Saturday, September 2, 2017


Speaking in terms of the path of totality, we’ve all been in the crosshairs, in a path of totality, of forces far greater, and locked and loaded with far more ominous portent, than a solar eclipse for a long, long time now.  And looking up, things far stranger than an occultation of the sun can be seen massing as this bizarre summer wears on and counts down.  Earthquake weather, hurricane weather, is afoot.  But who can say for sure where Mother Nature’s intent leaves off and the fingerprints of man-made manipulation begin, born in the clandestine engines of HAARP technology from the furious and purloined mind of Nikola Tesla, courtesy of Uncle Sam?  Take a look at the directed energy burst that occurred encircling Corpus Christi that left a signature on the Nexrad radar systems just as Harvey was zooming in, and, coincidentally at the time, gaining even more strength and energy. 

Now take a look at the energy output of the HAARP system at that same time, and where it seemed to be manifesting.  Notice any similarities?

“I have the impression that the UFOs are announcing a change that is coming soon in our scientific paradigms. I am very much afraid that UFOs are related to certain psychic phenomena. Certainly the phenomena has psychic aspects. I don’t talk about them very much because to a general audience, the words ‘psychic’ and “occult” have bad overtones. They say, “Aw, it’s all crazy.” But the fact is that there are psychic things. For instance, UFOs seem to materialize and dematerialize. There are people who have had UFO experiences who’ve claimed to have developed psychic ability. There have been reported cases of healings and of injuries in close encounters and there have been reported cases of precognition, where people had foreknowledge or forewarning that they were going to see something. Some came true, most did not. There has been a radical change of philosophy of person’s lives. Now you see, those are rather tricky things to talk about openly, but it’s there. Many people feel that it might be a conditioning process.”     J Allen Hynek  

In C.S. Lewis’ masterful work The Screwtape Letters, the experienced demon Uncle Screwtape had some good advice for the apprentice demon named Wormwood. He explains the ways that human beings may be manipulated by demons.1. Get them to think too much about demons. 2. Get them to completely ignore demonic involvement in the world.  3. Get them to believe in a neutral force that is neither good nor evil. Regarding that third point, Uncle Screwtape said,
“If once we can produce our perfect work — the Materialist Magician, the man, not using, but veritably worshipping what he vaguely calls ‘Forces’ while denying the existence of ‘spirits’ — then the end of the war will be in sight.”

“Listen to me, Major Walsh; it is an event sociologique.”  Francois Truffaut playing Lacombe playing Jacques Vallee, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind         

“What you like is in the limo/ Fame/ what you get is no tomorrow…”    Bowie/Lennon

"Tune in, wouldn't it be something/  Rumours spreading into panic
I've seen movements in the clearing/  Someone sent you something satanic
I have to leave you, radar's calling/  Outside somebody landed
Crazy wavelengths leave you helpless/  Oh don't forget me I'm so stranded
I wouldn't fool you but I've seen the saucers/  So many times I'm almost in tune
Watching them flying in formation/  Thinking how I could be so immune
I've seen them I've been there with them/  I can tell you all you want to know
Something touched me and I was only sleeping/  Wouldn't you, wouldn't you like to go
Stars climbing into their planets/  Systems won, controlled from birth
Empty living on this highway/  Can you see me mother earth…'' I’ve Seen The Saucers       Elton John/Bernie Taupin 


Where is all this, this unleashed torrent of supreme high strangeness, coming from?   All I can say once again is that at the end of the road we will find that all of this is connected, and sometimes you have to look back to find your footing, and your way.  So let’s do that.   This next particular jaunt in the big journey begins on the side of a dusty road in Ravenna, Ohio in 1966.  We’re on Rte 224 to be exact, between Randolph and Atwater.  We’re in Car 13 with patrolmen Dale Spaur and Wilbur ‘Barney’ Neff when we see a red and white 1959 Ford parked on the side of the road with strange markings on it.  It’s nearly 5 a.m. on April 17, 1966, and this stretch of road is isolated, and lined with trees.  As we approach the abandoned vehicle, we notice a strange triangular insignia on the side, emblazoned with a lightning bolt in the middle.  Above the insignia reads “Seven Steps To Hell.”  The interior of the car is filled with walkie talkies and sound equipment. 

As the two try to make sense of this, a deep humming sound begins from behind them.  Spaur likens it to the sound of an overloaded compressor or transformer.  They both turn and see a huge, saucer-shaped craft rising out of the woods.  Its underside glows with an intense, purplish-white light so bright it brings tears to both men’s eyes.  As the tears run down their faces the craft glides smoothly upward to approximately 150 feet and moves directly over their cruiser.  Spaur in later recollections is convinced he is paralyzed; trying to move his limbs he finds he cannot.  Something in Spaur’s mind tells him not to get into his cruiser just yet.  Bizarre, disconnected thoughts race through his mind that if he touches the door handle the car will disappear.

