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"In number, there is one for every life which ever was, or ever will be. And like most lives they wait, for a moment, the moment; when we'll be sent on its journey back towards the yellow sun.

Approaching the sun brings definitive change. We will never again be the same. Appearing in our skies it is believed to be the prophecy of extraordinary events; the birth of Kings, the death of Empires.

After centuries, or millennia, the journey must end. Perhaps smothered by its own dust, the dark, soulless body continues eternally thru space and time. It may disintegrate and crumble into inconsequential rubble, or may be lost forever, crashing, burning, into the yellow sun.

And tonight, as I look into the sky and it looks back on me, I want to know, which am I? 

I need to know, is this the beginning of the journey? Or the end?"   MILLENNIUM Sea2 Ep1, The Beginning and The End (1997) 

"The boy child is locked in the fisherman's yard, a bloodless moon where the oceans die/ A shoal of nightstars hang fire in the nets, and the chaos of cages where the crayfish lie

Where is the fisherman, where is the goat?/ Where is the keeper in his carrion coat?/ Eclipse on the moon where the dark bird flies, where is the child with his father's eyes?...

These are the souls of the broken factories, the subject slaves of the broken crown/ The dead accounting of old guilty promises, these are the souls of the broken town...These are the soul cages.

I have a wager the brave child spoke, the fisherman laughed, though disturbed at the joke/ You will drink what I drink but you must equal me, if a drink leaves me standing a soul shall go free

I have here a cask of most magical wine, a vintage that blessed every ship in the line/ It's wrung from the blood of the sailors who died, young white bodies on drifting tide

And what's in it for me my pretty young thing? Why should I whistle when the caged bird sings?/ if you lose a wager with the king of the sea you'll spend the rest of forever in the cage with me...These are the soul cages..." 


"The appearance of new forms and the disappearance of old ones are bound together."  Charles Darwin

"Do you know that 95% of all the species that once lived on this planet have died out? That blows my mind. Basically the overriding message of this whole plan is that the hybrids are the chosen people and our extinction is inevitable."   Invasion 2005 Sea 1 Ep 19 The Son Also Rises

"The Cambrian Explosion was a time of massive evolutionary change on the planet. Virtually overnight, all kinds of new life appeared."

"Do you think that's what's going on here?"

"You don't have to be alien to wipe out a species, Dave. Humans are pretty good at it too..."

"So these hybrids, they're just another invasive species, like the rabbits taking over Australia? Melaleuca trees in the Glades?"

"That would be the best case scenario..."

"What's the worst case?"

"That they're actually our next evolutionary upgrade."

"Like we're the Neanderthals and they're US?"    Invasion 2005 Sea 1 Ep 18 Re-Evolution

"The Air Force guy I found had twelve symmetrical holes in his body. Whatever attacked him left this part of itself in one of his wounds. Mariel said it was still moving when she pulled it out. Possibly regurgitating fluids..."

"Sucking his blood?"

"Fluids, Dave. We're checking to see if this thing came from a squid, not a vampire."

"Do squids regurgitate?"

"None that I know of; but there's a lot of creatures in the ocean we haven't been able to study. Mmm, look at that -- those cells create light...."      Invasion Sea 1 Ep 8 The Cradle

We meet again Challengers of the Unknown, and despite the fact that this installment title sounds like a Hardy Boys lost episode, I welcome you, once again, into the folds of the Night Gallery, where we continually seek to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. 

And as you can see above from research promulgated and sponsored by the likes of the NIH, Rice, UC Davis and DARPA, amoung many others, there are very pertinent reasons why they would want the hydra vulgaris to be one of the starring ingredients in the worldwide vaxx they so desperately wanted to get into every living soul. The applications for mental slavery, thought transference, regeneration and endless remote controlling of the human brain and neuro-system are overflowing with sinister possibility. 

When Carrie Madej first peered thru her microscope and spotted one of these coming in a sterile vaxx sample vial, she opened up an entire new world of roadmapping of the Deep State system and their non-human-intelligence inspired tech: 

This, almost 2 years ago now, was one of the first tipoffs that something was hugely amiss and at play in the entire vaxx agenda we were, and are (thanks to shedding, the marking of food, and chemtrailing) all laboring under. 

Combine these organic, biological elements with self-assembling nanostructures that also coincidentally appear to be activated by light, increased temperature, and frequency (that we have been able to ascertain so far), and we can come to no other conclusion but that there are multiple vectors of attack indicating multiple agendas at play here and the entire human system (vascular, neural, biological, endocrine, reproductive, et al) is in peril here. The very definition of bio-technology is being used to hijack a species are gear it entirely towards transhumanism after a sufficient cull of the weakest (the other side of the survival of the fittest coin) is enacted. Survival may be the booby prize.

