Thursday, August 17, 2023



"Too many mountains and not enough stairs to climb/

Too many churches and not enough truth/

Too many people and not enough eyes to see/

Too many lives to lead and not enough time..."

I can't stand it, I know ya planned it, Imma set it straight this Watergate

I can't stand rockin when I'm in here, Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear

So while ya sit back and wonder why I got this fuckin thorn in my side

Oh my God it's a mirage I'm tellin y'all it's sabotage

So so so so listen up cause ya can't say nothin you'll shut me down with the push of your button

But yo I'm out and I'm gone, I tell ya now I keep it on and on

Cause what ya see you might not get and we can bet so ya don't get souped yet

Scheming on a thing that's a mirage, I'm tryin to tell ya now it's sabotage

Our backs are now against the wall -- Listen all y'all it's a sabotage

I can't stand it I know ya planned it Imma set it straight this Watergate

But I can't stand rockin when I'm in this place because I feel disgrace cause you're all in my face

But make no mistake and switch up my channel 

I'm Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle

What could it be? It's a mirage. You're scheming on a thing that's sabotage

"As long as we keep feeding it, we'll be fine." 

"I text a postcard sent to you, did it go through?...

If I lose everything in the fire, Did I ever make it through?"

"Guard them in your mind. They are life to those who find them and healing for their entire body. More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it." Proverbs 4:23

Welcome back internet friends, family, neighborhood lurkers and tireless midnight sleuths, riders and ramblers the world over. Tonight we rendezvous, reconvene and delve into what can only be called Blue Rose cases from the infamous Twin Peaks canon

of which a creepy amount are occurring simultaneously as we wind down yet another Dog Days late summer season that someone is observing with a flourish on this year's occult calendar. These cases have moved quite smoothly and seamlessly from the realm of fiction into the real world. 

Blue roses left at the scene as markers and calling cards scattered thruout a world we have little working knowledge of drifting along in a Goblin Universe: 

You may wish to put this on as a background for what's coming tonight -- it will serve you quite nicely. And if you'd like a piece of delicious cherry pie and some damn fine coffee right with it, far be it from me to stop  you:

In so many ways and on so many fronts, we are in the midst of a Silent War that grows louder and more noticeable by the hour. People, important people, are in fear and fleeing. Important, sacred, and historical sites are under attack and being rolled up, trampled underfoot to larger plans and an unrelenting globalist agenda. All of these are only the most visible symptoms across a psychological spectrum that runs even deeper...physical and spiritual space is being gobbled up and terraformed; space that we need to reclaim. 

"It was like Star Wars flashing fire...It was like a giant blow torch and you were running from that. And we had to run in the ocean because we started on fire. And we were in the ocean for about eight hours, fighting the water, getting pulled out, flames are hitting you still..." (Maui eyewitness)

Hmmm, seems like the flames are almost having a presence and a physical weight...let's put a red push pin in that for later. Something seems germane in that to me to a later conversation...

At times like this, it is, more than ever, important to note repeating signals, signatures, and themes. And of those, we are rocking a steady supply that ranges far beyond the scope of cognitive bias or coincidence theory. All of this, put together, MEANS something. The Maui fires story is now moving in and taking over all sectors of the alt-media with wall-to-wall coverage, mainly on the strength of the absolute number of high strangeness signal flares along with a distinctly blue rose bouquet it contains, so let's wade in here first...gather round the wireless high atop the treehouse blanket fort, let's get snuggled in, and start comparing notes...everybody got your magnifying glasses and flashlights?? Tonight we're datelining Hawaii, Mexico, and Peru in our global itinerary.

As per Maui, let's look at some of the homeowners whose island properties were, somehow, strangely immune to the blowing 70mph winds advancing the fireballs and torrential sheaths of flame -- people with names like Oprah, and Bezos, and Gates, and Zuckerberg. What else do they have in common? And why would that matter now...well, therein lies a tale:

And why is this loon grinning like the Cheshire cat?? Soon we'll be able to see the horns sprouting from the tops of their heads:

Are we beginning to see the connective tissue here? Calling this anything close to natural -- what an insult to our intelligence.


