Monday, February 10, 2014


“Once I got to the mountain top, tell you what I could see/ Prairie full of lost souls running, from the priests of iniquity/” Get Down Moses    Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

“Padded with power, here they come/ International loan sharks backed by the guns/ Of market hungry military profiteers/ Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared with the blood of the poor/ Who rob life of its quality/ Who render rage a necessity/ By turning countries into labour camps/ Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom” Call It Democracy     Bruce Cockburn

     The white hat reputation that the U.S. government trumpets about itself worldwide is the Big Lie, the kind Hitler told.  It dresses up its atrocities in relativistic language and uses secrecy to obfuscate the bloody messes in its wake.  Recall the disclosure just last year of the truth behind the August 19, 1953 coup in Iran that ousted the democratically-elected Mohammed Mossadeq, and installed the brutal Shah, the U.S.’s very own puppet dictator.

     The National Security Archives released an Internal Historical Report written in the mid-1970s stating that the “military coup that overthrew Mossadeq and his National Front Cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of U.S. foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government.  The risk of leaving Iran open to Soviet aggression compelled the U.S. in planning and executing TPAJAX.”  Which was simply another lie.  What actually “compelled” the U.S. was the safeguarding of their oil interests for BP and others, since Mossadeq and his Front were ready to set about nationalizing the oil fields.  You see, it’s always all about the oil.  Not “they want to kill us for our freedoms.”  Remember that line?

     Keep in mind that it took 60 years – 6 decades – for the CIA to get around to telling us something most of us already knew.  But will they be sanctioned, punished?  Of course not, the “national healing” demands that we “look forward, not behind.”  Isn’t that always the line?  Isn’t that why Obama gives carte blanche and blanket immunity in perpetuity to people like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for unimaginable war crimes resulting in the deaths of literally millions of people?  It seems the only place that bipartisanship truly thrives is when they’re taking turns slipping each other the keys to the handcuffs.  If all this malfeasance was simply oversight and ineptitude like they and their mouthpieces would have us believe don’t you think that once, just once, something would break in our favor?  Something good would happen on the side of the people?  But that never seems to happen now does it?  Funny how that goes.

     At this rate, the big reveal about the true story of 9/11 is slated for 2061, when most of us, not to mention the perps, will have long since shuffled off this mortal coil.  The trumpeting of CIA/Saudi/Mossad/Bush administration involvement in the intimate planning and brutal execution of 9/11 to secure “fertile crescent” oil reserves (in keeping with the still-classified Cheney Energy Policy) isn’t something we’re likely to hear.  But do we really need to hear it to know?  Just as with the ’53 Iran coup, anyone paying the slightest bit of attention knows the smoking gun truth, with zero need for official disclosure.  And make no mistake, 9/11 remains the litmus test for humanity, and the type of people you want surround yourself with as you live your life.  Your stance on this defines you, illuminates your character for all to see.  Those who would deny and defend the official story while ignoring the mountains of counter-evidence at their disposal are spiritually dead, with no personal courage or relationship to the truth whatsoever.  Their morality is as thin as Kate Moss’ septum.

     The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a neocon think-tank made up of the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz began planning in 1997, sweeping energy companies and right-wing foundations into the fold.  In September 2000, aligning with the imminent installation of Bush Jr., they created a new report, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” and wrote out chapter and verse for all to see exactly what was going to happen on September 11th in exactly one year’s time.  They did this as brazenly as Adolph Hitler outlined point by point what he was going to do in Mein Kampf.  All people had to do was read and they could have stopped what was coming, if they had cared, but perhaps all Americans were too apathetic and misdirected even then.  Surely calling for a “New Pearl Harbor” must have raised eyebrows somewhere?  How about “race-specific bioweapons” as a “politically useful tool?”  Truly ironic is the fact that Russia and China are now viewed as the two roadblocks to the United States’ ability to drone unhindered evil, terror and destruction down on the heads of the entire world populace.  Or as Paul Craig Roberts puts it, “the two pariah states of the 20th century have become the hope of mankind in the 21st!”

