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The puzzle pieces spin, juggle, retrofit, align to form a new substrate, in service of telling a new story -- one which illuminates even further the journey so far...

If monkeypox wasn't planned, explain why the government has spent millions buying smallpox tests since 2016, and billions on a new smallpox vaccine manufacturing site in 2018, when smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s.

If Covid wasn't planned, where has all our accumulated DNA information gone?

With so many false flag MKUltra shooters creepy-crawling around of late, let's not take our eyes off what they're trying to keep fully obscure from us on a continual basis. History has shown, and continues to show, they will do anything to keep you from looking in the most important places at the most important times.

Study those words of prophecy from the X Files lo those many (1995-1997) years ago now and wonder what they portended...when you put your mouse over them and click to enlarge the view, study them, and exactly what they were warning us about at the dawn of the Millennium...because the ominousness they fully intended to convey is lurking in your backyard, right now.

Continually look into what multi-orgs like Blackstone, BlackRock and Vanguard are up to, and whether their aims are strictly greed-based, or whether or not something else is afoot...wonder why it's Bill Gates who is the largest owner of commercial farmland in America right now. 

Keep going back to the Project For The New American Century whitepaper issued in 2000 in the runup to 9/11. And not only for the mentions of "race-specific bioweapons," but also their sinister notation that space will ultimately become a theatre of war, especially in light of the recent numerous UFO and UAP-themed info-drops and disclosures from on-high sources, many of which now appear increasingly dubious.

WHAT is going on? And more importantly, WHY?

On this increasingly metaverse-themed battlefield where the prize is ultimately your soul, stay vigilant. Be careful and always mindful of your very own thoughts, so that they stay yours

Back soon with much CERN still churns away, putting the entire world in its shadow.



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"To the Navajo, the earth and its creatures have great influence over our existence. The stories passed from generation to generation help us to understand the reason for our tears of sadness and tears of joy. Animals like the bear, the spider, and the coyote are powerful symbols to our people. When the FBI man Mulder was cured by the holy people, we were reminded of the story of the gila monster, who symbolizes the healing power of the medicine man.

In this myth, the gila monster restores a man by taking all his parts and putting them back together. His blood is gathered by ants, his eyes and ears by sun, his mind by Talking God and Pollen Boy. Then lightning and thunder bring the man back to life. At the end of the ceremony, when the FBI man has been healed, we heard the news from other Native Americans in the northern plains that a great event had taken place.

Like the Navajo, these people have their own stories and myths. One of these stories tells of the White Buffalo Woman who came down from the heavens and taught the Indians how to lead virtuous lives and how to pray to the Creator. She told the people she would return one day, then she turned into a white buffalo and ascended into the clouds, never to be seen again. But on this day, when the holy people had given the FBI man a miracle, a white buffalo was born. And every Native American knew, whether he believed the story or not, that this was a powerful omen, and that great changes were coming."   The X Files, Season 3, ep 2, Paperclip  9-29-95

"Well there's a dark cloud rising from the desert floor/ I packed my bags and I'm headed straight into the storm/ Gonna be a twister to blow everything down/ That ain't got the faith to stand its ground..."

"I have been on the bridge that spans two worlds, the link between all souls by which we cross into our own true nature. You were here today, looking for a truth that was taken from you, a truth that was never to be spoken but which now binds us together at dangerous purpose."  X Files Sea 3, ep 1, The Blessing Way  9-22-95

"We will see you in time."  Indrid Cold 

"(I don't) Does anybody really know what time it is? (Care) Does anybody really care? (About time) If so I can't imagine why (Oh no, no) We've all got time enough to die..." 

"Fox the fox, rat on the rat/ You can ape the ape, I know about that/ There is one thing you must be sure of -- I can't take anymore/ Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey." 

