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She's a witch of trouble in electric blue/ In her own mad mind she's in love with you/ With you. now what ya gonna do?

She's some kind of demon messin in the glue/ If you don't watch out it'll stick to you/ To you, what kind of fool are you?

On a boat in the middle of a raging sea/ She would make a scene for it all to be/ Ignored/ And wouldn't you be bored?

Strange brew/ Kill what's inside of you 

"The lack of humility before Nature that's being displayed here staggers me."  Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (1993)    

   Sacrifice for the horde leads the way from shame

Be it a loser's game

The disdain and abhorred, lash of the senate whip

Oooh, it's a power trip....

"Is it easier to believe in monsters, or that man creates this kind of thing on his own?"  Twin Peaks

  Here we stand, here we fall, history won't care at all

Make the bed, light the light, Lady Mercy won't be home tonight

You don't waste no time at all, don't hear the bell but you answer the call

Comes to you as to us all, we're just waiting for the hammer to fall, yeah

Every night, every day, a little piece of you is falling away

But lift your face the Western way, build your muscles aa your body decays

Let's continue cracking the code from the Occupied Zone...  

"After all, it's the leaders of the country who determine policy and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders, that is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, then denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger."                   Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering at the Nuremburg trials

This also happens to be the psychological warfare that worked like a charm for 9/11, a black swan event that appears more and more like a ritual "working" every passing day:

Now substitute 'pacifists' for 'antivaxxers' and you have the exact recipe for Covid and everything to institute the vaxx since 2020, yet another staged ritual of both indoctrination and transformation, ushering in even more of a gateway for a liminal generation.

These people aren't rocket scientists, they just find the formula that works and keep on doing it. Different verses but all the same song. Add in components like 5G, graphene oxides, parasites, self-assembling nano-structures, and quantum dot tech, you indeed have a strange brew well intended for mass transformation. Deformation. Prestidigitation. Now you see it; now you don't. Look over there, not over here. 

You see, the Overall Grand Psyop never really changes, it just eases, oozes, on down the road to the next venue:

Because you see our precious "Dr. Wen," infiltrated hard from the Chicoms don't ya know, cut her teeth first on another huge hoax that the masses gobbled up hook, line, and sinker and that had more holes in it than an airy piece of swiss:

In the journey from serial killers to nucleic war the battlefield remains the terrain both psychically spiritual and terrestrial, but what of the flashpoint? Who is running this show, and why? The results in this investigation are beginning to point to sources not entirely earth-bound. 

So come along on this latest expedition, but pack your snow boots and signal flares; and expect heavy weather. We venture into an undiscovered country most famously charted by names like Keel, Lovecraft, Vallee, von Daniken, Sanderson, Berlitz, Hynek. The original Challengers of the Unknown. Those are some very large snow boot-prints to fill...and it's their markers we will be following. They are showing signs of wear, and partially buried amidst the drifts and crags, but still visible.

So let's go -- Do, or do not. There is no try. Safety harnesses all nice and tight?? We are the New Challengers...and the Unknown awaits...

Let's begin by sifting thru the wreckage -- the psychic fallout -- of all we have experienced together since 2020. And I know of no more beautiful summing up of such than that of Naomi Wolf in her latest:

And this fallout? This was all prepared for us also. Every bit of it; engineered as much as any vaxx ever was. Because these people don't attack the body without first attacking the spirit. Like a consummate boxer softening up the opponent with body blows before going for the head. And our Corpus Dei has been worked over quite nicely after such prep, wouldn't you say? The ever-illustrative Karen Kingston has been on a roll of late:

(Spoiler to keep in mind thruout: as Kingston quite rightly ascertains, it has become increasingly clear that whenever you hear/they use the word 'Quantum,' it is meant to be a trigger/signal/gateway into the demonic realms now. Quantum tech, quantum computers, quantum entanglement, quantum dots, quantum fields etc.) 

Thru this tech they seek to install such realms inside of us, and is part and parcel of why this tech is comprised of both the organic and inorganic. 

(For much more elucidation about the quantum factor, see the 11:45 mark right here:  )

Karen K mega-importantly asserts that NO ONE IS GETTING OUT OF THIS ALIVE UNLESS WE ALL GET OUT OF THIS ALIVE. And stop this immediately. This is NOT just in the vaccines, it is in the chemtrails, the aerosols, the water, the magnetic meat, remember?

