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Not sure I had ever even noticed or heard of her til I was 17, but thereafter she was always a constant companion in life thru voice, and a definite True North personality.

The loss of every one of these True Norths is a huge blow, especially now, for humanity, in this time of immense change and struggle.

From the amazing 1979 RS review of Tusk by Stephen Holden; it expresses very well what I'm trying to say:

Thanks for the memories and sunshine, not to even mention giving Dennis Wilson a few moments of grace and peace in his troubled, star-crossed, life. 

The memories from here on in, moments in time, won't be quite so majestic without you.

And True North, just got a little bit harder to find.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022



"Everybody's talkin', but no one says a word/ Everybody's makin' love, but no one really cares..."

"I'm walkin', thru streets that are dead.....

Below me, desolation in every direction 

Below me, nothing's makin any connection 

I'm divin, steadily strugglin', striving, for perfection...

Sometimes, the silence can be like thunder 

Sometimes, I wanna take to the road and plunder..."

"Sitting in the stand of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin/ Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine/ A good friend of mind, follows the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight

Standing in the hall of the great cathedral, waiting for the transport to come, Starship 2-1-ZETA-A-9, a good friend of mine, studies the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight/

Come away on a strange vacation, holiday hardly begun/ Run into a good friend of mine, sold me her sign, reach for the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight." 

"All our times have come..."

Welcome back for one more Tuesday night Dreamland in the Treehouse. Pull up a seat and we'll examine once again this strange, lingering Curse we're all under thru the lens of the latest crop of headlines...headlines that we will mark with their thrulines and thru their spillways in making some kind of sense of the nonsensical...So get your cups of coffee night stalkers, we're in the office late typing it up...

So there I was. Minding my own business one solitary last Thursday night home alone (always = trouble), when I decided to log on to the always entertaining/ wildly informative Polly Playlist I stumbled onto a while back that glittered like jewels on a stolen velvet background:

Bear with me -- the lion's share of the time this is my version of Netflix & Chillin'. Strange times call for strange cat burglars; I know. 

Now I'm a great believer, as you all may know, in the fact that there are no coincidences/ everything happens for a reason. So when I spun the roulette wheel of fate and out of the entries, closed my eyes and just happened to throw the dart on the 19.09.07 one, little did I know I was unpacking the key to the universe, and landing on a vid that, a little over 3 years later, would simultaneously explain the world today in even starker terms and reveal previously unknown depths in the process. And unlock the doors to other treasures... 

Once again, I don't think any of us are given to know why things happen the way they do -- but I am sure they happen that way for a reason. Every. Single. Time. So prepare the bathysphere, or bat-y-sphere, for full fathom status -- we're goin' down.

Ostensibly the vid, which we'll get to in time, is about the frenzied convergence of the then still ongoing unwrapping of the box of Epstein tentacles -- but like some horrific Mandelbrot Russian nesting doll set or the Lament Configuration box of Hellraiser, there are worlds....and then there are worlds within worlds. 

And THIS Polly vid was merely an addendum one to previous depth charges that she had dropped in her research endeavours -- believe me when I tell you I will get there, but right now I'm too scared to branch out any further back in the Polly timeline for some Lovecraftian fear that what I find and look upon might drive us all insane. 

It's almost as if she has taken the excellent Graphcommons Epstein network piece of art: 

(This page is no longer on the reg Graphcommons site and now has to be accessed thru the "legacy" version...Hmmmmmm)

and merely used it as her starter set. But first....

Where we started in all this is about to be outlined -- where we're going with it is another thing entirely:

Most mainstream and even alternative sources would have you believe they don't know what's causing this eerie sight -- I have other information: 

The testing is proceeding as planned. Sheep are nightmare fuel-injected now and you're next. 

Just SOME, by no means all, of the patents (& our fate was sealed all the way back in 1971): 

And a bit of what Madej & Kingston have been saying:

Plus more new information from Karen and Mike Adams here:

And Kingston from her substack:

But please by all means delve into ALL of it; hers is the skeleton key to unlocking and unravelling all of this on a technical, point-by-point basis; and she has no less than 5 new posts after the one I've spotlit here. 

