Monday, September 20, 2021



“Oh how the wolves are now howling

They plead for rape and grim demise

And becoming them I left my body

In the night's blood-haunted eyes/

Blessed be!

From the branches of Death's tree

The fruit is finally falling down

And the Harvester is free

Oh Pralaya! Let the thousand suns disperse

Free us, free us, free us from the chains of the universe…”

“Oh joy

Oh rapture

Oh decline of space and time

To find love in the shimmer of blood on stone

To find passion in a maze of sun-bleached bones


Look me in the face

Who of us is more confused?

Look me in the face

And tell me you don't need being used


It all begins with one descent

One downfall, one great lament

It cures its heart but leaves the parts

All stream across the blood-red sand


If I lead, will you follow

across the heavens and against the tide?

If I lead, will you follow

to rip the truth from the lies?”

The Thousandfold Epicentre/ Everlasting Saturnalia   The Devil’s Blood (2011)


“Chaos is hanging around.

Put your ear to the ground and shudder from the sound.

The death machine ain't slowing down.

It's gaining pound for pound.

A gas mask is couture in the summer of rage.

They’re building mass graves within the states.

You and I they'll vaccinate.

They're preparing us for an all-out police state.”

Shooter Jennings  Summer of Rage (2010)



“(I am not a woman, I'm a God)

(I am not a martyr, I'm a problem)

(I am not a legend, I'm a fraud)

(So keep your heart, 'cause I already)


Everyday I've got a smile where my frown goes

A couple bodies in the garden where the grass grows

I take 'em with me to the grave in a suitcase

Maybe I could be a different human in a new place


Oh I just wanna feel something, tell me where to go

'Cause everybody knows something I don't wanna know

So I'll stay right here 'cause I'm better all alone

Yeah I'm better all alone, But


I am not a woman, I'm a God

I am not a martyr, I'm a problem

I am not a legend, I'm a fraud

So keep your heart, 'cause I already got one


I am not a woman, I'm a God

I am not a martyr, I'm a problem

I am not a legend, I'm a fraud

Keep your heart, 'cause I already


Every day I got a hollow where my heart goes

I never listen but I see it with my eyes closed

I know you, I remember from the grass stain

Maybe I could be a better human with a new name


Oh I just wanna feel something, tell me where to go

'Cause everybody knows something I don't wanna know

So I'll stay right here cause I'm better all alone

Yeah, I'm better all alone



I am not a woman, I'm a God

I am not a martyr, I'm a problem

I am not a legend, I'm a fraud

So keep your heart, 'cause I already got one


I am not a woman, I'm a God

I am not a martyr, I'm a problem

I am not a legend, I'm a fraud

Keep your heart, 'cause I already


I'm ready to leave it

I'll go when I feel it

Got caught both hands on the smoking gun

I try but I need it

It's hard but I feel it

And it really does hurt when you love someone


Oh I just wanna feel something, tell me where to go

'Cause everybody knows something I don't wanna know

So I'll stay right here 'cause I'm better all alone

Yeah, I'm better all alone…”

Halsey/Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, I am not a woman I’m a god  (2021)


Past, present and future are currently at war and intermingling in the intermix. Perhaps it was always supposed to be this way; mapped out for millennia, but timed exactly to explode upon this stage of cosmic weaponization engagement. The sigils are gathering; the signs are converging as the time draws ever nearer. We also need to realize everything means something as the way is opened – every little distinguishing factor can mean, quite literally, the world. We need to pay close attention.

At this point I’m beginning to feel like a regular Charles Fort in these salvos fired off, because I believe they’re jumping here, hopping here, flying here, swimming here, teleporting here, you name it. The scary thing is, it’s all happening in plain sight. They’re broadcasting it even – but to a populace so gaslit they can’t even discern that injecting experimental, DNA-modifying doses into their systems might actually be something harmful to them instead of the cancel cultured, politically correct, “cool” thing to do. Who cares? What’s on Netflix tonight? Just beware, because shooting up with unknowns might mean you’ll be Netflixing-&-chilling real quick, like below room temperature, you dig?

And what’s more, it seems the terrain of our little third terrarium from the sun is being made quite cozy for them too – because it certainly isn’t for us. The entire biosphere itself is shifting beneath our feet, and that includes US, courtesy of the massive vaxx protocols being instituted right and left. Something is happening here, and it extends far afield of the medical and even political spectrums now. What we are in the midst of isn’t just civilization-altering, this is a paradigm shift that it WORLD altering, rolled out on a planetary scale. The major question lingering, hanging in the air like the proverbial elephant in the room, (and by far the most important one), is WHY.

