Thursday, March 29, 2018


“Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go…Heard of some gravesites, down by the highway, a place where nobody knows…”        Talking Heads. Life During Wartime, August, 1979

“The billboards on the highway are the prophets of today.
The roadkill speaks in poems through ads and through campaigns.
The warden has his rifle, and the sniper's like an owl.
I'm hiding in the tall grass with God and Vernon Howell.”         The Black Angels, Bloodhounds On My Trail. 2006

13 Certain men, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which ye have not known;  14 Then shalt thou enquire, and make search, and ask diligently; and, behold, if it be truth, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought among you;                               Deuteronomy 13

Is everybody in?  Once again, the ceremony is about to begin.  For those of you meeting here again, I have some words of advice: stay close together.  We journey here on stairways beyond substance.

We first look to go back in time, and we will meet ourselves coming around again, trapped on the engineered wheel of some faceless and chthonic force which seeks to bend everything to its will.  It has written and ridden its own feral agenda since time immemorial, subsuming religions, crafting ideologies, and hunting blood.  It trades in symbolism, and over and over again creates a priestly ruling class to carry out the orders and reign over the proletariat with fear, superstition, deception, and black magick.  

Their dark knowledge, pre-dating even the Egyptian and Babylonian epochs, uses celestial alignments and markers to appear to predict and foretell worldly events.  The origin of this knowledge, the wellspring, is up for debate even today, but increasingly appears to be off-world.

Always under the priest class there is a strata of order-followers, puppets adorned in bling and spectacle and in thrall to the vast entertainment consortium, designed to keep the wandering eyes of the public distracted from what is really important to their continuation, liberty, and survival.  The first inklings of what we call mind control originates in this strata and trickles down to us, disturbingly so, and on a daily basis.

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation…”
The Fifth Dimension (1969)  

More and more, there are signs, on the earth and in the heavens, that we are entering, for better or worse, the final stages of the long-foretold Age of Aquarius.  What once seemed to hold such promise and cause for celebration now seems to cast much darker shadows amid stranger connotations.  Mystery flashes and booms dot the landscape.  Animals, when not dying en masse, exhibit behaviours far away from their norms.  Large bodies of water recede or entirely disappear overnight.  UFO sightings rise by the day.  People disappear and reappear thousands of miles from their last known positions, with no memory of how they got there.  Look at all these examples and tell me something is not truly amiss here and beyond our ability to see or comprehend:

And beyond and perhaps at the nexus of all these anomalies, continues to lie the spectre of CERN, and exactly what it is they are trying achieve.  If you need a quick refresher course in Deep State nefariousness regarding the Large Hadron Collider, click these for the entire CERN series:

Taken in totality, we can see that perhaps everything that is occurring now can be traced back to this operation.  And perhaps it is an operation that has been long in the making and far larger in scope than has been previously realized – what if CERN is not the only one?

And of course, at the end of that road lies Mr. Poppy “Thousand Points of Light” Bush.  Did we really expect anything different after all this time and Luciferian agenda evidence?

I lay out all this prior to what I’m going to speculate could be about to transpire…from the time of the first date in the Mayan calendar, 3372BC, to the nearly parallel first Egyptian dynasty, catalogued at 3100BC, to the time of Stonehenge, thought to be constructed possibly by the Druids around 3000BC, certain factions of humans have large been viewed as expendable – their “sacrifice” to ruling gods seen as necessary to maintain a social order and a healthy civilization.  And in all that time til now, I ask you, how much has really changed?  Does the ruling class still not view huge sections of the populace as chattel, as merchandise, as expendable?  Is large-scale death and human sacrifice still necessary for some unknown reason?  Do our leaders still follow age-old orders from other intelligences?  Just what exactly is going on here?

When viewing photos like this one just uncovered, it’s extremely hard not to see some long-range and hidden plans in place:

It was taken at an undisclosed location on New Year’s Eve in 1972 (according to the source, TIME magazine.) What’s confounding is that 1972 was well before the Iron Curtain fell, and this picture shows Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and Dalia Grybauskaite, the Lithuanian president, all in their teen-aged years, together.  The questions now are, how, and more importantly, why?  Also most disturbingly and yet fully in line with this continuing inquiry, all 3 women head regimes currently embroiled in widespread and ongoing pedophile ring scandals where the tentacles lead to the highest echelons of government.

In this one photo, there is the proof screaming loudly of large-scale worldwide manipulation of the political world, possible mind control and “grooming’ from young ages of ALL our leaders that we are ever presented with, and finally, what are the odds that 3 girls who might have known each other from way back when in the Creepiest Club Ever (playing devil’s advocate here) end up as rulers of countries?  Or in the words of Q, “how many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?”

I personally favor the George Carlin observational hypothesis: “it’s a Big Club – and you ain’t in it.”