Speaking of Adams, here are 2 incredibly important, and related, posts just up on his Natural News site: 

This of course gets into the importance of FTX as a placeholder  and adjunct of the Epstein network and the agenda it hoped to catapult further:

And FTX is looking increasingly like a shade of NXIVM with every passing hour:

With a side hustle of vaxx propaganda, including putting up the money to demonize ivermectin

Seeing the connections yet?? Don't worry, by the end, you will. Along those lines -- let's not forget the ever-present pizzagate vibes:

And for those of you saying "reaching!"...I suggest you pay harder attention to subliminals and symbolism messaging and encoding, and the way the real world has been working under your noses since 2016.

Don't worry -- Polly's coming -- but the setup is crucial... 

The same people with the same ideologies are running the same cons over and over again and infiltrating all areas of society now:

(That would be some $40 mil from FTX to the Biden Admin to rig the midterms, also...) 

And the word is out:

The fact is also now confirmed that these same artificially self-assembling nanostructures found in the vaxx are also found in rainwater, masks, nasal swabs, etc according to Dr. Ana Mihalcea:

Rainwater points to environmental parameters that we have noted extensively thru "geoengineering" sleight-of-hand and misdirection when in truth they (aerosol operations) have nothing to do with altering climate (the excuse) and everything to do with altering us (the goal) in an ultimate press-to-play control system they seek to institute worldwide.

And yes, these are the same nasal swabs used in the STILL ongoing but thoroughly debunked PCR tests. The same PCR invented by this guy, who, for our line of inquiry and purposes, has a rather curious backstory:

And from those such beginnings we have migrated here:

And, more importantly in terms of what is being done against it, here:

Plainly put:

Remember, THIS man (Mullis) is the one that created the tool (PCR) needed in order to launch and justify a biomedical false flag (the largest one in all recorded history) --  spinning up out of thin air a "pandemic" where none such existed on the wings of millions upon millions of false positives fashioned out of ridiculously augmented parameters. He himself would even come out and say that PCR should never be used as a diagnostic tool for such -- and died very suddenly after issuing such proclamations: 

At 1:49 of that vid Dr. Luc Montagnier is also referenced as being a skeptic about all this; he also died "suddenly":

But the idea itself -- given what we know about Mullis' backstory above -- was it his own? Or is this a case of kidnapping/abduction/missing time and programming, setting the stage for an event that was to occur? Has that entire event been orchestrated? And by whom? 

More about the "plandemic," PCR, and total invention is being reported from all angles:  

But I'm sure all of these different researchers from all of these different disciplines, different areas of expertise, and differing ideologies are ALL lying, because the precious governments NEVER would, right? Examine this and then tell me HAARP wasn't the primitive forerunner to 5G:

HAARP & Littleton, CO (Columbine):  (see mid-page questions around that time: do chemtrails activate implants? & chemtrails and biochips...this was 1999.)

Couple all this with what KK has been saying about aerosols being one of the primary causes of infestation...

With the advent of vaxx nanotech biowarfare and the combination of 5G, has the long-sought frontier of control of the mind by remote means finally been perfected and breached?    

 This was a DOD operation from the beginning:

And along that same line, how's this for another Epstein connection?:

That would be Epstein's lawyer running the entire Operation WarpSpeed thru the DOD from the onset. This was an Epstein-initiated (likely pre-"death"), military-facilitated, released bioweapon rollout from the word go. Validation here at the 18:42 mark from Sasha Latypova, who looked up the paperwork in the SEC filings and found the same: 


The sheep, of course, are merely their idea of a bad joke -- a sword of Damocles analogy hanging over all of our heads. Look what we can make you do.

Behold the largest mass psychological operation ever undertaken in history:

All released under the auspices of "How huge of a lie is possible to sustain if we scream loud enough and long enough about it?" Coupling that with the utter silencing of any and all dissenting voices, voices of common sense, reason, and rational, informed scientific research showing otherwise. Oh, we want you to trust the science, but only OUR faux science of misdirection and deceit that drove the herd by fear. They turned a bad flu season into the Plague. And people believed it, despite all evidence to the contrary. Be honest, if everyone had turned off their TVs and not listened to the media, would anyone have even known anything was wrong or out of the ordinary? Absolutely, unequivocally, not. Masks, lockdowns, continual tests, 6 feet apart, stay inside at all costs. In hindsight it was the ravings of psychopaths seeing how far they could push you. And when all of that met zero came the vaxx. Right on schedule and just in time. We're from the government and we're here to help. Giving you the "cure" for something that not only wasn't a threat, but that never existed in the first place. (see the Kingston rumble vid below....)

