Sunday, January 19, 2020


Broadcasting live here from approximately 30 miles out from Richmond Virginia’s Capitol Square, where, I can tell you, the mood is ominous. The feeling that something dark is almost assuredly going to happen is palpable. I’m suspending normal posting here for this installment, since the aura around here is claustrophobic, and we’re operating in a State of Emergency from Friday the 17th at 5pm until Tuesday the 21st at 5pm. Currently we’re T-minus 31 hours or so from 6:30am Monday, when upwards of possibly more than 100,000 folks will begin to descend on Capitol Square and the surrounding environs.

The people of Virginia have made the decision that their treasonous Governor Northam, the chinless wonder, has gotten out of hand, to put it mildly. According to the Constitution of the United States, the people are fully authorized to do what is necessary, up to and including the use of lethal force, to protect their liberty. These people are serious, and although the use of any kind of firearm will be strictly prohibited inside the barricaded-in “kill zone” within Capitol Square proper, there will be thousands upon thousands of firearms in the immediate vicinity, trust me.

Show up armed inside the exclusion zone and you’ll get optics like you’ve never even imagined before. National Guard snipers will no doubt be installed to take out anyone they see with a weapon and State Troopers are primed to shoot first, second, and third and ask questions later. Hotels and motels within a radius of hundreds of miles have license plate readers activated, and if you think I’m lying, just park somewhere where your plate can’t be readily seen and watch them descend on you in force. And I haven’t even gotten to the crazy shit yet.

I mentioned the obligatory National Guard snipers stationed at rooftop perimetry, but what about the possible retired snipers and vets that will be there from other vantage points, possibly even farther out, looking for the bad guys? No way are vets and patriots going to allow a fed-encouraged globalist firing squad to take place in Virginia.

Did I mention the kill drones that are likely to be flying, too? Northam already has a deal in place with several Israeli-based firms. This is when I worry about things getting really stupid. If a random firecracker does go off and Capitol Square does get lit up, dozens of people get trampled to death, or a stray bullet is fired in error, every LEO in the country will be facing retribution, and it’ll be open season. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

All of the ingredients are in place for the next, and biggest, false flag yet. And it worries me when I feel as if our best, most noble instincts about liberty and constitutional rights are being used to herd us. Which is exactly the M.O. of the globalist, Machiavellian, Soros-backed forces. Of COURSE they know that we are drawing a line in the sand here, and so that will become the turning lever that is used against us. Every mind-controlled, MKUltra-ed, agent provocateur will be out in force looking to set the stage for the next arm of the Great Working for their masters. And I worry that we’re playing right into their hands when we should be thinking 5 moves ahead, the way they do.

The players? The UN has already reared its head in the proceedings:

The Crisis Actor call has gone out:  
And here:

These notices have all been scrubbed, by the way.

The fencing, barricades and detention fortressing are all up and in place:

From this layout of Capitol Square and the surrounding blocks you can see how perfect the logistics are for them – herding us all into a small area where it’s hard to get in and nearly impossible to get out. Should mass arrests take place all of the “insurgents” and “domestic terrorists” can be held en masse at the Coliseum or the Federal Bldg or the Convention Center…all could easily double as holding pens for thousands of deplorables. Convenient, eh?

Then we have this charming piece of equipment – just what, exactly, is the purpose of this killdozer-looking thing? Fairly sure it’s not for serving high tea and crumpets for the afternoon shift. It’s already on site though, and ready for deployment. Also pretty sure it’s equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic weaponry and low-frequency buzzkill tech that’ll discombobulate your medulla oblongata for weeks free of charge should you get a bit too frisky with those Constitutional rights thingys of yours, bunky.

The powers that be in Virginia have made it very clear that they care not a whit for what 91 out of 95 counties in the state want (which is the definition of treasonous right there.) If ANYTHING spooks this fenced-in crowd, it becomes fish in a barrel time, unable to flee, unable to defend themselves, unable to find usable cover or concealment from whatever is happening. Escape at that point would not be an option. This is the textbook definition of a bad idea and what they call playing right into your opponent’s hands. As I said before, for all the very best of intentions.

This smells just like an ambush, and something that we shouldn’t be riding into. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to suddenly have nothing happen on Monday when they expect it, and then, hey, show up unannounced another week when all this has quieted down? They’re always surprising us – why can’t we surprise them once in a while? Instead, it seems we’re marching straight into the spider’s parlor at the appointed time, on his terms. Not real smart.

And hey, these guys have NEVER pulled a false flag before – why, I never!! (Ahem – Gulf of Tonkin, Northwoods, Waco, OKC, 9/11, Dunblane, 7/7, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Vegas, Boston Bombing, etc etc etc…) And let’s remember false flag doesn’t mean people didn’t get sacrificed, it just means not by way of the official story; NEVER by the official story. There is always more, and those particulars are usually sealed for 100 years or so on the grounds of “national security.” You know, to protect we children from ourselves.

Finally, this factoid just crossed the wires: The US military is jamming all GPS signals from January 16-24 across the East Coast at the same time the FBI is confiscating all night-vision devices. Why?

This of course coincides with Richmond. Also with the mysterious recent mystery drone flights across several states including Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska. These, the article above states, were followed up by an emergency meeting with the Oklahoma legislature on a military base (unnamed), where they were briefed about something “horrific” and “life altering” on the way. I’m still looking into this and will report back to all of you when I can find some other corroboration.

Something is happening and multiple dark stars are aligning quickly.

I leave you with the words on her facebook tonight of the very wise VA state senator Amanda Chase. Let’s be safe and careful out there, and we’ll all meet back here soon. And remember, even if nothing happens, people remain aware and it makes it that much harder for deep state trickery to take hold and be effective in the future.

Final thoughts from Amazing Polly and the good old Good Humor Band.

30 Miles Outside of Richmond, and it’s all downhill from here………