating daily within the confines of more than just an all-controlling Cabal intent on dictating every aspect of whatever remains of your life. This is, by very definition, a Cult. And it is every bit as well-designed and as intricate as anything ever dreamed of in the throes of Jonestown:

Notice in this entry the disambiguation where there is also a spelling Theleme:

"All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure."

As of now we have officially entered Mothman Prophecies territory where "their motivations aren't human." 

Aleister Crowley once contacted an entity he called LAM:

This was thanks to a magickal ritual known as the Amalantrah Working:

The concepts of Thelema and the Amalantrah Working both took place with 20 years time beginning around 1900. As we will see before this post is done, they are and remain ideas, theologies, that are still extant...and slithering along with cruel, ritualistic fervor. 

Let us follow the timeline and see where it leads; what pops up along the way pertaining to this object of inquiry, keeping in mind the entire time, this is not just people dabbling with the devil; this is something far more sinister.

"When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention."

Item: In January 4-15 1946, JPL (forerunner of NASA) founder Jack Parsons, attempts to open an interdimensional doorway with friend L. Ron Hubbard, inventor of Dianetics movement and later founder of Scientology in an Aleister Crowley inspired ritual called the Babalon Working. Six years later when Parsons blows himself up, the portal remains open. 

Item: June 24th, 1947, Parsons' flying buddy Kenneth Arnold spots the first flying objects over Mt. Rainier while flying a circuit looking for the remains of a downed C-46 transport (of which there are eerie circumstances below)**; abracadabra... the flying saucer era is born.

** --

Item: The Parsons-Crowley-NASA links even show up in the Epstein network, shown at the northernmost edge of the chart here (this has been archived to the "legacy" version and is very much harder to find in any search function; almost as if someone is trying to hide it):

Item: Perhaps beginning as far back as 1948, the horror novelist and "experiencer" Whitley Strieber retrieves memories of being "messed with" at Randolph AFB in Texas. This could very well be the first offshoots and experiments sponsored on behalf of Nazi imported intelligentsia via Operation Paperclip, as well as the very early beginnings of what would eventually become MK-Ultra:

The purposes of this trauma-based programming are ultimately unknown and sealed behind official documents that have been destroyed, but it is certainly feasible that the Nazis found a way to communicate across dimensions, and open portals, using children as conduits. This could not only explain an intelligence rationale, but account for what would become of the rest of Strieber's life, of which we will detail many outlier portions of that pertain...

Item: The Process Church of the Final Judgement ("The Process") an offshoot of the aforementioned Scientology, is founded in London some time in the early 1960s, likely thought up some time between 1963 and 1966. 

This will prove to something of a lodestone of this timeline, as it connects back to the satanic murder of Arlis Perry, which in turn connects to both the Son of Sam NYC killing spree as well as the Zodiac murders on the West Coast, see here:

And here:

More Arlis, and the unraveling into the Son of Sam, by way of the extremely connected Hollyweird's James Franco: 

It also connects, incredibly enough, to Sirhan Sirhan, the Tate-LaBianca Murders, the plans for the RFK Assassination (the last 3 which are themselves all connected) and yes, Whitley Strieber in the summer of 1968.

For all that follow these threads:   (another link)

Charlie was also said to be a member of the Solar Lodge of the OTO:

Which was not in any way affiliated (so they say) with the Solar Temple out of Geneva, because Manson would in no way want to be associated with these goings on:

Now would he? Strange, isn't it, the parallels you can draw down thru the years, from cults like these Solar Lodges and Temples, these OTOs and Processes, down to the NXIVMs and Epstein networks; from the BCCI to FTX -- nearly all interchangeable in intent and form and function. Almost like simply plugging in different names for different eras, but the results, like the song, remains the same....

Interestingly, Grace Kelly in the months before her mysterious death plunging off of a Monaco mountainside, also became a member:  

The Process tentacles lead in so many directions and dark corners that it is almost unimaginable. Far more political and occult intrigue lies within the strange recesses of the Profumo Affair -- by all means delve deeply into every chapter here for a full and complete accounting: 

Pay particular attention to every mention of Stephen Ward here; undoubtedly a prototype Savile-Epstein. Think occult ties, snuff films, and tapes for blackmail:

The Process symbol (see the, heh heh, doorway) just so happens to make repeated appearances within Stanley Kubrick's finale Eyes Wide Shut in 1999, about which so much has been said and features, of course, Nic Kidman:

Knowing Kubrick and what he was trying to ultimately convey, neither of these was a happy accident.

