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“In this world, in this strange world of covert overthrow of governments and clandestine armies and secret operations, the problem that we are facing is that you are working with two realities:  you’re working with what we assume is the real way to function and move, and we are working with a system of what we call power: exchange of power, economic power, power over people; controlling their lives.  In order to do that you disguise certain persons and send them into roles to influence; they become actors on a stage and they influence our minds in a way that is not real but will effect a reality that will touch us later.”                
                                     Mae Brussell     Dialogue: Assassination      October 13, 1971

     “The Devil is beautiful.  Most people think he’s ugly, but he’s not.”              Sharon Tate


     “You were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.  You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, emerald, and carbuncle; and crafted in gold were your settings and your engravings.  On the day that you were created they were prepared.  You were an anointed guardian cherub.  I placed you; you were on the holy mountain of God; in the midst of the stones of fire you walked.  You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created, till unrighteousness was found in you.”        
                                                                                                               Ezekiel 28: 12-15

     “Made a rag pile of my shiny clothes, gonna warm my bones, gonna warm my bones/ I got silence on my radio, let the air waves flow, let the air waves flow/ Oh I am sleeping under strange, strange skies/ Just another mad mad day, on the road…”   
                                                                                                      Moonlight Mile       Jagger/Richards

     “Don’t you think those people deserved to die?  They were involved in kiddie porn.”   

 “If I really started killing people there’d be none of you left.”            Charles Manson

     “The barter America made for its protection and defense in the 1940s and 1950s – selling its soul to the Nazis; creating a program to open the Pandora’s Box of human consciousness to develop the perfect weapon; the mindless assassin – was a bill that had to be paid.  The sacrament of choice was LSD, that golem of the CIA mind control program:  it provided the ‘material basis’ for the evocation of sinister forces.”
                                                                                 Peter Levenda        Sinister Forces II: A Warm Gun

     Nature doesn’t recognize good and evil.  It only recognizes balance and imbalance. 


     In that petri dish of chaos that was the end of the 1960s, an era that began with the innocence of youth seeking a balance in the world and coming dangerously close, to some, to achieving it, that other side, the mainstream, the status quo so threatened, unfurled concurrent plans for widespread imbalance that still resonate today: in ISIS, in hundreds of false flags that detonate around the globe, the ominous, dimensional machinations at CERN and in the skies overhead scarred daily with ongoing covert operations.  These are merely ripples, psychic echoes, of plans begun long ago, and only by tracing back those ripples to the original sources can we even come close to a complete and true understanding of our current world, and in doing so, perhaps discover a way to find a semblance of balance once again.


     Many still think today that one of those change engines of long ago, Charlie Manson’s “Family,” was strictly an organic outgrowth of the times of the mid-to-late 1960s.  When in fact, and as we’ll see, there remain multiple fingerprints on it (of course unremarked upon in the Press at the time) of the highest levels of Eisenhower’s aforementioned Military-Industrial-Complex.  What was called Operation Phoenix in Vietnam was christened Operation Chaos stateside, and whether named Phoenix, Chaos, or Gladio, all sprang from the same obsidian well and burned for the same outcomes.  And all seem to exist as blueprints in a kind of overarching, always occultic, Standard Operating Procedure.   One might think that such naked connections to power could be easily unveiled by so-called historians interested in documenting chapter-and-verse such critical junctures in American history.  But then, that story too, has likely been long pre-ordained given how our information stream has been continuously diverted and polluted, always to the benefit of that same status quo.

     “Five to one baby, one in five/ No one here gets out alive.”             Jim Morrison

     Charlie and the Family were positioned to spring from the milieu of the hazy, fragrant, Summer of Love, Southern California, be-here-now “scene.”  Their appointment with destiny at 10050 Cielo Drive contains multiple hallmarks of being heavily orchestrated by parties operating on a strictly need-to-know basis, the nucleus of which remains untouchable even today.  Perhaps you can think of a better reason why, as late as 2013 in a CLOSED murder investigation, the LAPD refuses to release some eight hours of audiotapes made by McKinney, Texas defense attorney Bill Boyd interviewing Family second-in-command Charles ‘Tex’ Watson just after he’d been arrested in connection with the Tate/LaBianca murders at Cielo.  There are many reasons many important, high-level “persons of interest” don’t want anybody delving too deeply into the curious case of Charles ‘Tex’ Watson.  To do so will certainly begin to make one question just how much of a ringleader Manson himself ever was, and the exact nature of the ultimate endgame of the Tate/LaBianca killings.