"A masterpiece, biology/ Smoky water, air conditioned/ Boys 'n girls and automation/ Chromosomes, designer jeans/ And chimpanzees and human beings..... Some day we'll live on Venus. Men will walk on Mars/ But we will still be monkeys, down deep inside/ If chimpanzees are smart then we will close our eyes/ And let our instincts guide us/

Oh oh oh oh No."

"I began it as an investigation. I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down, I made the whirling world stand still."   Alchemy of the Word/ A Season In Hell, Arthur Rimbaud

Then: Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, "Go pour out on the earth the seven bowls of God's wrath."

So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and loathsome, malignant sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast and worshipped its image.    Revelation 16: 1-2. 


Fire up the jet boats and unsheath your batarangs one more time; 'cause here we go...(or)..."I can't believe it's Monkeypox season already, I've still got the Ukraine decorations up!!"

Hard to know where to begin in a timeline that remains fractured and morphing as we speak, but does anyone remember the weird, admitted to Covid vaxx side effect of "deja vu?" See the tail end of this post again:

How about this tweet from a no stranger to insider-knowledge Naomi Wolf very early in 2021 of what she overheard in 2019... 

"Do you know anything about a Greek God called Chronos? He carried a sickle. He used it to cut a hole. A tear in the cosmos...between Heaven and Earth. To separate this world from the next. To separate the known...from the unknown. The world has been waiting for something like this."    Outer Range

What do we know? What have we forgotten? Are there forces which are attempting to manipulate time to help us? Are there forces which are at this very moment seeking to use time as a lever against us and as part of their ongoing plan against humanity? The heretofore hidden aspect of time as a weapon seems to be coming around again. CERN recently went online again for the first time in 3 years -- what is happening there currently and are we already seeing its manifestations?

Somewhere it now appears apparent that somebody -- or a lot of somebodies -- very high up on the totem pole, are fairly obsessed with both time as a construct and time as a weapon to shift this reality. Does this tie in to ancient gods and myths that have proliferated here for quite some time? Is the accent of late on genetic manipulation, DNA experiments and molecular engineering taking place at this specific time for a specific reason? Is there a reason all the research and experiments that people like Charles Lieber (with Jeffrey Epstein's money) were carrying out resemble in form and function so much of what the Nazis were attempting?

Lieber just happened/happens to be uber cozy with Epstein AND the head of Moderna? Are we now beginning to see the outlines of a masterplan? Notice that Lieber's nanowires, on the scale of atom-sized and easily slipped in via injection, allow manipulation of emotions, perception of threats, reward systems, pair-bonding behaviour, and socialization. The basic umbrella of all human personality. Full list of possibilities here:

If you think more than ever we're not living smack dab in an X Files world of insane sci-fi theatre, just take a gander at those document lists.

Those same Nazis, btw, that were supposedly in league and in direct communication with off-world entities? The same Nazis that were carrying out their bidding, thru Orders like the Thule and Vril societies. 

If the tales in the Bible are true going back to the days of Noah, if alien entities and fallen angels ignored their orders and bred with earth women to first manipulate the human genome, then it certainly appears that more fallen entities and personalities are seeking to do the exact same today using their proxies here, only this time thru more pharmaceutical and chemical means to pollute what God intended for us. To take God out of the equation. To put a "mark" on us. To de-link us from God and the Christ consciousness. Their ultimate plan since forever.

Part and parcel of that sinister equation may very well have much to do over the last 48 hours or so of breaking news worldwide about the new looming spectre of monkeypox. As issues continue to swirl to say we've been here before would be redundant in the extreme. The New World Order pressure cooker continues to ratchet up the heat and vice-like grip on our mental faculties. Examine all these headline links closely and tell me there not some coordination going on. 

