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   Witness the crazy pre-millennial dread and the secret sonic rites of Teotihuacan, to engage your psychedelic groove-vibe sixth sense, courtesy of Noel Gallagher's demo track rack...

Right down the way from this one:

Seems these are the kind of feels and times that have swung around again apocalyptically-speaking...

What follows is an extensive mix-list of phenomena and breaking headlines that seem to be tangentially related to each other or are at least the standard deviation of six degrees of separation with each other, if not far closer in a Spiritual War that threatens to go hot. The Quantum Spirit Clock now sits at around 3 minutes to midnight...tick tick.

Am going for the shotgun approach, so hop in shotgun riders -- with kisses for luck and to seal our fate...this moment is the crucible and the time has come:

45 summers later, this alternate dimension version just hits different all of a sudden coming thru our iphone transistors as we head out on the road:

Well I'm drivin down Kingsley figurin I'll get a drink

Turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to think

I swing open the door and you hop in by my side

I take her to the floor lookin for a moment that seems right

And somethin keeps pushin inside

Pushin to prove it all night....

Ain't it the truth...   

Pretty wild that the 2 verboten words in this ongoing conversation are 'hybrid' and 'implant.' WHY?? And just think about those huge and lasting implications for a sec -- are they related? Do implants of some description cause hybrids? What in going on now, concurrently, of an implant-ish nature that may cause people to change fundamentally? At the DNA level? Change their minds and perceptions? Alter the entire cognitive structure of their brains?    Video from 2014: They are going to fake a pandemic for a DNA changing forced vaccine    CERN, AQC, and New Age Religion    Many Hallucinations and Psychosis after C-19 shots

So let's keep on keepin on what we've always done here and begin dissecting and rejoining the scarlet threads...

And these are just for starters. Many threads are appearing all at the same time of late, and many older threads are being welcomed back into this system of understanding. This is all being done in transit, on the fly, while many operating systems are in flux...

Seen the Schumann Resonance Frequency lately and what it's turning into? (you'll need to lean into the Thelema policies of Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley for this...),%2C%20occultist%2C%20and%20ceremonial%20magician. 

Why is the Unicursal Hexagram, the sigil of Thelema and both Crowley and Parsons, showing up in the earth's heartbeat now of all times?? Perhaps it is fate made manifest:

The culmination of a plan long in the works amid rituals and workings that have only grown in power along with the technology to see them thru. 


The Adam and Eve story? Classified by the CIA? Full version here:

Wormwood? Let's remember how much of a light was shone on that over past turbulent times -- an intense focus by very interested parties: 

What do these factors have to do with this new wrinkle in the Schumann Resonance -- and they a big part of why these latest images are being scrubbed? What part is being played by occult sigs showing up prominently in all this? Hidden in these questions are the ANSWERS we might need right now.

And what does the crazily prophetic Grimes tablet maybe have to do with all this?:

For more background there:

How about the igG4 factor?

What coming winter or summer solstice will this be initiated even further with a 5G trigger by the elites according to their Occult Calendar and timetable?  

What other testimony has been suppressed?:

Both of these last 2 headlines amount to the same thing because as we know from Naomi Wolf's research into the suppressed Pfizer docs, the no.3 side effect of the vaxx was C-19 itself!!   See the 30 min. mark here from Naomi. (MODERNA documents coming in July!!)  So this ALL becomes about a mass suppression of the human immune system...WHY?

Let's just set some things straight here: the totality of human immune suppression is straight Fauci, from AIDS to C-19. It's simply what he does -- every aspect of research into weakening across the entirety of the human genome. He's been doing it since long before 1980, and it the no.1 reason he needs to be behind bars, if not executed. Crimes Against Humanity. 

Here's Kim Iversen's take, and everything you need to know, on all the recent RFK-Hotez (the latest shill pumping nonsense)-Rogan platform fallout in the first 30 min here, and it's a lot:

NO ONE can afford to debate RFK Jr in the public sphere on this and not come out looking like a complete fool -- it's why there are officially NO Democratic candidate debates slated in the Presidential runup this time for the first time in modern history. No, of course not; he's a quack, a crank, a "conspiracy theorist!!" We can't possibly validate his stance or justify his actions by actually acknowledging he exists...we'll just pretend he's not there. That's going to wind up being a fatal mistake. And it's not just the vaxx, he's going scorched earth everywhere:   (This has been removed from YT interestingly...)

"If anybody listens to this on a jury, it'll be over."