     To begin with, it seems none other than Col. Paul Tate, Sharon’s father, worked at the same time at the Presidio as Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set among other things (such as being a child molester, child kidnapper, the transportation of minors across state lines for purposes of high-level prostitution, being a bag man for Iran-Contra illicit drug monies, and front-and-center facilitator for Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, perhaps the greatest scorched-earth terror campaign ever.)  The same Presidio, by the way, that harbored a fleeing Zodiac killer, by his own gloating, written admission, in the aftermath of his murder of cabbie Paul Stine on October 11 that same bloody year of 1969. 


     Col. Tate was the assistant chief of staff for intelligence at the Sixth Region Army Air Defense Command at Fort Baker (Presidio) at the time his daughter was murdered.   Curiously, synchronous connections with decidedly sinister connotations litter social statements like the Manson killings, joining other bizarre people and events in the same geographical area with very few degrees of separation.  Exactly how intertwined the paths of Paul Tate and Michael Aquino became and to what effect is unknown, but given the darkness surrounding both, to discount speculation would be na├»ve at best.


     Abigail Folger was another Manson victim at 10050 Cielo on that night of August 8, 1969.  Abigail’s father was Peter Folger, a Yale grad (Skull and Bones?) from an affluent family (Folger’s coffee) who would also become a Marines major/army intelligence officer ACIO (Associate Chief Information Officer).  Peter Folger after the night of the murders would spend vast sums of money suppressing any information that might have emerged on who he and his daughter really were and what they were into.  What are the odds that two of the murdered women in the Manson spree would have fathers that were career military, that both worked at the Presidio, who both had job descriptions leaning heavily into mind control areas, and finally were on base at the Presidio it just so happens at the exact same time the aforementioned NSA master of mindwar, psyops, and mind control, Satanist and nazi-worshipper Michael Aquino, also happened to be stationed in the Psychological Warfare division there?  What exactly was being cooked up at this critical juncture?  Perhaps not pertinent at all, the Presidio daycare center would emerge in the mid-to-late 1980s as a hotbed of Satanic Ritual Abuse in which multiple child victims under the age of 8 would give numerous un-coaxed testimonies of being molested at the hands of both Aquino and his wife Lilith after being taken from the daycare and into their house on Presidio grounds.  Their testimonies included detailed descriptions of the exact interior floor plan of the house, artwork, colors of the walls, etc.

     In 1967, Aquino begins a two-year tour of duty in Vietnam, masterminding and coordinating the infamous Phoenix Program.  Phoenix was an assassination/torture/terror campaign of massive proportions and instigated jointly by both Army Intel and the CIA.  Its aim was to neutralize the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam.  The way to achieve this was by massive psychological tactics that would today be termed “shock and awe.”  The watchwords tended to be insanity, extreme violence, and the macabre.  Entire villages wouldn’t just be wiped of the face of the earth, the victims would be strung up and disemboweled, beheaded, mutilated. 

     The exact words out of Charlie Manson’s mouth before the Tate massacre were exactly the standing orders for Phoenix: “Totally destroy everyone in it, as gruesome as you can.  Make ‘em really bad.  As bad as it gets.  Leave something witchy.”  Standard operating procedure never changes.


     Needless to say, this terrifying “final solution” blatantly violated the Geneva Conventions.  Targets for elimination included VC tax collectors, political cadre, supply officers, local military officials, and any suspected sympathizers.  Questionable but fortuitous “faulty intel” more often than not led to the murder of innocent civilians, especially young children, all again under the watchful eye of Aquino.  Orders were even given at times to eliminate U.S. military personnel considered security risks.  In 1971, CIA head William Colby testified that the number killed by Phoenix was 20,857, while South Vietnamese government officials numbered the dead at 40,994.  However, the final effects or endgame of Phoenix may contain the most pertinent clues for the ominous nature of continued and ongoing parapolitical history; this murderous psyop program had the effect of creating legions of cold-blooded psychopathic killers who would return home completely different people compared to the ones who left these shores.  Interestingly, many of them would become involved in levels of Satanism during or after their involvement in Phoenix.  More than a few would assume positions of authority and elite nature in the command structure.  Michael Aquino was there to lead them into all levels of post-active duty life, and soon after these killers started coming home, there began a steady rise of horrific serial killings with Satanic undertones from coast to coast.

