Sunday, April 7, 2024



"And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully!

Smoothed by long fingers; asleep, tired, or it malingers...

Stretched out on the floor, here beside you and me.

Should I, after tea, and cakes, and ices

Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?"

"Summer stretching on the grass, summer dresses pass.

In the shade of a willow tree, creeps a-crawlin over me

Over me and over you.

Stuck together with God's glue..."

Several nodes in under the wire before all hell does, or doesn't, break loose. As always, the past is prologue...

The Mayan civilization, as depicted in Mel Gibson's standout and eerily prescient 2006 film Apocalypto, were great mathematicians and astronomers. They knew exactly when both solar and lunar eclipses would appear -- charting them out and documenting in their historical records and calendars for hundreds of years into the future. For instance, they accurately predicted the now infamous 1991 solar eclipse that cut a swath across much of their land:,_1991

This was the eclipse that ushered in a UFO flap of some size, and one the particulars of which has curiously been scrubbed almost entirely from history:

This mass event pre-dated, and may indeed have been the trigger event of the flooding of popular culture with all things UFO-related, everything from the X-Files, to a ramping up of the continuing Whitley Strieber saga, to the popularity of Art Bell's late-night platform, occurred in its wake.

And it happened, this cultural shift and focus of the collective zeitgeist of an entire age, in lockstep with an eclipse.

But it appears that is nothing new -- quite the opposite.

Because in a fascinating new website, eclipses are put in quite the historical context, and their appearances seem timed to precede and align with events of high historical significance.

Something very much like "swarms" of them have preceded everything from the fall of the Mayan empire, to Columbus, to the American Revolution, the rise and death of JFK, Civil wars, famines, earthquakes, cultural seismic shifts, and everything in between. It's all laid out in marvelous structure here: 

Complete with beautiful and easy to follow maps.

Indeed, it can be seen as a pilfering of data the Mayans likely had on hand in their secret temples -- out of sight of everyone except their elite, priest class of highest, and most sacred elders. We would have called them shamen, witch doctors, sorcerers. Today we call them biowarfare technicians, WEF members, and quantum mathematicians, occupying the highest rungs at the WHO and CERN, the NIH and MIT.

Because the Mayan modus operandi didn't disappear -- not at all -- it merely went underground and re-named itself. 

Because the Mayans used those eclipses (and the intimate knowledge of) as leverage and instruments of fear to exert maximum authority over the masses in an insidious Control System. 

And exactly how much has changed? Not much. Or why exactly do you believe, after all, signaling shoutouts were acutely sent in naming it the CORONA virus? We have different priests these days, but the effect is designed to be absolutely identical:

FEAR is still the engine that drives the masses and enables the will of the elites to be done. And the origins of the cues that have been taken have been handed down to this class of sorcerer elites, masquerading as science to befuddle and misdirect the collective:

But there is a larger driver here, and what drives the timing of the eclipses themselves, may have other things in mind for humanity -- see the fate of those Mayan elites post-eclipse:

Because the Conquistadores were coming -- and an entire civilization that had ruled for thousands of years, was wiped off the face of the earth. A narrative that, transplanted into scifi, resembles more than a little of what is outlined chapter and verse in The 3 Body Problem. No matter what plans we make, and how invincible we think we are, larger forces may have other plans. And they may be ushered in on the winds and wings of seemingly innocuous celestial markers placed like timed-release depth charges down thru our histories both secret and official.

"You fear me? So you should....all you who are vile. Would you like to know how you will die? The sacred time is near. Beware the blackness of day. Beware the man who brings the jaguar. Behold him reborn from mud and earth. For the one he takes you to will cancel the sky...and scratch out the earth...Scratch you out. And end your world. He's with us now."

Ironically, even the eclipses themselves, following yet another 3 Body Problem  dictate, seem to be able to messed with, according to our latest "science," which also appears to have undergone some meddling:

"You can't really even trust math anymore."

Chaos introduced into a stable system...

