Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Everything has to start somewhere, and while the true origin point of storms likely lies somewhere in the dim past when the major architectural selling flair tended to the pyramidal, there are gradations where the operations go ‘hot,’ and things tend to get, let’s say, stickier. This is the time of year when the proceedings have tended to get historically very hot, and that is why we need to pay strict attention now, in these waning Dog Days. Because some autumns are hotter than most.

And because we know now -- with the advent of Epstein and Maxwell, and COVID plans for the country being so close to covert ones, and amid the giggling of Bill Gates as some kind of hellish soundtrack – so much more than we knew then. Because we can see the overlap; the Epstein/Maxwell network, buoyed by false passports and offshore accounts, blurring into Ollie North’s Iran/Contra mess, (which needed Mena so desperately to operate), fueled by PROMIS tech and funded by BCCI, which would blur into 9/11, the echoes of which we feel both existentially and in the same mind-control ops of the COVID scheme embracing the nation so tentacularly today. Which in turn gains its traction from Big Pharma/Ivy League/experimental monies garnered from Epstein with Bill Gates serving as the bag man. See how this works?    

And mostly because some things bear repeating, and should be revisited, here’s me, from now 6 years ago, on the saga of Don Henry and Kevin Ives. Because their names should never be forgotten. 

If all of America is Lovecraft Country now, then this is one of the precursor events. Most of life right now is as it is because of this one hot august night:  https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2014/08/oh-times-have-come.html

Back soon with more.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020



“A voice called from beyond the stars

By way of the serpent whirling through my veins

Through the clatter of the iron age

Into the dreams of the insane:

Turn away from the light again!”

On The Wings Of Gloria, (The Thousandfold Epicentre), The Devil’s Blood  2011 


“In the satanic camp we have seen how Hitler believed in the existence of Superior Beings, and heard him reveal his secret: ‘The mutation of the human race has begun. There are already supermen!’”    Morning Of The Magicians, Pauwels and Berger, 1960

“The New Man is living amongst us! He is there! What more do you want? I will tell you a secret: I have seen the New Man. He is intrepid and cruel! I was afraid in his presence!”  A trembling Hitler, pointing at something in an empty corner only he could see.


“What we are witnessing in the wake of the public enactment of these alchemical psychodramas, whose spiritual consequences for mankind are far more momentous than most have thus far guessed, is a process of global occult initiation.”     Michael A. Hoffman


“Failure to establish the Post COVID New World Order could set the world on fire.”  Henry Kissinger


“The gentleman that called in – I believe his stories – because I have a companion story to his. It started before his stories. They’ve come here before. And now that these things are happening more often, we have a better idea of what may be out there. But ever since I was a little girl they’ve liked this place. They always have.


The people in the sky.

So you truly believe that?

I don’t have to truly believe it. It’s just the truth. Have you ever heard about the Boles Acres Raid?


Well, when I was still little, they finished the Alamagordo-El Paso rail line. And one day, a passenger train coasted to a stop outside town.  When the deputies got there, it was completely empty. Everyone assumed the Apaches took them, so they called it the Boles Acres Raid. But a few days later a beat-up young lasy came into town who had jumped off that train. Out in the brush, she’d been hiding out there somewhere. She was dehydrated and wouldn’t talk. My friend Charlotte’s family took her in. They fed her, gave her a bed, Charlotte’s bed actually, and they telegraphed someone in El Paso to come get her, so they could get some answers.

Charlotte’s dad was the Methodist minister. Batsell Breff. He started the church here. My parents died when I was little so I lived many weeks of the year with Charlotte’s family. When my brothers and sisters were working or had too many mouths to feed. But that night…that woman from the train started muttering something in her sleep, in Charlotte’s room. It wasn’t English or Spanish or Indian. So we opened the door a crack to listen. We’d never heard it before, but I remembered it. And then, before the next day, she disappeared. Crawled out the window and stole a horse, believe it or not. So if you ever hear about the old horse witch, that’s where the story came from.