Is this humanity's last stand in the headlong flight towards an engineered New Cambrian Explosion?,forms%20of%20life%20on%20Earth.


And because ye olde waystation right here used to be a repository/Wall of Weird of all things anomalous before we barreled onto that Epstein-Vaxx offramp nearly 3 years ago or more now, I can't possibly let glide the latest news of the Return of the Mutilators!!:

Not to spoil the fun of the mystery du jour for salon and NPR, but where have you been all this time and are your googling fingers broken?? (What passes for probing -- ahem -- "investigative" journalism these days...God help us.) 

This stuff has been going on since Snippy on Sept 7, '67:

I know because 2 years later I was PF Flyers-on-the-ground and first-year enrolled in 4th grade of a tawny prep school in Virginia and being given given a multiple word-problem book choice for Snippy's death, of which one I had to circle: a lightning bolt, a scary looking knife, or a flying saucer....

I'm pretty sure you can guess which one I chose.

Those weird picture workbooks were taken up and whisked off into some undisclosed database warehouse somewhere for, well, reasons unknown to this day...and here I am!!

Point being, this isn't some shiny, brand-new phenom; it's been around the bush several times, as attested to by Linda Howe, circa 1980:

not to mention my hero Jeff Wells in 2005:

amid many other places on his dear, departed blog.

All this is happening again just as CERN ramps up and we enter the occult season of sacrifice and bloodletting...just sayin':

This is also, quite unfortunately, and pertaining to the direct above, not limited to animals; Not by a long shot:

And because I love to cast backwards glances from time to time in off "Well, how did I get here?!" David Byrne moments, there is this:

No one comm'd on it at the time and to a smaller audience it passed by under cover of the night seemingly unnoticed -- in a "the more things change the more they stay the same" sense maybe its time has come...that, dear reader, I will leave to you. Now, we head back to the current festivities, which may, or may not, play a large part in this outline -- choice and perception are yours. But the severe trending curve is that everything is connected.

Towards that end, let's examine the Gateway Process we run thru all the weaponized vectors aligning against our minds and our souls.

The Gateway Process was a process first pioneered by the Monroe Institute -- that institute founded by Robert Monroe in Faber, VA in 1974 in the wake of the touchy-feely flower power zeitgeist of the time that we all now know held such potential for inner darkness, as examined by folks like Tom O'Neill in his only seminal work to date:,_the_CIA,_and_the_Secret_History_of_the_Sixties

and also from the historical record: Altamont, Manson, and by extension places like Jonestown all the way to figures like Ted Bundy and the Son of Sam. This entire milieu summoned untold measures of occult power into the world on a cresting wave's chicane of new ways of thinking and expanding the mind. It appears that "good intentions" cliche exists for a consequences, both unintended and otherwise, will always have the final say.

That darkness is the ultimate byproduct of governmental growth and overreach should be well understood by now -- just this week declassified docs from a military trial in Guantanamo revealed what we all had long suspected: 

That's right, 2, (at LEAST 2), of the 9/11 hijackers were CIA. This comes in a week where Tucker Carlson is fired from Fox only hours after this speech before the Heritage Foundation where he mirrors almost to the letter Naomi Wolf's recent contention that we are under, as Christians and those that look to prayer as an answer (prayer is, very discernably, a technology) complete and total assault from the forces of darkness: 

Tucker, also much like Naomi, has done a philosophical, about-face:


This, quite obviously, cannot be allowed by those in power. Any awakening is tantamount to disloyalty to "the cause." And that cause, quite obviously again, is rooted in satanic principle. Listen in particular to Tucker's final answer at the end of the Q&A at the Heritage speech, it is both profound and quite dangerous to the narrative these days: telling people that you love every day that you love them...just think about that, and why it's so threatening to who we're talking about. I think you might find all the answers right there: 

Think again about the very first mandate: 6-foot-distancing, and how that removes our fields from each other, removes ourselves from ourselves and the vital component of feeling another person -- of contact. In that contact lies our power. Especially our power over them.   

Those who we're talking about also perpetrated this on us all: 

THIS, btw, was just released on YT for free this week also:

Interesting timing as we go along down these roads, wouldn't you say?

But I digress, here is the lowdown on the Gateway: 

Dismiss such findings at your peril given what has transpired in the psychosphere since then...

You are hearing all this correctly: In the 1970s, the CIA attempted to send soldiers to other dimensions using hemispheric synchronization. They reported back, independent of one another, the exact same things...

