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“I get excited by the news of today…what seems unstable may be able to stay,

My heart is flame my baby do as she please…what good is living when you live in disease?

Into that void of silence, where we cry without sound, where tears roll down, where tears roll down

And when your mother’s violence, sends your soul underground, where tears roll down, where tears roll down…”       

Tears For Fears, Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams/ Tears Roll Down, The Seeds of Love (1989)


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”   Nikola Tesla


“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.”    Jacques Vallee

“We are dealing with an as yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to the earth; I do not believe anymore that UFOs are simply the spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations thru recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact… Human belief is being controlled and conditioned. The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the occult traditions of every culture. Thus the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals.”     Jacques Vallee

(I wonder what Vallee would have to say about the constant reinforcement of mask-wearing, which is in itself ultimate mind control and perhaps the largest initiation ritual ever attempted.)


“The UFO phenomenon has three separate but related aspects: 1) It produces real, material world events detectable by radar and sometimes leaving behind physical traces. 2) It is a psychic phenomenon that profoundly alters the consciousness of those exposed to it. 3) It is apparently surrounded by deceptive activities which mimic it, produced by human groups. We tend to consider these elements as mutually exclusive but they’re not; all 3 are explainable by demonic activity and invocation.

Demons are subtle beings who can temporarily materialize themselves and various objects in this world but who cannot remain on our material plane for very long.

And the deception activities of human groups, besides being attempts to piggyback on a phenomenon that the deceivers didn’t originate and can’t control, may be designed not simply to imitate the ‘aliens’ to influence mass belief, but actually to invoke them.”    Charles Upton     



This is about layers, and orders, and those calling the shots of what once was the New World Order, and is now the Great Reset. But possibly most of all this is about the secrets that keep them in play and in place.


This is about the Temple of Set being started by a Lt. Col. in Army intelligence and the Process Church being incorporated by Tommy Baumler who worked out of Guy Banister's office. This Guy Bannister:


This is about the Wellcome Trust and their links to the Process Church. The Wellcome Trust that was directed by Oliver Franks, head of the Rockefeller Foundation and neighbor to Robert DeGrimston, founder of the Process Church:  


The Wellcome Trust that has the eye of Horus as their logo:


The same Burroughs Wellcome intimately involved with all aspects of the COVID-19 agenda implementation.


This is about the occult underpinning everything in our world today; controlling each and every aspect of our socio-political worldview, and one that is moving easily and comfortably into the biological realms with rapid and alarming ascension. It has always been this way but the rate of incorporation is only increasing. And being done under a blanket of such stealth that the masses are wholly unaware.



This from the New York Post August 2005: Iraq’s Feared Abu Ghraib Jail Was One Big Sex Romp… ”There was a bed found in one of the abandoned buildings. There was a mattress on the ground. They had chairs all circled around it and candles all over the place,” said Bischel, adding that the chairs were “obviously for an audience.” Is this referring to Abu Ghraib or Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous Temple on Little St. James? Or, in the end, in cause and effect, is there really a difference? Dick Cheney provably had a seat at one (watching live closed circuit torture sessions piped in to his VP office) see here:

And here:      

Who’s to say there wasn’t a place for him at the other? Or as a prescient commenter on that laprogressive piece above put it – in 2009 I might add -- 

“Just to put it in my own words, this was an inside (global elite) job, bush and clinton and their cohorts knew of in advance and helped co-ordinate the murder of their own citizens

The vatican, the kings of spain, and the northern kingdoms along with the isle of man, the queen of england, barbara bush, evil dick cheney and their international counterparts and associates have been playing good americans since they murdered Kennedy. Not only do they sodomize kids here, but have been raping torturing and murdering children for satanic purposes everyday.

They even eat them.

But hey the sooner we hit bottom the sooner we can get up.”         


