Saturday, July 2, 2016


   “This ain’t rock and roll……this is genocide!” David Bowie  Diamond Dogs

     “And I feel like I’m slowly slowly slowly slippin under
And I feel like I’m holding onto nothing…
A man makes a picture, a moving picture
Through light projected he can see himself up close
A man captures color, a man likes to stare
He turns his money into light to look for her…
And I feel, like I’m drifting drifting drifting from the shore
And I feel like I’m swimming out to her…
A man builds a city, with banks and cathedrals
A man melts the sand so he can see the world outside
A man makes a car (She’s your destination)
And builds the roads to run them on
A man dreams of leaving so he always stays behind
And these are the days when our work has come asunder
And these are the days when we look for something other…
Is where the day begins.”      U2  Lemon  Zooropa

     “Someone’s knockin’ at the door, somebody ringin’ the bell
Do me a favor, open the door, let ‘em in.”  
                     Wings Let ‘Em In

     “Oh it’s been getting so hard, living with the things you do to me,
My dreams are getting so strange, I’d like to tell you everything I see
Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact, his eyes are as red as the sun
And the girl in the corner, let no one ignore her, ‘cause she thinks
She’s the passionate one….
Oh reaching out for something, touching nothing’s all I ever do
Oh I softly call you over when you appear there’s nothing left of you
And the man in the back is ready to crack as he raises his hands to the sky
And the girl in the corner is everybody’s woman, she could kill you with
A wink of her eye….
And the man in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said boy I wanna warn ya
It’ll turn into a ballroom blitz,
Ballroom blitz…”     The Sweet  Ballroom Blitz                

     Distractions, or something else?

     Sometimes I feel as though I’ve awakened in a village, a global village, hundreds of miles and thousands of years away from the one I went to sleep in.  Up is down, white is black, and the looking glass has shattered into a million shards; no amount of humpty-dumpty MacGyver-ing can ever restore it – those shards are now adamantane links to a lost world where our innocence and good-natured joie de vivre lie bleeding. 

     Taken separately, all the scattered high strangeness headlines, all these stolen glimpses through the looking glass, amount to little.  But gathering them together into a cohesive narrative brings a chilling perspective, and into full focus the growing tsunami bearing down on our once unassailable worldview.  Everything we thought we knew was so wrong.

     There are UN fortified attack vehicles rolling down our major interstates without explanation.  These photos were taken on Friday, June 24 on Interstate 81 outside Lexington, Virginia.  Similar convoys have been seen in Texas, Louisiana and Florida over just the past several days.

     The Men In Black, not limited to the reporting of John Keel anymore, are again appearing at designated locations under cover of darkness according to numerous eyewitnesses in the Midwest.  You can’t swing a dead, ritually sacrificed cat without hitting a major occult ceremony appearing on your very own TV or laptop disguised as the latest entertainment or state-sanctioned event.  The gods only know what the upcoming Olympics in Rio have in store for our meta-psych-meme programming.  And the weather?  For a great many places in the world, this summer so far resembles more the surface of Venus.  In India just a month ago, the ambient air temp reached nearly 130 degrees F.  Electrical storms so violent they cut power to nearly a quarter of a million people in Virginia occurred just 10 days ago.  Terraforming can no longer be relegated to the realms of science fiction.  Attesting to greater damage than was reported in Virginia was the presence of power crews from Iowa, Arizona, and Maryland seen on the highways in the aftermath, clearing huge numbers of trees that had, quite literally, exploded.  What used to be called “extreme” weather only a few years ago now seems a cliché.  There is also this to add to the summer of ’16: aerosol operations have, over multiple states, recently begun aligning their spray outputs in the form of pentagrams.  Because what’s degrading the health of millions without sending them a message while you do it?  It’s a double-pronged attack straight from the military-Luciferian psych labs.       


     And as much as weather manipulation bears the hallmarks of human (and maybe not so human) hands, Chaos Theory is rapidly becoming an oxymoron, because quite simply, it’s no longer theory.  Gladio-styled “Strategy of Tension” operations now pop up anywhere on the global grid with startling regularity. 