In the headlong flight to find the perfect supersoldier, something far more metaphysical was unleashed, and I have to wonder how much what happened then has influenced what is happening NOW with the vaxx agenda altering the state of the world, and why....especially given that every branch of the military-industrial-pharma complex has warp-sped itself into outer realms far more "spooky" ever since that time, and I mean that in every sense of the word. All of these feelings that "sensitives" like Carlson and Wolf are having now as to the true nature of what we are facing -- where did they originate? By and large, most folk the world over just want to be left alone to love and care for their loved ones...where do these overriding feelings of those over us to control, subjugate and kill come from? Are psychopaths born that way, or are they engineered? Are they puppets of something else seeking to make us the same?

Basically, the CIA, with anything they look into, cannot be trusted, much like DARPA:

And YES, Mind Control is very much next...

Curiosity killed the cat. It may just as well be killing us slowly with long-range consequences of contact only now coming home to roost.

This above series of slides, indicative of what was being attempted thru the Gateway Process, also just so happens ironically to describe feelings that many are LOSING post-vaxx in addition to all the other detrimental and debilitating effects, both cognitive and otherwise. Coincidence, or something more? Perhaps the vaxx represents a kind of "blinders" to an emerging world they wish to shield our eyes from lest a real War of the Worlds-type panic should ensue, in addition to many other as-yet-unknown objectives along the transhuman pipeline.

And if language is everything, and it is, what are the "graphene demons" coming out of Harvard, and why do I feel it has a lot to do with the presence of graphene, now widely acknowledged across multiple venues**, in the vaxx?:


(Very important note of distinction: ALL of this, per Karen Kingston, reverts via IP, docs and patents back to Pfizer. THEY were the ones that approached the DOD & DARPA, not vice versa. This is highly important as people such as Sasha Latypova -- RFK Jr's Science/legal Advisor -- are attempting to lay ultimate blame with the DOD over Pfizer, when in fact is it exactly the opposite:  )

This has multiple applications especially since Charles Lieber's research at Harvard, one widely available and that I accessed frequently and made available right here, has been scrubbed and hidden behind 'forbidden' access:

Even the graphene demons links are getting harder and harder to find thru deletion:

Which can only tell you that, inversely, it is increasingly important and over the target. Cue DARPA's BRAIN Initiative launched under Obama in 2013:

(Graphene demons, Luciferase, Patent 2020060606, the "devil" is in the details -- why this constant bombardment of occult and satanic wording, endlessly, if not as a signifier of something darker at work and in our faces, hiding in plain sight?) 

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, at its finest on display.

One must wonder greatly about this sudden censoring given Lieber's proximity to Epstein and his tech is the very tech installed in the vaxx. It IS however, still available, thru digging:

I have a strange feeling that site links like this will be increasingly important, as well as hard to find, as we go along. 

Then, before all, there was/is the Soul Catcher:    "Soon after the 1996 reports about the project, it rapidly disappeared from the media, along with most internet articles about it. Several of the long-standing magazines themselves disappeared...."

The above is pretty much everything you can find about the Soul Catcher chip project of British Telecom today, the ultimate fate and dispersion of which remains unknown. But I remember it well when news of it hit the "usual suspect" mags like NEXUS and PARANOIA in the late summer of 1996 into that autumn. It filled me with the vaguest zeitgeist sense of approaching millennial dread then. It fills me with the same now, and, for all I know, its parameters and operating system components are within every jab still outgoing today. Could you, could any of us, swear any different? Because we have undoubtedly entered with a flourish the realms of J Allen Hynek's "mental and material" technology -- a merger undistinguishable from "magick" then, but all just a part of the everyday alchemy now as the Revelation of the Method/ Externalization of the Hierarchy marches on. 

And because there have been myriad clues in all this, let's look at this from Amazing Polly's broadcast of 5-11-21 (This Isn't About a Virus): 

"And in the end maybe there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world." (Klaus Schwab)  Full Physical Integration of Digital and Biological Entities. That's a chapter heading of a whitepaper sponsored by the Canadian gov't on "Biodigital Convergence." I kid you not. 

At that same beautiful repository site of Polly's work, check out the 06-17-21 link -- titled Magnetic Nanoparticles in the Injection. She was reaching very much the same conclusions concurrent with Karen Kingston at the same time, and in some respects venturing even further: into the work of Dr. Michael Persinger, remote viewing and the magnetosphere, how it impacts memories, thoughts, dreams, and what role the c-19 injections play in all of the above...absolutely fascinating and vital to watch. And what amounts to the fact that we've all been sitting on "woo woo" proof since the very beginning that something was drastically not right. Proof that the mainstream shouted down as "conspiratorial" nonsense and "anecdotal" evidence only. We know now, much to our shame and horror, how wrong they were, and why they were so invested in keeping it all quiet.