And these are trends that we need to keep following long past the 8th:

Because the influence of such things lingers on -- and the historical record is proof that the magnitude echoes and reverberates long after the suitable "moment of crisis" is thought over.

The last totality eclipse here before this was on March 7, 1970. The next one won't be til long after most of us have fled to other realms on other missions...

So spare a thought tomorrow, if you catch yourself, you know, staring at the sun....


Tuesday, April 2, 2024



For a little while.

"It's my mind!!"

"Not for some time now."

"What's that sound, it'll turn your around, it's a doll revolution

They're taking over and they're tearing it down, it's a doll revolution

You can pull and pinch him til he cries and squeals, you can twist his body til it faces backwards

Plastic features

You could make somebody a prissy little wife, but don't let anybody tell you how to live your life

Broken pieces

Tear off your own head, it's a doll revolution..."

"All the lines to safety are slashed away

The sun has set on their final day...

As we go thru the gates of Heaven

Our numbers multiplied from one to seven

I'm the Devil, and I'm here to do the Devil's work."   



When we come to the dawning realization that, to a greater or lesser extent, we have all been programmed, our time becomes even more measured, and our manufactured dollhouses even more fragile. Swamped by the twin currents of occult manifestations puppeted by burgeoning fringe technology on an industrial scale, life loses both meaning and relevance, and their engineered apathy and helplessness kicks in. Only when we begin to realize who we truly are -- and why we are here -- does purpose return. We are the nobodies that have been called in to burn it all down and oversee the beginnings of a New World; the outliers, the dreamers, the visionaries inside us all. We are awesome weapons with enormous, nearly omniscient spiritual power. And these bodies are a part of that, programmed by God and so coveted by so many outside forces. Why the relentless focus to alter it? Now you know. Because we scare them.

Every action is initiated by either fear or love. And they exude total fear. The panicked pressure of their agenda gives it all away. 

The ways and means to follow as the signatures are now becoming visible all around you. 

"These are biological warfare maps....Wildfire was built for germ warfare!! Wildfire and SCOOP. 

They already have Andromeda programmed. The purpose of SCOOP was to find new biological weapons in outer space and then use Wildfire to develop them!!"

Before we drill down even further, some key alignments popping up with strange frequency of late:

Curiously, CERN chose the exact same dates to fire up again as those when Crowley composed his infamous Book Of The Law: April 8-9-10. This was supposedly dictated to him by an entity he had first made contact with, "Aiwass":

It's all, after all, in the Egg:

(And you thought Lennon was the weird, Crowley-inspired freak...)

For the record, this is not the first time CERN has been timing their firings with strange alignments and celestial portents:

Every bit of this reeks of establishing, opening, or stabilizing existing portals augmented by planetary movement and alignments that legitimize and maintain structure. 

And NASA will fire 3 rockets straight into the eclipse under the auspices of the ominously named Project Atmospheric Perturbations around the Eclipse Path -- APEP:

Note the modifier of the word 'sail,' we'll be getting to that...

Ominous because Apep is the Egyptian serpent god of chaos, darkness, and disorder; enemy of order and Truth:,at%20(order%2Ftruth).

Certainly this is in lockstep with an overriding agenda -- the Vatican bullying their way into placing the LUCIFER telescope atop Mt. Graham in late 1996 timed exactly with the near-earth approach of comet Hale-Bopp; Bill Gates using as a prime ingredient in the vaxx a component vital to the process of optogenetics called Luciferase, the same Gates whose patent WO2020060606 uses nanotech to monitor and harvest "body activity data" into cryptocurrency:

These are but a few of the most glaring examples of strange modifiers and official shoutouts; and oh yes, we have run into Apep before, haven't we?:

"The winds of Apep are upon my sail..."

And from no-fooling-around, no-prisoners-taken occult adepts who knew exactly what they were doing at that very liminal time, I might add.

