Sunday, November 24, 2019


"High water risin', the shacks are slidin' down

Folks losin’ their possessions, folks are leaving town
Bertha Mason shook it broke it
Then she hung it on a wall
Says, ‘You're dancin' with whom they tell you to
Or you don't dance at all’
It's tough out there
High water everywhere…

I got a cravin' love for blazing speed got a hopped up Mustang Ford
Jump into the wagon, love, throw your panties overboard
I can write you poems, make a strong man lose his mind
I'm no pig without a wig
I hope you treat me kind
Things are breakin' up out there
High water everywhere…

High water risin', six inches 'bove my head
Coffins droppin' in the street
Like balloons made out of lead
Water pourin' into Vicksburg, don't know what I'm going to do
"Don't reach out for me," she said
"Can't you see I'm drownin' too?"
It's rough out there
High water everywhere…

Well, the Cuckoo is a pretty bird, she warbles as she flies
I'm preachin' the word of God
I'm puttin' out your lies
I asked Fat Nancy for something to eat, she said, "Take it off the shelf
As great as you are man,
You'll never be greater than yourself"
I told her I didn't really care
High water everywhere…”
High Water (for Charley Patton), Bob Dylan, released on the day of 9-11-01

Dams breaking everywhere. Next stop Zardoz by my dead reckoning, give or take.

“The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is embedded in the occult traditions of every culture…the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals…the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the occult entities that were described in centuries past…the UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see in effect here is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans.”     Jacques Vallee          

Welcome to the catastrophic failure of the Deep State House of Cards, which is playing out before you at exponential rates. The variable the Powers-That-Be could never have predicted as the Black Swan catalyst was the Epstein suicide/murder/relocation, or whatever that was. Now the phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself” contains unintended universes of possibilities. Is he dead in a mausoleum? Alive sipping pina coladas on some Tel Aviv resort beach with a new face? Is his consciousness in stasis awaiting transfer to a new replicant host in some cutting-edge AI facility? All of the above somehow? It doesn’t matter because THESE are the questions that are now forming, and continuing to sprout in the theatre of public awareness. (To the tune of “Do you like subpoena coladas, and getting caught in Ukraine?”….to say nothing of planning escapes.)

Everyone’s sphere of influence and perceptive gaze has grown by leaps and bounds in just the last few weeks, with blockbuster, ground-leveling shockwave headlines emerging from CBS and ABC, Prince Andrew, the FBI, Congress, and so many other whistleblowers that just the prospect of keeping it all straight requires nearly quantum tech. Just by the time I’ve finished writing this piece there are liable to be 4 or 5 more new disclosure bombs awaiting detonation. The on-going saga of this vile creature’s life and death is a hideous masterpiece – a gangster-injected, carbon loaded, genetic exocet-fueled Monsterpiece really – of truly epic Dorian Gray proportions, and the occult mysteries that made up the lion’s share of his existence, are continuing to be unveiled before an incredulous populace that is just now beginning to grasp the true enormity of it all, with all of the darkest implications dawning in their minds finally.   The psychological traps are being set.

Conspiratorially speaking, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we really do live in an X-Files world; you just need to substitute pedophiles for aliens at the initial hurdle, and you’re almost home. Of course, like some bizarre Russian nesting doll syndrome, that is just the initial hurdle, because the more layers of the onion you peel away, you might find yourself staring down the barrel of a very interesting question: who do the elite pedophiles take their ultimate endgame agenda from? Which circles us back around to the place where you’re looking at aliens/demons/interdimensionals. Or as John Keel liked to call them, the Ultraterrestrials. Keel, David Icke, Alex Jones, basically take your pick. Because all 3 of their worldviews are looking pretty damn spot on these days.

Behind every headline there beats an occult agenda with the darkest occult implications playing out at the highest levels of earthly power, wealth, and prestige. And that includes the technologics and the academic sectors. Epstein inhabited all of these worlds, as it so happens, making himself quite cozy in the nooks and crannies of the damned.