     Members of note of the Church of Satan as of 1968 were founder Anton LeVay, Aquino before he split to create the Temple of Set, and Susan Atkins, another Manson killer on-scene at Cielo.  There are even surviving pictures of her at one of LaVey’s black masses, a 1966 San Francisco “production.”  There remain links to this day that indicate the Church of Satan was merely an outgrowth of MK-Ultra, with once again Fort Baker at the Presidio being a nexus of operations. 


     Strange similarities abounded between the Manson and Polanski groups. 

     "Another connection between the killers and victims was provided by their shared interest in drug trafficking. Several of the victims -including Voytek Frykowski, Abigail Folger, and Sharon Tate herself -were linked to the trafficking of hallucinogens. Rosemary LaBianca was a known trafficker of methamphetamine, and likely other drugs as well. Frykowski had reportedly secured a deal just before the murders that would have made him the exclusive distributor of MDA in the L.A. area, his operation financed with coffee heiress Folger's considerable financial resources. Jay Sebring, who before the murders had once appeared in an underground movie that also featured Mansonite Bobby Beausoleil, appears to have been involved in the drug trade as well. A man named Joel Rostau is known to have delivered drugs to Sebring at the Cielo house just hours before the murders. Rostau was found murdered the next year in New York City. Another Sebring associate showed up dead just a month later in Florida. Immediately following the killings on Cielo Drive, Sebring's house was thoroughly cleaned by friends before police arrived to conduct a search."
(Programmed to Kill, pg. 141)

     Another similarity between the Manson and Polanski clans was their fascination with the occult. Prior to the murders Polanski had just become famous due to his occult thriller Rosemary's Baby in which Mia Farrow stars as an expecting mother of who begins to suspect the tenants of her apartment complex are a group of Satanists awaiting her child for nefarious purposes. Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey was famously the technical consultant on Rosemary's Baby in which he also reputedly portrayed the devil. But the Polanski’s involvement in the occult went much deeper than this:
     "Interestingly enough, LaVey had connections to the victims as well. He had formed a close association with Roman Polanski shortly before the murders when he served as the technical consultant for Polanski on the film Rosemary's Baby in which he also makes a cameo appearance as -who else?-Satan. On the set of an earlier film, Tate herself had reportedly been initiated into witchcraft by Alexander Saunders. Sammy Davis Jr., who was introduced to the Church of Satan by Manson victim Jay Sebring, has said of the victims who were killed at Tate's Cielo Drive Residence: 'Everyone there had at one time or another been into satanism.' Some newspapers reports at the time of the slayings, denounced as sensationalism, were rife with reports that the Polanskis were satanists who hosted drug and sex orgies. Indeed, just days before the murders a drug dealer was reportedly whipped at the house in an S & M ritual. Various celebrities were said to have been in attendance. Actor Dennis Hopper spoke in interviews of sadistic movies filmed at the house that featured some of Hollywood's biggest names."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pg. 140)

     "During follow-up investigations at the Polanski residence, police discovered several films and videotapes in the main bedroom closet. Some of these films, it has been rumored, involved an elite underground Hollywood group who swapped smut of each other. One item discovered was a videotape of Sharon and Roman making love, although police never considered it pertinent to the case. During the Tate/LaBianca trial, defense attorneys were approached by the representative of a 'rising movie actress' who had apparently left a roll of undeveloped film of herself in compromising positions at the Polanski residence, and was inquiring if Manson Family members had the film in their possession. Many years after the Tate/LaBianca murders, Manson told an interviewer, 'Don't you think those people deserved to die?... They were involved in kiddie porn.' Like Manson's Hollywood Star revelations, one must wonder about these allegations of Polanski making money from kiddie porn, as Charlie's claims pre-date Polanski's late 1977 rape case of an under-aged girl.

"Manson later told a Hollywood tabloid that 'Dennis Wilson gave me a $5,000 videotape, TV thing for tapes that fit only to an elite bunch (porno ring) that was worldwide.' At one point, two reporters approached the Manson defense team informing them that certain individuals in Hollywood were worried that the case might cause a film industry scandal. The reporters said that lots of porno -many of the hand-held, home-made variety -had been discovered during the Tate murder investigation, and that many influential people had put in pleas to the district attorney to lower the charge against Manson to manslaughter, as a way to keep him quiet.