My older sister raised me. But mostly I lived alone. I made dresses and tablecloths and what have you. I was still young when I met Claude Maynard. He was part of the crew putting telephone lines in. We fell in love, and I conceived my son with him without being married. I actually didn’t know that was how you made a baby believe it or not. He said he’d come back when he finished work in White Sands, and I believed him, but he never did.

When my baby was born I named him Hollis. A few people were kind to me, but mostly I was on my own with him. This wasn’t a neighborhood or a town like it is today. It was scattered houses around the buildings on Ayers. I was a lonely mother, but I did my best. And later on I heard Claude had died stringing up lights in a cave in Texas for a tourist operation. Of course that broke my heart. But to get back to when Hollis was still a baby….

One night after I’d nursed him, he was asleep in my arms, and he started making the sounds of an infant. And then they became clearer. More vocal. And then he spoke his first words. And the same words I heard come from that confused woman at Charlotte’s started coming from the mouth of my ten-month-old in his sleep. I tried to tell a few people. I went to a doctor in another town. He said it was baby noises and I shouldn’t tell anyone else.

Hollis always behaved differently. He fixated on objects. He wouldn’t hear you. And in his sleep, I would occasionally hear him…say those words. So I wrote them down. Word for word. I asked him about it, but he didn’t know. And one night, when he was about four years old, it got really windy outside. And there was a sound, like a really large windmill. And Hollis set his gaze on the window. And he wouldn’t respond. So I read the muttering to him. And his eyes closed and he looked up at the ceiling and he didn’t move. And then his lips moved with mine. And a few moments after I stopped, he opened his eyes and went back to playing. I tried it again a few days later but nothing. So I figured, there must be something out there on those nights, telling him something that no one can hear. Radio was pretty new, and that’s what I thought it was…Or something from the occult.

And then when he was nine, I got the feeling that something was out there again. And that night, in the middle of the night, he walked out the front door of this house and vanished,


He was taken up from this Earth. There were no other houses. It was very dry. I followed his footprints out the front door…out to about 150 feet…and they stopped there in the dirt. And he wasn’t there. They took my son. And no one has ever believed me.

Was there an investigation?

Of course. But the whole thing turned into an investigation of me. People were convinced that my son had ruined my life…so I killed him.

So, did you recognize the sound that we played on the radio tonight?

No. But I believe I know what is going on. I believe they’re up there tonight. Right now. And I think there are some reasons to support that idea.

Like what?

I think they stay away from big cities. I think they wait for people to get together, in one place, like tonight, and when everyone gets out of that game, they’re going to be gone. I think they like people alone. Mmm..And I think they talk to people with some kind of advanced radio, in their sleep.

Right, like you think they did with your son?

I didn’t just think this up… I think, at the lowest level, they send people on errands. They play with people’s minds. They sway people to do things and think certain ways so that we stay in conflict, focused on ourself. So that we’re always cleaning house or losing weight or dressing up for other people. I think they get inside our heads and make us do destructive things, like drink and overeat. I’ve seen good people go bad and smart people go mad. I think, at the highest level, they do things that cause nations to go to war. Things that make no sense.  And I think no one knows they’re being affected. We all work out other reasons to justify our actions. But free will isn’t possible with them up there.

I’ve had an entire life to think about this. Years alone. And that’s what I think.”

        Dialogue from THE VAST OF NIGHT film (2020)


“My head is spinning as I scrawl with my pen ‘cause I’ve been pouring vodka in my soul/ Nothing really ever changes my friend/ New lamps for old, new lamps for old…”      Townshend, New Song, Who Are You, 1978


“You have to manipulate lots of things because nothing can be seen as it is. Everything has to appear to be something different. You see the people as a flock of sheep. You put a couple of border collies and you drive them in a direction. And to be honest with you, I still see that happening all around me. People are still, thru the systems and methods that we ourselves used to use, being treated in that same way, and it still works.”    Ronald Bernard, 2017




Welcome to month 10 approximately of the slow kill 9/11 programming. Project Monarch 2.0 of the unfolding Hegelian Dialectic reality we can’t seem to pry ourselves out of enough to achieve escape velocity. Where Soylent Green is people, where philanthropy is a form of service-to-self and the only other thing they’re serving is us…… “It’s a cookbook!”     