     Only hours ago Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, one of the largest hubs in the world, connecting the Middle East, Africa, and all of Europe, saw only the latest (supposedly ISIS) suicide attacks, where at least 40 have been killed and close to 250 injured according to latest reports as this is being written.  It should go without saying that this attack comes just as the entirety of the EU seems to be financially imploding on the heels of the Brexit vote.  Once again, manipulated distraction seems to be the name of the game in this “look over here”-so-you’ll-forget-about-this-other-thing narrative.  Ironic how you can always, and I mean always, count on “ISIS” to launch an attack at the most opportune time for Western interests.

     Someone, somewhere, seems to be intent on turning up the heat as we pass the summer solstice this time around, in every way possible, and in ways that see the effects bleed between worlds.  We need to start asking hard questions like ‘If personal abuse and trauma can be seen as the means to the end of establishing communication with off-world entities, what could global trauma possibly establish?’  Evil as a trampoline to higher/lower dimensions?  That we know that this is the directive has been verified with countless remaining records from MK-Ultra, the black operations of Langley named things like Monarch and Artichoke, and thousands of eyewitness and victim testimonies from scandals like Franklin and McMartin, and perps like Jerry Sandusky, Michael Aquino, Jimmy Savile, Dennis Hastert, Jeff Epstein, and Marc Dutroux, all using satanic ritual abuse programming to varying degrees, and all receiving official, high-level cover to continue their dark, intra-governmental activities for decades.  Decades that saw the establishment and continuance of this type of “research” and “workings” explode around the globe in never-ending headlines of missing children, governmental malfeasance, and worldwide pedophile rings where always only a few designated patsies are ever punished, while skulking hordes of royalty, law enforcement, judges, politicians, and industrialists remain free to rape and kill those missing children whenever the occult calendar or their dark stars dictate. At this point such an overarching agenda can no longer be denied by even the most vociferous skeptics.  And yet, despite all the disclosures of the recent years, all the Saviles, all the Sanduskys, all the Catholic Churches, all these seem to have done is provoke some kind of autoimmune response in the collective – where all we can muster is looking away, which is cowardice.  Embracing the shadow is fatal.  Acknowledging the shadow is paramount.           

     We know that the innermost circles of the elite have always taken the greatest interest in opening up these communication pathways, and finding the easiest vectors for doing so, since the times of Gilles de Rais, Elizabeth Bathory and John Dee.  Their secrets were passed down to the Hitlers (with the entire Third Reich esoteric apparatus arrayed behind him) and Crowleys, the Hubbard and Parsons factions of early NASA, survived intact into the private sector of the monied interests who wished to contact The Nine gods of the Egyptian ennead beginning in the 1950s, and were ultimately passed down to the Sidney Gottliebs and Richard Helms, whose occult work came to much the same conclusions that the imported Nazi Paperclip scientists and magickians had before the war ended.  Perhaps the last publicly acknowledged work in this area to leak was the Remote Viewing program initiated by the Pentagon and guided by the CIA.  Ever since then, such news and programs, even as whisperings, have gone deep black.  However, one need only look at the headlines on any given day to find that such work has continued unabated.  Something bad, very bad, is going on here.       

     Let’s examine the timeline of international weirdness for the month of June.  And let’s remember the endgame of every one of these events: the installation of fear.  Fear that acts as a “consumable” remains a guiding principle to where these investigations are ultimately heading, and a key to knowing the enemy.  They have long used fear as a physical force, positioning it where it can be of greatest use to them, at times even on an amazingly literal level.