What is almost undeniable at this point is the observation that this is all a preparation for something, and a massive one at that. Emotionally, mentally, sociologically, psychologically, and likely most importantly, physio-and-biologically. Because let’s remember, you can’t spell marinade without M-R-N-A. Rod Serling hinted to us all almost 60 years ago that it was all going to turn out to be a cookbook. Maybe we should have paid a bit more attention. That Twilight Zone is outside your doorstep. Right now.


The proof isn’t just in the pudding; hell, it’s in the numbers. Or, where is everybody going? Check this out:

According to these federal stats, approximately 1.143 MILLION people have vanished from the working population of this country. And as this website’s poster says, you don’t get taken off these rolls just by being fired or losing your job – you can only get gone from these stats by being institutionalized (prison or a nursing home); you flee the USA entirely; or you DIE. And as he most aptly asserts: What did we start doing in January of 2021 that may have impacted the bottom line of one of those 3 categories?

Something major is happening in our midst. And it’s all around us, manifesting in “hiding in plain sight” ways too many to mention.

Right now there are 3006 counties in the USA. What would over a million extra people dying look like to us? About 6-7 extra people dying each week in every county. Is that noticeable? How many of you scan the obits every day and keep stats?  They know this – and that’s what makes this slow motion genocide so insidious.

More: the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin) said just days ago that 8,730 people died in auto crashes in just the first THREE months of 2021. Versus a total of 7,900 deaths for ALL of 2020. What is going on? What is affecting people? Are autopsies being done? Are people passing out, stroking out, having heart attacks, embolisms behind the wheel? What could be causing this? I think we all know.


Pfizer just came out today with a strong push for the US Government to mandate the vaxx now for children ages 5-11. Why? This target group has a near 100% recovery rate even if they should get covid or any of its “variants,” which more than most are now coming to recognize are all vaxx-driven anyway. We’re all living in a Goebbels Wonderland right now – this is insane. Even the corrupt FDA was mortified when examining the “booster” evidence that the Biden Admin has such a hard-on for; so much so that they shot it down immediately. The interior reason? (Which has of course been widely suppressed)….THE VACCINE KILLS 2 PEOPLE FOR EVERY ONE IT SUPPOSEDLY SAVES. And those are the optimistic numbers. Some doctors came on board in the meeting saying it was more an astounding 6-to-1 ratio. Even playing devil’s (heh heh) advocate and given the best scenario, would you take something that has twice the chance of killing you as opposed to giving you a chance to get over the sniffles faster? Are you bleeding insane?


And just tonight, there is this from the laudable Project Veritas – let’s see how much traction this gets in the days and weeks to come:

Ladies and gents, that’s not a smoking gun, that’s a suitcase nuke primed and ready to blow.


Me, I’m still wondering about what Elon Musk meant here, and why he specifically invoked demons to compare with AI:

Mainly because he’s the same guy that hung out in circles with other guys like Charles Lieber, who hung out with Epstein (there’s that name again), and all of whom have basically co-sponsored everything that’s happened in the world since 2020 almost like one big dead man’s switch. And I, for one, still find it quite serendipitous, coincidental, whatevs ya wanna call it, that all of this covid mess just happened to leak out (heh heh again), just when the height of Epstein-mania was reaching the fever pitch of all fever pitches, and we were all calling for, nay, demanding the heads of, oh, just about everybody even tangentially involved. Kind of like when 9/11 saved the entire Catholic Church from being burned to the ground over rampant and widespread pedophile charges back in 2001 (see the entire Academy Award winning film Spotlight.)  

Not that there weren’t a multitude of OTHER reasons for 9/11, as is well known, but far be it from these people to look askance at killing 2, or 3, birds with one stone….and cover for the kiddy fuckers is always right at the head of the list. Because let’s be honest, if you are unfortunate enough to be a youngster in their clutches, rape, frankly, quickly becomes the least of your problems. Because your imminent sacrifice and dismemberment rises to the top of your to-do list quite rapidly.

And the thing is, these are the SAME people bringing you covid…and the vaccine. And a “Great Reset.” Which is really just another way of saying – Welcome to the New World Order. Richard Dolan, the esteemed, puts it far better than I:

Somehow, that’s still up at the yewtube – watch it quick. Just in case.