We are in the middle of multiple and simultaneous major theatre mind control wars; every aspect of American individualism and self-determination is under continued assault, with no end in sight. But lest you think this is going un-regarded and un-actioned on not only these shores but worldwide, well, in the immortal words of Judas Priest, you got another thing comin’. Grab your coronavirus plushies, ‘cause here we go…

Just a weekend ago, despite the fumbling hummanuh-hummanuh protests of those like-minded cretins at CNN, NBC, and the New York Times declaring the numbers at only 17,000, some 1.5 million people took part in boots-in-the-streets marches in Berlin to voice their concern over whether or not they were being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about all things COVID. Those MSM mouthpieces also called all those that gathered nothing more than “neo-Nazis” and fringe “conspiracy”-tards. Make no mistake, all of these “conspiracy” people were saying loudly and in the clearest terms imaginable: Stop lying to us. And not just about COVID. About everything.  See the top of this page for an aerial/drone view of the proceedings that is being currently suppressed everywhere – and for good reason – that’s not 17,000 people.

John F. Kennedy: “All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words‚ Ich bin ein Berliner!" (July 8, 1963)  


And on the very same weekend this took place in California and also at the offices of CNN: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1289320829931544576.html


So there are most assuredly more forces than ever before ready and willing to let their voices be heard against the encroaching tentacles of the Deep State, Globalism, and George Bush Sr.’s highly prized New World Order of deceitful, thousand-points-of-light, little Morning stars – but the tasks and the roads ahead of us are formidable to say the least. The stormy roil isn’t getting any less stormy or roiling, and evidences no signs of abating any time soon.


But some enlightened old souls are always awake and watching, not following the prescribed New World Order clock or the steady diet of social engineering disguised as “please care for your neighbors” mask-wearing and the force-fed COVID death, positive tests and hospitalization numbers which are manipulated constantly. Recent case in point being that children have only now, after 9 months, been recognized as being (horrors!) “superspreaders,” just happening to coincide with back-to-school time.   


Perhaps Erin Valenti knew exactly what was coming. Chief Exec and entrepreneur for Tinker Ventures, Erin (of Salt Lake City) as founder of Tinker at 33 went to Silicon Valley on business last October. She would not emerge fully into this particular life again from there – she was reported missing on October 7 having missed her flight home from San Jose. 5 days later she was found dead in the back of her grey Nissan Murano rental car, with no obvious signs of physical harm, along a well-trafficked thoroughfare right by the San Jose airport’s Almaden neighborhood.

How had no one reported a body in the back of an out-of-place rental car for 5 days? Her death was reported as being from natural causes and as a result of having a “manic episode.” Instead, may I suggest, she was merely having a problem with her “sight”; seeing the next 2, 4, 6, 10 months quite clearly and recoiling at a biological extreme from what her fully realized crystal visions showed her.

In her last reported phone call on Oct 7 to her parents, she said this: “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment. We’re in the Matrix.”   https://frankreport.com/2019/10/29/was-erin-valenti-killed-by-the-very-brainwave-interface-technology-she-sought-to-expose/

https://frankreport.com/2019/10/26/are-thomas-reardons-experiments-on-brain-wave-interfaces-connected-to-erin-valentis-death/     (pay particular attention to this link as it addresses these systems also in regard to being interlaced with abolishing child trafficking, which also happened to be another passionate cause of Erin’s…This would of course place her squarely in league with Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Georgia senator Nancy Shaefer, Max Spiers, Mae Brussell, Monica Petersen and others looking into similar areas facing similar murky fates.)


Many others long before Erin had similar suspicions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP99txGpgB8&t=37s


While many others still are working to make this “matrix”-type thought experiment a reality in ever-updated terms, as we will see very soon.

