Monday, November 30, 2020


The lines are becoming very clear now.

Did you vote for the candidate (agenda) that the Rothschilds wanted you to vote for? The same Rothschilds that are up to their necks in the funding arms of NXIVM and the Epstein ratlines?

Things like this are exactly why they are currently burning your family bank in Paris right now.


I hope they burn every stolen, pilfered, and leveraged property of yours worldwide you satanic drivel.

They're panicking.

And we're coming for them.

ALL of them.

"This is the lion's den/ I hope you knew that before you came in/ This is where the angels and the devils fight/ And they're choosing up sides tonight...

Well the kids in Boston all wear black/ New Yorkers never see the sun/ And the kids in Minneapolis don't wear hats/ And everyone in Texas is from someplace else/ And if you've ever seen that L.A. scene, man/ You know it ain't no Jan and Dean...

I'm part man (part man)/ Part monkey (part monkey)/ part man, part monkey, part mystery/ And the angels, and the devils/ Are playing tug of war with my personality..."   


Sunday, November 29, 2020


 BREAKING: Info now pouring in from the same China source that initially broke the Hunter Biden laptop story -- which proved 100% true. So true the MSM wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

This is of course coming on the heels of the DOMINION/Scytl server farm seizure by 305 Military Intel white hat sources from the CIA/CCP black site in either Frankfurt or Stuttgart. I'm hearing both at the moment. This was an actual firefight that saw deaths on both sides. James Bond actions for an increasingly Blofeldian world.

More incoming as soon as I can verify it....Antennas up my friends.


 And "They" thought "they" knew how to set things on fire...

They had no idea.


 Let's see: Gates....Epstein.....COVID......Election Coup.....Target: imminent collapse of civilization.

Goal: Great Reset. Agenda 21. Build back Better. New World Order. Transhumanism. DNA overhaul of species.

World Economic Forum oversees all things. 

However, as the circle of our information closes, our noose tightens. Leaving them with nowhere to run.

We. Know. Everything.

Klaus Schwab, WEF head and not-so closet satanist. Notice the '666' badge:

She looks nice.

Back soon with much more. At this rate, Trump will not only still be President by January, but lots of people will be in prison awaiting execution.

Thursday, November 26, 2020



“I walk by tranquil lakes and streams

As each new season's dawn awaits

I lay awake at night with troubled dreams

The enemy is at the gate


Beneath the thunder blasted trees

The words are ringin' off your tongue

The ground is hard in times like these

The stars are cold, the night is young


The rocks are bleak, the trees are bare

Iron clouds go floating by

Snowflakes fallin' in your hair

Beneath the gray and stormy sky


The evenin' sun is sinkin' low

The woods are dark, the town is too

They'll drag you down, they'll run the show

Ain't no telling what they'll do


Tell ol' Bill when he comes home

That anything is worth a try

Tell him that I'm not alone

And that the hour has come to do or die…”

Tell Ol’ Bill, Telltale Signs, Bob Dylan, 2008


“High water risin', the shacks are slidin' down

Folks losin’ their possessions 

Folks are leaving town

Bertha Mason shook, it broke it

Then she hung it on a wall

Says, ‘You’ll dance with whom they tell you to

Or you don't dance at all’

It's tough out there

High water everywhere…/

High water risin', six inches 'bove my head

Coffins droppin' in the street

Like balloons made out of lead

Water pourin' into Vicksburg,

Don't know what I'm gonna do

"Don't reach out for me," she said

"Can't you see I'm drownin' too?"

It's rough out there

High water everywhere…

Well, the cuckoo is a pretty bird,

She warbles as she flies

I'm preachin' the word of God

I'm puttin' out your lies…”

High Water Risin’ (For Charley Patton), Love and Theft, Bob Dylan, 9-11-01



“Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?

Come on now

I hear you're feeling down

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again


I'll need some information first

Just the basic facts

Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding

A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

When I was a child I had a fever

My hands felt just like two balloons

Now I've got that feeling once again

I can't explain you would not understand

This is not how I am

I have become comfortably numb


Just a little pinprick

There'll be no more, aaaaaaahhhh

But you may feel a little sick

Can you stand up?

I do believe it's working, good

That'll keep you going through the show

Come on it's time to go

There is no pain you are receding

A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

When I was a child

I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now

The child is grown

The dream is gone

I have become comfortably numb.”

     Comfortably Numb, The Wall, Pink Floyd (1979)        


(Prominent header pics from the Danny Boyle London Summer Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony. Take note: the very definition, 8 years after, of predictive programming.)



Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. And in that vein and along that train of thought, let’s do just that – let’s go back some 15 Augusts now to 2005, and a very wise and curious man named Jeff Wells, in a snug little place along the then burgeoning internet byway called Rigorous Intuition, screen captured here in its entirety in modular form (bless you Brian Wilson!) for your perusal. I little piece entitled “Who’s Screening Who?”

Perhaps you might recall the name Kary Mullis from more recent times as well, because it is his exact PCR test which is creating such a controversy regarding the accuracy and the crazy fudging of the COVID positive test numbers – they are either exploding beyond our ability to count or wildly inaccurate depending upon what news dispensary you trust. Since you, dear reader, have ridden the crazy train to this particular stop on the line, allow me to introduce you to a rabbit hole of quite boundless depth. 


Kary Mullis would have in no way, shape or form stood for what is passing now as conventional wisdom regarding the efficacy of his invention being used as a diagnostic tool in perpetrating the great COVID thought control psyop. His loud and very dissenting voice could have mucked the whole thing up from the very start, and that is something they couldn’t have, so Kary Mullis died, ironically and “suddenly,” of pneumonia on August 7 2019 – a time when some would say was a mere 3-4 months before this global “plandemic” got underway with the bug being accidentally/on purpose unleashed, likely at the ground zero origin point of Wuhan.

And just so you’ll know, charting the official dates of death: 

Jeffrey Epstein 8-10-19.

Kary Mullis 8-7-19.  

72 hours to tie up loose ends along the same equation?


So where does that put us in this narrative, and what can we discern from just these facts so far? It means that Kary Mullis was the inventor of a testing process called PCR (for polymerase chain reaction), that is currently being wielded as the tool to expedite, thru mass manipulation, a global pandemic of escalating numbers, which in turn set the stage for establishing parameters that facilitated a widespread domestic presidential election coup while also concurrently setting up another stage for the introduction of an equally widespread COVID vaccination that uses, yes, recombinant DNA to actually change the human baseline in whoever is injected with it.

What we are witnessing is a recombining (there’s that word again) by definition of multiple disciplines across multiple platforms: of society, of our norms, of humanity, of our surroundings. And this was all set in Rube Goldberg, “mousetrap” motion by one man seemingly in touch with, if not actively influenced by, entities from “somewhere else.” Another point in linear space at the very least, but perhaps hailing from even another or other dimensions.


This recalls nothing so much as Elizabethan Court astrologer and magus John Dee being in communication with entities that instructed him how to best defend the British Empire from all comers, how to build an infrastructure that would give ultimate birth millennia hence to something they termed the New World Order. Welcome to the update, with liberal amounts of bio-technology and DNA-shifting viral loads sprinkled in. The likely purpose? Bio-terraforming the human model for an endgame that includes walk-in potential. All geared up and coordinated within the shadowy interiors of the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, CDC, Harvard, MIT, and many other compromised and complicit orgs, all funded with close-to-bottomless Epstein network monies just for starters.


That many of the same people within the COVID network horrifyingly raping Mullis’ invention for their own nefarious ends also happen to be raping (at the very least) children within the bounds of that Epstein network, indeed many of them being close friends (Bill Gates, Charles Lieber) with the billionaire serial pedophile, and that stayed that way long after his deeds had been publicly acknowledged, should go without saying…and yet I feel it bears repeating since nobody (of any mainstream consequence) seems to be saying it. Welcome to your very own dot-connecting quantum matrix.


All of this leads to the inescapable conclusion that some of us bellwethers are pawns not of our own making in monstrous plans and schemes – that we are moved and manipulated like chess pieces across an immense board of play, handled and herded to nefarious ends and unknowable goals by people that have been installed as out "betters,” the elites; who in turn receive orders of their own. Brains have been washed and possibly ideas have been planted for some of us, perhaps all of us, to realize whatever fates have been assigned to us. Free will, it seems, may not be all that it’s cracked up to be for some unfortunate Kary Mullises trapped here. The breaking free remains tantalizingly out of reach. Or at least it has for a long time.


But, as Dylan might intone with recent craggy certainty and gravitas, things have changed. Secret armies move and are massing amongst us now, hailing from possibly celestial realms. Perhaps they always have, but their handiwork has become increasingly visible. Just when all seemed lost, tens of millions of souls have awakened, seemingly on cue and in numbers which only grow by the day. For so long it seemed as if we were out here on our own, but recent developments have shown that not to be the case, and that there are very much 2 sides engaged in this ongoing battle now. Telltale signs of the times continue to emerge, enough to let the believers know that His Eye has always been on the sparrow.


