Monday, September 22, 2014


“Electrodes erase and benzos swallow tears/ Me and my demons could learn to like it here

Snow white banquet hall/ Dine with the chosen ones/

We’ve all seen the door and through it we did run…

Look in all the magazines see/ Their names are printed there/

And the news is flying ‘round the square…

Champion tightrope walker cry the crowd

They don’t see this game is just a shroud…”        Purson, The Circle and the Blue Door

     “Well, let me tell you a little story.  About fifteen years ago there was a group that suddenly appeared in San Francisco.  They had a big party downtown.  And they invited everybody who was anybody in parapsychology.  And they made a little speech saying, ‘We have all this money from somebody who wants to do good and help research, and we know there isn’t much money in parapsychology; we will entertain proposals for research, give us your best ideas; we will send them to a panel who will review and we will fund the best research.’  After the party, a lot of people rushed home to their computers and typed in all their best ideas, sent it on.  But the organization never existed, was never heard from again.  Somebody was fishing.”                     Jacques Vallee anecdote

     On August 17th at 5:53 pm, long-time human rights advocate and ritual abuse survivor/child abuse whistleblower Fiona Barnett (@FionaRaeBarnett) posted the following on her twitter account:  I recently notified to AHPRA / NSW HCCC against high-profile Sydney psychologist & leader of elite pedo ring. Also gave copy to NSW police.

     Then at 3:54 pm on Sept.12th came this:  The psychologist & head of Sydney's elite pedo ring I reported to police, AHPRA & the RC for abusing me as a child - ANTONY KIDMAN - is dead.

     As it turned out, this particular Antony Kidman was father to none other than Australian actress Nicole Kidman.  While “vacationing” in Singapore, first news came, on Sept. 12th, that he had died during a fall while on exercise equipment, next that he had suffered a heart attack but that Singapore police considered the death “unnatural.”  In the days since there have been reports of a car accident, and now finally as of tonight accounts are leaking out that it was a suicide.  So that makes 4 differing modes of death in just 9 days.  Certainly 75-year-old men expire every hour; the cynical would say this is pretty common.  But one month after they have been accused as an alleged child sacrificer/abuser/memory eraser, had this complaint forwarded to both State and International tribunals, fled their native country, had their death first termed “unnatural,” followed by four wildly varying, media-reported death scenarios?  Probably not as common.  Not as common at all.

     The place where Kidman had either a) fled to, or b) was vacationing with family, (44-year-old daughter Antonia with husband and children) was indeed not a hotel, but an exclusive Ex-pat private enclave in Singapore known as the Tanglin Club, which, according to some that have stayed there, exudes an extremely creepy, something-not-quite-right vibe.

     Also possibly of great interest to us still are the research areas explored by the late Dr. Kidman.  From the homepage of the University of Technology in Sydney, this wording has been removed:  His current research examines important mental health issues affecting young Australians and includes key topics such as psychosis, stress and bullying. In addition, he and his fellow researchers continue to provide services for young people and deliver a range of treatment programs and clinical services.
CBT for Early Psychosis

The CBT for Early Psychosis program provides Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to young people who have experienced their first episode of psychosis in the last three years. The research component of this program evaluates the effectiveness of this intervention; aimed at preventing psychosis from developing into schizophrenia.

The treatment uses some of the latest developments in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in conjunction with medication.

     Check out this from Independent Australia for more on the very latest official verification of these charges:,6918

There is much, much more at the link.  Most importantly, Barnett states that Kidman was also tasked with being in control of her “memory washes,” so that down through the years, her recollections of the exact nature and extent of the pedophile rings would be hazy and incomplete at best.  She also surmises that, possibly, he was taken out for failure to do this adequately, leading to her accusations and all this being brought to light.

     To state that these areas of mind control, areas that Kidman specialized in, are vital for maintaining the exact type of black networks we examine in these pages bears repeating.  The compartmentalizing, the systematic breaking-down of the core personality into easily manageable “alters” through trauma and ritual abuse of the distinctly occultic variety, has been the holy grail of the U.S. (indeed worldwide as recent headlines have shown) intelligence apparatus since the Nazi machine was grafted onto this country at the end of World War II.  Restitching the human brain to open pathways to alternate realities is always the goal. And the most powerful, and malleable brains, belong to children.  There are compelling arguments that the line, this scarlet thread as Holmes would say, can be traced back even further.  And with incredible precision, these circles of evil will only keep rippling out and intersecting, at an increasing number of points down through the years.  Points that most dismiss, without investigation, as coincidence.

