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"Pattern recognition has become so stigmatized people won't even connect the dots to save their lives."    Jeff Wells   

"I'm beginning to hear voices/ And there's no one around/ I'm all used up/ And the fields have turned brown/ I went to church on Sunday, she passed by/ My love for her taking such a long time to die/ I'm waist deep in the mist/ Almost like I don't even exist/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound/ Twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound

The walls of pride/ They're high and they're wide/ You can't see over to the other side/ It's such a sad thing, to see beauty decay/ But it's sadder still to feel your heart torn away/ One look at you and I'm outta control/ Like the universe has swallowed me whole/ I'm twenty miles outta town in Cold Iron Bound

You know there's too many people, too many to recall/ I thought some of 'em were friends of mine/ I was wrong about 'em all/ The road is rocky and the hillside is mud/ Up over my head, nothing but clouds of blood/ I found my world in you, girl/ But your love just hasn't proved true/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound

You know the winds in Chicago/ They've torn me to shreds/ Reality has always had too many heads/ I tried to love and protect you/ Because I cared/ I'm gonna remember forever, the joy we've shared/ I'm lookin at you and I'm on my bended knee/ You have no idea what you do to me/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound/ Twenty miles outta town in Cold Iron Bound."

"Seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line, for self is a sea boundless and measureless, and the soul walks upon all paths..." Kahlil Gibran

"It's the alien infection/ It's the coming of Christ..."

"Dig thru the ditches and burn thru the witches..."

"When I was sick and lay in bed I had two pillows at my head, and all my toys beside me lay, to keep me happy all the day.

And sometimes for an hour or so, I watched my leaden soldiers go. With different uniforms and drills, amoung the bed-clothes, through the hills.

And sometimes sent my ships in fleets, all up and down amoung the sheets; or brought my trees and houses out, and planted cities all about.

I was the giant great and still, that sits upon the pillow hill. And sees before him, dale and plain, the pleasant land of counterpane." Robert Louis Stevenson

"The siren calls outside/ They want to kill us all/ Innocents, wounded souls, full of rage/ Nowhere to go/ Consequences be they may/ I resolve to never change/ I so vow to never yield

Can I give my old heart to you? Cause when this feeling starts, that's when I blow it all away.

It's plain the wars have won/ The days of judgement rise..."

"I'm a clone/ I know and I'm fine/ I'm one and more are on the way/ I'm 2, doctor/ 3's on the line/ He'll take incubation another day.

I'm all alone, so are we all/ We're all clones/ All are one and one are all

We destroyed the government/ We're destroying time/ No more problems on the way/ I'm thru doctor, we don't need your kind/ We are the ones, ugly ones, stupid boys, wrong ones.

Six is having problems adjusting to his clone status/ Gotta put him on a shelf/ All day long we hear him crying so loud/ I just wanna be myself/ I just wanna be myself

I just wanna be myself

be myself

be myself."

"In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost..."   Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy   1308-1320     

Let's go back before we can go forward, and tackle the tangible before we wrestle the esoteric...examine again this highly censored article by Johnny Vedmore, which highlights all details about the mysterious Nicole Junkermann, acting as one of Epstein's disciples, and who put into place thruout the UK's National Health Service, the underpinning and latticework well before the Covid "pandemic," the ability for the government to track and control individuals on a massive scale. It's beginning to look increasingly like this was the platform from which the vaccination control grid could be, would be, erected:

I have linked to this article since well before the Covid outbreak writ large exploded in 2020, but that link is now long gone. This one should suffice for the time being as it bears well worth looking into again. 

Other ways of tracking and control that stand out now, in hindsight, are concerns like 23andme, owned and launched by the Wojcicki family sisters of Youtube fame:

See also Amazing Polly here:


And here:

All of this is increasingly becoming vital information to review and keep in our quivers as things roll, not so merrily, along: 

Because all of this is prima facie evidence of a network being installed and put into place well before the actual "scourge" of a worldwide pandemic was ready to be unleashed upon us. It was a network established with full knowledge of just how it was to be used against the worldwide population. And given what we know of the perpetrators, it was built at the behest, and with at least the intimate knowledge and at the bidding of, Jeffrey Epstein. To overlook this fact is to go whistling past the growing graveyards of this strange world.  

Regarding fine-tuning and targeting, what to make of this horror news recently?:

Ramifications rearing their heads daily are starting to point to a larger aggregate scaffolding being put into place; much larger than even the doomsayers have previously imagined. And the scope is meta and encompasses not only the transhuman but also the transdimensional as it plays out across, thru, over, and beyond multiple realms.

Let's look at not just the numbers of the dead, but the numbers of the missing. And for that, we need stats:

According to the very wise, research-oriented and meticulous Karl Denninger, some 700,000 just disappeared off the employment rolls in one month. According to his stats, there are only 3 ways this is possible -- you go to prison, enter a nursing home, or die. That's it. Zero other possibilities. Not that many new prisoners or invalids, so you're either dead or you're... 