As you can see, dear reader, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


I will remind you that Little St. James featured a plethora of occult-tinged artifacts and remnants that have never been explained to anyone’s satisfaction. And yes, that certainly appears to be blood on those mattresses inside the Temple’s “music room.”


Also in ritual magick, a circle is created to contain and concentrate the magic of the ritual and to form a barrier of protection. The magic circle is oriented to the compass directions, just as a sundial is. Those benches ringing the perimeter of the magick sundial on Epstein island are also obviously made for an audience to bear witness to what could be taking place at the circle’s center.




Because we’re all talking about the same thing, aren’t we? It dresses itself up in different guises and uses the old smoke and mirrors to dazzle the eye and obfuscate the mind, but the song always remains the same, to borrow a trigger phrase. The same actors, the same foundations, groups, churches, cults, keep popping up over and over again. Witness the Order of the Nine Angles, so recently, and curiously, back in the news:


But this wouldn’t be the first time that the ONA was seen in and around climactic events and seemingly ordering the apocalypse. Looking into the background of one David Myatt assures that.


Allow me, or should I say, allow Mr. Jeff Wells, from August 2005:  


Exactly who, or what, would be so concerned with inserting the ONA back into our COVID-swarmed reality sphere right now? Because if we can answer that question, we can possibly begin to glimpse behind the OZ-curtain and see who the controllers are, and who’s zooming who. The fact this this particular org seems to pop up, rather Process-like, any time there’s a new Armageddon going down: from Muslin-Al Qaeda-9/11 themed terror to 20 years later a bio-pharmed, BigTech, plandemic global hoedown, is downright more than serendipitous – it smacks of a larger Control System revealing itself. And puppeteering all down the line. In all of its occult trappings and glory.


And to get even more Rosemary’s Baby on you, how many these days know, or are allowed to know, about the hidden ramifications of Joe Biden’s first wife’s death?,were%20critically%20injured%20but%20survived.


This is the actual intersection where Biden & Co have always claimed that she couldn't see the oncoming semi. Then of course Joe threw the truck driver completely under the bus by saying he was drunk. The driver's family produced records (including blood alcohol level) showing nothing of the kind had occurred and their husband and father was in fact, a teetotaler.  



Of course word is now that Joe was molesting the kiddies and the Mom knew of no other way out, and/or she was killed because she was getting ready to spill it all. (She was first car at the light and either went willingly into the oncoming path or was pushed from behind...)


No way of telling now as all police records have been made to disappear, of course. Such is ever the way in the new Build Back Better global village.


This definitely fits in with the narrative now outlined in the youngest daughter's diary of how Joe would shower naked with her, her increasing blocks of 'missing time,' and gaps in her memory; what's on Hunter's laptop; all their ridiculous drug obvious that they've all been molested and fooled with from very young ages...


The MSM has of course censored this story in full.


Ironic that this dovetails almost identically with what happened to JonBenet Ramsey's half-sister, Elizabeth, who, after intensive psychiatric visits, began recovering memories of her Dad molesting her at a very young age. She & her boyfriend died in a still unexplained traffic accident with them and another truck not long after she started spilling everything to college friends of hers as well as co-workers in her airline job... This was a few years before what befell JonBenet occurred:


For those of you crying out “Satanic panic!” it seems the police may have been thinking other, more substantial, things…no less satanic in origin or implementation.


For your perusal I offer up this supposedly made for PBS Newshour production that not surprisingly never made it on air but that explains nearly everything that’s gone down since 2016. I have no chain-of-authenticity re its validity, but do find that it checks pretty much every box of what happened-and-why in the real world timeline. The rationale behind why it ever got off the drawing board and into production I leave to you – but will remind you that we the unruly are everywhere now, and far past the point of being stopped. Infiltration is a game that both sides can play.