If this is all true, and there are long-range, hidden plans in place, what are they, and where am I going with all this?  That, unfortunately, takes us back to CERN, those plasma conduits or bridges, and just why are all the Alexas talking and laughing at us on their own all of a sudden?

I offer this question, in all honesty, is something trying to come through?

Worldwide, right now, there are multiple incoming accounts of light pillars appearing, and something akin to portals opening – all from different vantage points and differing locations all around the globe.  In some of these photos, things/craft seem to be even “riding in” through these openings and on these plasma/electromagnetic waves.

We have been manipulated by other forces and intelligences since prehistoric times.  Even the conventional thinking of mainstream science is coming around to this fact.  
Taken together, multiple factors and change agents such as vaccinations, fluoride in the water supply, the ingestion of heavy metals (Aluminum, barium, strontium, etc)  on a continuous basis from the very air we breathe due to the massive and worldwide chemtrailing programs in place since the fall of 1998, “accidents” such as the radiation release at Fukushima Prefecture, the altering of all food crops to GMOs as well as the inclusion of human fetuses into products (see Senomyx) to act as “flavor enhancers,” (this latter of which could easily amount to a widespread satanic “initiation” ritual) – all lead to the finalizing of a concerted global agenda to modify and alter the human terrain.  

The very number of these factors acting in concert mitigates against the “accidental” hypothesis and instead points to an endgame that is by wholly by design and premeditation.  And you can surely add in the newest and perhaps most damning in this scenario: the 5G technology, already set to be rolled out worldwide, that has already been determined to be DNA-altering in the extreme.  To say nothing of the exploits of the aforesaid CERN and the nefarious company D-Wave, which may be the crown jewels, and hold all the major answers, in this scenario.

Changed by biological techniques.  Hasn’t , really, this been the story all along?  From Chariots of the Gods to today?  Why do we always end up here?  This seems to be the throughline of all human history, officially sanctioned and recorded or not.  From the Pleiocene epoch til now, we have been manipulated, altered, handled, to some unknowable end by the overlords and the earthly elites in concert with something “other.”  Everything, and I mean everything, else is window dressing.  This inheritance of ours continues.  It certainly, according to all the evidence, appears that both the human and ecological terrains are being altered – why?  Possibly to make way for the advent of something that’s coming into this reality, facilitated by occult rituals and technology.

As can be seen from the above headlines, this hypothesis isn’t strictly the domain of so-called hucksters and wannabe sci-fi gurus anymore.  It seems Von Daniken may yet have the last laugh wherein our ancestors were initially, literally, blinded by the light.

Maybe they can only come in along certain coordinates (the importance of leylines), or when certain stellar alignments are right, or when portals are opened for them…

“Then we who are alive, who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air…”    1 Thessalonians 4:17

Let’s add one more item to the list of unfolding events, which has currently become viral and as of this date, has yet to be discredited, despite being also broadcast by the likes of CNN, Fox News, and others:

The twitter account of Ty and others that began receiving these messages, all started on March 13.  Possibly unrelated but worth noting, Stephen Hawking died on March 18.  The mystery of MH370 remains unsolved, and is still one of the most baffling mass disappearances on record anywhere.   The use of NATO phonetics and the message detailing something being “not human” certainly is enough to arouse suspicion, even among the most ardent “fake news” supporters.

Or, to paraphrase another Biblical passage, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  This is all happening again.  The altering.  The DNA manipulation.  The abductions.  Their changing the terrain of the earth and its inhabitants.  The appearances of all kinds of spatial anomalies popping up around the planet.

And they’ve been subtly telling us certain things all along, haven’t they?

“Well hey there mister, can you tell me what happened to the seeds I've sown
Can you give me a reason, sir, as to why they’ve never grown
They’ve just blown around from town to town, back out on to these fields
Where they fall from, from my hand, back into the dirt of this hard land

Well me and my sister, from Germantown yeah we did ride
And we made our beds, sir, from the rock on the mountainside
We've been blown around from town to town looking for a place to land
Where the sun could break through the clouds to fall like a circle, like a circle of fire down on this hard land.”       Springsteen, This Hard Land, 1982

Signs in the sky, on the ground – as above, so below, right?  How long have these things been seeded into the depths of our ids and the collective unconscious?  Images, entertainment, pulled from the fringe into the mainstream by so many, new wave to superstar, either willingly or unwillingly – in the end, the results remain the same.  We’ve been groomed, manipulated, and handled, for this very time in history when the cosmic trigger will be pulled.

Regarding that trigger, I leave you with the somewhat ominous stellar alignment of this June 27th, when the planet Saturn is in opposition (closest) to the earth.