When those magnetic side effects disappeared early on, we know now it wasn't because it was only temporary or that we were imagining things -- from Naomi Wolf and colleagues' research, it was because those pegylated lipid spike proteins and hydrogels (read: devices) were busy scurrying away from the injection site and deeper into and all thruout our bodies: 

And that's straight from the court-ordered release of the Pfizer internal docs themselves. They knew. 

They all knew. 

And we have all already been primed -- all that remains is for them to throw the switch. Remember here:

And here:

Rwanda. Operation Crimson Mist 

Polly weighed in -- heavily -- on that one too:

I'm suddenly remembering all those 5G towers that went up during the very first days of the lockdown March 2020...particularly at the schools...those ones that nobody asked them to install. They just did it. Overnight, In secret. Under cover of darkness.

Then there are the towns in Texas that have become super hideaway communities for the vaxx-injured, bought up wholesale by Pfizer et al. Curiously, a recent raft of folks injured at the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD event just arrived: 

WHAT?? How sinister does this sound? People on the ground are reporting in that these locations and this map have something to do with it all:


Sounds like something out of "Don't Worry Darling" :

This also suddenly strikes me as to the possible reason for the likes of Blackrock and Vanguard to have been buying up such huge parcels of land, real estate and housing earlier, remember?:

The ASTROWORLD event, you will remember, was the one big satanic ritual where all the deaths were attributed to "crush" deaths as wild masses rushed the stage in a headlong frenzy -- at least as reported by the mass media. 

Much quieter and barely reported at all were the eyewitness testimonies of hundreds on the ground saying they saw people dropping standing all alone, and seizing on the ground yards from anyone else. This leads one to believe this was one of the first mass beta tests of the vaxxed being exposed to carrier-wave frequencies, 5G, et al to see what would happen in one large, experimental, captured environment.

People curled up and seizing in that bitchute vid look remarkably like those that have been seen doing the same in increasing numbers around the world:   

I'm going to leave you voyagers tonight with one last missile from another angel in our midst fighting for us, Dr. Ana Mihalcea; and this might be some of the most on-point, terrifying info yet from her not-to-be-missed substack:

Everything we've talked about tonight, from magnetic nanoparticles to electro-magnetic field activation to the consequences for the human soul are here. My friends, this is deadly serious business we are engaged in examining; programming dreams, monitoring your every thought, the remote control of all aspects of existence of what it means to be human transferred into the realms of the non-human.

It's not only where are we going, but where are we being steered? Learned people decades ago asked "Were we controlled?" Now the only questions remaining are ones of extent, and where is it all going to end? What the dawn will bring is a question that, for now, remains curiously, and frighteningly, open-ended.  

But take heart, and please, go back to how Tucker ended his speech: tell the people you love, every day, that you love them

Spreading the word about what I tell you is important. Seeing things and saying things, remember, changes the world and engages the better angels of our nature.

But spreading that word -- love -- is the most important thing of all. There never has been, and never will be, any vaccine or frequency against that.

Thanks, Mr. Dylan, for these timeless words, given voice by someone that doesn't, sadly, seem to believe in their trajectory anymore -- but that's OK...They still retain their latent, nearly limitless power to believe in him. And all of us. And lift us up. Now more than ever it seems to me; And that's as close to the Divine as any of us are ever liable to glimpse in this star-crossed life: 

"Far between sundown's finish, and midnight's broken toll, we ducked inside the doorway thunder crashing

As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds, seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing

Yeah flashing for the warriors, whose strength is not to fight, flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight, and for each and every underdog soldier in the night, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom clashing

Well in the city's melted furnace, unexpectedly we watched with faces hidden here while the walls were tightening

As the echo of the wedding bells before the blowing rain, dissolved into the wild bells of lightning

Yeah tolling for the rebel, tolling for the rake, tolling for the luckless, the abandoned and forsaked -- tolling for the outcast, burning constantly at stake, and we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing...

Now in thru a cloudlike curtain, in a far-off corner flashed, as the hypnotic splattered mist was slowly lifting,

Well electric lights still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones, condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting,

Tolling for the searching ones, on their speechless, seeking trail, for the lonesome-hearted lovers with too personal a tale, and for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing

Well starry-eyed and laughing, I recall when we were caught, trapped by no track of hours for they hang suspended

As we listened one last time, and we watched with one last look, spellbound and swallowed as the tolling ended

Tolling for the aching ones, whose wounds cannot be nursed, for the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones and worse, and for every hung-up person in the whole wide universe, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing..."   