     For this particular stage of mind expansion, we need to go back to testimony from the last party JonBenet Ramsey ever attended; the Christmas Eve ritual at the White’s mansion.  That would be Fleet White, scion of the Denver jet set.  And what we confront here is one nagging little piece of…what?  Hearsay?  You certainly can’t call it evidence since it’s been long since obliterated from all official records.  But it was there in the early testimony of officers on the scene, in statements.  I’ve personally heard this mentioned ever since the very early days of 1997, in alternative publications, but never brought it up here because it seemed so…outlandish, off-the-wall, and not particularly fitting with the narrative.

     Until now.

     Because whisked away from the Fleet White shindig, somewhere in the timeline (before? after?) surrounding the mysterious death of JonBenet – remember she was never seen alive after the White party…testimony from John Ramsey himself said he carried the limp/asleep/dead (take-your-pick) little girl into their house after taking her out of the car – was, and I quote, an “unnamed Australian actress,” widely believed at the time to be… Nicole Kidman.


     Cue the Twilight Zone theme.


     As they say in the talkies I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of what I just told you.  But I can tell you it’s out there in the record.  For what it’s worth.  And I can vouch it’s one of those little nagging synchronicities/inconsistencies that keep you awake at 3:30 in the morning when the waning crescent moon has got its pull going.  Curiously, police photos of the interior of the White mansion being a “point of interest” in the death, as well as a rundown of who attended the party, have never been released to the media or public.  Also keep in context that this Kidman news comes amid even further allegations by Barnett and many, many others of worldwide elite pedophile rings engaging in “human hunting parties,” where children of both sexes from ages 5 up through the teenage years are hunted down in private enclaves for sport.  As wild and surreal as these allegations seem, there has been a small subset of people in the conspiracy fringe like Cathy O’Brien and David Icke, that have been claiming things like this for years.  That once fractional subset is now growing.

     Especially when you take into account signals such as these drawings by the murdered Reeva Steenkamp, done when she was 15 years old, which seem to eerily coincide with victim accounts of such elite “rings,” and being naked and pursued in the woods by armed trackers. 

     The Steenkamp backstory has yet to be unveiled, but unsettling artwork such as this leads you to believe there’s a hidden story begging to be told that she was trying to find a voice for, possibly through multiple layers of brainwashing and obfuscation.  For what it’s worth, these were released by her parents in the wake of the trial of Oscar Pistorius for her murder.  A charge he was mysteriously acquitted of despite overwhelming evidence he willfully murdered her in cold blood, firing multiple rounds through a closed bathroom door despite her shouting from the other side.  The verdict utterly baffled all South African legal experts, and the judge who found him not guilty is currently under heavy police protection. 


     And Icke, long shunned and termed the biggest nutbar in the box for his claims, now not only doesn’t look so nutty, he looks downright prescient.  Because he and he alone called out Jimmy Savile as early as 1997 for what were perceived then as outrageous, ludicrous claims of pedophelia, necrophilia, satanic rituals, and widespread rings of child abusers, if not outright sacrificers.  Claims that exploded after Savile’s death in October 2011 into screaming worldwide headlines encompassing abuses in hospitals such as Stoke-Mandeville, Leeds, Broadmoor and now over 30 others.  This only lit the fuse for other investigations still ongoing at the Kincora Boys Home, Bryn Estyn, the notorious Elm Guest House, and Haut de la Garenne on the island of Jersey, a certain favorite of both Savile and Heath.  Soon there were bodies turning up on the Estate of the Queen herself in Sandringham.  Not to mention the recent disclosures and scandals regarding serial child abuse and more at Westminster and Rotherham.  The latter recently personally verified by none other than UK actress Samantha Morton, this coming literally within hours of the Kidman headlines.

     Just imagine. All of the above, just off the top of my head, has come out in less than 3 years.  After people like Icke had been talking about it for over 15.  Think about that.  After you’ve finished, pause to remember that Icke doesn’t stop there; he calls out some of the heaviest hitters going.  Edward Heath.  George H. W. Bush.  Dick Cheney.  The entire Royal Family.  All serial pedophiles, not to mention ritual child killers.  Exactly what he had said about Savile.  These of course all sound fairly ridiculous too until you realize with a little research that the claims against Heath are now pretty much a foregone conclusion (young boys were procured for him on his private yacht that went missing and were never seen again), the case against Bush is much more than circumstantial, i.e. there are numerous eyewitnesses as well as photo evidence that was in the possession of Franklin Scandal investigator Gary Caradori that disappeared in the aftermath of his sabotaged plane crashing.  This from a wikipedia page that has subsequently been removed:

              Gary Caradori was a special investigator for the Nebraska State Legislature at the time he and his young son died July 11 1990 in the crash of their small plane, near Aurora, Illinois. Caradori had been appointed to investigate banker Lawrence King and the failure of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. During the course of the investigation, allegations emerged that King was leading a child sex ring involving Boys Town and politicians, media and industrial magnates, including then-Vice President George H. W. Bush. One of the accusers was eventually convicted of perjury under fabricated charges and imprisoned. Nebraska attorney and former State Legislator John DeCamp, in his book The Franklin Coverup, and the unaired Yorkshire Television film Conspiracy of Silence scheduled for the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994 but cancelled, claim that Caradori feared, in the weeks prior to his death, that his aircraft would be sabotaged, and that the air crash was not an accident, but was intended to put an end to his investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board found that the probable cause of the crash was "a loss of aircraft control for an unknown reason.”  Farmers that owned the field where the plane crashed as well as emergency workers arriving on scene all testified that dozens of photos littered the windblown field, all of widely recognizable politicians engaged in more-than-compromising positions and acts with underage boys.  Photos that were quickly confiscated by the Feds that arrived issuing multiple threats to health and welfare if any dared violate “National Security” memorandums.

     Which brings us to the Royal Family.  Good God man, they can’t be involved!  Possibly.  But then why this, from the UK’s Daily Mail:  Police 'censored' 2009 interview with Jimmy Savile so it removed all reference to the Royal Family

  • Transcripts from Surrey Police report were released with 96 redactions
  • They had reportedly been sent to Buckingham Palace for 'vetting'
  • Savile often boasted of his Royal connections and friendship with Charles
  • Surrey police said only 'personal information' was removed

     It’s not like the Queen Mum herself is a stranger to occult rituals in the green hedgerows of jolly old England.  Take a gander at these pictures that can only be described as druidic in origin, with the young Queen present at what can only be described as the UK’s version of Bohemian Grove, some time in the early-to-mid 1960s. 

     Savile was a procurer.  In his own words he “got things done that had to be done,” and “greased the wheels.”  He “worked undercover.”  He was a member on the boards of more than 40 hospitals because that’s where the patients were.  That’s where the victims were.  In the opinion of most, looking back, he “groomed an entire nation.”  He could go anywhere, at anytime, for any reason.  Seeing how he worked is imperative to discovering how these networks have gone on undiscovered and unobstructed for decades if not longer.  And in doing so in this worldview, we see how one thing, in these circles, leads to another.

     On September 16th, in the New Yorker of all places, author Lawrence Wright brings to wide attention how the Bush administration sought to suppress evidence of just how much it knew of the 9/11 attack plot beforehand, and didn’t do anything to stop it.  And that’s letting them off with the least possible culpability.  The worst presents something far more sinister.  And probable.


     9/11 hijackers Nawaf Al-Hamzi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar, 2 Saudis let into the U.S. with manufactured phony visas on orders from the State Department, were living in San Diego with an FBI informant named Abdhusattar Shaik, a Saudi asset himself.  The CIA, after the fact, maintained that they couldn’t locate either man, although both had bank accounts, valid drivers licenses, and were listed in the San Diego whitepages.  Both were protected, shielded from exposure, and funded from the minute they set foot on American soil and likely long before, by puppeteers from the highest places in the intelligence and political structure.  For all this and more Bush and Cheney testified in tandem and behind closed doors before the 9/11 Commission, to keep their stories straight.  Neither man testified under oath and no notes were allowed to be taken.  9/11 victims’ families have taken to suing the Saudis to gain some type of justice since they have zero recourse against anyone in the Bush administration.  They seek access to the 28 totally redacted pages from the 9/11 Commission Report and exactly what’s contained therein.


     These people all travel in the same circles and seek the same purposes.  The recent Kidman revelations present a perfect case.  Sydney journalists are commenting that the Kidmans now are managing Barnett with a “scientology” approach, in that they are investigating Barnett and searching for any “dirt” on her.  This is going to be difficult since Barnett has gotten her story out complete with factual, dated documentation.  The fact that Rupert Murdoch owns all media in Australia, and is an intimate friend of the Kidman family, explains why this story hasn’t gained a lot of traction in the worldwide media.  There are even allegations that Nicole Kidman had the bill picked up for all of her extensive plastic surgery by one of Murdoch’s exclusive clinics, in repayment for unnamed “favors” extended from her father to Murdoch.


