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"Man's ego's inflated, you know his laws are outdated/ They don't apply no more, you can't rely no more to be standing around waiting/  In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave/ Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan/ And there's a slow, there's a slow/ Slow train coming.

Big-time negotiators, false healers and woman-haters/ Masters of the bluff and masters of the proposition/ But the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency/ All non-believers and man-stealers talking in the name of religion...

Well my baby went to Illinois with some bad talkin boy she could destroy/ A real suicide case but there was nothing I could do to stop it/ I don't care about economy I don't care about astronomy/ But it sure does bother me to see my loved ones turning into puppets/ And there's a slow, there's a slow -- There's a slow train coming."

"Did you find what you were looking for?

No, actually.

Mm. Well, retrace your steps.

That's just the thing. It doesn't feel like there's any steps to retrace. Everything's just kind of disappearing, you know?

Yeah, it's a crazy world. Strange times. What can you do? 

Same as I've always done. Be patient. Keep lookin'. World's not that crazy.

Hmmm. You ever wonder if the world's not what you think it is? No law. No order. Just chaos all the way down. Heck, look around. We just put a man in the ground and it's all people can do to drink themselves silly. Fending off the dark. Fending off the end."   Outer Range (2022)

How long you gonna carry on this one on one charade?/ Let's don't and then say we did that's the game you like to play/ Ooh we've been thru this so many times, the end result's always the same/ I always ended up complaining when I've got myself to blame

You're just a dead giveaway, you think I'd learn to handle this by now...

Well, now that you're serious it's time to take off that disguise/ You want more than mental stimulation I can see it in your eyes/ Ooh for years I've been your analyst, I've been as patient as I've been kind/ For years you've played off believing that I want you for only your mind.."

"Maybe you got a kid, maybe you got a pretty wife

The only thing that I got's

Been bothering me my whole life...."

Do you believe in Fate? 

If you don't, Laplace's Demon would like to take you aside for a few words:

Because you see, whether you realize it or not yet, whether or not it's been revealed to you, you are here for a reason in a book that's already been written. We're just living it out again. This is not to say you can't alter and majorly rearrange a few chapters here and there along the way in the journey, but the ending? We all know how this ends. Chronos, Saturn, can plot and plan and wail and gnash his teeth til the cows come home, but it's gonna end in tears for him and the minions of his little Union of the Snake death cult so inculcated on this Garden of Eden rolling ball whirling around the cosmos. And to that end, everyone we love, everyone we meet, happens for a reason in the unfolding plan written in the stars, written in our blood, written in our DNA. (Why do you think they have such a fatal fascination with altering it anyway?)

They're looking to flip the script -- change the ending as they roll on thru the gray latitudes they seek to impose. What's right? What's wrong? Can't we just invent all those categories and definitions as we go along in the headlong rush for power and ultimate control? Can we reduce everything to an equation?

You don't think there was a real reason behind Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein being best buds and hanging around together for so long? They had plans. Shared and vested interests (psychopathologies) in DNA-splicing, eugenics, transhumanism, charting the human genome. I'm sure some people Epstein had to blackmail and I'm just as sure there were some people he didn't have to. They were always on board with whatever large scale depop surprises he had on the drawing board. Genocide. Democide. Everything is in play. 

These plans are invisible until you start seeing them. Then there's nothing else to see. It all becomes one huge Vaxx-flying saucer-Blue Beam-MKUltra-Pedo ring-CERN portal ball of confusion.  Timelines are in flux, death vectors are being stage-managed by death magicians, and anything can happen now at anytime. It's their long train runnin versus our slow train comin, and the only assurance is that there's gonna be blood on the tracks. 