This is the line we all walk every day, with every new disclosure, with every unveiling, do we say anything? What is our job? Our duty? Do we risk losing a friend? A valued relationship? Something more? Do we stay silent and hope for the best? Maybe they got the saline...maybe they didn't...Is the truth more important? More important than anything?


The determining of the "why' is the rationale behind outlining the dark side of the moon terrain we wander thru. 

Part of Polly's uncovered network unveiled:

And we'll see even more as we go along... Disclosure of the connections and revelation of the dark linkages.

I could say more but right now I will say that this feels very much like an experiment we are all trapped in. One in which the originators are studying a plethora of subjects: conditioned response, identification and control of the id, certain bloodlines, that liminal space between the human and the rise of the technological, genetics and creating a specific race or species, but perhaps most of all the purview of the mind and memory, and how all of these can not only influence action but create reality itself. Examine how everything that has occurred within the last 2+ years has all the hallmarks of social engineering and the feel of an initiatory, indoctrination ritual. That is not by mistake or coincidence.

Who began this experiment or is charged with its fulfillment/ resolution remains open to interpretation...but results are trending in a certain direction, and have been for quite some time.

The solution to all this lies at the LOCAL level (as it always does) -- more KK linking and drinking from the firehose

And this just in as the tickertape just won't quit:

THOR with Alzheimers??!! By the flaming sword of Odin say it isn't so!! 

What was that about the vaxx giving you early onset for what you were genetically predisposed to anyway? (see the rise of all the early cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, myocarditis, etc...) Who in the hell gets Alzheimers at 39?? I suppose just like with SADS, this is the new normal. At least they'll be clamoring to tell us that. And word -- nobody stops work and semi-retires for that unless they're already feeling the effects...reading between the lines there's something we're not being told.  

And yep, he's had it:

One final thing before Polly, as the spillways of Kary Mullis' long-ago cabin tales branch out and connect with something that Whitney Webb uncovered about a notable person-of-interest in the Epstein network, and who or what may have been afflicting him -- listen from the 14:00 mark here as she speaks with James Corbett about Leslie Wexner: 

Listen what she gets into right around 16:20 and what happens to the audio.....

Everything she references is from this piece:

Mullis -- Wexner -- the ability to influence decision makers...remember, again:

After the longest preamble ever undertaken

(& I thank you for your indulgence as I attempt to forge the linkages and build the chain) let's get to Polly...her influence train runs from Gilman Louie, InQtel**,, the Santa Fe Institute, the entire Maxwell clan, and the Malina faction in the Jack Parsons relationship, since moved on over to the Maxwells, and ultimately how everything in and about the vaxx agenda might just be an offshoot and an upgrade of this:

Especially now given that DOD provenance.

** InQtel, btw, founded in 1999 and a strict CIA cutout, was integral in the buying up, with the CIA's coke, heroin, meth drug monies, of controlling shares in all major US corporations of note, including Boeing; very important, because controlling engineering projects within Boeing allowed the CIA to gain full remote control of all Boeing planes -- a couple of which got hijacked 2 years later by a bunch of Muslim patsies who were then flown into NYC's twin towers.  

The entire Polly rundown, which includes, between the lines, more occult and creepy references than you can shake a stick at:

She here also mentions MIT, interesting in light of the recent FTX disclosures regarding the Ellison clan and their involvement:

MIT, you will recall, was ground zero for the strange Aaron Swartz "suicide" after be broke into MIT media lab servers and found "something" that got him killed in 2012:

Which is in turn "coincidental" and uber-creepy when you remember MIT was awash with a tsunami of Epstein cash:

Oh, the places you'll go when you follow the money...

Interesting aside early on where Polly mentions the strange attribute associated with the Maxwells of being surrounded by folks with the ability to fake their own deaths. And how easy it is to do when you own the legacy media. Perception management coming to the fore again.

Next we get into Isabel Maxwell (Jizzy's sister) and the type of creepster POI's hanging around their house when she was younger -- one being Murray Gell-Mann. Another member of the shadowy, founder of the Santa Fe Institute, and even a hanger-arounder at, wait for it, CERN. Interests of that Santa Fe Institute btw, were: efforts looking into creating artificial life, systems biology, chaos theory, and genetic algorithms. Nope, no vaxx agenda spillways there...Transhumanism, cybernetics, remote influencing, now all at the touch of a needle.

