Sunday, February 21, 2021



“The siren calls outside

They want to kill us all

Innocents, wounded souls

Full of rage

Nowhere to go

Consequences be they may

I resolve to never change

I so vow to never yield

Can I give my old heart to you?

'cause when this feeling starts

That's when I blow it all away.


"Here, you're born" they'll say

"To die afraid, to lie awake"


It's plain the wars have won

The days of judgement rise

For innocents, wounded souls

How could they know?

They're burning cold

Paranoias be they may…”   


“There are decades where weeks go by, and there are weeks where decades go by. EG&G and Battelle Corp. are at the Center of it.”    Jacques Vallee.



Welcome to my house. Enter freely, and of your own will. I am Wordman, and I bid you welcome. We will speak here of many dark things in the search for illumination and the Truth that will set us all free. Along the way, let’s all fully intend to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.

What if I told you time was looping back around again? What if I told you some volatile and highly dangerous supernatural subcurrents seem to be manifesting again and bringing forth onto the world stage new thoughtforms, tulpas, eidolons, of the same old song and dance?     


Who owns us? I’m finding this a more and more pertinent question that joins many things in this fractured fairy tale timeline of ours. Moreover, it is a question that points to intent on the part of our Overlords, and that’s where we’ll start out journey tonight. Because although time and fashion may change, their plans for us remain unmistakably clear no matter the decade. So much so that we seem more than anything to be trapped in some kind of bizarre time loop, where the ruling vampires changes clothes, labels and positions at the seats of power, but the names remain the same, as do their plans, which always turn slowly, and surely, against us. As a matter of fact, we are in the middle of a nationwide coup by a verifiable cult just now beginning to openly show itself and its machinations in the full light of day. But to go forward, we need to go back…


Thanksgiving 1978 set the stage. On November 18 in Guyana, at the top of South America, something horrifying emerged out of the jungle. News came that first 300, then 600, then 800, and finally over 900 people were dead at a place called Jonestown, so named for the cult leader that had established it after fleeing from San Francisco: the ‘Reverend’ Jim Jones. First called a mass suicide, then quickly running the psychedelic gamut from that to murder-suicide, to massacre, to finally just mass murder. Monies were traced, ties to none other than the CIA were established, and confirmation from researchers and those there on the ground that most of the deaths came not from “drinking the kool-aid,” as it were, but from being forcibly injected and/or shot point blank. Catalyst for the event was a fact-finding mission launched by Congressman Leo Ryan, who was killed and dismembered along with his team upon attempting to leave the compound at Port Kaituma airstrip shortly before the final massacre began. Further investigations have uncovered that Ryan had done extensive research into the situation and come away with the facts that it was a completely government-sanctioned mind control operation, using drugs, sleep-deprivation and hypnosis, with the full blessing of both the CIA and other shadowy MIC players in the mix.

However, and for the purposes of this “contact tracing” (see what I did there) Jones had attempted, prior to the South American flight, to set up something along the same lines within the city of San Francisco itself, and this time with the full blessing of all of those in power there at the time: Mayor Willie Brown**, Dianne Feinstein, mayor George Moscone, city supervisor Harvey Milk, and one Kamala Harris. All would speak in glowing terms of Jones, likening him to another MLK, and saying how all were on board with his stated dream to create a “utopia on earth.”

**in another startling factoid beyond the scope of this particular article but included here to let you know just where Brown falls on the totem pole – he would receive one of the first “courtesy” calls before-the-fact, from persons he still declines to name btw, specifically NOT to fly anywhere on September 11, 2001. Just so you know…

In turn, Jones for them had conscripted a ready-made work force to volunteer at campaigns, help at rallies, write letters, and in himself they had a ready-for-prime-time, not camera shy preacher, more than willing to mouth their political platitudes 24/7 to an eager public ready for the next big thing on the road to tomorrow!

(In 1973 Les Kinsolving, White House correspondent, first began publishing articles about Jones and his Temple churches, already given a footing in San Fran and LA, calling Jones a fake faith healer and putting front page accusation of cheating members out of their life savings…The heat was then on, and the contingency plans of scrambling to a new site – Guyana – all but a given.)