They need something new as the Covid narrative is falling faster than Building 7. The latest and best writeup over its carcass is right here, in what should be the closing brief in any upcoming court proceedings:   

But first, the precursor event:


What was the CDC experimenting with? I started off wanting buffalo, but I'm seeing monkeys everywhere now suddenly instead. (0 to monkeypox in 3 seconds...) And if we fall for it all over again, the forecast calls for pain. First we get Event 201 that begat Covid. Gates. Then we get food production facilities burning and blowing up across the country right when Gates is the no.1 owner of farmland. Ditto the baby formula shortage just when who inserts himself into that production? Gates. Now an "exercise" (Event 202? 301?) that just so happens before-the-fact to run a simulation on and predict monkeypox outbreaks globally. And who's in the middle of it? Gates. Either this guy is exhibiting Nostradamus-level precog or something is way up. I know where my money is:

 X Files sea 3 episode 1 The Blessing Way, Sept. 22, 1995

Or, put another way, why do we keep hiring arsonists to put out the fires?

How incredibly "convenient" that this latest monkeypox psyop is playing out in earnest now just 48 hours before THIS happens:

Can you say premeditation? Coordination? LSS with the Pfizer/Moderna jabs you get altered/mutated DNA thanks to MRNA tech; with Astra Zeneca and J&J you receive monkeypox as an added side effect since that's what's actually IN those vaxx bundles...pick your poison:

And that woman they originally said was OK with just a case of pinkeye after helping at the scene of that Pennsylvania monkey truck crash headed to the CDC?

Now let's examine the WHO supposedly "fictional" exercise they outlined in a briefing paper in November of last year -- look at the date they slated for the initial outbreak: May 15, 2022 --- behold the blueprint of Event 301:

(You will notice they thank "Open Philanthropy" for their support -- another trigger word that you can always watch out for that means the exact opposite of what you think: Philanthropy.) Remember Crowley's rule to speak in opposites to confuse the enemy. The Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust were both participants, exactly like Event 201.

Just as with the Coco, this is not a simulation exercise -- this is a Plan

One that they have been sowing the seeds for, for a long time now. Remember that 2 months prior to the truck crash in Pennsylvania, vials of smallpox were found in that same state in an unsecured lab:

Smallpox samples were supposedly only allowed to be stored in 2 labs in all the world: 1 in Russia and the other at the CDC in Atlanta. So why a Merck facility in PA unless something was in the works? 

I say ALL of this with the knowledge that so far there has only been ONE reported case here in the US, I repeat -- ONE. But if we let them know that we know they are laying the groundwork for something else to come down the pike, then possibly we can head this off, whatever they have planned. Everything right now is leaning increasingly towards this being yet another "side effect" of the vaccine; just another premeditated consequence they use to control us.

I will also tell you that if worse comes to worse, colloidal silver stops any kind of pox in its tracks. Ditto the trusted doctor's Hot Zone back pocket companion, essential oil of Oregano, the old standby. Believe me, if you can even survive taking that, nothing is going to kill you. We're talking nuclear-level event ground clearing effect thruout your entire body. Get that in your system (sublingual) and any little bug is swimming upstream in a tsunami.

More along the lines of busting up their plans -- what do you imagine this is all about:

Stop me if you've seen this movie too. Before. Welcome to the latest stage of the Infowar:

Pretty good breakdown there.

That's right; Chertoff. Of the 9/11 traitors lineup and very recently having inserted himself in all manner of Covid rollout shenanigans. All these folks are like the gifts that just keep on giving. Or the things that wouldn't leave. They never stray far from the dominion of "influencing." Full Spectrum Dominance full speed ahead in the Sentient World Simulation. For some background, hit it Jeff:

I would put a little "Union Of The Snake" soundtrack in here, but you get the idea...


The WHO recently changed up everything on its monkeypox fact sheet:

(And the guy that just posted that got banned from reddit for his trouble.)

Hallmarks of more coordination and fine-tuning as the ramp-up begins.