Santa Fe also partnered with none other than the DOE -- Department of Energy...and were interested in mutation, genetics, and evolution.


Above excerpts from the VERY important Millennium script here -- Sense and Antisense -- which merely pertains more every day:

This from that halcyon year 1997 -- and since this series has been basically scrubbed from all existence -- I suggest you give this a good going over. Again. 

Because the movie, about weird, sci-fi, occult experiments unfolding in a real horror show, is far from over. And you're starring in it.

From our lips to Stew Peters' ears. Well done:

The world should be in absolute panic mode.

Remember that we are all turning our faces, and the light, towards something that an unfathomable evil would like us to keep ignoring. That makes us important. And very much needed in these times. 

Finally I also can't help but find it ironic that Stew and Co. chose 11-22 to premiere this incredibly important film; it being 59 years to the day that they pulled off the OG nightmare on Elm Street, and the open air daylight murder of a president, the last truly people's president, by his own government. This, I believe, is Peters' tipoff that he knows as well as I that the same people, the same forces, that were responsible for that are responsible also for the content of his film. The same reason that I chose to delay this post til this very day of anniversary and remembrance. 

In whatever little ways you can, don't ever forget what happened to your president, your country, and the trajectory of all our lives. Rest in peace, JFK. We're still fighting for you.

ADDENDUM: And the blowback begins already. (THAT didn't take long.) I sense PANIC:

Judging from the comments -- amazingly still UP -- the collective is pissed off and waking up. Not one pro-vaxx comment. Read 'em for yourself. We're right in the middle of something going on here...

Film is #1 on twitter and views have more than doubled over the past hours.


(I chose the last art image at the header since it was a piece chosen to hang in the Hotel Texas where the Kennedys were staying on that last fateful trip to Dallas. Manhattan II by Lionel Feininger, it was selected along with other prominent artist works and were all installed in the Kennedy suite. More are here, including an "angry owl" by Picasso. Angry Owl? Hmmmm:

Having never seen it before, something about the Manhattan painting struck me as both eerie and foreboding.)












Monday, November 14, 2022



"Living in the night/ neath heavens torn asunder/ You call on me to solve a crooked rhyme/ As I'm closing in/ Imposing on your slumber/ You call on me/ As bells begin to chime

Are you on the square? Are you on the level?/ Are you ready to swear right here right now before the devil?/ That you're on the square/ That you're on the level/ That you're ready to stand right here right now

Hiding from the light/ Sacrificing nothing/ Still you call on me for entrance to the shrine/ Hammering the nails into the sacred coffin/ You call on me for powers clandestine..." 

Look over yonder, what do you see?

The sun is a-rising, most definitely

A new day is coming (woo hoo)

People are changing, ain't it beautiful (woo hoo!)

Crystal Blue Persuasion  

WHAT is happening??  Things are getting so weird and strange out there that it's hard to keep up. This psychedelic band of 4 reactionaries has mounted an assault on Swifty 52 years later and their plan for World Domination is somehow at this late date and against all odds proceeding apace. Don't even talk to me about Ghost....either 2 (or 3 depending on your conspira-validity) of these guys are actually DEAD. I got your Ghost right here. 2023, meet your soundtrack -- thank God Manson never got a hold of this or who knows what we'd be wading thru....oh, wait....

Now that we have our soundtrack, let's see what other unimaginables and unmentionables are happening that we need to examine that others are ducking and covering from. Strap in, bat children, we're commandeering Epstein's secret sub and aiming for Marianas Trench your utility belts for sea sickness pills and iodine tablets; things are about to get more radioactive than you'll ever be...Dive stations on the Psychonautilus...set the controls for blackmail and black magick. Let's turn the pages and rattle the cages...Here...We...Go!!

To arrive at some true understanding, we need to recognize the importance of attacking this in waves. To construct a united front of "voila!" modularly. Methodically putting this together piece by piece so that we can, in turn, tear it down brick by brick behind a collective mindset of a knowledge base that is unimpeachable. Once again, I know of no other person at the forefront that is doing this exact thing better right now than Karen Kingston, who continues to double down and hoist them on their own petard. The validity and perfection of her attack stems from the fact that it originates within THEIR OWN PAPERWORK:

You will notice in the above interview with Stew she mentions a method of infection that you can actually have someone hold your hand and tag you with a "tattoo" that will inoculate you...Hmmm, where have I heard of that before?:

Read it and weep, my psychonauts.