Telltale signatures of DEW (directed energy weapon) deployment? Multiple ones:


One of the first things I noticed was the look of cars with melted aluminum at the Maui scene were virtually identical to the look of the cars at Ground Zero in the wake of whatever really happened on 9/11 -- and all the evidence points to factors beyond kerosene fuel, beyond conventional explosions, and beyond even thermite as an additive:

This on the ground at Maui is utterly unexplainable in conventional "fire" terms:

Do we have precedence for things like this, especially when used as firestarters? Oh most certainly -- this from Dutchsinse in 2020:

Witness this event in Chile just earlier this year:

Nope, not even a conspiracy:

Means. Motive. Method. Opportunity. 


ANOTHER marker, is that much like the Canada fires in the headlines earlier (and that are still raging), these Maui fires also erupted all at once, at the same time

MORE here from Greg Reese in an excellent presentation:


All satellite thermal data for the time of onset of the fires on that portion of Maui has been scrubbed

On top of everything else, HAARP's signal was off the charts that day, pulsing out one of its highest readings ever:

Some are claiming "strange" signatures of an occultic nature emerged within the fires also (see above). And here:

All in all, the burn rates, patterns, start times and coordination for this event are all off the charts weird, and getting weirder.


Wonder how HAARP may also connect to other areas of inquiry here 

Wonder no longer:


And just look where we know the Maui Police Chief from. It appears he's made his bones and was assigned up the chain in the Occult Death Race Sweepstakes:


But there is so much more coordination and front-loading of the agenda via the WEF, FEMA, and other "interested" parties like Blackrock:

Designated months prior as the first 15 minute city, to be run exclusively by AI:

What about those weird green lasers appearing in Hawaiian night skies earlier in the year?? Doesn't seem so pedestrian now, does it?

Here is the always welcome take from REDACTED:

It's clear that there is much more to come with and on this story, but that's if we can get it:

This from Carrie Madej's pal:

Essential info and plenty of witness statements here at Burning Platform:

It also now emerges that, much like the warnings to shelter in place in the towers on the morning of 9/11 to maximize deaths, all evacuation and escape routes were blocked by police on the day of the fires:

And this is as prescient as calling the Reichstag Fire or writing about the OKC bombing or Charles Whitman in the Tower before they happened (all true btw):

Fly on the wall behind the scenes: "I know guys!! Let's make the conspiracy as obvious as possible!!":

That should settle the DEW conundrum once and for all, because, you know, trust the science. 

As this story continues, am going to be doing my level best to make sure this info doesn't collectively get redacted, scrubbed, or memory-holed. All the people of Lahaina and Maui, both those perished and the survivors, deserve nothing less.



And there is a larger background here that bears investigation and points to premeditation: remember the Veritas tape from the CNN insider that said the next big push after covid that they were instructed to hit hard was climate change

Elites coordinating our thought patterns? Perish the thought. Just how do you think ultimately Maui will be spun into this narrative? Because you know that it's coming. And coordinating and manipulating those thought patterns? Well, that just got a lot easier:

It never ceases to amaze me that, the further you dig and the closer you look, every single story that is highlighted here is coordinated in lockstep with the next one and the next and the next. The breadth and the scope of the operation is stunning, and we are all witnesses to it. One domino after another falling and we are in the crosshairs:

Never stop critically thinking, like your life and soul depended on it. 


And finally, the military just so happens to be running "large-scale exercises" during the same time as the fires?:

Where have a heard this song and dance-setup-dog and pony show before? Stop me if you've heard about 7/7, 9/11, the Boston Bombing, Columbine, Event 201, SPARS, on into the far horizon.....


As a 12-mile "media free zone" extends around Maui, there is another sinister  signature that is emerging:

Maui deep in the tradition of Waco, OKC, and other burning children ritual tropes that the elites are just to die for -- and let's not forget that the OG Columbine plan was for Eric and Dylan to trigger incendiaries that would have turned the entire school into an inferno. Sensing a fire = children theme?  


But as we get back to that red push pin -- remember the survivor account that said the heat and fire felt like a force? Remember the auto melts at both scenes? Listen to Jacques Vallee here, recounting attacks on the citizens of Colares, Brazil in November 1977 by flying lights and "boxes" (chupas) in the night sky:

Take note of what he says at the 2:20 mark..."the beam would also pin them down and push them. We don't know how to make a beam that does that."

That was in 1990, and it didn't take long before we did: it's called a pulsed microwave. A rudimentary form of a...what?...Directed Energy Weapon.