Before starting again, and in honor of it being just past 11-22-19, let’s look at this perfect thread of incriminating datapoints that began on another 11-22 56 years ago and has led us here:

Pretty much all of that is spot on, sparing my contention that Epstein got “down with the sickness” far earlier than 1988; very likely sometime during the 1985-86 Iran-Contra period from what I’ve uncovered, and no doubt thru the access/influence of Adnan Khashoggi, (and likely the MEGA group), where Epstein’s exquisite and already burgeoning blackmailing powers could be brought into play. Be that as it may, his MOSSAD-CIA-Sabbatean Frankist proclivities fit in nearly hand-in-glove with the Bush-Clinton Empire’s Left Hand path ethos. Recent leaks from the FBI database about the Finders group, and all of the implications contained within that bomb drop, vouch for this. It’s all there: child trafficking, worldwide money transfers, pedophile rings, ritual abuse with all the occult trappings, everything needed for their “Great Working” to continue unabated.

After 1981, when Epstein left Bear Stearns, all bets are off the table, and the ties begin being woven that would lead him to concerns such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.)
In fact, as late as Fall 2003, undergraduate courses such as this were being proffered at MIT: “Magic, Witchcraft, and the Spirit World, Instructor Professor James Howe, course number 21A.211.” Could courses such as this have been given purview by the likes of Epstein, who wielded much power and influence there due to his monetary, “charitable” contributions?   

Courses such as this would fit right in to furthering the mind control agenda targeting the young and malleable that Epstein was so wildly interested in molding, for benefit of both he and his masters.

As far as Harvard goes, Alan Dershowitz (with his extensive ties both monetarily and personally to Epstein) was on the board there at the same time as one John Mack, the celebrated Pulitzer Prize-winning psychiatrist, author, and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School that specialized in child and adolescent psychology. Did the paths of these 2 (Mack & Epstein) ever cross? I’m currently looking into this, but many red flags are raised…Mack, in the early 1990s, just so happened to develop an overriding interest in an area that would stay with him thruout the remainder of his life: the alien abduction phenomenon. (If one is to consider the multiple threats to Mack for his “fringe” areas of interest if nothing else, Mack was killed under what can only be considered murky circumstances by a drunk driver while in London on Sept. 27, 2004.)  

Harvard professor Dershowitz, currently embroiled in lawsuits against Epstein Jane Doe #1 Virginia Giuffre and others, also at the time rushed to the defense of Mack when all of Harvard sought his head for having the temerity to delve into the “other” outliers of existence.

Dershowitz by the way, thru supreme ego and hubris, may have opened up a Pandora’s box of late, in his insistence on suing and counter-suing his accusers:

Thank you “discovery” phase! It’s developments like this that are keeping things so interesting.

Meanwhile, back to Mack and what his studies may have implicated him in. It just so happens that the overall scenarios of Alien Abduction and Satanic Ritual Abuse share some mighty intriguing common denominators:

Notice that this now legendary conference was held in 1992 at……. where? MIT.

Not to put too fine of a point on it ladies and gents, this chart is where Extradimensional Contact is born. It represents the nexus of everything the likes of Parsons, Hubbard and Crowley were attempting in the Mojave desert with the Babalon Working at the dawn of the Space Age. It is the parameters for the birth of the Moonchild – a spiritual precursor to Rosemary’s Baby, and a roadmap for the Apocalypse. This represents Days of Noah stuff writ large. This is all, quite literally, about breeding, and whether it goes on in the Mojave or down on the Zorro Ranch, it’s all the same. It you don’t believe me, just take a look at where some of the more blasphemous rites were performed at Zorro – in front of a huge, life-size rendition of Jesus on the Cross. 

What better way to spit in the face of the King of Kings and assert your “independence” from Him? This was where Epstein wanted to “seed” the human race. Are things biblical enough for you yet? Beginning to sense the stakes in this cosmic chess game?

This represents a fascinating correlation and overlap of data nodes where the implications are profound. I’ve gotten myself in much trouble previously with some of those higher-up in the parapolitical food chain for suggesting that we are living at the intersection of flying saucers and worldwide pedophile rings – if anything underscores that fact in black and white, it is this above chart from 1992. There is something here, and it pertains highly to factions that encompass both Jeffrey Epstein and John Mack. Looking further and following the money as they say, it may also pertain to earthly power structures that are being puppeteered by outside forces. And THAT fact, more than anything, may mean everything.