     “I scanned the black skies.  There was not a star, not a light visible…I returned to the TNT area for another look.  It was well past midnight as I drove aimlessly up and down the dirt road among the igloos.  Mothman did not pop out of the bushes to cry “Boo!” but I did have one curious experience.  As I passed a certain point on one of the isolated roads I was suddenly engulfed in fear.  I stepped on the gas and after I went a few yards my fear vanished as quickly as it came.  I continued to drive, eventually returning again to the same spot.  And again a wave of unspeakable fear swept over me.  I drove quickly away from the place and then stopped, puzzled.  Why would this one stretch of road produce this hair-raising effect?  I turned around and slowly headed back, trying to note trees, fenceposts and other landmarks in the dark.  Once again, when I reached that particular point, the hair tingled on the back of my neck and I became genuinely afraid.  When I emerged from the other side of this invisible zone I stopped and got out of my car.  The air was perfectly still.  There wasn’t any audible sound…not even a bird call.  I was reminded of the hour of quiet that settles inexplicably over the jungle in the early morning, when suddenly, usually around 2 a.m., all of the animals, birds, even the insects become totally silent for about two hours….
   I walked back to the ‘zone of fear’ slowly, alert for any rustle of bushes, measuring my own breathing and emotions.  I was perfectly calm until I took one step too many and was back in the zone.  I almost panicked and ran, but forced myself to look around and proceed slowly.  By now I had figured out that I was probably walking through a beam of ultrasonic waves and really had nothing to be afraid of.  After I had gone about fifteen feet I stepped outside the zone and everything was normal again.  Now I had to walk through that damned spot again to get back to my car!  It was too dark, almost pitch-black, and I was too unfamiliar with the TNT area at the time to attempt to go around the zone.  Although I knew it was harmless, I dreaded reentering it.  I actually considered staying there, only yards from my car, until daybreak.  But I finally steeled myself and walked once more through that invisible stream, scared out of my wits in transit yet privately pleased with my discovery. 
   In daylight I returned to the same spot.  The zone of fear was gone.  I searched for power transmission lines, telephone microwave towers, and anything that might have radiated energy through the area.  There was nothing.  Nor did a daytime exploration of the power plant reveal anything that Connie might have mistaken for red eyes.
   Mrs. Mallette’s bleeding ear and my discovery of the zone of fear convinced me that UFO-type phenomena were present in the TNT area…” John Keel, Chapter 7, The Night of the Bleeding Ear, The Mothman Prophecies   

     On June 1 in Erstfeld, Switzerland what had to be to date the world’s most poorly disguised Occult Ritual Ceremony took place before so many assembled EU dignitaries it resembled more a UN meeting.  It ostensibly marked the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel complex, now the longest underground high-speed rail system in the world.  File this squarely under the Revelation of the Method, or perhaps you can tell me exactly what any of the following images have to do with trains or transit systems of any kind.  By the way, these ceremonies took place exactly 8 days before the start of the Bilderberg meetings in Dresden, and 3 hours outside of the CERN facility.  You don’t even have to look closely to spot scarabs, all-seeing eyes, zombified worker drones, portals, sexualized zombified worker drones, capering baphomets and horned beasts, Pans, and sylphs, and the adoration of said beasts and flying pagan demonic angels.  Couple this with the goings on at Bohemian Grove every summer, and it’s not a stretch of the imagination in the least to say that the elite have a very different way of looking at things; a very different way of celebrating. 



     Then came the Bilderberg meetings, running from June 9-12 in Dresden, Germany, doing God’s work behind reinforced steel fences, concrete walls, and thousands of armed guards.  And just so we’re clear, the work of which God exactly would that be, oh exalted Bilderbergers?  Because if the pictures we’ve just seen are any indication, it surely isn’t the Christian one.  Among other things on their agenda this year was, at number 9 on the list, a thorough breaking down and analyzing of the “precariat” and the middle class.  Because they see this underclass, particularly of late, as “problematic” for their Globalist intentions, their solutions of which we will get to in a minute.

     As if right on schedule, just as the Dresden partying was breaking up and the walls of the Grand Hotel were being hosed down after all the “extracurricular activities,” the Orlando Operation got underway, on June 12th, where 49 people were killed and 53 injured at the gay Pulse night spot in what was called by the mainstream media the worst mass killing in U.S. history, conveniently forgetting both the Waco and Oklahoma City bombing tragedies.  But hey, I forgot, it’s not terrorism (or even particularly memorable I guess) when WE perpetrate or sponsor it.  Riiiiiiight.   