There is something vast and creepy going on out there, folks, in the dead of night. Where is everybody going? John Keel certainly took the question very seriously -- see chapter 15 right here of his seminal Our Haunted Planet

So did the early CIA for that matter -- they were formed in January 1946 (CIG -- Central Intelligence Group) as an early get-to-the-bottom-of-things department concerning what happened to Flight 19 in the watery electromagnetic heart of what would quickly become known forevermore as the Bermuda Triangle less than a month before. (see the above Keel chapter for more...)  

And just how pervasive is this?:

And if we go by "as above so below," are we talking about just stars here? Dateline: Sulawesi:

Ditto the CanAmMissing research of David Paulides and his Missing 411 series. Here we begin to venture into manufactured portal possibilities, and the fact that Paulides himself has taken a sudden great interest in what's happening out on Skinwalker Ranch -- which is spooky and considerable in the deep end of the weird pool:

Just what ARE those structures that were sensored over the mesa? What are we detecting here? What would happen if we could get that tech deep into some of the National Parks wilderness areas where many of the more weird Missing 411 cases have occurred? The results might be both surprising and frightening.   

And just what could all of this have to do with vaccine ramifications

Bear with me...because the rabbit hole tilt-a-whirl is about to go all helter-skeltery:

Remember that one of the declassified side effects of the Pfizer vaxx on those initial 30 pages was -- get this -- deja vu. This by itself indicates that something within the vaxx is able to morph and alter a recipient's sense of reality itself, or at least their perception of it. Here we also have to bring in adjutant forces like CERN, frequency modulators like 5G, and an entire host of other factors. But all together are able to permeate and get deep within the minds of the populace, and doing that alters reality on a mass scale, something the powers-that-be have been looking to do since the likes of Sid Gottlieb and others ordered 100 million doses of LSD from Sandoz in 1953:

Sound familiar?:

What if transhumanism and entering the Zuckerberg/WEF Metaverse actually entails getting rid of the physical bodies? What if they are simply ramping up operations (and with co-conspirators) that have long been in effect and have only now found a biomedically-induced, bioweaponization avenue of doing so? Throw in the twin Musk projects of neuralink and Starlink, plus the work of folks like Charles Lieber at Harvard (via DARPA) into the hardware of brain-machine interface (funded extensively and off the books by Epstein), and the possibilities are rather endless.

I believe that what we are seeing with the covid vaccine agenda (including the mind control psyops surrounding it -- masking, lockdowns, etc) is no less than a merging of the physical with the paranormal, in nearly the exact same ratios and parameters that J. Allen Hynek (under the guiding hands of Jacques Vallee and John Keel) came to believe comprised the entirety of the UFO phenomenon. Much like earlier precursors such as Full Spectrum Dominance and the Sentient World Simulation, this is a control system in play that seeks total hegemony. The greater tech angle these days is but a feint, a sleight of hand; there is a reason why a statue of Shiva stands outside CERN, why there is unacknowledged but indecipherable sanskrit hieroglyphs parchment there under glass, why human sacrifices on the grounds are joked about and brushed off, why whirling dervish dances there are openly advertised and celebrated. What does any of this have to do with "trusting the science?"   

Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who on June 24, 1947 saw 9 glittering what-zits flit across Mount Rainier at impossible speeds, was originally there as part of a search and rescue op for a missing C-46 transport with 32 Marines aboard. It was finally found on the Tacoma Glacier of Mt Rainier at the 9,500 ft level. Fuselage intact, along with all luggage, etc. But no blood, no bones, no bodies:

That Arnold should see what he did, when he did, while on this same SAR mission should bring one much pause. That this sighting kick-started the entire UFO modern era, should bring one even more. And still the undercurrent of those missing 32 bodies.

What's going on here? What's going on at CERN, and in the bowels of the now medical-military-pharmaceutical-industrial complex? There are things happening, Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style. Where did 700,000 people go in one month?

What does the CIA know? What does the FBI know? What does the military know? Everybody knows, it seems, but us. And nobody's talking even as everybody's talking...

Listen to Paulides' rundown of the extremely mysterious Stacy Arras disappearance and how the authorities make it impossible for him to get a hold of the 2,000 page case file which is now some 40 years old... That's 2,000 pages chronicling something...But what?:

Some kind of extremely dangerous knowledge is being withheld, very likely as to the nature of what we're dealing with. All that has been released is right here, and it's 21 pages, not 2000:

What else is being hidden? And, perhaps more importantly, why?

This was captured on security cam in Yosemite in 2011 and remains unexplained:

As does this from 2008:

Yosemite tallies, by far, the largest cluster of Missing 411 cases, according to the Paulides research. 

The amazing Australian director Peter Weir approached these subjects in 1975 and 1977 with Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Last Wave -- 2 to truly get lost in on these oppressive summer days with images and ideas that will haunt all your dreamtimes:

Two films at the height of a time when the veils were thinner, when interest in the avant garde, the esoteric and the occult was at a fever pitch (Atlantis, Chariots of the Gods, the Bermuda Triangle, forbidden archaeology, flying saucers, astrology, psychic powers)  and which seems to be returning with a vengeance as those "New Age" times have something more to teach us, more tell-tale signs to impart.  