For research purposes. the full eerie story of Colares, and what happened there back in that fall when a little film called Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was premiering, is right here: 

And the full notes on the case here from The Black Vault, courtesy of Bob Pratt:

And some enlightening thoughts from Vallee here:

A final thought from the man here, tinged with the ominous, which could serve as a cornerstone for this entire endeavour since 2011: 

Vallee's narrative and story ranges farther afield than we can get into here without doubling the size of this post, but think Battelle, think his knowledge of what's going on that he can't talk about but puts in "fictional" works:

(Keep in mind that in the last chapter in Confrontations Vallee states that a huge multi-nationally linked Corporation came into Colares and hoovered up all the data, photos, witness statements and computer printouts at the time, to be filed away in their database.)

Can you guys think of any recent event that has made us lose our connection to God? What are we sitting on here?

Also at the time of the fires and because I like to connect things:


Which will bring us to our next stop in the Blue Rose folder -- we head for the jungles of Peru, and another story with far-reaching implications that is in the midst of being buried because something about it is too important for you to notice.

And speaking of being buried -- and because this leans heavily into so many overlapping subsets reported  here:

But there is a currently ongoing situation developing in Peru:

This mirrors extremely closely the aforementioned events in Colares, Brazil, so extensively charted and deeply investigated by leading lights such as Vallee and Pratt in 1977. But there are other extenuating circumstances:  (partial timeline so far...)

Some of the earliest reports here:

This from Redacted on the matter, again with Alberino:

And now, of course, an official answer emerges:

Floating miners with jetpacks that can disappear and are impervious to bullets? The USAF-created Swamp Gas answer by Hynek in 1966 springs to mind. 

Totally not knowing what is going on in the jungle at this point, but I know it's not that.

The latest capture:


Peru is erupting now because why? It represents what?

A Blue Rose ramp-up for Blue Beam? A total artificial construct psyop or something with a bit more gravity in the true High Strangeness realms manifesting? Perhaps it's important to remember some other recent disclosures for context here:

There are other great secrets afoot here, ones that require great attention being paid to them, lest we  miss something of vital import in the daily hamster wheel circus...why still the reticence among some elites over all this? What pieces of info could cause the highest on the food chain in dealing with all this for years to have such staggering levels of PTSD?:

How scared are they about the real reason for, and even the existence of (for decades) abductions getting out? Disappearing people? How many disappearing children every year? Cattle mutilations? HUMAN mutilations? The links to the occult that have always been there?:

Straight from page 138:

This is striking. But there is more, and that more is the territory where the lines begin to blur between abduction, ritual abuse and government sanctioned MKUltra and MONARCH projects and the importation of Nazi scientists and markedly occult theology in the wake of WWII -- Project Paperclip:



One might even begin to wonder: where DID we humans learn the properties of and begin to acquire the taste for adrenochrome, anyway? Was an entire religious-type support structure then built to this end? And under whose, or what's, instructions? Did it already exist for centuries, millennia, and was just part of the inherited hidden knowledge of the secret societies? Does the lineage of satanic ritual abuse down into things like pizzagate begin to make more sense, on an esoteric level? 

Is THIS the reason for all the secrecy; the fact that WE were the ones that opened Pandora's Box? That YES, harmful agreements have been signed off on...and have led us down a primrose path to all that is being exposed today (C-19 vaxx and CRISPR, I'm lookin at you), and in ways never even imagined -- the Human Genome Project and endless ramifications: 

But let's give Strieber, and more to the point, physicist John von Neumann, the last word on the rationale behind where all the secrecy and paranoia may be coming from, and why the peril right now may be very real (click to enlarge): 

Does spirituality (of any stripe or moral boundary) require observation, acknowledgment, to manifest? (Prayer?) Is this the great secret behind all things quantum, from dots to computers to the machinations at CERN?

Have we, in our forgetting of and the ability to even mention God in "polite" conversation, doomed ourselves not just figuratively but literally?

I think I understand even more what Naomi Wolf was getting at:

In the beginning, after all, was the WORD. Remember, why they call it spelling.

Which is also just simply speaking the sounds. Remarkably important.  


And for our final case in an evening full of intrigue, high drama and existential danger, to Mexico and the strange case of Karen Kingston, who right now seems twixt the devil and the deep blue sea.

Everything I know so far from the first to the latest:

We see here a definitely pressured, targeted individual -- remember Kingston's beef with the folks like RFK Jr, his science adviser Sasha Latypova, and Robert Malone has ALWAYS been the unwillingness of any of them to call the vaxx by definition what it is, a BIOWEAPON, as well as their stance of the hopelessness of going after Pfizer and instead placing the crosshairs over the Pentagon and DARPA for the rollout and harmful intentions of the vaxx. 