I will also remind you that there are many such shows made for airing that get killed from on high that correspond directly to how close their content gets to the truth. The content here is laid out in nutshell form that should provide some new understanding to certain whys-and-wherefores of certain things:


View at your leisure but I would suggest doing it soon owing to the vagaries of Ewe-tube; there is no telling how long this will be up. I will also leave to you the reasons why this is even being released at all at this point. There are many possibilities pointing towards many different answers. Some you may like and some you probably won’t, depending on your point of view and level of disappointment and/or disgust over the entire Trump/Q pantheon at this moment. What I am sure you will not be able to argue is the amazing timeline and coincidence-factor of how this all went down in real time over the last 4 years. If Trump was a player in their setup of us all over that time, the left-handed path people were dealt massive blow after massive blow to their global operations under his purview. Why? If anything this would represent a one-step-forward, three-steps-back approach far removed from their M.O. Would they have exchanged trillions in lost funds due to the decimation of worldwide child trafficking networks just to install Trump and bait us all? Hardly likely. That’s not the way their minds work. Hillary was their girl and they massively miscalculated the Trump wave and underplayed their hand. The power of the “deplorable” re-ordered the world. They would not make that mistake again.

Have just found an extended mirror vid, with even more info, logged in over at bitchute, should the YT one get relegated to the burn file:    


Of course many, many other areas remain problematic, none more so than Trump’s seeming wholehearted endorsement of the massive COVID vaxx rollout, which I am still fully aware is nothing more than a radicalized re-writing of our DNA for still-unknown purposes across the board. Think this angle of operations has been fully debunked? Not if you listen to the words from none other than Bill Gates himself – note the 2:24 mark in this vid for the proof of the massive plan to rewrite all of our genetic codes:


And while we’re on Gates: Let’s not forget the vista view from the farthest pullback perspective…the timing of the COVID-19 unleashing with the Epstein arrest/death in July-August 2019 seems in hindsight more than a bit suspicious. Global pandemic (with accents from all quarters turning it into a plandemic) shifts the focus entirely away from human/child trafficking on the public’s lips 24/7 to fearmongering totalitarian lockdown. Manipulation of positive cases and death numbers from the WHO and CDC thru flawed PCR testing assures continuation along with MSM compliance. Gates and the WHO, along with the WEF conducting from the wings, take down Trump in the bargain, who was their public enemy no.1 in dismantling those networks worldwide. More smoke? Don’t forget that a tech guy doing maintenance on Gates’ Microsoft computers found a vast trove of pedo material on one of his properties in the early 2000s. But not all have forgotten: 


The internet accelerated the awakening to an extent that they had to do something drastic before we took back America. Now everything is censored. Coincidence? COVID was the cyanide Plan B pill in case the wider trafficking truth ever got out and was revealed to the public. Punishment for us looking behind the curtain is public humiliation mask indoctrination rituals in force around the clock and in perpetuity. Two or more birds with one stone achieved with this occult working: Trump de-fanged, mind control for all, and spotlight way off the Epstein networks.  Gates, along with China, buy up all of the major US farmland. Depopulation timetable turned up by around 20 years. Take your vaxx for the greater good. Humanity 2.0, flooded to the gills with nanotech and gene-altering splices, achieved. Win, win, win, win. Rarely has so much sinister been forced on us with one stroke.    



The keeping of secrets like these, and the need for such, is a dark bane upon humanity. It keeps us shackled to both a slave code and a ruling class interested in nothing more than our perpetual downfall and endless night. Dark Winter, anyone? We have explored time and again in these spaces whether or not this is their idea, or whether it has been passed down as mantra and adopted by our overlords, the Black Nobility, from off-site (and off-world) sources. Hopefully you have seen here that the evidence largely and in much volume points heavily towards the latter. And there is much more to be uncovered.