Item: Nicole Kidman played Grace Kelly in a 2014 production and was said by all to be an especially "perfect" Princess Grace. As they say, you write and act what you know:

Listen to this radically important broadcast from dead on mid-August 1977 from the always inquisitive Mae Brussell and you will readily access the thruline from serial killers and their support structures then to what is now happening with the covid vaxx agenda today -- namely the mutation, by psychopharmaceutical means, of wide swaths of humanity. These experiments started in drubs and drabs then and are now ongoing in massive waves to effect mass change to the social landscape, mindsets, biology and perhaps reality itself: 

Mae was forever far ahead of her time, but she had no way of knowing just how much topics then like Jonestown and the Son of Sam affair would have lasting and permanent ramifications for generations hence. To know what is happening now, you MUST look to the past for vital clues. Mae deeply understood this, and she provided them, just in case, in abundance. It's only because of her, and people like her, that we can see thru a glass darkly today. 

Arlis Perry's husband, Bruce Perry, also would, amazingly enough  considering his backstory, connect to the surviving children of Columbine, the OKC bombing, and Waco:

Bruce Perry will also, mind-shatteringly enough, make his way into the sordid Covid narrative and his running official cover for it. as well as grabbing children from orphanages and homeless shelters for research, observation and medical experiments...but it's OK, 'cause they're "philanthropists." This includes "brain-mapping." WEF and neuralink, anyone? 5G effects? Vaxx effects? The list is endless and the always amazing Polly (Mae's child surely) hits every highlight along the trail of the assassins:

Lest you be labouring under the mistaken conclusion than any of this, yes, satanic agenda isn't indeed picking up speed, you'd be wrong -- Bill Gates has plans to "computerize" the entire human body...just in case you were wondering what plans, other than straightforward depopulation, the vaxx has for all of us: 

Listen carefully what was being said 3 years ago as a warning:

And what WEF poster nerd Yuval Harari is so proud of today:

Any questions as to why this vaxx was, and remains, untested, rolled out in record time, and pushed relentlessly like it was a matter of life and death for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, that they invented just so they could push the "cure" non-stop 24/7? This is about hacking and destroying, altering forever, the engines and temples of God.

The vaxx was not brought in for Covid; Covid was brought in for the vaxx.

Once you realize that everything else begins to make sense and falls neatly into place.


Words and context my friends; words and context:

Monsters that want to control you, control your every breath, your every thought, are very much a part of this timeline. They want to take your life every bit as much as the Son of Sam, the Zodiac, Manson's Family, and others. And they are guided, sponsored, and run by the same like-minded people behind the scenes, with the same like-minded ideologies grounded in the same ancient religions. The links to the occult, to opening portals, to opening communications databases with entities from across dimensions both spatial and spiritual, are all there. The Nazis tried it and perhaps succeeded. We then import the Nazis. It doesn't take a (ahem) rocket scientist, to guess the rest...

As we have noted previously, this links everywhere, and is part of an agenda of ongoing communications deep within the Shadow Government worldwide:

Warning that embarking on listening to this entire podcast is something incredibly dark that you need to prepare yourself for.

Communications that were established long ago, and play a huge part of the dark tapestry that is playing out today: 

This is the knowledge that people like Crowley and Parson were deeply into, and for all intents and purposes appears that they have passed down thru restricted and "national security" channels to subsequent left-hand-path inclined generations and power bases to use in the ongoing enslavement and manipulation of humanity. The seemingly secular Covid agenda is a deep and integral part of that still-unfolding plan.  

Oh and BTW, Theleme and LAM are still very much with us, and in their offspring Moderna and 5G:  (scroll down to 2019).

Times change, but ideologies remain. And now that the technology has caught up with the dangerous visions, we are in the battle of our lives, especially on a spiritual level. 

A small aside before leaving and an errant thought that sometimes things unleashed are very much impossible to get back in their boxes...

I'm sure most here are very much aware of the occult saga of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, his fascinations with Crowley, his maybe/probably deals with dark forces to get a leg up, as it were, in this worldly incarnation, and all the mysterious deaths in the inner circle as a possible result...if not, check here:

Far be it from me to wonder about deals and things that for all I know the Beatles started first (what with Crowley gracing the cover of Sgt. Peppers and all as well as Paul's arcane fascinations), but this account, and what music was being heard during the initial manifestation, strikes me as weird and sinister in the extreme:

Something that has been out there loose in the land for decades and longer is feeling emboldened and no longer compelled to remain hidden. And the clues, once relegated to off-stage speculations, are sprouting up everywhere at a spooky pace as the past comes colliding with the present. 

Sometimes things just don't make any sense...until they do.

(Thanks to all the irreplaceable Irregulars for setting me asail on this one. Boats against the current, you are....and certainly the GOATs.)

Now leaving 2022...All Aboard.