"In Doris Day: Her Own Story, Terry Melcher was quoted that the 'murders had something to do with the weird film Polanski had made, and the equally weird people who were hanging around the house. I knew they had been making a lot of homemade sadomasochistic-porno movies there with quite a few recognizable Hollywood faces in them. The reason I knew was hat I had gone out with a girl named Michelle Phillips, one of the Mamas and Papas, whose ex-husband, John Phillips, was the leader of the group. Michelle told me she and John had dinner one night, to discuss maybe getting back together, and afterwards he had taken her up to visit the Polanskis in my old house. Michelle said that when they arrived there, everyone in the house was busy filming an orgy and that Sharon Tate was part of it. That was just one of the stories I had heard about what went on in my former house.' "
(The Shadow Over Santa Susana, Adam Gorightly, pg. 106) 

" fewer than six serial killers/mass murderers -Charles Manson, Stanley Baker, Edmund Kemper, Herbert Mullin, John Lindley Frazier, and the Zodiac -were all spawned from the Santa Cruz/San Francisco metropolitan area in the span of just over four years, at a time when 'serial killers' were a rare enough phenomenon that they hadn't yet acquired a name. And another serial killer was said to be at work not far away during the same timeframe. As Bundy chronicler Richard Larsen recounts, the bodies of at least fourteen young women and girls were found, nude and with their belongings missing, in Northern California between December 1969 and December 1973. In the immediate vicinity of each of the bodies 'was found an elaborate witchcraft symbol of twigs and rocks.' Remarkably enough, the crimes collectively attributed to these men did not even account for all the ritualized homicides that occurred in the Bay area during that time. For example, the murder of Fred Bennett, the captain of the Oakland chapter of the Black Panthers whose mutilated remains were found scattered in the Santa Cruz hills, was never solved. And many of the young students who were reported missing from local campuses were never found, either dead or alive, and were therefore never listed as homicide victims.

"These killers -Chase, Manson, Kemper, Mullin, the Zodiac, Frazier and Baker -heralded the dawn of a new era that soon had established 'serial killers' as an ever-present part of the American landscape. Before 1960, fewer than two serial killers a year were reported nationwide. By 1970, the number had climbed to six per year; by 1980, to nearly twenty per year. By 1990, nearly three-dozen serial killers a year were being reported across the country.

"The years covered by the occult bloodbath in Northern California, 1967 through 1973, corresponded precisely to the years that the Phoenix Program in Vietnam was in full operation (although similar programs, under different names, existed prior to 1967). In September 1973, the head of the Phoenix operation, William Colby, was appointed as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Phoenix had officially come home."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pgs. 136-137)  

     Manson himself was involved with men involved in government research into human behavior in the late 1960s as were many youths that flocked to San Francisco:
"...the Haight-Asbury Free Clinic in the late 1960s. Two employees of the clinic -Dr Roger Smith, a research criminologist who had started the clinic's drug treatment program, and Dr. David Smith, who founded the clinic itself -were both involved in government-sponsored research on human behavior. Both had connections to Manson and his followers. In fact, Roger Smith was Charlie's parole officer."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pg. 145)

     Keep in mind that Manson was arrested countless times in the 1967-1969 period, had a harem of underage girls following him around, etc, and he was never busted by Smith or any of his later parole officers. According to Ed Sanders, Smith even hailed Manson as something of a visionary due Charlie's work with his children.

     Other suspicious names of the military/industrial power base variety would continue to weave in and out of the Manson mythos.  None other than the late, great Mae Brussell would uncover several ties. 
     "... Mae Brussell informed him that a Naval Intelligence agent named Nathaniel Dight had associated with Tex Watson prior to the murders... L. Ron Hubbard had been with Naval Intelligence. The Committee to Investigate Assassinations had linked Lee Harvey Oswald with Naval Intelligence! Even the infamous Zodiac killer had left obsolete Naval Intelligence ciphers. Dight, Brussell claimed, was a Postgraduate at the Navy's Monterey Language School --where only intelligence officers were admitted. Dight, she said, had used the cover of a 'hippie artist' while working as an undercover agent provocateur to infiltrate Charlie's Family.