But I began this installment talking about time, and how we have it within us, to alter our reality. This has been documented:

The sci-fi worlds of seeming fiction like Stranger Things and Fringe haven't just been studied and approached, they have been breached. We know even at the quantum level that observation is everything -- our reality depends upon it. They say God helps those who help themselves. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging toward that point where we are being called upon to change this Monopoly game. Superpowers inside all of us can allow us to create anything we want or can imagine, but we must focus, concentrate, and use our collective wills for the greater good. This is OUR world. But we have to want it. Listen to the New Testament when Jesus said "Truly I say unto you, he that believes in me the works that I do he shall do also -- and even greater works than these shall he do, because I go to my Father." (John 14:12)

And you have to take time to make time -- because there are forces out there determined always to keep you from doing just that for very specific reasons. A thousand distractions and misdirections bombard you every second. They are only powerful because we allow them to be thru "look over here not there" games that they have become very good at.

"I told you/ That we could fly/ Because we all have wings/ But some of us don't know why..."

Finally, and before I go to just put one final, big, X Files spin on things that may be going on behind the scenes, look at this extremely interesting (possibly telling) article I found from 2017: (you know, way before everything went tits up...)

Hmmmmm.  Delonge, Elizondo, various and sundry Podesta pals, all caught up in the UFO "disclosure" game but all having very interesting CVs and backstories in the biological/biomedical/VIRUS realms. What ARE the odds? And what will be the NEXT shoe to drop? All this research based in microbiology, genetic experimentation, and biological weapons.... Any bets taken that somehow, somewhere, they're going to trace one of more mysterious pathogens suddenly set loose to off-world sources? And will that be a lie, or the truth? Maybe I need to amend all my previous lines of investigation to "Meet you at the corner of flying saucers, worldwide pedophile rings and killer alien viruses..." 

And speaking of altering and shaping reality, a charter member of that TTSA team, Hal Puthoff, just so happened to be a leading remote viewer back in the day:

And a Scientologist as you see, which was of course a mere 2.0 offshoot of what Hubbard and Jack Parsons cooked up in the desert during the Babalon Working of Crowley's in 1946 in the long shadows of JPL.,%20John%20Whiteside%20Parsons%20-%20The%20Practice%20of%20Enochian%20Magic%20-%20The%20Babalon%20Working%20(1946).pdf

And speaking of Enochian Magick, there's been an update to this previously reported and highly important podcast: 

I leave you this time and on this note because, to me, this particular podcast may provide more of a skeleton key to unlocking what is going on than anything else to date...within it are essential clues as to WHO the US government (and governments around the world for that matter at the highest levels) may be in communication with, WHAT is happening all around us as a result of that communication, and WHY the ultimate goals and endgame are likely not in our best interest. It also cycles back around to time as a construct and how this may also be being used or weaponized in the psywar against humanity as a whole. In all this remember that to "communicate" means there has to be a common language used to exchange ideas and thoughts. 

Have also done some checking in the meantime and everything you hear in those 2+ hours checks out completely, and is very much in line with what the working hypothesis of this blog is all about, so there's that. It turns out reality (such as it is) is far more malleable than any of us could dare imagine, and as the old saying goes, far stranger than fiction. Origin points for the "modern" era? Look back to John Dee, channeler Edward Kelley, and the entities they were first in contact with:

Particular attention must be paid, in light of what is happening now, to that last one "John Dee and the Enochian Apocalypse."

This particular passage has red flags to spare:

"In retrospect, we can glean that the essence of the Enochian dialogues centered upon a coming apocalypse, which Dee's angels referred to as 'the Harvest.' Dee and Kelley succeeded in manifesting the spiritual beings they had summoned, and what followed appeared to have been the process of opening the gates to another dimension and obtaining the keys required to activate the angels' agenda, an apocalypse of the mind -- a poisoning of man's spiritual essence and the rapid degeneration of society." (This was written in 2012.)

