Wednesday, February 8, 2017


“The horror hasn’t really begun yet.  Gradually, great numbers of ‘people’ who can pass may be introduced into our society.  I once scoffed at such seemingly ridiculous notions.  But now I think we’ve got to face every possibility.  We are running out of time.  The sightings are not the clues.  They are symptoms of the problem.  We must look further and deeper to find the problem itself…We are concerned with intelligences and sciences so far outside of our own earthly concepts that much of this is almost completely incomprehensible.”      -- John Keel, 1967

“I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it so the little got more and more… we’ve been dancing with Mr. Brownstone… he’s been knockin’… he won’t leave me alone…  Now I get up around whenever I used to get up on time but that old man he’s a real motherfucker gonna kick him on down the line…”

“Welcome to your life

There's no turning back/Even while we sleep/We will find you/Acting on your best behavior/Turn your back on Mother Nature/Everybody wants to rule the world/It's my own design/It's my own remorse

Help me to decide/Help me make the most/of freedom and of pleasure/Nothing ever lasts forever/Everybody wants to rule the world

There's a room where the light won't find you/Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down/When they do I'll be right behind you/So glad we've almost made it/So sad they had to fade it/Everybody wants to rule the world

I can't stand this indecision/Married with a lack of vision/Everybody wants to rule the world/Say that you'll never never never never need it/One headline oh why believe it ?/Everybody wants to rule the world

All for freedom and for pleasure/Nothing ever lasts forever/ Everybody wants to rule the world.”

And so we return and begin again.  As far away and immersed in other topics as I get, the spectre of “pizzagate” always pulls me back in these days, which, by the way, is becoming a misnomer of the highest order, because the label “pizzagate” is only the tip of a very large iceberg, and doesn’t begin to describe the scope of so many overall child trafficking/ritual abuse operations which are linked together below the surface of everyday life.  Operations (using the modern-day in-place systems) which go back at the very least to the Reagan White House when George H. W. Bush took the helm.  Very likely even earlier given the known predilections and associates of the JFK assassination’s eerie lynchpin David Ferrie, himself mortally attached to these same control systems.  

And therein lies the problem.

Because the more you look at every historical landmark on the parapolitical timeline, the more you will discover this embedded system of thinking, this ideology of ritual abuse and sacrifice (largely concerning children), lying at the core of every sinister and clandestine operation.  Only recently, especially in the work unveiled in the crucial videos of George Webb on Youtube, this system, a worldwide Brownstone blackmail operation run amok, that had been almost entirely hidden and “debunked” for decades, has been exposed in every minute detail.  And in that process of reading and watching, slowly we have all become like Rosemary.  The wikileaks email disclosures, beginning just prior to the US presidential election, have grafted an entirely new paradigm onto our consciousness, and previously uncorrelated, horrifying vistas have opened up before our vision, lifting veils, exploding our horizon sightlines out to a terrible new infinity.  Beyond imagination lies the truth. 

Like Rosemary in the classic film Rosemary’s Baby, we’re suddenly alone among loved ones and authority figures we thought we could trust…we find ourselves peering through openings in life and reality that cannot possibly exist, staring down nightmarish scenarios from another time, crafted from the spaces between the stars, all of our very worst suspicions coming true.  Our world, our existence, has become the Bramford, hidden chambers disclosing dreadful things tucked away for decades from the sight of the neophytes, who evidently just don’t have the required genetics to fathom the unspeakable.  In this twilight game, the normalcy goalposts not only continue to be moved, they aren’t even there anymore.    

Our allegedly safe and normal world is skittering off its axis, all moral compasses run aground as the collective mind, partially shattered, (which indeed may have been the goal all along) seeks to endeavor where, how, to begin processing the monstrous.  What do you do when you realize that places, cardinal points on an occult map, that you have lived, visited, and been immersed in your entire life, have been ground zeroes in a system so vile and unearthly that it beggars belief?  Some minds retreat to the safe (and provably false) haven of “fake news” for solace, but there is an underworld here among us.  No amount of denial can make it go away.  Rationalizing and confirmation bias are more than ever false fronts now.  

We walk and traffic in blissful ignorance daily of eldritch things going on, sometimes quite literally, beneath our feet, and beyond our understanding; an understanding which now needs to be modified to embrace the quantum realms and brane worlds of fringe science.  The other dimensions are here, now.  A frequency or two away.  They always have been.  Only the means between, the sigils of transport, the exit visas, are becoming finally recognizable to the mass consciousness.  It’s getting increasingly harder to find any form of mass entertainment that doesn’t include a portal, some type of mind control, or a reference to MKUltra in it.  Why?  Since I started this blog in 2011 the upsurge has been exponential.  Social engineering or something else? 