Let's not forget the quantum entanglement of social contagion noted here by Colm Kelleher, as well as the hitchhiker effect: 

I bring that drop up again because none other than Kenneth Arnold, way back in 1947, experienced the same poltergeist-type phenomena in his hotel room after his sighting when he was subsequently sent by Ray Palmer to investigate the aftermath of the Maury Island sighting (just days before Arnold's), itself a story-and-a-half in the telling involving principals deep inside the JFK assassination of all places:

And just to add another lurch into this already mixed-up cosmic hodge-podge of fate and destiny, Arnold just so happened to be flying buddies with none other than Jack Parsons, and this long before June 24, 1947:

Furthermore, most higher-ups of the time had worked out that most of Crowley and Parson's experiences had occurred during "an altered state of consciousness." Is an initiation ritual in progress now, therefore? Especially occurring along the lines of the vaxx agenda? According to sources in Nick Redfern's Final Events, Parsons often loudly proclaimed that UFOs would play the major role in "converting the world to Crowleyanity." Ever wonder just how far along that conversion is these days? Or why Epstein's temple looked the way it did, or what went on there besides child rape? Or where the inspiration for such originates?...

The dark heart of this world beats to a Parsons-Crowley-Epstein rhythm nation, we all just try to keep up and throw the timekeeping off when we can, banana peels on their bloody dance floor. Graphene in the injections? That's pretty much a foregone conclusion now. But what role does that play in the transhumanistic transformation of humanity? The jury's still out on that one: 

And we ALL might be playing roulette, jabbed or not -- because here is where "shedding" is appearing center stage on an increasingly disturbing basis:

The wonderful Emerald Robinson sums up the entirety of the surface ramifications quite well here:

She quite rightly claims that this is meant to alter the world. Never have 'alter' and 'altar' been so closely aligned perhaps.

And as I keep yelling to everyone from the ad nauseum mountaintops, this other lady is the best, most comprehensive researcher since Mae Brussell: 

Notice the quote and their intentions at the 9:31 mark: Regenerate Biological Materials.

Ponder those implications for a moment and where they just might be headed with this...Regenerate. Biological. Materials. Hidden frequencies. Shedding. What's going on with CERN? What's going on in our bodies? What's going on with Quantum computers? If quantum entangling is going on, what are we quantum entangling with? Something or somethings that want us, by definition, genetically modified? How long have they been trying to achieve that thru the food chain alone?    

And also as she says -- very important -- we are losing the ability to reach back and remember there is a better way. We are being conditioned. For very specific reasons. 

And here we go again:

And have some brutal smoking gun truth about what's behind the pressure to get that covid vaxx into everyone:

Hear that? All the governments know. By the time you know, unless you've been coming faithfully to blogs like this one, or substacks by Naomi Wolf or Emerald Robinson, or vids by Polly St. George or Drs Malone or McCullough, it will be far too late. As we speak the largest death cult -- and that's what it is -- is operating out in the open. They run your government and all the major corporations. And they will kill more people than anyone else in the history of the world combined. A billion dead. With a B. It's well on the way.

It's far past time to stop ignoring statements from Harari, Schwab and other WEF minions like "surveillance under the skin," "free will, that's over," and "the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it doesn't just change what we do but it changes US." This is DNA tampering, genetic alteration, and inserted nanotech via jabs. There are no other options. A concerted effort of including as many over the entire world in the largest medical experiment ever. Nobody asked us though. That all governments are now admitting this -- as outlined in the above tweet -- is the admitting to open fascism. And I believe even more than that.

As a reminder, listen to what Gates sneaks in to the commentary here at the 4 min. mark at this TED talk:

So there's no confusion, yes, he really does say what you think you just heard: we can lower the existing population by some 10-15% thru vaccines and health services. This was in 2010.   

We always aim to peer a bit farther out over the ledge...and ever deeper into the psychedelic mists of permanent overlord colonists and their chaos magick. And these posts always will as long as I have my say, my way, because everywhere we turn we are surrounded by feints and language that aim to propel us deep into a very wild and very dark occultic heart of operations. Even those that can't decipher note for note what they're seeing and hearing know something horribly, terribly wrong, and off, is going on -- even as we are all placed on a timetable where things are only escalating, speeding up, quickening. Graphene is in the injections and Shiva's in the courtyard:

But those satanic ritual sacrifices, those are just a joke, right? RIGHT?    

Here's none other than AJ finally punching his ticket on the Stew Peters-Carrie Madej-Jane Ruby-La Quinta Columna Express that been rolling down the bloody tracks for well over a year plus now. All evidence that, I might remind you, is easily scientifically verifiable everywhere but the mainstream:

That fact alone should put every media member on the same docket Fauci-Gates-Birx-Schwab-Harari and every member of the CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH and Biden Administration are all destined for in whatever Nuremberg 2.0 awaits. Death by execution. The same fate they have sentenced millions if not tens of millions or more to. This is quickly eclipsing Vietnam now and approaching, perhaps passing, Holocaust-level genocide. Perhaps by many levels of magnitude.  

But Jones is on to something else, something bigger, at the end too. Something that hints back to an Epstein death wish fueled by all his broad-based esoteric, cutting-edge interests for years...Those who don't die are destined for other, stranger, things...and don't you just love that?    