But first, the seeds of the “Great Reset,” the “New Normal,” and all the rest can be traced to somewhere back around here, and Stanford research Institute’s “Changing Images Of Man” where the concept of our minds actually being used against us in a modern context was born: https://auticulture.com/blog/2013/03/13/deep-background-sri-lsd-changing-images-of-man-the-aquarian-conspiracy/


In all its gory glory here: http://iceagefarmer.com/docs/Changing-Images-of-Man.pdf

White papers like this would carry down the line and beget even sturdier templates like this from the Brookings Institute (those folks that acknowledged at the dawn of the space race that we would in all likelihood find evidence of former, off-world civilizations in ruins on nearly every planet in our solar system, but Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn for sure – how did they know this? – and thanks for the long ago heads-up Dick Hoagland – who was “on” to so many things): https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2020/06/19/rebuilding-toward-the-great-reset-crisis-covid-19-and-the-sustainable-development-goals/

You will notice that this last salvo was published in joint effort with the Rockefeller Foundation.

You will also notice the peculiar wording for such a “scientific” and reasoned proposal: “If we describe the current situation as a ‘moment of multidimensional crises,’” Hmm. How Lovecraftian.

You will further notice the increased use of the wording “the Great Reset,” now so often found on the lips of everyone from Bill Gates to news anchors to Tom Hanks as well as all of those wishing to catapult the agenda down the road. If you didn’t know better, you’d almost think they were receiving their talking points from some like-minded coven of sources.    


It would be like hearing the powers-that-be at CERN say “The particle accelerator is thought to have served as a portal into the solar system for a technologically advanced civilization with the aim of colonization.”  Oh wait, they did…here: https://home.cern/news/news/cern/ancient-particle-accelerator-discovered-mars 

April Fools! Those wacky scientists as CERN always like to pull stuff like this – remember? Like that time they staged a human sacrifice in front of the Shiva statue for yuks:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN_ritual_hoax 

What pranksters! Because what IF they really WERE doing all this, then wouldn’t the best, most plausible, deniability be for them to make a joke out of the whole thing? Because, hey, we really wouldn’t be doing all this – get real! It’s a joke! Can’t you take a joke? We scientists are well known jokesters, you can always find us with lampshades on our heads, life o the party guys, egging people’s houses, going on crazy trips to islands and fucking little kids in ceremonial rape dungeons and temples. What happens to ‘em afterwards? Who KNOWS?? It’s crazy!!

But I digress…..let’s get back to those multidimensional crises, and the orchestrators of such.


 “Is earth an open or closed economy? I went to business school, I worked on Wall Street for eleven years, you know I’ve been involved in the economy my whole life and the whole time I was invited to assume that earth was a closed economy. So, if we issued debt, then other humans owned that debt. If we issued stock, other humans owned that stock. But if you look at all the economic experiences I’ve had over my whole life, in government, businesses, everything else, what I will tell you is, you know, if you ask me to describe the economic model on planet earth, I would say, ‘well planet earth is a real estate investment trust because we’re paying a dividend some place every year, and I don’t know where it’s going. It’s going into that question mark, on the planetary balance sheet.”


“Let me bring it down to some of the important questions you have to ask if you ask the question, ‘is this an open or closed economy.’ I got great statistics on who would issue debt, but for the life of me I couldn’t get great statistics on who owned it. I don’t know who owns it. I know they control. And they control through the debt because that’s how you control a company in invisible ways, by controlling through the debt. Who owns the debt? Is it humans, or is it somebody else?” ~Catherine Austin Fitts

“You learn more and more about the real world, since thru the financial world you learn all of the actual truth…your clients give you glimpses of how the world really works. Because my clients were banks, they didn’t want blood on their hands, but within those banks there were always a number of people who knew damn well what is going on.”  Ronald Bernard, 2017


Judge Ester Salas had just been appointed to oversee the looming Epstein Deutsche Bank trial only 48 hours before a gunman wearing a FedEx delivery disguise gunned down both her husband and her son at her home in New Brunswick, NJ. The son was killed and the gunman, Roy Den Hollander, shot himself later in what was called a suicide. The shooting of Salas’ family took place on Sunday July 19 and Hollander was found on the 20th

Deutsche had been fined $150 million by NY regulators for failing to red flag the many shady transactions and launderings of the Epstein funds. In financial dealings at this level, funneling and hiding are the two major bywords and Deutsche Bank, beyond doubt, seems to have been a major hub in the continuing operations of the Cabal. And yes, that includes managing and massaging of the trillions generated from the sale of arms, drugs, and most importantly and lucratively, children.