Per this link and to ramp up the spook factor several degrees of no way, Apep was also responsible for....eclipses

And per eclipses, the location where the 2 latest eclipses cross and make the large 'X' over America? That would be the same location where the Pfizer vaxx was developed:

The midpoint date of the other 2 main eclipses (2017, 2024) falls on the exact day that another eclipse occurred in South America (see prev post) -- exactly when the first vaxx injections began worldwide:,_2020 

Do ya feel lucky, puny human??   

The rockets firing will take place at the NASA facility Wallops Island, VA at exactly 15:33 EST or, wait for it, 3:33.

Once again, in this planet-spanning game where everything is connected, the Egyptian motif rears its head: 

And to think Dick Hoagland started us all down this revolutionary road in the mid-90s on Art Bell's legendary platform on a darn near weekly basis for a good half-decade:

Exactly how many times must we dismiss all-important signaling and dedication-type namings to coincidence theory and sidelights that don't matter, when maybe they matter so much that that's the point in the first place.

Let's in NASA's case never forget that they are merely carrying on in the time-honored tradition of their and JPL's founder, a man who also knew exactly what he was doing at that time, and would serve to be progenitor still sitting as overriding influence atop a network today powered by a darkness no one has yet begun to scratch or fathom:

Yet that darkness persists -- and is currently being felt everywhere in strange manifestations. And those activations and projects launched to coincide with the eclipse by CERN and NASA? They don't feel like technical exercises in any way.

They feel like Rituals. 

Or as we said last time, Ceremonies.

Would you like to know where many existing threads, including the still mysterious and unresolved closing of Sunspot Observatory, which obviously contains multiple aspects of things being seen in the heavens that are censored and scrubbed for public consumption, come into play??:   


Perhaps this is all to maintain or widen an existing gateway that is already manifesting. Think back to the "crazy plane lady":

Think back to the Vegas incident:

Those were both 8 and 9 months ago. Then on New Year's Day, this happened in Miami which, like both above incidents, still remains unknown and unclassified. A disabled phone system along with police scanners, a shut down airport, massive power outage, black helicopters, and unprecedented police response of over 150 squad cars for "teens rioting" has yet to be satisfactorily explained:

Meanwhile a bit Southside, something bizarre was ongoing (and still is) in Peru:

First of all and before going any farther, let's dispense totally with any scientific malarkey and mumbo jumbo forthwith -- because they would have you hallucinating and false memory syndrome-ing until the cows come home -- believing everything and nothing at the same time until your head spins. The way God designed us, the five senses serve us well and beyond that, we entrust them with our survival on a daily basis. For millennia our noses, ears, and most of all eyes have kept us alive -- trusting in the best early warning and threat detection system ever devised. Over 99.999% of the time, it all works, and just like it should.

Enter the extremely recent "demon face syndrome." Something that the powers-that-be felt a pressing need to trot out because this seems to be happening on the regular now. Maybe, perhaps, instead of taking a pill or classifying something our senses are perceiving in this reality now manifesting as a classifiable syndrome (PMO in this case), we should start asking ourselves, "why?"

Or better yet, "why now?":

What possible confluence of factors have made this "syndrome" pop right now? Could it have, maybe, anything to do with areas of concern that have been discussed here since 2015, at least? Would a convergence of occult conditioning wedded to dark fringe technology have a hand in such an overall global manifestation of veil-thinning, nanotech-jabbing, left-hand-path programming, 5G-graphene surfboard riding visions?? Surely not. But just for good measure let's add an overloaded CERN, a death comet, something fired into the penumbra called Apep, a Crowley numbers stew, and a last-in-this-lifetime eclipse to the equation and see what happens!! Wheeeee!!

Because, God forbid, we ever do anything by half-measures. If it's worth doing, it's worth overkilling by large occult measures. See Oppenheimer. Both Oppenheimer and Jack Parsons were kindred strange angels, after all, swimming in the same dark sea: 

"Uh sir, this bomb might set the sky on fire..."

"Let's DO it!!"