I’m also haunted these days by the mysteriously disappearing Deagel 2025 population forecast:

Anywhere between 100-220 million people. Gone. This from a military based think tank that provided secure info to the DOD, NASA, the State Dept, the White House, etc. Think about that for a minute.


Then there was Pierre Gilbert saying this in 1995:

And Geordie Rose (of CERN-DWave-Kindred fame) saying this:

It’s just summoning the “Old Ones” of H P Lovecraft’s id into our world thru quantum technology.

Maybe you can see where all of this is heading and where all these roads could possibly converge…


Maybe death is not the end. Funny, I used to think that was a blessing. 

Monday, September 6, 2021




It's when Billy's whores are workin'

They're workin' with the skeleton crew

It's when the sky over Jersey

That sky starts to drain from view

It's when my woman pawns her voice so

So she can make her old excuses sound new

But I just want one clue


'Cause when the city drops into the night

Before the darkness there's one moment of light

Then everything seems clear

The other side, it seems so near

What seemed wrong

I think it's gonna be just about right

Before the city drops, the city drops

Into the night


It's when the door to the River

That door is like 26 miles

It's when ambitious little girls start

They start to dream about a change in style

It's when the slick boys got their fingers

They got their fingers in the telephone dial

But I think I'll just wait a while


'Cause when the city drops into the night

Before the darkness there's one moment of light

That’s when everything seems clear

The other side, it seems so near

What seemed wrong,

I think it's gonna be gonna be right

Before the city drops, the city drops

Into the night


It's when the sneak thieves are checkin'

They're checkin the alleys for unlocked doors

And Billy's sister's gettin' frantic 'cause

'Cause Billy's sister's little brother can't score

It's when the woman from the dream is . .

Oh my God! That's the woman on the floor, and

Each promise was just one promise more


'Cause when the city drops into the night

Before the darkness there's one moment of light

Then everything seems clear

The other side, it seems so near

What seemed wrong

I think it's gonna be just about right

Before the city drops, the city drops

Into the night


It's when Teddy's ghost is on the roof

Beatin' his drum

And Teddy's best friend is two blocks East and

He's makin' Teddy's ex-girlfriend come

They mistook Teddy's good trust . .

Just to prove that Teddy was dumb . .

But listen, you know, I think they are both just scum


'Cause when the city drops into the night

Before the darkness there's one moment of light

That’s when everything seems clear

The other side, it seems so near

What, what seemed wrong

I think it's gonna be… right

Before the city drops, the city drops

It goes down

Into the night


It's when the body at the bottom

That body is my own reflection

But it ain't hip to sink that low

Unless you're gonna make a resurrection

They're always gonna come to your door

They're gonna say, "It's just a routine inspection"

But what you get when you open your door

What you get is just another injection

And there's always gonna be one more

With just a little bit less until the next one

They wait in shadows and steal the light from your eyes

To them vision's just some costly infection

But listen, you should come with me

I'm the fire, I'm the fire's reflection

I'm just a constant warning to take the other direction


Mister, I am your connection….


“I'll move myself and my family aside

If we happen to be left half-alive

I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky

For I know that the hypnotized never lie

Do ya?”  



The signs are unequivocal. The evidence and data unimpeachable. Nobody can keep running away from this, which, when all is said and done, may very well prove to be the greatest global conspiracy in history when the truth is fully brought to light. Even now scenarios are aligning at a rapid pace thanks to tireless and dedicated groups of scientists, whistleblowers and researchers worldwide who are both unimpressed and unimpeded by moving ethics, moving narratives, and moving goalposts. The whole world has become a drop zone for all manner of existential evil, but the cracks are showing, and the resistance is growing.

Thanks to the massive inoculations, “morphing” is the operative word of late, and not just of our humanity; wholesale eras are undergoing shift. The Age of Aquarius is rapidly taking a hard turn into the Kali Yuga if you haven’t noticed as we abandon all pretense of common sense and flee from any quaint notions of love for our fellow man. Listen close to the words Bob Dylan, looking into the future yet again, placed into the mouth of Mickey Rourke (playing a faux dictator) in the film Masked and Anonymous back in 2003:


Sound familiar?

