Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 Violence is an energy

Against the enemy Well violence is an energy, whoa-hey Bringing on the fury The choir infantry Revolt against the honor to obey (O-whoa-whoa) Overthrow the effigy The vast majority We're burning down the foreman of control (O-whoa-whoa) Silence is the enemy Against your urgency so rally up the demons of your soul (O-whoa-whoa)

It's time again......


  1. Thanks for name-dropping me at the beginning of the previous thread (posted here instead). Be back in a few minutes...

  2. A hell of a spike in UFO sightings on the East Coast, especially around NY recently.

    One of those "Monoliths" appeared here in Québec, in front of the Chateau Frontenac (centuries old military fort).

    Eric Prince (Blackwater) DID say "extraterrestrial disclosure" was coming, because the next generation of Air Force jets and bombers would be very obviously Alien in design and capability; the Stealth jets and bombers presented to the public during the Gulf War also contained reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology, but could still pass off as human built. Prince said it would be CHINA who would put the US in a position where it needed to openly deploy it's alien tech.

    The Vatican setting up a "Nativity Scene" where the characters are Sumerian/Egyptian Ancient Astronauts...

    Putting the pieces together: Unprecedented military activity all over the US, Chinese troops massing at the Canadian border, a massive UFO wave over the biggest city, strange Monoliths appearing worldwide, *the Air Force, Navy and Pentagon this year actually admitting that not only are there otherworldly visitors to Earth, but that some of their technology has been recovered and reverse-engineered,* and now the Church of Rome using Christmas as a bullseye for alien intervention as a messianic event...

    WWIII with China somehow leading to Space Force having to defend the US against an alien invasion (probably as fake as everything else)? We'll see...

  3. Saw this video by Max Igan:

    The first five minutes is a excerpt from a naturopath (I think) names Amahnda Vollmer, about the real deal on “viruses “... very informative!

    After a shot of Max’s adorable mother and baby peacocks, he mentions a tweet by one “ColonelTPerez”, claiming that Trump is indeed invoking the executive “sometime between the 18th and the 24th”. He goes on to claim that trump will be freezing the assets of Facebook, Twitter and certain Chinese accounts . He also recommends everyone get ten days supply of food and water, And does mention the military buildup.

    I’m not on Twitter, nor will I ever be, but if anybody out there cares to investigate, please do. I am reaching out to a friend who is on social media and if I hear anything about credibility of this info, i will relay it here.

    p.s. the last five minutes of the video is Max’s focused on Max’s peacock family... they really are adorable! :-)

    1. Found the original post on Parler... maybe I mis heard

  4. Had to share this riveting narrative on 8kun:

    GET in here NOW.
    What I am about to tell you is lethal. Got it? Ask me to source this shit is asking me to commit suicide so might as well save it.
    The 2016 election used the same tactics as the 2020 election. Reread that sentence a couple of more times until it’s tattooed on your brain.
    The fundamental accusation that Putin/Russia assisted Trump is indeed correct. Save the ‘muh shill’ shit, I’m not fucking done yet weeb.
    Hillary Clinton was using the exact process. Dominion. Scorecard. SOLAR WINDS. Tattoo=Brain, remember?
    Good. Now you know about 10% of it. Buckle up, this next part is a fucking RIDE.
    Place yourself in the shoes of a programmer. You’ve been tasked with developing voting tools and directing data. You’re on your merry god damned way building apps to help voters find polling locations. Along your way you stumble across Dominion, SmartMatic, and Solar Winds data. Uh oh.
    Your name? Seth Rich.
    Still with me? Good. You’re now at 30%. Keep strapped, shit is about to get even more REAL.
    What You (Rich) just found, Russia knew was happening all along. So did others, and they’ve been dealt with or are being dealt with. Hillary could not be POTUS in Russia’s eyes, because of the connections to BIDEN. Ukraine is involved, long story short Russia had beef with the previous administration.
    So Russia does the most clever shit.
    They Cyberattacked the cheating systems, handing the Presidency (fair and square) to Trump. Told you not to ‘muh shill’ me yet, fuckers.
    We’ve reached 50%. Get yourself a snack or something, if you thought shit is real now…just wait. Shit gets BIBLICAL.
    Trump is elected 45th.
    He knew it was rigged. Fuckin’-A, he even said Russia should look at it. Ballsy master troll shit right there, but besides the point. So what was a recently slaughtered Democratic frontrunner and party to do? Well…blame Russia of course! Dusted off the Ol’ “Blame the Ruskies” playbook of yesterblyat and go for it. Surely this will end Trump, right?
    No. And don’t call me Shirley. Sorry, I had to.