Moreover, should we be in the least concerned when these lizard and reptilian faces are being reported, and turned into a syndrome, at the same time the name APEP is being invoked in the heavens?? Timing seems curious, to say the least, like a joke you're the last to be in on.

But then all of this does...

There is more coming out about CERN that they are unable or unwilling to keep a lid on:

More Geordie Rose spooky rationalizations here:

Because all manner of stargates are in the wind:    

Mind control, stolen identities, dream theft, and psychological indoctrination lie ahead. And those are the most benign interpretations. 


And yes, something has just been sighted at CERN:

And perhaps, given the times, it's best to revisit this:

The last post right here in the 2015 CERN series, from that November, with pertinent existential dread quotes from a still-unnamed insider to the project.

Finally this from Aaron and Melissa, which seems gigantically more germane now than it did in 2016:

This time around, it seems they are actually searching for more Dark Matter:


All of which propels us headlong into the Netflix web of intrigue and foreshadowing, a sequence which began of late with Leave The World Behind and is now extended into their latest opus, The 3 Body Problem. We know Obama had much to do with altering the screenplay of the first -- he has remained mostly silent on the latter, except, somewhat ominously, for this: 

This all reeks of an agenda ongoing. But for those of you that don't have Netflix, here's the lowdown in a VERY truncated nutshell:

All of those put together might get you most of the way there minus every shred of glorious nuance that makes this so compelling and also so foreboding, because, as it turns out, there is strangely a lot going on in the world at the recent moment that parallels this in some highly disturbing ways. Take on the most basic level the notion of Chaos itself being introduced into a stable platform as a pretext for colonization, i.e., noticed the headlines lately? We just had a Russian concert hall massacre by what looks to be CIA-proxies ISIS, a hip hop rap star enveloped in an Epstein-type intrigue from which he is in real-time flight, and a major transit system, the Key Bridge, get taken out in what now appears to be a remote-controlled cyber attack by suspects unknown, effectively crippling the US products and transport grid for the better part of half a decade...... This all in the space of 72 hours. 

In other words, something appears to be accelerating. Shades of Shiva on the lawn outside CERN. And a critical factor in the 3BP may pertain hugely with what both NASA and CERN are planning for that day: the sun is used as a huge amplification mechanism to augment signals both sent and received

("Not just reflected, it amplified them. The signal from the sun was millions of times stronger than the one from Jupiter. 
So we can use the sun as a super-antenna? By aiming our signal at the sun?")

The parallels of art imitating life grow ever closer, and the spookiness verges on the truly abnormal.

As for nanotechnology and dead or suicided scientists, on both fronts, how much time ya got??

And as for weird deaths, overlaps, and something going on behind the scenes we may not be privy to that trends toward the ominous, was just alerted to this from reader David Attak:

The true nature of a thing often reveals itself in small revelations that tend to occur deep between the lines -- and this latest information darkens the situation considerably. There is an old saying that you don't fuck around when it comes to the energy you let into your life. Choose places, partners, and conversations wisely because they become you. Perhaps this is something that Obama and Co. know in the agenda they are busy implementing like a psychic blanket over the masses for, as of now, reasons unknown. 

11 million people viewed 3BP in the first 4 days. And because of word of mouth, that number is growing. Understand in all this I am not telling you NOT to watch it, quite the contrary; I think it contains vital clues in the piecing together of what is going on and the themes are not only scifi but border on the Lovecraftian. But put on the appropriate mindset and armour beforehand -- and proceed with may be viewing a weapon. The feeling grows that this is all something you have to feel a true calling towards before departing on this away mission to the fringes of the known universe. Kirk out. 


But back to the dead scientists category...  

And one in this field stands out; that would be the ever-mysterious case of Erin Valenti, which we have addressed before but about which much more needs to be said. Because Erin very well may turn out to be the Cosmic Trigger to everything since late 2019. 