     Remember the ever-sanctimonious, Ambien-dosed Colin Powell promising in the days after 9/11 that a “white paper” was immediately forthcoming outlining exactly what happened, how, and by who, tracing every monetary, technological, and philosophical thread behind ALL of this?  Gee, it’s only 13 years later now, but I’m sure that white paper is comin’ right along, right Colin?  Pop some more Ambien and get back to me.  I’m sure you will, somewhere between those $100,000 speaking engagements.  Personally, this picture of Colin Powell just naturally goes with this.  Forever.

     Wait, the 9/11 Commission took care of that ‘white paper’ you say?  The same 9/11 Commission that listened to what the government had to say and diligently wrote it down.  Well, that was some investigation.  Both co-chairs wrote books afterward saying they’d been “lied to,” especially singling out NORAD, the Joint Chiefs, the Air Force, the White House, and the CIA, also noting that the Commission had specifically been “set up to fail.”  This is the Commission that was only established after more than a year of Bush and every government office rabidly resisting any investigation, only finally knuckling under after pressure from the 9/11 families.  Imagine the relief those families felt when they discovered their Commission was only created to bury every single pertinent question they ever had.  Now imagine, could the deviant elite, with marked DNA that goes way back, have actually used the snuff film that was 9/11 by occult means to actually increase their power through the sacrifice of 3,000 souls on that day?

     To illustrate how evil this government is, and just how stupid they think you are, consider, if you will, the humble self-cleaning oven.  How many homes in America have one?  Let’s say a good 30-40 million or so.  These ovens reach temperatures of 900 degrees F or 482 degrees C.  After several hours do the thin steel walls of your oven melt and collapse?  Of course not.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tested over 170 areas in each tower that collapsed on 9/11, using observations of microscopic paint cracking to determine whether or not temperatures reached as high as even 250 C, or about as half as much as your self-cleaning oven.  Only 2% of the WTC steel showed evidence of even reaching the 250 degree mark.  How could such low temperatures over such small areas soften and warp the massive, thick, steel columns enough to permit widespread collapse?  The melting point of steel, by the way, is 1,500 C or 2,600 degrees F. 

     If you need to think about this a bit more, please see The Making Of The Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes and look at the streetcar on page 108, where the caption reads “The Hiroshima fireball instantly raised surface temperatures within a mile of the hypocenter well above 1,000 degrees F.”  The streetcar is structurally intact, with blackened paint, and most definitely not a twisted, melted lump of steel as seen so often in the WTC remains.  Your government would have you believe that steel that survived intact from a ground zero atomic bomb detonation would still melt from isolated, short-lived, low temperature office fires.  Obviously, especially owing to the mid-air pulverization of both steel and concrete into dust finer than talcum powder, other outlier technologies were at work here.  Technologies quite unavailable to 19 hijackers and their controllers from caves somewhere in the Hindu Kush.  We’re talking “breakaway civilization” tech available only to the blackest of the inner circles, traveled in only by the Most High, the secret orders of the Archons, which is where our story takes yet another turn down a darker passageway in this night gallery.

     The question of how exactly we got here remains a relevant one, and one particular branch of knowledge regarding our predicament begins with the expansionist policies of Queen Elizabeth I and her sorcerer/spy/liege/alchemist Dr. John Dee, who, along with his fellow occult researcher Edward Kelley, was commissioned to advance those policies of Empire.  As such, between the years 1582 and 1589, Dee and Kelley conducted a series of ritual communications or workings with a set of disembodied entities that would later be known as the Enochian angels.  In later days the term would be expanded to possibly include the entities known as Archons.  Using what was called the Keys of Enoch, a magical alphabet which was sung, Dee successfully opened a “portal” to the world these creatures inhabited.  These demons gave advice to strengthen the governmental strangehold and Elizabeth I’s iron rule, as well as increase the wealth and power of those in the hierarchy, but they weren’t done.  They continued to dictate to Dee a “Work Of The Ages,” which Dee copied down in his “Book of Howling,” otherwise known as the Goetia. 