Tuesday, April 11, 2023



"But when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out -- IN..."

"Angel, angel or devil?/ I was thirsty and you wet my lips/ You, I'm waitin for you/ You, you set my desire/ I trip thru your wires..."

"Do you dream to touch me, and smile down deep inside? Or could you just kill me, hey, it's hard to make up your mind sometimes..."

"All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind/ Would you stay is she promised you heaven -- will you ever win?....Taken by, taken by the sky..."

"She said the days they're fast, and some say don't look back/ But for every breath you take, you leave a track/ And it just don't seem fair, but for every smile that breaks/ A tear must fall somewhere/ Oh the price you pay...

Little girl down on the strand, with that pretty little baby in your hands/ Do you remember the story of the Promised Land?/ How he crossed the desert sands, but could not enter the chosen land/ On the banks of the river he stayed/ To face the price you pay

So let the game start/ You better run you little wild heart/ You can run thru all the nights, and all the days..."

"From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grows/ Hidden in the branches, of the poison creosote

She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun/ And when I touched her skin my fingers ran with blood

In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon/ I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom

A strange hunger haunted me, the looming shadows danced/ I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand

When the last light warms the rocks and the rattlesnakes unfold/ Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

Then rise with me forever, across the silent sands/ And the stars will be your eyes, and the wind will be my hands"

We enter tonight a twilight landscape of liminal proportions constantly in flux, beset with occult paradigms arrayed against us, where every step unveils yet another piece in an ever-unfolding puzzle, where every portion may prove more dangerous than the last, and knowledge comes only in horrifying dribs and drabs, the complete Great Work never to be unveiled until it is far too late to stop it -- a final rush of wisdom and enlightenment before the void. How to counteract such an end? To disrupt their Grand Plan before final implementation? Perhaps only with increasing communication and information transfer can a tipping point toward the ultimate good be reached. A sword to be put to their sorcery.

There really is nothing new under the sun, and the past is yet another prologue to one more spin of the celestial wheel. The Days of Noah are here again, of Atlantis sinking, of Mu, of Ur nestled in the Cradle of Civilization, of Ultima Thule, of Lemuria overrunning itself in paroxysms of technological machines, fire and thunder. Times of a young Conan with only his steel to thwart the takeover by wizards and dark forces. Amazingly and at this late date, we again find ourselves at such a juncture. Star-crossed times. But times that Fate has forged on the lathe of history both known and unknown, and chosen for us. Being Here Now was always our plan, our rendezvous point, since before any of us were born.        

What we have here is not a linear narrative, but vignettes strung on a clothesline, especially over the last couple of years. This is a convergence beyond time -- no symmetrical connections exist in insert-by-number puzzle pieces, but there IS an overarching larger picture that has emerged, exploded, leaving us to pick up the shards and wonder how and where they fit.

This is fragmentary, but we are VERY close to seeing what the final haunted tableau is -- but all we have now are clues, clues that point in a certain direction that drips with ominous portent. Ultimately, right now, all I can do is show you the pieces, it's up to each and every one of us to determine which narrative they assemble for you. I will say the trending is not heading in a warm and fuzzy direction...

But if you lie awake on a stormy night, turning things over like this in your head and wondering if there is a greater plan -- rest assured this is all connected, and lying on an eldritch plain not quite visible. How do I know? Because, even though it escaped my notice at the time, they have found the Plains of Leng:

Which simply means that wherever we venture from here is the Undiscovered Country -- the Secret Commonwealth.

And they have any number of ways of transporting you there.....

How about MRNA in your meat?:

Or your milk?:

Or just everything:

I certainly don't recall anyone asking my permission to do this to all foods....

Beginning to understand why Bill Gates (little Damien) was obsessed with buying up so much prime-grade US farmland now??   

Because in the race to Humanity 2.0, you WILL get there. It only becomes a question of how, and exactly WHO is behind all this? For an eye-opening answer to that very question, you could do much worse than to look over this doc again -- especially what is mentioned at the 50 min mark:

Because this Secret Commonwealth has existed for eons now, accessible to only a few, be they chosen or cursed -- they want to throw the doors wide open:

Yet if you think this is only about changing your food, you are dead wrong, pardon the Freudian slip/pun. This is about changing YOU, and terraforming a place, a terrain, a platform, both inside and outside of you, for something else. If nothing else in this ongoing war, this should be crystal clear now. No amount of coincidence theory or psychological backflipping can account for such a sustained assault on everything human, which has only been ramped up to astronomically apocalyptic levels since the year 2020. 

But the handwriting on the wall has been there all our latest deep dive tonight will more than illustrate.