“I believe Major Dames, in a previous appearance, went into but didn’t elaborate on the subject of (a) false prophet, which turned up data on a lot of child torture.  Could you ask him to elaborate?” (Art Bell reading caller question) 

“What I said was, on programs last year  – think of it like searching in a library or now the internet, like using the collective unconscious as a universal library – that when we use the search term ‘Satan,’ out falls session after session after session describing actual locations, people, and events where in all cases children are being tortured or murdered.”    Government Remote Viewer Ed Dames on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio show, 1998

As I said earlier, I cannot recommend highly enough the long series of videos ex-intelligence and law enforcement mouthpiece George Webb has committed to Youtube.  It’s a Lynchian, True Detective-type voyage into the darkest underbelly of worldwide operations as you could imagine, only it’s not fiction.  Starting at around video 65 part 3 (in a daily continuing series that’s now up to day 105), Webb begins to lay the groundwork and delve into the child trafficking/abuse operations relating to the Clinton/Podesta emails.  He relates that in 1989 he was involved in the investigation of the Franklin Scandal, and yes, it’s all connected, as you will hear. 

“The dark man, who was bandaged all over, instructed me on what I needed to do.  I knew him only as Dr. Stuart.  He would come late at night out of the woods and tell me dark things, tell me of glorious places beyond our earth.”         Former pastor of Hosanna Church, Louis Lamonica, Jr.

Lamonica: “…some of them, literally because of demons, and I am including myself in all this, could be having sex with somebody…Now I don’t know if you want to talk about this…You change…Like, I had wore like, hair…but I didn’t wear fox hair.  Sometimes it would be like a snake, like a fox, and…” Detective: “Let me try to understand what you are telling me here.  You’re saying to me you would change?”  Lamonica: “Literally.  Literally.  You see, you are welcoming demonic spirits.  Distort.  My face would distort.”     

What kind of people are we dealing with?  And are there any common denominators? =.bca0d2b6d7a3

Thus we begin to see the throughline from Rothschild parties in 1972 to what Kubrick was warning of in The Shining in 1980, all the way to James Alefantis’ (of Comet Ping Pong) images only recently.

The presence of underground tunnel systems is another major tip-off.  This is a specific SOP that’s been ongoing since the McMartin preschool case and likely long before.  Accordingly, and thanks to links and connections brought about by scouring the Clinton/Podesta emails, especially those pertaining to the Clinton Foundation, here is what we know of the process:  South and Central American, and European, children are boated into Haitian and Dominican Republic camps that act as “showrooms,” processed through Haitian ports, paired with phony parents and phony paperwork, shipped up to Florida and Virginia ports (mainly Norfolk, but also Hampton and Newport News) kept at host family homes (a large hub being Charlottesville, VA) before finally being bussed up to D.C. in large panel trucks and transport vans there to be moved through the Dupont Circle area tunnel system (the Dupont Underground) before finally being propped up and shown for auction at places like Comet PP and other designated locations.  (Which is how a pizza parlor owner can become the 49th most powerful person in D.C.)

This is a system that DynCorp has also long been locked into.  Along with Halliburton, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Carlyle Group and the Clinton Foundation, to name a notable four others.  All were created largely as false fronts for their true initiatives: profiting in both human and child trafficking as well as organ harvesting.  All of these companies and foundations are the same in intent and their endgames are identical.

Study the conflict in Bosnia (Serbia-Croatia) begun largely in 1992 under explicit directives from the Clinton administration, and under the auspices of UN and NATO intervention.  The WHY of that initiation was the creation of human and material merchandise that gets freed up in every large-scale war or natural disaster: fresh bodily organs and orphaned children.  Examine also the overall strange Bush family reaction to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the actions of the Clinton Foundation immediately following the most recent Haitian earthquakes.  Both contain tipoffs and psychological ‘tells’ that there is something far more going on than stilted “humanitarian relief.”  The “merchandise” that is, once again, created through every conflict and natural (man-made?) disaster, is vital to the continued welfare and continuation of the entire vampyric system, which exists as a macrocosm of the collective, hive psyche of the Overlords.  It needs to be constantly fed. 