She has been shouting about this for over a year, and no one, but NO ONE is getting behind her. The silence from all corners, in the face of reams of documented evidence, patents, and internal confirming documents, is deafening. She has the DAT hard copies of everything that has been scrubbed that they don't want anyone to be able to find anymore, every bit of "intellectual property" and "proprietary" information. In her words, INFORMATION transmitted in light that delivers the spike proteins. Once in you, it is SELF-REPLICATING, augmented and "boosted" by the 5G towers. Please help her by spreading this as far and as often as you can. Every little bit helps, and every little act can be the one that makes the difference.

Let's also remember a vital piece of information that was the skeleton key to the Psyop getting going -- the dismissing of Smith-Mundt from 1948, or as they like to put it in their Orwell-speak, "modernized." This Act, which previously made it illegal to subject the American people to propaganda, was effectively repealed on July 2, 2013:

This new law let US citizens "see and hear the valuable news reported by the agency's accomplished journalists." You know, the ones that Biden & Co paid off to censor all dissent/ contrasting views about the vaccine (amongst a myriad of other topics like election fraud and Hunter's laptop for starters) across all social media platforms and mainstream news -- enjoy the Halloween frightenment, chapter and verse:

Let's call them what they are readily classified as in that very document itself: PAID INFLUENCERS. If it's so wonderful, such a great idea, so "safe and effective," why does it have to be pushed 24/7 by paid influencers?? A legit cure wouldn't need it... 

An illegal Psyop would.

Much more here from Whitney:

This article from 2018 an unknowing progenitor of what was likely already mapped out and waiting in the wings for mass implementation...the Covid scenario ready to be rolled out, the problem-reaction-solution leading to the vaxx. Nothing begins without the words first; the spells

Along those same lines:

I support that this is far more than an abrogation of the First Amendment...this is Treason. And a clear violation of the Constitution. If we're still going by that old thing... 


As we are going to be mixing and matching our metaphors wildly in an attempt to get to where we're going this time out, let's look next into the window of Skinwalker Ranch again, and what could serve as a telling introduction. Pay particular attention to the last 5 minutes here:

Because it only lays the groundwork for everything...

It's enough to make you wonder what exactly has been going on all along...the ride of discovery has taken me some interesting places of late. The absolutely stellar research of the late Harry Martin, world-class writer for the Napa Sentinel, for one -- who in turn picked up the baton from Mae Brussell in peering into the foggy nexus of Manson-Zodiac-Son of Sam-Process Church-Presidio ball of spooky red yarn and how it connected deeply into the Military Intelligence-Satanic cults-wealthy unnamed elites off ramp:

And for this we're gonna need the late Dave McGowan also:

And also another nod to the most recent from Amazing Polly, who will connect it all back straight into COVID and the most nefarious mind control aspects of the vaxx agenda

And YES, that is the very same Bruce Perry, husband of the late Arlis, featured prominently in the Harry Martin-loaded Dave Emory vid no.1 in this section...This is where different avenues of the investigation begin to converge and various disciplines overlap that are staggering in their inter-connectedness. Understand there is no random here. 

What ARE the odds?? Or as Q used to say, how many times before it isn't "coincidence" any longer??

Remember what the infamous Slide 9 presented by AATIP/AAWSAP at that Pentagon briefing said, that "the enemy" has the power to influence decision makers, and manipulate cognition, or Cognitive Human Interface. And that the DOD has been involved in similar experiments in the past.

Or Strieber here at 2:03, "They have the ability to enter the mind and affect thought..."

And "the soul is some form of conscious energy, possibly electromagnetic in nature." More on this in a minute, and why it is a focus of so much concern. 

Are we talking the recent activities at Skinwalker, or something far more? Attempted (and successful) contact? The Collins Elite? The precursor experiments at portal opening with Jack Parsons? Even farther back? Crowley and human sacrifice? The Nazis and who they made contact with? John Dee? The Enochian factor? Why are so many serial killer dates/offerings hooked into the occult/ritual calendar? 