The ties of Crowley are strong and durable. His bloodline still holds sway at the highest levels and his ideologies even more so. The outline of human and child sacrifice is unmistakable, and can be seen in the footprints of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti (as well as the Clintons’ own history there)**, the Epstein/Maxwell network’s most visible manifestations in Little St. James and the Zorro Ranch and the still-largely unknown activities that took place there, not the least of which was likely human and child experimentation and ritual on a massive scale, up to and including the sacrifice of probably thousands of young souls according to occult ritual. Cults like NXIVM traded children as merchandise within this same network and performed experimentations of their own. And all of this was made known to the public only in the last 24-36 months. Imagine all the time before then and what was allowed to prosper under the watchful eye and guiding, protective hand of countless administrations. Cases like the Franklin Scandal, McMartin, the Presidio, the Finders, and the Dutroux long shadows in Belgium speak to massive, and global, ties and ramifications.  



Silence is compliance and ignorance is no longer an excuse. Untold avenues of information are available today to every man and woman alive on earth now – avenues that never existed prior to 20 years ago and which the high-and-mighty I am sure never thought would be available to Joe Public. Use them. And in doing so, take back your power. Your education, and the subsequent evolution of us all, is just beginning. 

The time for unholy secrets and unlawful orders – the following of the propaganda of the Anti-Life – is over.


And before signing off, (and just to let you know that certain MAJOR things are in play and afoot behind the scenes), both the Vatican and the Washington Monument are dark tonight – what does that mean and what do they have in common?  

The Vatican: 


And also on the White House property itself:

This also from the uploader Mainstream MOP – what is this that happened on inauguration night? The action begins at 1:20 when there seems to be something happening to the right of the building with people incoming weapons hot; around 2:25-2:30 there seems to be an extraction of some kind – certainly looking like children; all get escorted to black SUVs and vans and at 4:00 a convoy of 2 police cruisers, 13 SUVs/armoured vehicles and an ambulance leave the area. After viewing all this from the scaffold, the people there begin to leave as well.

WHAT was this? As the uploader comments this all took place on the first Friday night Biden was in office in the wee hours at around 3-4 AM. Smoke was coming from the WH roof during the previous hour and alarms were also going off. This is most assuredly irregular warfare with what certainly looks like the military calling the shots.


Occult markers out of commission. Ops down. Control systems compromised.


Beneath the veneer of modernity, does an ancient supernatural war rage? The secrets and orders would say so.

Stay tuned for the ride of your life. And don't listen to the silencers - let's instead break the chain.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Hey guys,

Real quick because I thought this deserved a standalone more than just a quick aside in the comments:

Yesterday Trump signed this:

Today (the 19th) these docs come out: 

Could some info in there be so harrowing that Joe Public would demand immediate tribunals?

MILITARY tribunals? For things like treason and crimes against humanity maybe?

Wow, guess it's a good thing there are some 40,000 Guard and troops just hanging around in DC then, isn't it? They might come in handy. Propinquity. That's a good thing.

Sunday, January 17, 2021



So if you're gonna leave your town

Where the north wind blow

To go on down

Where that sweet soda river flow

Well, you better think twice on it, Jack

You're better off buying a shotgun

Dead off the rack

You ain't gonna find nothing down here, friend

Except seeds blowing up the highway

In the south wind

Moving on

Moving on

It's gone, gone, it’s all gone……………….

       Seeds  (Springsteen, 1986)



I was lyin' in a burned out basement

With a full moon in my eyes

I was hopin' for a replacement

When the sun burst through the skies

There was a band playin' in my head

And I felt like getting high

Thinkin' about what a friend had said

I was hopin' it was a lie

Thinkin' about what a friend had said

I was hopin' it was a lie

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying

In the yellow haze of the sun

There were children crying and colors flying

All around the chosen ones

All in a dream, all in a dream

The loading had begun

Flyin' Mother Nature's silver seed

To a new home in the sun

      After The Gold Rush  (Neil Young, 1970)



“C’mon boy, wake up. Got to get our ass in gear.”

“What time is it?”

“Time for action. I’ve been up all night. Talked to Keifitz in Brunei. Looks like you were telling the truth.”