This of course all came down in a tumbling heap with what happened at Jonestown and then that Monday after Thanksgiving when Moscone and Harvey Milk (then the first openly gay politician ever elected to office in the US) were gunned down in City Hall by a disgruntled city supervisor Dan White, who had first quit his job but then wanted it back. Or so the story goes…The actual proximity of these 2 events and personages had many (as I’m sure you dear readers will be also) wondering whether or not this actually constituted some kind of clean-up operation after Jonestown proper, and whether or not those taken out may have known just a little too much about those CIA ties to whatever was going on, undercover, down in the jungle. And more importantly…why:  


But prior to all this, and where my “ownage” question comes up, is this: Willie Brown brokered the initial meeting between Jones and Moscone, then candidate for mayor of San Fran. This resulted in Jones’ myriad followers, thru all kinds of means, both above board and below, electing Moscone. This then resulted eventually in Moscone appointing Jones to the city’s Housing Authority Commission, where, in no time, Jones became chairman.

This effectively made Jones the largest landlord/leaseholder in all of San Francisco. Multiple funds to appropriate. Many money packages to transfer.

This would, as you will see, become a glaring giveaway as to their modus operandi. The years and operations change, but the fingerprints are the same. And everywhere.


Because guess what else I found out this week? Stealthily, and under the cover of darkness, very much like the aforesaid jungle doings (and under the auspices of the dreaded COVID plandemic fearporn psyop) – because they always have to have an entre – guess who the largest leaseholder in the entire COUNTRY is now?

The Centers for Disease Control. The CDC:

That’s right friends. Out of the goodness of their hearts (cough cough) the wonderful CDC is gonna help you out – forgive all your loans, all your debts, all your mortgages, all your rentals, all your leases, everything… there’s just this one little catch, see, you’re gonna have to get this vaccine. Hey, but it’s just a little jab, what’s the harm; it won’t even hurt. Much. At least not right now. Oh….but just you wait.

Are you seeing WHY they’ve been inundating you with the propaganda for years about vaccine-tards, anti-vaxxers, vaccines are safe and effective, you need vaccines, now? Everything has been to set the stage for the big one – this one. The one that they need you to get. See from minute 31:00 on in this fantastic interview:


Disregard, please, the literal billions in adverse reaction payouts. Those don’t mean a thing. And that’s just for the regular vaccines. The COVID one is too new to even have finalized numbers on yet. Unless you count the staggering numbers that are keeling over after getting it that we are hearing (despite the MSM hush hush treatment) more and more about every day. But you can disregard that too, because, that’s just like, anecdotal, man.

And if you’re into parallels here on our ride, let me ask you: If the Governing Body – Uncle Sam, today’s fashion, what’s acceptable, what’s cool, the Jim Jones du jour – asked YOU to drink the poisoned kool-aid – would you? Because as it turns out, they were injecting you for the common good in 1978 and they’re still doing it in 2021, aren’t they? The Cult of Death, that same one that’s been charted here in all its many permutations since 2011, is still open for business.  


Does it bother anyone that the lineage of the #1 guy pushing this vaccine is all about Planned Parenthood, eugenics, and depopulation? Because it should. It should at least make you wonder why a guy dedicated to eradicating (read: managing) humanity now wants to save it. And that he STILL hasn’t explained his best palsy status with Epstein. And that this same guy – Bill Gates if you’re late to the party – now is the largest landowner of farmland in the continental USA. Wait, what was that again?



Could it be that Mr. Kill Bill is doing that for a reason, boys and girls? Just like he’s doing this for a reason:     

That’s right, lights out, uh huh, – dance dance dance – to the radio of love.

Oh, and all those aluminum nanoparticles that have been raining down on us in the ongoing persistent contrail/chemtrail ops since the fall of 1998, well, turns out that those are now injectable also – YAY!: (and present in greater numbers especially in the COVID jab, natch…)

You’ll note the vid on Big Brother YT has already, in less than 24, been scrubbed, which is of course yet another huge problem right now. Here, from a source that hopefully will sit down and stay for a spell (pardon the pun):


Regarding all of this, are you beginning to get a vibe? Sense a thruline? Form a picture?