The working hypothesis of this site has always been that there is something terribly wrong with this country, and by extrapolation, the world. The not-always-visible has retained its reach and influence, carving out a hideous manifest destiny that leads straight from that historic head shot on Elm Street straight into the smoking ruins of Ground Zero, 2 mass trauma events engineered to drive the sheeple ever further into the arms of a totalitarian control system bent on their destruction, but not before their souls had been altered for some kind of use after enslavement. Many have always sensed a hidden hand in world events, but not as many have dared to question the ultimate controllers at the helm of the operation – or – who’s really doing the driving? In the course of my parapolitical ramblings here, I have veered increasingly towards the conclusion that those ultimate occultic Overlords are not of the flesh-and-blood variety. For so long we saw only thru a glass darkly, but a terrible clarity has emerged of late.

Witness recent statements by Trump legal counsel Lin Wood and representative Sidney Powell.

Lawyers always lead with what they can prove, right? If so, then ponder the ramifications of recent statements like these. Wood, a defamation expert, has gone out of his way to mention, on more than one occasion, that people have been killed as a result of what’s going on with the election fraud and tampering. He has often done so immediately after mentioning Joe Biden’s name, casting out a wide net of implications. Why? Surely a defamation counsel wouldn’t open himself up to such slander/libel without proof.

Sidney Powell herself repeatedly invokes the word “biblical” in her conversations as to what’s coming. Amid more secular concerns, it now appears her constant references to “releasing the Kraken” may have been code for this:   


But all of this paled in comparison to what happened on November 21, when Lin Wood dropped the bomb:

On the “Thrive Time” radio show Wood had this to say: So the Supreme Court is being aligned. The Department of Defense was recently realigned by the president. Take a look at how he put in place, a cyberterrorism and terrorism expert. As I said look at what he did in 2018 with the executive order to deal with foreign interference in our national elections. Look, I’d like to see in a perfect world, John Durham’s report come out and people go to jail. I’d like to see Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and a lot of people go to jail. I’d like to see what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop. I’d like to see those people go to jail. I’d like to see what’s on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. I’d like to see a lot of people go to jail. And then when we get to the final phase of the election fraud I’d like to see people go to jail.

The one thing I’ll say is there’ll be an intermingling. There will be people going to jail I believe who are involved in all of those or some of those same investigations. So there is potentially a great awakening. The truth has to come out. I believe it will. I do not think that you can hide the truth. I do say it and I believe it, every lie will be revealed. This country’s going to be shocked when the find the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some periods of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia. They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in satanic worship.”

Wood, in the above video of the radio show, at minute 43 actually goes on to state that he knows, thru his contacts, that in one of the “temples” on Epstein’s island there were “birthing stations.” Ponder both the ramifications and implications of that little bombshell, which, I am assuming, many parties knew about, but has gone strangely unmentioned in any other venue…

This of course gets heavily into the tenets of satanic ritual abuse, as well as the long-acknowledged role of “breeders,” and their purpose within that occultic milieu.

Epstein was also demonstrably trying to construct a “master race” using his DNA, likely carrying out such operations at both the Zorro Ranch property as well as on Little St. James – and this gets into questions of eugenics and genetic tampering. But there have also long been, as hinted at and implied by persons as far afield as Maria Farmer and Rachel Chandler, rumours that there were far darker practices going on than race tampering and genetic manipulation on and under those grounds. And so we travel from the purview of sci-fi horrors like “Donovan’s Brain” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau” to even more hideous levels like the occult sacrifice of young women and babies. If, and I repeat, IF, there were birthing stations on Little St. James, why were they installed? Were they ever used? And if they were, what exactly happened to all the babies? In all the hundreds of photos that have been seen of the environs in and around the island, have you ever even seen ONE baby? With anyone?

What kind of evidence is out there against Epstein that has been gathered by the FBI and other agencies that no one has ever seen? Why? What’s going on?

Do you really want to know?


Also remember something else that Wood said – at a certain point, all these investigations (corruption, fraud, COVID, the election coup, voting manipulations, Antifa, genetics, the vaccine, pedophilia, satanic cults, Epstein): they all converge, or intermingle. And even though they always warn you not to align with information that only confirms your beliefs, I think about that. I think about that a lot.  