The perfection of her plan is delicious if only she could get somebody, anybody, to actually listen to her evidence. It points greatly as to the rationale of why Pfizer, Moderna, the FDA, et al, wanted to hide this very paperwork and research docs from the public at large for 75 years. 

Her substack is a must view of bombs and gotchas:

It also happens to reveal a host of reasons why this entire plot/agenda is satanically derived and luciferian to the core. The parameters of which we'll be getting to.....

I could link to all of her appearances til the cows come home, but please go to her substack and just to rumble and plug her name in the search engine there to find out exactly what is going on....she really does have it all. 

Another "person of interest" that she never fails to cite as responsible for all this is Dr. James Giordano. 

"Bio-ethics??" Shouldn't that fall under the same category as military intelligence? Civil war? Honest politician? Happily married? Just as an aside, Giordano has long been a consult for both DARPA and the DOD; just to make you all warm and fuzzy and feel better.

The illustrated horrors and rationale of Giordano are all right here:

Peruse with caution and at your terror when you realize this guy is a "go to" for our self-appointed leaders and elites. And believe me, they sleep like babies at night.

Whistleblower Melissa McAtee is also on the case:

Ya gotta love that cool crystal blue persuasion glow -- see the pertinent facts about optogenetics upcoming below...

Maria Zeee from Down Under also checks in with more affirmations, and stunning ones:  (This looks like something straight out of The Andromeda Strain...)  (Dr. Mihalcea here validates and confirms what Kingston has been saying per the quantum dot tech...i.e., the ability to pass as satanic and connect to the demonic realms.)

Re that:

And they cannot keep a lid on this as more and more bombs are escaping and detonating in the mainstream -- this from a Dr. Drew telecast just days ago:

But this all must, of necessity, be about winning hearts and minds in all control aspects. And it's so much easier when you cheat. And they have been perfecting cheating for a long time:

Notice that's dateline 1954. That's what they, thru the implantation of suggestion thru drugs and hypnosis, could get people to do THEN against their will. Jolly West, the lynchpin of that article from the great Tom O'Neill, also served as a handler for Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, the entire Manson clan during their stint in Haight-Ashbury, Patty Hearst, and Timothy McVeigh to name just a few off the top of my head. That list right there reads like a rundown of coups, false flags, and the greatest social engineering projects of the 20th century.  

He also happened to be at Ground Zero for the great serial killer explosion on the west coast while Ronald Reagan was governor and looking to establish brain health and modification units (Violence Centers) at places like Atascadero for one -- stomping grounds for the Zodiac killer(s).

And much more on the Zodiac here -- and his/their mind control, satanic cults, and military intel connections are far too numerous to mention:  

Once again we come to the intersections of serial killers, satanic cults, military intelligence, and mind control. All acting as fronts, cut outs, for each other in the great game. If one gets caught, they move the board pieces a massive grift of destabilization and social engineering, designed to...designed to what? Examine where we are today.

Look at the images from the latest Star Trek Brave New Worlds installment I have embedded at the front -- they are insinuating that to fight for our freedoms, and against things like microchips and mrna poison shots -- will lead to armageddon, and a wipeout of 30% of the planet's population. It's OUR fault. That's a veiled acknowledgment of the Atlantic "Amnesty" piece that cites how all of us unvaxxed just need to forget and forgive our oppressors:

Not to mention that 30% wipeout seems to be proceeding just fine with the results of the vaxx:

That fighting for freedom and liberty thing = not worth it. 

That's the new Star Trek message. Somewhere Gene Roddenberry spins. And may his ghost haunt them forever.  

Whitney Webb is yet another invaluable piece to the puzzle solving. Glenn Beck just gave her her largest audience to date -- and with very good reason:

Study how she talks of facts, figures, organizations, people off the top of her head extemporaneously without so much as a single note card. That, my friends, is impressive, and speaks to how invested, committed she is. We need to pray for people like this that they are able to keep doing what they're doing. Because you simply cannot have a vaxx killing millions of people in an ongoing largest psyop ever undertaken without having the network behind it -- and this is the network. 