When Deutsche was charged this penalty, it was done so without the knowledge of Epstein’s top financial consult Thomas Bowers. Why? He killed himself too in 2019. Perhaps he knew and was ready to spill about the “unknown actors” acting on their own behalf (and Deutsche Bank’s) that made millions just prior to the Sept.11 attacks due to advanced foreknowledge and insider trading. These “actors” are still “unknown” because although their footprint can of course be traced by any number of federal regulatory agencies, their identities have never been disclosed. Likely due to the “public good” or for reasons of National Security, no doubt.   

Interestingly, Hollander, according to his own website, once worked for the Moscow office of none other than Kroll Associates. If the name of Kroll rings a bell, it should – it was and remains heavily implicated in the 9/11 Op: http://www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=kroll_associates_1

http://whokilledjohnoneill.com/essay/   Much, much more concerning Kroll here, and where they are positioned in the grand scheme of things.

If the combined nexus of Deutsche Bank and Kroll flying into the festivities seem rather familiar, they should. This is the blueprint they have hit the “great reset” button on before, so you know they’ll be doing it again – Deutsche Bank meet BCCI, BCCI meet Deutsche Bank. The names change but the operations continue. This might be the “Great Reset” and the New Normal, but there is nothing original to their tactics, modus operandi, or ultimate goal.

For more on that, check out this excellent link about how another Kroll 9/11 major player (not to mention the mastermind behind the 2001 anthrax attacks) Jerome Hauer, is set to make millions on the COVID vaxx: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/04/investigative-series/a-killer-enterprise-how-one-of-big-pharmas-most-corrupt-companies-plans-to-corner-the-covid-19-cure-market/

See how all of these puppets keep popping up again and again in same, like-minded operations down thru the years? ‘Coincidence’ theorists would tell you it’s all just that – coincidence. But you know it’s more, don’t you?


So what has to happen? Not enough people are buying the COVID psyop mainstream narrative anymore, you can feel that just in your interactions in everyday life. People know and can sense now that something is way, way off. So something else will have to be inserted for the control system to stay online and running towards its intended conclusion. What? And therein lies the big question. 

Because more and more everyday folk are seeing the transparencies now – the connections between persons of interest, the Epstein network and all its foils and runners being behind what’s happening, and has been since the start, with the entire COVID agenda. How this medical and seemingly pandemic crisis ties in with the political, how the political ties in with the increasingly esoteric and occult elements, and how all this recent alien and UFO disclosure news can serve all those masters. (Meet you at the corner of flying saucers and worldwide pedophile rings…anybody?)


“There’s a good life, right across this green field/ And each generation stares at it from afar/ But we keep no check on our appetites/ So green fields turn to brown like paper in fire…”  Paper In Fire, John Mellencamp, 1987


Many problems begin and end at the base level. For us here, spirits in the material world trapped in the human condition for a time, that level is our DNA. And there is a concerted effort by many upper-tier personalities in seeking to alter that DNA, to modify it, recombine it. This seems, needless to say, a curious proposition that begs the question – “Why?” The answers to that lie in many darkened corners. They are wrapped in mind control (COVID gaslighting) and trauma-based programming (Mask fear and alienation), but there are concrete effects that are attempting to be implemented. These answers also must be observed thru a patina of associations: look at some of the major players trying to put them into play on a mass scale; then look at who they are closely associated with. Those answers are telling, and lead into areas that have profound implications for the entire world.

We have examined the particulars of the Bill Gates machinery here before, but as with any good Luciferian operation, the expansions continue unabated. The latest (which reeks of transhumanism at the bottom line and sounds like something out of The Matrix), is cornering a way to make a profit out of the harvesting of human energy. Yes, you read that right. And this is to say nothing of the looming COVID vaxx, and which everyone from Fauci to Gates has now mandated we ALL must have for this whole thing to be over – but more on that in a minute.