Those elites, even now, are attempting to resurrect the pre-Christian, the pagan:

It has been seeded deeply of late into pop culture:

Which has in turn been brought full force into the here and now:

On that Cognitive Human Interface, it is not a new thing -- I give you a centerpiece of the infamous Phoenix Lights incident in 1997; a mark on the timeline that hasn't been investigated nearly enough for all of the ramifications it spawned:

And ol' Kurt wasn't alone:

And instances like these are by no means uncommon:

And now we have, via whatever is being installed in us by the mass vaxx campaign and the entire environment and biosphere according to Karen Kingston, cognition problems galore pouring in from all segments of society. So much so that people are being changed, visibly:

As we enter a brand new kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers....

Is there any kind of bleedthru connection going on here? The CIA and other black intel agencies have been obsessed since at least the late 1940s-early 1950s with control of the mind, MKUltra, the exploration of drugs to alter memory and control function, etc. How far have they gone? Are their results and those of DARPA being injected into us on an ongoing basis? What conclusions did they come to? And most importantly, did they have help??

And let's remember per the chapter by Dave McGowan called The Spawning Ground in his Programmed to Kill, Timothy Leary and Anton LaVey were great and good buddies, and scheduled to co-host a Black Arts Festival with psychic Peter Hurkos right around the time of the Manson killings, before the event was cancelled on Halloween day, 1969. Hurkos would later be brought in by none other than Roman Polanski himself to "investigate" the killings on his own...drugs, satanism, LAPD-confiscated snuff films, ritual killings all leading each other in a merry dance. 

Maybe even the murder of a president-in-waiting and the murder of Sharon Tate orchestrated because of something she overheard uttered at a party by this guy named Sirhan Sirhan :

Who was, as we all know now, SEVERELY mind-controlled. The more you know...

And lest we forget, what was the central premise of Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Implanted mental imagery and being messed with neurologically:

Remember what Lacombe/Vallee said in that historic film: 

"Because this means something. These people have come from all over their a place they've been told will endanger their lives. Why? This is a small group of people who have a shared vision in common. It's still a mystery to me why they are here. Even they do not know why. For every one of these anxious, anguished people who have come here, there must be hundreds more touched by the implanted vision who never made it here. Simply because they never watch the television. Or perhaps they watched it, but never made the psychic connection.

Listen to me Major Walsh, it is an event sociologique. We didn't choose this place. We didn't choose these people. They were invited! They belong here more than we."

We begin to verge, as Naomi says here, deeply into the biblical:

Seems AJ has found that Lara Logan clip I highlighted here weeks ago but bears much repeating -- they wish to harm children first and foremost:

This one theory, so lucid, so simple, explains everything in the world, and especially since 2016: the Clinton-Podesta emails, the bizarre coded wording within, pizzagate, the unleashing of Covid and the vaccine rollout, now targeting children, the social isolationism that harmed and irrevocably damaged an entire generation, the lockdowns targeting schools first, and on and on. Oh, they will take their sacrifices where they can grab them, but the clearest and largest targets are reserved for the children. 

How is that progressing, you might ask? Swimmingly well in at least one major North American city where word has leaked out (and in many more I suspect where the weight of the censor hammer is still in full effect). According to this, the city of Montreal's pediatric ERs look like something out of a horror movie:

Of course they point mainly to RSV, a respiratory virus. What's different now is the far more serious and lethal effects due to "Moms not going out during the pandemic. Not exposing their children to the normal bugs that strengthen their immune systems." Oh, so it's about immune systems, eh? Then I'm sure that's the reason -- can't be a jab that's designed to structurally damage and weaken that immune system from the moment it's introduced. Gee, what happens when something far worse than a RSV comes along, hmm? 

Oh, they know. Believe me; they know:

30% cardiac abnormalities in children from 13-18 following vaccination. Thirty. Percent. And we're just getting started...Their fallback? Most cases are "mild." More doublespeak since I'm not acquainted with "mild" permanent heart damage. 

Add to this:

There is a constant and utter fascination with dreams, death, near death and out-of-body experiences, the soul -- all originating within the very highest echelons in the corridors of power. Why?

Very often people that come closest to this conclusion meet very sticky ends indeed:

Even J. Allen Hynek, Vallee's co-conspirator, died of a fast-acting brain tumor.