“The truth? Pa, I’m your son.”

“Yeah, you always had an excitable imagination. For a while as a boy I was afraid you might turn out to be a fag.”

“You’re a real winner Pa.”

“Keifitz is on his way here with that killer’s confession. Then we go the limit to bust this thing wide open.”

“You’re bringing the confession to the President?”

“Hell no. That moron can’t read to find the men’s room. We gotta picture it for him. Evidence, find the rifle, the men behind this Fletcher and the man behind those men. Then we go to the President.”

“This is bigger than we are Pa.”

“Ah, what the President will do is resurrect the Pickering Commission. Fucking corpses to begin with.”

“Well you accepted that Willy Arnold acted alone.”

“Sure as hell I did. If I had to point a finger at the Russians, the Cubans, some goddamn hoodlums or industrialists, maybe throw us into World War, Civil War, sure I accepted it. I got interests in this country.”

“Interests in this country?”

“Yeah interests. But don’t think I fell for the Arnold theory. I’ve been a hunter al my life. I know the best of them. And the best have trouble with one shot of the kind that killed Tim. Let alone three. And then Arnold getting it from Joe Diamond, the punk saloon keeper while Arnold’s handcuffed to detectives surrounded by 75 rookies…”

“Well that’s what I mean, Pa, we need help in this.”

Help? Like who? The CIA? They smuggle my cigars from Havana that’s what they do. Import export. And the FBI’s good for chasing runaways. Fucking FBI gave the Commission its information in the first place, remember? This ain’t the 40s anymore, it’s a whole new ball game. We gotta be pioneers son. We gotta face it, we’re alone in the wilderness. But we got what the pioneers had, all they had. The family unit. God blessed you, goddamn it, with the best of families. My international vice president John Cerrutti, has files on the high and mighty and the low and ornery, that make the CIA record look like the corner newsstand. Information is power and now we’re gonna use it to get to the bottom of this thing. Then we go to the President and Congress, as a family unit. And rub their fucking noses in the dirt that killed my son. Now, get your ass out of that bed.” 

      Dialogue from Winter Kills (1979)   


“Don’t be fooled by the internet. There is a war going on. The battlefield is in the mind. And the prize is the soul.”     Prince (1999)  


We are living proof on a daily basis of why it was so vitally important to get to the bottom of 9/11 – that manifest destiny that was laid out for us by not bringing the truly reprehensible to justice then is playing out now. This is the road we were always on because we never brought anyone to even a semblance of account. Now those same people and that same infrastructure are riding herd on humanity. With the last speed bump removed, the sky is now the limit on the monstrous possibilities of evil. Guided by institutions like the WEF and megatechlords like Gates, our Star Trek-ian future darkens by the minute. It’s a fire sale.   


With whatever does or doesn’t happen in Washington DC over the next 48-72 hours, we would all do well to keep that snippet of dialogue from the prescient, brilliant, absurdist artpiece Winter Kills, (the thinly-veiled and surreal retelling of the events surrounding the JFK assassination), in our brains, because for both better and worse, that’s what we’re all facing right now as an 80-million-strong family. Trump or no Trump, what has begun now can no longer be unraveled or set aside. The phrase ‘strength in numbers’ applies now more than ever before. And we are armed with the deadliest ordnance of all: Information.


Much more information is coming in and a startling picture is coming thru and beginning to coalesce; a sinister picture forming, taking shape like a slowly developing Polaroid. We have tracked these developments going back to the first Anthony Patch-driven researches into CERN, but more datapoints of recent vintage not only seem to confirm that hypothesis, but build on it, creating a scenario of truly ominous portent. Take my hand thru the dark…


New lines of research by Gregg Braden and others are pointing towards new avenues of discovery regarding the manipulation of mankind’s origins, namely the wheat einkorn being now classified as the very first seed discovered in the timeline of humanity, dating back to the ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and perhaps back even farther in the historical record. Being that it has no known progenitor, the question as to its forensic antecedent arises. Since the ingestion of all seed forms can do things to our DNA, many are now the questions arising concerning whether or not einkorn was the catalyst for humans being what they are today...who put us on this road, and my extrapolated question being: if it has been done before, is something very much like this being attempted again today with the introduction of GMOs into our diets and COVID jabs into our arms?   