And pssst, in case you didn't notice, now they're coming, hard, for your food; let's call it Phase II:

And now we have cyber attacks and major malware launching to worry about also:

Amid all this, remind me again who owns the largest amount of US farmland? Bill Gates. It's becoming more and more obvious exactly why little Damien made that move.  A reminder that this has been on certain people's minds, agendas, and timelines since 1978:

Painfully transparent. And possibly just the prelude for more genetic manipulation:

And notwithstanding his breakout Freedom Train overhaul of Twitter, I'm not exactly in the mood or inclined to let ole Elon off the hook yet either -- his witchy girlfriend's take -- hit it Grimes:

People like to say that we're insane/ But AI will reward us when it reigns/ We pledge allegiance to the world's most powerful computer/ Simulation: it's the future/ What will it take to make you capitulate/ We appreciate power/ We appreciate power/ Elevate he human race, putting makeup on my face/ We appreciate power/ We appreciate power

And if you long to never die/ Baby plug in, upload your mind/ Come on you're not even alive/ If you're not backed up on a drive

So, yeah, the jury's still out, needless to say, in what could be the limited hangout of all hangouts. Discern, because many will come in the name of good. And that neuralink thing still creeps me out:

It all just aligns a bit too closely, taking off the training wheels, with the Gates-Epstein sci-fi blueprints writ large. Beware of the wolves that wanna make pals with the sheep. See that Kubrick quote at the header for the first and last word on this. Period. 

You don't have to be a rocket scientist (heh heh) to know that Musk's 2 babies, neuralink and Starlink, put together, equal nothing good. Combined they mean that someone, somewhere, sometime can read your mind. Both together are bad news. Currently, IBM, Intel, and Google are all working on a brain chip, but Musk definitely leads the way there. Starlink may even well be the conduit by which we get our "alien invasion" von Braun warned us about. It encompasses the entire planet so by definition it certainly possesses that capability. We have reached a junction where anything is possible now. Right now, and with the Twitter move the Deep State is trembling, so the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But eyes open, pay attention. Because there are always multiple reasons for every move.

Moving on and still connecting, some bombshells here regarding the murdered Dr. Bing Liu and his findings regarding Covid, certain types of venom, HIV and the spike proteins:

Some very specific people are hiding and suppressing the findings of Dr. Liu for some very specific reasons. There is much here, including the traced patents that show when sequencing the furin cleavage sites of the first Wuhan victims (published in The Lancet), found were 2 types of cobra toxin, Chinese Krait venom, rabies, and HIV-1 glocoprotein 120. So it seems as if the recent findings of Dr. Ardis, re Watch The Water*, were very much on the money.


Much more research needs to be done, but there is something here, and plays very much into their symbolism. Which at this point is what you would expect. Spoiler: once again, Vanguard (who basically along with Blackrock is running the Biden Administration) plays a pivotal role as elucidated in that first rumble vid with Stew Peters and Karen Kingston: see the 28:20 mark...

Published in 2017:

The Antichrist might not have made an appearance yet, but you can see him from here. And his infrastructure? Well that's all set.

The Great Reset. The "Strong Delusion." The vaccine agenda and the interest in DNA-altering properties. 

The Epstein agenda and the interest in DNA-altering properties. 

The "alien" agenda and the interest in DNA-altering properties. (Remember abductions?) 

All tying in with the WEF, transhumanism, AI, genetic experimentation, eugenics, a collapsing currency and looming one-world monetary and surveillance systems. Not to mention social engineering has moved into the biological.

That ALL of these should inhabit the same wheelhouse borders on the statistically improbable (to the highest extent) to say the least. That is, unless they were all somehow connected. The pitched stridency with which all world leaders rabidly embraced the wholesale vaccination of the entire world should have told us something -- and been the ultimate dead giveaway. 

The Finders cult (still mixing satanism with the CIA) was caught with detailed instructions for obtaining children, as well as instructions for impregnation of members of the female community

Stop me if you think this sounds like Zorro Ranch:

All of which makes you wonder where the CFR-attending Epstein exactly got his ideas from. Maybe farther out on that final frontier than we know:

Unaccounted for pregnancies; you don't say. Much was also unearthed at the infamous MIT Close Encounters conference in 1992:

While I'm out on the far edge and hanging ten, what the hell is this?:

Reminds me very much of this from El Paso in 2015:

Both of these events occurred when CERN was fully open, engaged, and firing on all quarks. Probably nothing though.