  5. Part ii

    Trump holds that shit close. His hand of cards, if you will. Yeah, Russia assisted him by slaughtering the dem’s illegitimate dogs of war in their kennels. By definition, Russia did help Trump. Which means Trump is an illegitimate POTUS, right? No, dipshit. All the opposite, actually. By cyberfucking the dem’s cheat system into the ground raw-style, Putin effectively ensured that every vote for Trump was an American one, solidifying the legitimacy of his election.
    Oh, we ain’t done yet. Shit just got fucking started.
    60% right now. The last 40% is the dessert. Savor it.
    So what does Trump do? He drags it on. And on. And on. And on. And fucking on until November 3rd, 2020. The public doesn’t even have a clue at this point as to who in the fuck Dominion, Scorecard, or Solar Winds are or do.
    Now THAT’S some Sun Tzu shit right there.
    Future proves past, right?
    Oh, no. It gets better.
    For four years, Trump made god damned good and sure that the entire world knew Russia didn’t collude with him. Robert Mueller proved it himself. What Robert failed to disclose was that Russia did everything for their own pleasure. The didn’t help Trump win because they liked the guy, they pile drived Hillary because they just didn’t like the taste Ol’ Creepsmile Joe left in their mouths.
    Catch-22 on anabolic meth-laced steroidal cocaine. To prove Trump was helped by Russia was to also prove Dem’s were cheating their swampy asses off. So of course Mueller found nothing. So of course Steele and Strzok and HRC had to develop an insurance narrative based on debunked garbage slanders.
    That’s the play. 90% now.
    Wanna know just HOW the arrests/strike will happen fast? Because today proves the past, and now they’re fucked.
    Last 10%?
    Right. Okay. Still with me?
    Re-word this:
    “Russia colludes with Trump to defeat Hillary”
    “Russia turns Hillary’s cheating software off, letting Trump win the Presidency fair and square.” And there you have it.
    100%. Now, we have China to deal with because all in all, this shit is all tied back to them through Democrats and some Republicans. That’s the upcoming event.
    Before I go, I just wanted to put out there a few things that piqued my interest.
    Barr is gone on 23, which is an interesting number in these parts.
    24 is Thursday and a newly federalized holiday. Thursday is Thor’s Day. HAMMER come to mind?
    25 is Christmas. Santa pic holds what?
    Also on a Friday. Friday and Saturday fulfills MAGA promise. POTUS important message on Twitter on Friday.
    The biggest question historians will ask decades from now will be “Why didn’t they just give up?”
    That’s how defeated they’ll be.

    This makes a lot of sense, based on what I’ve picked up over the last four or five years.

    I can confidently say there’s more to this solar winds hack thing than meets the eye; after all isn’t the see eye ay “state sponsored”

    It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the hacks were ai generated

    Ice age farmer on the “cyber polygon” hackademic

    1. Tru3ly I say unto you for we war not against the government now but against the corporations and the occult principalities and Dominions the government is simply a double edged sword both sides use against each other. When one side is on top gets darkened and corrupted until it's using the same tactics it bemoaned as underdog. There was a lot of things written by Democrats about how the Republicans had been cheating to elect Bush and when it was exposed the company changed its name to Dominion.

  6. From Wordman's own mouth, back in 2016:

    "It’s only that given all of this preponderance of evidence, I can’t believe Donald Trump is the answer.  In this shell game of our lives, this is another misdirection of hope.  We’re forever playing Charlie Brown, and it’s always Lucy, with fangs, holding the football.  At the very least, I fear Trump being chosen if only for the extraordinary ease with which “the compromise” can be laid down. 

    With all of his threats of 9/11 disclosure, and the possible prosecution of Hillary, I want more than anything to believe in the possibility of a Kennedy-like epiphany, a turning, a willingness and higher duty to bite the hand that has fed him all these years, but this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, a man who owes his very existence to friends he hasn’t even used yet, and a legacy of deceit and catering to sinister forces.  And we’ve seen here just a little of who those friends and forces are, and the downward spirals they gleefully inhabit.  These are the spirals owned by the Hasterts, the Scalias, the Epsteins, the Freehs, the Bushes, and the Clintons."

    What a difference over four and a half years make.

    1. Thanks for the input Dginn & tru3, & as for YOU JB (haha!!) let me explain sumthin, via the lens of F Scott Fitzgerald:
      "In his 1936 essay “The Crack-Up,” Fitzgerald writes that 'the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” For example, he says you should “be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.'"

      Fitzgerald’s point is not that he needs a better model of the world, but that he needs many models and the freedom to switch among them. This is what allows us to forge ahead despite unexpected obstacles and/or conflicting priorities.

      So early on in Trump's tenure and bef he'd taken action on so many fronts I certainly had no reason to trust DT, given his wandering in & around certain spheres of influence. But the proof is in the pudding as they say, & soon he started to initiate actions that really surprised me. The Epstein arrest after wandering around for decades unchecked tipped it for me. Shutting down the Saudi human trafficking was another & one of his first big actions. Other EOs followed, all designed to shatter the worldwide pedo networks after decades of utter inaction by every other Administration. You can even make the very good case that all those other Admins even facilitated such...