The saucer then moves away from the car, and stops, as if waiting for the men.  Both men then race for the cruiser at the same instant.  Spaur also later regards this as strange that they both would move in unison instantaneously, as if commanded by an unseen mental force, almost as if their movements were directed.  Spaur radios in to the deskman on duty, Deputy Wilson, and finds that other reports have also been pouring in from Summit County sheriff’s deputies and other residents around the Mogadore Reservoir who have seen something strange in the night skies.  Wilson asks Spaur how close he is to the object, and, surmising it might be a weather balloon, wondering if he can get off a shot at it with his 44 Magnum. 

Spaur thinks long and hard about this as more thoughts fly unheeded into his mind.  From what he had seen so far he was quite impressed, and didn’t want to risk irritating this thing.  It was as big as a house, over 60 feet long and at least 20 feet high, and looked quite solid.  It could easily squash the cruiser like an egg. 

“I don’t think I want to do that,” he radioed back, and repeated his description of the object.  “Listen Rob, this thing’s a monster.  It’s like looking down the middle of hell!”  The top part of the saucer was a large dome, darker and somewhat melted looking in the rear portion of it, with a long antenna shooting out from this area.  Every so often the craft fires down a cone of light into the pre-dawn darkness, seemingly observing the ground…looking.  It begins to move away, slowly at first, and Spaur and Neff start after it.

What follows is an intense, cross country chase that doubles as a game of cat-and-mouse.  Often as speeds over 100 m.p.h., Spaur and Neff track the craft cross state lines from Ohio into Pennsylvania.  Bizarrely, the saucer seems to be letting Spaur and Neff follow it.  It waits for them at intersections.  They lose sight of it around junctions and underpasses and it slows down.  It doubles back when Spaur is once forced to make a turn away from its eastward path. 

If all of this sounds vaguely familiar it’s because it formed the basis for the chase scene early on in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.  Spielberg studiously read up on the case and even interviewed and invited Spaur on set as a consultant during production.  That flying ice-cream cone on its side?  Straight from Spaur’s descriptions.

Finally the chase ends after some 86 miles when Spaur runs out of gas near Pittsburgh and the sun begins to paint the morning sky.  At a gas station and in full view of Spaur, Neff, and by then 2 other police witnesses, they see the contrails of 3 separate jets in pursuit of the object before it makes a 90-degree turn and shoots straight upward at ridiculous speed, vanishing.  There is no sonic boom.

Also not known at the time to Spaur, his chief, Gerald Buchert, some 8 miles away from the actual initial sighting, had the presence of mind to go out and search the night sky at the time in that direction, and actually captured a photograph of the saucer outlined against the darkness, glowing.  Enhancements and analysis from the Air Force came to, surprise, surprise, no clear conclusions, all the while sticking to the party line in their whitewash investigation that the officers had been observing and chasing the planet Venus.  Refracted through fog. 

To say that the incident left an indelible imprint on the life of all concerned would be putting it mildly, but Dale Spaur felt the repercussions the most, and fared the worst.  The negative psychic shrapnel that the sighting let fly in his direction was considerable. 

It all became very confusing, and the entire world fell apart for Spaur.  “My entire life came crashing down around my shoulders,” he said.  “Everything changed.  I still don’t really know what happened, but suddenly it was as though everybody owned me…and I no longer had anything for myself.  My wife, my home, my children.  They all seemed to fade away.” 

Spaur’s wife, Daneise: “Something happened to Dale, but I don’t know what it was.  He came home that day and I never saw him more frightened before.  He acted strange, listless.  He just sat around.  He was very pale.  Then later, he got real nervous.  Then he started to run away.  He’d disappear for days and days.  I wouldn’t see him.  Our marriage fell apart.  All sorts of people came to the house.  Investigators.  Reporters.  They kept him up all night, hounding him.  They hounded him right into the ground.  And he changed.”