Just yesterday the baby Biden administration inflicted yet more intense damage in shutting down completely Operation Talon – the one that targeted illegals sexually trafficking women and children. Archived here because it has, yet again (sigh), been removed:


I’m sure the rationale for this is just because everything the Orange Man did was BAD BAD BAD. Of course you and I know it’s for entirely different reasons and all about getting those trafficking hubs and networks up and running again.

Quote from a befuddled Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody: “I was a former federal prosecutor. Effective, targeted operations cross administrations. These operations help agents do their jobs, especially for states like Florida that rely on federal agencies and law enforcement to help them remove these dangerous people from our communities. There is no reason this operation should be canceled.”

Other than the reason that it was getting in their way. Of profits. Of ideology. Of souls.

The good news is that people are waking up – and loudly – to the agenda that’s been rolled out in front of their faces. This just from the Australian Open last night, beamed worldwide and priceless:

Good on ya mates! Experimental biotech nightmare gene therapy mRNA technology posing as a “vaccination?” No thanks, beotch!! The sweet, sweet sound of a revolution on the horizon.


There is a war happening, and we see it manifesting in clues everywhere. San Francisco’s City Hall, where we started tonight, was bathed in red supposedly to salute the landing of the latest “rover” on Mars.

Mars, as all you symbologists will note, is the God of War.


Many other events are transpiring on many other horizons as things continue to ramp up. A smattering:

You will notice that all of this is unidentified aerial phenomena research-related, because the tenor of this is going off the scale at the moment, and has me wondering why? Many, many on the supposed interior of this thing (Tom DeLonge, John Podesta, Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Hal Puthoff, Jim Semivan, Peter Levenda, all of TO THE STARS academy, et al) have seats at the table and rub elbows with the highest – or lowest, depending on your point of view – that spookville has to offer. Heck, Jim Semivan was the CIA Chief of Covert ops Domestic, a very title itself which is by definition against the law.


I happen to trust the life’s work of Vallee implicitly. Without him, there would have been no Close Encounters of the Third Kind designation, film, or anything else. I believe his main hypothesis that there remains in place and on planet earth a Control System of something beyond this physical and dimensional realm which seeks to order things here, and that it has ranged in classification of everything from elves and sprites and gnomes to now aliens and all else in the hyperspatial realms: you can include poltergeist activity, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, pretty much anything you’d like to throw at the wall. And that most definitely includes the spiritual, very much up to and including the demonic, which may, when all is said and done, be at the bottom of all of this:       

But I am also very well aware of his past associations with the likes of John Alexander, Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, and Robert Bigelow, none of whom I trust as far as I can throw them. Their activities range from the merely shadowy to the outright heinous.

So when I tell you things seem to be ramping up across this horizon, it means that we all need to be vigilant, because nothing is what it seems, these days or ever.


Is it possible that a faction of this interior society wants to bring about Doomsday? That there is a cabal so wedded to the biblical idea of Armageddon and eschatology that they would use some kind of summoning magick and/or ritual (Project Bluebeam?) to contact these forces en masse and bring them here, triggering an entire shadowplay of Antichrist and the Second Coming? Is THIS what I’ve been talking about all these years?

It is entirely possible.  

Best to forever use the old X-Files maxim: Trust No One.


Remember that the AATIP program (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification), so championed by the likes of DeLonge, Elizondo, and all at the TO THE STARS academy, released wording in a white paper which stated that “the phenomenon can manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise National Security.

Including – Psychotronic weapons/ Cognitive Human Interface/ Penetration of solid surfaces/ Instantaneous sensor disassembly/ Alteration-manipulation of biological organisms/ Anomalies in the space-time construct/ Unique cognitive human interface experiences.”

None of which sounds like anyone capable of doing anything like that in a million years on this side of the hyperspatial fence. So what are we left with? Perhaps most importantly in these investigations – what decision makers have been influenced, and how?

Pay particular attention to those lines ‘alteration-manipulation of biological organisms’ and ‘unique cognitive human interface experiences.’