Just another recent thing that's probably nothing are the reappearing stains that look suspiciously like human blood on the infamous Georgia Guidestones:

The most disturbing part is that this is not a new occurrence:

The ominousness about the recent incident is that it takes place just as Beltane approaches, as well as an amazing celestial alignment, solar eclipse, AND a black moon:

If you think this isn't like ringing the dinner bell for certain here amoung us, then you must be pretty new here, in these dark environs. Because also happening on April 30:

Welcome to the Sky Parade, playing all the way til Mercury joins on June 24 on the back end of the summer solstice:

See, you don't have to be a Left-Hand-pather to take advantage of this. They have no monopoly on the stars. We come from a time when peace guided them and love steered them, remember?

We too can use this time and energy to heal and come together in positivity and remembrance of people and places we recognize now from our pasts:

But more knowledge of them:

Solve et Coagula. That's what Eliphas Levi drew on the arms of his Baphomet in the historical illustration from 1861. (Notice the caduceus rising from the creature's lower chakra.) This alchemical theatre has a purpose. Dissolve and congeal, or conjoin. A sublimation prior to transformation. Exactly what the powers-that-be are attempting with the vaxx, and why it is so important to them. Notice that caduceus again; notice how closely it hews to the DNA double helix. 

The road to hell will be paved not with good intentions, but chemistry and mathematics. They show the way to an eternal reality and seek the ideal from what we only perceive in our world as shadows.  Look at the caduceus again:

That snake again:

Owned by Pentapharm, bought by Royal DSM. Royal DSM's co-CEO is a member of the WEF. Connections. Symbols:

The WEF's plan is clear, and unambiguous:

They are all in this together -- and we had better be too:

Spiritual. Technology. 

We need to stop following these Pied Pipers, and remember that that fable ended with the disappearance of who? -- Children -- to dark forces. We need to remember this as Moderna seeks Emergency Use Authorization to start unloading the DNA-altering, experimental, poison jab on children as young as 6 MONTHS:

Fables have existed for hundreds of years for a reason...they're a cautionary tale. A warning to keep your eyes forever open. 

Fate would have us do no less. 

Keep looking at the stars, but keep one eye on the ground. That's important too.

On her way to work one morning down the path alongside the lake

A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake

His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew

"Oh well" she cried "I'll take you in and I'll take care of you!"

Take me in oh tender woman (come on in)

Take me in for heaven's sake (come on in)

Take me in tender woman, sighed the snake.

Now she wrapped him up all cozy in a coverture of silk

And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk

Now she hurried home from work that night, as soon as she arrived

She found that pretty snake she'd taken in had been revived

Take me in oh tender woman, take me in for heaven's sake

Take me in tender woman, sighed the snake.

Now she clutched him to her bosom, "you're so beautiful!" she cried

But if I hadn't brought you in by now you might have died

Now she stroked his pretty skin again and then kissed and held him tight

But instead of saying thanks that snake gave her a vicious bite


"I saved you!" cried that woman, "And you've bit me even, why?

And you know your bite is poisonous and now I'm gonna die."

"Oh shut up, silly woman," said that reptile with a grin...

"Now you knew damn well I was a snake before you brought me in."

Monday, April 11, 2022


"I know it's late and you're already down/ You ain't ready for people around/ I'm gonna tell you something I found out/ Whatever you think life is about/ Whatever life may hold in store/ Things will happen you won't be ready for..." 

"Well where were you, when I needed you? Well you could not be found/ What can I do/ Oh I believed in you/ You're running me around/ Well you can take it as a warning, or take it, any way you'd like/ It's the lightning, not the thunder/ You never know where it's gonna strike-i-ike..."