She, OTOH, and dealing from the wording in the internal documents and patents from Pfizer themselves, place the onus squarely upon PFIZER, and not the DOD as far as any punishment or justice should be leveled.

Malone's reticence to acknowledge any of this no doubt has to do with legal liability also falling back on he as a creator of the vaxx itself -- and his willingness to shift blame as such. His pleading post-rollout that "we had no idea of the long-term ramifications" has been exposed by the work of both KK and others like Naomi Wolf as being an utter lie:

They ALL knew.

There STILL remains a nearly hour-long interview that she held with RFK Jr. over 8 months ago that he still has not signed off on her releasing to the public. Why?

Mike Adams of weighs in here and seems to be throwing her to the wolves between the lines, saying Mexico is the worst place for her to be re CIA jurisdiction. But let's think about this for a minute. Why Mexico exactly?

Remember that things began ramping up on Karen right after this announcement: 

Which was actually preceded by this earlier in the year:

So her message was getting out and no longer falling on deaf ears. This is likely the window in which is was determined that something had to be done...  (No further word from KK has been heard since this.)

But again, why Mexico? Could it have anything to do with other targets like Jesse Ventura and Reiner Fuellmich**, who wants to launch a new Nuremberg, taking refuge there? 

**Hugely important new findings here:

Remember the headline of the Mexican Army seizing the biolab (CIA) that was posing under the facade of a US construction company?: 

Sure there was only fentanyl goin on there. That's why the US demanded return of all the seized prop to the US Army. Met with a resounding "No!" and the Mexican Gov't issuing a joint statement (ALONG WITH RUSSIA) that Russia would back Mexico against any incursions or actions by the US. 

So what is going on here exactly? Is a Mexico-Russia alliance making a stand against any and all globalist power plays? Is Mexico, of all places, actually a new safe harbor globally for targeted individuals? The hollow argument of Adams and others that the CIA can "get you" there more than here is just that -- everyone with 2 brain cells knows that the CIA, jurisdiction or not, has been bumping off people INSIDE the US high and low pillar to post since at least, what? 1963? November of that year ring any bells? 

Russia definitely has the goods: 

We have proven ourselves time and again to be far and away the most corrupt, most murderous and bloodthirsty regime on the face of the planet. And absolutely nothing has changed within this KK narrative ongoing to change my mind. 

Let's tally: Naomi with her mysterious hospital stay that devolves into something out of Rosemary's Baby: 

Carrie with her high-impact plane crash (that still goes unexplored to this day): 

Listen very carefully to all 6 parts of the above as she lays out her entire story up to and including the plane crash a little over a year ago, the mysterious circumstances, and what led her to speak out initially. including those strange "business meetings" she was invited to that now sound like some invitation into a secret occult society....this interview keeps being wiped, so hopefully Rumble will prevail on keeping it viable.

And now the Karen situation. Is there any wondering why these 3 ladies have found themselves with targets on their backs for both psychic attacks and physical, given their fighting nature and the information they are exposing on this Beast System? 

And it's not as if they would be the first. As a matter of fact, look at this list, which contains the names of many friends of Dr. Madej going back to 2015, and which led her to flee the country initially == seeing this as a grave warning sign: 

This just in on Karen Kingston's convoluted and dark history by investigator George Webb:

I include it here not to indict or condemn her -- more I see it as a validation of her "credentials." She has trafficked in these waters for a long time. She knows what she's talking about. Much like Carrie. and perhaps even more like Naomi, who rose to the highest echelons of the Clinton machine. Toppermost of the poppermost she was. 

That ANY of these women have seen the error of their ways or previous lifestyles and are now choosing to bite the hand that has fed them for so many years...for that I can do nothing but whole-heartedly applaud their stark candor and courage in that their love for their fellow man has prevailed in the long run. A greater love hath no one than this. It's NEVER too late. Their secret and ultimate weapons/crimes against humanity may abide for a time, but nothing stands up to these words... 

Some wise man once put it beautifully:

Those words reverberate powerfully across the years and thruout the timeline, illuminating and bringing understanding to lives like JFK, the late Luc Montagnier, right down to today with Naomi, and Carrie, and Karen and the ongoing quest for truth and justice. It continues.

I think of that little speech often in these long, turbulent days and nights. As summer wanes and all the Blue Roses come and go, you should too.