Here, in no particular order, are headlines fresh from the imagination of Stephen King that none of us could have envisioned in our worst doom prognostications even a year ago. Call it Son of The Stand maybe. As Labor Day dawns and ends, one more summer goes in the books and another fall looms, let’s see where we are.

First off, just west of me as the crow flies (heh heh), they’re dropping like flies in West Virginia. And that’s official:

26% increase in + cases of those fully vaxxed; 21% increase in hospitalizations; 25% increase in deaths. All in those fully vaxxed. In 8 weeks.

Whoever thought it was a good idea introduce a “vaccine” (cough cough) a year into a supposed “pandemic” that was already playing itself out (if it was ever really there in the first place) should be lined up in front of a televised firing squad. How’s that for starters?

And if the vaxx is so great all you vaxxtards, riddle me this:

And while I’m at it – here are the records of animal testing that didn’t go so, uh, well:


Speaking of WVa again, maybe something is also rampant because something was let loose:

Does ANY of this sound normal to you? DOD taking over the scene? Airspace being closed? For a crashed shipment of something that’s totally normal and supposedly mankind’s savior?

The Japanese, for one, know something’s totally NOT normal:

A substance that reacts to magnets and that “could be metal…” Hmmmmm, where have I heard that before recently?


And now even more batches:

The last with the spectre of the dread ADE raising its head.

And THIS just in, now with more parasites and stainless steel:

How many reports like this have to come pouring in before the vaxx apologists wake up? I wonder.

Maybe there’s a very good reason why the very anti-parasitic Ivermectin is now public enemy no 1. So much so that the good folks at (Mock – yeah, Ing – yeah, Mockingbird now…) Rolling Stone have to actually lie and manufacture fake headlines to sell to you about a little drug that’s been on the market for 40 years, is cheap, and won the Nobel prize in 2015:

Notice that they not only lie about the facts, they also use a blatant propaganda false photo of “gunshot victims” in Oklahoma waiting to get into the ER…in winter coats…in September.


They also want to keep this under everybody’s hats because of the all-important fact that, remember, if a single even marginally effective treatment for Covid is found, the precious Emergency Use Authorization for their vaxx is required to end. Immediately.

And check this out – anti-clotting and anti-heart inflammation drugs are soaring in sales:

Hence their new “Stop the Clot” Ad campaign – pretty fortuitous, wouldn’t you say? Officially sponsored blood clot commercials just happen to start popping up now….amazing, isn’t it?


And I haven’t even gotten to the black lights……     Well, that was quick – Account terminated.

Hmmmmm, I wonder why. Google returns this:

At page bottom you will see that they are proliferating in Texas, Kansas, Florida, and Maryland amoung other hot spots.

You might also speculate, with good reason, that these are going up to make it harder for the unvaxxed to hide. Remember LUCIFERASE? Remember people seeing their veins glowing at home under black lights post-vaxx?

I am beginning to see coordination in all this, aren’t you? They are leaving no stone unturned in implementation and preparation for continuing lockdowns and a level of surveillance that makes 1984 seem tame.


Let’s look again and study these pages closely – they are the extended research of Charles Lieber at Harvard. They are still, somewhat amazingly, up:

I think we may be looking at one of the pivotal wellsprings and origin points of what we’re going thru right now; a cornerstone along with that of Gates and Fauci. Everything up to the minute on Lieber here:

And speaking of Fauci, no one that’s been paying attention will find it surprising that the links between Covid and HIV/AIDS only continue to grow:

And just because I haven’t “left something witchy” this time for you guys, here’s this:

I KNEW the siren call of the Stones’ Goats Head Soup was calling to me lately to listen for a reason! Seriously though, True Detective anybody? There’s things goin’ on that you don’t know…


And yet…and yet….they can’t stop us. This just from Joe Rogan, who seems increasingly buying into his buddy Alex Jones’ mindset:

And just this past Friday night, just look at what went down in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech’s home opener…Not a mask in sight at what amounts to the biggest middle finger to the elite agenda I’ve seen yet. And it was absolutely chilling – and glorious:

Masks? We don’t wear no stinkin masks – Fuck you.

Awakened humanity – I love it. THIS is what they fear above all.


Off to Never Never Land……


Back soon with more as the Autumn wears on.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 ......Smile because it happened.

And man, did it happen. Just a few latter-day high watermarks from a whole lifetime along the way:       

Raise a glass and enjoy!! That drummer's pretty good.      