Is the mass altering, once again, of our DNA underway thru many vectors? We all have the information at our fingertips, silenced though it may be from many learned doctors and physicians, to discern that the COVID vaccine is unarguably a DNA altering device:


What would be the endgame of altering our DNA? And from what ideological platform is this assault being launched?

If the original code of God’s design dwells within each and every one of us, the depth charge waiting to go off containing the spiritual Christ consciousness (sitting in our DNA) – what forces here would have a great interest in making sure that doesn’t happen, and how could they achieve it?

Is the mass altering of our DNA in effect altering the plan of God? And more than the terrain of our bodies, what would taking such a vaccine do to our souls, which may be the endgame target?


Is the soul, lacking sufficient underpinnings of faith, able to be physically and artificially manipulated? Has someone somewhere cracked that code?


Are all of these modification platforms (GMOs, vaccines, 5G, and more) looking specifically to do one thing? Why does the final result always have the intent of altering our DNA? I keep coming back to the line I always use in these investigations, penned by David Lynch for his protagonist Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks; half Zen, half Sherlock Holmes:

“When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.”  

Pay strict attention to Dr. Carrie Madej:


If she and thousands of other doctors now speaking out on non-censored platforms are correct, humanity is being led down a very dangerous path. And of course like clockwork what do we see now breaking out worldwide? Different strains. “Mutant” strains. Strains we’ve never seen before that can’t be controlled. Where is all this heading – I’ll tell ya where: Permanent lockdowns. UBI. The stated WEF agenda that by 2030 no one will own anything and we’ll all be as happy as clams:

No jobs. No privacy. No freedom. Been nice knowin’ ya!!

They will need to keep pumping money into the system for the next five to ten years just to keep us going...that $300-$400 a week federal unemployment COVID benefit was the test run for UBI or Universal Basic’s about $20,000 a year which most economists doing work on this subject agree should be the UBI payout. So the COVID unemployment will eventually become UBI in a couple years.

They don’t care about debt anymore they just need to keep injecting dollars into the system to prevent global collapse.

Everything is about distracting people from realizing COVID has destroyed their world and they are being led into the global government system, all the while giving the COVID vaxx traction to get fully installed and integrated into the complete biosphere, which was the endgame all along.

Working along those same lines, who owns the most farmland in the USA tonight? That would be ‘Soylent’ Bill Gates:,county%2C%20a%20new%20report%20says.

And I reiterate once again, the same Bill Gates that was so buddy-buddy with the most prolific pedophile in US history, Jeffrey Epstein, that he flew on his Lolita Express to Little St. James more than 6 times (despite having multiple jets at his own disposal) AFTER Epstein has been convicted multiple times of sex offenses against minors. Who does that? Unless of course they have mutual interests. Those interests being not just child-rape, but eugenics, genetics, and other AI-driven endgames, not the least of which might be colonization by weaponization of the bio-pharmaceutical.

And what could be more weaponizing than mass-inoculating the public to being all about your desired result? If we are talking about, by definition, Satanists, (and make no mistake, we are…) what plan could be more perfect? You create the problem in order to provide the solution.

What happened before all of this broke on the world stage? Event 201 in the fall of 2019 in New York City – brought to you by Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum, and Bill Gates:

Gates and none other than Cargill have big plans too:

And where have we run across Cargill before in these matters? They are and always have been up to their eyeballs in satanic ritual:

And isn’t it interesting they trace their lineage and influence back to none other than Dick Helms??!!