"I hypothesize a 'M&M' technology encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology." 

Perhaps, just perhaps, that technology has been cracked. Only it's not being used for the altruistic goals Hynek envisioned.  Instead, this mirrors another Spielberg work -- Jurassic Park. On steroids. 

And that genetic power, fully unleashed now, is coming home to roost. 

All of this, every nuance of terror and chaos, has been an elaborate, infinitely complex operation, GLADIO-style, to disorient, offset, and destabilize the populations of the world. It has moved from nation to nation in test after test in preparation for a last blow, a grand finale. I believe that finale is now here in the guise of the largest psychological and biomedical experiment in tyranny ever undertaken, and one which has moved to purposefully encompass the entire planet. All of this was previously written about in a proposal to the Army War College in January 1995 by Julianne McKinney:

Whether this was intended as a warning or a draft proposal still hangs in the air all these years later, but as McKinney's Electronic Surveillance Project was disbanded in September of 1995, and right after the above received widespread circulation in NEXUS magazine's summer '95 issue...let's just say I have my questions. And suspicions.

What cannot be questioned is the rather on-the-nose blueprint of everything that that paper laid out has been happening in the real world. 

We have moved, very deliberately and purposefully btw, from the low-level psychopathology and trauma-based mind control of serial killers like the Zodiac, Manson, Ted Bundy and the Son of Sam, to an institutionalized psychopathology. One that we can all fully still recognize in edicts from bodies like the CDC, FDA, and WHO, that are lies and contradict themselves continually, but that are completely endorsed and given the full weight of the law by the federal government. We have indeed been soaking in this ever since 9/11, but this is all about levels, and the levels here are off the charts now, making 9/11 seem like something that it was always intended to be: a runup.    

When the advances in tech caught up with these proposals and ambitions laid out in the RMA, thanks entirely to a herd of Bond villains piggybacking as the Epstein network (and his place in this should be fully underscored and illuminated by now) of Baric, Fauci, Lieber, Schwab, Harari, and an entire coterie of WEF pot-bellied underlings, it was off to see the lizard at warp speed. 

But, and this bears repeating, I fully believe that they are not the original devisers of any of these plans, but merely the transcribers. The intermediaries, the go-betweens. The true origin place is somewhere off-world, off-dimensional plane, off-spiritual realm. Though we would have to ask Dee, or Parsons, or Crowley, or sit in on some underground elite Cabinet meeting or in some hidden grove somewhere sometime at the height of the summer solstice or perhaps some mysterious island tucked away in the US Virgin islands, for full confirmation. 

But after all these years and much research, right now, on Halloween 2022, that's my best, most informed, guess.  


Right now, we are the liminals, between worlds and awaiting the hammer to fall, but a frightening new one is appearing on the horizon at speed, and unless we can find the off switch in both the dirty world and in ourselves, everything we know will be swept away.  

Right now, tonight, as the veils are punctured and it all falls away, I feel like Karen Kingston and I know how Karen Kingston feels. And both are a shame.     

"There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, and swallows circling with their shimmering sound

And frogs in the pools singing at night, and wild plum trees in tremulous white,

Robins will wear their feathery fire, whistling their whims on a low fence-wire,

And not one will know of the war, not one, will care at last when it is done.

Not one would mind, neither bird or tree, if mankind perished utterly.

And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,

   Would scarcely know that we were gone."

Sara Teasdale 1884-1933








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"Using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth they came into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men.

Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world.

In the form of man they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamor was lifted, but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men.

Only by magic could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the Kingdom of Shadows to destroy man and rule in his place."

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth translation, 

"The blood is the life!"  Bram Stoker

We are at the summit of the highest mountain/ We are at the bottom of the deepest lake/ We are at the center of the raging fire/ We are at the outskirts to claim our stake

We are born of joy and frustration/ We are born of love and desperation/ We are born of hate and perseverance/ We are born of anger and deliverance 

We are on the outside waiting/ We are on the inside hiding/ We are on the threshold of memory/ We are on the verge of... 