So, let’s recap yet again, because all this bears repeating……

How many of you have considered that none other than John Mack was on the board at Harvard at the same time as Dershowitz, & at the same time Dershowitz was palling around with Epstein, and when Epstein had ears and doors open for him at that same institution (thanks to copious cash infusions)?...the same John Mack who was run over mysteriously in London resulting in his death (what else did he know, thanks to his associations?)…the same John Mack who said things like this:

“Yes, it’s both literally physically happening to a degree and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occulting and originating perhaps in another dimension…And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world…but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.”

Now imagine him saying things like this at the same time Epstein, inhabiting the same intelligentsia circles, was busy looking into areas like early transhumanism, soul and consciousness transference, artificial intelligence, and cutting edge mind control. The same Epstein who, many factors point to, was immersed in the possible literal summoning of entities to this plane through ceremonial ritual magick that was enabled and catalyzed by child sacrifice – the same apparatus that was constructed for use of the elites by Crowley himself, the same Crowley who it was said opened portals for the same entities Mack would wind up studying to use for travel here, the same Crowley who in all likelihood was working at the behest of those same elites. Exactly how many coincidences before it all becomes impossible? It’s a diminishing numbers game at best, where the vanishing point trends down to zero in record time.

So, how close are we getting to the Rosetta Stone NOW, do you think? Because although there is child rape, and political positionings, spycraft, and blackmail, this goes SO much deeper and darker than those pedestrian parameters… the knowledge of the ultimate goals would be enough to land 99% of the population in the hospital. Why exactly do you suppose ‘Q’ says up to 70% of this must remain hidden for the public good? (A point where he/they and I diverge, I must admit.) We also cannot forget the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, Christine, married into the Malina bloodline – marrying Roger Malina, son of Frank, who partnered none other than Jack Parsons in the founding of JPL, so the occult torch-passing continues strong. And that too is by design and for a reason, to be sure.

Ask yourself again why the likes of ABC and CBS would be so heavily invested in covering up just what was going on with Epstein for more than 3 years time at least, when he was likely at the height of his reach and perversity?:

A certain presidential candidate perhaps? Both her and her husband’s extensive ties to Epstein and his network? A candidate that they – the MSM – had a vested interest in protecting? What say you ABC? What say you George Stephanopoulos? Why so quiet? What else can it possibly be other than that a worldwide system needs protecting? (Interestingly, CBS execs have now gone on the record stating that Epstein worked for Israeli Intelligence…) Why would they have been protecting Epstein and the Clintons if they too didn’t have a vested interest in seeing some kind of final, Endgame scenario play out? Ask yourself again why the Trump/Q forces term this new Fourth Estate a true Enemy of the People?

These are the same MSM gatekeepers that called Epstein’s Temple on Little St. James, despite the presence of multiple stained mattresses readily visible, a “gym.”     

And then we have the flaming train wreck that was the Prince Andrew BBC interview – launched under the auspices of he and the Royals attempting to distance themselves from the entire shitstorm, and which couldn’t have gone worse if he had been seen chomping on toddlers live:

Amoung other vague grotesqueries posing as alibis strewn amidst the carnage, Andrew claims Virginia Giuffre’s allegations against him couldn’t possibly be true since due to excessive adrenalin pumpage in the Falklands War, he can no longer sweat (I kid you not.) (Giuffre had claimed that in their 3 times together – glorified rapes basically – he had sweat copious amounts…)

Not to mention, and this one is the best, he couldn’t possibly have been at one of their assignations since he remembers he was at a children’s pizza party at Pizza Express in Woking.
A PIZZA party. For CHILDREN. It’s amazing, innit? This stuff just practically writes itself.

Even more interesting is a little factoid that none other than Hillary Clinton just happened to make a little trip across the pond just before said interview, ostensibly to pay her respects to the mewling offspring of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, baby Archie Markle Mountbatten Windsor whatever, on November 12th. The interview took place likely at some time on the 15th and aired on Saturday night the 16th. What do you suppose the odds were that HRC just happened to grab Randy Andy’s ear for an hour or 12 before said interview to make sure he was “on point” regarding any secrets he might accidentally/on purpose spill? Backdoor coordinations.

In the intervening time since, Andrew has been a) relieved of any and all “official duties for the foreseeable future,” and now b) kicked out of Buckingham (Crackerbox) Palace.