"People gathered here tonight, I want you to listen to me/ 

To your left and to your right, you've got some pretty soily company/ 

Readers, writers, farmer, priest/ Breed controller, born deceased/ Indian, lawyer, doctor, dog/ And a plumber with a fattened hog/ 

Soily, soily/ The cat in satin trousers said it's oily/ And you know he's right

Romans, Italians, countrymen, I want you to listen to me/ I've said it once and I'll say it again we got some pretty soily company/ 

Liars, cheaters, jungle chief/ Saint believer on relief/ Action painter, Hitler's son/ and a commie with a tommy gun..."

"And you know, they're foot soldiers...the other investigators of the big crimes in our nation's past, which were Iran-Contra and BCCI. These were all vehicles and venues that enabled us to move to this point 20, 30, 40 years later." -- Indira Singh

Well, let's see where this goes this time, all you ghost riders on the edge of night...


We currently live under a Constitution that's living under something else: the dreaded Continuity of Government and the Deep State. The Epstein network and its offshoots (Franklin, Sandusky, NXIVM etc) allow parallel operations like the killing of the Kennedys, 9/11, and the Covid/Vaxx agenda to come off unhindered since everyone is compromised at any juncture in which a voice of opposition might be raised. Everyone of note is blackmailable, controllable. The levers are all flipped pre-implementation. And in each of these clandestine Ops the will of the people has fallen farther and farther away; the heavy hand of a Control System has usurped civil and personal rights with increasing intensity with each of the above Ops. And the abilities of all of us to find out what's going on require constant digging... 

Because this is all fired and escalated by a major occult component that is still revealing itself. The legendary Peter Dale Scott in talking here with Dark Journalist mentions Le Cercle as one of the pertinent offshoots involved in the JFK assassination:

(Pay particular attention around the 1:05:57 timestamp; this details by Garrison Oswald's time at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans -- a company that would be nearly dissolved post-assassination when most of its employee base would shuffle off to work for...NASA.) 

I first heard of this Cercle outfit from the excellent source ISGP, most famous to date for the most comprehensive dressing down of the Dutroux case yet. Strangely, though, when I save their Le Cercle post into my bookmarks, the title defaults into -- get this -- Archive 81 Circle. I have zero explanation for this. It's here:

I have no idea how far back this goes or what it is alluding to, but, given the subject matter of the recent Archive 81 on Netflix, it seems the universe is simply adding more fuel to all our  fires that we need to be listening to. Unless there is a not-so-deep hidden meaning of cults controlling the narrative offscreen (which appears most likely)...and once again, the nature of dreams, and the soul, and our memories, playing a prominent part in an ongoing consciousness shift that could be of our own making but could also be manipulated by outrider forces as we will see.

Other dead giveaways in the amazing sync race:  It has come to my attention that the real-life protagonist of The Exorcist was, as it turns out and has just been revealed, none other than a long-time senior employee at (there's that company again) NASA:

Couple this with the facts concerning the background of its author, William Peter Blatty, and we've got material to dance with for days:

At this point we could even posit that the entire Exorcist milieu was merely a pretense for working somewhat of a nationwide summoning using mind control and subliminals to open gateways in the collective unconscious for -- who knows what -- to come shambling in. The backstory of NASA alone -- Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard, the Babalon Working in the desert just before the flying saucer era coincidentally began, the founding on Halloween, the Deep State Egyptian/Masonic shenanigans uncovered by Richard Hoagland timed to coincide with every Apollo launch and landing:  (just keep on clicking if you dare in your dank basement or balmy treehouse of horror at 3AM....) the deep deep Nazi and Aleister Crowley ties -- make this a fertile spawning ground for just about any nightmarish product whose unleashing is ongoing. Hoagie's entreaties back in the day circa 1996-97 kept me up many a late night into morning rapt listening to he and Art Bell conversing the latest subterranean uncoverings... 