It's criminal, there ought to be a law/ Criminal, there ought to be a whole lot more/ You get nothing for nothing/ Tell me who can you trust?/ We got what you want/ And you got the lust

If you want blood, you got it/ Blood on the streets, blood on the rocks, blood in the gutter, every last drop/ You want blood, you got it/ Yes ya have

It's animal, living in the human zoo/ Animal, the shit that they toss to you/ Feelin like a Christian locked in a cage/ Thrown to the lions/ On the second page...

It could have been me/ But it was you/ Who went and bit off a little bit more than he could chew/ You said you had it made/ But you've been had/ The woman no good no how/ Thinkin maybe the blood is bad

Bad (bad) Blood (blood) Brother you've been deceived/ It's bound to change your mind about all you believe

I don't understand/ What you're lookin to find/ The only thing that bad blood do is mess up a good man's mind/ Hear me talkin now

Bad (bad) Blood (blood) is takin you for a ride/ The only good thing about bad blood is lettin it slide   Bad Blood  Neil Sedaka/Elton John 1975

Where have you been? It's alright, we know where you've been...What did you dream? It's alright, we told you what to dream   Welcome To The Machine    Pink Floyd  1975

"Satan truly believes that he can kill God, and they are producing the weapons for that battle." Anthony Patch, 2016

"You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension."  Nikola Tesla

Same old song going round and around/ It's not where I'm at it's just where I have found myself/ Still the sounds keep the wolves from the door/ This is my song

Kill love now don't be pure don't be kind/ Kill love now for your own peace of mind/ Kill love/ Kill love

These are the days of futures by design/ So does your faith give you powers of immunity?/ I don't care if you're right or I'm wrong/ This is your life

 Eyes over the city/ Rise up from your soul/ Hang over the streets at night/ Brought on by the cold

We live with the numbers/ Mining our dreams for the same old song/ What hope for the turning/ If everything you know is wrong?

So come on, shake your reptile baby/ Before you change your mind/ Then come on when the rapture takes me/ Be the fallen angel by my side

You carry the lantern/ I'll carry you home/ You search for the disappeared/ I'll bury the cold/ 

Yours is the messiah. mine is the dream and it won't be long/ No hope for the journey/ If no one ever sees the dawn...

"Tim loves the canal, look at him swim!

His skin sure is brown, so is Lara's.

They're always out playing in the sun. 

Cara, how long have your eyes been yellow?

Oh, always I guess...

They didn't change from brown in the last 3 months?

No, I don't think so...Why?

Oh...nevermind. The children's eyes are yellow too.

Sometimes growing children's eyes change colour.

Maybe we're children too..."

    Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed, Ray Bradbury


Don't we all increasingly feel like this dude...Mind controlled, stumbling across hidden, forbidden information, sleep deprived, disavowed by former family, friends, and significant others that more and more seem like pale imitations of themselves but that know something we don't (??) even as we know many somethings they don't (but we're still not sure just what); part of a system that acts as a control mechanism over our every move, run by sinister forces far above and beyond our pay grade or need-to-know status? Welcome back to 1995, when it appears the seeds of our demise were both hinted at and sewn into pop culture. I bring you the full playlist of that harbinger of messed up emotions to come, Nowhere Man, in all its paranoid glory, and 20 years past the disclosure of those last 2 1975 songs up there at the top that you could've stumbled onto on any AM/FM station back in the day racing for class:

And here we are today. How time flies. Still stuck in the race, and on the edge of the battle. 

Snuggle deep in the loungers and sofas, wrap up and bring close a favorite beverage as the autumnal winds pick up outside and the chilly season begins as the clouds cover the moon, and consider it just a basic introductory dive into what awaits you here...

Let's start with In Silico DNA by Anthony Patch:

That one from 2015, my friends. But don't holster your bat-a-rangs just yet, there's far more -- listen to this extremely rare and increasingly hard to find Patch appearance with Clyde Lewis of GroundZero media from 9-22-15, and hear just how much of this information was a precursor... Its long shadows hang over just about everything behind the scenes now:

If this doesn't constitute a dangerous vision I'm not quite sure what does. 

And it bespeaks of far more dangerous ideas...and leads into the misty lands where dot-connecting is of the highest priority, even as that mist is lifting...This broadcast is now classified as extremely rare and hard to find -- the segment beginning at the 30:00 min mark should provide you with all the reason you should need to figure out why it's been all but erased. Even the Groundzero website doesn't have it anymore in their archives. 