    One of the rituals initiated by Dee was to summon the Archon gatekeeper Cernunnos.  He learned that to the Celts, Cernunnos, or Cerne, was commonly seen as a humanoid figure most often depicted having horns.  One of Cernunnos’ titles was Lord of the Hunt, but as time passed agriculture prospered alongside hunting, and fertility also became the dominion of the Horned god.  Worship of, and sacrifice to, this deity was performed not only to maintain plentiful meat stores and a bountiful harvest, but was soon extended to include even the successful mass procreation of the human species.  Cernunnos also controlled the serpents, symbols of healing and mortality, resurrection and necromancy. 

     Death being part and parcel of the continuous circle of life, Cernunnos was also closely aligned with the Underworld. The Romans could integrate Cernunnos with part of their own belief systems, such as Pan, satyrs, and fauns, also horned creatures.  The Christian church however, had no such foundation of mythos, and Cernunnos was vilified, keeping his horns and becoming the Devil, or Satan.  This invocation and summoning of the Archons by Dee was dubbed the “Apocalypse Working,” leading to what he would later call the opening of a stargate or a “stairway to heaven.”  All this, and still Dee wasn’t through with his communications.  Or should we say, they weren’t through with him.

     The demons gradually delved even further in their dispatches, darkening, and quickening, the stakes.  They described a method for controlling the hearts and minds of all peoples on the planet Earth, along with the recommendation of dividing the globe into a series of regions and states lorded over by interconnected bloodlines in league with dark angels.  Today we call it what George H.W. Bush first called it on September 11, 1990 before a joint session of Congress, when it entered the popular lexicon of most idle Americans.  Undoubtedly, through his family, he had heard of it first in whispers in the dead of night on his grandfather’s knee, at his own father’s parties between the sounds of the ice tinkling in glasses as the sun went down on untold humid summer verandas with the full moon emerging behind scudding clouds.  Listen.  On breath scented with scotch and raw, red meat.  Listen.  The New World Order is coming.  The New World Order.

     So from at least Elizabeth I the communiqu├ęs came down, and with them all the power, all the wealth and prestige and glory.  Who can say for sure what was asked in return?  All we have today is circumstantial evidence in the form of disappearing people, missing children, rampant pedophelia, and the poisoning of the soil, the seas, and the sky.  We’ve got Savile and Sandusky and the Temple of Set.  The Franklin Scandal, the McMartin Preschool, MKUltra, Monarch, and the dark chest of horrors that Sidney Gottlieb unearthed from the ashes of the Thule Society.  Chemtrails, GMOs, and the looming spectre of transhumanism.  Charles Fort in 1919 went so far as to say we are property, published in his aptly titled Book Of The Damned.  Since then seekers with the names of Vallee, Hynek, and Keel have probed the darkness, the “high strangeness” over the years in our midst and sensed something “other.”  First they called it extraterrestrial, but in looking farther back in history, they discovered older names, and designations.  Trickster.  Fairy.  Fey.  Ultraterrestrial.  Extradimensional.

  In this massive collision-paradigm of the political and the paranormal, what if something comes fishing from beyond the veil for the soul software they find here in this little corner of increasingly fluidic reality?

    Wandering wraiths that don’t have far to travel because they’ve been right next to us all along, traveling along ley lines or fiber optics given the century, a mere frequency or two away, but in an entirely different universe.  Waiting.  Waiting for a song, a note, a sigil, a tone, or that first drop of pre-pubescent blood to come pouring through that hole in the somewhere first rent by Dee, then Crowley, then Parsons, then CERN. 

     Maybe things like 9/11, wars, and wholesale genocide aren’t orchestrated.  Maybe they just happen.  But don’t tell that to Benjamin Disraeli: “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”  Or Woodrow Wilson: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately.  Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something.  They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”  And we can’t forget JFK’s quote: “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…” What exactly were all these men speaking of?

     Can you feel the clock counting down to that time when we all find out? 

     You don’t have to believe John Dee had a pipeline to the infinite over 400 years ago, but what if he believed it, and what if that’s all that matters?