But as I have reiterated here many times before, nothing comes without testing, and things of this nature -- in the blood -- have been appearing for awhile now. This case study from 2005 in Sweden:

Note how very much the microscopy imaging of what's going on in Magnus' blood mirrors almost identically the red blood vessel breakdowns and clumping occurring in the vaxxed, leading to myocarditis and embolisms, drastically compromised immune systems, aggressive cancers, and so much more deviltry coming down the line soon if not immediately.

And then we have this crazy story from crazydaysandnights that just keeps showing its pertinence:

Remember, the code is, think FAANG:

Two of these had CEOs that were doing covert testing of smart dust as a delivery system dosing something on the American populace without their knowledge.

Steven Greer also trotted out this witness pre-2001:

A security consultant/ systems analyst for early tech start-ups (any of the above I wonder?). Bill Pawelec definitely had a hold of part of the elephant that's still looming in the room today. These bridges to babylon are endless... 

The Babalon Working has grown to encompass the world and been updated to embrace new technology and new systems of control -- and the Next Stage has been initiated. Where it all will end somebody knows. But not us. Not yet. Some knowledge is not deemed fit for the  profane at this time. Right now we are merely meant to bear witness to the carnage. Solve et coagula, dragula: 

But there have always been the clues...

Let's remember what Whitley Strieber said, in his Solving The Communion Enigma, out there in 2011:


On that growing to encompass the whole world thing -- just what do you imagine that world would look like? 

Now look again -- very carefully. What is that creepy vibe outside your window that hums along unabated like a merger of dark tech and darker spirituality joined to create a vanishing point of dystopian ruin and transhuman nightmare? As the veils fall something haunts us all.

It may seem as if it's only vaccines and their sinister terrestrial fallout happening, but buried far below the surface and pertaining to the same agenda in this waking world, wilder things are afoot. People are missing, and the big machine that is enabling that, in whatever capacity exists between here and other realms (and there seem to be many**), rolls on.


This scene, all over, every day, once more, with feeling: 

That says everything you'll ever need by way of explanation.

May we all live to see the dawn in this funhouse world of bad luck. Let's keep turning it back on 'em...telling lines for these times for those of us constantly giving the middle finger to conformity and do-as-you're-told mandates from brainwashed zombie idiots plunged into covidiocracy. "Thirteen's my lucky number!! To you it means stay inside...

Play us out Social D. And turn it up to 11. Because their drumbeat, only growing stronger, needs to be drowned out:








Saturday, July 16, 2022


"He went deeper into black/ Deeper into white/ He could see the stars shine like nails in the night..."   

"Bad dreamer what's your name? Looks like we're riding on the same train..."

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5: 11

"People still talk about Epstein's plan to father thousands of children like it was some kind of oddball personality quirk rather than an act of war against the whole human race. They're playing for everything, forever. His 'death' does not erase that threat. There's a William Sims Bainbridge-style convergence between vast sums of capital, mRNA advances, and the coming biosecurity state that squints towards human speciation, and soon."   Brainsturbator recent tweet

"Someone said the world was under ether/ Better bet your bottom dollar, gonna bet your bottom dollar/ That before your eyes we turn to dust/ Bodies rearranged...Ether stole your thoughts while you were sleeping/ Came in thru an open window/ Looking for an open mind..."

It stands out on the highway/ Like a creature from another time/ It inspires the babies' questions, 'What's that?'/ They ask their mothers as they ride/ But no one stopped to think about the babies/ Or how they would survive/ And we almost lost Detroit, this time/ And how would we ever get over/ Losing our minds

The sheriff of Monroe county had/ I'm sure enough disasters on his mind/ And what would Karen Silkwood say to you?/ I mean, if she was still alive/ That when it comes to people's safety/ Money really wins out every time/ And we almost lost Detroit, this time/ But how would we ever get over/ Losing our minds?   

Another disaster from another time in 1979, but it calls to us, as what's changed? The poetry of Gil Scott-Heron hangs in the air, questions begging answers still. Questions that can still be applied to our current situation. Silence is all we've heard til now.     

I'm going to begin and end this post with 2 of the biggest BOOMS yet -- first, the incredible foresight of Anthony Patch from 2016. What he said then vs what has transpired since will take your breath away. Not to wax hyperbolic, but this might be the most important 26 minutes on the internet, especially in light of current events. Gather round close and listen carefully my children:

Fairly shocked that this is still viable on Youtube. Paul Revere stuff.

Now all you go-goats, let's ride!! All aboard the Psychonautilus...tonight we plummet full fathom five into the Marianas Trenches of synchromysticism. Rigged for Dive...  


When the eternal human curiosity factor meets skullduggery, skullduggery almost always wins. That curiosity gets bought off, leveraged, compromised, blackmailed in the headlong flight for greater and greater masses of accumulated power. And then the weaponization begins. First of cutting edge science, then of the building blocks of life itself. 

The words Human Genome Project have always struck just the faintest note of dread in me. That those surrounding it have long been unworthy of both our trust and our commitment hardly helps. They comprise the globalist hierarchy, the Epstein luncheon crowd, often margarita-ing and pina colada-ing it hard by the sinister wild palms on tropical locales perfect for completing the masquerade, the swindle, the hidden horror beneath the veneer of polite, erudite jet set society.   