She speaks quite rightly of Epstein. But we also need remember that Epstein is but one of a larger infestation that has been, and continues to, operate:

And still we glimpse but parts of a larger whole -- pertinent part begins at 2:40:

There is a REASON why all roads lead to Rome now, and the fact that everyone investigating every angle of this are all coming to the very same conclusions, no matter how impossible, how unlikely, those may sound. There is a reason why Epstein's operation was encircled by satanic imagery and ethos; why the island was dripping with occult symbolism and artifacts. This isn't a mystery in the end -- there's no secret. Blood and sacrifice are needed to effect change thruout this realm, guided by biotech and astroarchaeology.    

We live in a confluence of overlapping and connected dark energies that manifest in a system that needs complete control of all of us. Yet another system parameter of that control is illustrated here, very well, by Polly:

Plugging in can get us to do anything -- even take a poisonous jab under the auspices of the "collective good." Jonestown goes global-a-gogo was never so easy.

And Tucker just gave Ye a major platform for airing his thoughts:

Sound crazy to you? Or merely a plain-spoken someone they want you to THINK is crazy because his ideas ride extremely outside the narrative they are wishing to push? 

Now he's doubling down too:

We also can't get away without hearing the very latest from Carrie:

One of the many things that Dr. Madej gets into in these vids is the claim that Elon's ex Grimes is a satanic high-level priestess...a claim that actually may have more than a little validity:

She also gets into her background at World Congress 2013 symposiums with J. Craig Venter of the Human Genome Project and how his ideas have manifested... supersoldiers and "reconstruction of alien life in a secure lab." (sending Martian genomes back to earth to be replicated...) If this can be repeated in real time, how much longer before Saturn is on the agenda?? Are CERN and supercolliders already hooked in somehow to the self-replicating magnetic nanotech in the vaxx?? Epstein is noted to have wanted his own DNA somehow put into as many as possible in what amounts to a monstrous genetics/eugenics project -- what exactly are we looking at? The same people for one thing in that same project that just might now involve all of humanity:

Who remembers the name Dr. Andrew Huff and why is he saying those horrible things about the CIA??:   

The supersoldiers reference definitely gets into augmentation and what they have been aiming for for a long while: see Polly's asides about Harley Pasternak, his links to the Defense industry, not to mention what Tom O'Neill uncovered about what they may have been attempting as far back as 1954.

This also gets into optogenetics, (remember Melissa above) and what can be achieved with those:

in the areas of remote takeover of the human mind, and experiments with mice and implanted and/or wiped memories -- anyone remember the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in the 80s that sprang up in the midst of Satanic Panic and sought to discredit all accusing the schools and daycares of running pedo rings? Turns out it had rather extensive ties to both the CIA and pedophiles itself. 

The mice:

Notice first of all how much light plays a pivotal role in these experiments...

Now remember how much everyone was wondering just what Luciferase was doing in the vaxxes...

Optogenetics to manipulate the human mind:

What's to worry if the serfs agree with their servitude or not? With having nothing? With eating bugs? With living in boxes? They can BE MADE to be happy. It's all good in a Kissinger-Rockefeller-Rothschild-WEF satanic dream world. Zbig's Grand Chessboard is for all, but it's rigged from your neurons on down...nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about, right?

To illustrate for you the timeless inter-connectedness of these networks, and how you can't pull on one scarlet thread without altering the entire ball of yarn, I give you the latest FTX crypto collapse:

The directions in which the tentacles spread they are currently in the process of scrub-a-dub-dubbing: 

I'm thinking they mean this one:

The internet is forever ya freaks.

And indeed connections abound, to the entire WEF, to Klaus Schwab, to the CEO being Caroline Ellison, daughter of MIT's Glenn Ellison, their Economics Dept. head -- which makes me wonder greatly how much his campus path crossed with this guy:

Not merely for moral equivalencies, but because Epstein also happened to be at the forefront of the 2008 economic collapse. And you know how they just love to revisit crimes like greatest hits...  (from 22:30 here)

And lest you think I may be stretching things, oh no, symbolism will be their downfall:

Check those FBI pedo symbol sheets again, for those of you playing along at home. What was I just alleging about Epstein's involvement again??

"Yeah, but you can't POSSIBLY tie this in with covid or the vaxx!!...."

Hold my beer, newbie:

The rot, grift, and evil runs as deep as those lovely dark woods that we still have so many miles to trudge thru. So many promises, so many connections, to keep. And just remember with as much certainty as there are no coincidences, I can say with just as much certainty that it is ALL connected...