For those that might care to hear what it sounds like, Robert Eggers used real Enochian in the final chanting scene of his highly unsettling The Witch. The Eleventh Enochian Key:

This aligns completely with Agenda 2030, world depopulation plans as outlined by Bill Gates, not to mention the long-standing Georgia Guidestones, and what the WEF may have planned using proxies like the WHO and accommodating governments in lockstep the world over. The dreams of Dee's contacts coming to fruition in our time.

Here's part of the paper trail of what they've been working on:

Somewhere Rudolf Steiner rolls over in his grave, John Dee wails "I told you so," and the big machine rolls on, connecting the Enochian to Scientology to UFOs to viruses in a tableau playing out before us in real time right now.

One month til the summer solstice...One month and three days til the anniversary on June 24 of Kenneth Arnold's sighting that kicked it all off and into overdrive.

"The battle for the soul is as brutal as the battles of men; but the sight of justice is the pleasure of God alone.
Yet this is the watch by night. Let us all accept new strength, and real tenderness."  Farewell, A Season In Hell, Arthur Rimbaud  Apr-Aug 1873

Seen the writing on the wall/ Ivory towers bound to fall/ Voices whisper in the wind/ I can hear them calling
Love is a fire burning and I want to burn
Darkest hour before the dawn/ Times we know will soon be gone/ Flames of freedom fill the air/ I can hear them calling...

And on the first day of Davos -- what are the odds? This is the lever they will use to give the WHO all the power over every nation. Perhaps Phase 2 of the elite's plan to inject poison into us, modify us, and grab the last vestiges of power has begun. 

And just so you don't forget, these are the people we are dealing with:

The above is why the CIA had to launch Operation Mockingbird and embed their agents all across mainstream media mouthpieces, so this kind of stuff never sees the light of day, or if it does leak out, it can be more carefully "managed." Carl Bernstein was the first to out all this in the October 20, 1977 edition of Rolling Stone:

















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Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates/ Broken dishes, broken parts, Streets are filled with broken hearts/ Broken words, never meant to be spoken/ Everything is broken

Seems like every time you stop and turn around/ Something else just hit the ground

Broken cutters, broken saws, broken buckles, broken laws/ Broken bodies, broken bones. Broken voices on broken phones/ Take a deep breath, feel like you're choking

Everything is broken.

Night falls and I'm alone/ Skin, yeah chilled me to the bone/ You, turned and you ran/ Oh slipped, right from my hand.

Hey blue on black, tears on a river. Push on a shove, it don't mean much/ Joker on jack, match on a fire/ Cold on ice it's a dead man's touch/ Whisper on a scream doesn't change a thing/ It don't bring you back -- Blue on black.

Blind, oh, but now I see/ Truth, lies, and in between/ Wrong, can't be undone/ Oh slipped, from the tip of your tongue... 

"Even after admitting this, there is no catharsis. My punishment continues to elude me, and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself."   American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis

"Well they're going to ruin the air that we breathe, Lord have mercy/ They're going to ruin us all by and by/ I'm tellin all you beware, I don't think they really care/ Think they just sit up there and just get high..."

Where do you look when you've looked everywhere? You go back to the beginnings, and you might be surprised at what you find. So much is lurking there, dead giveaways in the forgotten and the never seen. Choice Millennials with attention spans and a yen for dot-connecting will find treasures beyond their imagining, all there in the public record of what once-upon-a-time was mass entertainment that was studded with clues like diamonds imbedded in comets flying thither and yon. But, you know, funny thing about comets, they always have a way of coming back around again...

Take, for instance, the final episode of the first season of the X-Files, "The Erlenmeyer Flask." Aired 5-13-94 and right now looking like Nostradamus could have scrawled it. For those of you that have a Roku, the entire series is up right now for free on (a brand new) Freevee. For those of you that don't, indulge right here the old-fashioned on a stormy night by candlelight:

The syncs are downright, well, spooky. For want of a better word.