     The fact that Barnett did manage, through social media, to get her official documentation out PRIOR to Kidman’s flight, and subsequent death, is incredibly damning.  The fact that paperwork exists dating back to 1986, that can be verified by others, in which Kidman is named, is something that seems more than problematic for any legal forces that are likely currently being marshaled.  Examine here the documents released so far.

     Other researchers have over the years run up against a monolithic entity that seems to have unlimited power and influence, and is guided by principles far from Christian.  Some quotes from the ISGP (Institute for the Study of Global Politics) website out of the Netherlands, and some rather amazing information gleaned from just the footnotes:

January 23, 2005, Christopher O'Brien at Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso, 'Cattle Mutilation and Blood Rituals w/ Chris O'Brien; Are UFOs really responsible for Cattle Mutilations?', part 2, 53:45: "There was one cop going to a seminar, a training session, being given by this noted homicide detective and when he found out this guy was from the San Luis Valley he says: 'Wow, that's where all the cattle mutilations take place' and he talked to him about it, and that's where all the information came out. The gentleman who imparted this information on me is the chief investigative for the District Attorney... That definitely was the information imparted on me [that a few nutcase cultists could be responsible for all the mutilations]. There's no way in heck that some fly-by-night wannabe occult group could pull off a dozen attacks in four states on the same night, as we were seeing back in the mid 1970s."


     O'Brien also said about his conversation with the chief investigator for the D.A.'s office: "I was told by a law enforcement officer that maybe what's going on is being done for our own good and maybe it's something that the public has no need to know and maybe you should question your motivations even when trying to figure out what it is, let alone telling people about it."
O'Brien's opinion on the subject: "Not being totally up to speed on a lot of his [Aquino's] activities, although of course I am familiar with who he is and some of things he was involved with. I don't think it will ever come out, the extent of some of the types of very interesting -for lack of a better term- programs; I don't know what you call them, mythological programming or psychotronic warfare experiments, however you want to politely phrase those activities... [It appears] there is an element in our culture that is very involved in some very ancient practices... And again, this is a subject that a lot of people just don't want to hear about."


     In these last few paragraphs clear links have been established between the PSC, Opus Dei, ritual abuse and-or Satanism. Furthermore, in other parts of this article evidence has been provided that US intelligence and the infamous Wackenhut might have been deeply involved in these blackmail and ritual abuse networks. It's important to ask how all this ties together, even though we can't really answer that question at this point. It's still possible though to bring in another related subject and speculate a bit on how the big picture might fit together. Granted, it's the biggest picture possible, but this author thinks it's very likely that these subjects are tied together.

      We are referring here to information coming from Dr. Steven Greer and his Disclosure Project. Since the early 1990s, Greer has been in contact with numerous officials from government, intelligence, the military and defense corporations to find out the truth behind the UFO secrecy. In his 2006 book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge' Greer brings up a ton of information that is anything but incompatible with the subject discussed here.

Greer's basic story is that there is a worldwide, private policy group, consisting of about 200 to 300 members, which to varying degrees control the blackest high technology programs on the planet. These projects are overseen and secured by DoD-linked defense corporations (Wackenhut has been mentioned more than once). According to Greer, it's mainly extremist religious groups that are in control of these programs, with the Mormon empire being the most influential  (coincidentally, the Mormon church also has its share of accusations of highest level Satanism and child abuse, although the victim-witnesses would be considered less reliable as they usually are extremely-devoted Christian converts). The Knights of Malta and the Jesuits are also mentioned, just as a cell within Opus Dei. Greer was also told by a descendant of CIA counter-intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton that a compartmented group within NATO dealt with these technologies, possibly providing a link to the stay-behind networks and the radical Opus Dei-Knights of Malta aristocracy controlling these networks from the European side. Maybe not entirely unexpected, some of Greer's witnesses also described having witnessed ritual murder with a Luciferian theme.

"[Witness E.J.:] 'I'm very glad you know about this. But do you know something else? Much of this has been placed in facilities all over the world, in the jungle in the Amazon, in Australia, and other remote places. Eventually, I got assigned, to a deeper and deeper level, and before I was going to be deployed to this place in Australia, they took me into another level of my educational program.' He said, 'You don't really know what's going on.' He explained that he witnessed a Satanic ritual initiation. Those present shared blood and there were sacrifices going on and torture. He was being acculturated to the programs of Satanic worship and Satanic sacrifice and the love of the bloodthirsty killing of innocents. He told us that once he got to that level, he had to take a vow to Lucifer. And he did. This is not the first person who's told me about these programs..."