      All that being said, I still remember Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn. And that comes with a LOT of baggage.

      Hence I'm STILL -- even tho all evidence points to the contrary --open to changing my mind... yet again.

      Or as Dylan would say echoing Whitman, "I contain multitudes."

      Of course just as many would say that only makes me a champ at being wishy-washy. Haha!! To each their own. It's a jungle out there...

      (PS -- don't trust my mouth. Only your own. Agreeing with me is just a twist-of-fate bonus!!)

    2. Oh, I know, I wasn't busting your balls or anything. I was simply re-reading some of your older articles and stumbled unto it, found it pretty ironic in hindsight.

      I used to support Barrack Obama, for Christ's sake! Such deep shame...

    3. Well put wordman,a couple months back I was trying to think of how to explain holding conflicting working schema versus illogical thinking.
      JB I feel you but what tipped it for me with Obama was when he named his cabinet then I knew it was "here we go 'round the mulberry bush" and didn't even bother voting. Though funny story about that election I had a friend that was constantly going on and on about Obama and was so excited to go vote for Obama. The next day she was bawling like I'd never seen before; I asked her what was wrong. She said "I voted for Obama." I was like "I don't understand isn't that what you wanted, that's all you've talked about for months?" She said "that's the thing I can't remember the past few weeks at least," creeped me the f*** out. She said "I'm going to go home and talk to my parents." I never saw her again. That's part of what's got me about Trump (aside from Cohen and Kushner) that he seems to be using NLP and triggers. I can only hope it's more of using the devil's playbook against him.

    4. Wow, they essentially "cast a spell" on her?

      And yeah, when Obama appointed that f**king Texan MONSANTO guy with a cowboy hat for the Department of Agriculture... immediately I knew he was a huge a**hole.

    5. Yeah, she was shaking like a leaf funny thing is I hadn't really looked into the occult and I figured already that the elections were a sham so I didn't understand why they would need to do that let alone able to. Other than we were in a blue island in a red state.

    6. Though in the middle of the second home for the clowns here in America.

    7. I walked into the voting booth to vote for Obama in 08, and couldn’t pull the lever; I turned around and walked back out. Haven’t voted since.

      Having lived in Chicago for years, I was semi familiar with the states politics. I saw the effortless rise of Obama, and the way Rod Blagovevich (sic) was destroyed to pave the way for his senate seat (rod had his own issues, but he was not in the same league with Barry).

      Between Obama’s rise and Paul Wellstone being offed, that was the scales falling from the eyes moment for me, sensing the corruption and rotten depths that would be plumbed to win at any cost:

      “ More than any other single member of Congress, the Minnesota senator posed a serious threat as the major opposition leader standing in the way of war criminals Bush and Cheney’s Iraq invasion as well as their formation of the Department of Homeland Security, two preplanned agendas rooted in the neocon think tank the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Prior to their stealing the 2000 election and their PNAC’s “Pearl Harbor” event they created called 9/11, their regime had already called for attacking Iraq for regime change and erection of the DHS cancer. The Bush-Cheney reaction to their problem Paul Wellstone was to assassinate him making it appear as an accident.”

      Wellstone was someone that made me believe that politicians could really be leaders. I believe this is why he was killed. I would have voted for this man.

  7. Thanks for your perspectives! I’m feeling both of you. My original impression of Trump was of a scapegoat, in the Classical Greek sense:

    The pharmakos [1] was a human embodiment of evil who was expelled from the Greek city at moments of crisis and disaster. The name is probably, but problematically, connected with pharmakon, ‘medicine, drug, poison’. [2] Both poison and drug were originally magical; so a pharmakon is a magical dose (Greek dosis ‘gift, dose’, cf. the German Gift ‘poison’) causing destruction or healing. Pharmakos then would be ‘magic man, wizard’ first, though the borderline between magic and religion is not easy to define; the early pharmakos might have been ‘magic man’ or he might have been ‘sacred-man’. Then, presumably, he or she was ‘healer, poisoner’, then later, expiatory sacrifice for the city and rascal, off-scourings, and so on. [3] On the one hand, the pharmakos could be the medicine that heals the city (according to scholia on Aristophanes Knights 1136c, the pharmakos is used in order to obtain a therapeia—‘service, tending, medical treatment’—for the prevailing disaster [4] ); on the other, he could be the poison that had to be expelled from the system (he is often ugly or criminal). Thus these two interpretations are not exclusive. [5]

    For one side, trump is the embodiment of evil; for the other side, a “magic trust the plan man” who gave them a chance to reclaim a sense of pride (false? Depends on your pov) in themselves and their nation, and keep their self-image intact.

    He has played his part well.