Some, in lay terms, might call such designations “possession.”


Now, talk to me again about the validity of Satanic Ritual Abuse, the possibilities of human hunting parties, what people like the Royals and Jimmy Saville got up to, and just what Jeffrey Epstein was so interested in across so many multi-disciplinary fields? (Not to mention the rationale of wedding all of those interests to what he got up to when the lights went down on the island…)


Now wonder why, when all of us in the mainstream of society were getting so interested into looking into these very areas, COVID is released and hits all of us like a bomb, taking our interests elsewhere. And it just so happens to be mapped out and released by all of his buddies on the inside – Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Gates, Fauci, Charles Lieber.

There’s being played, and then there’s being played.


Monday, February 15, 2021



Just a quick update to let everybody know that now, as always, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. Because She will fool with you right back…..

Currently, and I almost can’t believe what I’m typing here, a full third of everybody in Texas is without power. 3,758,613 at last count. Unprecedented would be putting it mildly. Absolute insanity would be closer to hitting the situation on the head. Meanwhile, tornadoes are ripping thru Florida and Georgia.

Virginia a scant 24 hours ago led the nation with 275,000 outages, but that record has been well & truly obliterated, as many in Texas may be facing WEEKS without power, all the while trying to endure polar temps all the way down to the Gulf. The Artic flow has been unleashed.

I remember the likes of Art Bell and Whitley Strieber back in the day proclaiming things were changing weather-wise, and trying to warn people that once we turned that corner, there would be no going back. Not sure presently whether or not this is a function of the North Atlantic current changing, or the jet stream dropping down, or something to do with what’s coming off the Sun, but people, I am here to tell you, something has been breached, and this is NOT normal. Whether or not this represents some kind of crossing of the Rubicon for all-time going forward remains to be seen, but all of this bears very, very close scrutiny.


Have the mad scientists amoung us finally unleashed something that cannot be repaired? As we cross more and more thresholds that had previously been unexplored on so many fronts, from the biological to the barometric, one can only ask: have we finally gone too far?

And very ironic how those words DARK WINTER have been on so many lips of “persons of interest” lately, isn’t it? Depopulation remains an area of high interest amoung the elite, needless to say.

Stay tuned, and stay safe. Will be back soon with regular transmissions. Til then, check the pertinents:


Sunday, February 7, 2021



“Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

Project for the New American Century, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, authors: Richard Armitage, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, Ellen Bork, Dick Cheney, Zalmay Khalilzad, Lewis Libby, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, et al (2000 Policy Paper)


“Skin dance back at the condo

Skin heads getting to school

Beating on blacks with a baseball bat

Racism back in rule (Night Train/ Night Train)

White trash picking up Nazi flags

While you was gone, there was war

This is the West, get used to it

They put a Swastika over the door

Under the God, under the God

One step over the red line

Ten steps into the crazy, crazy

Washington heads in the toilet bowl

Don't see supremacist hate

Right wing dicks in their boiler suits

Picking out who to annihilate (-nihilate, Night Train!)

Toxic jungle of Uzi trails

Tribesmen just wouldn't live here

Fascist flare is fashion cool

Well, you're dead, you just ain't buried yet

Under the God, under the God

As the walls came tumbling down

So, the secrets that we shared

I believed you by the palace gates

Now the savage days are here…”

Under The God, Tin Machine (Bowie) 1989     


The Midnight Express now boarding roundtrip to the Shadow Gallery late opening. All aboard. This is not a dark ride.

Cancel culture? How about cancel democracy and humanity while they’re at it? We are transmitting from a time when D.C. has more troops marching in the streets than Myanmar. Which one is undergoing a coup again?

[While getting this together for you I hear I’m missing the most cringeworthy occult Super Bowl halftime ritual in recent memory, with the Weakend (& yes I spelled that correctly) and his diapered army participating in a ridiculous lip-sunk COVID, face-bandaged salute complete with goose-stepping, prominent blacks and reds (those would be the colors but it works other ways too) and nary an evil white person in sight….so = perfect! Current powers-that-shouldn’t-be want us all either dead or mongrelized anyway.]