"Now, most people would rather not hear this level of detail, quite frankly. But it's important for them to understand the kind of mindset we're dealing with. One of the gentlemen I'm working with, from a very well-connected family of centi-millionaires who are very involved in diplomatic and intelligence operations, had gone through the programming at a certain meditation institute. (Esalen?  Monroe?)  He got to Level 14 of the training. He said that unless they could do a profile on you and see that you were to the 'right of Genghis Khan', in terms of wanting to be aggressively violent and destructive, you couldn't get past that level. Since he wasn't wired to be extremely violent and hate-filled, they ended their involvement with him."  

Greer has been talking to a lot of people in high places, including friends of Jimmy Carter, members of Bill Clinton's White House staff, CIA director James Woolsey and Lawrence Rockefeller. These men all had come to the conclusion that things were going on above their heads over which they had no control and weren't allowed access. By the mid 1990s, Greer and his team (apparently) had generated a lot of chatter within the halls of Congress and the White House, but nobody in government, including Clinton, decided to push the issue for fear of their lives, and official Congressional hearings were never held, especially not after 9/11.  However, recent statements from a researcher named Christopher O'Brien indicate that there actually was some sort of secret inquiry by Congress into this subject. And again, Satanism was not far away.

For years, O'Brien worked closely with the Sheriff's Department of the San Luis Valley in investigating the enigmatic cattle mutilations in this area. Although the subject remains both as confirmed and unexplained as ever, he did manage to correct a number of popular misconceptions about this phenomenon. Skipping all details of his much-better-than-average research, O'Brien came to suspect a ritualistic aspect in a small number of animal slayings (although he suspects most are the result of various environmental monitoring programs by some unknown government-linked group) that appeared to follow the few really "high strangeness" cases he had come across. Things only became really interesting when O'Brien spoke with the chief investigator for the local District Attorney's office, who had been at a seminar of a law enforcement officer who was expert in ritual occult crime. The two had entered into private discussion about the cattle mutilations in the San Luis Valley, during which the ritual abuse expert conceded a number of interesting facts to O'Brien's later source.  O'Brien:

"I probably shouldn't even say that, because I'll probably just doom myself for any publisher picking it up, but I do have some evidence from law enforcement sources that do validate this particular theory. I can't get too far into it, but I've been told by law enforcement that a part of our government does know that there is a quasi-military group out there that's doing ritual magic involving ritual blood sacrifice, and not only cows; the inference being humans..."

"[This] law enforcement officer, who is an expert in ritual crime, was called to Washington to testify in front of a secret Congressional inquiry group about some sort of group outside of the government but with access to military technology that was doing ritual occult crime. And he, they, mentioned [some] cattle mutilations as one aspect of this crime..."  

It's impossible to guarantee, of course, if what Greer's witnesses and O'Brien are talking about is true. But it does offer some perspective on how things might fit together at the international level and why there is such a consistent cover-up in every country where these high level abuse- and drug trafficking networks are about to be exposed. There's never really been an explanation as to how this is possible, even though it can be observed by anyone who does his homework. As for now, the claims pertaining to child abuse, extreme sadomasochism and Satanism are quite coherent, fit in with earlier accusations since the 1970s, and should be investigated further without being dismissed out of hand.

     When coming upon information like this straight from the ISGP website, one of the most comprehensive ever undertaken, as well as nearly identical information that crops up again and again from multiple sources with no connection to each other, one is forced into the conclusion that there is an unknown secret world that rules our world.  They have always used sigil magick in theory and science to influence and keep us in the dark.  When we uncover it, they call it a conspiracy.


     There is something going on here that is dark in the worst sense of the word, that is hidden in the worst sense of the word, and exists like a great pulsating mass at the center of all our lives whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  And we have got to confront, and cure this, if we are going to ultimately have a future as a species.


     “They” have always known something.  From the Egyptians to the Mayans to Templars to Nazis to Bilderbergers.   And you?  Though you can smell the scented altars, though you can hear the boot heels in the street, though you can almost taste the blood in the air, you’re not supposed to know.

      Pedophilia?  Worldwide cults engaging in the ritual slaughter of babies for purposes of mind control and sacrifice to gods they worship in exchange for power here? Shhhhhhhh.  That’s a secret.