    With respect to spiritual perspectives on these matters, while I may be an excitable boy at times my motto is simple: man may mean it for I’ll, but god meant it for good.

    It’s good to be here with you all at this turning of the tide.

    1. Blast spell check and my stubby fingers! Again

      Man may mean it for ill, but god meant it for good.

    2. My spellcheck is worse, since it always tries to translate every other word in french.

    3. Such a good take tru3, & gets to the heart of what I was trying also to say to JB above: God doesn't always choose the right man, but He always chooses the right man for the job.

      Can an inherently ego-maniacal man be responsible for some very GOOD things happening in the world? Of course he can. The world can and has shifted towards an inevitable, endurable good on far less by far lesser personalities. (Peter was more ordinary than extraordinary before he felt the calling, as were all of the disciples. Too much, too little. Unremarkable lives.)

      This really IS biblical.

    4. If Trump is the real deal, then he is in so many ways the modern-day equivalent of Winston Churchill, even in his appearance and personal details. And the Liberals in Parliament tried to use every dirty trick in the book to get rid of Churchill, didn't they? But of course Churchill was an incredibly flawed man, blatantly racist and sometimes indulging in imperialistic ethnic cleansing. But he still saved the world.

    5. GREAT points JB -- all valid points well taken. Not to mention Churchill was up to his eyeballs in various occult practices before and during the war years (got major black intel to & from folks like Dennis Wheatley & pal Ian Fleming -- who borrowed the 007 designation from John Dee's code!!)

      Haven't looked into it extensively enough, but have always heard that the Nuremberg trials contained much dirty laundry on BOTH sides, much of which was suppressed by Churchill and expunged from the public record.

      This tracks down into Stephen Ward and the Profumo affair too, which I've always said I'm gonna do an extensive piece on. (Epstein was just the child of a long line going back a long way...)

      Hopefully early in 2021 when all has quieted down for better or worse...

      Let's make it a date!! Too may scandals & not enough time...

    6. I suggest you read the book Amado Crowley wrote about his father Aleister. Apparently, Churchill and British Intelligence had been using Crowley since the 1930s, since he had connections in German secret societies, and then in '40 Aleister and Winston started working together on "Operation Mistletoe", the secret OCCULT front of the war. The Vatican even sent their foremost expert in the Occult to help them out, Bishop Roncalli, who was openly a member of the Illuminati. In 1958, the now Cardinal Roncalli became Pope John 23rd.

    7. Hey JB!!

      2 links pertaining:

      ALSO Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman -- on issuu -- blow it up & have fun!!:

      These trails never end..........

    8. With respect to scapegoats, C.J. Hopkins clearly articulates the thought behind whaT I was trying to express:

      “ And the “pandemic” is only one part of the lesson. The other part is being forced to watch (or permitted to watch, depending on your perspective) as GloboCap makes an example of Trump, as they made examples of Corbyn and Sanders, as they made examples of Saddam and Gaddafi, and other “uncooperative” foreign leaders, as they will make an example of any political figurehead that challenges their power. It does not matter to GloboCap that such political figureheads pose no real threat. __The people who rally around them do. __ (THIS!!!)__Nor does it make the slightest difference whether these figureheads or the folks who support them identify as “left” or “right.” GloboCap could not possibly care less. The figureheads are just the teaching materials in the lesson that they are teaching us.
      And now, here we are, at the end of the lesson … not the end of the War on Populism, just the end of this critical Trumpian part of it. Once the usurper has been driven out of office, the War on Populism will be folded back into the War on Terror, or the War on Extremism, or whatever GloboCap decides to call it … the name hardly matters. It is all the same war.”

    9. I haven't heard the Trump as scape goat angle. I've heard him compared to the Petorian Guard a lot. If he's being set up as a ritual scape goat we would see names like Buckley and Oswald and different goat symbolism around him.

    10. Interesting point of view... there are lots of cards in the tarot deck... what amuses me is in the Greek version, the scapegoat figure is referred to as a “pharmakos”... pharma... cos I said so... take yer medicine, poison the mind and body...

      It occurred to me that this may tie in with the initiation theme wordman was referring to..: some kind of warped passion play going on around us (?)

    11. Doesn't that go against the Hippocratic oath?

    12. What do you think fauci would say?

  8. Even more trails:

    What Kubrick knew & embedded: Monarch; Baphomet...

    And this from James Franco (close pal of Marina A) taking on the work of Maury Terry:

    As creepy as it gets...

    1. I never could stomach the shining. I like the second link though.

  9. Hey since no one else mentioned it...

    1. JB speaking of Peter and Canada. Peter Nygard.

  10. Peter Nygard (Dragyn backwards) also owned a private island paradise, like Epstein, with an AZTEC temple on it. I wonder what his best friends George Bush Sr., Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson were doing there...

    Dr. EVIL also owned a private island. ;)