The full interview:

Given a listen to quite possibly one of the most important conversations of your lifetime re critical thinking. This man is legit coming for the Deep State. He would totally overturn/ transform, if elected, this entire country in 48 hours:

The more you hear the more you know they will NEVER let this man become President. Something really REALLY bad will happen first (bang bang) before the world as we know it changes fully, because that's the EXACT power and promise he holds if he's fully let loose at the people that have kept us in mental, psychological and physical chains for all of your lifetime.

"Show me another candidate talking about Event 201 and I'll listen to your complaint that Kennedy's no different." Fairly massive point taken. 

But perhaps we should be careful (always) about what we hope for: RFK Jr. could be the harbinger/flashpoint of what THEY have in mind also. Namely be the Paul Revere slated to amass a growing population of enraged serfs to Burn It All Down. When the accumulated vaxx knowledge fully hits and the realization kicks in, there is going to be a horde of fully engaged and enraged out for blood. Of the elites. Of every Institution. What if the entire Country is remade domino-ing into the entire WORLD? What emerges in that void? A whole new perspective dawns on the Great Reset, no? 

And using our own best intentions against us is just so like them, isn't it? Everything backwards and inverted per Crowley's rules of psychic warfare...

Can you say One World Government? Who gets to organize THAT? NATO? The WEF? Davos? The Bilderbergers? The Council on Foreign Relations?  Then this all becomes their long-planned means to an end engineered and in the pipeline for centuries. Whether we know it or not, we've always been deeply involved in a game of 5-dimensional chess. We've got to think 4-6 moves ahead at least. Because they are.     

And while we're at it, let's put this from Ancient Aliens in context, shall we, because it's the looming $64,000 question: "Is the experimentation with intelligent hominid over, or is it still taking place?"

After all the mRNA mods and insertion of hydrogels, spike proteins, self-replicating nano-machines and igG4 factors, I think we can pretty much answer that question right out of the gate, no? The question NOW is, digging down and getting to the bottom, is there an extraterrestrial/ extradimensional factor in all this ultimately? And are we silently in the midst of a literal invasion aligning with occult parameters and biosphere degradation?

The infrastructure -- Technological Possession:

Along with the dark underpinnings of this new/old Great Reset, and what it really means:

Check out the latest fringe hits from Dr. Ana and Maria Zeee:

And the vital links within:

Why was James O'Keefe fired from Proj Veritas again? That's right, he exposed the Pfizer geek head talking about what? DIRECTED EVOLUTION:

How does all of this link up to and vibe with 5G coming online to an even greater degree as of July 1st??

Also take note that July 1 is the planned brand new Fed Reserve system going into place that is a straight cover for the CBDCs being worked into the system

Don't even TRY to tell me how these things aren't coordinated...

Here are the "convenience" particulars:

Exactly how every article of enslavement occurs, all mainlined and streamlined for our "convenience.": Vaccine mandates and passports, increased security everywhere since 2001, masks, six feet apart and safe, lockdowns, travel restrictions, vanishing bodily autonomy and free speech rights, enforced 5G with no vote or say-so, forced childhood vaccines to attend school (now up to 72 by pre-teen years from 3 when I was a tyke**), the inability of parents to decide what their children are taught in those schools; the list is endless and ever growing... Welcome to the Machine.

**And if you think the banality of evil doesn't pertain to ALL vaccines, buy, do you have another thing comin':

That's straight from the deposition of Stanley Plotkin:

These are the people that thought NOTHING of placing the cancer-causing SV40 simian monkeyvirus in every POLIO vaxx from 1955-1963 in the USA. 

Of placing the live HIV strain (causing the eruption of AIDS) in every oral polio vaxx in equatorial Africa (centering in Leopoldville) from 1957-1960. This covers in all likelihood more than half a million people. I still remember the March 1992 Rolling Stone article by Tom Curtis that unearthed all this and caused a firestorm within the corridors of power and academia:

Or you could just ask Stanley Plotkin -- he was boots on the ground there, you see. "Vacationing" with the wife. See page 103 here:

For continued jaw-droppers of the Nazi style, see the mark 7:55:00 here:      

This is what we are dealing with -- Godless atheists by name and satanists by trade, weaponizing the health services for their own agendas having absolutely nothing to do with either health or the public good. Blood brothers with Fauci. Witches and luciferians all. See where Plotkin's deposition and timeline lines up exactly with the Curtis Rolling Stone article...