One night, Spaur came home late.  He still isn’t sure what happened.  There were other people there when he walked into the living room.  Things got very tense, very confused.  He grabbed his wife and shook her.  Hard.  It left bruises on her arms.  That was at the end of July, 1966.  She filed assault and battery charges and Spaur was jailed for beating his wife.  He turned in his badge.  The strapping 6’7” lawman had lost 40 pounds.  When he got out of jail on the battery charges, Spaur left town and turned his back on everything, but the object continued to follow him, still locked in the spooky terrain of his dreams.  Night after night, Spaur would awaken alone in his hotel room, drenched in sweat, still outside that cruiser, and staring up into the eerie light of something beyond the bounds of human imagining.  (This in particular brings to mind the compelling interest of military and intelligence agencies in the specific dreams of many close encounter witnesses, and their importance in an overall scheme of which they’re not making the rest of us privy to.  It makes you wonder as to the effect of certain plasmas and energy sources, certain frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, on overall mental processes – how do they affect these – and the true nature of exactly what the human dreamstate may be.)  See here for more and some of the implications:

One more sidelight along these lines before we return to Spaur.  It only recently in the past several weeks came to public attention of the pilot that was first to report on the Phoenix Lights over Sky Harbor in 1997:  Kurt Russell, the actor.  But the reason was fascinating.  He was watching a TV special about the 20-year anniversary of the mass sighting and started thinking, “Why do I know this?”  He heard about the civilian pilot that radioed in the first sighting from the air and thought, “Wait a minute, that was ME!”  Both he and his young son, in the plane with him at the time, had completely forgotten about the entire incident, seemingly almost as soon as they landed that night in March, 1997.  Interestingly, many eyewitnesses to the event that night have since discovered strange memory gaps and loss in the intervening years.  The implications here speak obviously to some type of mind control, and bring to the forefront all kinds of ‘missing time’ scenarios.   Here’s the awesome Tyler from Secureteam on the whole business:  

Meanwhile, back to Spaur, and what his case means in all of this.  What not many know is that Spaur saw the object he named Floyd once more before he ran away.  It was June 1966.  He was driving east on interstate 80S one night.  By this time the radio operators and police dispatchers knew certain civilians and persons of interest were monitoring their broadcasts, so they, along with Spaur, decided to develop a code should any further sightings take place.  Spaur suggested ‘Floyd,’ his middle name.

One night, out of the blue, the dispatch radio crackled into life.  “Floyd’s here with me,” the voice of Dale Spaur whispers out of the darkness.  The same object is there above his cruiser when he looks up.  Again.

He parks the car and sits there, alone.  Neff is not there with him this time.  He lights a cigarette and stares at the floor of the cruiser, not wanting to look up again.  Not wanting “it” to still be there.  15 minutes pass.  When he finally gathers the courage to again peek, Floyd has disappeared.  But it still follows him.  In his dreams.

It took time, but after a long time of child support and only having enough money to subsist on a bowl of soup and one peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich per day, Spaur finally got his life together.  Moving to West Virginia and finding work in mining, he seemed to be doing fairly well.  But one day he suffered an accident where he fell 70 feet down a mine shaft and broke his back.  He was in a coma for several days in the local hospital, eyes open, unresponsive.  A nurse was supposed to sit with him around the clock, but she only lasted a couple of hours.  She came running out of the room suddenly late one night, screaming.  Witnesses say she was hysterically crying “this man is possessed by an alien!”  No one in West Virginia had known of Spaur’s previous life or experiences.

When he finally recovered, Spaur moved back to Ohio and remarried, opening a bar called the Avenue on West 65th and Detroit Rd in Cleveland.  On very rare occasions he would tell stories of the UFO he called Floyd.  He said it would still visit him when no one else was around.

Spaur died on April 4, 1983, never recovering from a bout of severe pneumonia after catching the flu.  His dreams were with him the whole way.  They may still be.

If there is any definitive proof of their encounter from up close, real close, the military likely has it.  Family members later disclosed that Spaur and Neff kept a camera in their cruiser.  They took dozens of photographs.  But when the Blue Book boys came to town to investigate, they confiscated every one of them.  They have never been released.

Implications?  Where to begin?  First and foremost is the fact that whatever happened to Dale Spaur left an unmistakable psychic imprint upon him, especially, and not for the better.  Whatever happened to him haunted him in a deep psychological place for the remainder of his life.  If this is one of the first examples of the kind of probing mental interaction that exposure to these forces causes, it’s no wonder that the “authorities” have an incredible interest in the psychic ramifications of such encounters and sightings on the human anatomy, nervous system, and mind.  Their interest would be intense, especially wondering whether or not these forces were sending messages and/or instructions to the subconscious mind; ones that could manifest months or even years down the line.  This, after all, was, and remains, an abiding goal of all of their mind control objectives and programs, from MK-Ultra, to MK-OFTEN, to Monarch, to the possibilities of controlling the mental collective through programs like HAARP, CERN, and ongoing aerosol operations.  This December 15, Netflix will premiere the previously untold story of late operative Frank Olson, and the beginning of the CIA’s classified, unlawful, LSD mind control experiments.  Perhaps this is all part of a steady drip of disclosure to condition the masses for larger and more ominous programs yet to come.