And as some things never change, we've only just begun. Those trails of trying to discern something other, and hidden, have turned into this as the sleepless nights continue; as I try my best to be Art Bell continued for you all -- how's my bumper music?? Haha!!

Apropos of perhaps nothing and yet emblematic of likely everything before we go any farther let's examine the curious case of U.S. senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand since it connects to 2 rather huge nodes in this ongoing investigation. First, chapter and verse her rather extensive ties to the NXIVM cult:

And oh, if it would only end there, but you see, Gillibrand also stakes out a rather front-and-center limelight in the ongoing UFO (now UAP for the cool kids) backstory:

And just like that, over numerous headlines covering 2 or 3 databases you see why people like me continue doing things like this -- because I see numerous scarlet threads there where the mainstream yawns and doesn't. But then again, their paycheck depends on them NOT making those connections. Connections of the same people involved in cults pursuing mind control and child trafficking also just so happening to be right in the middle of the UFO enigma and its ongoing unfolding as political tool, mind control disinfo wedge and consciousness weapon in a worldwide control system sweepstakes. In both content and guilt by association, I actually see it performing hand-in-hand with the vaccine agenda. 

It becomes a question of overlapping pie charts and spheres of influence -- what this all encompasses. And I most definitely include in that the occultic and Lebensborn-tinged eugenics projects and extensive genetic research of Jeffrey Epstein. Indeed, the explosion of the pandemic and vaccine agenda, timed to blow almost in lock step with a proximity-fuse directly linked to Epstein's famous final scene of "death" or something "other," strikes me more and more as a stage-left-exit occult parting shot; one last middle finger to humanity and a final launching of the fabled Thousand Year Reich. 

The components of that Reich are to be found in the crosscurrents of the internecine and the clandestine, and have long been in place. Examine, a few clicks down this first page, the first node of the BCCI, in the valuable HistoryCommons 9/11 timeline, long since gone but still archived:

Notice how that traces back to 1976, and notice who was in the middle of starting it: George H. W. Bush. More about him later on in the proceedings... 

Where could those Black Books of the Dead be archived today? Maybe in something like the SES, the Senior Executive Service, which the invaluable Lara Logan mentions in the closing moments here:

Sound familiar? This is the Deep State still pulling the strings that Peter Dale Scott mentioned along with Le Cercle where we began this time. 

It's this, it's the Revolution in Military Affairs, which was also mentioned as being essential in the PNAC, Project for a New American Century whitepaper that preceded 9/11:

At the bottom of the page: Exploit the "Revolution in Military Affairs." And let's not forget what this entailed, gotten into at length in this post:

It's a military affairs, full spectrum dominance recipe that only seems to gain more credence and standing every single day. Usually we can infer all that's happening to human intervention and manipulation alone, yet as Rust Cohle said in True Detective S1: "But I'm not ruling out other agencies." Especially when, as the veil thins in the psychosphere, there exists so much evidence to the contrary.    

And what exactly has been happening on the UFO/High Strangeness front lately that should concern us? Plenty. That old X Files umbrella of Purity Control never seems to stop applying to everything taking place in and over the Black Ops terrain of the paymasters: vaccines, genetics, consciousness shifting, soul tampering, portal opening hijinks abound.

Listen to what Tim Alberino says here regarding human hybridization at the 37:00 mark and then apply that to what's happening today:


Regarding the above, we have to remember that email string from Hillary Clinton that wikileaks unearthed; the one regarding the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh and the location of buried Nephilim

These come directly from the U.S. State Department database. 