So long to a timekeeper for the ages. The rather amazing Charlie Watts, long time lifetime drummer for the Rolling Stones passed away onto that great gig in the sky today at 80. And it’s more than fair to say a fair chunk of my soul’s identity went with him.

In mine and so many lives, Charlie was just always there. When I graduated to my very first big boy rock and roll album in 1978, Some Girls, there was Charlie, if not front at center, living deep in its beating heart. With every subsequent release all the way up thru A Bigger Bang in 2005, Charlie provided the jazz-based background drumming soundtrack to our lives. Growing up, getting older, trying to find and/or escape responsibility in the truest rock and roll sense, there was Charlie. You see, quite unlike the linear, piledriving hammerings of a John Bonham or a Max Weinberg, or the chaotic free-for-all stylings of a Keith Moon, Charlie Watts swung. His rhythms were insouciant, snaky, insinuating. They got under your skin, and before you knew it, they were a part of your DNA.

Mick and Keith were the window dressing, but I knew it as soon as I dropped the needle on side 1 track 1 of Some Girls and Miss You started disco slinking out, something about this sounded apart, sounded different in that steamy long-ago June of 1978. And the lion’s share of that came from Charlie. The others were the gleaming (well, this was ’78 so not so much gleaming as chipped, worn and rusted out – hey, PUNK, remember?) chassis; Charlie was the engine.

Am determined NOT to make this maudlin, because that was the last thing the man would have wanted – would have right pissed him off I’m sure, so just 2 stories before I go, both prototypically Charlie...


Sometime during the 70s, not even sure if it was during the Mick Taylor or Ronnie Wood years, but the boys were deep into partying post-some recording session in the wilds of the UK and late into the night. Jagger, deep into his cups, drunkenly calls up Charlie’s house and mistakenly slurs into the phone when Charlie answers, “Where’s my drummer?”

Watts immediately hangs up, throws off the covers, changes out of his jammies and puts on his best 3-piece, Saville Row suit. Hops into his car and drives down to the recording studio he had left hours ago. Marches up to the studio entrance door and knocks briskly. Just so happens that Jagger is the one that pulls the door open. As he does so Charlie punches him once, squarely in the nose knocking Mick sprawling to the ground. Looks down at him and says, “I’m not your drummer – you’re MY fucking singer!”

And then there’s this bit of pricelessness:

So here’s to hangin around and a life well lived. And I mean well lived; even thru a MAJOR heroin and booze problem during the 1980s (and I only say MAJOR because when even Keith Richards has to advise you to “go easy, man” you know you’re dealing with a bit of an issue...) But you know what, thru it all he remained one thing more than anything else: a gentleman.


We’ll somehow get along without you; but it just won’t be the same. Not at all.

Monday, August 23, 2021



“A teacher of mine used to say our job was to find the dots, then connect the dots, then understand the dots. We’re still looking for the dots, and my sitting here in this house isn’t gonna help us find much of anything. The dots are out there in the world, or in the bits and pieces of information; the thousands of signs and symbols that we can pull out of raw data. A man waiting for a bus in Caracas. A woman buying vegetables in an Algerian market. Teenagers fornicating in a Liverpool basement. What’s the connection? What’s the narrative?”  


“There’s two types of fear. There’s the type that makes us work harder, that drives us to dig deeper. There’s the kind that makes my heart come up in my throat and that makes me – at the cost of my own sanity – look for answers, because, damn me to hell, I can’t let up on this one. That’s good fear. The bad fear is the kind that makes us stop working. It paralyzes us. Makes us stay in bed all day and hide. But bad fear doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you shouldn’t be working here.”   Dialog from RUBICON series episode 5 


“This ain’t rock and roll, this is GENOCIDE!!

As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent, you asked for the latest party…

Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee

I'm sure you're not protected, for it's plain to see

The diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees

Hunt you to the ground they will, mannequins with kill appeal…

That Halloween jockey’s a real cool cat, and he lives on top of Manhattan Chase…

Meet his little hussy with his ghost town approach

Her face is sans feature, but she wears a Dali brooch

Sweetly reminiscent, something mother used to bake

Wrecked up and paralyzed, Diamond Dogs are stabilized,….

In the year of the scavenger the season of the bitch

Sashay on the boardwalk, scurry to the ditch

Just another future song, lonely little kitsch

There’s gonna be sorrow, just try and wake up tomorrow

(Will they come?) I’ll keep a friend serene

(Will they come?) Oh baby come unto me

(Will they come?) Well she’s come, been, and gone

Come out of the garden, baby, you’ll catch your death in the fog….”