As to further origin tales in this line of inquiry, as well as illustrations of exactly how far back in time this network reaches in recent modern history, examine the story of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and recent disclosures in that case as late as last year, when it was found that he was linked to a nationwide pedophile operation:

Also keep in mind that Gacy was a major player in the local Democratic party, enough so that he had a special Secret Service clearance enabling him to get this close to first lady Rosalynn Carter in May 1978, only months before his arrest.

And as seen here, another case which, in light of recent events, deserves a much closer look is that of 1981’s Atlanta child killer Wayne Williams, whose detailed story veers into the subsets of black government operations like Gladio, a replay of the Charles Manson scenario (Operation Chaos), Cointelpro, and the strange presence of then VP George H W Bush, who personally flew to Atlanta to pressure the law enforcement agencies there to charge Williams despite the lack of any evidence against him.   Especially given the rumours that would explode around Bush in the wake of the 1989 Franklin scandal, which saw underage rent boys being checked in and out of the White House after hours for “midnight tours” with a raft of highly-placed political insiders, this sidetrip of Poppy’s in 1981 bears closer scrutiny.  Once again we have the shadow of Bush Sr darkening a stage where the main topic is the disappearance and death of dozens of young people.  Surely that can only be just another coincidence in a lifetime full of them for the Bush family, right?  Or perhaps a telling marker for something far more sinister and insidious. 

Given the information revealed due to recent events, especially the wikileaks ongoing disclosures concerning the lifestyle choices and perversions at the top of the food chain, historical events and anomalies going farther and farther back need to be examined with new eyes.  We’ve certainly learned that the mainstream stories fed to us of Jonestown, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Dunblane, McMartin, Waco and many, many others hide nearly all of the truth from our prying minds.  But taking into account the sordidness of what’s been revealed of late, and how widespread it is, forces us to study these past cases using this new knowledge.  And all emerge as highly suspicious, showing telling markers for being integral parts of this same MKUltra-mind control-ritual abuse machine that centers on the torture/trauma, exploitation, sexual assault, and ultimately occult sacrifice disguised as murder of untold numbers of children.  In the coming weeks and months, we’ll take long, hard looks at each of these cases, and find where they fit in the larger overall picture.  Hopefully, in conjunction with further knowledge and disclosures obtained from wikileaks and other inside sources, Trump’s newly appointed AG Jeff Sessions will free up both the FBI and the Department of Justice to be able to at long last do their jobs unencumbered, and major heads and players in this long-running house of cards will begin to fall.  Ultimately, after generations of this, we may actually be facing a scenario in which ‘they,’ the literal shadow government, are painted into a corner they finally can’t kill their way out of. 

The enormity of where this is all heading is nearly unfathomable.  But it is all heading in a very clear direction.  The organs, the cord blood, the disappearance and sacrifice of children, even genetic engineering – all point to a scarily-plausible science-fiction-turned-fact scenario where companies like DynCorp serve as harvesters and reapers for the elite factions running the world, and for those elites the endgame is eternal life.  Everything is in service to that final goal – the accent on and obsession with youth and innocence, the organ harvesting, the transhumanism, the bioengineering, the Human Genome Project, the secret patents of Big Pharma, the ongoing, created wars that keep the machine fed…it’s the largest Human Sacrifice Factory ever created, perfectly oiled with tears and blood.  Whatever spectral intelligences are making promises in the dark to the so-called leaders on this plane aren’t telling them the whole story, but in the end, the witches are only supposed to be the messengers anyway, heralding the advent of other thoughtforms.  The pawns.  The conduits for something else rapidly approaching us.

More to come soon as the quickening continues.

“Once upon a time, there was a place of great goodness called the White Lodge. Fawns gamboled there amidst happy laughing spirits. The sounds of innocence and laughter filled the air.  When it rained it rained sweet nectar that paralyzed the heart with the desire to live one's life in truth and beauty... Generally speaking, a ghastly place reeking of virtue's sour smell, engorged with the whispered prayers of kneeling mothers, mewling newborns, and fools young and old compelled to do good without reason. But, I am pleased to note, our story does not end in this place of saccharine excess. For there is another place, its opposite, of almost unimaginable power, chock full of dark forces and vicious secrets.  No prayers dare penetrate this frightful maw.  Spirits there care not for good deeds and priestly invocations. They are as likely to rip the flesh from your bones as greet you with a happy ‘good day.’  And, if harnessed, these spirits, this hidden land of unmuffled screams and broken hearts, will offer up a power so vast that its bearer might reorder the earth itself to his liking.  This place I speak of is known as the Black Lodge.  And I intend to find it.”        From David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, 1991