Not that I'm in any way doing this in any descending order of importance but more because I don't want this more than anything to get lost in the shuffle:

One because it confirms a pair of working hypotheses around these parts -- one dealing with the Epstein/Maxwell network being behind events since 2020 -- the other biggie is this:

Neatly tucked away in that above site link of Dr. Ariyana Love you will find this aside:

"The U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed something rather interesting. The USSR's 'invisible anthrax" is a gain-of-function bioweapon created by introducing an "alien gene" into bacillus anthracis (bacteria). That's how they made Anthrax. They used an alien gene and genetically altered immunological properties to produce a deadly pathogen to humans. Where did they get an alien gene from? A UFO crash perhaps? Negotiations with other beings? Your guess is as good as mine."

Where could this have come from? Something I found in the archives:

Moreover, what if we aren't giving enough credit overall to the occult angle of what is transpiring? What if, very much in the tradition of Crowley, this is about using the subliminal level, fully weaponized, to gain power and control (of the body and of the mind) over others? They are changing our biology, but first they changed our language, our definitions -- thru that, they changed reality. But that reality is still connected thru the nodes of this investigation, weaving its way between child trafficking, imminent persons of interest, and exploding into the vaccine agenda:

And more specifically, DARPA behind the initial mRNA tech, as admitted to here:

October 2013:

December 2013:

This has all been carefully put into place.

It's never so much about finding where things fit, it's about finding how many degrees of separation they are away from each other.

And increasingly, there is no separation. None at all. And now the Internet of Things has become the Internet of Bodies -- all connected.

So many highlights hit here by the latest inspiration, Mr. Truth Bomb, that it might as well be skywriting:

As we've examined Epstein within the vaxx sphere from the biotech angle, but it's very interesting to view the operation from the blackmail angle as seen above since it follows the 9/11 op so closely: assemble every cutting-edge scientist and research geek on the island and get the goods on them -- when they bite threaten to reveal the tapes if they need inspiration at going along with global genocide and/or the planned mass transformation of humanity. (Epstein likely got his foot in the door, Council On Foreign Relations-wise, around the time of Iran-Contra, and all those players figured heavily in 9/11...)

This isn't 5D chess or rocket science, it's the simple and grimy game of blackmail -- or you can choose the darker alternative that all those scientists were equally in on Epstein's masterplan for the kids and all of us: occult sacrifice. Either is not only plausible, but given our circumstances, the only equation that makes any kind of horrifying sense out of all this.

Remember prior to her convenient "suicide" the main point more than any other that Tracy Twyman was trying to hammer home was that a war was coming. An intergalactic war with God. And this remember was far prior to any Covid plandemic/vaxx rollout, which, in hindsight, appears very much to be all about everything she was alluding to.

Keep going over Dr. Ray Boeche's extensive research:

and realize that both of these encompass research that falls long before the events of 2020. Those 2 DOD insiders that made contact with Boeche expressing trepidation and fear over experiments that then included "satanic rituals/ ritual magic along the lines of that espoused by Aleister Crowley, including human sacrifices," all to gain contact and knowledge from "non-human intelligences," were expressing those fears in 1991 and 1992. What do you suppose the DOD has been up to since then?

And what better human sacrifices than millions worldwide via a global vaxx mandated for all by what is now in all appearances a death cult? What else can you call it? How can you call it anything else when no one is given a choice and free will is not only marginalized but eradicated? 

Which means this was not an oversight. This was not a mistake. This was a PLAN. 

Kill. Cull. Prepare. Transform. Subjugate.    

Much more can be learned here re Nick Redfern's auspicious FINAL EVENTS:

And the scary part is that ALL of this is nothing new:

And the metaphysical appears an increasingly important cornerstone to the apparatus we are facing at existential breakneck speed quickly progressing into the Deagel numbers which show a -68.5% in the next 2 years somehow in a breakdown that's getting harder and harder to find:

People are waking up in unison now and sensing that there is a greater Lovecraftian truth lurking as the nexus of all this, and we are in its switching yard. Hence, people are starved for any kind of outlet to address such; the wildly popular first season of True Detective tapped into this vein as it was just starting:

(and this one has a followup trail in pts 2 and 3 also...)

but the whole of the mid-late 1970s laid the precog card on the table to the max on this, almost eerily so:

The fact that TD first aired in 2014, a full 2 years pre-Clinton-Podesta emails, Pizzagate, Q, and the curtain-drawing-back of the Epstein network only makes it almost impossibly prescient and dazzlingly sync-laden today, considering how much all of those factors play roles both large and small in the ever-unfolding vaccine zeitgeist in which we find ourselves...given the persons-of-interest that by now should be on everyone's radar. It truly showed the way first and foremost that we are dealing with anything but isolated incidents unrelated to each other...