Pursuing that same line of investigation, why does the Gates Foundation use the enzyme Luciferase in their quantum dot implantables to contact trace and/or chart us all when given certain vaccines? Why is this a major selling point of the coming COVID vaxx? Since we know they love their word games almost as much as they love their numbers, we can play along too: LUCIFERASE = Lucifer-erase? How about Lucifer-race?

And getting to numbers, why is the Gates patent for his digital microchip ID implantable conspicuously bearing the number 060606? Wheels within wheels, my sleuths:


On the early evening of the 22nd, 57 years after the President that tried most to change things up (until this one) was gunned down, Sidney Powell tweeted out something heavy and dangerous. Dangerous enough that it got the tweet itself deleted and her banned from twitter.

In the course of reading it you will come to know why.

Towards the latter part of this explosive article (and speaking of converging investigations) you will notice the invoking of the name the Carlyle Group.

By way of a very initiatory explanation, and just dipping our toes into the dark waters of the 9/11 X Files:

"ON the day Osama bin Laden's men attacked America, Shafiq bin Laden, described as an estranged brother of the terrorist, was at an investment conference in Washington, DC, along with two people who are close to President George Bush: his father, the first President Bush, and James Baker, the former secretary of state who masterminded the legal campaign that secured Dubya's move to the White House. The conference was hosted by the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm that manages billions of dollars, including, at the time, some bin Laden family wealth. It also employs Messrs Bush and Baker.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, when no one was being allowed in or out of the United States, many members of the bin Laden family in America were spirited home to Saudi Arabia. The revival of defence spending that followed greatly increased the value of the Carlyle Group's investments in defence companies."

Much more here, from History Commons:

And here:   


STARTING TO GET THE BIG PICTURE NOW?  Things like COVID & an election coup possibly brought to you by the same people that brought you 9/11.

EVERYBODY hates Trump and needs him to go away asap. No partisan divisions, no pesky red or blue delineations – this is something they can all agree on and jump in with both happy feet towards. (And the real evil that uses both parties like finger puppets down thru history gets away scot free.)

Keep asking yourself -- "why?"


Who’s taking orders? Who’s giving orders? As the walls start going up around us all, we are finally starting to grasp the enormity of the blueprints, and for just how long those had been on the drawing board before implementation.

In our everyday lives we devote so little to planning, maybe the next week or month. So much to the extent that envisioning people that plan years – decades – in advance is impossible for most to even conceive of. And yet here we are. None of this happens in a vacuum and certainly none on the spur of the moment. Eventualities – ALL eventualities – are gamed and plotted from the longest and widest possible event horizon. And those doing the gaming…have lots of help from even more distant vantage points I suspect.


And those kill lists, I fear those are mapped from cradle to grave as well, and plotted from the same distances from between and beyond the stars. Our official court recorder after all this is over may turn out to be H. P. Lovecraft after all.



As hard as all of this is to believe, this is what is coming to light. Tens of millions of newly awakened souls have been activated as never before, and all are facing down and overthrowing the tyrannical yoke that we have been ensnared in for decades. As more and more previously hidden information is disclosed, we are allowed to peer behind the curtain that’s been there all our lives shielding us from the truth. Nobody said this was going to be easy, but it is necessary in order to begin again and reclaim our true destiny, and it’s not the one that has been manufactured for us by monsters both within and without this realm.


Chris Carter, before his latest umpteenth XFiles rehash, did a little pilot for Amazon entitled The After. The Bezos forces hastily scuttled any followup plans despite huge numbers – and at this juncture I can only imagine why.

The full film is still up here:

Carter had admitted during production of his 2 most prescient series, The XFiles and Millennium, that he had extensive inside contacts with 3-letter-agency insiders feeding him ideas gleaned from much secret and much hidden knowledge covering government mind control influencing serial killers, unidentified aerial phenomena and the global abduction scenario, implants, bioweapons being developed to influence mass consciousness, the interest of the Department of Energy in the Human Genome Project, what the ultimate purpose of that project was, and so very much more. Heck, the entire underlying premise of Millennium hinged on off-world, demonological forces using and influencing human vessels here to carry out a larger agenda, one that at the end of the second season even included an apocalyptic pandemic. Sound familiar? MKUltra and Cointelpro may seem trite by the time we get to the end…

Given all this, one wonders who he may have been in contact with, and what ideas they were feeding him, re The After? Echoing Watergate, one of the most important questions, in hindsight, may very well turn out to be “What did Chris Carter know, and when did he know it?”

May I refer you back to a certain State Dept. Hillary Clinton email string again?



Just what WAS that all about?