And before we leave the rain on the scarecrow, care to venture a guess as to who else has been buying up incredibly large swaths of prime US farmland? That’s right…China:

Hmmm…Gates; China; I think I begin to see some like-minded interests coming together: Wuhan virus…man who’s vaxx can cure the Wuhan virus…same man who is cozy with the Dominion/Smartmatic voting systems taking out the Orange guy at the top whose base and message is weakened by said virus…

And since this worked so incredibly well for Epstein, let’s try it with Gates:

And even more of a bird’s-eye view:


Oh, the roads you can go down…


This is NOT just a technological ground war, this is a spiritual one. The rumblings were first felt and laid down in the doings at CERN – the public (those paying attention) was made fully aware in the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony in 2016 – just drop down pretty much anywhere for the horned festivities:

This was fully meant as a celebration of their ethos and was attended by pretty much every major EU state head, Davos attendee and Bilderberg hob-nobber – see the arrivals around the 1:19:00 mark here:

Months later Trump would be elected and their “operations” would begin to be severely curtailed.


Now, however, things are movin’ and groovin’ behind the scenes as wholesale carnage appears to be breaking:




And one of the heads of the proceedings has been taken out:

Take note that he was an active “philanthropist.” I think we’ve all been around the block enough now to know what that’s code for:

The bedfellows and associates of the Rothschilds betray themselves time and again as to where they fall in the global sphere of things, and who that somebody is that they serve, as Mr. Dylan would say:

And speaking of scary monsters (and super creeps), Lady Gaga is set to sing the national anthem at the virtual Left-handed Path hugfest – you remember her:

Will they be cloning Elizabeth Bathory next to make the shindig?

And yes, I’m well aware that the old psychopharmaceuticaled, erstwhile blowhard himself, the Boss, will be phoning in an appearance also, likely full of so many mood-altering pills he’s gonna rattle. Because no one in their right mind would have to be more NOT themselves in order to show for this Manchurian piece of pretentious, lying, fraud being installed by his CCP masters.


Along those same lines of re-ordering, another data center around DC went boom last night – not yet known whether or not this amounted to a tracks-covering by the black, or a frontal, preparatory takeout by the white:


And now they’re erecting some scaffolding monstrosity in front of the White House in time for the virtual inauguration. Either that or it will serve as scaffolding of an entirely different type for an entirely different reason: the public executions for those rounded up for treason. Take this to each and every one of your hearts for what it’s worth to you, but our very own JB from the Meta-Logic CafĂ© noticed this and alerted me more than 24 hours before anyone else (it’s all over reddit now); all the bolts, clasps, and locks on the entire DC security perimeter are on the outside; i.e., they’re not logistically designed to keep people out, they’re to keep people IN:   




The ideas presented in this drop will be expanded upon in the ongoing narrative as more information presents itself, as most assuredly it will – but these are the important factoids that will provide the connective tissue as we barrel along down the ever-widening highway to Hell. But we have to be our own heroes now. If Biden is installed then 2021 is in the frontrunning as the satanic Year Zero, and the Great Reset is in unstoppable, full-swing. We would then have to be the pockets of resistance, and make that resistance count, one to the other, and each in our everyday lives. No act of personal rebellion against totalitarian forces is too small.



Each one of us, in time, must lead. We come from a time when right was right, and wrong was wrong. And memories are our strength in a time such as this. Today’s mightiest so-called SJW wouldn’t stand a chance in the glorious Prell-shampooed, tube-topped, muscle-car’d, Zeppelin-crashing Ragnarok that was 1978, believe me. The only “New” that was around the corner then wasn’t a New Normal, it was the New Wave, and bands like Dire Straits launching Sultans of Swing, Elvis Costello and the Attractions blistering into Pump It Up and a little band called Talking Heads riffing on Take Me To The River by Al Green were “edgy” and out there! We remember. This is what’s in our DNA.

And we’re not changing it for anything.