Has some form of contact been established already with off-world forces?  Is this the ultimate endgame of inducing Multiple Personality Disorder and/or Dissociative Identity Disorder in young children through trauma-based mind control?  (Yes Pedogate, I’m talkin’ to you…) 

And exactly what kind of forces are we talking about when they can manifest as solid, seemingly nuts-and-bolts craft that can be painted with radar technology one minute, then vanish at will-o-the-wisp speed the next, making right angle turns at thousands of miles an hour that would kill any bio-form piloting them, not to mention not leaving any tell-tale sonic boom signatures?  This is a technology, an alchemy, that is, as Arthur C. Clarke postulated, indistinguishable from magic.  Or, should I say in this case, magick.  All of which means we are dealing not with a material technology, but more likely than not, a spiritual one.

The latest research seems to point to the fact of multiple dimensions not just in our universe, but in multiple universes.  In ours alone, it is postulated that the nearest dimension is likely to be as close to this plane as anywhere between 9-18 millimeters away.  That’s less than the thickness of a standard tennis racquet.  Imagine.  What was that legendary question pioneering sci-fi author John Campbell asked that reverberated down through how many “The Thing” remakes now?  Ah yes, “Who Goes There?”  Who indeed.

As one of my research contacts phrased it when discussing this open invitation to extra-dimensional forces to invade our psyches, “We don’t know where the line is drawn between dabbling and demonism, or between curiosity and commitment, nor do we know how and when that line is crossed. It may be that the question of “how much” has less to do with it than we think. I would suggest that the neural and mental pattern set up by psychic involvement provides an interface with other forms of consciousness, which are extradimensional and demonic in nature. If that is the case, then psychic dabbling is a little like entering the cage of a man-eating tiger. You may or may not be eaten, depending on how hungry the tiger is. The significant point is that once you enter the cage, the initiative passes to the tiger.” – Ufologist and theologian Ray Boeche   

It seems to me that whatever is herding us, (and that includes our earthly overlords who are only being led to believe they’re in charge), intends to rule over us forever, and that rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness.   The Collins Elite, a government think-tank charged with looking into the ET question as well as those government insiders who were charged with looking into it (who watches the watchers?), came to the altogether icky conclusion that what humanity was dealing with since Roswell on down were not extraterrestrial, but extra-dimensional (read: spiritual/demonic) forces.  Forces that had likely been summoned here by a combination of factors.  Possibly a rip in the continuum caused by atomic testing.  Possibly rituals of summoning (the Babalon Working) that had been put in force by JPL founder Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard (of Scientology fame) in the desert in January 1946 according to the template set forth by none other than Aleister Crowley.  Possibly other factors as well.  They also, through a pair of insiders from the NSA and DIA, came across the knowledge that certain government agencies were still running operations attempting to contact and “weaponize” these forces…through rituals following along the lines of those espoused by, yet again, Mr. Crowley, up to and including human sacrifice.  And perhaps we’re not only speaking of isolated, small scale, experimental incidents.  Perhaps we need to think of a larger canvas. 

Pompeii.  Chernobyl.  9/11.  Fukushima Daiichi and the slow-release Armageddon it’s releasing even now as you read this…nothing is beyond the range of these forces to unleash in their service-to-self agenda while the world calls it all just more piling on of coincidence.  That’s been the defacto fallback position for hundreds of thousands of years in the go-along, get-along everyday world, and it is a coping mechanism that will be, quite literally, the death of us all.  The technology at their disposal is unimaginable, the material merged with the spiritual, as they seek to rape and reshape the planet according to their vision.  Whether they’re talking of raping the innocence of a child, the mind of a man, or the purity of an ecosystem makes little difference.  What’s coming next is unknowable, but you can bet everything that it is coming.    

I think we need to study again Jacques Vallee’s Passport To Magonia.  What exactly were those imps, sprites and fairies he chronicled interacting with humanity down through antiquity?  He was so close here to the final truth, and also in his important Messengers Of Deception, except in that case that the ultimate manipulators were not, and are not, human, as researchers such as John Keel, Ray Boeche, and Linda Howe have long documented. 

In a summer that’s featured manufactured race riots (thanks for the Gladio II George Soros!), and what now looks like a manufactured hurricane, I can only have slight trepidation about what a bonafide total solar eclipse portends.  Perhaps that path of totality is wider than we all thought, and encompasses a lot more.   

This is a matrix, a training ground for souls in battle, and the dead man’s curves of reality are all we have to hang onto on the way down and the ride through.   

If he could, I’m sure Dale Spaur would tell you the same.