The human condition doesn't invite or embrace paradigm change easily. Cognitive dissonance is the order of our existence; it's everywhere. Being overtaken by Mass Formation Psychosis isn't pretty or easily recognized by normie-ville, but it most certainly IS a thing, and has been recognized in the historical record as such on far too many occasions; Weimar Germany in the late 1930s to cite one glaring example. Right outside your window right now for another. You're soaking in it, and have been since approximately March of 2020 this time around. We said goodbye to so many things then more precious than we knew -- and in the quick of the night they were gone. Some of us deep down recognized this, recognized each other, and cried together. We knew. And we danced from one way of life into and thru the portal of another. 

For the first time since then this summer a change seems to be brewing, and whether it's trending in a better direction for humanity or a far worse one? Well, the jury's still out on that. Right now, it could go either way. The better days of a Greater Awakening dawning or the first rumblings of an apocalyptic scenario unfolding. Maybe, possibly, both. At the same time. It only appears that the race into the glorious future where we throw off our shackles and the race to the bottom is going to be perilously close. Very close indeed. And it will leave none of us the same. We travel along the same tramlines into a vanishing point of unknown origin. Wheeee.

But summer is the perfect time. That time when the veils thin and the Jacob's Ladders to the stars open. Polaris. Sirius. The Dog Star. The Orion constellation. The "dog star days" from July 23 til September 8 historically. That time when the ancient Egyptians found it easiest to establish and maintain contact with their gods. When the dimensions were as close to merging as they would get; when the music of the spheres could be heard and the spaces between the stars beckoned for communion. And there was always another summer. Those remnants remain in culture the closer you get to the top of the food chain:

Somewhere...Jack Parsons is smiling:

But maybe not for long (Strange Angel alert!!)...because things are going boom boom out go the lights from coast to coast...

Because edifices to totalitarianism and a one world government are suddenly toppling:

After a mysterious 4AM explosion brought down a third of the ominous Georgia Guidestones (Kandiss Taylor we hear you!) the rest was brought down by "authorities" quickly looking to cover evidence before the dot-connecting could begin in earnest ("maintain humanity at levels of 500,000,000 in accordance with nature") and the riffraff started connecting what was written on those stones to what's being injected into their bodies. And coming to some grim, inescapable conclusions. This where the lines begin to blur, and we wonder whether or not to celebrate a victory, or rue the destruction of evidence in a crime scene that stretches back decades, centuries.  

Btw the spiritual fairy godmother of wanting to bring down the Guidestones and of pledging to create an actual Executive Order to do so, just had this happen to her: 

In other news, they're scrambling like rats off a sinking ship in the EU:

And on the anniversary of 7/7, a date the English know all too well, and is symbolic. But why? And right after the Guidestones are felled:

In France, the legislature has gutted and defeated Macron's attempt at Covid passports by parties on both the left AND right:

Something appears to be unravelling. But there is always the terrain -- and this is a part of it too:

A frantic coverup and wall of silence appears to be in place as the largest concerted fightback yet begins. And this time those taking the reins are the entire European Parliament --listen to the remarkable Christine Anderson at the beginning here and then again at the 20:32:29 mark: 

This took place on July 5th, and it might as well have taken place in an underground bunker on the moon for all the press coverage it received...which isn't surprising at all given the topic of conversation. Anderson, the German MEP, is gunning for them all. Holding this particular forum under the auspices of the entire EU flight industry breaking down due to pilot deaths, seizures, retirements, and just plain disappearances all since the mandatory vaxx was initiated. All too similar catastrophic features are unveiling themselves on this side of the pond also, but are heavily covered up for fear of panic and the public glimpsing what they've gotten themselves into. In the loftiest corridors of global power, panic buttons are starting to be pushed at this knowledge escaping into the general public arena.

Anderson calls it exactly what it is when she says this will go down as "the biggest crime ever committed on humanity," before calling out each and every leader of all the Western democracies: "WHAT have you done??!!" We need to pray for this woman and all the many like her that they should and will be able to see thru with all of their investigations, and subpoenas, and court challenges to this monstrous beast system of entitled and perverted globalists seeking to make everything and more that was written on those Guidestones come to pass. Pray for their continued health. Pray for their continued safety. The fact that this is a war should be heavily underscored when examining the trajectories of folks like Carrie Madej and Shinzo Abe of recent note. It's best to remember that the most dangerous animal is a cornered animal. And they are well and truly cornered now. And the continued transformation of and by the Human Genome Project, which never really ended, is being threatened. 

Why are all the vaxxes still being administered under Emergency Use Authorizations now 2 years in?? (making the manufacturers immune from liability) This should be the biggest red flag of them all. Don't buy the endless bullshit that they're FDA-approved. NONE of them are.

To that end of course there are things like this from the vile J. Craig Venter (Human Genome Project) which only stand as "so what are you gonna do about it?" confirmations:

Pay careful attention to his words: "It is a powerful technology -- it's what's been labelled as a dual use technology. Like most technology is, it can be used for doing harm to others."