As we now find ourselves at the doorstep of a slowly unveiling and unraveling void decorated with disorder, chaos, ruin and vaxx deaths, we are scrambling for an explanation that has been there all along -- waiting to be discovered in our wisdom and thru our folly. We seem to want to lay the blame with anyone but ourselves, the ones that could have stopped this all along -- but the snake has always been a snake -- it isn't the one that's changed over time, or adjusted its outlook and ethos to fit the needs of a more comfortable lifestyle.

It's only be examining this from these obtuse and esoteric angles especially that we can gain the required knowledge to proceed now with how to deal with and ultimately take down this threat in our midst. This attack vector remains just as important as the legal and technological parameters that we must use to de-weaponize what's been deployed against us.

On the forensic proof chain, increasingly Dr. Ana Mihalcea is finding ribbons and structures in ALL foodstuffs now that mirror what her compatriot and colleague Clifford Carnicom has been finding since the early 2000s in Morgellons patients as well as chemtrail samples taken at that time:

More disturbingly, the unvaxxed are now hearing voices in their heads to "DO IT!!"

In the last 2 images at this post's header you will see microscopy blood images taken from UNvaxxed patients showing nanowires connecting to self-assembling structures that appear to be optogenetically (light) triggered, or at minimum activated by light pulses, relaying information of some kind back and forth -- taken from this vital latest from Mihalcea's substack:    

This is amazing research ongoing and in real time that is putting proof of something highly abnormal and anomalous at our fingertips -- there for anyone that is willing to look. But you HAVE to be willing to look.

Carnicom's archived research (along with Will Thomas') here, going back to the first days of contrail proliferation, which is now proving amazingly invaluable:;80e771fb.0705

Delving into this, you will discover a steady progression has been documented. It leads straight to the doorstep of today. This has all been an orchestrated march deep into manifesting the metaphysical and grafting it onto this plane of existence.

Remember once again, this more than anything is an alchemical working, and where have we heard that before?:

Solve et Coagula. Kubrick passed along what Eliphas Levi knew that we are living thru today. For clues check and see what Kubrick very deliberately chose to make the final image of The Shining. The answers have always been there -- hiding in plain sight. The storm approaches, and the Secret Commonwealth is on the other side. 

No stone has been left unturned -- remember the bizarre undercover-of-the-night installation of 5G systems in schoolyards all across the US during the initial March-April 2020 lockdowns? Just above we saw documentation of how the filaments installed in the blood grow under electrical fields and specific currents and frequencies...could this effect pertain in particular to 5G exposure?:

Notice the bully attitude and condescending going on in that last vid -- a bit weird for something harmless and above board, wouldn't you say? All these links of school deployment done during the very first days of the first March 2020 lockdown nationwide smacks of something else going on...and the fact that nearly all vids of people documenting things like this have disappeared is also another huge red flag -- so all of this can be very simply made to seem just another groundless "conspiracy theory" when needed. Because we all know -- from folks like Kingston and Mihalcea and Maria Zeee et al that specific frequency is needed to initiate transhumanism en masse. We are all now so full of chips, magnetic particles, self-assembling nanostructures, hydras, graphene, hydrogels and quantum dots -- whether thru ingestion, inhalation from the atmospheric spraying, or injection -- that the deed is already done. Only targeted activation is necessary now -- thru the full spectrum dominance of the largest remote-controlled electro-magnetic grid ever assembled.

A grid that even the FDA is now being forced to confirm as no longer one of those "conspiracies":

Study this video which marries many of our subjects of study here and finds them overlapping to a huge degree. The goal of erasing and creating memories -- sound familiar? How far has this operational arm been taken? Into our food? Air? Water? Obviously straight into the vaccine. The CIA once upon a time imported enough LSD from Sandoz to dose nearly 3/4 of everyone in the United States -- have they finally found a way to do that operationally? How does it tie in to the recently hyped (once vilified) UAP phenomenon? 

It seems, my friends, that we are getting closer to some terrifying cosmic truths.   

What if the Skinwalker Ranch "hitchhiker effect" goes global and, at the flip of a switch, we all become vessels?

And re that Secret Commonwealth, we're coming around on that at warp 9 too:

And here's that sacred 144,000 number popping up again:

And that intergalactic war that was once and shall be again (deja vu):

More on all this in a minute before the close...