“You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.” Nikola Tesla


Where are we since last time? When everything is happening I suppose no further earth-shattering developments should count for something – a brief lull before the slide begins again. And yet the ominous ambiance is unmistakable. Hands here for who doesn’t sleep a lot anymore…the sense of just how far gone everything is, is brutal.

I present here tonight a mere compendium of headlines just in the last several days that chart a course over the cliffs and into a void where all rational thinking and common sense don’t exist anymore. All basically underscore (when reading between the lines) one essential truth that’s escaping everyone – and it’s a truth I keep hammering away at until I’m blue in the face: Freedom is infinitely more important than safety.

It’s not even close.

But there are many subtexts in that call – one being, as my friend Jeff Wells puts it:

“If the actions taken with respect to meeting a stated goal seem disproportionate and nonsensical, perhaps consider that they may be essential and coherent with respect to meeting one unstated.”

Or another of his: “Offer me something and I'll consider it…….Demand I take something, become more insistent and desperate the longer I decline, tell me I have no choice, vilify me, instruct 80% of the population that I'm unclean and holding them hostage, and I may begin to wonder WTF is going on.”

The guy’s got a million of ‘em, check out his twitter if you don’t believe me. It’s literally an oasis in this world right now:

Here’s a new fav from just 6 hours ago:

In case everything goes to hell in a handbasket and everything gets taken down it reads: “Either you think it's fine that this is all being run by Epstein network alumni or you don't but you can't pretend that it isn't.”


For me personally, I’ve seen too much – you can mandate all you want, but it’s not happening. The same people that brought you 9/11 are the same people that are bringing you mass vaccinations and the fake pandemic. (And you can connect those straight into the CFR and the Epstein crew…) These events are meant to crush the human spirit. To dissolve our connection with each other. Distancing, lockdowns, masks hiding faces and features. Injections that blur feelings and numb senses. This is a massive power-down of all human consciousness. And it is being done for a reason.

Are we all ‘enjoying the spectacle of watching those who thought mass consent to the post-9/11 security state was born out of irrational fear now cheering on the culmination of that program on the grounds of not getting a cold?’

Meanwhile, as early as possibly tomorrow, as the headline says, The FDA is about to rip up its own rulebook and give Pfizer full approval for its Covid shot, as early as Monday. The vaccine manufacturer will not be asked to submit completed trial data (it doesn't exist), and the FDA will simply ignore the thousands of Pfizer vaccine deaths recorded by VAERS:

The analogy I use is that I feel like I’m on the beach and staring at a titanic tidal wave approaching the shore and, instead of panicking, everyone else is just enjoying the shade it brings. Made in the shade (don’t we all have it!)

The reason Pfizer/BioNTech was only granted "Emergency Use Authorization" for its mRNA vaccine was because they had no complete trial data to submit. The FDA awarded the EUA on a promise by Pfizer that preliminary trial data showed the vaccine was safe.  (Hint:

They lied. All the animals died. Period.)

Also here see point 3: ADE = the cytokine storm:

But what new evidence does the FDA have to change their mind apart from thousands of vaccine deaths reported to VAERS?

Of course no trial data will ever now be published by Pfizer because most of the placebo group in the trial have been given the vaccine, an astonishing breach of medical ethics. The trial is null and void.

Science has been thrown out of the window by Pfizer and the FDA, but watch the media pretend this is all completely normal:

Everything about this is skewed.


For a real Omega Factor, how about what’s going on in Brazil, where some 32,000 people have died post-vaxx. You read that right. 32,000:

Evidently no saline for them, just one of the souped-up “booster” versions. Gotta test it first, right?

As was reported right here, first there was the ordering (rush!!) of historic amounts of anticoagulants by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) for delivery ASAP:

Value of that contract? Over 3 BILLION English pounds.

Now THIS is on the horizon:

The FDA approving (aren’t they just rubber-stamping everything lately?) oral blood thinners designed specifically for children – perfectly timed to coincide with all the children ready to be mandatorily jabbed against their will. More problem-reaction-solution by the book. We’ll give you everything because – don’t worry babies – we’ve got the cure! (Just forget about what it’s doing to your T-cells, internal organs, and immune system for the next 60 years of your life – if you manage to last that long – which you won’t.)