    "According to Brussell, Dight was the Manson Family's main drug supplier. After the murders, Dight, '... cut his hair, put his shoes back on...' and return to the Monterey Language School, setting aside his hippie guise, which had served its purpose. Prior to shedding these hippie trappings, Dight had done artwork for an 'underground magazine that, Brussell asserted, '... was a conduit for CIA funds for medical research in mind control, intelligence money for electrode implants and for LSD experiments, according to documents I got from the Pentagon.'"     (The Shadow Over Santa Susana, Adam Gorightly, pg. 151)

    These from the transcripts of Brussell’s Dialogue Assassination radio show October 13, 1971:
    “In the summer of 1969 there was a murder in Hollywood, California in which Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Mr. Frokowski, Abigail Folger, Steve Parent, and Mr. and Mrs. LaBianca were stabbed forty-four times. The newspaper did not know who did the murders, but it read in my mind like a military ambush. It could be no other way. It was described by people later as a military ambush. And for the reasons as this: These many people were slaughtered; nobody heard a sound; there were dogs on the grounds that didn't say boo; there was a caretaker in a guest cottage who didn't hear one gun go off, and guns went off; they didn't hear any screaming; nobody saw a getaway car; the place was completely destroyed; there was time to put hoods over the people, ropes on their neck, leave signs and symbols that would come down on a particular group of our society—two groups—and split. And no, not a dog was killed or barked. The fellow that lives on the grounds said he slept through it. And they shimmied up the telephone poles, cut the wires, left all this obvious evidence, and split. And the way the wires and the lines were cut I felt that it had to be a military type ambush. 


     Sheriff Tom Montgomery of Colin County in Texas was taking care of his cousin at the time that the police came into this little commune that Sue Atkins was talking about. Cousin Charles 'Tex' Watson was safe in Texas. He was watched by this first cousin of his. He was described as clean-cut with short hair. He was living a happy life. His girlfriend testified they were having pleasant sexual relationships. He was normal in every sense of the word. Those seven massacres that he did didn't seem to bother him at all. He didn't even mention them to her. He was not mentally sick. He was not depressed. He had a good job. And when Charles Manson and the others were arrested in Los Angeles they put this young boy, Charles Watson, in the jail with his cousin to take care of him.

     A prominent attorney by the name of George Shibley who works with groups in the Middle East—in Beverly Hills he has powerful connections—met with Charles Manson just before he got out of jail in Treasure Island. No one will know what conversation transpired between Mr. Shibley [and Manson], or why he was up there. Or why Charles Manson is unknown. This illegitimate child of a sixteen year-old girl, no family or kin. No one would know how Charles Manson would get such a famous Beverly Hills attorney to visit him before he was paroled. No one will ever know the conversation that transpired between those men. But what we do know is that when Charles Manson got out of Treasure Island in 1967, at the height of the Haight Ashbury scene, he got a large bus. And he did not buy it. He did not have a job, and he had credit cards for gasoline. In the trial some subject was made up that one of the girls stole a credit card from her family to buy Charlie gasoline. I am sure the parents would have had him arrested before long; you can't go for two years on a stolen credit card. Charlie was never arrested. And one of the questions in one of the articles I have is, it simply said: He had a credit card. In order to do a study of a covert operation, or a murder, or a simple murder: Who paid for the gasoline for Charlie Manson?

     Now we go to Charles Watson: This was a clean-cut boy who did these murders. He came from Texas. And the questions are: Where was he approached? How did he get into this case? Was it of his own volition?
Last week on the Monterey Peninsula there was an article in the paper that a boy was picked up as a hitch-hiker in Santa Cruz. He was thrown out of the car near the highlands, and we talked about that a littler bit on this show. He was almost killed. And the subject of the conversation was that one of the four men who just about killed him said, "I'm from the Manson Family in Texas." That caught my interest because something very big in the planning stage of this particular massacre took place in the state of Texas.

So I went to Community Hospital to discuss with this boy. This boy attended five years of College and the American system of education. He was about to go into the Peace Corp and go to the Philippines the next week. He was almost dead out at Community Hospital after just going down our beautiful coast and being picked up and roughed up by somebody who claimed to be from the Manson Family in Texas.
We don't know much—because it's never brought out at these trials—about the background of Charles Watson, except that he did appear with a beard and became part of the Manson Family. When Charles Manson was arrested, a law firm sent two lawyers who went to Texas to see this particular boy, Charles Watson. Judge David Brown said to the lawyers from Beverly Hills, California, "You take the next plane back to California. I will put you in jail for seventy-two hours or fine you if you don't get back to California." And the lawyers said, "Well, wait a minute, that's our client. We want to see him." The lawyer that wanted to see Charles Watson was named Mr. DeLoach. He called a press conference at a Dallas Hotel, and DeLoach said this at the press conference: "I came to see my client."