Listen to what David Paulides of Missing 411 research says here at 25:50 regarding what theoretical physicist John Brandenberg told him what he believes factions of the US Government may be working on -- the arming and weaponization of portals

This would go a very long way into understanding why everyone from the FBI to the Green Berets insert themselves into these searches for the thousands of missing persons in the U.S. National Parks, with a "we'll take it from here" attitude, not to mention that according to Paulides, all of these National Parks at first questioning say they keep no databases of missing persons on hand, then when pressed admit that they actually do, but that it'll cost you a cool 2+ million dollars to actually get your hands on one. 

What is going on here? Truly makes one wonder what type of CERN technology might be playing a part in all this, and what kind of advances that organization has made that we'll simply never know anything about...

This train of thought also brings to mind this excellent presentation from Truthstream Media from now 6 years ago, but that pertains even moreso today I think:

You will notice the main man at the center of whatever was going on under Texas at that time: George H. W. Bush. Gee, his name seems to crop up a LOT, doesn't it? That same dude that (philanthropically) launched the Thousand Points of Light Foundation -- the same thousand points of light whose nomenclature came from a certain ritual dome in the Mothers of Darkness castle in Muno, Belgium, now owned by the Solvay drug family:

A Thousand Points of Light award was personally given by Bush to Jerry Sandusky for his Second Mile Foundation, if you can see where this all is going. Probably way more than you want to know right here: 

Let's also not forget what happened right before the "pandemic" struck, and which may yet provide huge clues into what's happening. In early October of 2019:

What I think this alludes to is some kind of mind-warping/erasing tech at play -- the fact that such a close-knit and observant neighborhood wouldn't notice her body for that long a stretch of time is indicative of something else going on.

As I've said before, memories are of particular interest to them, and are a means to an end: "They think they can find the human soul if they understand how our memories work,"

And things just like this have happened before:

But it wasn't just Kurt, many thousands of Phoenix Lights witnesses experienced the very same phenomenon of entering some type of reverie and instantly forgetting something that should have entered their consciousness as a paradigm-shifting, life-changing event: 

Which is why I always say that something much more is going on here at deep levels yet unascertained. But levels that always trace back to the human soul -- listen to the conclusions from the late Dr. Karla Turner at the 46:00 mark here:

This brings us into the murky world of abductions, lately given much more impetus by disclosures from DOD/ Pentagon insiders heavily involved in AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) like Lue Elizondo:

Whether you take people like Elizondo (and Tom Delonge) at face value or whether you'd prefer to give them a wide berth considering their linkages to the Military Industrial Complex and the high probability they may be limited hanger-outers intent on muddying the waters in a misinformation psyops train is a question for another time -- right now we're just looking at the information they are dropping, and how it connects to everything else we're examining. But that means we also need to look very closely at what they're NOT saying -- or not being allowed to say:

You can truly let your mind roam when you begin questioning why and how the vaccine agenda plays into all of this, and how, at last count, 3+ billion people around the world have been injected. (Of course for those of you keeping count, that means 4+ billion of us haven't. Congratulations on being a monkey wrench in the Big Machine. You rock.)

Pretty much all of the claims/statements re disclosure from the Delonge/Elizondo/To The Stars Academy forces can be summed up in these:

And speaking of full disclosure, let's never forget the red flag proximity alerts that should be going off with all this considering two other figures that are wrapped up deeply and intimately with this flood of knowledge: Peter Levenda and John Podesta. Their ties to and blissful ignorance of everything "Pizzagate" should not even have to be reiterated at this point. Strange bedfellows, my friends. Strange (I bet they still rue the day this pic was ever taken) bedfellows.

So where does all this leave us, or, more to the point, where does it leave the children in this Moloch Machine, who seem to have been a primary target all along? Painting targets on their backs for experimental injections aside, what has been the fallout from schools closing, masking everywhere 24/7, social "distancing" and all the other complete foolishness? How about scoring lower across the board on cognitive tests, walking later, speaking later and less fluently, not being able to inherit all the social cues and facial recognition that previous generations have? And after 2+ years we still may not have seen the worst of what may be coming for this lost generation...another level in the Revolution in Military Affairs scheme?