Would you consider COVID a politically useful tool? Before you leap to a confirmation bias answer, take into serious account that it is all but certain at this point that entire Democratic Party, not to mention 80 million Patriots, very likely do.

We now enter a murky realm where bioweapons research, child trafficking, ritual abuse, and occult mercators converge, collide and overlap with stunning frequency, using the same persons of interest as change agents.

And Donald Trump lost 2 billion dollars – roughly half of his worth – serving as President. Would you give up everything for something you love – an ideal? A country? A person? Here’s to those that do.

Now to the stops on tonight’s limited hit-and-run tour:


In 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen referred to the concept of an ethnic bioweapon as a possible risk. In 1998 some biological weapon experts considered such a "genetic weapon" plausible, and believed the former Soviet Union had undertaken some research on the influence of various substances on human genes.

In 2008, the Government held a congressional committee, ‘Genetics and other human modification technologies: sensible international regulation or a new kind of arms race?’ during which it was discussed how “we can anticipate a world where rogue (and even not-so-rogue) states and non-state actors attempt to manipulate human genetics in ways that will horrify us.”

In 2012, The Atlantic wrote that a specific virus that targets individuals with a specific DNA sequence is within possibility in the near future. The magazine put forward a hypothetical scenario of a virus which caused mild flu to the general population but deadly symptoms to the President of the United States. They cite advances in personalized gene therapy as evidence.

Only months ago it was disclosed that several CEOs of the acronym FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) were engaged in smartdust drops and testing over unknowing population centers in Northern California:

Why does Bill Gates have a patent 2020/060606 for the mining of cryptocurrency using “body activity data” from subjects?  

Why is the main ingredient in all his COVID vaccines – used for biomarking (and presumably the ever nefarious contact tracing) – called specifically LUCIFERASE?

Why does Melinda Gates make a point of sporting an inverted cross?

Exactly how much child porn was found on Gates’ systems across multiple properties?

Why did he remain close friends with Jeffrey Epstein for so long? And what do all their remarkable areas of shared interest have to do with what’s unfolding in the world ongoing?

Eugenics, transhumanism, depopulation, vaccines, genetic splicing, tampering and transfer, consciousness transfer, DNA harvesting and morphage, cybernetics, android life, AI, energy physics, quantum mechanics, CRISPR tech, PCR testing, portaling, bioweapons research, and on and on without by all means forgetting the kiddies for those late-night pre-pubescent kicks. ‘Cause kicks, as we all know, just keep getting’ harder to find…

Exactly how much evidence do we have to amass to key us into what’s going on before we know there’s something going on?

Dark questions without answers – unless of course, they’re staring us in the face. Like so much is these days. And even this is not without precedent. We live in a culture embedded within a civilization that has embraced the lie and obfuscation as everyday business-as-usual. Oh we “look into” pretty much everything on an official level, from UFOs to the Kennedy assassinations to 9/11 to cattle mutilations to Satanic Ritual Abuse and organized pedophile rings. They all start out ostensibly as investigations into the unexplained, and all, without exception, turn into explanations of the uninvestigated. And now we can add the global coronavirus “pandemic” and the great 2020 election voter fraud coup to that list. Strange. And even stranger how all of these areas of interest overlap. In form. In content. In personnel. It’s a continually revolving door of high strangeness.


Jen Psaki is the new “administration’s” Press Secretary. Interesting that before this her gig was running cover for Hillary’s State Dept when HRC’s widespread global child trafficking network was being brought to light:

She made her bones with the dregs of humanity early on. Now, she gets rewarded. Works the same every time and at every level.


I see Elon Musk has announced that his Neuralink has implanted a chip into a monkey’s brain that enables it to play video games using only its mind – and since word of things like this only leaks when it’s old hat, I wonder what’s really going on. Or if we haven’t already been remotely controlling test subjects for maybe a few decades or more now, if Charles Whitman, Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan or Lee Harvey Oswald don’t ring any bells.

On a side note, isn’t this how Planet Of The Apes started?