     Must I repeat this all again, because it seems I do so every few months at the same bat time on this same bat channel you’re currently tuned to.  The implications run like clockwork.  The setup fall guy, or patsy, this time around was one Omar Mateen.  His father had ties to the CIA, (much like the Tsarnaev family of Boston Bombing fame) and had recently met behind closed doors with members of Congress and also at the White House, interestingly, immediately before this attack.  Mateen himself had been under surveillance by the FBI for quite some time and had even been lured by that same FBI into considering committing terrorist acts as recently as 2013.  This is known among “professionals” as “undercover work.” (wink wink).  Multiple witnesses at the Pulse nightclub identified multiple shooters.  Mateen himself had worked for the firm G4S, which, in previous incarnations had been both Securicor security (that Marvin Bush was head of when it controlled security for all the main airports and the WTC on 9/11) and the dreaded Wackenhut (see Cheney, gross misappropriations, corporate fraud, torture and worldwide pedophile rings).  All the above is OK though; they’re all “Christian” organizations.  Also as something to file away for future reference in this long, hot summer, G4S currently has contracts, through the Department of Energy, for all security on nuclear reactor sites in the United States. 

     Interestingly – and this is important -- on June 12, on the West Coast, before the Orlando operation goes down, one James Wesley Howell gets lost in Santa Monica and is picked up by the SMPD with weapons and explosives in his Indiana vehicle.  He immediately panics and says he needs police protection from the CIA.  He says that he and an Omar Mateen (still unknown at this point), along with 4 others, were trained in shooting and explosives at a CIA camp in Virginia (Camp Peary just outside Williamsburg?) for planned CIA attacks on the gay community in Florida and California.  (Howell is picked up just before the LA Gay Pride parade.)  The real truth is soon released to an LA County prosecutor by Santa Monica police officers that have been issued with gag orders.  Howell actually called the SMPD claiming that he needed protection from the CIA.  Howell said that he had been “set up by the CIA.  They are going to kill me.” 

     Howell stated “Omar was not supposed to be killed – they lied to us.  Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away.  We trained together at a camp in Virginia…something went wrong.”  Howell determined that he had been double crossed by the CIA and feared for his life.  The FBI then show up and take over the case, telling the SMPD to “keep quiet.”  Howell himself was taken into custody by the FBI before the Santa Monica police could further question him.  His whereabouts remain unknown at this time.

     Currently 25 major media outlets are suing for the 911 calls, recordings of the FBI negotiations, and the police body-cam footage from the Pulse nightclub shooting.  Clearly the interest here is making sure the voice on the tapes matches the one on the record of Omar Mateen.  They can clearly match his appearance(s) on the recordings and voice to his appearance on a documentary in which he appeared about the BP oil spill, working for G4S.  These can be matched to any Pulse related audio/video and quickly matches can be determined.  By requesting police body-cam videos, it can also be determined if police response didn’t add to the casualty list.  At this point there appears to be a backtracking and a hardy cover-your-ass attitude evidenced by all police and officials.  This from the Washington Post:
     “During a news conference Monday, officials again would not say if they believe any of the Pulse victims were killed by police gunfire, though they suggested that even if this turns out to be the case, they still hold the gunman responsible for these deaths.”  So, what is this, the Waco defense?  Did the police/authorities actually kill everyone?     

     As for the turning over of all this evidence in any lawsuit, the city of Orlando is fighting this release, which most often is surrendered to the public upon request.  In this case however, the FBI has “asked (threatened) the city to withhold information.”  I’m assuming that the obligatory “on the grounds of National Security” tagline is just implicit, because, isn’t it always?  Especially in an op designed to garner mass sympathy for the LGBT community as well as gun control advocates, both ardent globalist objectives in an overall plan for reshaping the world according to their dictates. (weakening the traditional family, making the overall collective weaker, more defenseless, without the right to bear arms.)  There is a continual trend towards a diminishing, a weakening, like water against the stone.  And it’s done in such increments it’s designed to escape the notice of the public mass and the media as well, who are educated and conditioned to see such things only in the short term, and never as leviathan psychopomp-ian gears that move entire civilizations at the behest of the Controllers.  And the Controllers must have their markers: the Orlando shooting came exactly 193 days since the San Bernardino attacks, and was exactly the 139th “terrorist” event since the start of 2016.  Both add up to 13, another important talisman in occult numerology that appears on a regular basis in these events that wish to bring about chaos magick.  Remember the number of eyes at the Gotthard rail ceremony image?  Count them. 