Hmm, a great tool to solve these problems we're facing he says. Like too many people. This is proof of a depopulation plan at the highest levels. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Couple this with Pfizer admitting that the government was in on it, so hey, not our fault defense:

It's all so IN. YOUR. FACE. 

But as Carrie Madej says here in her latest, with God the Truth is now a roaring and unstoppable lion:

Left, right and center forces are now aligning against the fraud and the unimaginable evil in our midst.

Karen Kingston here on even more:

These are important in charting chapter and verse from academic sources (Georgetown prof) in 2017 about the rise and abuse of nanotech, which of course is now in the vaxx and augmented by increased blanketing of heightened electromagnetic fields all around us at thru-the-roof levels. As well as that same tech that can be used to control leaders of both nations and corporations. 

Also VERY important to notice just how very closely this tech and endgame aligns (penetrating US facilities and influencing decision makers...) with Slide 9 of AATIP's internal presentations to the higher-ups:

Somewhere in all this all roads converge. This is the "psychotronic scenario" encompassing things like telekinesis, teleportation, penetration of solid surfaces, glitches in space/time, missing time, and ability in interface with the human brain both telepathically and on other levels. Jacques Vallee, John Keel and J Allen Hynek were pioneers in these thoughts and speculations. Not to mention Arthur C Clarke who coined the phrase "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." What does that have to do with applications regarding the vaxx and its ultimate potential within the human body? Maybe more than you think. And who else was looking into brain/machine interface? Epstein best bud Charles Lieber: (This page has been very recently reformatted -- need to check archive or the wayback machine to see what if anything has been scrubbed...very suspect. Seems like a lot might be missing from what I remember.)  

And Musk:

Where do the forces of the UAP begin and where does this research end, and is there any significant overlap? We've got the opening of portals at CERN and putting all of humanity onto a different track with the vaxx. People like Epstein and Venter are imagining a lebensborn-type scenario. Where is the overlap? Because there is a huge one of vested interests and sinister intentions hidden in plain sight. 

The agendas of Epstein, DARPA, Gates, CERN, the WEF, and yes that Human Genome Project coalesce and intertwine, find common ground in transhumanism, gene splicing, eugenics, artificial intelligence, brain-machine interface and extreme human experimentation, which in turn find common ground in the vaxx agenda. And all are held together with a glue of the occult, and sacrifice, and ritual. All together is the dedication of destroying human will, autonomy, and free will most importantly of all. Epstein's kill switch is here. 

Zombies now walk amoung us every day -- their eyes are closed and their hearts are hardened. God has sent them the strong delusion and because they have turned their eyes to the Truth they have made their decision as the Father separates the wheat from the tares. The love of many has grown cold as man's sorcery (pharmakeia) covers the earth. Salvation is in a needle but there is no salvation within a needle. Old men are dreaming dreams and young men are seeing visions. Jonestown has become Jonesworld. Everything else, every mind control test, every catapulting of propaganda, every manipulation, has been a runup to this, a plan that has been in the pipeline all along. But as their side has been waiting, some on this side have been knowledgeable, and waiting too:

And now, one huge smoking gun after another:

And these PSAs just started showing up in the greater NY area:

Perhaps this is a conditional counter-plan B to put into effect since, after all, the scarification of covid didn't exactly pan out as planned since nearly half of the world population are still unvaxxed. So when the biological doesn't tick all the boxes then let's trot out the NUCLEAR again, right? It's not like they didn't gather a LOT of info during the lockdowns and quarantines already - and they're not going to let that go to waste. They've always got something in the works.

LSS we have a criminal cartel/cult at the wheel, making sure everyone on Hunter Biden's and Epstein's lists are untouchable because they are owned by a Rockefeller/Rothschild /CIA/FBI/NSA/Mossad consortium -- a deep state that killed JFK, initiated 9/11, launched Covid to get to a vaxx protocol, and are set upon starving and eliminating us. The Earth has been taken over. This cult wanted Biden president and did everything to make that happen (plandemic, rigged election) because they could control him to fulfill plans, to be at their beck and call. That evidence of blackmailable material is all over Hunter Biden's laptop and iphone, which the MSM, the FBI and the DOJ has been studiously ignoring for 2 years now.  

But this is nothing new.

Look at this very rare image:

Look at the new vaxx minister of the UK, and where he tracks back to:

Remember Le Cercle?:

Am currently doing research connecting Le Cercle to the Pink Ballets, the Brabant Massacres, the murder of Andre Cools, and the entire Dutroux network in Belgium, which had very close and hidden ties to the Abrasax cult:

Check out Le Cercle's Ted Shackley and his role in the Shadow Government here one dark and spooky night with the lights out:

Of course that would get deeply into what happened in Mena, Arkansas:

Which would in turn have to get into certain motivations of the know, that swell couple that rode in flights on Epstein's Lolita Express to a certain island getaway some 26 or 27 times:

I'm sure there're no dots to connect there though, in regards to shared religions or ideologies...