But when you keep looking, other things start popping up. From also around that time and partially responsible for inspiring Chris Carter for that episode, the Gloria Ramirez incident:

Still surrounded by much mystery and deep questions. How long have we been guinea pigs and lab rats, and at the hands of what dark forces plotting in the shadows? Of course back then it was in the shadows -- of late it's pretty much as in your face as it gets.

We live in a time of ghosts in the machine, and a contagion that no one can quite name:

It's a holy war where we have all weaponized ourselves in whatever capacity we can. My old friend Mike Ruppert put it best and he saw it coming when he said, "Fire your weapon."

And Mike would have had a WHOLE lot to say about the current happenings in the world. Speaking of Nostradamus, he was another ancestral spirit carrier in segments like this from his seminal Crossing The Rubicon

Something was evident in the planning as charted by the old site Cyberspaceorbit here -- this from 2002 when the full impact of what were called "persistent contrails" were taking hold:

First inklings of gene splicing and/or therapy, and the notions that something was working on people's brain processes, even then. The possibility that cognitive function was being targeted looms large.

Along that same line of thinking, notice the carefully chosen wording of William Thomas, the very first chemtrail researcher here:

Especially the paragraph where he leads: "A far more effective and selective pathway for pathogens is through vaccination." This was in July 2000. Those were the days when much was happening at a dizzying rate; at times I would put it up to even the rates of upheaval today, it's just that it wasn't augmented and stratified by social media to absurd and not always relevant levels. just scroll to the bottom here and see who was VERY interested in who was interested in watching the skies back then:

So many intrigued vested interests so concerned with who was interested in the burgeoning "kooky" chemtrail issue. Just look at how many of those parties still prowl the headlines today as "players" on the world stage. 

But we speak also of contagion, and of that there are many types, some of which have yet to be fully explored. It seems there are many levels. A few posts back I mentioned the early research of Richard Hoagland, and how he had uncovered a distinctly Egyptian/Masonic mythos firing the cult of NASA, celestial moorings that inspired launch windows, launch times, landing sites, and much more:

This cult would eventually lead Hoagland to being the first person I heard to put all the pieces together in the tale of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, the Babalon Working, the birth of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the portal that opened the flying saucer era in 1947. Birth of the CIA, "it was twenty years ago today," Lucy (Luce = light) in the sky with diamonds, Crowley on the cover and all that. Time joins all. 1947 to 1967 was a mere 20 years. You get from Crowley's death and opening portals to flying saucer flaps and Mothman pretty darn quick. Or as John Keel put it in chronicling roughly that same 20 year expanse in his Our Haunted Planet:  

And if everything old is new again and time is a flat circle, then this makes perfect sense: The Great Reset, about which you've heard so much, is actually the Great RA-Set. Two major Egyptian gods brought back into the world by force of word. Set we know, but Ra was actually also called RE from the Coptic:

Uh huh. Hoagland ain't so "funny" now, is he? Incredible amounts along the same train here:

But we were speaking of the nature of contagion, and how many spheres that might encompass, weren't we? There might not be enough overlapping pie graphs in all the world:

Pay particular attention in this fascinating talk with Colm Kelleher and George Knapp of what has been termed the "Hitchhiker Effect." They speak of alien viruses and their work on our immune systems. Why does this broken record sound familiar? These have been objects of strict attention for a long time for a reason.

(Notice that Kelleher elucidates quite correctly that this effect is not just a modern phenomenon, but that it indeed goes back to even Kenneth Arnold, who, in the aftermath of his June 24, 1947 sighting over Mount Rainier that ushered in the modern flying saucer era, had poltergeist-type effects follow him around for quite some time.) This is also the interview where this effect is compared to a contagion. Making this a distinctly psychotronic contagion, perhaps even more. Perhaps something is interacting with us on a molecular level, on a spiritual level, on an existential level that we, the rabble, cannot even comprehend or reach yet. Yet those parameters have been well and truly breached:

You will notice in the closing moments of that vid the Pentagon delving into UAP Anomaly Ratings in their latest research drops. This brings closer and closer together the High Strangeness that both Vallee and Keel (along with Hynek) began postulating decades ago as they continued in their research -- the merging of the spiritual and the technological into worlds akin to magic that are interacting with ours. What they all began to glimpse and suspect in 1979 is coming to fruition in 2022 with a vengeance.  