And even farther back in the timeline:

More than anything, isn't it strange that AIDS represents an ultimate compromise of the human immune system -- something that the vaxx has as not only a side-effect, but seemingly an end-stage goal according to medical practitioners and scientists coming to that conclusion now. And all brought to your doorstep by the very same engineers, biomechanics, genome sequencers and scientists that also brought you the AIDS explosion. Surely there's nothing to read into that -- it's not like using the same people that foisted another atrocity on humanity deliberately decades ago would ever use the same playbook again, right? Surely someone would make the connection and say something...40 years ago isn't possibly long enough for everyone the world over to forget?? 

Unless we've been trained and brainwashed to. 

And Plotkin's directives sound a lot like this:

But I digress...Seems like a nice little midsummer surprise in store, right? Waking up and finding yourself in one of the later drafts of Stephen King's CELL. Or worse. In that Ana Mihalcea-Maria Zeee rumble presentation you will find odd, unknown, blinking, seemingly mechanical signatures in the blood of the dead. Is reanimation their next trick? Something that the coming Antichrist will pull off for his next sleight-of-hand to amuse and confound the masses that will soon be worshipping him for it? What if it's all part of the plan? 

The coming script could have already been forecast:

Jesus was nailed

to the cross.

He wasn't bound.

He was nailed.

The spirit

is not bound

to the body.

It is nailed.

Thank you, my darling.

It won't give up

its fleshy domain easily.

But if we release

the nails,

we forge  a new reality.

A deathless world,

a new dawn for mankind.....

You know, Karen,

in German,

the word for "death"

is heimgehen.

It means "going home."

What better place

for the children

than at home?

The task that we

have set before us

is one of

the most challenging

that any group of human beings

has ever had to face.

It is a task

which requires

a perfect faith.

Devotion? No.

A lifetime of devotion

is not enough.

One must have

direct experience

of the power of spirit.

Time has come to extract

the last ethereal nail.

Time will mean

nothing to us.

We'll watch galaxies

spin like pinwheels.

Set the timer

to six minutes.

Just a spoonful

of sugar, children.

Now we will all journey

to the other side.

I will be your guide.

And since I cannot

bring you all back at once,

we will use the antidote

that brought me back

my first time.

And when we return

to our bodies,

we will have a power

without measure,

as you witnessed

within me.

And we will use

this power wisely

to release every soul

from its mortal coil.

The veil has been lifted,

and the fallen shall rise.

Children of the void,

sons of chaos,

it is the last hour.

The hebdomad is complete.

We have been remade

by Yaldabaoth

in the image

of the seven archons

who created and enslaved

this world.

We are the hidden masters.

We are the architects

of anarchy.

We are the dark

fucking soul eaters,

lords of the unrighteous.

Today our new reign

begins in a new reality!

I told you!

I told you!

I told you

we'd be deathless!

We just, uh, need new shells

from time to time

and plenty of souls to eat.

Our legion will rise

from behind the veil

to reap the pain

that we have wrought!

The seven shall become

a vast multitude.

These are the days

of vengeance and wrath!

The deathless eon

has begun!

It's a beautiful day.

Yeah, something like that is probably how it will begin with dialogue and other-worldly tricks much like the shooting script from that 2016 film, The Veil. The Great Deception that begins it all. Jonestown was only a test-run.

But what if the groundwork and biotech how-to was laid in 2020 and 2021, with the vaxx? What if the supernatural aspect is only part of a "mental-material tech" (as described by J. Allen Hynek) unrecognized by the masses until it is far too late ?:

Have we finally reached and crossed that rubicon of technological advancement that Arthur C. Clarke postulated with "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."??

Hynek, you will note, applied his theorem strictly to the UFO phenomenon; something else that is suddenly orbiting around everything these days. Any feelings of synchronicity and adherence to the overall narrative and agenda are entirely valid and very much intended I believe. We are being herded and driven by forces beyond our present comprehension. 

Speaking of which and very much pertaining to all of the above, when oh when is anyone of elevated note on the national scene (Presidential candidates, ahem...) going to give this poor sweet soul a platform?? She simply has everything and has been singing this same song ever since 2021; quite rightly calling the vaxx evidence a bioweapon -- which happens to be exactly what it is by definition. She has every patent, paper,  and internal document to back up every iota of what she's saying -- and has been able to garner ZERO traction (other than Stew and her own substack) on the national scene -- at a certain point you simply MUST start asking WHY?? I am given to understand she is still sitting on a 60 minute sit-down with RFK Jr, that he has STILL not signed off on her releasing....WHY?? 