Charles Watson had been in his office in Los Angeles, California thirty or forty times prior to the killing of Sharon Tate and the other six people in Los Angeles. DeLoach said his own background was that he was a Republican candidate for the State Assembly in 1964, and he was chairman for the Young Republicans. He belonged to a law firm on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. At the jail to keep Mr. DeLoach from seeing Charles Watson were twenty Texas highway patrolmen and sheriff's deputies guarding him. And they fought the extradition for eight months.

When you're talking about conspiracies, Watson's defense has to go into every avenue to develop his claim that Charlie Manson masterminded him and programmed the group; that the hippie-youth-magic, Satan kind of thing, controlled him to use his knife to kill these people. Prior to meeting Manson, he was not involved in any kind of violence or altercation.

I have seen no record, publicly, that Mr. Watson had a traffic violation or any kind of problem. This twenty year-old boy needed an attorney from the Young Republican Committee forty times. I know what the expenses are to meet with any attorney, even for one hour. People use attorneys or public defenders if they have small altercations. But to go to a prominent law office of a man named Mr. DeLoach thirty to forty times prior to the time that you're going to kill seven people is worth investigating. And it's particularly worth investigating because the boy isn't even really considered a criminal or a murderer. When the trial for Charlie Manson took place this boy was in Texas, and they fought the extradition, and he later wouldn't be associated as part of that clan but as the robot or the product of that society.

The psychiatrist claims that when the decision was made to remove Charles Watson to California he became a catatonic, schizophrenic vegetable in a fetal position. Eight months in Texas he was doing just fine; he didn't lose a pound; he didn't lose a night's sleep; he was just having a good time. And when the decision came to bring him to California he became very sick. The prosecution claims that he was faking this; that when the psychiatrist looked the other way he would take a different posture and he would talk to people. The jury has been out for two days trying to decide if Charles Watson was guilty of those murders. They have to deliberate two days when it is common knowledge that he was in the homes and he did the murders.

Now who bought the LSD and the chemicals? Did our government pay Charlie's way? His bus? His gas? Was he a chemical messiah, or was he designed out of Texas? Or Mussel Shoals, Alabama, where everything else is designed, and the lawyers are sent? Who designed Charlie Manson? Lawrence Schiller is telling you he's a chemical messiah. I'm saying somebody bought his chemistry; he didn't; It wasn't all handed to him. The government brought it to him and put on his costume; his leather coat and his guitar, and said, "Charlie, get on the road."

Author Lawrence Schiller went on that his livelihood, when they let him out of prison, was that he was going to be a musician. Schiller says:
“ was Charles Manson, a year out of prison, mingling with Hollywood stars in 1968... The Manson Family was, somehow, making it with the Establishment...And Manson was going to some of Hollywood's plushest parties.”

Lawrence Schiller is telling you that a year later Charlie is right in there with the biggest people of all. That's pretty interesting considering the lawyer that he saw before he got out of Treasure Island, and the lawyer that Tex Watson is seeing before these crimes are committed. These boys were wined and dined in the music scene, in the art scene, by certain people before the massacres took place.

And then he concludes the introduction to his book on Sharon Tate saying:
“It was a strange Satanic whim that sent those people into Benedict Canyon.”

And I claim it was more that a satanic whim, that the book Mr. Kaiser puts out in Oakland, and advertises in Esquire magazine, and the use of this word Satan and witchcraft is a conceived program that disguises the covert government to come down on this generation. And it has succeeded. Nobody really feels safe in the area or around the country. The effect that they wanted has happened, you see.”


     Brussell also stated in a radio show on 4-16-78 that she had been named as a witness in a trial of Rolling Stone journalist Paul Krassner who had proceedings brought against him by a Texan named Charles Winans.  Krassner’s Rolling Stone article had claimed that Winans had coordinated an attack using Charles Denton “Tex” Watson to manipulate or set up Charles Manson and his girls to kill Sharon Tate and others, operating under the umbrella of Naval Intelligence.
     Brussell's friend and fellow activist, Louise James, had seen very interesting comings and goings from the place where Winans was staying, including military vehicles.