Perhaps this is an umbrella of orchestrated chaos humanity and modern society has been under ever since then. If we take the Nazis into account, perhaps even longer:

Nazis, Paperclip, Crowley, Parsons, Arnold...perhaps this has always been the process of one long establishing of communication gateways between worlds. And that communication brings with it inherent risks of proximity infection. And who knows where that has led us today -- perhaps it is all around us, hiding in plain sight, in hidden cults speaking in hushed tones with other intelligences, and in turn guiding this world into vistas best left uncharted. Which all means there is a REASON for the proliferation of secret societies and cults that abuse, traumatize, and kill children; there is a REASON for a depopulation agenda that borders on and possibly has more than a little to do with ritual sacrifice. This is the darkest secret that dwells in the heart of all that is plaguing this haunted world.

How much of this occult knowledge, transferred somehow into the technical, is involved in the vaccine agenda, which increasingly seems occult-tinged? Are we looking at a transplanted, Paperclip-inspired, Nazi-type experiment grafted onto the modern day? Look at that first Rense article I linked to by Will Thomas, when the WHO carted over millions of HIV-laced injections in the smallpox vaxx to try out on Africa in 1977. Can you say beta-test?

Because in 1978 it was US cities, gay men, and the vaxx was Hep-B laced with the HIV strain. Soon after, very soon, the AIDS epidemic started, erupting mainly early on in San Francisco and New York, the 2 main hubs of the Hep-B vaccine "trials." It is no wonder that today in the covid vaxx we find HIV envelope markers as our immune systems are slowly decimated. Since we're trusting the "science":

And who was at the helm then? Fauci. Meet the new boss -- same as the old boss. But he's so kind, and caring, and loyal. We can trust him. Somebody that should have been rotting behind bars for decades now. But he's the elite. He's the voice of authority. The real ghost in the machine.

Watch this first ep of season 2 of the BBC version of Utopia, (vastly superior to the US Amazon remake) and wonder if this isn't nearly exactly the endgame of what we're being confronted with now:

More truth in art and entertainment. Ponder the vast implications on display here. Illuminations far beyond what you would find in any newspaper or mainstream media expose.

The brane worlds are loosed, and day by day the central membrane that held all this together is gone. What designs do Lovecraft's eldritch gods have, after all? Who is Judy in Twin Peaks? What is Danielewski's House Of Leaves and why do the laws of physics, space, and time not apply there? What is the hole in the marvelously trippy new Outer Range? Such answers are inherently impenetrable. We only know that everything is broken and truth leads to madness. In venues from True Detective to Donnie Darko we find more answers than the most learned scholars could give us: the psychosphere in folding in on itself; the tangent universe is collapsing. X-Files meets itself on the road back to the present day in the retelling.

In such dire circumstances maybe we are not designed or destined for concrete answers as much as we are for the journey. The experience. There is a time for Sherlocks and Poirots and Marples -- but there is also a time for the coming of the existential void. A time crying out for the Mulders and the Scullys to step in to make sense of the ominous and to lean on each other along the way. I believe we have reached that juncture because thru the rococo permutations of whatever CERN is doing, thru the collective blood sacrifice that seems never ending (what amounts to the vaxx fallout where deaths from 18-64 are up an astounding 40% according to all insurance figures coming in from multiple countries worldwide), I can find no other answers than to accept the ride, punch the ticket, and get on with Fate in the hope it will somehow, some way, course correct and guide us back to the Primary Universe. 