I know we peripherally looked at Jonestown again last time out and the analogy still applies, and is where a global Great Awakening becomes inherently dangerous. Because when a worldwide population begins to understand the nature of the problem and begins to connect all the dots they become witnesses and a tipping point towards revolution is inevitable. And witnesses have to be eliminated:

Note Polly's mentioning of and concern about OPTOGENETICS, and what that might literally be opening the door to. Others share her existential heebie-jeebies:

This has been studied for awhile:,of%20individual%20neurons%20and%20behavior.

And as Polly noted -- look who else is VERY interested in optogenetics:

That alone should trigger off all kinds of alarm bells.

Something Erin was seeing and involved in clued her in to the fact that this wasn't the whole picture -- that some aspects of what we term reality were being manufactured and influenced by unknown agencies. Or perhaps she had an inkling...

Perhaps William Bramley, author of The Gods of Eden had a clue, and she discovered it all tied into something she saw coming in late 2019 that was about to be unleashed on the world as either a main weapon or a pretext for one:


And one which was designed to alter reality even more, to introduce more chaos into a stable system:

Destroying science also highly implies something unspoken hinted at between the lines: INFLUENCING science. Cue the Epstein Network, with every shred of occult and possibly off-world influence implied therein -- it is not for no reason that Jack Parsons (along with JPL, NASA, and Aleister Crowley) sits atop their global dominion artwork:  

Should you need a True North meme for a redirect if you ever get lost in these woods, always remember this one -- you'll get it sorted quickly:

If there is ever a worldwide, deep dive, first-case scenario on all this launched by the courts, I know who's gonna be sitting front seat at the prosecution's table: 
(With Whitney Webb advising.)   

Valenti was immersed in Palo Alto culture, in AI, in advanced theory, and possibly far more esoteric (think Jack Parsons' neighborhood) pursuits inherent in that milieu. Her company, Tinker Ventures, specialized in the fringe science of neurocontrol. In the course of her everyday duties and meanderings, she stumbled across something disturbing, devastating and destabilizing. In doing so, Erin Valenti was the first to glimpse the future. And it was murder. 

I also add that her takeout on 10-13-19, occurred on the night of a Blood, or Sanguine Full Moon. A sign we have shown before that certain agencies here might willingly and excitedly embrace as a "go" code. Ominously and perhaps tellingly, it is also called a Hunter's Moon. Disturbing especially depending on who's doing the hunting.  


Surely more of the engineered chaos introduced has to include the topple from the precipice of the previously high-flying Diddy, and the mega-proliferation, once again, as we have seen ever since we first learned names like Savile, Sandusky, Podesta, Raniere, and Epstein, of the child-and-human trafficking nexus. The Artist previously known as Pizzagate. Its long and dire shadow is never far from the center of things...and as always, the more you dig here, the worse it gets:

Hidden surveillance cams? Underwater tunnels? Adrenochrome mentioned? The Royal Crew involved? Stop me if you've heard this one before -- or -- I hear next season of THE CROWN is gonna turn significantly darker.  

And with what we know, and with Page being a still avid follower of Crowley, does this begin to make a bit more sense now?? The 90s were so innocent as to be living on a strange, faraway planet -- it all strikes quite a bit different now, even the Lovecraft vibe of the big lizard -- telling connotations abound, no?:

I hear they have a pill for that now.

So when does the denouement kick in? And what are we really seeing here?


Recent interviews done by the increasingly excellent Tony Merkel on his podcast platform echo the work of the pioneering Karla Turner over 30 years ago and the disturbing results she was coming to. And here is where the spiritual enters the field of play again.

Merkel and his host of knowledgeable and diversely disciplined guests (cops, scientists, government agents, military, theologians, etc) are bringing together a far-ranging case here, and one that would have been classified as the farthest-out scifi even 5-10 years ago. But many dots have been connected since then. And what was once bordering on the ludicrous suddenly seems not just hideously plausible, but probable. To whit: all the degradations in laws, civil rights, freedom of speech, surveillance, etc have created an environment where technological/pharmacological wizards and sorcerers have been given free reign to control our bodies and our minds and treat us as if we are in a Great Experiment -- which indeed it seems we are. This is an experiment to co-opt the human body with advanced nanotech so as to make it an easier platform to aid in the manipulation of the human soul.