Patch gets into the stabilizing of routes to and from other dimensions and evidently hit upon some very sensitive info that resulted in both he and Lewis getting visits from some government endorsed men-in-black-type figures that resulted in Patch's going underground and off-grid for quite some time:

Please note the myriad references to enochian magic and enochian angels within: 

"It's the alien infection/ It's the coming of Christ..."


Remember this?

At the 2:09 mark an interesting note that members of Charlie's team that recall exactly what happened without any memory wipes or missing time experience vivid accounts of the noted "hitchhiker effect" that have been charted here previously amoung members of teams investigating Skinwalker Ranch. Poltergeist and/or paranormal activity at their personal residences that have followed them there from whatever they were exposed to while on duty in the armed forces and as witnesses to whatever higher echelons of our government are in contact with. More is going on in this field than is being let on to. (See also the marked presence of federal troops, FBI, and Green Berets involved in many of Dave Paulides Missing 411 SAR cases...)

More here:

And here:

And I've gone over it at least partially here 3 years ago:

What if in fact all these fools, these latter-day techno sorcerers, in a line from Fauci, Gates, Harari, Schwab, Baric, Lieber and down to Epstein, are all nothing more than mere inheritors of the Dee-Parsons agenda? Wouldn't THAT be the mindfuck of all time??

Very interesting how it all comes down to blood -- over and over again, A fascination with it, and from the very earliest days of the animal mutilations. And now we are onto this:

The entire thread:

We are, and have been, witnessing ongoing genetic collection > modification > manipulation > transformation. 

Past notions illuminating present treacheries:

Interesting that the Greek God Chronos is in charge of Time. It's why we call it chronology.

And the Harvest

And cannibalism, and the eating of his children.

Also about the separating of, and the traveling between, worlds.

Chronos is associated with the planet SATURN.

"You have all lost so much. We intend to restore it to you. I stand before you tonight to announce the first true artificial intelligence. Chronos. Chronos will soon solve the problems that have plagued humanity. Chronos represents the rejuvenation of life. On this planet. For our future. Tonight -- this night -- we enter a New Age. 

This is Chronos. Do not be afraid. Our once beautiful world is now infected. Change is necessary if it is to survive. It may be the end of your life, but it is the beginning of so much more. You were once one with what surrounded you. You have completed the final stage of your evolution by ushering in the New Age. You created and destroyed for centuries until finally your purpose was fulfilled."

Check that from 1932. Nineteen. Thirty. Two.

I see lots of real world agendas converging here. 

Listen again to what Anthony Patch said here in 2016 at the 1:21:00 mark:

The earth and Saturn being joined by a Tower of Babel like sequence of Birkeland currents, forming portals, plasma conduits, for something to travel here:

This has never been, and never will be, about what you believe. It's about what THEY believe. And they believe it in the extreme. To such an extent that their agenda is to kill God and take over in his place while there is still time. For that they need an army, an army of vessels.

The widespread rollout of this mandatory vaccine, issued under immense psychological and real-world pressure like nothing that has ever been seen before, is preparing us, preparing our blood, for something that's coming. The weak and compromised it kills outright -- and they may be the lucky ones.

At 1:56:00 above listen to what Patch says about the rise and implementation of digital DNA.

And look what the MSM let slip 4 years later:

Just examine the images at the header -- what the hell are these structures doing in the covid vaccines?? In our blood?

What in God's name are we allowing to be done to ourselves? The Josef Mengele quote springs to mind..."The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

I'm thinking we are living right in the middle of something majorly important and never seen before. I'm thinking history will judge this type of witnessing as heroic, necessary, and beautiful:

The CHANGE is upon us, the Turning, the Event to end all Events, but what is on the way here? Jeff Wells had some good inklings 16 years ago:

What if we all just woke up one morning and it was here? Whatever machinations enabled its appearance, CERN, vaxxes, birkeland currents, plasma portals, CRISPR tech...and whatever IT is, Sirius, Saturn, the 10th planet -- it has been called many things over many eras; but all have been just as sure of one thing since time immemorial: it is on the way.