Because they can create all the alternate timelines and tangent universes they want; there will always be a/THE timeline where good wins. Every mode of thought and ideology they employ (transhumanism, AI, genetic manipulation, vaxx agenda) and infrastructure they construct (CERN, aerosol ops, drugs in the food and water, 5G, etc) are all designed to sidestep what is coming in a time that grows increasingly short. 

But there is no escape clause and no one outraces their Fate. We started off last time talking about Fate, and we're ending there again... 

A final reminder this time that this isn't rocket science, and the means to end things are firmly within our reach. Our sitting president is a known pedophile that molested his own daughter, confirmed the fact that the FBI raided Project Veritas helmer James O'Keefe's house to get her diary confirming all this. The Hunter Biden laptop has him raping little girls, some in his own family. We were told for years that this was a conspiracy theory and that it didn't even exist. That has now been confirmed as a lie, even by the very ones that were lying to us for so long. (Owned up to and quickly forgotten in the Ukraine rollercoaster of misdirection.) The contents of the Anthony Weiner laptop were supposedly so heinous that longtime NYPD officers upon viewing it threw up. At last count, 9 of the 12 senior officers that viewed its contents have "committed suicide." 

One of the hijacker's passports was found at the WTC on 9/11 (it flew out of the hijacker's pocket, out of the cockpit, out of the towers, and just happened to wander a few blocks down the street...) but not the indestructible bright orange "black boxes" of any of the planes, which would have confirmed thru recorded data the flight paths of every plane, start to finish, involved in the Op. How many stops they made that morning. Where did they land? What happened to the passengers? Meaning the game would have been over before it even started. No bullshit official story. No WMD psyops in Iran. No invasion of there and Afghanistan. No millions of deaths.

Remember that similar plans were on the table in the early 1960s with the CIA and DOD's Operation Northwoods, which called for similarly crashing jetliners with passengers inside and blaming it on enemy du jour. (Cuba at the time.) JFK called them on it saying they were a bunch of pot-bellied goblin devil worshippers, called it all off and we know how that ended. This time they took off from the airport, landed at a covert military base, swapped the planes out for drones painted like commercial airliners, then directed them via remote control tech   (key: Dov Zackheim)

to the targets. (Passengers were all either CIA or Deep State connected and/or taken care of one way or another.)

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mayor Michael White said in a televised news conference at 11am that a plane made an emergency landing at Hopkins International Airport, and that it might have been hijacked or carrying a bomb. Then later he backtracks and says it has not been hijacked, only to later in the day say no bomb had been found.

This was not the only detail that changed: in the morning White said that air controllers could hear screaming on the plane. During an afternoon update no screams were mentioned again. 

Conflicting testimony for and against here:

Of note: At 11:15 a.m., 200 passengers from the other plane were taken to NASA Glenn, whose employees had already evacuated, to be interviewed by FBI agents. (While United 93 is known to have carried 37 passengers and seven crew members, conspiracy theorists are quick to point out that if the passengers and crew of all four flights that crashed on 9/11 had been consolidated at some secret location, the number would be right about 200.)

Bloggers claims that eyewitnesses saw civilians being loaded onto military busses at NASA Glenn. They were whisked away to some undisclosed location, never to be seen again.

The FBI raided all of Epstein's properties. Tapes. CDs. Recordings. Account books. Photos. Where is it all now? Did the Ghislaine Maxwell trial produce names? Of course not. But we get the Depp-Heard inanity 24/7. Much like Ukraine, just another ball bounced down the road for everyone to chase like good doggies...

There is material evidence out there. All it takes is a few people to do the right thing before the second days of Noah really take over and the distorting of the human genome and the changing of the genetic code of mankind is fully accomplished:

Let's also not forget that Elon Musk seeks to use his Boring Company to help out none other than CERN:

And not to beat you over the head with too many more dot-connected dead horses, but his baby mama Grimes latest is Shinigami Eyes

To the surprise of absolutely no one, here's what a shinigami is: 

So, exactly how many coincidences before this all becomes impossible?