There is much to get thru, miles to go before we sleep, but great celestial wheels of Precession are turning, and there is a Plan:

It seems that the long-heralded Age of Aquarius might finally be upon us. 400 (800?) years in the offing, and coinciding with a great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn on December 21st. Does a new star of Bethlehem await us? Is this sign in the heavens our own “go code?”

I’ve been hearing the strains – the call – since I was 9 for goodness sake:


Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and remember the fallen JFK as mighty forces are aligning, locking, spiraling into position, and heralding much change on our pale blue dot. All serious shifts catalyzed.



PS. – Today in Pennsylvania the legislature heard evidence of widespread fraud in the Presidential election. President Trump was there via phone and Rudy Giuliani in person. Military witnesses verified the existence of a quantum dot matrix failsafe watermark on all OFFICIAL ballots. 700,000 PA ballots returned with NO watermark; 577,000 of those for Biden. Multiple residences returned at times as many as 1,000 votes at the same address. (1.8 million ballots were sent out – 2.5 million returned.)

In light of all this – stratospheric fraud levels -- the judge blocked the State from certifying any results in the Presidential election until further notice. Evidentiary hearing coming up on 11/27.

Georgia has now ordered a FULL AUDIT of all ballots.

The Nevada legislature has ordered a December 3 hearing for all FRAUD evidence to be presented there.

Sometimes all it takes is that first step.

This, from Lin Wood, was earlier:



And THIS is happening RIGHT NOW:



I just arbitrarily chose midnight to post this (compelled to?), but, as it turns out…

The clock is striking midnight everywhere.

And the world is watching.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Supposedly on a flight from Chicago to Dulles:

Come back right here tomorrow after midnight for much more...

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Hey guys!!

Heard of this bombshell a couple of hours ago and have been confirming since then that Pennsylvania in the last few hours has determined by their legislature that the election will not be subject to a recount there but a FULL AUDIT that will not be complete until February.

From everything I can ascertain this means subtracted electoral votes, by definition, for Biden, and that even the holy prophets of the MSM will have to take that "President Elect" title away from his name. Not sure what he's going to do with that newly minted "Office of the President Elect" now.

This also gives the Trump legal team ample time to collect additional evidence of widespread fraud, solidify a case even more, protect witnesses, and in general blow the entire DNC away -- as JFK once threatened to do to the CIA: break it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

It remains to be seen exactly how the MSM is going to spin THIS one -- it ought to be entertaining at least to watch the psychological backflips incoming. 

Multiple sources for this one: (lest I be accused of FAKE news...)

This last Pennlive link spells out quite clearly that this full audit must be completed before results can be certified; ergo, no certification = no President can be named until then, so say bye-bye to that January 20 historic date. 

I am also given to understand -- although much info is still fluid and changing as these are now historic precedents being set continually -- that if that January 20 date comes and goes with no certified President, then it goes to a 1-vote-per-state runoff. And we all know who that favors. 

I also understood in researching the PA audit news, that Michigan was very close to doing the exact same thing; and then lo and behold what news comes in but this, like clockwork:   

YES, despite the MSM trying to convince us to the contrary, Michigan is also now back in play.

All of this news comes amid my own research and dot-connecting that is turning up some rather HUGE and ominous confluences and bedfellows that will surprise all of you in the extreme. Am still working on this and will be getting all of these findings to you in short order as soon as they all are finalized, likely by Thanksgiving day as it looks right now, so stay tuned my friends for a little spooky with your turkey. And believe me, COVID runs into election fraud runs into a coup runs into the occult, as so very much more.  

These are historic times we find ourselves in currently. So many appear to be anxious, depressed and nervous, and with good reason. But me? I'm EXCITED. We are right in the middle of those accelerated days that Alex Jones used to speak of -- when more happens in 8-10 weeks than has happened in the previous 6-8 years. We indeed stand at such a juncture. 

The long-running and unparalleled yoke of tyranny, fraud, corruption and plain downright evil that has been hanging over all of our heads for the whole of our lives is finally coming apart. Big Pharma, Big Tech, Voting scams, Elite deviance on a grand scale, it's all imploding before our eyes as tens of millions of awakened souls (all at the same relative time miraculously) are deciding to put an end to the filthy status quo once and for all. The shadow America that has been in place since they shot JFK in broad daylight is being exposed like a vampire smoking in the rays of the dawn's light.


Did you see this epic exchange between a righteously pissed-off Hawley and a mewling  Zuckerberg? 

And this now 42 year old song? It feels right on time. Keep pushin', my friends. Keep pushin'. 

The momentum is now enormous and self-fulfilling. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Back soon.