Cryptomining first.

“In the locust wind/ Comes a rattle and hum/ Jacob wrestled the angel/ And the angel was overcome/ You plant a demon seed/ You raise a flower of fire/ See them burning crosses/ See the flames higher and higher.”    U2, Bullet The Blue Sky 1987




Look at these 2 above links. Then go back to Erin Valenti’s death. Is THIS what she was talking about? Are these only part of the operations she saw coming?


But oh no, Soylent Gates has so much more in store for us. We spoke previously of DNA: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2015/rna-vaccines-a-novel-technology-to-prevent-and-treat-disease/

They are all set to weaponize your DNA, turn YOU into the genetically modified organism, into something else. We have talked so many times before of the satanic terminology of Year Zero and The Time Of No Time, well, 2020 is that time. 2020 is Year Zero for all of us. Is the “Great Reset” deliberate wording beginning to make sense now?

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/    (and yes, 5G plays a huge role in all this.)




And yes, this major pdf by the Italian scientist Fioranelli has been retracted/censored everywhere. No wonder. ANY mention of 5G in anything other than a glowing, positive, “it’s GOOD for you!” light will get you banned. Where do I live again? The Village?

If the wavelengths of 5G are equal to or less than the size of a nucleus, then they can pass thru the nuclear membrane and interact with DNA. This gets into so much. Think As Above So Below. Recall the talk/speculation of “brane worlds,” where alternate dimensions exist all around us, millimeters away, separated by only the thinnest membrane of matter. What would it take to pierce that membrane and bring them to us? Us to them? Who is looking into such things? CERN? How big is a dimension? How small? How small a variable would have to be changed to turn us into something else? To bring something else here? Into us? The everyday life of a vessel promises few fulfilling horizons.



Why WAS Bill Gates pals with Jeffrey Epstein for so long, certainly long past the sell-by date of Epstein as any kind of a human being? Because Soylent Gates isn’t just a singular entity – he’s an agenda. And that agenda is all about people. Yes, Soylent Gates is people. Shipping them. Using them. Abusing them. And ultimately turning them. Because that’s what’s going to make the agenda go. It’s why you can’t separate the pedophile rings from the Big Pharma medical cartel mafia. Or the politicians. Or a timeline where it all begins for them NOW. Trump signing Executive Orders that effectively rob Big Pharma of some $150 billion only days ago has done great and lasting damage to the program and the agenda? But is it enough in time to have a “Great Reset” of our own? Can we somehow postpone Year Zero?

Now experts are claiming that, lo and behold, chronic fatigue syndrome is but the latest side-effect of COVID. This gets into auto-immune issues, which have been popping up in the mainstream narrative since their insertion around the time of the first Gulf War, when Gulf War Syndrome emerged. That begat things like Epstein Barr, into Guillen Barre: https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/39/7/1076/493151

Which in turn led to seemingly everyone having fibromyalgia issues (more virus-related fun.) Then Morgellons began making its way onto the scene not long after the skies began being seeded with particulates (see chemtrails.) In the long run all of these vectors may be related; different attacks masking (see what I did there) the same overtaxing of the viral load. 

COVID, with its HIV/AIDS enclosing envelope, is merely the latest 2.0 version unleashed, this time with bizarre, revelatory side-effects: a noticeable loss of taste and smell, hallucinations and otherworldly dreams at night, and now a huge auto-immune issue. What exactly is going on here? Has something been released that does something to us long-term? As the veils all around us thin more and more, are we being prepped for something? Are the true effects of COVID something that will take many more months, even years, to take hold? Are they part of a binary or even tertiary weaponization stream which won’t see full actualization until some point in the future?

I know the on-the-ground, in-the-present effects are so negligible as to have to be lied about, continually, to scare us into following instead of leading, but what about tomorrow?  