You will also find that mycoplasmas play a contributing factor in the largest way possible -- Pathogenic Mycoplasma Fermentans. A term that has come up before -- in chemtrail sampling -- in Gulf War Syndrome -- in Morgellons:

And if you'd like to witness in graphic terms the human cost of such experimentation, you could do far worse than to take a gander at this scrubbed piece of history with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ted Danson and Brian Dennehy -- they all deserve major shoutouts for being involved in this:

Funny how 1998 seems long ago and far away now, but it still has prime unresolved lessons for the present...

And what happens when you get in the way of the agenda? Five countries refused the mandatory vaccine for their people. Their presidents all died within days of doing so.

Tanzania. Ivory Coast. Swaziland. Burundi. Haiti. Check for yourself.

The agenda is house money -- it always wins.

And it marches on...on Easter Sunday, of all days, the dead initiatory vaxx guinea pig, Tiffany Dover, miraculously arose to admonish all those stupid vaxx-deniers after 2 years of vanishing:

Be sure to stay tuned for the priceless comments like "Nothing says mystery solved like 'the hospital told me to be quiet' and then the hospital claiming that never occurred.' Sounds like there was some kind of malevolence afoot for some reason."

and "I love the part where she does housework in high heels in a brand new, unused house."

Nothing screams CIA sheep-dipping project like that, or anything...

Check all the full comms in all the reddit posts for many strange points, chapter and verse, littering the entire narrative they're selling -- instagram posts from fellow hospital employees saying that's not her, she's dead, family members getting mortgages paid off ala Sandy Hook, husband changing his status to single, social media appearing and disappearing then re-appearing with entirely changed stories, etc. And then just the too-on-the-nose "inside joke" of the Easter Sunday rollout -- a mocking "gotcha" all too reminiscent that those abiding by the Left Hand Path ethos just love to indulge in at expense of the normies. (They're never laughing with you -- they're laughing at you.) 

This is appallingly Stepford Wives-level creepy absolutely any way you look at it, and right now, is advancing quickly into first place that there is something extremely dark afoot at the core of all this, and rooted in a partnership with deep state intelligence black ops. 

Is there any way out? Well, in a word, yes. But that becomes rather biblical in nature also. And is best elucidated by a visionary from 1977.


Pardon my Donnie Darko-isms, but this will open up vistas for you soon...

You will remember in our last outing that we examined the fact that one of the side effects of the vaxx the courts forced Pfizer to disclose was "deja vu." Perhaps with the post-dated testimony of Philip K. Dick from 1977, we may have tripped over a reason why they seek to alter our thoughts, our memories, our reality. Because they want to negate something that's coming -- the advent of a tangent universe...Listen very carefully to what Dick has to say here and what he may have stumbled onto 46 years ago:

Or put in more modern-alt terms:

Changing little things, words, phrases, symbols, language, subtly on an ongoing basis so that every day the world is the same -- yet different -- from the one you left behind yesterday. In a very material sense. Deja vu as a concurrent reality augmented by whatever the vaxx is doing to you as it crosses the blood-brain barrier. To take God out of the equation -- so -- for wont of a better word -- you won't be able to "ascend" when the time comes. Or even recognize when that time is here...

We have already seen how Ana Mihalcea has documented how she and researchers at La Quinta Columna and others have cited that this vaxx's ingredients are appearing and disappearing under electron microscopy, how it operates in 11 separate dimensions

And at the quantum level:

Concurrently, notice how much this mirrors the Adiabatic Quantum computers of DWAVE deployed at CERN, what is going on there, and how it may tie in to what's happening globally...this also deeply plays into Simulation Theory:

and why a name we've examined before, Erin Valenti, may have been erased for what she knew prior to the ramping up:

As more nodes of this investigation continue to connect, differing ideologies, worlds, and perspectives are many people coming at the problem from differing disciplines, and all removed because they had gotten too close to the ultimate truth of the situation and agenda. All based in the metaphysical, the existential, yet wedded to a tech that J Allen Hynek called the "M&M": "I hypothesize an M&M technology, encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology."

And here we are.

I propose that that technology is here. Garnered thru whatever tradeoffs by whatever means. 

A technology of the "M&M" variety, mandated globally, that is spotlighting how they want to shift our Maker's signature away from us by changing a double helix to a triple one:

Remember your Tracy Twyman: Killing God to become God.

Under blue moon I saw you

So soon you'll take me

Up in your arms too late to beg you

Or cancel it, though I know it must be

The killing time, unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will

Thru the thick and thin

He will wait until you give yourself to him

In starlit nights I saw you

So cruelly you kissed me

Your lips a magic world

Your sky all hung with jewels

The killing moon

Will come too soon...

Images this time out courtesy of artofthetitle's True Detective post, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and Frank Frazetta's cover depiction of The Mothman Prophecies, 1991 edition.