And all of these networks intersect at points up and down the line...Interestingly, just found this over on the Rigint forums which postulates the 'whys' of Julian Assange's capture:

More here:

And especially here that has been scrubbed:

This entire node of the investigation goes deeper than you could possibly imagine and likely involves the same perps involved with 9/11 and other "Strategy of Tension" GLADIO-type networks -- Andre Cools before his murder was getting ready to name Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld:

In clear context of all the above refer again to what Lara Logan said here so beautifully:

The fact that the entire Covid Narrative setting up the vaxx is simply another 9/11 is becoming startlingly clear -- ditto the fact that it was set up by this same network and involved Epstein and his minions who were inserted via the Council on Foreign Relations into every Black Swan event from Iran-Contra to 9/11 is also increasingly inescapable. When we didn't drain the swamp at the first example became the first horrible oversight. They've only been coming back for more ever since. And all of this means that this  overall network isn't just interested in global takeover and a massive transformation of humanity, they are also deeply entrenched in child abuse and sacrifice, all for deeply occult reasons. And we've come a long way from proxy "terrorists" and contras, they are now using scifi technology to achieve their magickal ends of transformation, of transhumanism. 

And along this foggy avenue of the investigation, just look at the overlap of all the above with the agenda of these folks:

Notice any shared modus operandi's, ideologies or religious tendencies? Turns out True Detective ain't just a show on the teevee

...and the new Babalon Working is coming down fast:

Remember above all else that this is secret archaeo-astronomic deity cult-worship: 

We will see by the end of this story that tampering with the intrinsic order of things on the advice of off-world sentience gets you nothing but chaos and ruin no matter how you slice it. Whether those marching orders come from the Council on Foreign Relations or the OTO really matters not a whit in the end. And in case you think things like this, and along these same pipelines of communication, aren't still occurring: 

About the above see the Mega Group, who may lie at the nexus of all things we are supposing here: 

See NXIVM, Epstein, Iran-Contra, 9/11, the Plandemic leading to the vaxx, and pretty much everything I've ever posted about.

The ringleader at the nexus of the vaxx scam (and yet another Epstein bestie) now has his sights on our hunger. Buying up even more US farmland in an problem-reaction-solution scenario worthy of Hegel or Machiavelli himself...the WEF tells us we're going to be happier than ever eating bugs, and this is the very reason we might have to be:

And the drumbeat continues unabated:

But don't worry, none of this is related you conspiranoids.

Hmm, what to do when little Damien wants to starve you out? He buys up all the farmland and then outlaws farming, that's what. First software and planned obsolescence on the computer side, the the vaxx and planned obsolescence on the human side -- this just goes hand-in-glove with that scenario also. Continually selling us things and products that only work to our detriment. What's next and where is this all going? Soylent Green is people? Don't laugh. What would delight avowed satanists more than instituting a plan of controlled cannibalism for survival. Every day a satanic ritual in plain sight. 

Perhaps at this juncture it might be most prudent to remember one of the morals of the Sin City story: I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.


Do we even need to get into, again, the steady and numerous links between Gates and Epstein and their rapidly converging agendas playing out? No, we do not:

How about this for a smoking gun? A vaxx so "safe and effective" the manufacturer would rather lose 1.3 billion customers than have any independent investigation launched:

That's right up there with the 75-year hiding moratorium. Or the fact that they've ALREADY pled guilty to fraud but want to be let out of the deal because, hey, the government knew:

Interesting spin on the Nuremberg defense, eh? What a bunch of Mengeles. They certainly seem pretty damn intent on hiding, oh, everything. What bigger smoking guns or red flags does a person need to finally see the light?

Conversely, what a time for heroes, like these 2, who are reading from the same book, they just don't know it yet:

My own compatriot and spiritual running buddy Jeff Wells was the first I saw to articulate this, back in October of 2021 -- since then, the sense of this has grown: "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only and I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence." 

Re Novak and Naomi, they are saying to many, and hearing the many say right back to them the Lenin quote, "It is at moments of need that one learns who one's friends are." Together we have the strength of the mightiest army the world has ever known. We just have to have the coordination to prioritize, organize and mobilize. It won't happen overnight but so much of it, likely more than we know, has happened already. They know that we know. And God creates strange opportunities. At just the right time.  

The powers-that-be are desperate that you not see this:

And to think the left had (and are still having) a collective hissy fit over January 6 -- they have no idea what's coming...Coming soon to a country near you:

Cut our lights off, lose the internet, collapse the food structure so there's nothing in the supermarkets, and BOOM...there's no bunker deep enough for the Bidens and their pedo enclave to retreat into. Instant power to the people. And as this blog has charted chapter and verse, it should have happened here long before now...we are long overdue for Jefferson's blood on the branches of the tree of liberty to make an appearance in the watering schedule. For blessed is the voice that speaks truth to power.

And now this just emerging:

All because of "12 years of conservative mismanagement" & "hot weather!!" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Who are they kidding? We know. We ALL know now. Now it's only a question of how long they can continue to hide the obvious, hide the bodies under a masquerade of too much caffeine, solar radiation, increased stress levels, soil pollutants (gardening can kill you!!), deadly sleeping positions (don't go to sleep!!), too much sun, too many vitamins, too much exercise, altitude sickness, too much food, too little food, too much tea, and more of every ridiculous factoid under the sun -- everything except the true reason: the vaxx.