I also refer you to the invaluable site of, where you can scroll through the alignments until you get to roughly the period of July 19-24, 2019, when Venus-Sol-Mercury-the earth, and the moon all form a line which runs straight to Saturn.  These are dates to be alerted to, and ones in which we need to keep our eyes wide open to everything that happens.

I can’t help but wonder what’s in the wind, and in our stars.

This is what they hope to resurrect – another major occult age in the Egyptian/Babylonian tradition.  To bring about another age such as there was before Mesopotamia and Ur, when vastly different gods held sway here.  Gods that our priest class still worship.  Possibly gods that have always coveted this realm and wish to return.


I keep coming back to one word that keeps me awake at night: 


Thursday, March 15, 2018


In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself within a dark woods, where the straight way was lost.    Dante Alighieri    Dante’s Inferno (A.D. 1300)

When you reach back in his mind
Feels like he's breaking the law
There's something back there he got
That nobody knows
He never claimed to say what he says
He smells like the inside of closets and stairs
The kind where nobody goes
Don't make me a target
Don't make me a target….
Spoon (2007)

Keeping Ahead Of The Rain On The Road,
Watching My Windscreen Wipers.
Radio Play Me A Danceable Ode,
Cattle Beware Of Snipers. 
Wings, Getting Closer (1979)

“The non-human intelligence controlling the non-human UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) phenomenon -- and some human and animal abduction/kidnapping events and the non-human portal phenomenon -- has its own organization and ideology. It is alive. It thinks. It is inherently non-omnipotent, non-omniscient, non-omnipresent, non-immortal.  Compared to humans it is inherently superior in knowledge and power. It is inherently independent of human control.”    
                             Charles R. Drago  

Let’s discuss the nature of being a target in a world not of your making.  Chosen by fate, buffeted by the tricksterish whims of some celestial, superior “other” system, all sentient creatures here seem to be in a perverse game of roulette, where the odds are increasingly tilted in the favor of the haunted house.  And the overall game is larger and much more complex than the pedestrian mind has been entrained to fully absorb.  We are conditioned from birth til death to see only the carrot in front of our face and to die in that pursuit, instead of seeing the string holding the carrot, much less the hands holding the string, or to give a moment’s thought to the reasoning behind the entire control system or the motivations behind it.  And this is likely where cognitive dissonance races in, since those motivations appear dark indeed.  In any event, everything is arrayed against a complete understanding of the predicament we find ourselves ambered into, and that larger predicament system is comprised of a wheels-within-wheels, overlapping subsets machinery so complex and arcane as to be Lovecraftian in its makeup and likely intent.  Being a target ain’t easy, which explains why so much of life is filled with anxiety instead of peacefulness.  It’s our millions-of-years old DNA triggering off, telling us there is danger close at hand, and much more to life than can be seen by everyday eyes and limited human vision.  Listen to it.  And then look around.  Because the evidence is all around you in a variety of manifestations.  And remember that ‘they’ continually want to rob you of the time needed to take a deep breath, focus, and “be here now,” in the moment. 

“The structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals.”
“The UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality.  What we see here is not an alien invasion.  It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans.”                                                               Jacques Vallee

“..often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons…”   Vallee, Confrontations, p.13

“Every time someone ends a prayer in the Western world they say ‘Amen,’ – that is the name of the Egyptian god associated with completion.  So we are still praying to their gods.”                                              Whitley Strieber

But before you can be a target, you need to be shut off.  Walled away from information, cut off from friends and community, all streams of incoming data blocked, unable to compare notes, correlate connections.  Herded and blind, you are an easier kill.  Many individuals instead of a collective makes for easier sniping and a much less powerful adversary.  To that end, let’s look at what just happened in the Reddit community within the last several hours.

Once upon a time, there was a subreddit entitled Calm Before The Storm.  It looked into all things related to Trump Executive orders and actions regarding pushback against the pizzagate/pedogate forces at the highest levels of government, surmised who exactly was being targeted (see, this works both ways) by such, what the latest ‘Q’ dispatches meant and were targeting, who in the corporate/banking/entertainment side of the equation was involved, where they were, were their funds being cut off, etc.  But that was all before some large nerve was touched by said subreddit, and suddenly, when clicking on to it, all that was found was this:

Well, that went quicker than Pizzagate, didn’t it?  Why would Reddit ban a subreddit which they claim is “delusional?”  This was posted there just before the ban:

For anyone that doubts Q or is getting impatient that nothing seems to be happening, let's not lose sight of what has already occurred:
The Swamp is being drained:
- over 1400 notable corporate and government resignations (is this a normal occurrence?)
- over 50 congressmen resigning or not seeking re-election (is this what politicians routinely do?)
- over 18.5K sealed federal indictments issued by the DOJ (normal is 1,000)
- over 100 Hollywood and media elites exposed for sexual misconduct
- Mass roundup of powerful elite in Saudi Arabia in major anti-corruption purge (is this normal?)
- Israeli PM and Rothschild agent Netanyahu is being charged with corruption (coincidence?)
- Trump signs an EO seizing assets of those involved in human trafficking worldwide. List of corrupt actors is over 1,100 pages.
- There used to be 10 Saudis on Forbes Billionaire list.  Now there are none. (coincidence?)
- Crackdown on human trafficking.  Thousands of children have been rescued worldwide.
- Massive roundup of gangmembers in major effort to stamp out MS13.
- ISIS has been practically defeated.
- Mass corruption within FBI/DOJ revealed to the public. Wording "secret societies" used to describe.
- Mainstream media exposed as fake news.
- Veil lifted on CIA's MKULTRA program and Op Mockingbird.
-  Q chan boards are under constant high-level attack. (Why all this effort to take down if it's all just a hoax or LARP?)
- Massive censorship of social media. (Why would all this effort be made if QAnon was merely misinformation? All this does is simply validate it.)


Interestingly, this all happened amid news of an imminent release of the NYPD Hillary vid that they’ve been sitting on for awhile – the one that had grown men and hardened police vets breaking down into tears over such was the horrific nature of the content. Remember True Detective season 1?  Also charting the lay of the land, this happens just as the MSM is bombing the terrain with this type of release:

Can you say plausible deniability platform, boys and girls?  Because let’s make no mistake, that’s the ONLY reason for this kind of mass blowback/info dump concerning “deepfakes” into the public realm from so many sources regurgitating the exact same thing.  They know what’s coming and they’re seeding the populace with their “get out of jail free” card.  Anything so horrifying/abominable can only be countered with “Oh, that’s not really me doing that to that/those young girl(s)!”  And the pro-Hillary forces will embrace this deception and lap it up, hook, line, and sinker.  They will psychologically contort themselves into any non-acceptance of what they know to be true.  Disavowal will be the order of the day, and mass repetition of same until it becomes “the truth.”  Orwell would be proud. Or should I say, terrified.  Everything we used to condemn about the old Soviet Union concerning censorship of their own people has now come true, and much more, in these United States.  Mass deception dressed up in colorful attire with a hip hop soundtrack for the kids, is still mass deception.

But the nature of targeting encompasses so much more.  Listen starting at 1 hour 8 minutes in here and prepare to have your mind blown as longtime cattle mutilation researcher Christopher O’Brien goes in depth with the ramifications of the phenomenon in this Binnall Of America podcast, including confidential information disclosed to him that a "ritual occult group within the [United States of America] government that had access to military technology and they were going out and doing cattle mutilations as a ritual response to whatever was out there mutilating cattle,” "ritual blood sacrifice,” "maybe the true high-strange cases are perpetrated by some sort of as yet undefined or misunderstood predator that has always been living along side us,” the government actions serving to "shut down some sort of doorway or to close down terminate some sort of portal.”

“[The occultist] is brought into intelligent communication with the spirits of the air, and can receive any knowledge which they possess, or any false impression they choose to impart…”                          G. H. Pember (1876) 

This, as O’Brien points out, dovetails quite nicely with the Nick Redfern Final Events scenario – one in which DOD scientists provided information detailing events where the government was using Crowleyan experiments (including human ritual sacrifice) to contact off-world intelligences in hopes of somehow weaponizing them, or at least gleaning information from them for purposes of weaponization. This contact would ultimately lead to these off-world intelligences controlling the shots and the dialogue, to dangerous effect.  (This, of course, as we see from the quote above and in the workings of practitioners such as John Dee of the Elizabethan era, is nothing new…)  See most of the entire story here, in this excellent posting from Jeff Wells:

Pardon my suppositions, but is this where the worlds of David Paulides’ Missing 411 research, Pizzagate beliefs, ufology, nationwide missing children, federal forces and hidden knowledge, the National Parks system, clandestine branches of the military, underground bases and tunnels, and others meet?  How large a component is the occult in all of this?  Quite a large one I’d say.  What do the interior papers of the National Institute of Discovery Sciences contain?    

All of these subsets meet in a dizzying array and alignment to comprise our current world of high strangeness, political intrigue, and entirely too many missing people.  Throw in some occult accents, and everything that has manifested in the world, and everything we’ve learned, since October 2016 begins to make a kind of hideous sense in a timeline that stretches back for decades.  Trouble is, it seems concerns like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit don’t want information that could be disharmonious to their behind-the-scenes power base getting out.


Be on guard 24/7.  Watch your backs and each other’s backs at all times.  As Richard Kelly had Donnie Darko say back in 2001, a storm is coming.  Beware the ides of March.   Especially when everything is connected.  

“What the phenomenon really says is that the universe is a subset of something else.”   
                                      Jacques Vallee