And in this breaking news just out over the wires, Trump this past week began flooding London with FBI agents, and in days has seen those agents discovering exactly where in the UK Ghislaine Maxwell has been living undercover and have begun building their criminal case against her, who, aside from being the child sex slave procurer for Epstein is also best pals with Andrew, the same Andrew that the FBI is now demanding to interview. The Palace is now bracing for multiple subpoenas from the FBI, who are now viewing Andrew as a “key witness” in their probe of Epstein’s child sex trafficking operations.

The FBI has also arrested two of Epstein’s MCC prison guards and charged them with felonies that could see them spending decades in prison. Plea deals? Will they roll? This news was followed some 30 minutes later by AG William Barr appointing acting Federal Prison Chief Kathleen Hawk Sawyer and told the US Senate that the FBI is now launching a “criminal enterprise” investigation into Epstein’s death – which is the most feared designation of any FBI investigation, usually only seen in terror related and/or mafia cases which span international borders and typically involve dozens, if not hundreds, of defendants.

Take note of the Satanic rituals. And also in possibly related news, and right on the heels of this latest revelation, these headlines burst forth from Florida:

I also have it on good authority from sources that the victim coming forward in all this is none other than the nephew of Bruce and Nellie Ohr. Ohr transitioned from Harvard (there’s that school again) and was considered to play a pivotal role in the authoring of the failed Trump-Russia dossier hoax, which was considered Plan I in ousting Trump before its failure led to the now ongoing Impeachment debacle. His wife Nellie worked for the nefarious Fusion GPS research firm that was in the pocket of the Clinton Foundation.

And now the Disclosure Mystery Machine is making all stops…check out this absolutely vital vid of my pal and brother-in-arms Jasun ‘Horus’ley giving you the sad sad truth, the dirty lowdown on the latest that Charlie was a CIA op – yes, you read that right. Granted, this is something many of us, Jasun included, have been gathering evidence on for years, and something Mae Brussell was well onto some 48 or more years ago, but the case has never had the established facts thrown up to be reassembled – in ALL OF THEM WITCHES fashion --  like this:

Isn’t that something? The whole occult angle just keeps on getting darker and darker tinges to it, doesn’t it? And with more than just passing help from federal accomplices. Day by day, bit by bit, it emerges that we have been lied to about absolutely EVERYTHING.

As we’ve seen here before also, just what IS it about the Manson sphere?

Especially in light of the recent “true crime” outbreak in popularity given outlets like Netflix and others, the Manson enigma still stands nearly alone in morbid curiosity, but why? The sheer scope of tentacled influence which reached far into the most wildly popular music and film of the day? Or something deeper? The occult parameters that infiltrated absolutely every aspect of the murders, and were those parameters government-sponsored? Or was it, and is it still, the fact that so many loose ends, from people to places to events, were tied up in each other like the world’s spookiest ball of yarn; one that will never be fully unraveled? Yes, there is something deeper, at work here – something nearly cosmic.

The Spahn Ranch, much like Patrick McGoohan’s The Village, is where we all live now, lives of manipulated horror – whether we realize it or not. Jasun’s startling hypothesis that Cielo Drive was merely another precursor to what would grow to be Epstein’s blackmail network rings far truer than just about anything else I’ve heard, and considering the pedophilia/snuff film undertones, makes far more sense than anything else as all these threads are joined. Toss is some obligatory government/CIA meddlings appropriate for the time, especially concerning mind control experimentation using cutting-edge drugs (calling Sidney Gottlieb), and you’ve uncovered a perfect storm of confluence – one that would echo down thru the years, almost as if by design. Luce en el Cielo. Lights in the sky. Lucy in the sky, some might say. WHAT is going on?     

And given what we know now, isn’t it about time some enterprising soul deciphered this bit of fluff?:

Nice touch, that Royal Fam Queen Eliz II Coronation mug, wouldn’t you say? What’s a little blackmail between those that’re inclined towards more reptilian persuasions, after all? And given what went down somewhere inside the Metro Correctional Complex (and that may yet be forthcoming), what was that last line? “…you will know the full truth…now wait a minute, now that I think of it, you never actually SAW me die, now did you?”