Already the Feds along with the charmers at Yale (you know, those same swells that both financed and benefitted from Epstein), are holding clinical trials on how to best “persuade” Americans to take the COVID jab, since, at last count, some 70% were definitely not down with getting their yum-yum Mark of the Beast: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/federal-government-yale-holding-clinical-trials-best-persuade-americans-take-fauci-gates-covid-19-vaccines/


All of this comes down to common sense after all. Several long-time Epstein victims have come forward, Maria Farmer and Virginia Giuffre chief amoung them, questioning and wondering where all the other victims are. Farmer has said that in the time she non-voluntarily spent with Epstein at his properties she saw 5, 6, 7 new young girls a day be introduced into the system. Over years following this formula, there should be THOUSANDS of victims. Why have only between 30-40 then been heard from? Where ARE all the others?

They’re dead. That endgame was always part of the plan. Sacrifice.

Why do you think Epstein stationed his main ops at an island? Or in the middle of the New Mexico desert? Because then if you decided you wanted out of the horror you’d found yourself, quite literally, trapped in – where exactly were you going to go? You’re in the middle of the ocean or hundreds of miles away from anything. Nowhere to go.

Listen to both of these essential Maria Farmer interviews with Whit Webb and Shaun Attwood and you will find amazing corroborating evidence linking her experiences to what went down with the Franklin Scandal and Dutroux Affair. Farmer describes ancient Peruvian death and blood artifacts as well as likenesses to Baphomet on the properties in detail.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3404&v=MGtDj8drWvE&feature=emb_logo


We have previously noted here strange artifacts on the Zorro property: https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2019/08/unintended-consequences-in-night-gallery.html

All previous captives and victims in cases like Franklin and Dutroux, (as well as the obvious circles people like Jimmy Savile were hobnobbing in) have described their captors as being extremely wealthy, organized, living in their own large mansions, etc – this would seem to indicate that the Epstein network is itself or is tied to a satanic child trafficking Syndicate operating at will within our society, which makes films like Eyes Wide Shut and Rosemary’s Baby documentaries before, during, and after the fact.

Examine how closely the Ronald Bernard 2017 testimony -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzoaxTudJks&list=PL9RqRbZxxondzBzTUMjnagrgDQYTrRD1e

Meshes with that of the victim here in this amazing Australian 60 Minutes 1989 piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=c2ioRBNriG8&feature=emb_logo


And these are the same people rubbing elbows with those that would keep you prisoner in your own home, running a trauma-based Op designed to herd you in one direction and one direction only: towards a more transhumanistic future where you must do everything as you are instructed. Mandatory attendance required and no opting out allowed. This is the land and the time where pedophile and satanic ideology meets the technological-politico-medical sector all underneath the same umbrella of ultimate, nightmare Control.

This ‘Gates’ is just the latest in a long line of Watergate-Iran/Contragate-Pagegate-Stargate-Pizzagate and I’m sure more I’ve forgotten.



They represent the abolishment of structure, that glue that holds us together. The cherished Freedom is but that beautiful, fleeting liminal state between structure and chaos, and is inherently neither malevolent nor goodly-hearted. It is what occurs on the way there. (Our romanticism of the journey over the destination…) With structure gone the path to chaos is created, held aloft on the wings of disobedience and disorder. This is what they seek, and something even beyond this, a sort of rebellion for the sake of rebellion, and the great lie, the flaw in the cosmic system we have all bought into, no matter which side of the fence of biblical ideology we fall on. Perhaps we have all been deceived in this game of great cosmic import.

Maybe this naming of Luciferian v Satanist v alien v demon v non-human intelligence et al is just a game of chasing our tails leading nowhere. Meanwhile, the big Control System behind it all sits back and laughs at our folly, all giddy and Pan-like. And keeps sending out instructions to these placeholder Overlords we idolize and look up to to save us. How’s that for a mixing madly of Keel, Vallee, and Fort for you guys?

