Thursday, December 24, 2020



Don’t believe the Devil/ I don’t believe his book

But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up

Don’t believe in excess/ Success is to give

Don’t believe in riches but you should see where I live

I, I believe in love

Don’t believe in forced entry/ Don’t believe in rape

But every time she passes by wild thoughts escape

Don’t believe in Death Row, skid row or the gangs

Don’t believe in the Uzi/ It just went off in my hands

I, I believe in love

Don’t believe in cocaine/ Got a speedball in my head

I could cut and crack you open, did you hear what I said?

Don’t believe them when they tell me there ain’t no cure

The rich stay healthy, the sick stay poor

I, I believe in love

Don’t believe in Goldman, his type like a curse

Instant Karma’s gonna get him if I don’t get him first

Don’t believe that rock and roll can really change the world

As it spins in revolution yeah it spirals and it turns

I, I believe in love

Don’t believe in the 60s, in the Golden Age of Pop

You glorify the past when the future dries up

Heard a singer on the radio late last night

Said he’s gonna kick the darkness til it bleeds daylight

I, I believe in love

Feel like I’m fallin, I’m spinnin on a wheel

It always stops beside a name, a presence I can feel…/

There must be some way out of here said the Joker to the Thief

There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief

Businessmen they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth

None of them know along the line what any of this is worth

No reason to get excited, the Thief he kindly spoke

There are many amoung us, who feel that, life is but a joke

But you and I we’ve been thru that, and that is not our fate

So let us not talk falsely now, because the hour is getting late…


We lead tonight with U2 when they were U2, trading in the kind of energy we desperately need right now: dour, brooding, cathartic, and cutting everything down before them of the phony status quo, a brigade they would soon join, jumping in with both feet – but for awhile they were serious and bristling men spouting a serious and bristling message: It’s All Lies. And we’d better get back to what’s real before it’s too late. Bono was in TIME magazine in 1987 saying things like “Partying is a disguise, isn’t it?”

Following this same prophetic line of inquiry, thanks to Dginn for this blast from the past that set me thinking:

What if our fate has been set for awhile now, since precisely the winter-into-spring of 1997, when comet Hale Bopp, alias the Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy, rambled into our little corner of the solar system as scriptwriter for today’s unfoldings… (notice above the blue tail it had)…

Because that Hopi foretelling is coming to pass beneath our feet right now, in the earth and in the heavens, in every corner from politics to the biosphere to our own bodies. No terrain remains sacred before the coming of the Purifier. Partying (and everything else) is a disguise, isn’t it?


Lin Wood just tweeted this, forcefully illustrating the exact depth of our predicament: 


In plain and simple terms this is War ladies and gentlemen. Our president is surrounded by enemies and a Coup is in the wind, something no president has faced since JFK in the months before his assassination, plain and simply because every president since then has been a tool of the Deep State instead of an opponent of it. Study very carefully what these 2 Internal Intelligence LIMDIS (Limited Dissemination) documents Wood posted say to see why all of us have to be our own Paul Reveres now:


We're in trouble. Big trouble. This has all been planned.

That paltry $600 COVID relief bill (that weighed 67 pounds btw) that they were intent on getting Trump to pass also contained a little bomb within besides the one that said you get $600 while folks like Bill Gates got (and yes, this is correct) 4 BILLION. 


Because hidden within fine print in the stimulus package was the fact that if Trump signed it, a provision would kick in that would “nullify the President’s use of the Insurrection Act.”

No wonder they didn’t want to give anyone the time to read it:

You will also notice that sometime in the last 24 hours, that tweet citing that fact has gone strangely missing.

Much like the entire VOAT site has gone strangely missing:

As I stated in last night’s comments, MUCH of the content of this blog has at one time or another been featured on VOAT – a site that was one of the leading lights in exposing pizzagate, all things Epstein (news of his death broke there at least 60 minutes before it appeared on any MSM outlets), child trafficking networks worldwide, and all manner of corruption and complicity by the fake news psyop. All gone now.

QAnon sent everyone from the immense and panicked shutdown pages of r/greatawakening and r/pizzagate on reddit to VOAT. The pull of that orbit was visceral, important, and huge. Listen to me: ALL of us are at risk now. If you ever typed, retweeted or posted the hashtag #WWG1WGA you now have a target on your back. And that’s no joke.