Yes, conclusions can be so deceiving. Brought to you by that guy that flew with Bill on the Lolita Express, partied with Epstein, has goods on the Royals, has seen multiple witnesses in multiple lawsuits against him strategically die, and maybe, just maybe, knows the system a little too “up close and personal” for those humans with more tender sensibilities and those “nons” with things (see bodies) to hide. Missing evidence (hence charges dropped) because he ratted on Epstein? Did he know the course he was going to take even while filming the vid? If so, that paints that entire chilling ending in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

In the middle of a howling windswept night when the moon is full, do you ever wonder just where IS Ghislaine Maxwell? And even more, where IS Jeffrey Epstein? Just what is this all about?

The clues, my friends, have been there before us all along. Take another closer look at this posting of mine:

Scroll up about 11 clics from the bottom and you will find Q posting #1001 – it pertains to the summoning of demons according to the 4 cardinal directions plotted on Little St. James, Epstein’s hideaway. Look at the precise – very precise – time that Q posted it: 9:11:01 pm.

Or just go here:   and plug in the number 1001 in the search bar. You think that very specific time stamp wasn’t done for a reason, especially given the topic of that particular posting?

Ever wonder why the trident-shaped Death Rune just happened to be symbolically present at both major trauma-inducing Ops – shock therapy to the American Dream  -- that have taken place over our lifetimes, dear readers?   

The horrors perpetrated upon all of us at both WTC ground zero and Dealey Plaza were encoded with this sigil for a specific reason. It bound spilled blood and stone together for all eternity – and were occult workings of the highest order. The JFK assassination was, after all, the original Nightmare on Elm Street, and we as a collective have been living inside a real-time horror movie ever since. The Towers falling carried thru on that psychic spillage, and carried us as a nation again into a fugue state of heightened susceptibility…perfect automatons awaiting encoding. Even the numbers of the flights: 11, 77, 175, 93, were the long favored specific occult numbers of Aleister Crowley, which carried high esoteric meaning.

And those numbers repeated: Flight 11 hit the 93rd floor. Flight 175 struck the 77th. And for good measure, Flight 77 broke open a Pentagram.

The Toten Rune (think of a peace symbol sign) is the Death Rune

It carries with it connotations of death and despair. In some, more Norse traditions that the Nazis also venerated, it is known as the Algiz Rune:

In this calling forth it sets itself apart from human concerns entirely, and (take note), is used to communicate with Gods and entities of both Higher and Lower realms depending upon its alignment. It, for enter-train-ment purposes, was also used extensively in the films Hereditary and Midsommar by Ari Aster, so, as you can see, its continued use seems but a foregone conclusion in our continued sleepwalking – Rune magick is undead and dreaming as the summonings continue:  

And just to bring Epstein’s ghost back around in all this, 2002 saw a large spike in his hedge fund investments to the tune of approximately 80 million dollars. By November 2006, this had grown to 140 million.

In 1995, Epstein becomes sole director of the Wexner Foundation.

In 1996, he relocates his financial point-of-origin to St. Thomas.

Tracings such as these, along with many others, point to Epstein being used by the powers-that-be between these dates as an insurance conduit for the 9/11 Op coming off. Increasingly this becomes possible as he burrows and insinuates himself deeper by degrees into the web of the National Security complex’s blackest controlling fringes. The wagons are circled.

In 2000, Ghislaine Maxwell moves in with him full-time by the way, and remember Epstein had full access to the Clinton White House during the Clinton administration also, which ran up until Jan. 20, 2001, and during which time the finer points of the 9/11 black op would, of necessity, have to have been polished and finalized.

We stand on the precipice now more than ever before – and I know I beat a dead horse with that on a monthly basis. But in this scifi theatre world of ours, it doesn’t make it any less true.

“The palace of mirrors
Where dog soldiers are reflected
The endless road and the wailing of chimes
The empty rooms where her memory is protected
Where the angels’ voices whisper to the souls of previous times.

She wakes him up
Forty-eight hours later the sun is breaking
Near broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocks
She's begging to know what measures he now will be taking
He's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks

Gentlemen, he said I don't need your Organization, I've shined your shoes
I've moved your mountains and marked your cards
But Eden is burning, either get ready for elimination,
Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards.”
      Changing Of The Guards, Bob Dylan (1978)