China has also stolen the personal data of some 80% of US adults, and voila, thanks to those ever-present COVID swabs, that would also include your DNA:

But relax, I’m sure nothing bad could possibly happen. (See race-specific bioweapons above.)

More here:

Where could all this be headed? Organ harvesting seems trite at this point. Adrenochrome targeted therapies for the elites as they suck off of us in some HG Wells Morlocks Time Machine scenario? Or are they running down, searching for, a particular bloodline? (They are looking for someone…)

In an interesting sidenote, 23andMe, as has been cited before here, was co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, former partner of Goog’s Sergey Brin. Anne’s sister Susan is the CEO of Youtube. The DNA harvesting/storage potential amoung this crew is off the charts, and in line with their avowed agenda for humanity.


Another headline that seems to have gone unremarked on but which has immense ramifications for our lives continues to be this one:   

(Particularly when you realize that both Pfizer and AstraZeneca have been infiltrated.) 


Trust us. This is good for you. We saved democracy!! Please clap:

Forgive me the analogy if this isn’t now like the prolific serial killer giving a written confession only to have his higher-up buddies throw it out as inadmissible. This is them actually CONFESSING to collusion and tampering and admitting that everything “conspiratorial” and “secret Cabal” we’ve been saying all along is actually all true.


It is also vital information like the above, as well as increasing numbers of perfectly healthy, normal young people suddenly dropping dead after getting the COVID jab (Tiffany Dover where are you?) that is increasing the amazing load of anecdotal data at our disposal. Anecdotal data that is increasingly important when there is a fox guarding the information henhouse. A fox that is desperately trying to limit and manipulate any data out there, if not simply not allow it to be collected or scrub it from existence.   

Wait until you see the actual 2020 death numbers, which happen to be exactly the same as 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and as far back as you’d like to look. There IS NO pandemic. Only the perception of one and numbers moved around as if in a three-card monte street game. Unless you believe the statistically impossible that flu deaths actually have dropped to zero. There is already a concerted pushback underway:    

Things like this increasingly coming out as well as the child trafficking trickle that’s about to turn into a flood in the mind of the public (if not already) is why the Biden administration will ramp up efforts to try to take away the Second Amendment. You are already seeing a massive hike in the number of mass shooting incidents of all kinds within days of Biden assuming power. Coincidence?

Is this also a coincidence?

Word is now coming thru from multiple sources that Agent Alfin‘s investigations had led him straight into the Hunter Biden laptop milieu – and then he just so happens to die in a raid on a child porn distributor.

Don’t believe for 1 minute that seasoned FBI agents would knock on the door in a warrant serve and put themselves anywhere close to a situation where they could get in harm’s way of any kind or be sitting ducks. There is something very fishy about this entire situation. Plus BIDEN’S FBI rescuing children? NOT the agenda of this administration. This was a setup.


We are stewing in an atmosphere of malevolence that is quickly gaining the upper hand again. Proof is everywhere when you look. Fauci is, was, and always has been the chief proponent of gain-of-function research both here and abroad that led directly to the COVID strain. He started advocating around 2005 for a moratorium to be lifted on testing and experimentation of an H5N1 that had a gain of function. He has for years been the person calling for the testing to be allowed. He is on the record talking about his fear of an accidental release of a novel virus from a lab outside US oversight. HE knows that NIH gave the Wuhan Lab $3.7M to conduct Coronavirus tests in bats. He knows that this very virus came from the Wuhan lab and is running cover for the release. SARS-Cov-2 was created at Chapel Hill-UNC – we then gave China the dollars and offshored the research likely to be able to provide plausible deniability; but the data trail is everywhere.

Charles Lieber, great and good friend of Jeffrey Epstein, was doing nanotech battery research and parlaying the results between Harvard (major donor to and that benefitted from Epstein) and Wuhan:

This was all around the same time Bill Gates was flying roundtrips to Little St. James on the Lolita Express. Epstein. Fauci. Harvard. Wuhan. Lieber. Gain of function. Collusion.