As I stated last night also, if something doesn’t happen before January 20th, patriots everywhere are likely facing a crackdown not only unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, but unlike anything that’s ever appeared in this country before: a complete shutdown of free speech of historic proportions. A complete and full weaponization of the Office of the Presidency against any and all dissenters.


Trump has already called them out:

And addressed the rampant fraud:


The MSM media in response, as well as hacks like Pelosi, are calling for him to be ousted BEFORE January 20th per the 25th amendment – which has zero legal standing in this case: only in upside-down Clown World does fighting against 4 years of sedition by the left make Trump now the one who is being seditious. All the “lock him up!” types have yet to quote a single federal statute he should be charged under: at last check “Orangeman hurt my feelings” was not a federal crime.


Much work is still being done – just hours ago Alex Jones posted this, which is VERY worth listening to, especially the first hour, which indicates Trump is quite literally under siege in his own White House (again frighteningly reminiscent of Kennedy):

And this piece which details the ramifications of the COVID vaxx:


Finally we end for now with these amazing vids posted from twitter:


What they intend to portray I have no idea, but I have a lot of good conjecture, which I’m sure most of you can gather from what I’ve written before.

Something is trying to gain entrance. Those are no mere rocket launches.


I wish I had more to say but for now I’m still assembling information and collating data, which currently resembles a man with way too many spinning plates on sticks to get a handle on…but the venturing forward continues. Dginn is right, this all has a WAY different energy than before, and in just the last 24 hours. 

PLEASE be safe everybody...thanks MxMM for that Chris Carter-Art Bell stitcher link, and sorry this is late for ya JB, but thanks for always having my back!! You and everybody, you know who you are…


I LOVE each and every one of you – thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Together is the only way thru, of that I am certain.


Will be back briefly on Christmas Day with a little message of hope for all. Til then… 


  1. Whoa blown away!!! But the titanic wouldn't have gone down if there was only the ice they could see.

  2. Year of the pulses had a double meaning that year because of of an event that happened and it made some things skyrocket because of or was it before??

  3. That many pages didn't magically appear it took teams of people working on it and frankly if they plan on taking more out of the country than in wouldn't that speak to those companies being foreign agents.

  4. Nah, it's okay Wordman, I woke up to pee anyway. ;)

    As for our fates being scealed ahead of time, by either human, extraterrestrial or Divine TPTB:

    When I commited suicide back in '11, I possessed neither the occult knowledge nor the intention to peform any sort of ritual, I just wanted to stop suffering and f**king end it all. It is only YEARS later, after a tremendous amount of research attempting to understand the deeper meaning of what I saw and went through on the other side that I finally realized I had UN-intentionally fullfilled Crowley's "NOX" ritual:

    -the pouring out of all my blood to the Scarlet Woman (in this case my redheaded ex-gf who had viciously broken my heart);

    -"Kill Thyself!" (Crowley meant it symbolically, whereas I was quite kitchen-knife-meet-jugular literal);

    -the "Night of Pan", even though I had zero expectations about the afterlife, I did meet the Great God Pan among the stars, which immediately healed my pain and destroyed my ego;

    -the crossing of the abyss, meeting my late beloved aunt whom acted as my guardian angel (it's only recently that I realized my aunt's name, Gaetane, is the feminine of Gaetan, which is french for "Watcher");

    -my godson, which would have been named James after me, died in his mother's womb apparently the very moment I returned to life early the next morning. A part of the NOX ritual is a mock sacrifice and pretending to be lost in the lightless womb of the Great Mother. To this day I wonder if that baby would have lived if I would have remained dead.

    ALL of these things and more were self-occuring, and I'm a f**king nobody. So imagine if you're a VIP of sorts. Rituals everywhere.

    To quote Reed Richards, when he realized that the Marvel Universe kept repeating the same patterns: "Our reality might not be made of elements and molecules after all, but rather of STORIES that NEED to be told over and over again..."