And every time I read Wells I feel like I'm seeing the Flaming Finger etch truths upon the stone, distant early warnings we should have run around in the streets over back then, yelling like those old 1888 newshawks screaming on the corners about Jack the Ripper. Later would come the thoughts (thanks Alan Moore) about him giving birth to the 20th Century. What are we giving birth to now?

Pay very close attention to the wording never been observed before

And know that it is not hyperbole.

Would you believe Homo Borg Genesis?:

This is Fifth Generation Warfare as defined by NASA/Langley in research papers dating back to 2001:

This very much also gets into the Sentient World Simulation and what was forecast by the likes of Michael Aquino:

Aquino had supervised and perfected mind control techniques to take over the world: 

And do you know what he mentions there? The use of magnets on the human brain to control thought.

Remember all those early magnetic vaxx claims? How anything metallic was sticking to the newly vaxxed at the injection site at the beginnings of all this? As above so below. 

Once more into the breach of Patch world here:

The belief system is unveiled and laid bare; but notice in the telling the part magnetism and electro-magnetism play. Not to even mention the callings out to Saturn. 

Once upon a time and not so long ago it was NATIONWIDE prime time news when a botched vaxx rollout resulted in 4,000 deaths:

Now we have unimaginable orders beyond that, and there's crickets...We're like rape victims suffering from both PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. Money sure buys off a lot of integrity, doesn't it? And the political level begins to infect the personal. As it was always designed to by all the Aquinos of this world.

And that swine flu vaxx push back in 2009 sure seems like a beta test now. 

And where does this leave us now? Where has this practiced blindness gotten us?:

Karen Kingston is also finding disturbing common ground with Naomi Wolf:

In possibly related weirdness headlines, "baffled" scientists are in the midst of discovering entirely new blood groups:

Whistleblowers like Pfizer's Melissa Strickler (McAtee) saw the writing on the wall a year ago, and could have seen this coming:

Karen Kingston, again, in particular, has been calling out the work of James Giordano over the past months:

Also here in his own words:

Shades of Aquino's MindWar!! Explicated all out for us chapter and verse; this is exactly what they are doing on a massive scale right now. Targeting everyone's brain, just as folks like Yuval Harari envisioned.  As one of the very astute commenters on that YT vid said, from 33:00 t0 36:00 minutes describes the covid operation to an absolute 'T.' We should all be suitably and justifiably horrified. All all of these perps should be headed to the docks and the gallows respectively -- and in short order. 

We are seeing ancient occult belief systems updated and brought into the modern day psychodrama and staging of our lives thru technological and biomedical advances. 

And Hallelujah!! The amazing Amazing Polly has beaten me to the punch and done a deep dive on a case that has concerned me for quite some time now that I have never gotten around to -- and lo and behold she even connects it back to the covid narrative we are mired in. The fact that this all connects should by now come as no surprise. 

But first the backstory here from the very first chapter (Satan at Stanford) by the late great Maury Terry, now of Netflix fame, in his essential tome The Ultimate Evil:

And here's Polly: 

Or here:

Thank goodness there are many ways of accessing her critical research these days. Long may she run.

Taken all together, you may begin to ask yourself just what kind of networks Bruce Perry was involved in -- what his beliefs are -- and how far he is willing to take them on the worldwide stage. And why his job is focused on trauma, and children... I think I already know. 

They hide in plain sight, always. 

James Franco's creepy take on the whole mess:

With all this, we may be staring straight down the road that got us to where we are today, journeys beginning with a single step and is a road that encompasses in its time Manson, the church of Satan, the Process Church, the Son of Sam, Whitley Strieber, the assassinations of presidents both sitting and would-be, the government infiltrating cults, cults infiltrating the government, and now the widespread and wholesale takedown of society to further ideologies both anti-Christian and transhumanist at the very least...and this is merely scratching the surface. It's all agendas layered upon agendas, seemingly disparate but all part of a dark, insistent current set upon steering humanity towards some far-off vanishing point where, too late, all will be revealed. 

Because, after all, that 10th planet ain't gonna get here on its own.

Because the gates have been created -- the transit systems constructed -- the barriers crashed.

The way has been prepared.