This should explain the monetary cycle of wash n' go (or modern econ 101):

Although I have referenced it before, the infrastructure undergirding these projects is essential, and that too has been in place and in the making for a long time -- remember this Steven Greer interview with Bill Pawelec mid-2001:

Notice the intent of national socialist-type classifying and surveillance of huge and ever-growing swaths of the populace. Notice how much it resembles in form and intent what the self-replicating artificial nanostructures are capable of within the vaxx that has now been administered to 5 billion people. This in mid-2001 and what Pawelec is referencing goes back even further. 

Tie that in with the things that Carrie Madej overheard in her World Congress meetings.

Now remember that everything I've written so far in this post are things, ideas, concepts, scientifically-speaking especially, Jeffrey Epstein was intensely, obsessively, interested in. If not more than, at least as much as, pussy. That should make everyone stop and think as to the nature of the world they are living in; just how much it has been, and is being, transformed...and by who...and why...

We deal now not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities, against the rulers and authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in high places. 

Remember how the AATIP presentation of Slide 9 to the Pentagon revealed how the enemy has the power to influence decision makers. Is this what we are seeing en masse in the world right now? I believe it is. And I believe some people can see it:

And those doing the influencing? I believe this goes a very long way down that road via the cosmic, interdimensional explanation:

Ray Boeche: "I see the web spread out, and I see the edges beginning to lift up to encase as much of humanity as it possibly can..."

The fact that UFO flaps are now in the process of occurring with increasing frequency also must be taken into account:  

Do the elites know? Oh yes they do. They have glimpsed the secrets:

For the all-important Edition #2 of From Hell, see here, from approx pages 89-122:

Because this is where things turn a turn for the mystical and apocalyptic, and where the writing and deep research of Alan Moore make folks like Dan Brown seem like what they are, johnny-come-latelys, pretenders and neophytes. Moore begins to delve into the sinister forces and spirits that suffuse London's very streets, bricks and masonry with an abiding and relentless chthonic force -- something that overrides history and outpaces time and space in their appointments...

"Also coincidence, perhaps, that Christ should die, and be entombed, then rise again precisely at Spring Solstice, the return of light and life? He is the SUN of God, the imagery that permeates our hymns does oft proclaim him such...while in our paintings we mark Him with a solar disc about His head. Apollo, Lud, Belinos, Atum, Christ, or Baal. All one God, Netley. All one God."

That Moore in his archaeological and astroarchaeological outpourings should note the spirit and lineage of Diana should also come as no surprise -- all is connected. And lest we forget, the author of what is now known as the Great Reset is none other than the now King of all England, once Diana's husband. The same Great Reset that was set into motion by the covid plandemic and the vaxx agenda. There are no coincidences, and the spirit of the Ripper still lives, because what was he trying to be, after all, than the first great social engineer and architect of the 20th Century?

Our destinies have all been hijacked against our will; commandeered by the Rippers and Epsteins of this shadow play, acting as proxies for forces far greater and more ancient than themselves. The knowledge in actually seeing that, and saying something about it, may be our key to cutting the puppet strings and stealing it back.

Sometimes, feel so low down and disgusted/ Can't help but wonder what's happening to my companions? Are they lost or are they found?/ Have they counted the cost it'll take to bring down/ All those earthly principles they'll have to abandon?/ Cause there's a slow, it's a slow/ Slow train comin'

I had a woman down in Alabama/ She was a backwoods girl but she sure was realistic/ She said boy without a doubt, gotta quit your mess and get straightened out/ You could die down here be another accident statistic/ But there's a slow, there's a slow/ Slow train comin'

Man's ego's inflated, you know his laws are outdated/ They don't apply no more, can't rely no more to be standin around waitin/ In the home of the brave/ Jefferson in his grave/ Fools glorifying themselves, tryin to manipulate Satan/ But there's a slow, there's a slow/ Slow train comin...

Well my baby went to Illinois, with some boy she could destroy/ A real suicide case there was nothin I could do to stop it/ Don't care about economy/ Don't care about astronomy/ But it sure do bother me to see my loved ones turning into puppets

There's a slow, there's a slow -- Slow Train Comin'...

(Thanks to the artwork of Eddie Campbell and all the use of the images of From Hell.) 

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