For more proof that something else, something other, is going on, cue up the latest image of the Uvalde shooter:

It's an MKUltra demonic festival out there. For all I know, Astroworld was a test run for everywhere. And besides Naomi Wolf and me, more and more are coming to similar conclusions with regards to how this is being pulled off, or at least seeing the trace evidence thereof:

Trace evidence of the veils thinning. Look into that face of the Uvalde shooter again...something is piggybacking in on a hell of a lot of people here. Aided by the vaxx. Aided by CERN. Aided by everything aligned against us in a headlong rush to turn us into vessels for something other. What do you do when Gotham isn't just outside your door, but in your blood and cruising for your soul? Contagion, you see, comes in many forms. 

Perhaps the parameters of MKUltra and the Human Genome Project overlap far more than one might initially suspect, or ever imagine.

What Manson was hoping to achieve, and what Epstein was hoping to achieve both hew far more closely with each other than is comfortable. This deals with emerging after an apocalypse to take over the world and gets down deep into the repopulating of the planet. It deals with eugenics and the lebensborn principles. It deals with ritual. Look again at what's happening with the masking, the social distancing, the lockdowns, the almost MKUltra-style quality of the vaxx mandates via the inculcated social pressure and how relentless it is. None of this is by chance, and it speaks greatly of vast amounts of coordinated insider knowledge. And it is RITUAL. But coordinated to what end? That remains the question of the day, hanging over all our heads, sword of Damocles-style.

The Guidestones going down might as well be code for "it's" going down. Because it's happening:

In an ironic twist of fate, child-sized coffins were requested at Roswell in 1947. History loves nothing more than a good joke, aged like a fine wine:

Things can change in a hurry, and all we need do is remember the Titanic, when dawning realization became the first horror meme in the blink of an eye. It took 2 hours and 44 minutes for the Titanic to sink. Let's extrapolate that to the present day situation: for the first hour people strolled and milled around like nothing had happened. At 2 hours and 30 minutes, music was still being played.

At 2 hours and 35 minutes people started to scream.

We now are at the 2 hour 34 minute mark...only our Titanic isn't just sinking, it's also haunted.

Which brings me to the extreme edge of how I'd like to end this tonight, in rampant speculation. But a speculation which is beginning to make a kind of horrifying sense...and it concerns the UAP conundrum. You might want to refer to Colm Kelleher's paper above again before starting out here...

We know that from the very beginnings of the reports of abduction, the "bedroom invaders" as John Keel used to call them, as well as the numerous cattle mutilations, and "Snippy," the very first animal case in September 1967: 

that an emphasis was placed on the gathering of genetic material and DNA from the earliest onset of reports...this out-of-place and seemingly ominous factoid has long puzzled ufologists and researchers as they could find no rational reason for such down thru the years. Especially not on the scale it was happening...

What is not as readily known is that during the Rendlesham UFO incident of December 1980 at the Bentwaters AFB in the UK, according to multiple witnesses and contactees, a kind of telepathic link was established wherein the entities involved established they they were, in fact, not aliens per se, but time travelers from our own future, here to initiate the formalization of genetic repairs:

What exactly had happened to the human race was not explained (perhaps owing to a Prime Directive or some other such karmic law), but that at some point in the human past something horrific has struck the whole of mankind, establishing the need for healthy DNA to transplant back into the human genome to perhaps avert any further degradation. 

This scenario has just been tentatively confirmed by insiders within both the Pentagon and intel services looking into the entire UAP "problem." See the testimony of Ross Coulthart here at the 1:48:58 mark and beyond for a clearer explanation of where we are now:

He echoes even more of what was confessed to him by Luis Elizondo and others. See again that 'mindsublime' link back at the beginning of this post for of the present day this still constitutes forbidden knowledge...

What does this all mean and is this even remotely possible? (This admittedly opens up incredible boxes of worms and multiple scenarios not the least of which include Nazi experiments like Die Glocke:  

the legendary Philadelphia experiment, and the possibility of multi-generational satanic cults getting their hands on tech enabling time travel from off-world sources.)

Along this line of thinking, we could be seeing the results of humans and demons/aliens working in concert, with the attendant damage control in some far-off future when the elites finally realize the ultimate deception that's been pulled on them...think back to what those 2 DOD insiders told the likes of Linda Howe and Ray Boeche:      

But....what has taken place over the last 2 years that intimately involves the transformation and degradation of our DNA traveling across the entire human germline? 

This is human germline engineering:

and Genome Editing:

The latest rock-solid evidence from a recent study in Malmo, Sweden from Dr. Peter McCullough:

This was NEVER a vaccine. But has this been engineered with and by spiritual entities that specialize in deception?

Maybe, just maybe, this is not a linear narrative. Maybe it has to be juxtaposed with the future, the past, and what is happening in other realms. 

I can only powerfully echo in the strongest possible terms the words of Christine the hopes they reach to the far corners of the heavens and back, and so loudly that they echo thru every timeline and across every veil:   

"WHAT. Have. You. DONE?!!"