And before we abandon Gates for now, look at what his Moderna admits to:


No matter how hard I, or anybody, spins this, this all keeps circling back around to Epstein. So much so that I’m to the point of thinking COVID itself may have been his dead man’s switch. Everything that’s transpired since his death/disappearance falls into line considering this. Throw in his other areas of interest vis-à-vis what’s gone on in the world since, and I’m considering this a near lock in the problem-reaction-solution sweepstakes. It all had to happen the way it did – and was planned out and executed with razor-edge perfection. The only variable in the equation that I can see remains the virulence of the initial release – I think they were going for a worldwide look of what was coming out of Wuhan very early on: videos of people walking in the streets and suddenly dropping dead in their tracks. (Either that or they were fake and part of the initial surge for the Great Reset, hard to tell at this point…)

When that didn’t start happening in the EU and US (likely either thru some white hat mitigation or a drop in deadliness as it mutated and spread), then the psyop angle had to be exploited rapidly…enter the widespread masking and distancing protocols followed by fudged PCR testing and wild numbers crunching to achieve the same fear motivator. It’s very likely that the ritual indoctrination angle of the masking and distancing, as well as of course the mandatory worldwide vaccinations, were always on the table as the final endgame. But it still all signals Epstein as the precog and the catalyst to this nightmare – especially when revelations increasingly point to Little St. James, more than any hedonistic retreat for the elite, may have been functioning all along as more of an Island of Dr. Moreau; a microcosm of experiment and intent for the massive occult ritual they would have the entire world participate in.


What is abundantly clear now is that there is a great push underway to bioform the globe – alter the planet in some fundamental ways. The World Economic Forum has already said that by 2030 you will own nothing – and be very happy about that. All your debts will be assumed, you will be given a monthly stipend under the guise of a Universal Basic Income. All your movements will be monitored, you will be tracked 24/7 to an even greater degree than today, and you will look to the almighty Big Brother for everything. Your home. Your health. Your safety. Your needs. Your independence and autonomy will be things of the past. To be able to live you will have to do anything and everything that the government tells you. Give up your rights. Your guns. Your loved ones. Your soul. You will be the very definition of a vessel waiting for what is coming.


These were all the things that Jeffrey Epstein was looking into – things that now his friend Bill Gates is paving the way for, along with henchmen and fellow travelers like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and other Foundations, Health Initiatives, Forums and Movements by the score.




Not in ideology, not in biology, not in freedom. There is a virus loose here, but it is a mental one as well as physical. It expresses truth as lies; falsehoods and fraud as givens. Up is now down. White is black. The other side of the looking glass doesn’t just beckon like a siren call, it is here, that boot stamping on a human face forever that Orwell glimpsed and shouted like a warning careening down the years.

Forces are arrayed against us, against all free-thinking, independent people that are assaulting us from multiple platforms and across multiple fronts. This is by design. This is a multi-staged War of the Worlds. We expected them to come in metal ships, but the enemy was inside the gates all along, The enemy was us…our neighbors, our families. our friends, those even that we loved more than anything turned into rank strangers – all those that now, for whatever reason, (and there are many) lack the vital ability of discernment. They have used our vanity, our weakness, our spiritual vapidity, as entryways, portals into the vast interior of us all, and blown us apart from within – every meaningful connection shattered, every unbreakable bond obliterated. 

The New Man is here. Hitler was right to be afraid of ‘Him’, as he shouted in those final days of clarity as he glimpsed what was coming before ultimate Chaos and the void embraced him. No one in history had been on closer terms with this “other” than he. And we are now living in the times of seeing his visions realized. Visions of madness and the occult fringes running rampant; an acceleration beyond anything anyone thought possible since the end of WWII, when Operation Paperclip grafted the remains of the Thousand Year Reich into the US war machine, the Military-Industrial Complex, the intelligentsia, and popular culture. The very darkest of occult rituals and workings came along with that deal.

We now labour under the dark umbrella of the Strong Delusion; a vast cosmic wheat-from-the-chaff process launched from parts unknown; possibly from God against the darker territories to determine the worthy. I prefer to think of it as a precursor event to the cavalry riding over the hill, but the frightening prospect is that I could be wrong. No man knows the hour or the time.