See, they’re not covering for something that’s already happened, they’re covering for something that hasn’t happened yet. This is 9/11-style black oppage in slow motion, with fatalities that will dwarf it. Are we all tired of holding our breath yet – waiting for what’s going to befall us next? This is life in a fugue state of trauma – just as they intended. It makes us more susceptible to whatever they propose. They went to school with MKUltra.

In 3 months the CDC's message changes from "Vaccinated people do not carry the virus" to "worsening infection among vaccinated people over time." What’s it going to be in another 3 months?:


And from the warped mind of Shaun Cassidy, I’m just going to leave these here:

Just some talk about smelling different and quarantines and invasive species – back in 2005. In a series that was called...Invasion.  


Here’s a little bombshell that I was alerted to thanks to our Dginn:

This points strongly to the fact that graphene is also now in chemtrail fallout in our atmosphere – and likely has been for quite some time.

As the hour is getting late, let’s get to some dot connecting -- & happy sleuthing! (I am convinced that in the larger picture – all of these are related…)


What could possibly be next on the ever-expanding agenda? Check out this heads-up from our own MissFrill: 

Reminds me of this – a perfect pattern for world order – the whole earth as The Village:

The visionary Patrick McGoohan saw it all coming, in 1968. And warned us in the harshest terms he could muster. Far too many only saw it as “weird and kooky.” It’s now in-your-face reality. There is now no way to escape The Village. But there are plenty of us in this Age of Aquarius that are very likely going to die trying. There are simply some people you don’t order what to do.


Keep in mind these are but a few of what’s been playing out across the alt-right headlines in just the last 48 hours – there are many, many more. Search for yourself. I encourage you to go to twitter, reddit, (yes, even twitter and reddit for now) duckduckgo, godlikeproductions, etc and just start plugging in search terms like graphene oxide, ADE, spike proteins, etc. You will be amazed at the places you’ll go. We all need to do this while we still can. Seek out Amazing Polly at

She remains one of the best researchers out there and a worthy successor to what Mae Brussell was doing. As a matter of fact go here:

And scroll thru those 4 pages of broadcasts of Mae’s from 1971-1988, find a synopsis and a date that interests you, then go here to listen to that exact broadcast (broadcasts by year on the left):

I promise you, you won’t be sorry. Deductive thinking and reasoning lives here.

And always remember, it’s not paranoia if it’s actually happening. And, as I heard somewhere, not every conspiracy is a theory.


One very personal aside before I go. There is a major East Coast college (which shall for the time being go unnamed) that is making life very hard for those students wishing NOT to be vaxxed to attend. The usual rigamarole runaround of false promises and outright lies; everything from saying “if you can have proof of the student’s negative Covid test here by such and such time (the end of the workday) we can process them no problems…” All the while knowing that it takes a full 3-4 days in all instances to process the PCR test results – the only test they will accept btw. Convenient. This all after the student has already been accepted and purchased housing. But that’s not the best part…in the meantime the Univ. had sent this student a “Covid test kit” sanctioned by said Univ. for processing – it arrived too late to actually help the situation but that’s another story.

In actuality, this “Covid test kit” was nothing of the sort. What it was in fact was a DNA test kit to be used and sent off. There were markings all over the outside of it that is was NOT to be used as any kind of Covid testing diagnostic tool, but the Univ was selling it as such anyway.

So the question is: how many students were sold this bill of goods, how many caught it, and how many just did as they were told by the “authorities?”

And the kicker: why is a major University in the business of collecting students DNA? Where is it going? And why?


Ominous questions that hang in the air this night. And ones without any answers that don’t come with dire connotations.

Let’s extrapolate: Everyone that volunteered their DNA for any ancestry search and the like (or under the auspices of any college “Covid” testing system that isn’t) has unwillingly provided every powerful corporation and country with the exact information needed to target your health and person for the rest of your life. They know who you are, where you are, what you are going to say, do, and think. All that is left is to determine the people they want to keep, create a bulk DNA demographic for a region, introduce a tailored bioweapon or placebo for each region, create a fear based health crisis, and administer the bioweapons. As each targeted region shows resilience to the bioweapon, new bioweapons will be pushed out as “booster” shots for the health crisis. By making each person required to take the bioweapon to work, travel, shop, eat at a restaurant, it ensures maximum uptake in each country that introduces a health and/or Covid passport system.

But then again, I’m paranoid, right? Right?