Along this same ghost train of thought, an intelligence insider, thru DOD/aerospace sources, just released a very profound statement which has startling implications: “UFOs are not flying saucers, tic tacs, or anything of the sort. They are something which possesses the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.” Hence the fairies and flaming castles in the air of the 1700s, the great airships and zeppelin constructions of the late 1890s, and the modern-day progression of saucers to black triangles to ‘tic-tacs.’  All manifestations of a distinctly Occult Control System. Which may be why the actual occult trappings and manifestations appear over and over again in ALL of these investigations, from pedophile rings featuring satanic ritual abuse to unidentified aerial phenomena to the upper strata of our society. Perhaps these occultic symbols and sigils are merely the glue, or rather the dust, which allows an otherwise invisible phenomena to be seen or appear, like dusting for fingerprints.

Then keep thinking about that while I also whisper this to you (from a leaked document from AATIP, the Pentagon’s recently disclosed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). Their findings? The phenomenon can manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise National Security.

Including – Psychotronic weapons/ 

Cognitive Human Interface/ 

Penetration of solid surfaces/ 

Instantaneous sensor disassembly/ 

Alteration-manipulation of biological organisms/ 

Anomalies in the space-time construct/ 

Unique cognitive human interface experiences.”

Now wonder again why Jeffrey Epstein chose New Mexico, of all places, to plant a major hub of his operations. And one that centered on and around genetics, eugenics, and what for all intents and purposes was looking like the launching of a brand new species. 2 hours to Socorro. 2 hours to Roswell. 3 to Alamagordo. Far less to all 3 by plane. Perhaps Epstein chose New Mexico for the same reason his pal and NM Governor Bill Richardson is a regular attendee at Bohemian Grove. https://newrepublic.com/article/154761/jeffrey-epstein-zorro-ranch-new-mexico-history

For much MUCH more and a detailed explanation of what we are trying to wrap our heads around, see this excellent presentation by the UK’s Chris Everard. For a pertinent peek into exactly what we’re tackling here, simply go to the 1:28:00 mark and just get comfy, and let it run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmzUKHiLFcI&t=4998s



Perhaps the truth, the real Truth, lies elsewhere. That search continues for us all, (and is likely why the Bible ends, and leaves us with, the tone of the New Testament, rather than the Old, to take us on our way.) True Grace lies beyond and is rooted in service-to-others over service-to-self, really the only 2 distinctions that matter.

Even more heartening still is the tsunami of postings and comments on instagram, facebook, reddit, twitter (as well as the staggering number of memes created) over the past two weeks alone signaling how many more people are having their eyes opened as to just how much of a distraction COVID is to where we should all be focusing our real anger and ire: the pedophilia and child abuse networks. Sports and entertainment are dying a quick death under a BLM-infused blowback of epic proportions as people quickly sense that ruse also – as now even the virus is being rapidly sent to the back burner of public consciousness, and the historic abuse – genocide really – of children assumes its rightful place of mass focus. (This is the first time since the 1980s that widespread out-in-the-open public talk of SRA and organized worldwide pedophile rings leading into the upper echelons of governments has reached this type of critical mass.)

We’ve become social media monster hunters, firing silver truth bullets at will with gattling gun pacing and precision; ‘their’ nightmare is just beginning. Those Berliners at the top of the page? They’re not just in Berlin anymore. They’re everywhere.

Ich bin ein Berliner. Indeed.   




But as my thoughts here should amply illustrate, just because they have used the variable numbers-game virus as both a distraction and a cover from and for the most occultic of their operations, they will also not hesitate to use it as a launching platform for the next part of their takeover – the mandatory vaccine. Stay tuned to this same bat channel my dreamers, because August is going Hot and the Cabal don’t play-play. Next time we’ll get to more High Weirdness raining globally we didn’t this time, from (atomic?) bombs in the Middle East to earthquakes in North Carolina. The wheel’s in spin, and the times, my brothers and sisters, they are a’changin’ more than ever.

Until then, this is me, unmasked and on the loose, reporting on the ground from Year Zero. 


“Raise the price of oil

Then they censor our mouths

If you’re a young couple today forget buying a house

And we wage our wars in the neighborhoods

And we kill the young to feed the old and man that ain’t no good

Yeah but love and happiness have forgotten our names

And there’s no value left in love and happiness.”