We could play devil's advocate and say that he is slowly acclimating all the normies to their dire situation and isn't going to reveal too much too soon at risk of even further alienation, but if not now, WHEN?? Meanwhile she keeps on singing her lonely song for all with ears to hear and the clock keeps on ticking:    

It's not as if she's advocating anything radical or undoable: simply seeking all state and local-level authorities (States' AGs, local sheriffs, etc) to seize all these by definition bioweapons and destroy them before they are allowed to do any further damage to humanity. Karen comes at this from a legal angle while folks like Naomi Wolf (and Dr. Ana Mihalcea) have documented chapter and verse the effects of this experimental poison, and all from the Pfizer documents themselves. It's not as if anything is being manufactured or confabulated here -- this is all admitted to by the perpetrators themselves. people like me look again and again at this situation and wonder what the holdup is -- why is nothing being done? It's certainly not as if we live in a climate that's fearful of litigiousness -- where are all the lawyers on this? All the class action lawsuits that should be strangling every court in the land by now? RFK Jr. himself is an attorney!! And yet the chorus of crickets continues amidst a Vietnam-level genocide every 6 months that passes. Where are all the truth seekers? Where are all the warriors? Where are all the MEN? It's almost as if the entire collective has been brainwashed and gaslit psyopped into oblivion...ya think??


Let's go for a live look-in at peak Clown World:

WHY at this point is a very legit question no one seems capable of answering...

Well, maybe this guy, if he can live long enough -- another twitter account that reads like something out of the lost vaults of the BCCI Book of the Dead:

For those wondering the dude is a DINO -- Democrat In Name Only. Anti-War, pro-government transparency, pro free speech, pro middle class regular people that should have the final say on their lives and how they're governed: this is the Democratic Party of a former generation that's now sadly to the right of Attila the Hun the way the "woke" masses view it. The REAL democratic party chopped off its own junk and left him, not the other way around. Like Trump, this guy's a major independent by definition carrying around a political label like an albatross around his neck. We all need to start voting our conscience and not be hamstrung by what their Daddy's Daddy's Daddy did too. 

It's a New World they keep on saying. Let's start acting like it. Like grownups.

And when he says he wants to dismantle the CIA, and Pfizer, and DARPA, this is the kind of stuff he's talking about: 



Meanwhile, the increasing recent accent on the South Pole grows ever stranger: 

Is this not only a Traffic Control station but also a first-line communications hub for off-world and non-human intelligences seeking entry here? A physical point-of-reference existing within a nebulous, ethereal extra-dimensional substrate? Clues, perhaps major ones, went down there in 2001 involving an NSA override and hastily-ferreted-out scientists for unknown reasons in what amounted to an emergency situation: 

You will also notice the touchstones of weird bacteria being found there resembling hydras, as well as powerful electromagnetic anomalies under the ice of Lake Vostok -- both recall buttons for much of what is happening with the vaxx and its mysterious ingredients today....what was happening; what was discovered in the Antarctic in 2001 that may pertain GREATLY to our situation today??

Remember it was a horrified and shaken Carrie Madej now 2+ years ago that first found hydra-like organisms in pristine vials of the Pfizer vaxx and alerted the public to what she saw under the microscope:

"They also found signs of small, tentacle-waving water creatures called hydra." What are the chances that the exact something discovered in 2001 would show up again in vials of something to be injected into the arms of everyone worldwide 20 years later??

What does it mean, and what are the implications, that those creatures were found in a native environment subjected to massive fields of electromagnetic anomalies?? What does it mean that those same creatures are now being found in an environment (the vaxx vials) exhibiting that exact same electromagnetic signature what with all the quantum dots, self-replicating machines, hydrogels, and spike proteins? All which are euphemisms for nanotechnology greatly influenced, augmented and enhanced by exposure to 5G fields??

Does their native habitat have anything at all to do with the extremely subzero temps that the vaxxes are required to be stored in??

Every hour we learn more and a startling picture begins to emerge:

One that as of ten years ago was even then branching off into DNA studies....make of that what you will.


And let's not forget the magnetism factor:    Would you believe a Hidden City, Lovecraft fans??    "Subterranean heat source."


Perhaps pertaining to nothing but perhaps a "tell" pertaining to every link in the chain we are describing, and how they never let a good trigger go to waste, what was the first biogenetically engineered (effectively GMO) corn called?

Would you believe Starlink??:

After a while, what ARE the odds anymore? We live in a hallucinatory maze of repeatable programming and programmable matter for their "hacking and hijacking the herd" purposes. There is simply no other explanation.