The removal of uncontrollable and unaccountable environmental stimuli on emerging personalities was the absolute dream of functioning psychopath B. F. Skinner. To create an aspergers generation that craves regiment and hierarchy over all else, because that's all they've ever known. What we are doing to children now is animal husbandry, or farming, which should strike a meaningfully ominous note given what may be going on on a widescale basis on this prison planet. I grew up with an anthem that declared "I believe that children are the future..." Well hasn't that sentiment come home to roost in ways of too many numerous unforeseen consequences to count? (At least I call them unforeseen -- I'm sure there are wide swaths of the Deep State that very much would call them, by design, something far different.)

Because wherever you choose to go, in whatever direction you choose to turn, you always get right back to child abuse in this story. In every size, shape, and description. In this secret sprawl of the jungle, the abusers know no limits, and whether it comes at the end of a needle, or a fist, or any other extension you care to name, the genocide of children, of innocence, is paramount to them. And you can spot them -- by their fruits ye shall know them -- every time. To whit: 

The children themselves know something is amiss now. They have known since early in 2020, before their development and intuition were impaired. They sat by and watched every adult they trust lie, take part in their abuse, and tell them to repeatedly "stop questioning the rules" when their God-given intuition told them something was direly wrong. And every adult that complied without criticism or speaking out is complicit. Period. And these children will not forget what was done to them:

The more, and the closer, you look, the paradigm reveals itself, and it is one where we are all being conditioned at every level, nearly non-stop. Examine the films of Ari Aster, and moreso than any entity since Stanley Kubrick, his films are fashioned to function as revealing rituals. But whereas Kubrick seemed very much to employ this tactic in an empowering vein for the "useless eaters" in their fightback, (and paid the ultimate price for it) Aster I sense has darker purposes. Perhaps purposes of summoning, thru ritual sacrifice enactments, spirits here and opening portals for their advent. Ironically, whether he realizes this himself or is simply being used by larger forces, much like the family in his Hereditary, is open for evaluation:

But he has taken what Polanski did with Rosemary's Baby, and provided a much larger template for execution on the world stage. And he furthered that goal with what he did with Midsommar

In this film you can find alarmingly distinct clues before-the-fact of what was soon to transpire in the real world. Just as in Hereditary where the arch-demon Paimon controls events and positions humans as pawns -- the same Paimon that many have identified as one of the 4 spiritual entities revered and worshipped by Epstein on his island of Little St. James, where cardinal coordinates were laid out on the island to venerate the 4 cardinal princes of Hell. (I'm given to understand sometimes Paimon can be inserted for Belial...):

We began looking at those same events here in this post almost 3 years ago:

Many many more ties are noted here in this superb interview between Whitney Webb and RFK, Jr.:

And just to put the final little cherry on the sundae of retrograde horrors for now, I just discovered that the pension fund manager for CERN, Marcus Klug also happened to be the director of one of Jeffrey Epstein's offshore holding companies (thanks Paradise Papers!):

Things that make you go "Hmmmmmm." And don't you just hate it when you find things like that.

In related news, CERN is set to start its third full run this month, after an extended break due to Covid and the attendant restrictions: 

We've traveled pillar to post this time -- take your time to digest everything I've thrown at you -- the scarlet threads are many, and, as always, let me know what you think in the comments, which, if I don't miss my guess, are getting ready to be set alight.

The journey continues...along with the connections.

"Standing on the front porch, lookin left and lookin right

The bloodhounds out to get me I already feel the bite

The rules of the road state to hate those who hate

Sleeping in wet coffins frozen warnings melt away

But you say no to me, just quit sayin no to me

Just stop sayin no to me, 500 times a day see

The billboards on the highway are the prophets of today

The roadkill speaks in poems thru ads and thru campaigns

The warden has his rifle and the sniper's like an owl

I'm hiding in the tall grass with God and Vernon Howell..."