     Finally, on June 24th, Britain exercised its option to remove itself from the European Union, in a massive vote whose reverberations are still being felt around the world, and is being seen as a worldwide blow for independence, freedom and the right to self-determinism.  And yet, why, even as it was happening, did I get this ominous feeling that all these so-called choices -- all these things Brexit and Trump -- are nothing more than orchestrations?  What if this Rise of the Precariat was anticipated and maneuvered for all along?  What if these Controllers anticipated these upwellings, these feelings of this Precariat, a molten and fiercely angry subclass, in seeing the reactions to the Wall Street bailouts, to their planned immigration explosion?  And what if these first stirrings, that are largely seen as organic, these Trumps and Brexits, are merely more puppet operations of the Globalists, dressed up as freedom of choice?  What if our anger is being used against us, all the while giving us the impression of making headway against the forces that are, in fact, still controlling us?  Problem.  Reaction.  Solution.  The probability of there not being measures and counter-measures to every contingency in this situation is absolute zero.  

     Already, as if in confirmation, there are stories circulating today, July 1, about George Soros plotting a European Order coup, saying the EU will fall only to rise again, in a kind of new “Marshall Plan.”  In perfect order out of chaos fashion.  Soros of course, is one of the trillionaire class that created the European Union in the first place.  Already word is out that Soros placed huge, bearish investments on bets that the pound would drop – this even in the months before Brexit – and after issuing statements earlier in the month about “rising economic uncertainty.”  Yeah, thanks to you, you fucker.  Soros and his Rothschild buddies created the economic instability and the rampant wars and bombs-in-your-bedroom living conditions that led to such huge flights of refugees out of the Middle East and into the EU in the first place.  I mean, it’s pretty simple, live in one place and be blown up or move to another place.  Instant instability that covers a continent, and also the U.S. while they’re at it.  Which brings solutions like Brexit and Trump into the world.  Manifestations of chaos.  But that’s not a French revolution.  That’s a Trojan horse, and a vital piece in the puzzle that is the planned ritualistic transmutation of mankind.   

     Remember, these people ultimately want a system-wide collapse so they can institute the reboot: their long-called for One World Economy, leading to a One World Government, leading to a One World Religion, which will be the precursor to the antichrist system.  Until that point, there will be more and more Gladio-type events, more Orlandos, more Ataturk airports, more immigration-tinged “terrorism” events, all engineered by the people that control the terrorists, to push things in that direction.  We have long since passed the Brexit Orlando Gotthard threshold, a rubicon where transparency is wed to a fear so strong it no longer needs to disguise itself.  Fear of reprisals and public outcry and condemnation caused Operation Gladio to remain clandestine for over 40 years.  It only came to light after revelations by insiders in Italy in 1990.  (Tell that to one of your friends the next time they parrot the old line of “there’s no such thing as conspiracies because that many people couldn’t keep a secret for that long.”)

     Members of Gladio revealed that similar projects existed in most if not all countries of Western Europe.  These stay-behind networks were, in essence, super secret armies in at least 14 European countries, which were kept secret from the original governmental structures of the host countries – being controlled by other forces such as the CIA and MI6.  These networks were also involved in anti-communist activities including anti-democratic agitation and false-flag terrorism.


     Make no mistake, these are the dark forces that kill presidents, and they are still at the helm.  The fact that there is such transparency to their deeds, the fact that they don’t even feel the need to veil their intentions, muses, or real masters anymore, as evidenced in Orlando, in the fate of the EU, and in the Gotthard ceremony, should alert us more than ever to the fact that they hide in plain sight. 


     As July dawns, we grow ever nearer to the symbolic “Dog Days” of summer, from July 23-September 8.  According to ancient Egyptian tradition, this was the segment of time when the occult link was most powerful between the Earth and the Dog star of Canis Major, Sirius. 

     Shafts in the great pyramid of Giza are aligned to the star, and it is intimately associated with the Egyptian mysteries, the lost continent of Atlantis, secret societies (particularly the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, and the Order of the Golden Dawn), the idea of reincarnation, and psychic communication between Earth and entities there, most famously chronicled in Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery.  July 23rd is the Egyptian and Sumerian New Year, when Sirius rises from behind our Sun.  July 23rd is also the anniversary of the discovery of comet Hale-Bopp in 1995.  Given all that’s happened ever since this year began, the “Dog Days” of 2016 in particular bear close watching.  The last rituals to Sirius won’t be performed until September 8th.  Interesting things are afoot, and those ceremonies of 'As Above So Below?'  They don't stop.