Louise James also claimed to recognize certain members of the Manson Family when they were finally caught and paraded in the national media, because she'd seen them earlier at Winans’ gaffe.

The evidence is circumstantial but intriguing.

My own speculative interpretation of a mass of information is that Charles Manson and Charles "Tex" Watson were almost certainly controlled, but may have been the products of different programmes.

Manson was allegedly a "clear" - from his endless years in prison - in L Ron Hubbard's original Church of Scientology. L Ron's "church" had several offshoots, some of which were (im)plausibly deniable - such as the Process Church of Final Judgement.

Weasly lil' Charlie Manson was - rather bizarrely - transformed into a charismatic leader, preaching an apocalyptic war against... um... well, sometimes the "piggies"....

In truth, though, Helter Skelter was a truly ridiculous and garbled manifesto. It was an attempt to incite "race war" by blaming the Tate/LaBianca murders on militant black groups such as the Black Panthers. As a piece of visionary prophecy, Manson's Helter Skelter is worse than some of L Ron's science fiction tomes....

But but but... it's important to note that the best evidence - as presented in court - is that Manson was not himself a killer. He did not kill. (Although there are suggestions that he committed murders for which he has not been prosecuted.)

On the other hand, Charles "Tex" Watson was most definitely a killer. He delighted in killing, and in bullying or scaring others into killing (read the accounts of what actually went down at the known murder scenes).

Watson stabbed the bound Sharon Tate and her unborn baby until they breathed no more.

Watson used a knife to carve the word "war" into Leno LaBianca's stomach.

If a core part of the deep black Manson Family anthropological experiment was to create assassins who would kill on order (probably through narco-hypno triggers), then Prime Exhibit Number One is Charles "Tex" Watson.

If this is correct, then Tex Watson was probably selected for programming in part because of his pre-existing violent tendencies and his naturally high hypnotizability (there is a scale).

However, years of research has convinced me that "programmed" assassins cannot be totally controlled by those who create them: it is a flawed, bogus, "science".

Lt Commander Narut spilled the beans on a real deep black assassination programme when it was in full swing.

But zombie killers behave like zombies.

Once dispatched on his murderous missions, Watson was completely out of control.

Whereas Manson wrote about using "LSD" to "control" his family:

I quoted Adam Gorightly on John Judge's investigations here:

Through his lectures, written material and personal correspondence, I have pieced together John Judge's version of the Manson Family Conspiracy, extrapolated from the seeds of Mae Brussell's seminal research. Part of Judge's argument stems from a conversation Charles Manson had with Tim Leary in Folsom Prison - when the two were located in cells next to each other - and Manson asked Leary why he did not "use acid to control people?" To Judge, Charlie's question revealed a basic contradiction, because LSD - in his opinion - was a drug that would be useless as a control agent of any sort, except to create a state of confusion. For anyone who's experimented to any degree with LSD, it quickly becomes evident that - as an agent to control minds - it's a highly unpredictable compound.

It is Judge's opinion - along with that of the late Mae Brussell - that the type of "acid" the Mansonoids were using was a military version, unlike the stuff found on the streets, and though it was called "acid" was actually different from LSD-25. Judge believes that the MK-ULTRA version of "acid" was a psilocybin derivative called EA1729 that was used at Wright Patterson Air Force Base as part of MK-ULTRA experiments. According to Judge, this is the same "acid" that a buddy of David Berkowitz's named Terry Patterson - who served with him in Korea - claimed Berkowitz was given by the "brass" while in the Army, when he was placed in a special program reportedly for "profiled" candidates, after he asked for conscientious objector status. Mae Brussell was convinced that Berkowitz was another in a long list of MK-ULTRA patsies, and more correctly referred to him as "Son of Uncle Sam.”

It has also been documented that Tex Watson tripped out on a belladonna concoction - Telache - a short time before the Tate-LaBianca murders, and was never "quite the same". Belladonna has a long history in the annals of espionage, another of the slew of chemical compounds used under the auspices of MK-ULTRA during the 50s. The derivative of belladonna that was used in these experiments was Atropine, a natural extract of the plant.