Crazily enough, look what AI (via Bing) just left on my doorstep: What has the impact of the Human Genome Project been and what are some of the ethical implications of the project? - Search (

Go ahead, ask it's like having your own demonically-driven Magic 8-ball!! We are all John Dee now....or Jack Parsons sitting in the middle of the pentagram scrawled on the floor of JPL. 


Meanwhile, while all normies were gaslit and locked down tight as the first quarter faded 3 years ago, strange movements were noted and a plan was being initiated:

As we have noted before here, under our noses and without our permission a vast network was being erected while we were told to cower in our houses and just be obedient little serfs. A network whose raison d'etre would not become fully apparent for quite some time, when things like graphene and nanotech started showing up inside a mandatory vaxx 12+ months later. Taste the Internet-of-Things and Internet-of-Bodies Rainbow blooming under the umbrella of the Great Reset. 

And in case you may have been wondering the exact same situation was occurring in lockstep to the North:


As yet another outline begins to emerge -- the question of what we are constantly being dosed with under the "Ultimate Spectrum Dominance" rules?? Because either all of Ohio and parts of the Eastern seaboard are under a blanket of smoke from the continuing wildfires (air alerts commencing again), or that's merely now a cover for something else; another operation going live:  (Ohio covered in dangerous levels of poisonous smoke overnight...)

All this while trees

and birds

and bees

are dropping dead and outright vanishing in baffling numbers all over the place. 

It is abundantly clear now that because of shedding, because of chemtrailing and aerosol operations, because of widespread toxification and adding artificial contaminants by the truckload on a daily basis to our biosphere, we are seeing the signs of nature signaling us to stop. Fairly sure that pretty soon after this comes the "or else." 

And it's now official that, at least in the UK, they're spraying graphene hydroxide:

Gotta make sure those purebloods get covered too in the overall fucked-up-ness blanket that the shedding doesn't capture.  It's seems to be skipping entire states now...Surely no targeting going on here.

(And thanks to my new contact Agent 131711 for a new one-stop invaluable twitter shop for all things WTAF.)


Anyone taking bets on what the next "outbreak" or "pandemic" is gonna be?? Making the turn, seems like malaria's got a shot (pardon the pun.) Little pot-bellied demon Damien, once again, has been busy:

But wait, in the stretch run, pulling neck-and-neck is, TB??!! 

But only because that whole Malaria thang was cuz of CLIMATE CHANGE, silly rabbits!!:

Maybe our next demise/ Extinction Level Event is gonna be a WEF/WHO photo finish -- how exciting!! 

These investigations continue as the reality of what the vaxx agenda is begins to overlap even more with touchstones from previous more fringe-oriented UFO research. That gap is continuing to narrow also. The liminal in the world continues to manifest. 

"And given enough mastery of genetics, human reproductive material could be altered so that its appearance resembled the Gray type, yet be strictly human in composition, rather than a mixture of alien and human...The Grays, in effect, could be grossly altered bodies of human babies, devoid of what we call 'soul' and mentally programmed like dedicated computer hardware."**     Dr. Karla Turner

** For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals, the United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities.  We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale‑up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.   

From the Biden EO of Sept.12, 2022:

"It looked like these were clones, so the name came out 'Extraterrestrial Biological Entity' because that's what we figured they were...We never used the letters 'ET' there was no such thing. They were clones -- they didn't look like clones -- they WERE clones. We figured they were created by some 'other' intellect."    Col. Phillip Corso


"I have had more than a dozen people who have worked in facilities in Dulce, New Mexico and in Pine Gap, Australia and other places where they have actually been growing the 'gray' and 'reptilian' species that people 'think' are ETs...And that the people who've been in the projects think they're working alongside an 'alien' and they're not. 

They're absolutely what are called NANO-BIO-MACHINES...they are programmed lifeforms, and there is no question that such is going on. We have some at Lockheed and another program -- I can't say where it is -- and they have developed electromagnetic systems where they can put someone in a state and they can go into a lower astral or denser astral field...some would call this demonic, and they can actually see beings and creatures there and bring them in three-dimensionally and materialize them into flesh and blood through these electronics."  Dr. Steven Greer


The Directed Evolution rituals continue...and as always, the warning signs were there all along: 

Signing off this time with Tracy and One Big Satanic Ritual to Destroy the Universe. Sounds familiar somehow:

And of recent note we have mainstream entertainment (via Netflix's NIGHT AGENT) traveling perilously close to her Genuflect Dragon Court territory. Very interesting to see, as we go along, her research leaking out via sources on the inside:  

Until next time, stay drunk on your dreams and deep in your magic.