Beyond that -- it appears some type of army is being constructed in order to make ultimate war in some final battle. With God. Incredibly, much proof of this has been in the literature for quite some time now. See this sequence of articles from Dr. Mihalcea: 

This ties in with the Digital Angel soul chip from 2001:

As well as the Epstein agenda and scenarios they were, and are, seeking to implement worldwide:

All important because you can't have a global implementation of a soul-targeting Beast System without first laying the groundwork.

Here are just a few of Tony Merkel's dives into the subject and its many related offshoots: 

This possibly related to the above ongoing:


Entities in the technology:

Secret Breeding Program: 

Enochian Technology:

The above also features Tony updating about "Charlie," the government black ops contractor who was on site during a mission where government-established contact with something "other" was heavily implicated per the prior knowledge of the Enochian language and writing:

To my mind, the above show still remains exhibit no.1 in establishing the hypothesis that "agreements" between factions of the US Government and "others" have been established and are ongoing.

Finally, listen to "Fringe" and her story. This is where the Karla Turner parallels really take off:


That all of the above very likely is related in an ongoing construct bent towards some future launch date is not without precedent -- remember Julianne McKinney's summer 1995 NEXUS magazine disclosure in writing to the Army War College, of the Revolution in Military Affairs: 

This literally appears to be a blueprint manual for everything we have all been living thru since at least Columbine, which increasingly appears to be the first and the starting point for many major destabilization events since:

In particular, in Merkel's Nephilim Cryptid Armies program vid with LA Marzulli:

there is mention at the 4:00 min mark, of the notion of interdimensionality, which raises an interesting point. 

Just as the aforementioned prospect of artificial wombs plug straight into the darker aspects of the vaxx agenda, how does this mention of interdimensionality play into the discussion here between Maria Zeee, Karen Kingston, and Ana Mihalcea, especially where Mihalcea brings up the notion of these self-assembling nanomachines being able to be seen under extreme magnification, materializing and de-materializing?? 

See the 5 min mark here:

We deal now with quantum fields and quantum entanglement -- a subject  mentioned time and again as a driver in 3BP -- and also the probable implementation in the real world of Hynek's M/M technology:

You have to at least ask yourself why we are seeing the same such signatures overlap across the spectrum in such widely divergent paradigms? Unless they are not as divergent as would first appear...

We have to broaden our vision to encompass the fact that we are now dealing with the broadest spectrum possible incorporating all aspects of interdimensionality in an ongoing operation of enormous scope which gathers in all manner of phenomena: abductions, human trafficking rings, Missing 411, the whys and wherefores of the UFO/UAP disclosure timeline,  events being studied at places like Skinwalker Ranch, human fertility and the vaxx, the paranormal/spiritual aspects of the entire vaxx operation, and the hypotheses of names like Karla Turner, Jacques Vallee, Whitley Strieber, and so many more. 

It's time we broaden our horizons to fit everything into an ongoing discussion as we attempt to manufacture a consensus opinion as to ways forward out of this dimension-hopping enclosure they've penned us in.


Because the impossible, my explorer warrior friends, that was yesterday.  

Paranoia is in bloom, the PR transmissions will resume, they'll try to

Push drugs to keep us all dumbed down and hope we'll never see the truth around

Another promise another seed, another

Packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed

And all the green belts wrapped around our minds, and

Endless red tape to keep the truth confined....

Interchanging mind control come let the

Revolution take its toll, if you could

Flick a switch and open your third eye, you'd see that

We should never be afraid to die

Rise up and take the power back, it's time the

Fat cats had a heart attack, you know that

Their time's coming to an end, we have to

Unify and watch our flag ascend.

All artwork courtesy Gustav Dore, Jeszika Le Vye, Jack Kirby from The New Gods (1971) and Alan Moore's From Hell (1989-1998).