  5. Hey Wordman, you are freaking me out! You are good at that...(laughing)
    But thought I'd share an anniversary with you my MCM family... 39 years ago, I died in a head on car accident. Parts of My NDE are making sense only now in this time. Just like yours JB. In 1981, nobody used the term NDE or wrote many books. Long journey... Anyway thought I would share... never liked this time of year either. Just doesn't feel right. Can't sleep tonight! Well I better try though... hugs with love MxMM

  6. Let's see the positive side of this whole Satanic mess: usually, as we unfortunately learned from the JonBenet Ramsay case and others, Satanists usually use the Christmas hollyday to gather and ritualistically rape children, because no one would ask questions about large gatherings of cars parked at one house with lights on and music playing around this time of year.

    But thank to the Covid-19 rules in many places, no Christmas parties or large meetings of people of any sort are allowed! So the sick f**k pedophiles won't get their little boys and girls this time around.

  7. Great point JB!! I like your thought on that. Oooo how I do not like this time of year. Can not wait till it's over! Merry Christmas Shitter was full- Christmas Vacation Off to work next next 2 days and Sunday... catch you after that! Hugs with Love to all...MXMM

  8. Great point JB!! I like your thought on that. Oooo how I do not like this time of year. Can not wait till it's over! Merry Christmas Shitter was full- Christmas Vacation Off to work next next 2 days and Sunday... catch you after that! Hugs with Love to all...MXMM

  9. Thanks for your contributions, Wordman.
    I hope you have a nice Christmas.

    -- Ex-Oligarch

    ps. Looks like there was a good reason for Q to urge his readers to "archive everything offline." I hope you have MCMM backed up!

  10. Re-post, for immediate relevance:

    The producer/writer of Nowhere Man, Larry Hertzog, was also a writer for the series "24", season 3. A CIA agent on the series was also named Larry Hertzog.

    Season 3 of "24" was about a *deadly virus being intentionally spread in order to influence a Presidential Election*.

    Larry Hertzog IRL suddenly died of cancer in 2008.

    1. Larry means laurels
      And Hertzog means Duke over a kingdom

  11. Prayers going up Blessing Coming down..


    The "vaccine" contains nanotechnology which modifies human DNA. But the nanotechnology is much more sophisticated than they say, and is secretly intended to deactivate the "God gene", the gene which allows us to experience spirituality.

    It has been leaked that the Pentagon started experimenting with this back in 2005, using an areosol on Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, hoping that with their God gene deactivated, they would abandon their religious fanatism. Instead, their behavior became even more violent and insane, to the point it became clear they had been possessed by demonic forces.

    No God gene = no "spiritual immune system" = demonic possession without resistance.

    This is why some of the people injected with the "vaccine" suddenly freaked out and started screaming out hysterically, instinctively, "I can't feel God anymore! They've killed God in me!"

    We're talking about "instant repopulation" of the Earth here, just like in the X-Files, except it's not aliens who would take over our bodies.

    The only problem remaining for the real-life Syndicate, for these Satanic freaks conspiring to surrender the human race to an otherworldly power, is simply this: how to get billions of demons to enter our world?

    That's where CERN comes in. The occult symbolism surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is well-known, the strange rituals as well. The giant statue of Shiva the Destroyer, Lord of the underworld in Hinduism; the false acronym CERN being a rare abbreviation for the Cernunnos of the Celtic people, holding in his hand a torque, the key to his divine power, which looks like a modern particle accelerator as seen from above; and the fact that the LHC was actually built upon an ancient temple to Apollyon the Destroyer, the "angel of the Abyss" of the Book of Revelations.

    They are trying build an artificial "key", to open a portal to the "bottomless pit". Billions of invisible fallen creatures being unleashed upon us, like swarms of locusts, or a plague, humanity now devoid of any and all spiritual immunity. These things would simply push our souls out of the way, slip on our flesh and blood like a "person suit"


    1. Your right except they opened it last summer from what I heard. The ones posting getting the vaccine their eyes turned from blue to black and some say they have all the symptoms of covid now.

    2. Revelation 13:16, NLT: "He required everyone--small and great, rich and poor, free and slave--to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead." key word there required or translate decree. How many of their laws are we breaking daily by simply existing follow man's laws unless they go against God's Law.

    3. If that's true, the "vaccine" might simply "sceal the deal", in the most literal way, which is why they need your consent.

      In the X-files, your eyes turned black when possessed by the alien virus as well...

  13. just FYI - voat person just ran out of money and had been paying out of pocket after loosing a big donor.
    I have some here -
    and his statement is here - I Can't Keep It Up