     The names of DeLoach, Dight, Winans, and Roger Smith have all but disappeared into the mists of our forgotten collective memory, but they were there coordinating things at crucial times for distinctly sinister outcomes and we repeat their names here for this dusty corner of the historical record that may one day see the light of discovery yet again in some far-off, more just future. 

     In the pillar-to-post journey of Manson, the implications of which we’ve barely begun to touch here, we once again see the convergence of the military and the occult, a place where powerful Southern California ley lines play as much of a part in the looming scenario as do handguns and pool parties, snuff films and famous pedophiles on the lam, blood sigils on the walls, Satanic curses, and the dread pull of synchronicity.  It somehow contains surf music and black masses in equal measure in these dark universes where anything can happen.


     We’ve seen Army and National Security Council Satanists mixing with Rat Packers, Beach Boys rubbing elbows with agent provocateurs brainwashing serial killers getting ready to butcher pregnant starlets, devil worshippers and drug runners, all the while being under some subliminal influence of an album full of glorious starkness by the Beatles, who thought it all up while vacationing with the star of the occult film directed by the pedophile husband of the soon-to-be mutilated starlet, who was the original first choice to play ‘Rosemary.’  Even in today’s complex world, a more interconnected milieu cannot be imagined. 

      Words this time, belonging to Peter Levenda, from his epic tome Sinister Forces II:

     “The brilliance behind these crimes had nothing to do with Manson himself.  The brilliance was in selecting Manson and his assassins as the hit team, for it obscured the real motives and thus the real powers behind them.  Further, due to the sensitive nature of the victims involved and their incestuous relationships with Hollywood, occultism, drugs and ‘alternative’ sexual practices – much of it captured on videotape – there was very little danger of their friends running to the police with information that could get the real masterminds into trouble.  The Tate killings spread tentacles into the very highest reaches of Hollywood.  Beginning with Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson, and extending outward into the Mamas and the Papas, Jane Fonda, Roger Vadim, Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, and so many others whose names were household words, the blood had splattered all over Benedict Canyon in an aerial spray that reached Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, North Hollywood, Malibu, and the back lots of studios all over town.  Drugs, murder for hire, sadomasochistic sex on videotape involving celebrities, and satanic rituals…is it any wonder LAPD had a hell of a time trying to extricate one strand of nastiness from another?  The ‘scarlet thread of murder’ never ran so red as it did on August 9, 1969 at 10050 Cielo Drive.”

     Roman Polanski has always implied in his statements no sort of occult activity ever took place at Cielo Drive, without ever specifically denying it, always blaming it on a reporter’s discovery of a Ouija board there.  He always states that the police “gave no credence at all to tales of stray pickups, orgies, drug excesses, and black magic.”  Even the LaBianca murders, according to Polanski’s theory, were only done to throw off the true investigation. Using a kind of strained circular logic, Polanski implies that since no one has ever accused the LaBiancas of orgies, drug running, and black rituals, that these couldn’t have been factors in the Tate massacre either.

     Or, more pointedly, why did Tex Watson make 40 visits to the Young Republican Committee’s legal rep prior to the Tate killings?  Manson himself, prior to the killings, showed up at Esalen, the New Age compound/retreat with extensive ties deep into the intelligence community.  What was he doing there?  Getting a little “checkup from the neck up” perhaps?  All this and we haven’t even scratched the surface of Manson’s strange links to Scientology, the Process Church, the OTO, the Solar Lodge, and the Four Pi cult, among others.  Stories for another time.

     “Diane, when two events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.”        Special Agent Dale Cooper        Twin Peaks pilot episode

     This was the tail end of a period begun in the 1960s when it seems more than probable that factions of the U.S. government succeeded in assassinating not only a President, but also his brother, a Civil Rights leader, and who knows who else.  With Manson and his ilk putting the period on the end of that run-on sentence, this speaks of massive implications.  Ones that begin to touch on apocalypticism, cults, music/film infiltration, intelligence services, mind control, and left-hand path ideologies of service-to-self, where Luciferianism and Satanism cast long shadows into the arterial-spray headlines of yesterday into today.  


     “It was late at night when I cut the wire/ I climbed the magic pole till I got no higher/ All the lines to safety are slashed away/ The sun has set on their final day/ As we go through the Gates of Heaven/ our numbers multiplied from one to seven/ With our reflection on the TV screen/ No violent death remains unseen/ I’m the Devil, and I’m here to do the Devil’s work.”         Mind Control        Uncle Acid